First Taste

Section 1

My wife and I had gone to the local swingers club again. I made her agree before going in that tonight I was in charge of everything and that while I would make sure she came to no harm, she would have to do every single thing I said. She agreed, except she was not going to be forced to lick a pussy. I said.. forced? no. but I bet you will eat one before the night is through. She shook her head no, and we entered the place. I rented the room with the cross for strapping someone to…and that immediatly got her mind turning. I just grinned at her wickedly and said lets go. We got to the room and I immediatly set to work, making sure all the cuffs and such were very clean. They had three sets one at arm above head height one at waist height and one at ankle height. I kissed her neck lightly while undressing her then I strapped her in. legs spread and arms above her head and started kissing her all over head to toe, paying special attention to her large 38DDDs and her nicely trimmed pussy. She was bucking and heavy dripping wet and begging for her first orgasm before I relented. I stepped back, pulled my clothes off, my 7 1/2 inch cock crazy hard and swaying slightly. She her licked her lips. I pulled a video recorder out of the bag that I had borrowed from a friend, set the tripod up in the corner of the room. She smiled over at you dirty boy you whats that for. That my dear is so that you will have a record of the night, since you will be wearing this all night. I pulled a blindfold out and walked towards her. She bit her lip, a little concerned, I said I promised you wont come to any harm right? I slipped the blind fold on. Then I kissed my way down her body as goosebumps quickly flashed across her skin. While gently probing her pussy I reached down and undid her left leg cuff. Standing up I pulled her leg up with me leaving her other one still strapped in. Her pussy was literally dripping she was so excited. She was stretched really wide. Her right foot just barely touching the floor, she was struggling to maintain her balance. I said relax, let the cuffs do their work to hold you she struggled for a bit more then sagged into the wall and relented I pulled her leg up over my shoulder and guided my cock straight into her pussy. Stretched like this she was so tight, but so very wet I slid to the hilt in one thrust she moaned out. Oh god yes fuck my pussy. My face was still wet from tonguing her I leaned in pressing my lips against hers. I said lick you juices off my face. She resisted a little but I reminded her of our deal, she sighed and licked me clean. I leaned back and started pounding upwards into her cunt, pulling her up off the wall. I could feel my cock pounding her cervix with each stroke. After a few minutes of hard fucking I knew she was close so I ordered her to cum on my cock. Commanding her like that always put her over the edge and she immediatly came hard flooding my cock with her cum. I fucked through about a minute or so of a very nice orgasm her body stiff against me before I stopped and she relaxed. I pulled my cock out. stepped back grabbed a bottle of water and gave her a drink. Ooo baby I said I could feel your cervix was slightly tilted and you are sooo wet. I bet you are ovulating right now. She moaned and said oh god, I hope so, (we had always wanted another one these last few years, but her fertility was hit and miss) . I kssed her deeply while slowly stroking her soaking wet pussy. I pulled my wet hand up and slid it between our lips I said mmm you taste so good tonight taste yourself with me and we both started sucking and licking my fingers. I reached down a slipped my fingers in her again, I said wouldn’t it be hot if you got pregnant tonight? She moaned and bucked her hips towards my hand fucking it, I pulled them out and brought them even wetter than before up to our lips, her lips parted readily this time sucking them in and swirling her tongue around. I nibbled down her neck sucking on her ear lobe before moving to the real sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder meet, I reached back down and started finger fucking her real hard why gently biting her neck, after about a minute she came real nice and hard, a slight gush of liquid trickled down my fingers. I turned and look up as I brought my soaking wet fingers up to her mouth it was already open wide her tongue sticking out ready to slurp her juices off me. I let her lick them clean before moving back up and kissing her hard. I said oo your a dirtygirl tonight aren’t you. She just moaned into my kiss. I gave her another quick drink of water kissed her, strapped her leg back in and said don’t go anywhere, ill be back in a bit..laughing as I walked out. I wrapped my towel around myself and left. I could hear her muffled voice saying what where are you going? I glanced at my watch, it was only 630, another 2 hours before Belinda and Rick got here ( a couple we