Domineering Executive - IR

Section 1

Threesomes, swinging, sharing. These sexual taboos were not usually discussed between my wife and I. We joked around about it as much as any couple, I suppose. We were comfortable enough to tease one another about an attractive celebrity, or sometimes even a passerby,

but we never had a ‘serious’ conversation about extra marital sex. The fact that we were generally more conservative about that sort of thing made the reality of my cuckolding that much more shocking, and that much more exciting.

Sure, over the years we had watched the occasional porn movie. Porn, as everyone knows, has a way of accentuating the large. Large tits, large asses, large dicks. Looking back now, it’s hard to say I didn’t notice my wife’s excitement during those infrequent porn viewings. She never made specific mention of it, but she seemed to especially love scenes with very hung men.

This was despite, on numerous occasions, insisting that she didn’t mind that I was averagely hung. She was seemingly fascinated by impressively sized cocks. If I’m being completely honest, it was hard to deny my own arousal when I noticed my wife’s excitement. I had to admit that there was something compelling about watching her gush over the sight of a large cock penetrating an attractive woman. It just felt natural, on a human and sexual level.

My wife would be described as an attractive woman. Now in her early forties, Samantha is a beautiful brunette. She has large natural breasts and a plump ass. She’s a thick woman, but I doubt many men would label her as ‘heavy’. I find hers to be an incredible figure, especially for a woman her age, and it’s complimented further but her gorgeous face. She has stunning green eyes, a cute nose, and luscious lips that I loved to see wrapped around my dick. It was admittedly a sight that had grown infrequent lately.

My name is Steve, and I’m a reasonably attractive man, I guess. I’m a hair shy of 5'-10", and I try to keep myself in shape by eating reasonably well and exercising, when time permits at least. Samantha and I have been married for over twenty years, and throughout it all I’d say we’ve maintained a healthy sex life. We usually make time in the bedroom at least once or twice a week, even now.

In recent years, Samantha seems to have developed a bit of a desire for me to dominate her. In day to day life Samantha is a very headstrong and assertive woman. However in the bedroom she tends to take a more submissive role. While we did have good, even great sex on occasion, I’m not really overly assertive in the bedroom. It just wasn’t in my nature.

It was just that I never had it in me to take charge and grab my wife by the neck, throw her around and hold her down, really give it to her. For one, it’s rather ridiculous to act in such a manner when you know deep down that your endowment doesn’t lend itself to such acts.

I’m roughly five inches long when aroused, without much in the way of girth. Further, Samantha’s plump ass made various positions difficult for us. It’s hard to role play as the bad boy stud when my dick isn’t really large enough to breach her doggy style.

That’s not to say I didn’t try, I wouldn’t be doing my husbandly duties if I didn’t try to satisfy my wife’s wants and desires. There had been a number of occasions where I’d have a few drinks and try my hand and getting rough and tumble with my her. I could tell she appreciated my attempts, but quite often my machismo efforts would yield giggles and jokes from the both of us,

turning the attempted overly masculine display into a comedy routine. Again, that was fine, we usually ended the night with a passionate kiss and a loving exchange. But it was hard to not sometimes look across the bed and want to see her properly ravaged. Those perverted thoughts seemed to make an appearance more and more frequently in recent years.

The wild evening that altered my marriage took place at a business conference. My company organized a weekend event at a five star hotel downtown. The agenda was to go over the yearly financials, educate the team on a new product line, and throw an evening party in one of the ballrooms. This was mostly to thank the employees for a great fiscal year. Everyone was booked a complimentary room for two evenings. During the day I went to various meetings while Sam enjoyed the hotel spa.

The party itself ended up being very high energy. Samantha and I were seated at a table adjacent to some of the company directors. The music was blasting and there was a crowd of people dancing nearby on the dance floor. The food was served in abundance, and the alcohol flowed plentifully. Sam and I were engaged in several conversations with the couples sitting with us, mostly casual discussions. I couldn’t help but notice that one of our directors, Franklin Trent,

was eyeing Samantha from the nearby table. Franklin was one of the higher ups from our Northwestern division. He was a few years older than me, tall, thick, and distinguished, with some strands of gray in his dark hair. We had met him several times at other events similar to this one, but I never had a lengthy conversation with the man.

Technically speaking, he was one of our high ranking executives. As I noticed his interest in Samantha, I couldn’t help but recall a couple ridiculous company rumors related to him and our district managers wife. I quickly shook those absurdities from mind, and took another sip of my cocktail, once again glancing back in his direction.

I couldn’t really blame him for staring, and he wasn’t the only guy in the room giving my wife a look. Samantha was dressed in a gorgeous black dress, her large natural tits nearly popping out with her cleavage on full display. Her brown hair flowed beautifully down to her shoulders, and your eyes couldn’t help but follow her curves down to her ass, which was hugged snugly by the black fabric. I thought nothing of his glances, at least at first.

