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her legs spasming to the side and a huge gush spraying out and splattering all over Belindas, hair, down her back and into my stomach. She arched her back and came hard too her cunt twitching and fluttering all over my cock. I was twitching so close to orgasm it hurt. I pulled out real quick and Rick jumped in and started fucking his wife.

My cock was dripping with Belindas juice and I moved up to my wife and said suck my cock. She reached out to try wiping it off and I grabbed her hand and tied it back up. She was moaning hard again as Rick was doing a fantastic job of ramming his wifes face into her cunt I reached over and grabbed her head and made her open her mouth, forcing my cock between her lips I said lick it… taste her pussy on my cock..

She groaned and finally relented her tongue bathing my cock. I said moan on that cock to show us how much you like tasting her cunt. She held back I grabbed the back of her head and forced more of my cock in. I said you like that dont you.. you dirty fucking slut. you like the taste of pussy on my cock dont you.

I started fucking her mouth hard she was swallowing all my precum mixed with Belindas pussy juice. Rick was fucking the hell out of Belinda and I couldnt take it any more and I drained my balls into my wife’s mouth. Huge spurt after spurt after spurt.

I havent cum that hard in as long as I can remember and my wife just swallowed it all. As I groaned out cuming in her she started cumming again too not as hard as the first orgasm from Belinda but close. Belinda looked to have a smaller one too.

I sat back gasping for breath. Rick pulled out and sat down, his cock dripping in precum and cunt juice.

I was spent for sure. I reached over and undid the straps and took her blindfold off. She looked up , face covered in cum.

I smiled and said.. enjoy yourself honey? she moaned.. oh god yes. I said.. enjoy tasting cum.. mens and womens? she said.. yes.

I said good. Now you reward for being so good tonight is your ultimate fantasy.

She thought.. then said umm what do you mean?

I said. I am turning the command of you over to Rick and Belinda here.

She said.. umm.. okay.

I said. And we have no condoms. She pouted for a second thinking that meant no cock for her.

I said.. your ultimate fantasy dear. They are going to use you anyway they want. They are both going to make you cum.. and they are going to cum in you and on you wherever they want.

She lit up and then umm.. what about birth control?

I smiled and said. I guess we take that chance then. I did say your ultimate fantasy.

Her mouth dropped open.

Belinda grinned. she said.. you want my husbands cock slut? she looked over at Ricks throbbing hard cock and said oh god yes.

She started to get up to go over to it. Belinda barked out. OH No slut.. you are going to earn that. she pulled her up and start by kissing her forcing her tongue in my wife’s mouth, she held back at first but then as Belinda started touching her all over Rick moved in behind her and started kissing the back of her neck, touching her ass.

She started to really get into it kissing back harder, moving her hands up to Belindas breast while Rick reached around and played with hers, his rock hard cock pressing into her back. Belinda guided my wife’s head downwards, making her move to her breasts. Rick has his hard cock sliding back and forth between my wife legs, rubbing up against her clit.

Belinda slowly backed them all up until they were crawling onto the bed. My wife laying on top her kissing and sucking her breasts wiggling her ass back at Rick’s hard cock. She moaned oh god fuck me already. Belinda said.. oh you havent earned it yet… you know what you need to do. My wife hesitated for a moment.

biting her lip.. looking over at me. Belinda pushed slightly on her head..Rick pulled slightly on her ass and they both slowly silently moved my wife down to Belinda’s hot dripping cunt. I bent down beside her and said come on honey, you sucked her off my cock, you know you want to. Just go with it. I leaned in and gave Belindas pussy a quick lick before turning me head to kiss my wife on the lips.

I pushed her head downwards and she slowing stuck her tounge out and tasted a pussy for the first time ever direct from the source. She gently licked up and down then to the side and then tried sticking the tip of her tongue inside. She moved up and started sucking on her clit and really slowly slipped one finger inside. Belinda moaned out.. oh god yes.. thats it, lick my cunt slut.

Make me cum in your mouth, grabbing my wife’s hair and pulling her closer. Rick took that moment to slide his entire 8 inches deep into my wife in one stroke. she groaned out loud right into Belinda’s cunt. I was instantly hard. Rick started fucking her nice and hard, his balls slapping her, his cock burying itself even deeper than I could go.

The obvious effect on her was enormous, Her eyes opened wide, and rolled back into her head, she started say. fuck fuck fuck oh fuck.. fuck me fuck, Belinda grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her cunt. saying lick my cunt slut.. make me cum on your face.. you want his cum take mine FIRST!. My wife went crazy sucking nibbling fingering Belinda real hard.

She had 1,2,3 fingers deep in her cunt. She slipped her baby finger into Belindas ass and started saying.. cum for me slut, fucking cum on my face, let me taste your cum. Rick was breathing real hard almost unable to control himself and then BAM! Belinda exploded, bucking her hips and crying out in orgasm. MY wife just kept at her, not stopping, slurping and sucking and taking all her cum.

Rick started pounding her real hard, the sound of their skin slapping together sounding like someone was being whipped. I could see him grabbing her hips hard, his fingers digging into her flesh a loud gaaaaaaaa and he tried to hold back and then my wife yelled out.. oh god Im cumming, fuck me, cum in me give me your cum now!

FUCK!! Rick screamed out slamming forward one hard last time and he was filling my wife’s cunt with cum. She sobbed, oh god yes.. yes.. fuck I can feel your cum. fuck yes. I was furiously jerking my hard cock, after about 30 seconds Rick released her hips, she was still fucking back at him, he was panting. I stood up, hornier then I had ever been, He pulled out, his cocking dripping in his cum,

I pulled her lips open for a couple of seconds just to see the cum in her cunt then I shoved my cock into her sperm filled cunt. She cried out, oh god… fuck me fuck my used cunt. I swear I was like an animal possessed as I hammered away at her cunt for urgent release.

My cock started to grow even harder as I pounded away, my cum a few moments away at most, Belinda sat up and reached under my wife with one hand, expertly playing with her clit and 3 fingers quickly slipping in her ass. My wife slammed back and started cumming hard in panting breaths and ordered me to cum in her used cunt right fucking now!. I was more than happy to oblige as I erupted deep inside.

It felt like the head of my cock blew off I came so hard. Sweat was pouring off us. My cock was so sensitive It never even came close to softening but Belinda eagerly pushed me away. Sucking me clean before rolling my wife over on her back and diving in and cleaning up all our cum.

My cock was still twitching and aching hard. I moved forward, sliding my cock into Belindas ass. It was so hot and tight, god it felt good wrapped around my cock. I moved back and forth just enough to slowly easy the throbbing on my cock. Finally after a couple of minutes my cock started to die down and I reluctantly pulled out.

We all collapsed and sat there just trying to catch out breath. My wife finally said. That was the most awesome thing I ever experienced. She rolled over kissing Belinda deeply then got up and kissed Rick playing with his cock and then bent down and sucked it a couple of times.

Stood up and turned to me and kissed me deep on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, I could taste the remnants of Ricks cum on her breath, She said thank you honey. I will never forget this night.

We all got dressed and went home. After we showered and were laying in bed, my wife sucked me hard and then road me for 10 minutes, cumming two or three times, before collapsing and laying on the bed next to me. I rolled her on her snuggled my rock hard rock up to her ass and we both fell asleep withing in minutes.

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