had met previously to get to know, but never did anything with ) I didnt want her to get too stressed out so I would only make her squirm for about 5 or so minutes before going back. I walked around, it was a pretty busy night, lots of couples, a few threesomes and quite a number of guys. I went back to the room and boy was she ticked and struggling. I said I told you, you would be safe so just chill out. I took the mattress off the bed and layed it on the floor near her feet. I released her from the bindings removed the blindfold then let her stretch for a few minutes before kneeling her down on the mattress and securing her wrists in the ankle level ones. I put the blind fold back on then knelt in behind her and teased her with my cock. I ordered her to beg for my cock. She said really plainly.. give me your cock. I reached over grabbed the crop and smacked her across the ass. She jumped and squealed a red mark brightly appearing on her ass. I leaned in and whispered Listen slut, I told you to beg for my cock….now you either beg for that cock properly or I will give everyone one of those guys out there a chance to use this whip on your ass. She trembled, more in excitement than fear and said Oh god big boy, give me that cock, my hot cunt needs your fat cock. I got up behind her and slid my cock home into her dripping cunt. I grabbed her hips and just started pummeling her my thighs slapping against the back of her legs. I pulled her back as hard as I could her arms stretched out taught to the cuffs. I fucked her good and hard for about 5 minutes before she started cumming real hard. Each piston into her wet cunt squished more juice out and it was running down her legs. Her orgasm started rippling through her pussy, my hard cock slamming into her cervix over and over I kept at it until I knew she was done. I relaxed and let her fall forward. She was gasping and panting. How as that slut? I asked her. She said. oh god it was good. I stood up and then stood between her and the cross. I slowly lowered myself, bringing my legs under her arm. My cock was soaking wet with her juices and I pulled her head up and forced her mouth down I ordered her to suck it. She greedily devoured my cock. Taking it all the way back and gagging on it over and over again, I was so close to cumming. I struggled and wiggled and finally had to stop her oh you don’t get that yet slut. I said you can stretch out if you want. I gave her another drink of water then she stretched out. on her stomach. I opened the door and left again. I walked around for a bit. glanced at my watch. Holy crap.. only another hour before they got here.

Section 2

There was a couple on the cake platform performing for all the people present. There was a few couples watching and about 15 guys. This one young guy looked sorta like me when I was younger, thinner, longer blonde hair, little bit taller and little bit buffer than I ever was, he looked to be about 25 or so. He was watching very intently. I walked up to him and said.. is it her or him you are interested in? He looked at me.. her.. not interested in guys buddy. I said cool, My wife is tied up back in the room. Want to come fuck her? He looked at me as if to say.. yeah right. I said. Sure, Come take a look. I will just open the door.. you can look in and see if its something you want. he said this better not be some lame attempt at hitting on me. I laughed and said. no man.. Im straight as an arrow. We walked over to the room. I told him. dont say anything. okay? he said ok. I opened the door. She was laying on her back arms crossed over her head legs parted open and you could see how much she had came because there was a wet spot under her ass. She said is that you? I said be quiet and get back on your knees I’m gonna fuck you again. She groaned but rolled over and got back on her knees. Sticking her ass up in the air. He pursed his lips to whistle softly. I closed the door, leaving her alone again. We moved away. I asked him. So, want to fuck her? He said.. oh hell yes. I said. okay.. here is the deal. You are coming in there with me. You will be absolutely quiet..wont say one word. We go in.. both get naked I am going to fuck her for a bit, while you stroke yourself to get nice and hard then when I get in front of her and she starts sucking my cock and I signal you, you jump right in and start fucking that pussy,. and you need to be wearing a condom of course. He said, sounds like fun. In we went. She was rocking back and forth squeezing her legs together. I said hey slut. Im back to fuck some more. I dropped my towel, already nice and hard, and kneeled in behind her. As my cock pushed slowly into her hot cunt, the other guy dropped his towel and slowly started stroking his cock. I never paid him much attention. I just started fucking my wife real nice long slow strokes, enjoying every second of her hot cunt. I was harder then the first time, gotta show off for another