Forty-Something Empty Nesters Learn To Swing Over More

Section 1

Rhet and I (Mia) are a late 40-something couple, with three kids in college. Last year we went out of our way to spice up our lives with a few days in Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. It was something of a coming-out celebration for both of us because we met up with Lisa and Ted on their magnificent motor yacht, and my husband and I became fully-initiated swingers. It was a totally marvellous, and reckless act on our parts. But after we got home, we realized just how foolish we had been by not practicing safe"r" sex. After checking with our family doctor, who was equally shocked and unhappy with us, we confirmed that our unprotected sex with Lisa and Ted left no enduring and unwanted gifts. It turned out that they don’t practice unprotected sex either, but in our case, according to Lisa, passion ruled over common sense. However, we enjoyed the unprotected sex so much, we agreed to share medical test results so we could put lingering doubts behind us. Lisa and I exchanged e-mails a lot over the next several weeks and months, and Rhet and I ended up scheduling a rendezvous with them in some Mexican islands on their yacht. As the weeks approached, Rhet and I had incredible open discussions about swinging, especially with Ted and Lisa. It really heated up our sexual lives, and before long, almost nothing was taboo. I had a couple of lingering fantasies that I didn’t want to reveal just yet, but I at least let him know, and he said he might have a few secret sexual thoughts buried. We promised to go slow with each other, but to remain open-minded in our new sexual adventures together. And well, to be candid, same-room swapping and MFMF sex is still a little bit off the beaten path, and to be able to share that together was so hot. Even now as I write, my belly is tingling inside. And it’ll be so hot when Rhet proof-reads my letter. To skip the boring travel details, we ended up flying to Mexico. Ted and Lisa met us at the airport, and it was just like old times. Lisa still had her long platinum, silky hair in a pony tail with a visor on, and her perfect form and lovely skin and smile did not give the impression she had passed her 52nd birthday. Ted was slim and trim, and nice and tanned. It was obvious to Rhet and I that they had been getting plenty of sunshine. I couldn’t wait to examine both their bodies for tanlines!!! After a small boat ride on the “Just Chillin’s” tender, we were happily onboard the yacht and underway for some much anticipated privacy. This time Ted was driving the yacht, and before we cleared land, Lisa had me below decks pouring wine and undressing each other. She was so gorgeous and intoxicating. We exchanged knowing glances as only women can, and we kissed full on the mouth with our naked breasts pressed together. We groped and passionately kissed for what seemed several minutes, when Rhet walked into the galley where we were standing, cleared his voice and said, ladies, got any beer for me and the captain? I turned with a start and saw that Rhet was wasting no time either. He was naked and swollen and already enjoying the naughtiness he had been harboring in anticipation of our swinging. Well, Lisa and I released our embrace, it was only a warm up for what turned out to be several encounters over the next day. We eventually anchored at a small, very small, desert island, and it was here that we really had some hot flings - four-somes, ladies-only, full-swap separate rooms, it was all so hot. The sky was endless blue and we walked naked on the island and had some open air sex at sunset. It was incredible. It was then that Ted indicated that another yacht was expected at lunch time tomorrow. It was going to anchor out too - friends of theirs. Swinging friends. They were a couple of black men, doctors at some upscale university hospital on the east coast, and they loved to come down with their wives. I looked at Lisa in the lowering sunlight and she gave me a little smirk and a shift of eyes that meant “ask me later.” And I did, as we made love together one more time that night, she whispered, our guests tomorrow are really hot - very well-endowed, and they are super lovers. The women are beautiful too. Awesome bodies and personalities. And, their doctors - they are safe for unprotected sex. She asked me, “Mia, you think Rhet will mind if we all swing?” I thought about her question. I knew I was intrigued by the idea of big, black cock, but wasn’t certain Rhet was on board. “I’ll find out.” Later that evening, Rhet and I were snuggling in our cabin, and he was being really attentive and passionate, kissing my neck and holding me just right. “Mia, about these black guys tomorrow.” “Yes?” “Well, I’m OK with it, if you are.” My pussy started to ache with lust. “You sure Rhet?” I kissed him and rolled to rock my pussy against his hairy leg. “Hmm, yes, I’m