First Hotwife Experience


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Section 1

We are a married couple in our mid 50’s, we have been together since our late teens. As with any couple, we have had different fantasies that we share with each other during sex or long car drives. The one fantasy that we always seem to focus on is my wife Lisa being with another man, call it Hotwifing. Lisa is Hispanic, Reddish Brown hair down to the middle of her back, 5’7 160 lbs D cup tits, shapely hips, legs and an Ass that scream Sexy. From our early 30’s to our late 40’s we would go clubbing from time to time. Most often she would dress very Risqué, wearing dresses or skirts that would barely cover her ass with her Tits popping out. Anytime I would leave her side, some guy would be there talking to her when I got back. At first it used to aggravate me, but then I started to realize it actually turned me on.

Soon thereafter, I started to deliberately leave her for several minutes and just watch her. Guys were always flirting with her and I knew what they wanted. One night we were on the dance floor and I notice a guy just watching her, we made eye contact, he smiled and mouthed, “she’s Hot!” We stayed on the floor for a couple of more songs and he would occasionally look at Lisa. We made our way towards the area of where he was standing and with Lisa’s back towards him, I waved him over without her seeing me. He looked surprised, pointed to himself and I motioned again for him to join us. As he stood up, I pulled Lisa into me and started grinding on her. I had my hands right above her ass and motion for the guy to get behind her. As he did, I started backing Lisa right into him until he got the message. He grabbed her hips and started grinding on her ass. Lisa tensed up, looked at me and tried to turn around. I held her there, told her to relax and have fun. That’s all it took!

She grinded her ass into his cock area and was literally melting with me grinding her pussy and the guy grinding into her ass. After a few minutes, I suddenly turned her around, moved her into his arms to where she was grinding her pussy into his cock. I walked off the dance floor and for the first time, watched my wife let herself go uninhibited with another guy. They stayed out there for at least 15 minutes, then he walked her over to me and thanked us for the dance. Lisa was stilled flustered, so we went upstairs, found a table and talked about it. We both agreed that it was fun! I told Lisa to go back out there and dance with him some more. She was hesitant so I walked her back downstairs to the area of where the guy was at. She immediately saw him and I let nature take its course. When he walked over to us, I smiled and left. I went back upstairs, took a seat where I could look down at the whole dance floor.

They were immediately on the dance floor and they picked up where they left off. Grinding on each other, and him feeling her out. After a while, Lisa came upstairs to check on me and asked me if I was alright. I told her I was fucking horny and needed to fuck her! She leaned in and kissed me. I told her to totally let go. She looked at me with an are you sure look and I said, “I am.” She went back down stairs and within minutes, they were back on the floor. He was feeling her out! I mean her tits, ass and he even popped her tits out for a few seconds. He led her off the dance floor so I figured they were taking a break. Minutes went by and they never came back on the dance floor.

After about a half an hour, I was starting to get worried so I went downstairs looking for them. I looked all around, even went outside, went in the bathrooms, went to our vehicle, then back inside. I looked everywhere! I was worried! Could he have kidnapped her? Drugged her? Where was she at! The weird thing though is, the whole time I was looking for her, I was nervous, but I was also excited, with a raging hard on! I was having thoughts that maybe she went to his vehicle and was fucking!

After what seemed like an hour, I went back upstairs to hopefully get a better view. As I was walking around upstairs looking for a place near the railing, I saw a couple in a dark corner all over each other. It looked like they were having sex! As I got closer and my eyes adjusted, I knew I recognized that body! I could see her big tits as she was on the guy! It look like she was fucking him! I was oblivious to them and I could now tell that his pants were still on but Lisa was dry riding him for all it was worth!

In short, she didn’t have sex with him, she was upstairs the whole time with him, saw me leave, saw me looking around for her but she knew I would come back upstairs. On the way home, she told me that she made out with him, felt his cock, let him finger her to orgasm and made him cum in his pants when she was dry fucking him. As we are writing this, the memories still get us horny! We continued to play games like that without her actually having sex for the next 20 years!

