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Section 1

It’s funny how random events can impact our lives. One day, you’re on what you believe is a carefully planned path. Then it all goes sideways and you find yourself doing things you’d barely considered. This doesn’t have to be bad, quite the contrary, but sometimes it does feel like you’ve hit an off-ramp from Highway Normal at 90 miles an hour and ended up instead in some weird neighborhood in Twistedville. The odd bit is that if you give it a chance, you may just decide you like it enough to settle in and stay.

Emma and I had been married less than a year when our marriage sailed into parts unknown. It turned out to be a hell of a detour, but in the end one we’re both glad we took. She’s 22, and blessed with girl next door good looks. She was a gymnast in high school and college, as well as part of the dance team.

At 5'2" and 105 pounds, she is an incredibly fit blue-eyed blonde and prides herself in staying in shape. As a football and soccer jock in high school and college, I had to really work the weights too. I’m 6 feet tall and these days about 195 pounds. I think Emma’s the hottest woman I’ve ever known and count myself fortunate that my interest and appreciation has always been returned.

Our love life has always been great. We’re not particularly freaky, but we’ve always been open minded and willing to explore. With a thick 8 inch cock, I’ve never had any trouble satisfying Emma, and she’s always been able to get me off whenever she’s in the mood, which is often. Emma is outgoing and friendly. She’s also loves to flirt, particularly if I’m there to watch. From time to time she dresses provocatively and we go out to a bar, entering separately and a few minutes apart.

I get a drink and sit at the bar while she flirts and dances with guys. She’ll make out a little and sometimes let the guy feel her up while they’re dancing, but at the end of the evening we head home together. Her teasing turns us both on and more than once she’s warned me that if I don’t watch out she just might go home instead with the other guy. She was – at least I thought at the time – more into the idea than the reality, but it’s powerful for both of us and we always have intense love-making when we get back to the house.

We’d been married about eight months when we decided to take a week off from work and head to the beachfront house Emma’s family owns on the barrier islands just north of the South Carolina border. It was early season but warm enough to get some sun and take a quick dip in the still-cold water. We were chilling on our beach blanket when I saw a car pull into the nearby parking lot, disgorging a young-looking couple who pulled out beach stuff and walked onto the sand near where we were situated.

They smiled as they walked past, and I did the same in return. They set up nearby, laid out their blanket, and stripped down to their bathing suits. They were close enough for me to see that they were both really ripped and corded with muscle, like weightlifters without the grotesquely hyper-developed muscles. They also looked pretty young – college students perhaps.

After an hour had passed I needed to use the head, so I went back up into the beach house. When I came back outside, I saw that the nearby strangers were sitting on the sand next to our blanket and engaged in an animated discussion with Emma. As I approached, I could see that both the guy and the girl were even younger up close than they had initially appeared at a distance. The guy stood up and offered his hand, which I shook.

“Hi, sir,” he said. “I’m Jack, but you can call me Jake. Everyone does.” The girl smirked as he said it. He tipped his head in the direction of the young lady. “This is my girlfriend Amy.”

I smiled. “Pleased to meet you both. I’m Ryan, and I guess you’ve already met my wife Emma.” I took a moment to check them both out. Jack – or Jake – was my height. Though young, he exuded an air of quiet confidence. His smile was warm, but his piercing blue eyes were more clinical and calculating, dispassionately assessing both me and Emma.

His light brown hair – what there was of it – was cut high and tight in a military-style buzz. Jake was clearly fit and strong, like a coiled steel spring. He managed to convey both friendliness and menace at the same time.

Amy was an inch or two taller than Emma, with dark green eyes and copper-colored hair. She wore it short, though there was enough of it to style into gelled spikes. Like Jake, she was compact and muscular, with six-pack abs and a tight bubble butt. Her breasts were firm and high, a bit bigger than Emma’s 34a cup. She was wearing a very skimpy white bikini made out of some lightweight fabric that clung to her curves and left little to the imagination, and the top did nothing to hide the fact that both of her nipples were pierced.

I was immediately aware that she was fully conscious of the fact that I’d checked out her breasts and seen the piercings, and she gave me a tight little grin in acknowledgment. She was Jake’s girlfriend, but there was something a bit masculine in the way she carried herself – not quite like she was a dyke but perhaps suggesting that she was capable of being one if she was so inclined. They made an interesting couple.

