Forced Clean Up Folley

In my last story, called Date Night, you got a brief introduction to my wife, Carol and our life. I briefly went over how our life started with story telling/role playing, progressed to swinging and then settled into more of a hot wife and cuckold lifestyle. I did not delve into describing Carol at all. As I mentioned we were already in our 40s by the time things were heating up and it continued into our early 60s. At the time this story took place, Carol was in her early 50s but could easily have passed for her late 30s and anybody’s book. She had gotten a bit thick over the years but was still easy on the eyes, with pleasantly wide hips, an ass that was still nice to look at, although a bit flatter than some might like and although most of her mid-life weight had gone to her tummy, it also turned what had, for most of our earlier life, been 34B, firm breasts into pleasantly plump 38Ds which nicely maintained their firmness and made her large pinkish brown areola even more beautiful.

In the midst of our swinging era, we met Doug, who became the first of her long term lovers. He was single, but attended swingers parties with a casual partner, as many hosting couples frowned on single men attending, but was eventually accepted to attend stag or as a guest with us. In truth, I think she actually came to love him in time. He was older than us by a few years, very youthful and fit for his age although not particularly well endowed, only about 6” and very average in girth. Sorry if that disappoints all of the “Big cock” aficionados. He did however, have tremendous staying power, could recover quickly and cum several times over the course of a long evening and his semen production was amazing! Carol always loved a big load.

On this particular weekend, we were attending a group party with some friends about an hour or so away. They had a large, heated and air conditioned pole building, converted into a maze of various size beds, separated by curtains, a massage table, a swing, a 3 tier loft toward the back of the building and a social area with tables and other furniture right inside the door.

I probably didn’t mention this before, but alcohol always played a big part in getting Carol relaxed and releasing her inhibitions. She had been drinking the whole ride to the party and well on her way to feeling pretty good. She knew Doug would be attending alone, which told me he would be getting most of her attention. We arrived quite early that night and one of only 3 couples when we entered the social area just after 8 PM. We mingled about the social area for a bit, Carol had another drink and within just a few minutes the husband of the host couple and Carol had disappeared.

I thought nothing of it until I heard a familiar moaning from one of the beds just off the social area. It was only perhaps 5 minutes or so and things quieted down. A few other couples had arrived in the meantime, one of whom were very close friends who also hosted parties in their home about a half hour away, who I will just call L & M. As I was chatting with the wife,M, Carol appeared, clothing and hair slightly disheveled and pulled me aside, leading me toward the loft in the back of the building. She had a look fo some urgency on her face and seemed to be slightly upset.

I asked her what was wrong and she whispered “that fucker came inside me already, I don’t mind fucking him but I didn’t think he would cum already”. “You need to clean me up, I want my pussy fresh and not all used when Doug gets here and I have noting with me to clean up”. I had never seen her like this before and wondered why the fuck she would care if she had been freshly fucked when Doug got there. After all, he was well aware of why we all came to these parties, himself included. I actually thought it was sort of funny, which she clearly did not.

She sat on the edge of one of the beds, lifted her skirt and told me “lick all his cum out of me, NOW”. She scooted her ass right out to the edge and spread her lips with her fingers… Being the obedient cuck that I am, I dived into her used cunt and started sucking out as much as I could. It was not a big load and I only felt a couple good globs of cum ooze into my mouth. I cleaned her as much as I could and then she started putting her fingers inside her cunt, trying to get more to move. I was rock hard in my pants as I loved the whole situation, but Still found it kind of humorous.

At that moment, I stopped and said, “Come with me, I have an Idea”. I told her to go into the bathroom. I went over by the buffet table and grabbed a bottle of water that had not been put on ice and joined Carol in the bathroom. I had her sit on the toilet and knelt between her legs, spread her labia with two fingers and carefully inserted the mouth of the water bottle into her vagina.

After working it in as far as I could, I gave it a hard squeeze, shooting water upward into her womb. I did this three times and said “There, your are all douched and clean”. She was still not finding any humor in the situation but seemed to be satisfied. Before we left the bathroom, I asked her why this was so important, to which she replied, “I just don’t want Doug to think I’m a whore”. Still, I found this all to be quite funny, but kept my composure and respected her feelings. We returned to the social area and casually chatted with a few other couples, had something to eat and she was bound and determined to preserve her vagina like the virgin Mary until Doug arrived, nearly an hour later…

To be continued…


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