Over time, our Sex life which was always great started to lose its spark and frequency. We got caught up in the mundane life of raising our kids and getting older. I still found Lisa extremely Sexy and so did all my friends and other men that laid eyes on her. She kept herself in shape by going to the gym at least 5 days a week. I kept fantasizing even more of her fucking another man. Of her finally going thru with it and maybe even take a lover! Not just another man but a young well hung guy. We talked a lot about our Hotwife fantasy and I could tell that she would get turned on by it and interested in living it out.

Then one day she said, “let’s do it.” I said what? She said, you know, what we always talked about. I knew what she was referring to so I said, I don’t know what you mean. She said, “I want to fuck someone else! I wanna feel a different cock! A big cock! I want a young guy, probably in his mid to late 30’s with a big cock and can fuck me whenever I want!” I kissed her and said, lets do it! The question though was how, she didn’t want to go clubbing and pick up a one night stand or do it with someone we know. So in January of 2019 we set up a profile on Swing Life Style, with pics, what we were into, what we were looking for and wanted. I would screen the guys responses, then if Lisa was interested, we would speak with them on the phone. As you would figure with this type of profile, there was a multitude of responses. When ever she was interested in someone, we would meet them at a local bar in our area of the city. We met several, probably close to a dozen but Lisa wasn’t interested in them for one reason or another. But I still kept up hope and our sex life was back up to 3 or 4 times a week.

Section 2

We had a 4 day San Diego trip planned just to get out of Vegas. It was planned for March 21-25 2019, dates that will live in infamy! I listed our profile for the San Diego area and soon after, began communicating with a guy named Cory. We spoke on the phone and set up a date to meet at our hotel bar lounge in La Jolla. I asked Cory to provide recent test results for STDs, HIV and herpes, to which he agreed. Lisa didn’t know about this meet, for her it was just a relaxing get away with some time at the beach. So during our drive down there, I told her what I had planned. She didn’t believe me, said, “ya right”. When we arrived at our hotel, I told her to dress revealing and she said, “what for”, I said we’re meeting someone. I hoped that she could tell by my face that I wasn’t kidding so she would dress slutty. She ended up wearing a tight black short dress and displayed plenty of D cup cleavage. As we entered the elevator Lisa said, “I still don’t believe you but I’ll play along.” We found a table in the semi crowded lounge, sat down and had a glass of wine.

Right on time which was 7pm, in walks Cory who looks to be 22 years old. I waived him over, he shakes my hand and walks over to Lisa and gives her a hug and a peck on the cheek. Cory is a white guy, good looking, well dressed, about 5’8 165 lbs, and is actually 25 years old. Now Lisa prefers her men more muscular with a little more weight on their body and for them to be in their 30’s. I could tell she found him attractive but probably too young.

So after a couple of minutes, Lisa got up and went to the restroom. Probably to let Cory get a good look of her sexy body which he did as she walked away. While she was gone, we talked about what was ok and what wasn’t. He showed me his test results, which were just 5 days old which made me feel good. After Lisa returned, we talked for about 30 minutes and when the subject shifted to sex, I went to the bar to get us some drinks and give them some alone time. I stayed away for about 15 minutes and when I returned, they were sitting closer and leaning in to each other talking. When I sat down with the drinks, they barely even noticed me. They continued talking for several minutes, then Lisa turned to me and said, “I’m going to the room with him.” I was shocked but excited. I said ok lets go and stood up. Lisa looked at me and said, “ I want you to wait down here, give me about half an hour before you come up.” With that, she kissed me and left with Cory holding his hand. I literally got a raging hard on watching my wife shake her ass as she’s walking with Cory.

All kinds of thoughts were going thru my head. It reminded me of that time 20 years ago when I couldn’t find her in the night club. The first 15 minutes flew by. Then it started to drag. The thoughts would go from her fucking Cory to Cory fucking her, to some scary thoughts of him possibly hurting her, back to her having multiple orgasms. I had to put those bad thoughts out of my head. Right at 31 minutes, I got up and as I was starting to leave, a woman from the table next to ours said, “ going to check on your wife?’ I was a little surprised by what she said, she looked to be in her mid 40’s, very pretty and sexy, she was sitting with a man in his 60’s and they were both smiling at me. I was embarrassed because it was obvious they knew what we were doing. She said, “honey, don’t be embarrassed, we have done that a few times ourselves. Go, you better get up there to enjoy.” I smiled and left.