sure, especially if just the thought of them gets your motor running.” He nibbled on my lower lip. “It might be very interesting. You know what they say about black cock?” “You mean that saying that their hung like donkeys?” Again, my pussing spasmed at the thought, and I said with a feinting shock “Oh my!” We made some passionate love that night and I cooed into Rhet’s ear about all the things I’d like to do with big black cock. The next morning, Rhet and I rose and showered together, no sex, but as Rhet drived my back he rubbed his hard cock against my ass and said, “I just want to watch if that’s OK?” “Hmm, you are so naughty this trip aren’t you?” Rhet responded, “I take that as a yes then!” Well, again, morning went by fast, and as I got some early sun, I noticed a very nice motor yacht pull up to within a soccer field length of Ted’s. I went to the bridge, nearly running up the steps and felt my 38DDs waggling and my ass cheeks rippling with every bound. On the bridge I went to grab some binoculars, but Rhet and Ted were already using them. “Yep, that’s Maurice and Zach, with their wives.” Ted passed the binoculars to Rhet who whistled, wow, they like the sun too! The ladies are hot. Looks like one is an asian." Rhet put the binoculars down and saw me, and said, “oops, Mia I didn’t see you. The girls are really gorgeous.” He handed me the binoculars, but I wasn’t interested in the size of the girl’s tits, I wanted to see my next sexual conquests - big black cocks. The other yachters didn’t let me down. Their anchor was out and the men went to the rails to hail Ted. They were gorgeous men, athletic and healthy looking, close-cropped hair and it looked to me that everyone had been shaving their genitals - men and women. Maurice and Zach and Yuki and Tanya all got into their tender, and in no time they were on Ted’s boat. The ladies had put on some see-through sarongs, that really didn’t cover anything up, and it was clear they weren’t trying to be modest. Before long the wine was pouring and the pleasantries ensued. I couldn’t help but notice Maurice and Zach were ogling me. It was a turn-on, and I could tell that Lisa was eying the other two girls with that incredibly wanton look she can give. Lisa broke the ice and said, “Yuki and Tanya and I are going to the other yacht for a while. And if you see their yacht-a-rockin', don’t bother knockin”. Everyone laughed, and off the three of them went. That left me with four hungry cocks. We drank some more, and the black guys started to shamelessly massage their meat. Rhet and Ted followed suit, and I could tell that I was at the center of attention - and I loved it. I scooted back onto my leather-cushioned salon chair, hiked my knees up and spread my legs wide, and started to massage myself too. “Well, fellows,” I said with a devilish smile, “if you guys are just going to spank the monkey in front of me, I guess I’ll just have to pleasure myself too.” I saw that Rhet was a little preoccupied and gave Ted a look that seemed to urge him to take some sort of cue.

Section 2

“Rhet,” Ted asked nervously, “what do you think about Mia and the four of us?” I almost came as I fingered myself. It was just what I was hoping for." “We’re gentlemen Mia,” Zach said, with a slight caribbean accent." “Hmm,” I cooed with my eyes shut, “some wouldn’t think a gang bang is much of a gentlemanly act, but I’m OK with it if Rhet is.” “Mia, can I go last?” Rhet was stroking his hard meat with total lust in his voice. I looked at the other three, and Ted said, “Me first?” “I’ll go second,” Zach with a big grin. “Leaves me with a slippery third,” Maurice chuckled. Ted didn’t wait for any more warm-up conversation and slid over to me and got on his knees and began to lick my pussy like a fiend. It was so delicious feeling, and the other three men stood up to keep a good view. Maurice and Zach had these lovely, thick, rope-like cocks, except they both stood straight up. As they stroked and played with themselves, and as Ted masterfully brought me to my first orgasm, I cried out, “fuck me now. Fuck me in front of my husband.” And Ted did - quickly. It didn’t take him long to cum deeply in me, and as he did so, he whispered obscene words ever-so-gently in my ear. And Zach was next, but I stood up and asked if I could lay on the floor. As I stood up, I felt Ted’s cum running down the inside of my thighs, and saw it drip onto the teak deck of his boat. I laid on the cool wood, and spread my legs as wide as I could. Zach straddled my tits first, and cupped my breasts softly, but firmly and began to tit-fuck me very slowly and gently. As he did so, he talked to me about my Italian good looks, and my flawless olive skin, and he kneeled over a time or two and kissed me deep, I could smell his after-shave, mixed with sweat, and felt the slippery sweat on his deep black body, and felt his hard monster-cock between my tits, and well - I begged for more