guy..LOL.. cant let him think my wife needs a different cock because my sucks so I was really giving it to her nice and good. I started slapping her ass and saying cum on my cock slut.. cum on my cock. Her hands were clenching and unclenching and she was shoving herself backwards impaling on my cock and started cumming hard. My cock was twitching but thankfully I held back. I pulled out and stood up to go step in front and get my dick sucked when I looked over at the other guy to see if he was good to go. HOLY SHIT. I exclaimed. My wife said whats wrong? I stammered uhh.. nothing.. that was just so good. In reality it was because he had a freakin baseball bat for a cock. It looked shorter than mine, but that could have been my eyes playing tricks on me because he was at least twice as thick as me. Like ridiculously thick. He grinned back at me and I gave him the thumbs up. I stepped back in front of her and pulled her mouth forward to my cock again. I reached over and undid one hand so she could play with me. The guy finished rolling the condom on and I motioned for him to wait. THhn I said to me wife,. Whos a cumslut? oh god she groaned me. I said are you having fun tonight slut? she moaned yes. I held her head tight and fucked upwards into her throat. The angle was perfect as the tip of my cock slid right in, no gagging.she pulled back gasping for air, before resuming attacking my cock. I said. you like the taste of your pussy on my cock slut? she just moaned mmmm.. yes god it tasted so good right now. I said are you a dirty slut that deserves to be used and abused and punished. She was really getting into it now. Moaning.. oh god yes. use me. use me like a cheap whore. Up and down my cock rocking her hips back and forth. I grabbed her head tight and said dont move slut. she stopped moving. I said sluts like you deserved to be split in half. I nodded at the guy. He knelt down between her legs I said You want to be split in half slut, you want your cunt tore up? she was slowly jacking my cock in her mouth and moans oh yeah baby fuck me with your big cock. I stopped her. pulled her off my cock and said, not me dear. and nodded at him to go ahead. She almost jumped out of her skin when he put his hands on her hips. she said what the hell? and then she felt his cockhead nudge into her cunt and he slowly start to stretch her.. Ohhhhhhhhhh… was all that escaped her lips and then when he kept pushing it in and she was being stretched. slowly she started a low soft moan. He took his time and then finally once all the way in said, holy fuck thats a hot tight wet cunt. She was just kneeling there. My cock pressed against her cheek, panting. Finally after about a minute her breathing returned to normal. I said.. you like that slut? she groaned oh FUCK YES! You gonna cum on that cock slut? yes oh shit fuck. yes. I said get the mouth back on my cock slut. She quickly slurped my cock back in her mouth. I looked up at the guy and said fuck this slut hard please dont hold back. He pulled back, shuddering. Fuck shes so fucking wet and hot and tight. I grinned and said.. fucking awesome heh? Then I caught my breath as he slammed forward. impaling her on my cock buried deep in her throat. The throat muscles tugging at my cock head. I reached over and undid the other wrist and saw he was struggling to not cum. I said just fucking fuck her hard. dont worry about cumming, she can get endurance anytime. He started pummeling her like a jack hammer she pulled her throat off my cock was just holding hit her face buried in my stomach her other hand reached around and cupping my ass her finger nails digging in. ug ug ug ug ug ug ugugu ug I constant stream of grunts exploading out of her mouth. I grabbed her hair and yelled cum on that fucking cock, make it fucking cum inside you. She screamed out. Fuck me, fuck me harder fuck me fuck my fucking cunt. The guy was sweating like no tomorrow and grabbed her hips real hard and slammed forward. I said like that slut? That big cock is stretching your hot cunt and cumming deep in you. she exploded. literally exploded. She spasmed around his cock and squirted big time her nails dug into my ass so hard I cried out in pain. she fell forward onto me. twitching and moaning and just completely collapsed.. They both layed there motionless for a few minutes. the Dude finally pulled out. He pulled the condom off and said fuck that was hot. She is a real good fuck. I smiled and said. She sure is. He pulled the condom off and tossed it in the trash and put his towel on and left. I took the blind fold off my wife and helped her sit up. Gave her a drink of water again. I said.. you need to go to the bathroom? She thought and said. umm yeah I guess. I looked at my watch.. holy crap.. only another 20 minutes and the main event would start. heh. I grabbed the soap I brought and the spare towel. she looked at me quizically. I said we need to get you showered, you are soaked with cum.

