Easy on the Eyes


Section 1

Lisa shuffled nervously for a moment in front of the young man sitting in the armchair. He nodded slowly, and she began to shyly move from side to side, swaying her hips.

She hadn’t really considered herself pretty, even when she was younger, but lately she felt completely repulsive.

Her husband would tell her things that made her feel that way. That she had to go to the gym. That she had to stay in shape or he wouldn’t touch her. Weeks without sex turned into months. Her visits to the gym had helped, but not in the way she had hoped.

The relentless workouts didn’t reduce the size of her ass, or the thickness of her thighs. Her hips remained wide, and though she lost some weight overall, nothing you’d notice. All she had was more stamina, and even less self confidence.

It’s not as though she was fat in the first place, she was a short woman, who when dressed seemed petite and conventionally attractive, with her short blonde hair and blue eyes, pale skin and polite, cheerful manner. Undressed, she was somewhere between slim and chubby. Her ass jiggled noticeably when she walked, and lately, even if she laughed too hard. It was what she had been most embarrassed by, and had disgusted her husband the most.

It had been a regular day, ferrying her children to school, when she had bumped into a man she recognised as the son of a close friend. While she had waited until she was in her late twenties to have kids, her friend had gotten pregnant as a teenager, and her son was a grown man. An incredibly strapping grown man.

They had started by talking politely, and he had invited her to get coffee. She had agreed, never one to turn down a request, usually out of fear of being rude. This time was different. He was much taller than her, and the way he looked at her was extremely…confusing. She didn’t know what to make of it.

After the coffee, he had insisted on walking her home. She confessed to her personal feelings of inadequacy, not entirely sure why she was telling him. Perhaps it was because she felt like he truly listened, and indeed, he did. He spoke in such a reassuring tone when he told her how attractive she was…how attractive he found her.

She wasn’t exactly sure why she had blushed so hard, or why she didn’t push him away when he leaned toward her, but the feeling of his coarse stubble scratching her soft skin made her shiver. Once his hands ran down to her hips, she pressed her hands gently to his chest, and he backed off.

“I have a husband.” She had said, more regret in her voice than she had expected. He had nodded, smiled and led her home. She was almost sad to see him go. In fact, she felt a lot of things that made her feel very confused. After making sure no one was home, she had showered, breathing heavily as she touched herself…

It had been so long…but she felt bad. She shouldn’t be thinking of anyone but her husband. Even if his hands had felt so firm on her hips. Even if he could’ve easily taken what he wanted…

She stopped herself and went back to her routine. She’d likely not even see him again.

“More.” He said, firmly. She smiled shyly and shook her hips more at his command. They swayed and his eyes followed them. She felt a tremor run down her spine at the bulge forming in his pants.

“Do you…like this?” She asked, her voice sounding childish and slutty in her ears.

“Yes.” He said, smiling, and making her melt inside.

Lisa saw him again no more than a week later. She was at the gym, and he had approached her, smiling. It was strange, him being there. After all, she usually went late, embarrassed to work out around others.

He was supportive, but confused.

“I get wanting to be fit, but you look incredible already.” He had said. She had laughed it off as a joke. He looked into her eyes with a serious intensity.

“I’m serious.” He said. She shivered again and shook her head. She insisted it was her business, and she didn’t just go to the gym for others, also for herself.

“Sure. I get that.” He said. For the rest of her workout, she kept catching glimpses of him, lifting weights, stretching…it was a little distracting. She showered in the changing room, and the urge was there again. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted? The environment, the situation- the hand on her shoulder. This time, when he kissed her, she didn’t push him away. She didn’t have the strength, or will. He manhandled her, pulling her naked body against his, something thick and long between her thick thighs. She moaned into his mouth as he picked her up off the floor.

Hot water drenched them both as he rammed his cock into her, her feet dangling helplessly in the air, his arms hooked under her knees. He pressed her against the wall and fucked her like she hadn’t been fucked in years, bottoming out in her as they desperately kissed.

She went home ashamed, aching and exhausted. Even with her newfound stamina, they had been at it far longer than she was used to. She crawled into bed without saying goodnight to her husband, or children, and buried herself in sheets to dull the shame. He was too young, and she was married. What was she thinking?

Lisa smiled as he groped her body. The long, loose dresses she usually wore to hide her body weren’t to his taste. He had her dress in a variety of revealing, embarrassing clothes. Today’s choice was a neon green slingshot swimsuit.