I felt my body shaking as I walked to the elevator. I got off on the 12th floor and walked to our room. I stood outside the room for a few seconds and could hear a woman loudly Moaning followed by, AWE AWE AWE AWE AWE!!! It sounded like they were watching a porno. I was still shaking from excitement as I opened the door. I walked in and it was obvious it was not a porno, it was Lisa getting the Fucking of her life and making all that sexual noise!!! We were in a suite so I walked thru the sitting/living room and into the bedroom. The shades were slightly open letting in some ambient light, and the lamp was set on dim. I watched in ecstasy as Cory continued to Fuck my wife. She was saying stuff like; oh fuck oh fuck, your cock is incredible, keep fucking me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!! I could hear the squishing of her pussy juices as Cory fucked her.

After her orgasm subsided, He flipped her over and fucked her doggie style which made her scream. I remember distinctly Lisa saying,”your cock is too big, I can’t take you that way!” Cory ignored her and continued to fuck her until her groans turned into, I’m cumming again I’m cumming again, followed by a loud AWE FUCKKKK!!!!!! He flipped her back over to missionary and proceeded to fuck her deep and slow. This drove her wild. They fucked for about 30 minutes with me watching them. Then finally, Cory said he was cumming and my wife hoarsely said, “me tooo, fuck me, fuck me, cum in me!” He did!

After several minutes, they both said hi to me and giggle. I was so fucking hard at this point that I couldn’t touch my cock for fear of cumming. There I was, no pants or underwear on with my 7 inch cock sticking straight up! They asked me to get them some water so I did, then I went back out into the living room to give them a few minutes. After several minutes I could hear slurping and some moaning. I went back in and saw Lisa trying to give Cory a blowjob. Cory initially told me that he was 8 1/2 inches and thick. I swear he was more like 9 1/2 or 10 inches and very thick. Lisa got him rock hard again and said,” I wanna fuck you” She mounted him and started fucking him like a woman possessed. She fucked him hard and fast, then slow with sensual rhythm. She was saying things like; I love your cock, I need this cock, I can fuck you forever, Fuck me Cory, Please Fuck me!! Don’t stop! Finally I heard Cory say, I’m gonna cum! Lisa said, cum deep in me! Then Lisa said,”OHH Fuck, Oh Fuck, I’m Cummingggg!!!! They both grunted and moaned as they orgasmed. After they both caught their breath, Lisa looked at him and said, “you can fuck me anytime!”This second session actually went on for almost 90 minutes in which Lisa came multiple times.

As Cory got up, he said he was gonna pee and clean up if that was alright. I said of course. I looked at his cock and even soft, it hung down halfway to his knees. Believe me, I’m not gay but god that was a huge cock. I was already naked and hard and was ready to burst. Lisa was just laying there in a bliss. She looked Beautiful, Sexy, Well Used and Irresistible. I just had to fuck her! I looked at her beautiful used pussy with Cum oozing out, lips swollen, and opened. I got on top of her, put my cock in her Pussy which just slid in with no resistance. Her Pussy was Very Hot, Wet, silky and Used. I started to fuck her and after about 5 pumps, I blew my wad!. I came forever. I probably fucked her for about 15 seconds. My orgasm was longer than my time fucking her. She chuckled after I came and said,” well, you got what you wanted, how do you feel about it?”

I said, I loved it, and you got what you wanted as well, so how do you feel? She said, “I sure did!! And I want more of this” I want more of his cock, I love how he fucked me!!”She said, I’m gonna fuck him again, I want to fuck him every night that we’re here. Are you alright with that? I said I sure am, you deserve to do this whenever you want. She kissed me, got out of bed with her Pussy dripping, walked Cory to the door and kissed him for several minutes. They hugged, talked for a few seconds, then she came back over to me, hugged me and kissed me like we used to kiss. She said, “let’s go somewhere to eat, I’m starved.”

We got ready, ordered a Lyft and he drove us to the restaurant. During the ride, Lisa flashed the driver her Boobs. Of course he drove a little slower as my wife’s tits were nearly all the way out. During dinner we talked about the experience and how much she enjoyed herself. She said that she asked Cory to come over tomorrow at 7pm. He said he would be looking forward to it. We will be writing a continuation to this as it was a 4 day weekend of Sex!!!

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