Emma explained that they were both 19 and newly minted Marines on R & R. On impulse, they’d piled in Jake’s car and driven to the island to spend a few days relaxing and exploring. Having no money for a hotel or a condo rental, they’d set up camp sound-side but had been forced away by the relentless attack of greenhead flies.

I nodded in commiseration. “Those things are vicious. It’s great here when the breeze blows inland, but if you’re camping on the sound it can be hell,” I said. “I’ve seen big dogs dig a pit and bury themselves in the sand just to try and get away from the bites.”

Jake nodded his head ruefully. “Roger that, sir. We were hoping for a quiet few days but it looks like we’re going to have to leave. Regulations say we can’t camp out on the beach and it’s too miserable to keep camping inland.”

Emma jumped in before I could respond. “I was telling them we’ve got a ton of room at the house, and we’re the only ones here. I thought they should stay with us,” she said, “but Jake doesn’t want to impose.”

He nodded his head in agreement. “I know it’s kind of weird asking complete strangers to stay in your house, so I thought me and Amy should just find someplace else.”

“Don’t be silly,” Emma said. “Besides, what’s the world come to if you can’t trust U.S. Marines?” I’d been outmaneuvered by my outgoing and gracious wife and no matter my hesitation I could see there was nothing to do but accept defeat. Five minutes later, Amy and Jake had parked their car in our driveway and carried a duffel bag into the house.

Emma and I were in the upstairs master, so Emma showed them into the adjacent “junior master.” The two lavish bedroom suites each had king beds, a sitting area, and full bath, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls that looked out over the beach below to the ocean. The bedrooms shared a large deck that ran the width of the house, divided by a large hot tub.

Our new friends and guests were suitably impressed. “Hell of a view, sir” Jake opined. I told him I was in complete agreement and explained that Emma’s folks had built it as a family retreat. I also told him to stop with the “sir.”

Meanwhile, Emma was giving Amy a tour of the house. They’d seem to hit it off and were chattering away like old friends. As they wandered out of the master, I heard Emma ask “So, why does everyone call him Jake?” Amy’s response was sotto voce, quiet enough that I couldn’t hear it, but I did hear Emma gasp and then the two of them start giggling.

Section 2

The rest of the afternoon passed pleasantly, aided no doubt by the beach drinks Emma mixed and poured liberally. We talked a lot about what was involved in being Marines. Both Jake and Amy came from hard scrabble lives, but were determined to do better and credited the Corps with giving them the discipline they needed to succeed. I liked them both, and by sundown, none of us were feeling much pain.

Emma was pretty tipsy, which always made her flirty, and Jake was getting a lot of her attention. Jake was looking uncomfortable, but Emma told him to relax, adding in a stage whisper that I liked watching her flirt. Though we all seemed to be getting drunk, I noted that our guests, however, seemed to be nursing their drinks and again felt like they were both assessing the situation with some detachment.

Emma suggested that we repair to the hot tub to relax and enjoy the sunset, to which our guests enthusiastically agreed. While Amy repaired to the “powder room” in the junior master, we took a pitcher of drinks to the deck and Jake and I removed the padded cover from the tub and set the temperature and water jet controls. As Emma, Jake and I settled into the hot Jacuzzi, Amy reappeared with a small bag she set carefully on the shelf of the tub and climbed into the tub, retrieved the bag and took out the contents, which turned out to be a small pipe and a plastic film canister.

She filled the bowl of the pipe with whatever was in the canister, produced a lighter and fired up the bowl, inhaling deeply. Then she turned to Jake and handed him the pipe, which he put to his lips and also inhaled, passing it back to Amy, who refilled it. Amy then gave the pipe to Emma, who put it to her lips as Jake proffered the lighter.

Though Emma and I had certainly smoked weed before, I was hesitant to do so with strangers and started to voice caution, knowing that her tolerance was low and she had a tendency to lose her social inhibitions as quickly as her usually sound sense of judgment became impaired by alcohol and weed. She made a face and waved me away. “Come on baby, loosen up! No one’s around to hassle us, so let’s have some fun!” she said, and before I could stop her she’d taken a huge hit off the pipe and passed it to me.

Not wanting to be a wet blanket, I took the pipe and inhaled the fragrant and pleasant smoke, passing it again to Amy, who quickly refilled it, took what I saw was a really small toke and gave it right back to Emma. Emma again took a huge hit and sat back. As we all sat quietly and watched the gorgeous sunset display, I found myself pleasantly relaxed and in a warm and hazy sense of mind. I was vaguely aware that Amy and Jake kept the pipe going, and I noticed that every time it traveled between them, it passed through Emma.

