Final Destination

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Section 1

FINAL DESTINATION A lifetime of cuckolding complete

I’m sorry, this takes a while to develop but the proper background is necessary to understand the journey. My cuckold tendencies go all the way back to my teenage years, when a high school girlfriend cheated on me. Once the initial “normal” reactions of anger, jealousy and hurt subsided, It dawned on me that I derived great pleasure from prying her for details. How big was his cock? Did you suck it? Did he go down on you? Did you orgasm with him? A flurry of questions which frustrated and irritated her, but she did eventually oblige me with answers before our relationship ended permanently.

In the years that followed, these desires brought about the demise of two marriages and several shorter term relationships, with me subtly pushing them into cheating and then following up with my standard array of questions, which obviously went well beyond idle curiosity. Only my second wife actually had an inkling that I was getting off on it and she found it repulsive and sick.

When I married again, I was 30 and my third wife, Carol was 33 and had been married 3 times previously. From the very beginning, we were very open with one another, to a point… But as time went on and we both revealed more and more about ourselves and past experiences, that comfort zone only grew. I suppose the beginning of our journey stemmed from the fact that I was a full time professional musician at the time, she frequented many of the clubs where I played and I already knew that she was something of a party tramp when I met her, which attracted me to her even more. Carol was, and still is a beautiful woman. Dark brown hair, Beautiful, brown, “come fuck me” eyes, firm 34c breasts and a lovely round ass to die for resting atop a pair of beautifully shaped long legs. She was not what you would call a classic beauty, in your “centerfold” sense, but very attractive in a “white trash” sort of way and she showed some of her mileage, which I found incredibly sexy. Carol was hot blooded by nature, loved to fuck and had a fairly loose moral code. It was no wonder she was quite popular in the clubs back in those days.

The real revelation came in discovering she had fucked several of my friends, or at least casual acquaintances before we met. Unlike previous girlfriends and wives, when my obvious curiosity reared it’s head, she had no issue with offering up details, and I mean explicit, nasty, steamy details, which worked their way into being a regular part of our sex life… This set the stage for moving things to the next level.

Although there was lots of hot sex, some of those nights have been, or will be covered in their own stories. I am going to summarize the next several years, in order to get us back up to today; Within 7 or 8 years after we were married, after some in bed role playing, playing around on line and taking reality a little closer to the edge, so to speak, when out in public, I finally persuaded her to fuck another man in front of me. Things only got better from there, which led to swinging with groups or other couples but eventually settled into mostly MMF threesomes with another man, her taking a more dominant role and eventually, her dating other men with my blessing.

This pattern continued all the way through our 40s and 50s, with her discovering am insatiable passion for younger men in her mid- 50s. As with ll of us, the sands of time took their toll as the years went by. We both put on some weight, much of the youthful zeal for life tailed off and by the time we reached our early 60s, she began to lose interest altogether. Although, she would still go on a date now and then, they were few and far between and our sex life came to an abrupt end and has stayed dry…

Carol, now 67, despite the effects of the years and gravity, is still a very attractive woman and can easily pass for late 40s in anybody’s book. The weight gain has grown her breasts to 38D, of course they sag a bit , but are still quite full and firm for her age. Although I have continued to push her do date for the past couple years, it has been to no avail, her saying it just didn’t do anything for her anymore…

Many people our age are retired and taking it easy. Sadly, in our case, we did not plan well when we were younger and both continue to work. I have retired from my own business but continue to work another job and Carol has worked in the Auto industry for years and plans to work until 70.

Section 2

With my obsession for sex, I don’t know how I missed some subtle changes in behavior, but I did… I should point out at this point that over the years, I have only seen Carol have sex with a black man a few times. I won’t deny that I always noticed some greater degree of passion when she fucked black men but I didn’t give it much attention because there were also a number of white & hispanic men that really got her off as well. Thinking back over the past year, I can think of maybe a dozen times she came home from work a couple hours later than I expected, which I though nothing of because her hours have always been sporadic and they frequently will run a 10 or more hour day, depending on production requirements. Again, none of this seemed out of the ordinary to me. I also gave no thought to the fact that I spend a lot of time riding my motorcycle during the summer, which may include overnight trips form time to time and it never even occurred to me to question what she does when I am gone for a day or two.

