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I sat at the computer trying my hardest not to eaves drop. Although, they merely seemed to be engrossed in a rather dull conversation, my anticipation for what might happen nagged at me. I could only make out a word or two and could not come even remotely close to the topic of discussion. My solitaire game was beginning to show its boredom as I continually clicked the cards without paying attention to the game.

Every once in a while I would turn back to look at my wife and her lover laying in our bed, each time hoping they wouldn’t notice. For the most part they weren’t. Then the conversation seemed to diminish, the words not only harder to make out, but maybe all together gone. Dare I look back again? What if they were stopping to watch the television that hung overhead? I slowly turned my head back, trying to gaze only out of the corner of my eye. Oh, she was on top of him now.

That’s why the voices silenced. They were engaged in a heavy kissing feat. His hands squeezed and groped on her rear. He must have been biting her lips; because her toes would do this sort of point that I usually only see her do during orgasm.

I quickly turned back, not wanting to stare too long. Even though I was now pretty sure they’d all but forgotten I was even in the room anymore. I didn’t want to quit the game, just in case but I’d lost all interest in it. Now, I just waited until enough time had passed before I returned my gaze to my wife and her lover in our bed behind me.

The anticipation of what I might see the next time I turned around only made my erection grow. I played with it through my pants, debating on undoing them. Perhaps, if she managed to actually have intercourse I would revisit that idea. But, for now… now… I would turn again.

The turn did seem beneficial as now his pants seemed undone and slightly pulled down while she remained clothed. But, now began a grinding motion on his, what I can only assume was bare genitals. Every once in a while his squeezes of her ass would part her shorts enough for me to see pubic hair. I liked that.

She suddenly stopped kissing him and propped herself up on her arms, leaning over him. I quickly turned. My thoughts were racing, why did she stop? I could barely make out words again. She gave out a little giggle. Too soon to turn around again, just wait until I can hear more commotion.

Several seconds pasted. I still only heard faint whispers. What were they talking about? Were they done? Was this just an average make out session that I could watch whenever? Then, a noise I was familiar with began to flood my ears.

It was unmistakable, the sound of the bed bouncing. I slowly began to turn. Again, trying not to seem like an eager pervert, even if that’s what indeed I was. They were having sex! She was still on top of him, but this time riding his cock. He still managed to squeeze and need her ass, but now when he parted her shorts I could see him going in and out of my wife.

My erection was now uncontrollable. I slowly undid the buttons at the top of my jeans and quietly moved my penis past my boxer shorts. I could barely stroke the shaft in this position, but the sex had just begun and I didn’t want to interrupt with an awkward zipper sound. I rotated the chair around and spread my legs out. She was riding him harder now. Their thrusting had doubled in speed and her toes seemed to point more.

I couldn’t hear any groans or noise at all coming from them, but still the show was very nice. They were lip locked in what I imagined to be a very wet, seductive kiss. She sat upright. I stopped. I didn’t cover myself or turn, because she didn’t stop riding him. I continued to stoke myself, pulling my dick out a little more.

He was now groping her breasts and had her shirt pulled up over them. He head was pointed downward as she watched him beneath her ride. She then went back down, spread outward over top of him, her hips slowing. There was a problem.

He was uncomfortable, I could tell. Maybe having a hard time holding his erection because he knew all too well I was watching them now. Should I turn back around? She then peaked behind her, right at me. She motioned her head to one side, instructing me to move over to the side of the bed. I immediately went and crept down on the floor, barely peeking my head over the bed.

I watched as she slid off his stiff cock and to the side, while deeply kissing him. She started stroking him as they kissed. I too, was stroking my own dick as I watched my wife give this other man a hand job. She then rearranged her whole body, moving to her knees over top of him. I watched eagerly as she put his entire shaft into her mouth.

Oh god! I started to stroke my dick harder as he reached down and grabbed her hair in his hand. She continued to pump up and down on his cock. But, there still seemed to be a problem with him. I could tell she was trying her best to make him feel comfortable, after all she was giving him a blowjob, but it must have been hard to get sucked off in another man’s bed by his wife… while that other man creepily watched from beside the bed.

He gently pulled her up to him by her hair and began to kiss her again. From my angle, I could see him slide his fingers into her pussy as she went level with him. I began to move to the foot of the bed, now that the focus was taken more to the center of the bed. She continued to stroke his cock while he fingered her and their kissing was began to get increasingly heavy again.

It only took a few more seconds before he removed his fingers from inside her and began to shove her head back down to his cock. She eagerly went, and began to suck him off again. He jerked himself while her mouth was over the head. I had the perfect view for what I knew was coming next. I too jerked myself increasing harder and faster.

Then, I saw him stop and her take over as the cum exploded from his dick. She managed to catch most of it in her mouth, although some may have drizzled down her chin. When she was sure he was done squirting, she began to suck him again. At that moment I exploded and began to cum. I must have let out a slight noise, because my wife looked at me with a sort of wink in her eye as she continued to suck him off.

She slowly began to stop what she was doing and return her focus to him. I was done, and slowly headed back to the chair. There was still an awkward vibe in the air, and she began to cuddle him as I sat down. I turned back to the computer and began to hear them giggle. Perhaps this was an interesting time that could be repeated? And, we may have just found ourselves a new friend to join us.

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