I had a notion that I should be a bit concerned about what was happening, but couldn’t for the life of me remember why and just sat back, enjoying Emma’s goofy grin and happy laughter. At her persistent urging, I took another hit on the pipe, though she smoked most of the bowl. It was enough to ensure I was completely out of it. I could barely imagine Emma’s state of mind, given that she had done much, much more.

After a while, Amy stood up and stretched. “If no one objects, I’m going to take off my bikini,” she announced. “It keeps giving me a wedgie.” The only response was an enthusiastic “WooHoo!” from Emma. “Take it off! You go, girl,” she cheered. In a trice, Amy was naked. She took her time sitting back down, giving us plenty of opportunity to look her over.

She really was super fit. She was also hairless from her neck down. As expected, each of her nipples was pierced with a silver “barbell” and I saw that she also had a similar piercing that rose vertically through her clitoral hood. She was hard bodied and hot as hell to look at.

Emma saw that I was checking out Amy’s body and stood up, wobbling a bit as she did so. “If you get a show from Amy, baby, Jake should get a show from me,” she said, and slipped out of her own bikini, striking comical modeling poses as she stood facing him. “What do you think, ‘Jake the Snake?’ Like what you see?” Jake nodded enthusiastically. Emma smiled wickedly. “You can look all you want,” she said. “and if you play your cards right maybe you can touch all you want, too.” She looked right at me as she said it.

Jake the Snake? Why Jake the Snake? And where the hell did Emma get that from, I wondered. Amy could see the puzzlement on my face and slid over next to me. “Think anaconda,” she grinned. “Think python, like in the biggest ’trouser snake’ you’ll ever see,” she whispered, none too quietly. “I think your wife is really curious about it,” she added in a normal speaking voice.

Emma heard her loud and clear. “C’mon, Jake,” she slurred. “Show me your snake! Let’s see if that monster is for real.”

Before Jake moved, Amy cut into the conversation. “I you really want to see it, Emma, you have to get it hard so you get the full effect. Hands or mouth, whatever you want, but you gotta do it or no show,” she said firmly. So help me, I wanted to object, to stop this train wreck before it happened. But I just couldn’t move the thought into action so I sat there like I complete dick. “Deal,” Emma said, and it was too late to take it back.

Jake stood up and moved closer until he was standing right in front of my wife. He just stood there, waiting. “Pull my trunks down, Emma,” he said. It was a command, not a request, and Emma reached up with both hands and started to pull them down. She did it slowly, like she was savoring the wrapping on a birthday present. Though the thick shaft came into view, the trunks kept going lower and lower without revealing the head.

Finally, when the trunks were almost to Jake’s knees, the entire length was exposed. Emma stared at it with her eyes wide and her mouth in a silent “O” of astonishment. Released from the confines of the trunks, the massive thing curved slightly up and away from his body, swaying pendulously now that it was free. It was monstrously long and thick as a soda can. Distended veins ran the length of it, and the biggest set of balls I had ever seen hung below.

As Jake stood there, his cock twitched now and again, like it had a mind of its own, animated by a single purpose: invading and stretching Emma’s tight secret place and claiming it for its own. Not a word was said, but even though Emma had not yet touched Jake’s cock, I knew with absolute clarity that she would give herself to him. And so help me, instead of being enraged, I was enthralled. I wanted to sit back and let it happen, to watch while Jake took my beautiful bride and fucked her until she couldn’t stand up.

Like she was mesmerized, Emma reached out and took the giant cock in her hands. For a few moments, she simply held it. Then she started to caress it, rubbing her fingers lightly over the opening, circling the sensitive area under the glans and running one hand lightly up and down the shaft. Slowly, bit by bit, Jake responded to her touch, and his cock started to stiffen and engorge.

In response to the persistent stroking of the glans and the opening, the cock started to release viscous clear pre-cum, which Emma used as lubricant as she stroked the shaft. Though it began to stiffen, Jake’s monster cock was not fully erect. Amy spoke out. “Better suck that cock if you want to get it hard, you little slut,” she said. “Get your mouth on it.”

Jake pushed his cock forward so it was inches away from Emma’s face. Cupping his heavy balls in one hand and the shaft in the other, she leaned forward slightly and stuck out the tip of her tongue, tentatively licking the head. After a few moments, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could manage, and carefully took the head in. Ever so slowly, she relaxed her jaws and leaned forward, taking the shaft deeper as she did so.

