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Section 1

Hi. My name is Ron and my wife’s name is Connie. We are an older couple and have been married 28 years now, the second marriage for us both. We have had a wonderful marriage, being each other’s best friend with outstanding sex for years. Unfortunately, I developed ED a few years ago. We tried all the erection drugs, a penis pump and even injections. None of these provided a satisfactory solution. I have learned that my ED is most likely the result of medications that are being prescribed.

My wife is still one of the sexiest women around. She stands 5’4” and weighs about 130 lbs. She is a natural blond and wears her hair short and her blue eyes and bright smile enliven her natural beauty. She also has luscious 38d breasts that look amazing on her small frame. She has a tight compact ass and gorgeous legs. When she was in her 20’s, she was offered a job as a Playboy Bunny in a Playboy Club. However, her then abusive husband would not allow her to do that. But she was a real stunner then, and still is.

Having ED is a very frustrating experience for both people in the relationship. Connie’s sex drive remains high and I have purchased many sex toys in an attempt to provide some satisfaction for her. But she doesn’t like the toys as she says they feel so artificial to her. She has told me that one of the things she misses the most is feeling a hard cock penetrate her lovely folds, thrust deep into her and feel it spasm and spurt warm cum deep inside her. She has always experienced her own orgasm upon feeling a cock sperm into her. We also continue to pleasure each other orally. As for sucking my cock, she does it, but doesn’t enjoy it like she did when it would get rock hard in her mouth. She misses that a lot, also.

As a result, I started talking to her about her still deserving to have hard cock and that I would be fine with her being with another man to satisfy her sexual desires. When i first brought that up, she looked at me as if I had lost my mind and told me she could never do that. I didn’t bring it up again for a few weeks, then one night I told her that I thought I might get aroused watching her with another man. Again, she had a puzzled look on her face, then asked if I wouldn’t be jealous. I told her of course I would be jealous, but that it would be very arousing for me to see her pleasured in ways that I was not longer able to do. She told me no, that she was fine and didn’t need another man to satisfy her.

About a month later, we went to a beach bar near where we live to watch the sunset over the Gulf. We live in an area where we get wonderful sunrises over Tampa Bay, but don’t get to see the sun set. We were sitting at the bar, having a drink after the sun had gone down. A younger man came to the bar and sat on the stool next to Connie. He was very polite and introduced himself to us as Ken and offered to buy us a round of drinks, which we gladly accepted.

There was some conversation about the beauty of the Gulf area and then he complimented Connie on being part of that beauty. I saw her blush when he said that, but she thanked him and told him that he was sweet to say that, but that she was old now and didn’t feel that beautiful or sexy. He responded and told her that she was extremely sexy, looking at me as he said that to see what my reaction was to him telling her that. I just smiled, and told him I agreed with him, that she was still very sexy. He bought more drinks and the conversation continued. He flirted with her and I was surprised at how easily she flirted back. He was 20 years younger than her and she loved having the attention of a much younger man. She found him attractive, well groomed and well mannered and loved that he had a great sense of humor.

After about an hour of conversation and flirting, she asked him if he would like to come back to our place for a drink. Again he looked at me to see what my reaction might be, and again I smiled and agreed that he should. So we left the bar and drove to our place. He had his own vehicle so he followed us. On the drive home, she turned to me and asked if I was ok with this. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him. She said if it was still ok with me, that she found him very attractive and was aroused by having a younger man pay that much attention to her. I know I had talked to her several times about this, but as it was actually happening and I had very mixed feelings about it. But of course I wasn’t going to tell her no, so I said that if she wanted to do this, that I would be very supportive, upon the condition that I got to watch what happened.

She agreed and we arrived at our place.

Once inside, Connie and Ken sat at the bar we have in our living room and I started making drinks. It didn’t take long and they started making out. He was very much in tune with what was going on. We found out later that Keith was an experienced Bull, having been with a number of older couples.