Cutting to the juice of the story, several months ago I was out riding with some of my friends and we ended up at a bike night, held at a bar about 20 miles from home, where I ran into some of my wife’s co-workers who also ride. In casual conversation, one of them mentioned to me the he noticed Carol had been carpooling with Larry and Eddie lately. This was news to me, because she drives to work by herself everyday.

I asked, without sounding like I was surprised, “Yeah, how would you know that?” He just said “Oh, I see her leaving work with one or the other every once in a while in their cars”. I just changed the subject and moved on to other conversation as if it were of no concern.

Let’s back track at bit; Larry is one of my wife’s former bosses who still works for the company, but in another department. A very good looking black man in his late 40s. Larry is about 6'4”, very handsome, with a slim but quite athletic build. Eddie is one of her co-workers in her own department, also black but shorter, more stoutly built and in his early 30s. I had met Larry and talked with him several times but had never met Eddie, other than Carol mentioning him in conversations about her day at work. In fact I was quite sure she really did not like him much. Carol had known for some time, as did I, that Larry always wanted to fuck her. They flirted frequently at work and it nearly happened once when we ran into him during a night out at the bar a little more than a year ago.

We were hanging out with some friends and she excused herself to go outside to smoke. Larry stayed with the group but followed her outside a few minutes later. I was thinking to myself, “perhaps I might see my lovely wife riding a big black cock before the night was over.” They were gone for over an hour, but the night ended and nothing came of it. When we got home that night, thinking sure I would get lucky because she was drunk, I got her undressed and started caressing her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, asking her how things went with Larry. Unlike years gone by, she was a bit evasive but did eventually give up that there was some making out, she was rubbing his cock through his pants & Yes, It was huge, he played with her tits and fingered her for a bit, but apparently when she approached the idea of me being there, or even knowing about it, he retreated and nothing else ever came of it. And with that, she was so drunk that she was asleep in minutes and I was left to jerk off and think about would never happen. Or so I thought…

A year, or more, ago now, on a day that she was two hours late coming home from work, I started wondering… We went about our normal evening, discussed each other’s day, talked about paying bills etc… Watched some TV after dinner & Carol went to bed, as always an hour or so earlier than I do because her work day starts earlier. I waited a bit & went to the laundry hamper outside her bathroom and found the jeans she had worn that day. I was a bit disappointed at first because it seemed she had not yet changed her underwear but when I pulled her jeans out of the hamper, I noticed a slight bulge as the legs straightened out and reached down the pant leg to find a pair of wadded up white bikini panties. My cock was instantly hard when I felt the moisture. After all those years of Carol dating, I know full well what caked up cum looks and smells like in the crotch of her panties & I had hit the motherlode. It had partially dried but was still warm and slimy. As I held them to my face and took in the pungent aroma I nearly came right then and there. I stuffed them in my pocket, went to the den, locked the door and pulled up some of my old photos of her fucking some of her old lovers and shot a load in my hand nearly as soon as I touched my cock.

Section 3


After the great panty discovery of 2019, I needed to know. So what would any self respecting, emasculated cuckold do? I started stalking my wife. I knew from the beginning that finding the right day would be a hit and miss proposition, so anytime I was able free up time near he end of her work day, I would go to where she worked and park in the opposite lot from where I knew she always parked, but still had view of the employee entrance/exit.

This went on without results for a few weeks, only seeing her walk out the door and to her car alone, but finally in the late summer, I saw her come out the door with who I could only assume was Eddie and panicked as I saw them walking, side by side toward the lot I was parked in. Luckily, they were much further up in the lot and when they passed the row I was parked in, there was a big van blocking their view of my car. I turned in my seat and watched as they came into view again the walked a few more rows out.