Section 3

When she had managed as much as she could, she slowly backed it out and then started to swallow it again, this time taking more of the shaft down her throat. Like a slow motion ballet, her head bobbed forward and back as she worked. I could hear her taking in air through her nose as she tried to avoid gagging and choking on the enormous cock that she was working steadily down her throat.

Ropes of thick saliva clung to the pole when Emma came back up, and I knew she was struggling with it. Since Emma could practically deep throat my 8 inch cock when she was in the mood, I knew she was trying to do the same with Jake, though it seemed an impossible task.

As Emma worked, Jake stood motionless, looking down at the top of her head. I had to give him credit for his restraint, since even a short thrust might gag Emma and ruin her efforts. When Emma throat fucked my cock, it was maddeningly hard not to grab her head and take the active role. Only when Emma was completely relaxed, and then only when she was consciously into being sexually submissive, was it possible for me to fuck her mouth and down her throat deeply and actively. It didn’t happen often, but it was insanely hot when she was willing and able.

As Emma took more and more of Jake’s cock down her throat, Amy suddenly slid over and started pinching and licking her pert nipples while she slipped a hand down between Emma’s thighs. Emma spread her legs wide to give Amy better access, and I could hear little mews of pleasure emanating from her throat. Encouraged by the response, Amy lowered her head until she had her mouth on Emma’s bare pussy and began to lick and nip the clitoris that was peeping out from the hood.

As her arousal grew, Emma began taking more of the massive cock down her throat, until all but about two inches had disappeared from view. It was a simply astonishing performance, augmented by a soundtrack of increasingly urgent grunts, murmurs, and groans of pleasure.

I could see Emma’s thighs begin to tremble and she suddenly grabbed Jake’s muscular ass in both hands, pulling him forward until her mouth was pressed completely to his rock hard abdomen, making muffled and repetitive “Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!” noises of pleasure as her whole body shook from the force of her orgasm. Only when the climax had fully subsided did she let go of Jake’s ass and slide back until his cock head was out of her mouth.

Amy returned to sit next to me once again. “That was just fucking amazing!” she said. “I have never, ever, seen anyone female or male get that much of Jake’s cock down their throat, let alone taking it right to the base. Your wife is one hot little bitch, isn’t she?” I could only nod in stunned agreement. Amy reloaded the pipe and lit if for me while I took a small hit. Then she slid back to Emma, who was too dazed to take it from her.

Instead, Amy carefully reversed it and shot-gunned a long steady stream of smoke into Emma’s open mouth, letter her inhale the entire bowl, which she did willingly. We all sat for a moment until Amy broke the silence. “We need to get out of the tub and head to the bedroom. It’s time for Emma’s other mouth to get fucked,” she said. It wasn’t just a suggestion, but I didn’t object.

I dropped my trunks and joined Jake and Amy as we toweled off. Emma stood there, apparently too zoned out from her orgasm and the weed to dry herself, so Amy took care of it for her, and then steered her into our master, settling my wife on the edge of the bed.

“I’ll get the lube,” Amy announced, to which I replied that I’d get the condoms from the bathroom. “No condoms,” she replied. “Jake fucks married pussy bareback and he’s STD-tested and clean. Besides, he’s more likely than not to rip right through them.” I explained that Emma had only just started on the pill for the first time and her gynecologist had told her to keep using condoms for two months, just to be sure it was safe.

Amy shrugged. “Like I said, Jake fucks married sluts bareback. Let’s not ruin the mood. Jake will fuck your wife bare and she can make up her own mind where he cums. If she doesn’t want his cum in her pussy, he can shoot on her tits or on her face and in her mouth, but I’ll bet you $100 that she’ll take the load in her womb.” With that, she turned on her heel and strode off to the other suite.

As fogged as I was, I was still concerned. Things were out of control. We’d gone from meeting and befriending a young couple, to nude hot tubbing with them, to me watching my lovely new wife swallowing the other guy’s monster cock. Now she was going to let him fuck her without taking sensible precautions against pregnancy. When Amy returned with the lubricant in hand, I again voiced my concern. Amy just laughed.

“You don’t seem to get it, do you?” she said, and her eyes went cold and dead. “It’s past the stage of ‘will she or won’t she?’ Your hot little bitch of a wife is going to get fucked whether you object or she changes her mind,” Amy sneered. “That was always gonna be the outcome as soon as you let us in your nice beach house. Now, let’s all be clear that you’re just another husband who wants to watch his sweet little princess fuck another guy.