Section 3

She looked down realizing how wet she was and giggled. I said. was that? She said oh my god honey, it was amazing to be stretched like that, but umm.. shouldnt he have worn a condom? I said. oh dont worry he did. I reached into the garbage and pulled out the rather full condom. She looked and said oh. You could tell she was disappointed, I chuckled to myself thinking of what lay ahead. I helped her up and we went to the bathroom. I made her pee in the shower, her hot piss squirting out and then running down her legs and the pressure subsided. I turned the shower on and got her all soaped up. There was about 5 guys watching as I soaped her from head to toe. I started kissing her neck, turning her towards them I said you have some admirers. She opened her eyes and moaned as they all had their cocks out wacking them slowly. I said, anyone want a handjob from her? Thats all you get though? Two of the 5 stepped forward immediatly. Both were circumsized, about 6 inches long, one really fat, one rather thin. My wife looked at me shocked. I guided her to her knees and said. Make those cocks cum bitch. She grabbed the soap and soaped each one up real nice and slick then just started hammering them one in each hand. The one with the thinner cock started moaning and shaking so she let the thicker guy go and started concentrating on the the thinner ones balls and shaft, she reached back and slid a finger into his ass and he exploded 4 huge streams out, she expertly guided them to spray across her tits. He stopped cumming she smiled up at him and then released him, turning now to the thicker guy again. She rubbed her finger back and forth across his head, had his legs trembling in no time, she leaned forward opening her mouth and pretending like she was about to suck him, she was squeezing his balls and could tell that opening her mouth set him over the edge, she pulled quickly back and tried aiming it at her tits but the first shot was so hard it hit her hair and the second one splashed against her cheek before she regained control, another 5 huge spurts sprayed her tits, mixing with the other guys cum and making a huge mess. She smiled up at that guy too and then stood up rubbing all the cum over her tits, before stepping back into the spray of water and washing it all off again. She giggled and said that was fun. We finished rinsing off, dried off and then went back to the room and relaxed for a few minutes. We were just laying there relaxing and she was trying to get me to tell her what else was planned when there was a knock at the door. I said just a minute…then blindfolded her and put her back in the kneeling position with her hands strapped. I stepped outside and talked to them for a bit, going over our plan. They said they had fucked like rabbits for the last two days just thinking about it. I laughed and said, well…hopefully you saved some. We walked back in the room. Im pretty sure she just assumed that it was another guy. I was crazy hard and needed to bury my cock in her so I dropped down and pushed in, in one quick motion. I motioned to Rick to get in front and stick his cock in her face. It was about 8 inches, probably the same thickness as mine, cut and he had shaved his pubic hair up nice. She realized there was a guy getting under her and sat up the best she could saying…ooooooo… fresh cock. I told her to shut up and open her slut mouth. She laughed a little and then sat there with her mouth wide open. Her tongue hanging out. He grabbed her by the hair and guided her open mouth to his bare cock. She instantly realized that she was sucking a cock bareback and that it wasnt mine, she stopped for a second, unsure. I slapped her ass and said suck that cock bitch. she just moaned and starting bobbing up and down on it. I could see she was trying to get her one hand out to more enjoy it so I said, Can you undo that one hand please. Belinda reached over and undid the one hand my wife immediatly reached out and grabbed his balls and cock and started really enjoying herself. I just held myself still and let her rock back and forth on my cock. Belinda came up to me and started kissing me and touching my ass and then my wifes ass before, reaching down and starting to play with her asshole. She was soaking wet down there so she had no problem at all slipping first one then two fingers in her ass. This seemed to throw my wife into overdrive. Fucking my cock, something playing in her ass and a bareback cock in her mouth. I just held on tight and let her fuck me good, I wanted to throw her completely over the edge so I said .. suck that cock bitch. Make it cum in your mouth.. you want that cum in your mouth dont you bitch!? She just moaned and started fucking and sucking us all harder… she has NEVER had another mans cum in her mouth and the last time she had another cock besides mine bareback was 22 years ago. Rick grabbed her hair and started grunting.. oh fuck.. Im cumming Im cumming. gaa…. She was chocking and gagging on all the cum being shot in her mouth and then she started cumming real hard on my cock. It was all I could do to stop myself from shooting my load. Finally after what seemed like hours she collapsed. Me and Belinda pulled out of her and Belinda knelt down and started sucking and stroking my cock. She moaned.. oh