A single green band that barely covered her pussy and nipples. She felt so exposed…but being like that around him just made her feel excited. His hands roughly grabbed her ass, and he whispered promises into her ear of the things he’d do to her…and she whimpered and smiled.

“We can’t…do that.” She had insisted, holding her coffee and avoiding eye contact. He had agreed. He felt awful for intruding on her marriage, taking responsibility and apologising for his advances. She shook her head, saying it was her fault. She was older, she should have been more responsible. Besides, he should have a girlfriend his age, someone small and pretty.

“You are small and pretty.” He said. She scolded him, saying she couldn’t possibly be with him. That it was wrong, and that he shouldn’t say things like that. And then she made the mistake of looking at him. His eyes burned into hers, so intense and passionate that she almost couldn’t look away. He nodded, paid the bill, and went to leave. She waited a moment, and then she got up and followed him, trembling a little.

The alley was dark, and puddled lined the floor. Not that she could see them, bent over against the wall, her ass clapping loudly against his pelvis. Her moans filled the dingy alley, some passers seeing what was happening and hurriedly walking past the entrance.

“Yes! Oh god!” She moaned, the shame melting away as he slammed into her, groping her and moaning in her ear. He pulled out and she squatted down to swallow his load, her eyes unfocused and hazy as he shoved his huge member past her lips.

He tasted…good. She swallowed like she hadn’t eaten in days, wiping her mouth and standing, her jeans still around her knees. He grabbed her and kissed her, and she let him, half conscious and half not, her worries seeming a distant memory.

She climbed onto his lap, tossing the slutty swimwear aside. The apartment was small, the only light being what spilled through the blinds beside them. He ran his hands over her, and she spread her pussy, already soaking wet. He pulled her down, and she breathed in sharply, her pussy now more used to his size, and her body to his strength.

He smiled at her, and she put her hands on his shoulders, and began to bounce. Her ass slapped his legs, and before that might have embarrassed her. Not anymore. All she could think of now was how good he felt inside her…and how good it felt when he looked at her.

Section 2

Their affair had been secret, but her husband had suspected it from the start. Her many “errands” during the week, her not being in bed when he woke up, forgetting to pick the kids up from school, it was all very unlike her. What’s more, all the trips to “the gym” were lies too, since they had called the house phone to ask if she was sure about cancelling her membership.

He confronted her, and she broke down, crying and ashamed, confessing the affair. He had exploded with rage, and demanded to meet the man. She begged him not to, that it was over, but he insisted. They drove to his apartment, and he met them at the door. She saw him and blushed, and her husband noticed. Enraged, he ran at the younger, taller man. She still felt a little guilty at how horny it had made her when her husband was knocked down.

The divorce was easier than most. She didn’t want custody, or money, and he didn’t want to give any. She packed and left to live with her mother, spending a few weeks alone.

Until he called her, and she agreed to live with him.

At first they had behaved like before, fucking desperately and passionately at random times, almost like she was still afraid of being caught, but he soon changed that. She was still insecure, ashamed of her appearance. He bought her increasingly revealing lingerie, always making her blush when he first asked, until she was horny enough to agree. It took a long time, but little by little she agreed more easily.

As he rammed up and into her, and she wildly slammed her hips down to meet his brutal thrusts, asscheeks clapping, thighs slapping against his, she realised she didn’t feel ashamed anymore. Not of the sex, or their ages, not even her looks.

All she knew was how hard he was, how clear it was that he wanted her as he stood, picking her up and still fucking her, carrying her to their bed. He pistoned down into her, and she gasped, barely able to get enough air to moan. He pulled out of her, and pushed his cock against her ass.

“No!” She said, grabbing it and stopping him.

“Do it…in me…breed me…” she whispered in his ear. She felt his muscles tense, and watched his focused eyes go hazy as he pushed back into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around him as he began to thrust in and out. She mumbled in his ear, begging him to breed her, over and over again as his speed picked up. His moans were animalistic grunts as her pussy squeezed, milking his thick cock as it pummeled her.

She came, trembling and quaking, her curvy body arching as his hands clenched on her hips, hers clawing his back. When he finally exploded inside her, she felt the warmth push so deep that she almost passed out. She had never been so sure she was pregnant as when he pulled out of her, letting his seed spill all over their bed. He collapsed next to her, and she felt herself fading out of consciousness as his arm wound around her waist.

She smiled and let her eyes flutter shut, knowing for the first time in years, that she had nothing to be conscious of.

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