First Taste 4.8/5 (14)

My wife and I had gone to the local swingers club again. I made her agree before going in that tonight I was in charge of everything and that while I would make sure she came to no harm, she would have to do every single thing I said. She agreed, except she was not going to be forced to lick a pussy. I said.. forced? no. but I bet you will eat one before the night is through.

She shook her head no, and we entered the place. I rented the room with the cross for strapping someone to…and that immediatly got her mind turning. I just grinned at her wickedly and said lets go. We got to the room and I immediatly set to work, making sure all the cuffs and such were very clean. They had three sets one at arm above head height one at waist height and one at ankle height.

I kissed her neck lightly while undressing her then I strapped her in. legs spread and arms above her head and started kissing her all over head to toe, paying special attention to her large 38DDDs and her nicely trimmed pussy. She was bucking and heavy dripping wet and begging for her first orgasm before I relented.

I stepped back, pulled my clothes off, my 7 1/2 inch cock crazy hard and swaying slightly. She her licked her lips. I pulled a video recorder out of the bag that I had borrowed from a friend, set the tripod up in the corner of the room. She smiled over at you dirty boy you whats that for. That my dear is so that you will have a record of the night, since you will be wearing this all night.

I pulled a blindfold out and walked towards her. She bit her lip, a little concerned, I said I promised you wont come to any harm right? I slipped the blind fold on. Then I kissed my way down her body as goosebumps quickly flashed across her skin. While gently probing her pussy I reached down and undid her left leg cuff. Standing up I pulled her leg up with me leaving her other one still strapped in.

Her pussy was literally dripping she was so excited. She was stretched really wide. Her right foot just barely touching the floor, she was struggling to maintain her balance. I said relax, let the cuffs do their work to hold you she struggled for a bit more then sagged into the wall and relented I pulled her leg up over my shoulder and guided my cock straight into her pussy.

Stretched like this she was so tight, but so very wet I slid to the hilt in one thrust she moaned out. Oh god yes fuck my pussy. My face was still wet from tonguing her I leaned in pressing my lips against hers. I said lick you juices off my face. She resisted a little but I reminded her of our deal, she sighed and licked me clean. I leaned back and started pounding upwards into her cunt, pulling her up off the wall.

I could feel my cock pounding her cervix with each stroke. After a few minutes of hard fucking I knew she was close so I ordered her to cum on my cock. Commanding her like that always put her over the edge and she immediatly came hard flooding my cock with her cum. I fucked through about a minute or so of a very nice orgasm her body stiff against me before I stopped and she relaxed.

I pulled my cock out. stepped back grabbed a bottle of water and gave her a drink. Ooo baby I said I could feel your cervix was slightly tilted and you are sooo wet. I bet you are ovulating right now. She moaned and said oh god, I hope so, (we had always wanted another one these last few years, but her fertility was hit and miss) . I kssed her deeply while slowly stroking her soaking wet pussy.

I pulled my wet hand up and slid it between our lips I said mmm you taste so good tonight taste yourself with me and we both started sucking and licking my fingers. I reached down a slipped my fingers in her again, I said wouldn’t it be hot if you got pregnant tonight? She moaned and bucked her hips towards my hand fucking it,

I pulled them out and brought them even wetter than before up to our lips, her lips parted readily this time sucking them in and swirling her tongue around. I nibbled down her neck sucking on her ear lobe before moving to the real sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder meet, I reached back down and started finger fucking her real hard why gently biting her neck,

after about a minute she came real nice and hard, a slight gush of liquid trickled down my fingers. I turned and look up as I brought my soaking wet fingers up to her mouth it was already open wide her tongue sticking out ready to slurp her juices off me. I let her lick them clean before moving back up and kissing her hard. I said oo your a dirtygirl tonight aren’t you.

She just moaned into my kiss. I gave her another quick drink of water kissed her, strapped her leg back in and said don’t go anywhere, ill be back in a bit..laughing as I walked out.

I wrapped my towel around myself and left. I could hear her muffled voice saying what where are you going? I glanced at my watch, it was only 630, another 2 hours before Belinda and Rick got here ( a couple we had met previously to get to know, but never did anything with ) I didnt want her to get too stressed out so I would only make her squirm for about 5 or so minutes before going back.

I walked around, it was a pretty busy night, lots of couples, a few threesomes and quite a number of guys. I went back to the room and boy was she ticked and struggling. I said I told you, you would be safe so just chill out. I took the mattress off the bed and layed it on the floor near her feet.

I released her from the bindings removed the blindfold then let her stretch for a few minutes before kneeling her down on the mattress and securing her wrists in the ankle level ones. I put the blind fold back on then knelt in behind her and teased her with my cock.

I ordered her to beg for my cock. She said really plainly.. give me your cock. I reached over grabbed the crop and smacked her across the ass. She jumped and squealed a red mark brightly appearing on her ass.

I leaned in and whispered Listen slut, I told you to beg for my cock….now you either beg for that cock properly or I will give everyone one of those guys out there a chance to use this whip on your ass.

She trembled, more in excitement than fear and said Oh god big boy, give me that cock, my hot cunt needs your fat cock. I got up behind her and slid my cock home into her dripping cunt. I grabbed her hips and just started pummeling her my thighs slapping against the back of her legs.

I pulled her back as hard as I could her arms stretched out taught to the cuffs. I fucked her good and hard for about 5 minutes before she started cumming real hard. Each piston into her wet cunt squished more juice out and it was running down her legs. Her orgasm started rippling through her pussy, my hard cock slamming into her cervix over and over I kept at it until I knew she was done.

I relaxed and let her fall forward. She was gasping and panting. How as that slut? I asked her. She said. oh god it was good. I stood up and then stood between her and the cross. I slowly lowered myself, bringing my legs under her arm. My cock was soaking wet with her juices and I pulled her head up and forced her mouth down I ordered her to suck it.

She greedily devoured my cock. Taking it all the way back and gagging on it over and over again, I was so close to cumming. I struggled and wiggled and finally had to stop her oh you don’t get that yet slut. I said you can stretch out if you want. I gave her another drink of water then she stretched out. on her stomach. I opened the door and left again.

I walked around for a bit. glanced at my watch. Holy crap.. only another hour before they got here.

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