I watched as he brushed her ass lightly with his hand and she grabbed his hand and gave it a slight squeeze before walking to opposite sides of a big red SUV. They got in the vehicle, sat for a few minutes. Sadly, it had tinted windows and I could not see what was going on, but after a few minutes, he pulled out and I saw them pull out of the lot before I left. I went straight home and as I was the first one home, as was our tradition, I stared dinner and waited to hear from her. About an hour and a half later, the after work call came. She asked how my day was, as if nothing was amiss, said they had gone long that day and she would be home in a half hour.

When she got home, again, the evening went on as normal and I patiently waited for her bed time. Once again, panties wadded up and stuck down the leg of her pants and once again, filled with sticky cum, but this time there was also some faint brown coloration and I thought “MY God, he fucked her in the ass”, something she would never let me do. After this time, there was no more stalking, I already knew what I needed to know. Over the next month or so there were a few more “Late” days, each adding to my collection of cum stained panties. Although I would always put one back in the laundry when another showed up so she would not end up wondering where her underwear was all going.

In normal progression, I knew… Now I had to see, so the plan was in action. I announced to Carol that my friends and I were planning a fall color tour on our motorcycles and I would be gone for a whole weekend in early October. At the same time I started shopping for hidden security cameras, with audio, I could install in the house that would record continuous, direct to hard disk with motion activators. I thought the living room and bedroom would do as Carol was never big on fucking in the shower and I was pretty sure that if she did set up a weekend rendezvous, it would be in our home because she would have to be there to let the dogs out. Over the next few weeks, I used every minute home alone to install and fine tune the cameras. I set the cameras to motion activate and record 6 hours at each activation. I went about the trip planning as normal, making sure I frequently reminded her of the dates I would be gone and even made the trip actually happen, with many of my friends stopping by to discuss plans & routes etc…

The big weekend finally came and I was excited, both about the trip and about might transpire while I was gone. My wife even took the Friday of that weekend off, as I was leaving Friday afternoon, which made me even more excited because I was thinking she may start her weekend of sin and sex early. The group agree to meet at our house as it fit in well with the planned route. They started showing up around 11 AM and by 1:00, I kissed my wife and she waved at us as about motorcycles roared to life and headed down the road. I have to admit, I made the best of the trip and had fun but my mind was elsewhere… I even got a blowjob from a drunk biker chick on Saturday night.

I was exhausted as I coasted to a stop in the driveway on Sunday evening. I had taken Monday off, as these long bike trips really wear me out at my age, plus, I wanted to be able to stay up late so I could start reviewing video, hoping I would not be disappointed. Carol had already eaten dinner and had leftovers for me when I arrived. We talked for a bit and as much as I really wanted to get going on my clandestine video material, I was worn out and fell asleep on the couch right after dinner. I joined my wife in bed about midnight, noticing the fresh, clean sheets and slept like the dead until 7 AM.

Carol was long gone for work when I got up on Monday. I trudged through my early morning routine of feeding the dogs, making coffee and finally was ready to sit down in front of my computer, hoping to find a treasure trove of amateur porn, starring my wife and a big black cock. I first searched through the time stamps in the video directory and noticed the first activation was shortly after I left and ended around 5:30 PM. As expected, I scrubbed through hours of video of my wife going about various household chores, reading for a while and watching some TV.

The next activation, around 6:30 PM showed Carol walking through the bedroom into the bathroom, where I heard the shower start. I scrubbed forward again to see walk naked from the bathroom into her walk-in closet and emerge sometime later dressed in jeans, a casual & not especially sexy top, carrying a pair of shoes and a small suede purse. Fast forward again to around 7:30 PM with her going to the door to greet her brother, generally meaning Friday night was to be a casino trip. Our daughter and her boyfriend showed up a bit later and they all left around 8 PM. The next activation was around 1:30 AM an was about what I expected, which was Carol coming in alone and getting ready for bed. I was disappointed, to say the least, but there was still Saturday….

