First Interracial 4.7/5 (33)

I met this guy working for a client in Boston. Before going any further, I must say, I am a married woman with two children. I have never been attracted to any other man, but my husband, until I met this guy.

We have been sending each other messages via email regarding work. He helped me get settled with a laptop that I received from the client, the company he works for. His name was Jesse. One day the client called me and wanted me to travel to Boston for a meeting.

It was a Wednesday morning; I was in Boston, at the client office talking to one of the employees, when I saw this beautiful black man walking towards me carrying a bunch of laptops. His arms tensed and his muscles exposed from the heavy computers. I ask my co-worker for his name and he said “Jesse”.

At that moment, it was as if the sky opened and lightning stroked down and hit me. I was motionless and speechless as if my soul escaped my body and floating in space. With butterflies in my stomach, I said hi to him. He looked up at me and I can see the Rolodex flipping in his head wondering who I was. I told him my name and he came over to shake my hand.

He had a firm manly hand. My hand felt so small in his. He spoke softly with an Island accent from the Caribbean, but clear enough to hear him. I could feel I was getting wet just from his voice and presence. He excused himself and went back to work. I continued chatting with my co-worker and glancing over every once in a while, to look at Jesse’s sexy chocolate body.

I could feel the wetness in my panties, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I arrived in the bathroom, to my surprise, there was no one in there. All the stall doors were open. I walked all the way back to the last stall, closed and locked the door behind me. I unbutton my pants and pulled my thong down and sat on the toilet.

I rolled some toilet paper in my hand and went to dry myself off, Jesse appeared in front of me with his pants down and his hard cock in his hand inches away from my face. I dropped the paper in the toilet and stuck my finger in my already wet pussy. I started rubbing my clit slowly with the palm of my hand with my finger inside of me.

Jesse grabbed the back of my head and shoved his black cock in my mouth. Then he picked me up, turned me around and bent me over the bowl. Just as he was about to stick his black cock inside of me, I heard voices entering the bathroom, and I snapped back to reality. When I came back I noticed my left hand was under my shirt and bra fondling on my breast.

And my right hand still between my legs with, not one but, two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. I pulled them out and licked them dry. I dried my pussy with some toilet paper, pulled my thong and pants back up, washed my hands and left the bathroom.

I arrived at my meeting just as it was about to begin. Throughout the whole meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jesse. All I could think of was him reaping my clothes off and fucking me right here on the table in front of everyone.

After the meeting, I couldn’t connect to the internet so he came over to help me. He looks so handsome. I wanted to ride his cock. I wondered how big that chocolate cock would be sliding inside of my tight wet pussy. My pussy was craving for him. I wanted him inside me.

I left work and went back to the hotel. Once I got to my room, I took my pants off and went to the bathroom, stick my hand inside my panties and start rubbing my clit thinking of Jesse. I picture him down on his knees licking and sucking my clit and tasting my juice. Once I was done, I wipe myself off and went to bed. Before falling asleep I called my husband and spoke with my children.

Fast forward to three months from when I first saw Jesse, I still cannot stop thinking about him. I would think of him while fucking my husband, wishing he was fucking me instead. We kept in touch. Once in a while, he would message me on Skype or via email. I found out I would be traveling to Boston in three days. I was so excited.

I get to see my chocolate God. I emailed him to tell him I was coming. He was excited to hear the news. I couldn’t wait to see him. Once I got to the office and got off the elevator, I walked straight over to his cubicle but he was not there. I assumed he was running around fixing computers.

On my way to the cafeteria, I noticed he was sitting inside of a glass office working on four computers at a time. I thought to myself, handsome, sexy, and smart, plus he can multitask.

I wonder if he could multitask while fucking me, with one hand on my breast, the other one spreading my ass cheeks open while digging his big cock deep inside my wet pussy and licking my neck with his tongue. I knocked on the door and he was astounded to see me as I was to see him. He opened the door and gave me a big hug.

He was so strong with his wide chest pushing against my breasts. I could feel my nipples getting hard. Thank God for my bra for keeping them in so he would not feel them against his chest. He smelled good. We chatted for a bit.

Later that day I told him that they, the company, would not renew my contract and that this could be the last time seeing each other. I could tell he was heartbroken from the news. He said he had wanted to ask me to lunch next time he saw me, but I was always so busy when I came up. I told him I would see him before I leave for the day.

While waiting for my ride to the airport, I went to his cubicle to say goodbye. He gave me a big hug. I hugged him back and held him tight against me. He smelled so good I wanted to take a bite of him. I started getting wet from hugging him. So, I let go of him and ran to the elevator to control myself.

A month later I was summoned to Boston again to talk about my contract. Again, once I was off the elevator, I walked straight to his cubicle. He was there but focused on what he was doing and did not notice I was standing behind him. I tapped him on his shoulder; he turned around and saw it was me. He leaped straight up and gave me a big hug.

He asked what I was doing here and joked that I did not have to fly to Boston to return the computer. I told him I was here to negotiate my contract and that I was being transferred to another department. I asked him if he was still up for that lunch and he said yes with a big grin on his face.

At lunch, I gave him my business card with my cell phone number written in the back. He took it and asked what that was for. I told him just in case he wanted someone to talk to. After work, I went back to the hotel. As I was sitting there thinking of him I got a text message from a Boston number. I asked who it was and he told me it was him and that he wanted to see me. I told him which hotel I was staying at.

Ten minutes later, I got another text stating he was here. I had already undressed and chilling in a tank top and my panties. I rushed to get dressed and met him in the lobby. We rode the elevator together and he stood far away from me in a corner looking back at me with a smirk on his face.

I opened the door to my room and let him in first. I walked in behind him and closed the door behind me. I turned around and he pushed me back against the door and locked the bolt while kissing me.

I kissed him back. Our tongues were twirling round each other in our mouths. He sucked mine in his mouth, and then I sucked his in mine. My pussy started soaking again wetting my thong. I placed my hands on his chest to push him back. He grabbed my wrist and pinned them over my head. He kissed me harder while he ran one hand over my body.

It felt good to have him pressing up against me and feeling on me. He unbuttoned my pants and stuck his hand inside my panties feeling on me. He noticed how wet I was and stuck a finger in my pussy. Then two fingers as he rubbed my G-spot.

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  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 15, 2019

    Your story lacked angst. There was no emotion. Marriage is sacred and your character just desecrated it without a thought about her husband and her children. There should be turmoil in her life for even thinking about cheating. The plot is good but the execution needs work. Sorry I could only give you three stars.

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