attention. Rhet moved down to lick my pussy, and it felt so wonderful. I was lost in total lust. Maurice kneeled above me and I could see his shaved scrotum and hard cock pressing up against his belly, and simply grabbed his ass and started to play with his ass hole. I made a series of animal noises, and felt myself losing control as I coaxed Zach and Maurice. Zach got a sudden urgency in his voice and said, “Mia, I’m ready. It’s OK?” He grunted. I growled, “Fuck me!” He slid down and grabbed his rod and began to slowly push it in with short thrusts in, then out, until I felt the biggest cock ever inside me. It felt like it was pushing my legs further apart, and it rubbed my clitoris so perfectly. I let out a scream as I came on his dick, and he started to really bring it home and began to deep thrust, slowly, purpusefully, and with incredibly passionate talk. I grabbed his ass and spread it wide, and in an instant he came a bucket-load of cum. I didn’t think he’d ever finishing filling me, and then he slid out with an exhausted sigh of pleasure. Maurice didn’t waste any time and asked me if I’d like to try a different position. I smiled and said, “help me up big boy.” As he did so, I went face to fact with his cock, which was the smoothest one in the group, not as big as Zach’s, but smooth, long and thick. I grabbed it. His erection was so strong that I was afraid I might hurt him as I pulled it down to my mouth. I pulled his ass toward me and tried to deep-throat him. I pretty much had eight or nine inches inside my mouth, and I felt it at the back of my throat, and felt his pulsations as my ministrations heightened his passion. “Mia, I’m not going to last long.” Maurice said with a pleading sound in his voice. I stood up and bent over and spread my legs wide and grabbed the back of the captain’s chair with both hands, and said, “do me.” And he did. He was very gentle, and I could tell he was actually enjoying the view of my ass and my back. He cupped my breasts and was able to finger my nipples and he slowly entered me. I felt everyone’s eyes on me, and this big cock in me, and heard the lusting comments of Ted and Zach. “Oooh, I can feel Ted’s and Zach’s cum,” Maurice uttered to himself. “Oh, Mia, you are a hot woman.” As he began to speed up and deep thrust, Rhet went to the Captain’s chair and began to whisper in my ear." “Mia, this is the hottest thing of my fantasies, to see you with other men, to see your lust and to hear their pleasure.” As Rhet continued to whisper attentive obscenities to me, I felt Maurice start to lose control. The other men were really into it as much as I was, and I started to beg Maurice to cum in me, to pound me harder and cum deep in me so my husband could feel the other men’s lust for me. " I was really getting close to another orgasm, and began to growl. I was in another sexual dimension, and began to thrust viciously back at Maurice. In a couple of long strokes he came with me, and I nearly passed out with ecstasy. Maurice stayed deep inside me until he was done pumping and quivering, then he slid out. I could feel the cool air on my slicked-up pussy and ass, but I didn’t feel like stopping yet, and knew that Rhet was next. He took me by the hand and made gentle love to me in front of the other men, and cooed gang-bang obscenities in my ear until he came with a tremendous explosion. The whole MMMMF soiree seemed to last like a blissful eternity of sexual pleasure, but in fact, it had only lasted about 45-minutes. I wanted more, and I got it. I sucked-off each of the men and (I blush), I asked for double-penetration. Even Rhet liked the idea, but we agreed to take things very slow. I didn’t want the black guys in my ass, they were too big. So, Rhet and Ted each took a turn at the back door, fingering me first, then when things were nice and loose, I took their cocks. Maurice and Zach each fucked my pussy until they came. Rhet and Ted each came quickly when they felt the black cocks in my vagina, and they both grunted and groaned how they could feel the other men’s cocks moving in and out, massaging their cocks. As for me, I was starting to wear out from orgasming. It seemed like I orgasmed very minute or so for the past half-hour, and couldn’t really take much more. Ted eventually noticed that the other ladies were heading back to the “Chillin'” so I excused myself, and the men ran off to clean up for what might come later in the evening. As I recall that day, they were all gentlemen in a wonderfully, sexual and powerful way, and it was the most potent sexual experience of my life. It was shameless, naughty and whorish, but I felt so erotically fulfilled by their attention. I wanted more of it. And the eight of us had an incredible orgy later that evening. I had every man and every woman (at least once). Our cavorting went on for over two hours. I haven’t decided whether I will write about the orgy or not, but I probably will.