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She looked down realizing how wet she was and giggled. I said. was that? She said oh my god honey, it was amazing to be stretched like that, but umm.. shouldnt he have worn a condom? I said. oh dont worry he did. I reached into the garbage and pulled out the rather full condom. She looked and said oh. You could tell she was disappointed, I chuckled to myself thinking of what lay ahead.

I helped her up and we went to the bathroom. I made her pee in the shower, her hot piss squirting out and then running down her legs and the pressure subsided. I turned the shower on and got her all soaped up. There was about 5 guys watching as I soaped her from head to toe. I started kissing her neck, turning her towards them I said you have some admirers.

She opened her eyes and moaned as they all had their cocks out wacking them slowly. I said, anyone want a handjob from her? Thats all you get though? Two of the 5 stepped forward immediatly. Both were circumsized, about 6 inches long, one really fat, one rather thin. My wife looked at me shocked. I guided her to her knees and said. Make those cocks cum bitch.

She grabbed the soap and soaped each one up real nice and slick then just started hammering them one in each hand. The one with the thinner cock started moaning and shaking so she let the thicker guy go and started concentrating on the the thinner ones balls and shaft, she reached back and slid a finger into his ass and he exploded 4 huge streams out, she expertly guided them to spray across her tits.

He stopped cumming she smiled up at him and then released him, turning now to the thicker guy again. She rubbed her finger back and forth across his head, had his legs trembling in no time, she leaned forward opening her mouth and pretending like she was about to suck him, she was squeezing his balls and could tell that opening her mouth set him over the edge,

she pulled quickly back and tried aiming it at her tits but the first shot was so hard it hit her hair and the second one splashed against her cheek before she regained control, another 5 huge spurts sprayed her tits, mixing with the other guys cum and making a huge mess.

She smiled up at that guy too and then stood up rubbing all the cum over her tits, before stepping back into the spray of water and washing it all off again. She giggled and said that was fun. We finished rinsing off, dried off and then went back to the room and relaxed for a few minutes.

We were just laying there relaxing and she was trying to get me to tell her what else was planned when there was a knock at the door. I said just a minute…then blindfolded her and put her back in the kneeling position with her hands strapped. I stepped outside and talked to them for a bit, going over our plan. They said they had fucked like rabbits for the last two days just thinking about it.

I laughed and said, well…hopefully you saved some. We walked back in the room. Im pretty sure she just assumed that it was another guy. I was crazy hard and needed to bury my cock in her so I dropped down and pushed in, in one quick motion. I motioned to Rick to get in front and stick his cock in her face.

It was about 8 inches, probably the same thickness as mine, cut and he had shaved his pubic hair up nice. She realized there was a guy getting under her and sat up the best she could saying…ooooooo… fresh cock. I told her to shut up and open her slut mouth.

She laughed a little and then sat there with her mouth wide open. Her tongue hanging out. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her open mouth to his bare cock. She instantly realized that she was sucking a cock bareback and that it wasnt mine, she stopped for a second, unsure.

I slapped her ass and said suck that cock bitch. she just moaned and starting bobbing up and down on it. I could see she was trying to get her one hand out to more enjoy it so I said, Can you undo that one hand please.

Belinda reached over and undid the one hand my wife immediatly reached out and grabbed his balls and cock and started really enjoying herself. I just held myself still and let her rock back and forth on my cock.

Belinda came up to me and started kissing me and touching my ass and then my wifes ass before, reaching down and starting to play with her asshole. She was soaking wet down there so she had no problem at all slipping first one then two fingers in her ass.

This seemed to throw my wife into overdrive. Fucking my cock, something playing in her ass and a bareback cock in her mouth. I just held on tight and let her fuck me good, I wanted to throw her completely over the edge so I said .. suck that cock bitch. Make it cum in your mouth.. you want that cum in your mouth dont you bitch!?

She just moaned and started fucking and sucking us all harder… she has NEVER had another mans cum in her mouth and the last time she had another cock besides mine bareback was 22 years ago. Rick grabbed her hair and started grunting.. oh fuck.. Im cumming Im cumming. gaa…. She was chocking and gagging on all the cum being shot in her mouth and then she started cumming real hard on my cock.

It was all I could do to stop myself from shooting my load. Finally after what seemed like hours she collapsed. Me and Belinda pulled out of her and Belinda knelt down and started sucking and stroking my cock. She moaned.. oh man you guys taste wonderful together.

Rick pulled himself out of the tangle. He said, oh man. I didnt know you were letting her do that. I chuckled and said. Its better for everyone when its a surprise. He said no kidding.

I dont think I came that hard since my honeymoon. He pulled his wife off my cock and kissed her deeply, not that shes better than you honey, its just, wow that was hot.. LOL. She push him back onto the other bed and said, no problem dear. she is pretty fucking hot. she went back to sucking my cock for a couple of minutes saying boy that foreskin sure makes this different.

MY wife finally knelt up and said.. who is here with us? I moaned out, whats it matter to you you dirty cock sucking slut. You enjoy that cum? She moaned oh god yes. I said Good now lay on your back and spread those legs. She rolled over and Belinda took one look and my wifes hot cunt and said.. is that for me.. you shouldnt have and giggled. she released my cock and quickly got between my wifes stretched out legs. My wife moaned.. oh god.. please untie my hands.

I said.. you promise to not take the blindfold off right? she said yes yes.. I promise. As soon as I did she reached down and grabbed Belindas full head of hair pulling her face harder into her cunt. she was panting hard and Belinda was moaning really enjoy licking and sucking my wifes cunt.

I got behind Belinda, my dick rock hard and throbbing and eagerly pushed in, she was so hot and so wet, and for me the first bareback pussy besides my wife I had been in for 22 years. I let my cock slide in real slow until my balls were resting in her pubic hair. I breathed deep just enjoying it not wanting to shoot off too soon. God she felt so tight around my cock.

After a couple of minutes I started moving real slow, but hard, making sure to force her harder into my wifes cunt with each shove I did this about 10 times when Belinda said.. you like that? you like when your husband fucks me into your cunt? My wife said oh god.. she grabbed hard into Belindas hair pulling in her tight and wrapping her legs around her head I started slamming hard and fast into her as my wife bucked her cunt upwards about 20 strokes later my wife exploded,

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