I scrubbed through several camera activations on Saturday and found nothing unexpected until about 2 PM when she received a phone call. Of course I only heard one side of the conversation but the gist seemed to be confirming plans for the evening. Nothing juicy but at the end she reassured the caller that I was gone until Sunday night and said she couldn’t wait for tonight. I scrubbed through more run of the mill doing things around the house at about 7 PM she started going through her closet, this time coming out with a lacy, white thong, matching bra, a pair of jeans and one of my favorite low cut, silk tops which boasted lots of cleavage, which she laid out on the bed before heading into the shower.

Out of the shower, she sat naked at her vanity, did her make up and hair and dressed herself carefully, looking herself over in a full length mirror and even turned slightly to check out her ass after she put on her heels. I was hard already… At around 8:30, she opened the door for Larry!!! Once in the house, she threw her arms around his neck and the two locked in a long, wet kiss. I saw his hand drop to her ass, her hips pressing forward as he squeezed her ass,then they broke the kiss, she picked up her bag and they left. The cameras went dark until a little after midnight…

When they entered the house, Carol was staggering slightly and he was gently guiding her with a firm hand at her waist. She was obviously quite drunk, a good thing, since it usually diminished all her sexual inhibitions. The went into the kitchen, off camera for a bit, likely getting drinks and emerged a few minutes later, drinks in hand and went straight to the bedroom. The indirect lighting in our bedroom lit the room perfectly with no glare and I hoped they would not turn the lights off. Once in the bedroom, Larry sat down on my side of the bed and pulled my wife to him, again ending in a long wet kiss that lasted for minutes, he cupped Carol’s large breasts with both hands as they made out and I heard a faint moan escape her lips as they broke the kiss.

Section 4

Without unbuttoning her top, Carol lifted her top and her bra over her head in one motion, freeing her breasts to his touch. They kissed again for what seemed like minutes as he fondled her large breasts and pinched her nipples, causing her to moan in delight. Carol stood, back and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it away and dropping it to the floor. He was very well built and quite muscular with just a faint hint of wiry black hair on his chest, nearly invisible on his dark brown skin. Carol leaned forward and sucked his nipples as I could see she was busying her self with undoing his belt.

Once she had opened his belt, she stepped back, unbuttoning her jeans, pushing them to the floor and stepping out of them, now standing in just her white thong before this tremendously handsome black man sitting on our bed. Her nipples were rock hard and she seemed weak in the knees as she stood before him. She grabbed both his hands, pulling his 6'5” frame to his feet before dropping to her knees in front of him and sliding his pants down and off his legs, followed immediately by his dark blue boxers, releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen.

His Black cock was even bigger than I had imagined. Only about half hard, it hung nearly eight or nine inches down his thigh and thicker than her forearms. Without wasting a second, Carol eased her wide open mouth onto his huge cock, holding it with both hands as she took nearly half into her mouth, causing him to stiffen slightly and push forward with his hips, sinking even more of his monstrous cock into her mouth. She began to fondle his big black balls as he began sucking his cock in earnest, sliding her mouth nearly all the off the big, mushroom shaped head and then forcing him even deeper into her throat.

After just a few minutes of Carol’s expert cock-sucking, he grabbed her head and began a more rigorous fucking motion, pistoning his huge cock deeper each time. With one final thrust, I could tell he was cumming in her hungry, slut mouth. He held her head for what seemed like a full minute, or more as he flexed his powerful ass, obviously filling my wife’s mouth with his seed, which she swallowed without hesitation, not losing a drop as she gulped again and again.

Larry pilled his still semi hard cock from her mouth and laid back on the bed. Carol walked around the bed and joined him from the other side, resting her head on his chest, fondling his softening cock with one hand as she took one of his nipples into her mouth and began to flick it with her tongue. The relaxed and talked for a bit before she kissed her way down his chest and stomach, once again reaching his beautiful big cock. She licked it up and down, kissed and licked his balls as she stroked him and before long he was, again fully hard.