man you guys taste wonderful together. Rick pulled himself out of the tangle. He said, oh man. I didnt know you were letting her do that. I chuckled and said. Its better for everyone when its a surprise. He said no kidding. I dont think I came that hard since my honeymoon. He pulled his wife off my cock and kissed her deeply, not that shes better than you honey, its just, wow that was hot.. LOL. She push him back onto the other bed and said, no problem dear. she is pretty fucking hot. she went back to sucking my cock for a couple of minutes saying boy that foreskin sure makes this different. MY wife finally knelt up and said.. who is here with us? I moaned out, whats it matter to you you dirty cock sucking slut. You enjoy that cum? She moaned oh god yes. I said Good now lay on your back and spread those legs. She rolled over and Belinda took one look and my wifes hot cunt and said.. is that for me.. you shouldnt have and giggled. she released my cock and quickly got between my wifes stretched out legs. My wife moaned.. oh god.. please untie my hands. I said.. you promise to not take the blindfold off right? she said yes yes.. I promise. As soon as I did she reached down and grabbed Belindas full head of hair pulling her face harder into her cunt. she was panting hard and Belinda was moaning really enjoy licking and sucking my wifes cunt. I got behind Belinda, my dick rock hard and throbbing and eagerly pushed in, she was so hot and so wet, and for me the first bareback pussy besides my wife I had been in for 22 years. I let my cock slide in real slow until my balls were resting in her pubic hair. I breathed deep just enjoying it not wanting to shoot off too soon. God she felt so tight around my cock. After a couple of minutes I started moving real slow, but hard, making sure to force her harder into my wifes cunt with each shove I did this about 10 times when Belinda said.. you like that? you like when your husband fucks me into your cunt? My wife said oh god.. she grabbed hard into Belindas hair pulling in her tight and wrapping her legs around her head I started slamming hard and fast into her as my wife bucked her cunt upwards about 20 strokes later my wife exploded,

Section 4

her legs spasming to the side and a huge gush spraying out and splattering all over Belindas, hair, down her back and into my stomach. She arched her back and came hard too her cunt twitching and fluttering all over my cock. I was twitching so close to orgasm it hurt. I pulled out real quick and Rick jumped in and started fucking his wife. My cock was dripping with Belindas juice and I moved up to my wife and said suck my cock. She reached out to try wiping it off and I grabbed her hand and tied it back up. She was moaning hard again as Rick was doing a fantastic job of ramming his wifes face into her cunt I reached over and grabbed her head and made her open her mouth, forcing my cock between her lips I said lick it… taste her pussy on my cock.. She groaned and finally relented her tongue bathing my cock. I said moan on that cock to show us how much you like tasting her cunt. She held back I grabbed the back of her head and forced more of my cock in. I said you like that dont you.. you dirty fucking slut. you like the taste of pussy on my cock dont you. I started fucking her mouth hard she was swallowing all my precum mixed with Belindas pussy juice. Rick was fucking the hell out of Belinda and I couldnt take it any more and I drained my balls into my wife’s mouth. Huge spurt after spurt after spurt. I havent cum that hard in as long as I can remember and my wife just swallowed it all. As I groaned out cuming in her she started cumming again too not as hard as the first orgasm from Belinda but close. Belinda looked to have a smaller one too. I sat back gasping for breath. Rick pulled out and sat down, his cock dripping in precum and cunt juice. I was spent for sure. I reached over and undid the straps and took her blindfold off. She looked up , face covered in cum. I smiled and said.. enjoy yourself honey? she moaned.. oh god yes. I said.. enjoy tasting cum.. mens and womens? she said.. yes. I said good. Now you reward for being so good tonight is your ultimate fantasy. She thought.. then said umm what do you mean? I said. I am turning the command of you over to Rick and Belinda here. She said.. umm.. okay. I said. And we have no condoms. She pouted for a second thinking that meant no cock for her. I said.. your ultimate fantasy dear. They are going to use you anyway they want. They are both going to make you cum.. and they are going to cum in you and on you wherever they want. She lit up and then umm.. what about birth control? I smiled and said. I guess we take that chance then. I did say your ultimate fantasy. Her mouth dropped open. Belinda grinned. she said.. you want my husbands cock slut? she looked over at Ricks throbbing hard cock and said oh god yes. She started to get up to go over to it. Belinda barked out. OH No slut.. you are going to earn that. she pulled her up and start by kissing her forcing her tongue in my wife’s mouth, she held back at first but then as Belinda started touching her all over Rick moved in behind her and started kissing the back of her neck, touching her ass. She started to really get into it kissing back harder, moving