Freak For A Night

If friends with benefits qualify, this will be interesting. Me friend and i had stepped up our “benefits” part of things and i told her id like to see her have sex. I know its weird but the desire came out of nowhere and it grew every time we fucked. Sex with us can get very intense, sweaty and draining. We go at it for hours sometimes. We do it in parks, hotels, staircases, my job, my friends house, wherever whenever.

After much practice her blowjobs became insanely perfect. Porn quality head at its best. Deepthroat, tons of spit, the works. She got very good at it i needed to see if it was just me or that was indeed the level she was on. Fast forward a little bit we were talking about fantasies. Hers was to have a 3some with 2 of her ideal men. Since we were talking openly and honestly i told her i wanted to see her in action. Her moans were very erotic, her lips were very full as if she was put here to give the nastiest blowjobs and her vagina was very tight.

She frowned on my fantasy but after much deliberation she was open to discussion. It would’ve been a win win situation. She gets her 3some and i get to watch those thick lips in action like the perv i am. Finally she agreed but to my shock she puts a spin on it. She says “i want to be blindfolded so i dont see who it is”. After a little more talking she says she’ll be willing to go all the way but the agreement is if she was uncomfortable she’d stop. I called a childhood friend, described her to him and he was on board. Fast forward to the day of.

The time is set, anticipation is in the air, nerves are frenzied. I met him in front of her house and i seemed more excited than he was. Mainly because i knew what whorish activity awaited me when they were done. We enter the house and just as planned she was totally naked on the bed and blindfolded. I instantly got a raging hard on. With subtle hesitation he whispers to me “is this serious? What should i do?”

I told him to follow her lead. With a huge grin he approached the bed and caressed her breasts. I saw her arch her back ever so slightly which meant she was ready, anxious even. Her nipples got hard immediately. I stood in the room to make sure things got started smoothly and i told him they’d be left alone to do what they do but she and i knew id be watching.

He quickly get undressed and a wave of panic came over me. Let me be honest in saying i am average in size (length and width) but my friend had an unearthly cock, which was still getting bigger as he approached the bed. To hide my reaction i promptly left the room for about 5 mins full of regret and uncertainty but that didnt last for long. The sounds of slurping and gagging filled the whole apartment. Her floors were made of wood so i had to sneakily head back towards the bedroom. There, i saw it. Those beautiful big lips fully engaged on his cock.

She was just focused on the head at first then when lower. Then like a blowjob master she unleashed a thick river of spit and started stroking his cock slowly up and down. The fact that he didnt know i was watching and she wasnt sure if i was watching was so dam hot. It was like a real life porno shoot tailer made just for me. She comes up for air, takes a deep breath then she started showing the skills that i had taught her. She engulfed the whole thing and kept it there. Gagging, drooling, struggling but obviously intent on putting on 1 hell of a show.

By this time the saliva formed a string from the bottom of her chin to her hand then her hand and head moved in unison. Rhythmically and with purpose. A purpose i had never seen her use with me. Her mouth was stretched wide but still performing flawlessly. I slowly back out of the doorway to collect myself because im turned on but theres obviously a new situation at hand.

Then i hear a different sound. One that sounded like pain and pleasure had collided at an intersection. Over and over again. I creep back to the doorway and her legs were wide open. Vagina getting slowly entered with shallow small strokes. Then it happened. He took a full stroke and the moan she let out was one i had never heard. The way she dug her finger tips in his back was, again, pain mixed with pleasure.

His rhythm picked up and every time she tried to match his thrust with her movement he got more into it, more dominant, more vicious and with every stroke i wanted to burst in the room and make up a reason for them to stop but I played my position. How could i not, i asked for this. The moaning subsided as the bed sqeaks came to a halt. I prayed he was finished but to my dismay they were swicthing positions and i saw his cock again. Fully alive and ready to impale her again. This time from the back. He entered her and the moans escalated.

The way she was grabbing the sheets was clear that this evenings events were more than she bargained for but we were in a judgement free zone and she was really enjoying herself or so it sounded. He looks up and saw me and i froze with panic. How do i explain this without looking suspect? He starts smacking her ass and talking like they do in porn but shes too busy moaning to talk. His performance increases because he knows im watching and it made me furious.

It was like he was trying to out do me. The weird part about it is prior to this day, he and i talked about her and i told him all the things she likes and all the things she responds to and this clown is taking my moves. How do i stop this? How the hell do i stop this? I came into the room and by this time they changed positions again. I made a sound as if i was clearing my throat and neither of them responded.

I quickly realized the best thing i can do is man up and let them enjoy it. Even though a 3some is what she wanted, lets be for real. Its like a trombone trying to harmonize with piccolo. At this point im totally checked out. Yeah i got exactly what i wanted but dam! That woulda been a hard act to follow. I put a chair in the hallway and just listened and let me tell you, the sounds of the moaning, the flesh slapping together and the bed squeking was just as much a turn on as seeing the act. I get rock hard once again and i enjoy the sounds before it went silent again.

I look in the room and now they are in a 69. I cant see her face because her rear end is facing me while hes on the bottom going to town on her. I mean i can clearly see how wet she is. Her juices are all over his hair and face. Her hips were starting to rock up and down and she squirted all over him, the bed and the floor. I was impressed and betrayed because she never, ever squirted with me. Dammit. More alarming is how she turned around and positioned herself for him to provide the same grand finale and a grand one it was.

He stood over her with his balls in her mouth while she jerked him off with a handful of spit. He asked if he can cum in her mouth and i just knew she’d get offended but she nodded and let out a sultry “uhmhum”. She leaned her head back, opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and he shot out some high volume, pressurized cum streams like you see in porn but here it was, live and very real. It was like he hadnt masturbated or gotten laid in 6 dam months!

After the first 2 streams shot out she forced herself to gulp it down, all the while more streams were hitting her face like jabs from mayweather. She opened her mouth again to continue the indulgence and its over flowing and dripping on her breasts and the bed. When he was done she looked like someone had thrown a milkshake on her. That was supposed to be my victory lap but …….the better man won. The dagger in the heart was when they gave eachother a high five and both fell to the bed, visibly spent. She didnt even get up to clean herself off. She told me to go get them something to drink and it pissed me off so bad that i left to go smoke a cigarette or 2 or 3. When i came back upstairs her mouth is being impaled again. His juices still all over her face and mouth. Smh!!!

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