Carol rolled onto her back, lifted her ass, slipped her panties off and threw them off the bed. She immediately straddled his midsection, working her wet cunt slowly toward his cock. She reach down with one hand and began rubbing the huge, bulbous head up and down her wet slit, finally engulfing the head completely with her waiting pussy. My beautiful wife of more than 30 years shuddered slightly as she lowered herself completely onto his big cock. She began rocking her hips slowly, grinding her hot cunt down on his cock, taking him deeper and deeper until he was fully buried in her wet cunt, all the was to his balls.

Carol moaned loudly and increased her motion to a faster pace and I could tell she was nearing what would be the first of at least four orgasms that night. She begged him aloud to fuck her white pussy as he thrust his hips upward making her squirm on his hard cock. Carol sat upright, arched her back and I could tell she was cumming, harder than I had ever seen her cum before. As he orgasm subsided, she collapsed on hos chest, never letting his cock slip out of her, slowly beginning to, once again, slide her well fucked cunt up and down the tremendous shaft.

After a few minutes, more deep, wet kissing and slow, deliberate lovemaking, he rolled her onto her back, his cock never leaving her cunt and began to slide his huge black cock in and out of her dripping cunt. His pace quickened after a few minutes and he was fucking my wife hard and fast, her legs wrapped around his back and her hips bucking wildly into him as he pounded her wet cunt, asking her, “You love that big dick, don’t you?” “You live for this nigga dick fucking your white pussy. Dont you?” She moaned “yes, yes, yes” over and over. “this is your white pussy and I love you” “I will do anything you want, Fuck whoever you want, take all that cum in my white slut holes, please just fuck me, anyway you want”. “Here it comes bitch” he said as his ass tightend.

Carol was shaking with another orgasm as he buried his cock deep inside her, flooding her womb with his cum. I had never seen my wife so throughly taken and satisfied. She laid there shaking for several minutes and likely another orgasm. Larry rolled off her, they kissed and pillow talked for several minutes, Carol reached over to turn out the lights and they drifted of into a deep sleep together. The camera shut off after five minutes of no movement and the next activation took place around 6:30 Sunday morning. Carol and Larry were spooned together on the bed and he was fondling her breasts and I could see him grinding into her ass from behind.

Carol woke moaning and enjoying his touch. She lifted her leg to give him better access from behind, from the camera view, I could not see much but I could vaguely see his hand appear between her legs intermittently and then disappear behind her again. He lifted her top leg and began inching into her pussy, just slightly and then pulled out again. He continued rubbing his cock head up and down her wet slit and then withdrew again. OMG, he was using her cunt to lube her ass!!! After this went on for nearly a half hour, he slipped down slightly on the bed, grabbed her hair and started working his huge man meat into her seldom used ass. She was groaning as if in pain but never told him to stop.

Before long he was fucking her in a constant rhythmic motion, Carol began pushing back onto his cock, meeting every stroke. Before long I saw tears on her face, but she never made a move to stop him. He thrust his cock deeply into her ass with one final lunge, no doubt, unloading his cum into her ass. He laid still for a few moments, got up and went into the bathroom and began to get dressed when he came out. Carol still laying in the bed, sat up to kiss him as he was leaving. The last words they spoke was him saying “You’re my white bitch aint you?” to which she replied “I’ll always be yours” and then he left. She went back to sleep and the cameras stooped again after five minutes.

Section 5


It took me several weeks to bring my self to tell her I knew. When I did, she looked at me as if nothing were amiss and simply said “This is what you always wanted, you wanted me to be a slut and fuck other men. It has been a long time since you satisfied me and now I get what I want when I want it. You get hard & jerk off just thinking about it, don’t you?” I replied affirmatively and she said “well there you have it, we both got what we needed, so get used to it or don’t, I don’t care”. “But if you are always nice and supportive, as you always have been, I may let you clean me up once in a while when I come home”. She went on to tell me that Larry is taking her out next week to get a spade tattoo on her ankle, so when she wears capris at work, everyone can see what she wants and needs. This is now my life….

THE END – For now…

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