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My wife and I started swinging again after the children were in college. Mostly, we met couples or went to swinger clubs. Sometimes, I would arrange a threesum with a well endowed man. After her first black man (9 inches plus), she said she enjoyed breaking the taboo of interracial sex. She had been raised in very racially prejudiced family. The act was pure rebellion to her past. Not to mention the fact she said he made her cum harder and more than any man had.

We had agreed she would only have intercourse with someone wearing a condom. The first time, he rolled a Magnum Xl on. It didn’t cover the full length and looked like it might burst at any time. He started very slowly, taking his time as he pushed forward. She was orgasming before it was half way home.

When he was in to his balls, he held it there and started kissing her and sucking her nipples. Her hips started rolling as she started working on his cock. Another orgasm swept over her spraying him and the bed. He pulled almost all the way out and started long slow strokes. When she orgasmed again, he started pounding her. She was in a continuous orgasm. He finally orgasmed. When he pulled out, the condom was half full of cum

They laid there for a while talking. I couldn’t hear much because they were whispering. Suddenly, he rolled over on top and started vigorously rubbing his cock against her clit. He kept asking her what she wanted and she would answer I want it. He kept it up until she screamed I want you to fuck me and fuck her he did.

They fucked in every position including her on top until he came hard deep in her. He dressed and left. After he left I asked her why she broke our rule. She said when she saw the amount he came in the condom, she had to experience the real thing .She said she really wasn’t sorry. She said she was never so full of cum and it felt so good.

She kept talking about how great interracial sex was. She saw an email message on a swinger site we were on from a former black college football player. They exchanged a couple of emails. The final email between them set up a meeting I was to get a room at The Doubletree. She put on her sexiest dress that had a built in bra without any panties. When we got to the bar, he was seated in a booth.

He got up and greeted her with a hug and kiss. She slid into the booth and he gently pushed her around the circular booth until she was in the back of the booth next to him. He told me to go to the bar and get her what ever she wanted and another drink for him. The bar was quiet busy so it took a while. The booth was elevated above the dance floor. As I walked across the dance floor, I could see he had his hands up her skirt and he was kissing her.

When I set their drinks down, he told me to go get the room key and they would need another drink by the time I got back. By the time I got back with the key and drinks,he had one hand inside her dress playing with her boob and at least two fingers in her pussy. He took one key and told me to get four more drinks for them, go to the room, and strip. He said they would be along when they finished their drinks.

When they entered the room, she excused herself and went to the bathroom. He told me to undress him. When I pulled down his pants, I was facing not only the longest uncircumcised cock I had ever seen but the thickest by far. He definitely lived up to his screen name of Thicke. My wife came in took both cocks in her hands and laughed. She released mine and led him to the bed by his cock.

I knew she would have to be very wet to take that monster. They were making out on the bed so I started eating her pussy. Suddenly, he rolled her over on top of me trapping me below her. He moved his cock between her legs. I thought he was going to fuck her. Instead he started slapping my face with his cock and trying to stick it in my mouth. After a couple minutes I relented. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in gagging me.

It was harder and heavier than I ever imagined. As I sucked him, his cock seemed to grow larger and harder. My wife had told me that running your tongue between a foreskin swirling it around the head really turned a man on so I tried it. He suddenly grabbed my head pushing his cock down my throat. He flooded my throat with cum choking me.

As I laid there gagging, I watched inches away as he stretched her pussy with that monster cock. He told me to lick them while he fucked her. When she reached her first orgasm, she soaked me He told me to lick his balls clean as he continued to fuck her. He started pounding her and she would squirt each time she orgasmed. Occasionally he would pull out and tell me to taste her cum on his cock.

Finally, he pushed in as deep as he could. I watched as his balls contracted and the base of his cock throb as he pumped his cum deep into her. He pulled out and told me to clean his cock. Tasting his cum and hers on his cock was really humilating As I cleaned his cock his cum dripped from her pussy on me. He, then, told me to clean his cum from her pussy.

After he was satisfied I had done a good job, he told me to go sit in the corner. He had never lost his erection. He came three more times in her before he finally softened. He had me clean his cock. He dressed and left. I wanted to have sex with my wife but she said she was too sore. She said she wanted to have me clean her pussy. She climaxed several times.

She dressed and left for her teaching job early the next morning. I laid there thinking about the power of Thicke’s cock. I suddenly had an erection. I started jacking off when I heard a knock at the door. I thought it was the maid so I told her to come back later. The knock was louder this time so I cracked the door with the night latch still in place. Thicke told me to open it and let him in.

He laughed when he saw my small hardon. I told him that she had left for school. He said since he was there, I could order room breakfast for us. I told him I had eaten but he could order what he wanted. When it arrived, he made me answer the door nude and have the waitress set the food on the table. The waitress was laughing as I signed for it. When the waitress left, I found him sitting there nude and eating.

He told me to get under the table and give him a blow job. As I sucked him I felt some satisfaction from feelin him harden in my mouth. When he finished eating, he reached down and grabbed my head with one hand and stuck a buttered finger in my butt quickly followed by two more buttered fingers. He erupted in my mouth as he loosen me up. He pushed me down face first on the bed.

He smeared more butter in my butthole and started to push his hardon int0 my butt I felt like I was being split in two He kept pushing his cock deeper. The pain was horrific. I finally felt his balls against my ass. He held it there a minute. Then, he started pounding me. The pain lessened but did not go away. He finally emptied his balls deep inside me. He held his cock in me until it softened and slipped out. Then he had me clean his cock. The taste was disgusting.

He told me he owned both of us. We would serve him as he saw fit. I knew he was right. We now had met a real bull.

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  • maryann

    Reply Reply June 15, 2019

    until we experience sex with a black man its not real they are not only bigger they last longer and can cum and stay hard

  • Derant85

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    That was a short story but a great story nonetheless. I love reading bi-cuckcold stories simply because that is the type of relationship i hope to have with my wife.

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