Finally Doubles 4.3/5 (54)

After a Saturday night dinner my wife Doreen and i (Ned) headed to reflections, a night club we liked going to here in providence …Doreen is a very pretty woman with auburn hair, fair skin and incredible 36 dd’s standing at 5ft 5 and 115pds, fairly conservative dresser nothing to risky…as usual I’m 1 of those guys we all read about that fantasizes about my wife getting laid by other men of course with me as a spectator. Did i really think she would do it?

Probably not but during sex and any talk of her getting double teamed or just fucking some guy she would get incredibly wet and wild. so to make a long story short the talk was a regular part of sex and on our nights out a little game of flirting and dancing with 1 and sometimes 2 guys would get her very hot and i would get the rewards of the game once we got home, i loved it and pushed the fantasy a little further by encouraging her to get a little more imaginative with our game…..

1 night at reflections she wanted to dance so of course i said go ahead, have fun and she did…started dancing with a guy till song ended and she came back for her drink and a song she liked came on so off to the floor she went by herself, not a minute went by till a black guy went out and started dancing with her, next song still with him but now his friend joined them with her ending up in the middle of them.

This went on for a few songs b4 she came back to where i was and i said why u leave in middle of song, she said they were nonstop hitting on her and were both hard as a rock and she was getting a little nervous, i asked how did u know that they had hard ons and she said she felt them when she was between them i found out later that it wasn’t the whole truth…we talked about it on way home and she unzipped my pants and started sucking me like never b4…blowjobs are not her favorite thing but she is good at it.

We got home b4 i came even though i drove a lot slower than usual but i guess the drinks numbed me up .upstairs we went and with nothing but her black 4 inch pumps on climbed on top up me and sat on my 61/2 inch raging hard on and pumped her ass up to the tip of my cock and all the way down over and over again, i couldn’t hold out any longer and came so hard and felt like it wasn’t going to stop.

I asked what the hell got into you and she told me how while dancing with her 2 friends they were telling her how they wanted to fuck her cause she was so hot, 1 asked if she ever had a 11 inch cock in her if she ever came from getting it in her ass and pussy at same time and how well they worked together and would make her cum over and over….

She told me 1 was pressing against her ass and the guy in front of her put her hand on his cock, she pulled her hand away and he told her to touch it just once b4 you go back to your husband and took her hand and put it on his pants which was now unzipped he placed it inside the zipper and she felt his uncovered cock, she gripped it and told me she could get her hand around it cuz it was too thick, with his hand on her wrist helped her move it back and forth a few times before she came back to me.

She then told me that when she had it in her hands she came….after that night i started asking her for stories from her past experiences and they always made me cum faster than i wanted to, anyway i decided i was going to make this fantasy a reality and got an escort service from craigslist her in providence and got 2 guys and set up a ” massage ” she agreed and i don’t think she had any idea what i was planning and if she did she never let on that she knew…

On to night of event, we went out for a few drinks and a few more at the hotel we went to, at 10 there a knock on the door and i let in the 2 men from the service, 1 white ( Joe) 1 black ( Canaan), no idea who they were sending. She asked where their table was and they said they don’t have 1 but the bed works out nicely….

They had her lay on bed face down and each took a side, they had her take her robe off and covered her ass with a towel,1 started working her shoulders on down to her waist the other start from her feet to her waist both ending at her ass and back and forth. This goes on for 10 minutes or so before 1 steps aside to remove his clothes and gets right back to work then same with is partner…

Continuing with massage and Doreen now feels bare skin as they continued their work, as they have her turn onto her back she rolls over and comes face to face with a dark flaccid rod about 7 inches soft with a look on her face that was either shock or stunned by what she was looking at, she looks over at me and i shrug my shoulders like what do i know!

Lays on her back and the process starts over again from head, necks and those beautiful 38 dd”s to her waist with a little time spent on inner thighs and pussy…the partner was not as long but a lot thicker. And both were now getting hard.

As Canaan with rubbing and kissing the melons she took hold of the now hard 10 1/2 inch black cock and stroked it a few times, Joe was at her feet and moved up to her tits and began kissing and sucking on them also, she told Canaan she want to suck his cock and took the head in her mouth, to say it was a tight fit is an understatement but she managed to get about 5 in her mouth while looking right at me then she to Joes fat cock in her mouth and barely got 3 inches of his thick 8 in her mouth …

Canaan moved between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her very wet cunt, she started arching her hips trying to get it in, she reached with her hand and guided his cock into her pussy…in and out it went he got about 7 inside her and pulled almost all the way out and started pushing it back in, i didn’t think it was gonna go any farther butt after about 10 minutes of easy stroking he started working more in…

Doreen had a painful but happy look on her face, finally he pulled back out and pushes the whole thing in and stood still, she let out a scream with a few tears in her eyes and i thought she was done butt to Canaan to fuck her and fuck hard.

He really start to slam it in to the hilt and she came after a few minutes, Joe was jerking off with just the head of his cock in her mouth and he came and the cum was cumming out of her mouth down her cheek and chin and as he softened up he pushed more of his cock in here mouth, me by this time had my cock out and i came b4 i could even touch it.

Canaan was pound away and now had her legs over her shoulders and she was between moans and screams all the while begging him to keep fucking her he started to tense up and he came as she was cumming….

He pulled out still semi hard and she wanted to suck him again which really shocked me butt in her mouth it went and after a few mins he sent another load in her mouth and face, and here i go again with another wasted load, she was done and the guys dressed and left, she told me that it was incredible and wanted me to fuck her butt not to hard cuz she was hurting, wasn’t a problem because i went in and came in 2 minutes or less and i don’t know how because all i felt was super wetness and nothing else.

Doreen told me that she never had a cock that big b4 and asked if she’s a good girl can we do it again sometime?!!

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