Fantasy Fulfilled 4/5 (15)

I sat quietly at a table playing with the gold band on my finger. I wasn’t sure why I was going through with this but I was. Part of me was excited at the prospect of sleeping with someone new and part of me felt guilty for being here while my husband sat home with the kids. Even if nothing more came out of this I loved to dance and that is what I was going to do.

One of my favorite songs began to play and I decided to join everyone else doing a line dance called the nasty slide. I stood and straightened my shirt as I walked out to the large hard wood dance floor. I moved my booted feet in time with everyone else and swiveled my hips to the music.

I watched the men around me in their tight wranglers and Stetson hats. There were several I wouldn’t mind letting fuck me until I couldn’t walk. Especially one, he danced right in front of me. He was tall and had large build. When he smiled large dimples sat in his cheeks and his big blues sparkled.

The black hat on top his head looked like it was made just for him. I couldn’t get enough of the way his ass moved behind the tight blue denim.

When the song ended I detoured to the bar to get a beer before going back to my table. When I arrived at my seat the man I had been watching on the floor was sitting there with 2 of his friends.

A little disgusted that I had lost my table on such a busy night and wouldn’t be able to find another one on such a busy night I started to go up to them and ask for my table back. A few feet away from them he looked up at me and smiled.

“Was this your seat?” He asked in a sexy southern drawl.

“Yes it was.” I found myself answering timidly instead of angrily like I meant to. His eyes looked into mine and I melted. “I can go find another I guess.”

“Tell ya what, it doesn’t look like your gonna find another seat in here tonight, why don’t ya sit down here with us.”

I didn’t answer I just sat down in the chair he pulled out next to him for me. “I am Keith; this is Rick and Bill. And you are?”
“Tess.” I smiled

“Well Tess, what brings ya out by yourself tonight?” Bill asked. I could tell it was a bit of a flirty question but he wasn’t my type at all. He was tall and way too skinny for my taste.

At about 6 foot he couldn’t have weighed more than 150 pounds. His blonde hair was cut in the out of date mullet cut and a big wad of Copenhagen was stuck behind his bottom lip. I cringed as he spit into his empty beer bottle.

Rick was a little better but I could tell he had his eye on a girl across the bar. He watched her walk from guy to guy in her too tight jeans and short shirt that barely covered her tits. You could tell by the way she flirted with every man she talked to,

sitting in their laps, kissing cheeks and touching asses, she was a bit easy or at least it looked that way to me and every man at my table. They made their comments about how she was making her rounds and Rick knew he could get in her pants if he got to her first. I just chuckled at their talk.

A slow song began to play and Rick quickly jumped up to go find the lady he wanted. I saw Bill look at me as if he was asking me to dance; I acted like I didn’t notice. As soon as he stood up to walk around to me Keith grabbed my hand and asked me to dance. Before I could even answer he was dragging back out to the floor.

“I had to save you from Bill. You dance with him once and he thinks he’s taking you home.” Keith told me with a deep sexy chuckle.

“Thank you very much. “I flashed him my sexiest smile.

“So what ya doing out alone tonight? You never answered Bill.” He asked taking my left hand and touching the gold band on my finger. I was a bit embarrassed but wasn’t sure if even cared so I answered him.

“I’m looking for a little much needed fun.” That was said with a little more flirtatiousness than I meant. But I couldn’t help it really. I could feel my pussy getting wet and beginning to ache just from his arms around me as I danced.

He looked down at me and smiled like he got what I was implying and pulled me to him a little closer. My head rested on his chest and I took in the scent of his cologne. I wasn’t sure if intended to give me the fun I implied but I was still enjoying his big arms around me as we danced.

As the night progressed Rick got his lady. They were already making out in the corner. And Bill found him a lady that didn’t seem to mind his rather redneck look and ways. She looked like the female version him actually.

Almost as tall and was a thin as a toothpick. Her hair was cut almost the same and was platinum blonde.
What a perfect pair I thought to myself as they flirted rather oddly with each other.

Keith did his share of flirting with me. And I returned the favor. When we danced together his hands found my ass every time and just sitting next to him his hand stayed on my knee. When last call was announced he ordered us a drink and gave

me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“So what’s your plans after this?” Keith asked me with an evil grin across his lips.

“I don’t know, what are you plans after this?” I couldn’t believe I was being that forward, it wasn’t like me to say something like that.

“I was thinking bout continuing this party back at my place.” “Am I invited?” I said hoping I was.
“Well you’re the only one invited.” This time he kissed me but it wasn’t on the cheek.
His lips found mine and I graciously excepted his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me deeply and passionately. Our tongues dancing together in this amazing heated moment.

From there was a blur. I don’t remember much about leaving or arriving at Keith’s apartment. All I remembered was I was there now and we were locked in another deep kiss against the front door. His hands explored my back and ass. One of them found its way up my shirt and fondled my tit through my bra.

It didn’t take him but a few seconds to bypass my bra and find my erect nipple. He ran his thumb over it sending tingles through my body. I could feel how excited he was getting. His cock was hard and very large from what I could tell as it pressed up against my stomach.

He lifted my shirt and completely removed it over my head. He stood back and took in the sight of my tits poking out from under my bra he had pushed up above them. My areolas were large and brown from having children and my nipples were erect from the excitement he was causing in me.

He ran his fingers around the edges before taking one of them in his mouth and sucking it gently. He reached behind me and completely removed the obstruction of my bra.

He took my hand and led me to the back bedroom and laid me down on his bed. He stood at the edge of the bed and took off his shirt revealing his large muscular chest and arms. Then he slowly removed my boots before he moved up to my jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them carefully before pulling them down over my hips and off my legs.

I wasn’t wearing panties so I was immediately naked in front of him. He looked down at my completely shaved pussy. I wondered if he could tell how wet I was already. If he couldn’t he would be able too soon. He began to softly kiss my tummy all the way to my glistening slit. He spread my legs and slid his tongue between my lips expertly finding my clit and moving his tongue over it.

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