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Alicia and I met through a personals online dating site. I wrote to her because in her add it stated that she was openminded and was looking for an open minded person. We met for dinner for our first date and ended up at my house in bed, on the floor, and in the kitchen. After that night we were together all the time and she soon moved into my house with me. After about 6 months of living together we were laying in bed together.

Alicia was on her back and I was on my side. I was admiring her body and scoping up the cum leaking from her pussy and rubbing it on her fat dark nipples. Alicia had the body type I loved. She is hispanic, curvy to a little chubby, 5’1″ short, bronze skin tone, 44DD and kept herself smooth. While we were laying there we started talking about sex an our past. It eventually came out that we both had experiences with sharing or being shared. She had done a few mfm 3 some in college and had some bi experiences as well.

I had some group experiences as well as a few bi experiences. We both agreed that we enjoyed the lifestyle and decided to give it a try together as a couple. We took some pics and created a profile for a few swinger sites online. We got plenty of emails but nothing was really catching our attention. Then we finally got one that Alicia really liked.

A older couple was hosting a small house party and they wanted to know if we would like to attend? We liked the idea of a get together like that, plus the attire was very casual. Neither Alicia or I were dress up people. For us flip flops, short and a nice shirt was formal. We left early that evening to slowly make our way to the party. We stopped at our favorite restaurant/bar to have a few drinks first. Alicia was dressed perfectly to me. It was summer so she was wearing some overall shorts.

To me it was hot to see the big part of the overalls trying to hold in her large full breasts. I also liked them because the legs of the shorts were pretty loose and baggy. I was able to run my hand up her thigh and into her shorts all the way to her pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties and was already wet. She was excited to get to experience this with me she said. We soon headed on to the party. On the drive there she said that she thought we should have a few ground rules.

She said that she didn’t really want to kiss others, condoms should be used always, she didn’t want to do anal with others and didn’t want us to play separately. I agreed to all the rules since I figured it was kind of late to argue them anyhow and plus this is what she was comfortable with that arrangement. We arrived at the house of our hosts. It was a nice size house out in the country that had a lot of privacy.

We went to the door and rang the bell and waiting a few seconds. The door opened and the host greeted us as John. He was at all guy, maybe 6’3″? Very muscular and very hung. He was just wearing a thong that looked like an elephant. The trunk of the elephant thong held Johns cock and he had it filled completely. John let us in and led us through the house to the back where everyone was. They had a big deck in the back where there was a nice pool as well.

Everyone was in different states of dress/undress as the they mingled around having drinks and talking. John took us over to the small outdoor bar they had and introduced us to his wife Joanne. Joanne was a short petite woman with amazing green eyes and red hair down to her waits. She was completely naked and in the process of letting a couple lick salt off her small breasts for tequila shots.

After the couple was done licking the salt and sucking on her hard nipples they did their shots and everyone was laughing and having a nice drunken time. John introduced us to Joanne and she gave us both hugs and deep kisses. She kissed Alicia much longer than she did me while rubbing her hands over Alicias breasts through her clothes. Joanne commented on Alicias big beautiful breasts and how she could wait to get her naked.

Then she told Alicia that she couldn’t wait to see her take her husbands big cock later and started playing with Johns elephant trunk. Joanne then asked if we would like to do a shot with her and surprisingly Alicia agreed. She didn’t like drinking straight tequila so I wasn’t ready for her to agree. John grabbed us a couple of beers to chase the tequila with and Joanne grabbed the salt shaker and lime. Joanne wanted us to lick the salt from her and she wanted to lick her salt from Alicia.

Alicia agreed and stripped her clothes of right there. I was so hard for her already and how bold she was being with these complete strangers. Both John and Joanne quickly had their hands all over Alicias body feeling her tits and fingers exploring her smoothness. I could tell Alicia was enjoying the attention because she had a huge smile on her face. Joined the licked Alicias hard nipples and then she sprinkled salt on them.

She got the shots ready and her and John started both sucking on Alicias nipples to get their salt, then they took their shots. Now it was our turn. Joanne ask Alicia how we wanted our shots and Alicia told her she wanted to lick the salt off of Johns cock and wanted me to lick the salt off of Joannes tits. John pulled his big cock out and Joanne got it wet and put some salt on the head of his cock. Then Joanne said that I need to strip down as well so I did and as I got undressed she put salt on her hard pink nipple.

I watched Alicia as she knelt down and took johns semi hard cock in her mouth swallowing as much of it as she could, then she pulled back and took her shot. Now it was my turn so I bent over and started sucking on Joannes hard nipple and at the same time started to rub her smooth pussy. Joanne moaned lightly and told me to finger her. I slid my finger into her very wet pussy and she moaned some more and asked me if I liked how wet she was? I stopped sucking on her nipple and pulled my finger out and took my shot.

I then told her I did like it and she smiled and told us hat she had already been fucked and filled earlier. Joanne took my hand and put my finger in her mouth and sucked on it. She said how she loved the taste of sex and asked us if we did as well. Alicia and I both just smiled and told her we did. Joanne smiled and slid two of her fingers into herself and pulled them out.

Then she said that she wanted to do a 3 way kiss with us so we got close and all kissed and tasted the cum on Joannes fingers. I think we would of all ended up having sex right there if it weren’t for this other couple that walk up and was insisting on using Joannes body for more shots. Alicia and I decided to take the opportunity and walk around and mingle some. We walked around with our beers and looked at the gathering of people at the party.

We noticed that it was mostly couples and they all seemed to range from our age of early 30’s all the way up into the 60’s. We did notice a couple of single guys there but didn’t see any single women. We mingled some more, Alicias breasts attracting attention as well as requests to feel them and suck on her big eraser sized nipples. We had a few more beers and decided that we would slip into the pool.

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