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A couple of weeks ago, on the way back from work I went in to a charity shop a few miles from my home. My wife and I had argued that morning and I didn’t feel like seeing her right away. The shop was pretty deserted apart from a young man at the counter, who was reading a magazine.

“Pretty dead here, huh?”

“Always is this time of day, towards closing time” he replied, without looking up from what he was reading.

I spent some time looking at the clothes and the CD’s. After a while I went to the section round the back where they had a lot of books, and began browsing.

A few minutes later I heard a woman’s voice asking the assistant if she could try on some of the clothes. I poked my head round the corner and looked at her. She was very attractive, a tall brunette with long sexy legs. The guy showed her to the only changing cubicle they had, which was next to the counter, then went back to his magazine.

As she went in with the items she closed the curtain behind her, but it only went part of the way across. It seemed like she didn’t notice this as she pulled off the dress she was wearing, leaving her in just a pair of very brief panties and matching bra.

I felt my cock stirring at the unexpected sight on offer. I then glanced to the counter and noticed that the young man was noticeably affected also. His view must have been even better than mine. He had put down his magazine and was surreptitiously rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans.

We both watched avidly as the woman tried on various different costumes, giving us a good view of her amazing legs and ass. It seemed that she was totally unaware that we could see her, but I noticed that her nipples had become very erect,

through her bra, since the time she first took her dress off, and I wondered if she was trying to turn on the assistant deliberately. I imagine that she hadn’t seen me when she came in, and the guy had probably thought that I’d left long ago, so they must have both thought they were alone in the shop.

After trying on a couple of dresses , she then picked up a bikini that she’d taken in to the cubicle. She looked in the mirror as she placed the bikini bottoms against her panties, and then the top part against her bra. Suddenly, she put the bikini back on the hook inside the cubicle, and then, to my amazement, took off her bra.

This was too much for the assistant, who quickly pulled his now very hard cock from his jeans and began to stroke himself furiously. Having shown us a good look of her lovely tits, the woman now turned her back to us and slowly peeled off her panties. I watched with incredible excitement as the guy’s cock spurted all over the counter.

The woman noticed nothing and put on the bikini, checking herself out in the mirror from all angles. To my disappointment, instead of taking off the bikini again to put on her bra and panties, she simply pulled her dress back on, and placed her underwear in her bag. She then opened the curtain fully and walked up to the counter, placing the dresses right on the spot where all his sticky jism had landed.

“I won’t bother with the dresses,” she said. “How much for the bikini? I thought I’d keep it on, as I’m going sunbathing.”

The assistant had by now pulled his wilting prick back in his pants, and although he looked kind of dazed, he managed to ring up the sale and give her her change. She then briskly walked out of the shop. I felt like following her out and approaching her, as I was still feeling really hot and hadn’t jerked off myself, but I didn’t want the shop assistant to know that I’d seen what had happened.

Soon after she walked out of the door, he went into the staff restroom, and I quickly made my way to the exit. Unfortunately, the woman was nowhere to be seen, so I walked back to my car, with a raging hard-on. I badly wanted to release the pressure so I drove home really fast hoping that my wife was in a receptive mood.

“Hi Sally. Wow, you look really sexy,” I said, looking at her laying on the couch in her mini skirt and T-shirt.

Before she could reply I jumped on top of her and began kissing her wildly. She grabbed my cock, which had stayed hard all through the drive home.

“What brought this on?” she asked, giving my cock a firm squeeze.

“Well… you know… seeing you… in that outfit… always makes me go hard,” I managed to say, in between sticking my tongue in her mouth and groping her tits.

“Bullshit,” she said, grinning at me. “I saw your cock sticking out as soon as you walked in the door.”

“Mmmm,” I said by way of reply, as I pulled up her T-shirt and began sucking on her tits. This always gets her going and her nipples were soon rock hard as she moaned delightfully. Without hesitation, I sharply pulled her panties down and lined up my cock with her sweet pussy.

“Hold it right there,” she gasped. “Not until you tell me what happened to get you this excited.”

I knew by now she wanted it as bad as me, but she was so stubborn that I knew she wouldn’t let me fuck her until I’d told her the truth. I began telling her in full detail exactly what happened. When I got to the part where the assistant pulled out his cock, she grabbed my own and guided it inside her. I carried on with the story as I humped her, finding that reciting it all to her made it even more exciting.

“God you’re such a pervert,” she said, locking her legs around me and holding onto my ass so that I couldn’t move. “What if that had been me, that kid was looking at?”

When she said this my cock suddenly grew inside her, it felt bigger than I had ever known before, and Sally noticed it too. She spread her legs wider and let me fuck her in a faster rhythm.

“Oh, so that’s what you’d like. You’d like some kid to jerk himself off while looking at me, looking at my tits, looking at my pussy.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned as I pummelled into her faster and faster.

“Well, maybe I’ll go there, and let him do just that.”

I stared into her sluttish eyes and came with the longest, greatest orgasm I had ever had, while she screamed out loud, calling my name.

As we lay back, breathing heavily, I told her how much I loved her and how she really knew how to turn me on, pretending that she’d like that to happen to her.

“Who said I was pretending?”

“What? You wouldn’t really do that.”

“I don’t know. When you were telling me about that other woman, I kept imagining it was me, and it got me really hot.”

As we discussed it I got another hard-on and vigorously fucked her a second time, promising to arrange it that she could let the kid at the store watch her undress.

The following week I drove to the shop at about the same time as before, when I knew it would be quiet. I looked through the window and saw the same guy there reading his magazine. After a couple of minutes he stepped into the back room and I rushed in and hid in the book section again, where he probably wouldn’t notice me.

After a while Sally walked in to the shop. She was wearing a long, yellow summer dress, which had small buttons all the way down her back. The dress matched her long blonde hair and she looked very sexy and beautiful. My dick immediately got hard at the thought of what was to follow.

By this time the assistant had retaken his place at the counter, and was staring at my horny wife. I don’t expect he thought he’d get lucky twice in a week, but I knew different.

Sally looked up and down the clothes section, finally picking up a dress and asking for the changing room. The guy directed her to the cubicle and went back behind the counter. Just as with the woman the week before, the curtain rail only pulled back part of the way, giving me and the young guy a full view inside the cubicle.

I was disappointed that Sally hadn’t picked up a bikini, so she could take off her bra and panties too, but I figured she must have only felt daring enough to let him see her in her skimpy underwear.

I soon found out differently however, as when my wife undid the buttons of her dress and let it fall to the floor, she was left completely naked. I don’t think she had ever gone out of the house without underwear before, and now here she was showing everything she had to a complete stranger.

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  • Sissimone

    Reply Reply April 18, 2019

    This really turned me on and I imagined it was my wife being fucked while I spied on her and her over.
    It got my small cockette all hard and I had to jerk off.
    Thank you

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