I continued making drinks, but was watching what was happening with Connie and Ken. I saw him take her hand and put it on his crotch as they were kissing. She didn’t pull it away, but started rubbing him. I knew she was feeling him harden inside his pants and that made my own cock twitch just a bit. Then I heard him tell her to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. She didn’t hesitate and had him in her hand in about 5 seconds. I moved to where i could get a better view and saw my wife holding another man’s cock in her hand. He was longer and much thicker than my cock. I was about 5” when I could get full erect. He was at least 7”. Connie stroked him for about a minute as they continued to kiss and he had his hands on her breasts. Then i watched as she dropped to her knees, kissed the swollen head of his cock and proceeded to take him into her mouth.

I knew she loved having a hard cock in her mouth again. Sucking a hard cock had always made her very wet and extremely horny. I watched as she licked and sucked and slurped on this young guys big cock. I had very strong feelings of jealousy. Here was my wife, pleasuring another man’s much bigger cock and obviously enjoying it. But i found the eroticism of watching her do this overcome my feelings of jealousy. My own cock started moving in my pants and I was becoming aroused.

Connie loved on Ken’s cock with her lips and tongue and warm wet mouth for about 5 minutes. He was running his fingers through her hair and stroking her cheeks as she sucked him. At one point he looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. After about 5 minutes of Connie sucking his cock, he stood her up, picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. Of course I followed and sat down in a chair next to the bed. Ken laid her on the bed and proceeded to slowly remove her clothing, kissing the areas he was uncovering. When he removed her leggings, he saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. This was natural for her. It wasn’t a sexual thing at all for her, but a comfort thing.

Section 2

Anyway, Ken got between her legs with is mouth, kissed her and licked her for about 5 seconds, then looked up at me and said….”Ron, Connie is soooo wet for me already.” Then he went back to licking her. I stammered something like, “Oh, i’m sure she is” then watched as he brought to her several orgasms with his mouth and tongue. By that time I had my own pants pulled down and was stroking my semi hard cock watching a young man bring my wife to orgasm. It was amazing!

Ken then stood up and started removing his own clothing. He was rock hard and the head of his cock was fully engorged with blood and looked huge to me. Standing there naked, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a condom. Connie was watching him. When she realized what he had in his hand, she looked at me, then back at Ken and said, “NO. I want to feel everything.” Ken smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said that was fine with him. He crawled on the bed with Connie and positioned himself above her in missionary position. He took his cock and ran it up and down her wet pussy lips, teasing her. She was moaning. He put the head at the entrance of her wetness and very slowly started penetrating my wife. I was stunned.

When I had talked to Connie about this, it was a fantasy in my head. Now it was really happening. Again, I had strong feelings of jealousy. But hearing Connie moaning from his cock slowly penetrating her made me happy for her. He took a long time entering her. She was very tight and was not use to having a cock as thick as Ken’s entering her. He didn’t rush it, allowing her pussy to slowly stretch to accommodate him. Once he was inside her, she had an orgasm almost immediately. As she climaxed on this young guy’s big cock, I couldn’t help but release my own cum all over myself. I hadn’t had an orgasm like that in years and I knew Connie was feeling the same thing.

I watched as Ken thrust his cock in and out of Connie. He fucked her for maybe 10 minutes, then I could tell that he was having his own orgasm and spraying his cum deep inside my wife. She cried out when she felt that and had another orgasm herself as he filled her with his cum. He stayed inside her and I heard her say to him, “OMG, Ken. I feel it throbbing.” He asked her if she liked that and i heard her say that she didn’t like it, she loved it. Wow!

Ken ended up fucking Connie in several different positions that night. I was amazed at his stamina. I know he came 3 times but he didn’t get soft until after the 3rd time. At one point he was fucking Connie doggie, pounding her, pulling her hair and smacking her ass. She was squealing like a school girl and cumming and cumming for him. She told me later that she had never been fucked like that and she had no idea how much she would love being pounded and treated that way. She said he made her feel like a slut and she loved it. Neither of us knew how many orgasms she had that night, but it was a bunch.

Before Ken left, she told him that he was the fuck of her life. I heard her say that and again felt jealous. But I knew it was true, because I had never fucked her like that. And I was happy for her. Unfortunately, Ken was just visiting the area and had a early plane to catch the next day. I’m convinced that if he lived close, she would still be fucking him regularly. As it was, this experience with Ken was her awakening and she has had 4 other men since this occurred.