It’s already obvious she wants to fuck him anyway. You get to ask her if she wants Jake’s cum inside her, but I already know she’ll take it all in her cunt. They always do.” She gave me a hard look and continued. “If you keep pushing it, we can make it be hard and rough and nasty with no ‘choice’ at all. All I have to do is pick up the phone and in an hour or two we can have a couple of horse-hung Marine buddies here to take care of Emma.

You’d be surprised how many husbands get off watching their wives entertain the troops. Either way, you can be certain you will no longer be the only guy Emma’s fucked since you married her. And we all know that makes you hard as a steel bar and makes her pussy soaking wet. Now shut the fuck up and watch.”

Amy was right, of course. I did want to see her fucking Jake’s massive dick, and I knew she wanted it just as much. I could protest, but I wouldn’t really mean it. She might register my concerns but she wasn’t going to stop. Jake had arranged Emma so that she was on her back at the end of the bed, looking out to the beach and ocean beyond.

He had drawn up her heels so they also rested on the edge of the bed, opening her legs and giving him unimpeded access to her pussy. Amy poured a generous amount of lubricant into the palm of her hand and stroked it up and down his engorged cock, lubricating it as she did so. She repeated this twice more, ensuring that he was fully covered. Then she poured some just above Emma’s pussy, spreading it out on her bare labia. “That should be enough to start,” she said and sat next to me on the floor.

I’d expected a last bit of hesitation from Emma, perhaps a glance at me to make sure I was okay. I was wrong. Jake lined up the head of his cock with her pussy and rubbed it up and down a few times before pushing into her. Though he was careful, Emma opened up and he was able to slide about 6 thick inches into her on his first push before encountering some resistance. He kept his cock there, letting Emma relax around him and then drew it slowly back so only the tip of the head was still inside. Then he pushed forward again.

This time, about 8 inches slid in smoothly, eliciting a little gasp of pleasure from my wife. Again he paused for a few moments and slid back out. When he pushed forward this time, he did not go deeper, but instead began a slow but steady in and out. Emma gave soft moans and grunts of pleasure as the pace increased ever so slowly and she put her heels on his lower back.

Section 4

Jake increased the back and forth speed and Emma kept up a near-constant series of groans, moans, gasps and guttural sounds of pleasure as the massive cock opened her up and pumped her. Suddenly Jake pushed forward, burying the entire length into my wife.

“Oh, fuck, YES!” she screamed, as she grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her as far as she could get him, grinding her pelvis to his as she climaxed in an orgasm that seemed to go on and on until she fell back to the bed. But Jake had only just begun to fuck her, and he turned her over so she was on her hands and knees in front of him before once again pumping his huge cock in and out of her.

Amy and I got the corner loveseat and moved it over close to the bed so we could observe in comfort. She pulled the towel from my waist as I sat down, letting my rigid erection spring up. She took it in hand and stroked it a bit. “Damn nice cock for a white husband,” she said. “Of course it’s not even close to what your wife’s got in her pussy right now, but you sure don’t seem to mind a bit.” I didn’t, that’s for sure.

“Hey, Emma, look over here!” Amy called out, and brandished my swollen cock as she turned her head in our direction. It took a moment for her glazed eyes to focus as Jake pumped in and out of her from behind, but once she saw how hard I was she gave me a dreamy smile. “Looks like your husband loves to watch you fucking Jake’s big snake. How do you like doing it in front of him?”

Emma smiled again, but Jake grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up, turning her face toward me as he did so. Her eyes widened in surprise. “Answer the question,” he instructed. “How do you like taking my big cock right in front of your own husband? Tell him to his face.”

“Good, so good,” she gasped. “It’s so fucking big and it’s in so deep. I’m so full of cock.”

Jake grinned. “I know you like it. You like it better than your husband’s dick?” He kept fucking her as he talked. When she didn’t respond he started to slap her ass. “I asked you a question, you fucking slut. Whose dick do you like better? Mine or his?”

Emma groaned and looked right at me with eyes glazed over with lust. “Jake’s cock. Oh, yessssss,” she hissed. “So much bigger. So much thicker. So much better.” Then she gave me a wicked grin. “Fuck me harder. I want you to fuck me like a whore while Ryan watches.”

It did not take long for Emma to climax again while Jake pounded her from behind, her groans and moans filling the air with the sounds of her arousal and peaking orgasm. Jake rolled her once again onto her back and pulled her to the edge of the bed, where he drove into her without restraint.

