First Taste  4.8/5 (14)

There was a couple on the cake platform performing for all the people present. There was a few couples watching and about 15 guys. This one young guy looked sorta like me when I was younger, thinner, longer blonde hair, little bit taller and little bit buffer than I ever was, he looked to be about 25 or so.

He was watching very intently. I walked up to him and said.. is it her or him you are interested in? He looked at me.. her.. not interested in guys buddy.

I said cool, My wife is tied up back in the room. Want to come fuck her? He looked at me as if to say.. yeah right. I said. Sure, Come take a look. I will just open the door.. you can look in and see if its something you want. he said this better not be some lame attempt at hitting on me. I laughed and said. no man.. Im straight as an arrow.

We walked over to the room. I told him. dont say anything. okay? he said ok.

I opened the door. She was laying on her back arms crossed over her head legs parted open and you could see how much she had came because there was a wet spot under her ass. She said is that you? I said be quiet and get back on your knees I’m gonna fuck you again. She groaned but rolled over and got back on her knees. Sticking her ass up in the air.

He pursed his lips to whistle softly. I closed the door, leaving her alone again. We moved away. I asked him. So, want to fuck her? He said.. oh hell yes.

I said. okay.. here is the deal. You are coming in there with me. You will be absolutely quiet..wont say one word. We go in.. both get naked I am going to fuck her for a bit, while you stroke yourself to get nice and hard then when I get in front of her and she starts sucking my cock and I signal you, you jump right in and start fucking that pussy,. and you need to be wearing a condom of course.

He said, sounds like fun.

In we went. She was rocking back and forth squeezing her legs together. I said hey slut. Im back to fuck some more. I dropped my towel, already nice and hard, and kneeled in behind her. As my cock pushed slowly into her hot cunt, the other guy dropped his towel and slowly started stroking his cock.

I never paid him much attention. I just started fucking my wife real nice long slow strokes, enjoying every second of her hot cunt. I was harder then the first time, gotta show off for another guy..LOL.. cant let him think my wife needs a different cock because my sucks so I was really giving it to her nice and good. I started slapping her ass and saying cum on my cock slut.. cum on my cock.

Her hands were clenching and unclenching and she was shoving herself backwards impaling on my cock and started cumming hard. My cock was twitching but thankfully I held back. I pulled out and stood up to go step in front and get my dick sucked when I looked over at the other guy to see if he was good to go. HOLY SHIT. I exclaimed.

My wife said whats wrong? I stammered uhh.. nothing.. that was just so good. In reality it was because he had a freakin baseball bat for a cock. It looked shorter than mine, but that could have been my eyes playing tricks on me because he was at least twice as thick as me. Like ridiculously thick. He grinned back at me and I gave him the thumbs up.

I stepped back in front of her and pulled her mouth forward to my cock again. I reached over and undid one hand so she could play with me. The guy finished rolling the condom on and I motioned for him to wait. THhn I said to me wife,. Whos a cumslut? oh god she groaned me. I said are you having fun tonight slut? she moaned yes. I held her head tight and fucked upwards into her throat.

The angle was perfect as the tip of my cock slid right in, no gagging.she pulled back gasping for air, before resuming attacking my cock. I said. you like the taste of your pussy on my cock slut? she just moaned mmmm.. yes god it tasted so good right now. I said are you a dirty slut that deserves to be used and abused and punished.

She was really getting into it now. Moaning.. oh god yes. use me. use me like a cheap whore. Up and down my cock rocking her hips back and forth. I grabbed her head tight and said dont move slut. she stopped moving. I said sluts like you deserved to be split in half.

I nodded at the guy. He knelt down between her legs I said You want to be split in half slut, you want your cunt tore up? she was slowly jacking my cock in her mouth and moans oh yeah baby fuck me with your big cock.

I stopped her. pulled her off my cock and said, not me dear. and nodded at him to go ahead. She almost jumped out of her skin when he put his hands on her hips. she said what the hell? and then she felt his cockhead nudge into her cunt and he slowly start to stretch her..

Ohhhhhhhhhh… was all that escaped her lips and then when he kept pushing it in and she was being stretched. slowly she started a low soft moan. He took his time and then finally once all the way in said, holy fuck thats a hot tight wet cunt.

She was just kneeling there. My cock pressed against her cheek, panting. Finally after about a minute her breathing returned to normal. I said.. you like that slut? she groaned oh FUCK YES! You gonna cum on that cock slut? yes oh shit fuck. yes. I said get the mouth back on my cock slut. She quickly slurped my cock back in her mouth. I looked up at the guy and said fuck this slut hard please dont hold back.

He pulled back, shuddering. Fuck shes so fucking wet and hot and tight. I grinned and said.. fucking awesome heh? Then I caught my breath as he slammed forward. impaling her on my cock buried deep in her throat. The throat muscles tugging at my cock head. I reached over and undid the other wrist and saw he was struggling to not cum. I said just fucking fuck her hard.

dont worry about cumming, she can get endurance anytime. He started pummeling her like a jack hammer she pulled her throat off my cock was just holding hit her face buried in my stomach her other hand reached around and cupping my ass her finger nails digging in. ug ug ug ug ug ug ugugu ug I constant stream of grunts exploading out of her mouth.

I grabbed her hair and yelled cum on that fucking cock, make it fucking cum inside you. She screamed out. Fuck me, fuck me harder fuck me fuck my fucking cunt. The guy was sweating like no tomorrow and grabbed her hips real hard and slammed forward.

I said like that slut? That big cock is stretching your hot cunt and cumming deep in you. she exploded. literally exploded. She spasmed around his cock and squirted big time her nails dug into my ass so hard I cried out in pain. she fell forward onto me. twitching and moaning and just completely collapsed..

They both layed there motionless for a few minutes. the Dude finally pulled out. He pulled the condom off and said fuck that was hot. She is a real good fuck. I smiled and said. She sure is. He pulled the condom off and tossed it in the trash and put his towel on and left.

I took the blind fold off my wife and helped her sit up. Gave her a drink of water again. I said.. you need to go to the bathroom? She thought and said. umm yeah I guess. I looked at my watch.. holy crap.. only another 20 minutes and the main event would start. heh. I grabbed the soap I brought and the spare towel. she looked at me quizically. I said we need to get you showered, you are soaked with cum.

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