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After much discussion and even more role playing we decided that the time had come for my wife to try out a real life hot wife experience. We posted some profiles on the a few of the more popular adult dating sites and after much sorting and even more elimination of the weirdo’s we found the prospect of finding a date for my wife would be more difficult than we thought.

Since my wife was more comfortable meeting someone in person instead of a “blind date” kind of atmosphere she suggested maybe trying to pick someone up locally. She had noticed that at our local grocery store there was a particular grocery bagger that she has flirted back and forth with her on several occasions while loading her bags into her SUV.

After an in-depth discussion with my wife on the matter, on her next trip the store I went with her to witness the flirting for myself. After checking out and watching my wife flirt with her favorite bagger I followed closely as he pushed my wifes cart through the parking lot.

As he placed the last bag in our SUV I pulled one of her contact cards out of my pocket and said directly, “Here, why don’t you give her a call or a text message sometime.” He looked a little shocked as he reached out and took the card so I gave him a knowing nod of approval. With that I turned to get in the car as he took the cart to go back into the store.

A couple days later, bing went my wifes phone as she received a text message from her new friend. The next few days were a bit of a blur to me but my wives mood seemed to improve with each new text message she received and she would seemingly bound though the room with the excitement of her new interest.

Sometime in the middle of the next week, at what seemed like out of the blue, in her sweetest voice ever, “Hey hunny, by the way, I have some good news.”

“What’s up, babe?”

“I have a date this Friday.”

With a raise of my eyebrows, “Oh really.” I said.

“Yeah, my little boyfriend finally asked me out.”

“So are you going to go?”

“Yeah, I was thinking about it; are you still ok with this?” She said.

“Yeah, I think I am, I hope he shows you a nice time.”

So, the very next day she went shopping for a new outfit to wear on her date that she absolutely refused to show me.


So the day finally came for my wife’s date.

Right before she went upstairs to get ready she called me into the kitchen and handed me a black zippered pouch. I immediately knew that it was the chastity device that she likes to make me wear sometimes.

She said, “Here, so that you behave while I’m not here to supervise, you need to go put that on and bring me the key.”

After putting our daughter to bed I invited him in while my wife finished getting ready for her date with him. As she came down the stairs we were both awestruck. She was absolutely dressed to the nines. I hadn’t seen her look this hot since her and I were dating. She walked up to me and gives me a peck on the cheek and a wink as she steps away from me and into his arms to give him a peck as well.

As they broke their kiss and she asked him, “Are you ready to go?” Without waiting for a response, she took his hand and walked straight towards the door. As the door was closing behind her, she looked over her shoulder at me and says, don’t wait up hunny.

My heart seemed to immediately jump into my throat as I watch my loving wife walk towards his car. Excitement and jealousy conflicted inside me at the thought of where they’ll go and what she might do with him; all the while my cock began to leak pre-cum while confined to the cock cage she insisted on me wearing while she’s out.

So, after trying to sleep several times, I went back downstairs to watch some TV in the sunroom, somewhere around 1AM or so. Sometime later, I heard a rattle and some giggling at the door and the dogs rushed to meet my wife coming home.

I leaned over in my chair to see her and to my surprise, her date coming in the door and they immediately embraced. She broke his kiss, said something to him and he headed for the stairs while she walked towards me.

She stopped in the doorway to the sunroom and said, “hey hunny, you weren’t supposed to wait up.”

“I couldn’t sleep.” I say.

She responded, “Well that’ll work great anyway. I’m a little tipsy and we’re going to go upstairs to have a little more fun since our bed is available… I hope that’s ok, I’ve had an amazing time so far and I want to top it off with a bit more fun.”

“Ok, I guess,” I say.

“Why don’t you go play some X-Box so you don’t have to listen to us… you know how loud I moan when I’m excited…” she says and leans over to give me a peck on the forehead before she turns to go upstairs

As I hear her footsteps on the floor upstairs moving towards our bedroom, I get up and follow… As I climb the stairs I find her blouse lying on the first landing and a black lace pushup bra on the top landing that I’ve never seen before.

I quietly walk towards my bedroom door and find it slightly ajar with a small gap allowing me to peek inside where I see my topless wife straddling her new friend

She is kissing him deeply while he madly groped her ass, sliding her skirt towards her waist, exposing her panties.

I can see that she’s fidgeting with something and just then she abruptly sits up and tears open his shirt, sending buttons flying all over the room.

She then goes directly for his muscled chest with her mouth. Kissing her way down his chest and chiseled abs.

As she reaches his beltline she flips her hair and looks up to him as she unbuttons and unzips his pants. She then reaches to his waist and slowly pulls his pants down over his hips while staring into his eyes.

Her head lifted and tilted back down as she took him gently in her mouth. As her head moved further down his cock he moaned loudly in ecstasy.

She then lifted back up and began a slow methodical rhythm of sucking that was akin to her making love to his cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth.

I then heard him say, “Oh my Gosh! You are amazing! You’re going to ruin me for every other woman on earth!”

She stopped long enough to say, “You haven’t seen anything yet.” She then stood up and stepped over to my nightstand, pulled open the top drawer and pulled out a condom.

For the few seconds that she stepped away, I got my first look at this younger mans cock and legitimately felt humbled.

As she stepped back over to him she reached down and pushed her wet panties down over her hips and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor.

She then apparently had opened and pulled out the condom because she said, “Wow, there is no way this condom is going to fit on you. Well, I guess we’re going to go without.” As she threw the condom across the room and climbed back onto his lap.

My second look at his cock was as my wife lifted herself up and reached down between them to guide his monster into her wanton slit.

As she began to sit down on him, she gasped loudly as the head of his cock and the beginning of his shaft disappeared inside my wife.

She then lifted up slightly till just his head was in and then gently sat back down and took a bit more of him into her.

After about three or four times, she had actually managed to get his entire cock buried inside her; after which she stopped long enough adjust to him and hooked her heel clad feet over his thighs.

She then rocked her hips down toward her feet to apparently make sure she had all of it in her and threw her head back and moaned loudly. “You have the most amazing cock, Brent!”

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