He turned to Amy and gave her a nod, and she walked to the bed, climbed onto it, and settled herself so that she was straddling Emma’s head. Then she took one of the pillows, lifting Emma up with one hand while she slipped the pillow underneath. This accomplished, she leaned forward onto her hands and pressed herself down onto Emma’s mouth. “Time for some face fucking,” she said.

As far as I knew, Emma had never been with a woman, but she gave no resistance as Amy ground her pussy up and down. At first, Emma tried to use her tongue to lick Amy clitoris, but the rhythm made it difficult for her to maintain contact.

After a while, she simply kept her mouth open and her tongue extended, letting Amy take control. Amy rode with her eyes closed. Whatever Emma was doing was clearly enjoyable, and Amy started making grunts and other noises of pleasure. She looked over at me. “Your little slut seems to like eating pussy,” she opined.

Jake, Emma and Amy seemed to be very much in sync as they fucked, and it became evident that both of the women were close to climax. Emma reached up and grabbed Amy’s ass with both hands and pressed her down. I could hear muffled moans and groans from Emma as Amy fucked her face and Jake increased the pace while he fucked her stretched out pussy.

Amy grabbed Emma’s head with both hands and pressed her up, fucking her as hard as she could. I could see her ass tensing and she began to shudder. “Fucking little bitch is making me come hard!” she said, while at the same time Emma started to scream in a muffled orgasm as Jake took her over the top again in another orgasm that seemed to last for long minutes.

Sated, at least for the moment, Amy rolled off Emma. I could see Emma’s face was slick with Amy’s juices, and they embraced in a long and passionate kiss. Then Amy and Jake turned my wife onto her knees once again, and Jake resumed his rhythm, fucking her pussy in long strokes. It wasn’t long before Emma’s moans resumed. She turned her head toward me and rested it on the mattress as Jake fucked her, her eyes half closed and focused on the sensations of the monster cock that had invaded her. “Gonna need to pop my nuts soon,” Jake announced. “Tell your husband where you want it.”

Emma looked at me. “Inside me,” she said. “I want you to cum in my cunt. Fill me up.”

Jake snorted. “I knew you would,” he sneered, “but your cuckold husband has to ask me to breed your unprotected womb.”

I sat silently for a moment. “Please, baby, I need it,” Emma moaned. “Ask him to cum in my pussy.”

I was in turmoil, more aroused by the sight of Emma fucking Jake’s huge cock than I had ever been in the entire time we had been together. I knew the potential consequences for us if he finished in her, but I also knew that there was no turning back. “Go ahead,” I finally said. “Fill her cunt with your cum. Breed her. She wants it. I want it. Fuck a baby into her womb if you can.”

Jake smirked at me and then grabbed Emma at her hips, fucking her as deeply as he could. Emma’s cries of pleasure grew louder and louder until she was nearly screaming. Jake was merciless, but it only made her climax harder and longer. Finally, with a roar, he slammed himself into her and held her to him tightly, while his ass contracted over and over as his cock pulsed and he shot jet after jet of cum into my the depths of my wife’s pussy.

I have no idea how many times he squirted his load, but it was more than I managed on my best day. Emma was making incoherent noises and finally collapsed forward in exhaustion, barely able to keep her ass in the air. Connected together, the two of them were motionless for what seemed like eternity, but Jake finally withdrew and rolled Emma onto her back with her heels up.

“Go and see what your little wifey’s cunt looks like after she’s been fucked by that monster,” Amy said, and I knelt at the end of the bed to take a look. Emma’s labia and clitoris were swollen and red from the fucking she’d so willingly received. She gaped open widely, and I could easily see deep inside her. She was completely full of Jake’s pearly white semen, and it seemed like a small lake of it was puddled up to her womb. The opening to her cervix appeared very slightly open, and the cervix itself was puffy and coated with cum.

As I watched, it looked almost as though I could see semen leaking out. I looked at Emma’s face, dazed and sated. She smiled softly and slipped a fingertip into her gaping pussy and stirred it around until a thick gob of Jake’s sperm ran slowly out and down her thigh. She held out her arms to embrace me, but when I leaned forward to kiss her she shook her head and gently pushed my head down to her pussy.

“I love you, baby,” she said. “I want your mouth on my cunt and your tongue inside me.” And she slowly pulled me forward as I did what she asked, surrendering to the moment as she had surrendered herself so completely to Jake. It was so very nasty. And it was good, so very good.

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