Double Surprise 4.7/5 (75)

I have been married for 7 years. Some of it happy, some not so. But it had always been enough for me and I had never been tempted to stray elsewhere. Whilst my wife isn’t dull when it comes to sex and associated activities, she has never had the same sort of imagination or sense of adventure as me. I’ve bought her countless sex toys and things to add extra dimensions to our sex life but unless I initiate things, they are pretty much redundant.

One night when drunk together, we started talking about fantasies (my choice of convo!) and I revealed to her my ultimate fantasy was to watch her with another man. She recoiled in horror and completely shut down the conversation immediately. The following day she made it crystal clear that it was not even up for discussion again.

In my job I have to spend a lot of time entertaining, in various different guises. One particular business was keen to work with us and so I spent a significant amount of time with their directors, one of which was a beautiful, classy but relatively shy woman who was around 35 and married. We got on fine but I never felt there was anything other than professional connection. That is until one particular night.

We had been due to go out as a group of three but the other director had to pull out at the last minute, leaving just me and Susie. I was worried it might be quite an awkward night given that all our conversation had been very formal up to that point. I had a couple of beers before arriving for dinner to loosen me up.

On arriving at the restaurant, she was already seated at the bar with a glass of wine. She stood up to greet me and I couldn’t help but notice how incredible – and for the first time, sexy – she looked. The short black dress showed off all her assets and amazing body to the full. She said hello and I could immediately tell she had drunk more than one glass already. Interesting.

We settled into conversation quickly and it flowed well, much better than I was expecting. Whilst I wouldn’t say there was any flirting as such, it was definitely a more friendly atmosphere than previous encounters. Things continued to run smoothly through dinner and over two bottles of red we discussed various things – a little bit of business but mainly personal. I got to know a lot more about her and quickly became quite engaged in her personality.

We finished eating and I settled the bill. She was staying in the hotel above the restaurant and I was a cab ride away. Expecting to call it a night, I asked for my coat. She interjected and suggested that we should have one more in the late bar. I didn’t really hesitate in agreeing and so we moved on to a booth in the next door bar.

Sat in the booth, the atmosphere definitely evolved and it became clear that flirting was now acceptable. Whether it was the wine or the darker lighting, I’m not sure – but there was now subtle touches and lingering eye contact. Both of which were incredibly hot and made my heart rate increase. On returning from a trip to the ladies, she sat down and quite obviously moved closer to me than she was sat before.

‘I think we should ask each other some questions to get to know some of the more interesting stuff about each other,’ she said, only a few inches away from my face.

I agreed and we entered into a game of honesty. It started off tame but quickly progressed into territory two married people shouldn’t really be entering. It was established that both of us were happy enough in our marriages but both had our challenges. Mine mainly focused around my child from a previous relationship and hers around pressure to have kids. Then came the danger question – asked by her:

‘What’s your ultimate fantasy?’

I took stock for a second to consider what to do. This was a business relationship and I could potentially say something here that could jeopardise a lot. Or I could be honest and get a different woman’s opinion to help me understand if I was being unrealistic and unreasonable with my desires.

‘Don’t judge me if I tell you the truth…’, I said nervously.

‘I won’t, I promise’.

‘I would love for my wife to go with another man and me be able to watch’. I shut up and waited.

‘And why won’t she?’

I didn’t know what to say. Of all the things I was expecting, that wasn’t even on the list! What followed was a conversation that I will never forget. This classy, shy, beautiful but she didn’t know it professional proceeded to explain how she had exactly the same desires. She showed me people and pages she followed on social media related to hotwives.

How her husband had told her she was a disgusting bitch when she had drunkenly shared her fantasies. I sat open mouthed but incredibly turned on at the same time. She was so close to me talking about the exact things I wanted to watch that my mind slipped to imagining she was my wife and we were planning our adventures.

And then she leant in and kissed me. A long, soft kiss that made me instantly hard, her hands on my legs.

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