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The waiter takes our plates and brings the bill. After paying master escorts me to the bar. Approaching a nearby bar stool he pats it, sit that ass right here my little slut. Time to have some fun As the bartender approaches he smiles and my nipples immediately protrude underneath my white shirt. Nice to see you too, he says. Master orders himself a crown coke while instructing the bartender to make her a drink that will make her into the little slut I know she is.

The bartender hands me a drink, let me know if you need me to test the effects out later, he says and winks to master. The drink is delicious and instantly warms every part of my body. My pussy starts twitching and I can feel the warmth leaking and soaking my thong. Master reaches down and spreads my legs. He insert one finger in my wet pussy. You are such a little slut look at how wet you are and we haven’t even started. I feel a hand on my back and suddenly a deep voice in my ear. You look like a whore that needs a good fucking tonight the voice growls. The hand slips around to my nipples and flicks one causing me to gasp a little attracting the attention of the bartender. He quickly approaches with yet another smile on his face.

* Looks like the drink is kicking in, shall I make her another?*

He looks at master with questioning eyes. Yes, make it a little bit bigger this time. She likes them big you know. The stranger remains close behind me. I realize there is not a mirror behind the bar and I have no idea who is standing so close to me. Suddenly his hand moves down to my now very wet pussy. Mmmm look at what I found, a wet hot slut just asking for it tonight. Master is talking to the bartender at the other end of the bar. I catch glimpses of the bartender looking at me smiling. Again the mystery stranger is growls in my ear. *Now listen this is exactly what you are going to do. Finish that drink and get your ass up to my room. I want you naked and kneeling when I arrive. Your Master has the room key and he knows exactly what you are getting tonight! The stranger leaves suddenly.

Master grabs my arm and pulls me off the bar stool. Now let’s show him how good of a little slut you are my dear. Leading me down the hallway my heart is beating fast and almost jumping out of my chest. We reach a sign stating Construction no entrance. Master continues past the sign to the far end of the hallway. Sliding the key card in the light turns green allowing the door to open. Close your eyes! Master orders as we enter the room and the door closes behind us. Quickly I feel a blindfold cover my eyes.

I am lead forward and Master instructs, * I will not leave but will be near. You must strip those clothes off and kneel before fun begins. I quickly do as I am told and am kneeling when I hear the key card click. I hear heavy foot steps approaching. Suddenly “Smack* right on my ass. I hear the familiar sound of a zipper. Now bitch take my cock in your mouth and show me how much of a slut you are tonight. He is larger than I am use to and I wonder if my jaw will allow me to suck this cock. I feel his hand on the back of my head.

* Looks like you need a little help bitch.*

He starts to fuck my mouth with his hard cock. I can feel the pain in my jaw and a tear starts rolling down my cheek. Faster and harder the cock is quickly becoming more than I can handle. Just as I think I can no longer continue he pulls his cock out. Stand up my little whore. I stand and quickly am pushed over to the bed. On your stomach you little bitch. You need a spanking for that tear. Smack Smack I cringe at each strike. On your knees slut. Let’s get that ass up higher. His fingers quickly find my pussy and begin to finger fuck me. First 1 finger then 2 and suddenly 3 fingers.

* Your master was right you love being treated like the slut. You are enjoying this you little bitch. Suddenly I feel his cock plunge deep into my hot pussy. He begins bounding hard and fast. Smack Smack his hand makes contact with my ass again. *What a little bitch. I love that tight pussy. I want you to come now my little slut. Cum hard and make that pussy tighter around my cock. He continues to pound harder and faster. I cum hard and feel the load his cock is pumping into me. Yesssss, that is a good little bitch.

Suddenly I hear the key card click and hear the door open. Welcome, Master says. Have you come to fuck my little slut tonight also?

Well, I was the person who made the drinks for her, I hear the bartender say to Master. *Let’s see how well I made those drinks. Get ready to suck my cock bitch. Quickly he forces his cock past my lips and into my mouth. I begin to suck as he quickly grows and gets harder. The stranger is now fucking my pussy again faster and harder than before. Smack Smack Just the sound makes me cum hard. The bartender pulls his cock out of my mouth. Ok get that pussy over here so I can pound you harder than you have ever had it As I lay on my back he spreads my legs out fully. His cock rams into my throbbing pussy pounding it harder and faster than I have ever felt. **Oh yeah that is what I am talking about for tip. Getting to fuck this little bitch is tip enough for me tonight. He thrusts one final time and fills my already full pussy with this hot cum. I collapse exhausted from taking two cocks so quickly. Smack Now get your clothes and get out my room you little slut and leave that blindfold on. Go back down to the bar and sit there trying to figure out who just fucked you.

I quickly gather my clothes, Master leads me to the hallway still naked and carrying my clothes. As the door closes he removes the blindfold. *Now let’s get that slutty pussy dressed and have a little drink or two.

As we enter the bar I see 5 different men enter the bar. They all smile as they pass. Which one fucked me? The thrill of not knowing instantly makes my nipples hard again. Oh my what a long night this is going to be!

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