Explaining Tony 4.1/5 (20)

Fucking with strangers, introducing a new man into your life is I imagine complicated. It’s far easier to cuck your husband with someone who is already a close friend. Tony my husband admired Benedict and the three of us spent time together anyhow, going to there horse racing. Tony conceded that there was an obvious attraction between Benedict and I so he confessed that he wouldn’t resist or complain off I wanted to sleep with our friend.

I remember how excited I was by that and so I embarked on some very serious questions! Did Tony realise that I would feel strange fucking with two men? It would seem too confusing. Tony admitted that could be a possibility. I told him then that I would masturbate him but that fucking was out if I started going with Benedict. Tony accepted that, he seemed a natural submissive.

I also insisted that Benedict and I would date, I didn’t want the relationship just to be about fucking indoors. For sure the sex might be the thing, but I wanted to feel with Benedict properly and that did involve dating. I know that was a real hurdle for Tony. He tried to infer it might be for me too. Wouldn’t I feel a slut if I was seen out with another man, alone? Wouldn’t people wonder if I was being a bitch to Tony?

May be my thinking was a little unhinged, but I had fancied Benedict for so long, that I was ready to take the risk of adverse opinion. The bigger threat was to Tony’s masculinity. Others would assume that he should contest Benedict for me. Tony was meant to ‘fight back.’

I told Tony that he had to think up a plan for that. I was going to flirt with Benedict anyway and Tony, well Tony was going to write a little note to Benedict which I could give him, asking our friend to fuck me. The note was short.

There was no pretence or excuse there. He just said that I had for ages had the hots for Benedict and it seemed futile to resist anymore. He would be grateful if Benedict would fuck me, there would be no hassle, no competition about that. Carrying that note in my shoulder bag made my brain fizz. It was deliciously potent, fabulously promising.

I remember that it started after the Surrey County Show. We’d watching the show jumping, the parade of shire horses, drunk a lot of cider, persuaded Tony to be there driver and went home feeling rather merry. Benedict wanted to kiss me whilst Tony was out back feeding the livestock. We snogged and I show him the note. ‘Tony doesn’t mind’ I whispered to him, ‘you will be the boss.’

I think that Benedict was relieved. He was brewing a fight with Tony if needs be, to have me. He told me to go and tell Tony to stay out in the garden and then we went upstairs. I remember that we fucked noisily for an hour before we realised that the bedroom window was open and had been so all the time whilst the three of us had been out! Benedict is much more masculine with a woman and the sex was spine tingling.

I came hard on his bare cock, and promised that Tony would not get his prick near me from now on. I was Benedict’s. Afterwards the three of us sat in the orchard with more cider! It was the weirdest conversation. Tony thanked Benedict for bedding me and accepted that Benedict would have the rule of such things.

Benedict made a rule there and then. There was too be no masturbating Tony (I nodded, rules were rules), but Tony was to lick my cunt,. That was what cucks did. Tony nodded and I felt really fizzy inside. We tested it out, I lifting the hem of my frock and Tony licking my fucked pussy up against a leaning apple tree. Benedict took some pictures on his phone so that Tony couldn’t go back on his commitment.

After that life was so sweet. Benedict and I started dating and fucked in the master bedroom. I never wanted Tony watching us but I liked going to him afterwards making him kneel and lick up what Benedict had deposited between my legs.

Benedict always watched us and encouraged me to climax on Tony’s face. I could piss on him too if I wanted, watching me ride Tony’s mouth made Benedict very very horny. These are very intimate things between three people, I admit it, but I did relax, orgasming on Tony’s tongue watching and wanting Benedict all over again. Sometimes, I would humiliate Tony in the way that Benedict wanted.

Tony would have to lie on his back and I would squat over his face and pee into his open mouth. I was much more accurate if I squatted over him, if I peed on him standing upright, my urine went all over his shirt and hair! Tony accepted his humiliation stoically. He never railed against Benedict. I was too good for Tony, so this was our private way of showing that. After the first soaking or two, after learning to breath quick before I sat ion his face, Tony settled down to things. Men work out a pecking order and provided you help enforce that, all remains well.

Our dating though quickly became a problem for Tony. ‘Saw Cheryl and Benedict at the pub’ someone said to Tony. ‘Benedict took Cheryl to that play at the Guildford playhouse’ said another. Friends were noticing things and passing little comments. Of course I looked blissfully happy with Benedict. I was after all, in love with him. You, or at least I, cannot separate out sex and a deep emotional attachment.

I assured Tony that I loved him too, but it was a less physical love, that was all! One Friday night Tony cooked us all dinner and he broached the difficult subject. We had to come out about this. At least amongst friends that we hoped wouldn’t freak, we had to admit that Benedict and I had a sexual relationship and that Tony approved of it. Tony wanted to pretend that we were bohemian and that the marriage was open.

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  • John

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    Super sexy thanks so much. Hope you expend on the story. Maybe Kirsty could be asked to humiliate toney, maybe jack him off slowly taking her time to drag it out and in front of others? Lovely thought!

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