her hands up to Belindas breast while Rick reached around and played with hers, his rock hard cock pressing into her back. Belinda guided my wife’s head downwards, making her move to her breasts. Rick has his hard cock sliding back and forth between my wife legs, rubbing up against her clit. Belinda slowly backed them all up until they were crawling onto the bed. My wife laying on top her kissing and sucking her breasts wiggling her ass back at Rick’s hard cock. She moaned oh god fuck me already. Belinda said.. oh you havent earned it yet… you know what you need to do. My wife hesitated for a moment. biting her lip.. looking over at me. Belinda pushed slightly on her head..Rick pulled slightly on her ass and they both slowly silently moved my wife down to Belinda’s hot dripping cunt. I bent down beside her and said come on honey, you sucked her off my cock, you know you want to. Just go with it. I leaned in and gave Belindas pussy a quick lick before turning me head to kiss my wife on the lips. I pushed her head downwards and she slowing stuck her tounge out and tasted a pussy for the first time ever direct from the source. She gently licked up and down then to the side and then tried sticking the tip of her tongue inside. She moved up and started sucking on her clit and really slowly slipped one finger inside. Belinda moaned out.. oh god yes.. thats it, lick my cunt slut. Make me cum in your mouth, grabbing my wife’s hair and pulling her closer. Rick took that moment to slide his entire 8 inches deep into my wife in one stroke. she groaned out loud right into Belinda’s cunt. I was instantly hard. Rick started fucking her nice and hard, his balls slapping her, his cock burying itself even deeper than I could go. The obvious effect on her was enormous, Her eyes opened wide, and rolled back into her head, she started say. fuck fuck fuck oh fuck.. fuck me fuck, Belinda grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her cunt. saying lick my cunt slut.. make me cum on your face.. you want his cum take mine FIRST!. My wife went crazy sucking nibbling fingering Belinda real hard. She had 1,2,3 fingers deep in her cunt. She slipped her baby finger into Belindas ass and started saying.. cum for me slut, fucking cum on my face, let me taste your cum. Rick was breathing real hard almost unable to control himself and then BAM! Belinda exploded, bucking her hips and crying out in orgasm. MY wife just kept at her, not stopping, slurping and sucking and taking all her cum. Rick started pounding her real hard, the sound of their skin slapping together sounding like someone was being whipped. I could see him grabbing her hips hard, his fingers digging into her flesh a loud gaaaaaaaa and he tried to hold back and then my wife yelled out.. oh god Im cumming, fuck me, cum in me give me your cum now! FUCK!! Rick screamed out slamming forward one hard last time and he was filling my wife’s cunt with cum. She sobbed, oh god yes.. yes.. fuck I can feel your cum. fuck yes. I was furiously jerking my hard cock, after about 30 seconds Rick released her hips, she was still fucking back at him, he was panting. I stood up, hornier then I had ever been, He pulled out, his cocking dripping in his cum, I pulled her lips open for a couple of seconds just to see the cum in her cunt then I shoved my cock into her sperm filled cunt. She cried out, oh god… fuck me fuck my used cunt. I swear I was like an animal possessed as I hammered away at her cunt for urgent release. My cock started to grow even harder as I pounded away, my cum a few moments away at most, Belinda sat up and reached under my wife with one hand, expertly playing with her clit and 3 fingers quickly slipping in her ass. My wife slammed back and started cumming hard in panting breaths and ordered me to cum in her used cunt right fucking now!. I was more than happy to oblige as I erupted deep inside. It felt like the head of my cock blew off I came so hard. Sweat was pouring off us. My cock was so sensitive It never even came close to softening but Belinda eagerly pushed me away. Sucking me clean before rolling my wife over on her back and diving in and cleaning up all our cum. My cock was still twitching and aching hard. I moved forward, sliding my cock into Belindas ass. It was so hot and tight, god it felt good wrapped around my cock. I moved back and forth just enough to slowly easy the throbbing on my cock. Finally after a couple of minutes my cock started to die down and I reluctantly pulled out. We all collapsed and sat there just trying to catch out breath. My wife finally said. That was the most awesome thing I ever experienced. She rolled over kissing Belinda deeply then got up and kissed Rick playing with his cock and then bent down and sucked it a couple of times. Stood up and turned to me and kissed me deep on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, I could taste the remnants of Ricks cum on her breath, She said thank you honey. I will never forget this night. We all got dressed and went home. After we showered and were laying in bed, my wife sucked me hard and then road me for 10 minutes, cumming two or three times, before collapsing and laying on the bed next to me. I rolled her on her snuggled my rock hard rock up to her ass and we both fell asleep withing in minutes.