Some time had passed and Samantha and I had become one of the last couples still sitting down at the tables. She was leaning into me, sipping on another martini, as we watched others dance.

“Do you think you’re up for dancing?” she asked sweetly, knowing I was mildly injured. I had recently, and stupidly, dropped a bowling ball right on the crown of my foot, nearly fracturing it. I had a hard time walking normally at the moment, let alone dancing.

To be honest I hated dancing even when healthy, and I was in no mood to suffer through an awkward session of injured dancing. “I don’t know babe, i’m feeling pretty stiff right now.”

She smiled knowingly, “It’s okay. I know.”

We sat for a moment, sipping on our drinks, when a deep voice announced his presence from behind us.

“Excuse me, it’s Steve, right?”

We turned in our seats to see none other than Franklin, standing tall behind us.

“Yes sir, that’s correct. How are you?” I reached out and shook his hand. His hand was large and his grip was overly firm.

“I’m great Steve. Forgive me, I forget the name of your beautiful wife.” he extended his hand to her, gently.

“Samantha.” my wife smiled as she offered her delicate hand to him.

“Might I ask why a gorgeous couple like yourselves are not out on the dance floor?” Franklin asked with confidence, smile flashing across his face. He had piercing dark eyes and an aura of charisma about him.

I flinched “Well. Unfortunately I injured my foot, bowling.”

Samantha smiled sadly, nodding in acknowledgement.

Franklin stood up straight, and spoke. “Bowling huh?” He chuckled, continuing, “That’s too bad.” he looked down at Samantha, almost feasting on her with his eyes. “I don’t suppose I could offer your lovely wife a dance in your stead? She looks like she needs to get out there a move a little!”

Section 2

A brief flush of jealously coursed through me at that moment, but I told myself it would be harmless. There were seemingly hundreds of people out there, and I didn’t want to prevent her from having fun. I glanced at Samantha as if it ask “Do you want to dance with him?” I could immediately see excitement in her eyes.

I replied to Franklin, “Sure. Of course.” Looking now at Samantha. “Honey?”

“I’d loved to.” she beamed, and stood.

I shifted out of the way to allow my wife to stand, her ass jiggling tightly as her dress popped into place.

Franklin smiled and grabbed Samantha by her hand, leading her to the dance floor. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of both excitement and embarrassment as I watched this large man walk my wife away from me.

At first they stayed separated, dancing in rhythm to a fast paced Latin number. I immediately noticed how good of a dancer Franklin was, keeping up with Samantha, who never failed to impress on a dance floor. It was odd, actually, I couldn’t recall seeing a man of his age that was so proficient at dancing. I was drinking heavily as I watched them move, not knowing what else to do to distract myself. At first they were seemingly regarding each others pace and technique, keeping distance.

However their bodies did eventually come together, Franklin wrapping his arm around her back, and then waist. They began laughing and talking as they moved, I was too far away to hear what about. At one point Samantha spun around. I looked on in mild surprise as Franklin reached around and grasped at her tummy. He pulled her into him, almost bringing her ass back into his crotch. He held her tightly and they swayed their hips in unison.

Samantha glanced over at me, face flushed, and looked away smiling when she saw me staring. It was a teasing look, one I was not used to seeing from her. It was surprisingly arousing. They continued on like that for a few numbers. I soon noticed his hands brushing up and grazing her breasts as they moved, getting dangerously intimate but still staying barely within the line of appropriate.

I breathed a sign of relief when that song ended, turning my head back to my table and my phone once I noticed them returning. It was an attempt to look at ease.

They were laughing as they approached. Franklin spoke, “Steve, this woman is a handful. Keep her on ice for me please. I gotta take a quick call with Mr. Jones.” He paused, now looking at my wife, continuing, “But I’ll be back for round two!”

Samantha smiled as she sat down, face red, hair somewhat a mess, breathing heavily.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that! He can certainly dance.” was all she offered. I noticed that her dress was somewhat disheveled, her cleavage even more on display than earlier in the evening. She was glowing.

I took another sip, beginning to feel somewhat tipsy. “It sure looked like you were having fun out there.” I offered, calmly.

She blushed in response “It’s been awhile since I danced like that.” She was clearly tipsy as well. I honestly wasn’t mad, if anything it was interesting to see her dance so freely with another man. My mind raced with strange thoughts.

I swallowed my pride, and more of my drink. “I’m glad you’re having a good time. I actually enjoyed watching you.”

She smiled at me, leaning in to give me a kiss - which I happily reciprocated. She spoke openly. “Franklin seemed to enjoy himself. He was showering me with compliments.” Her tone was exaggerated and playful.

That definitely piqued my interest, “Oh? What was he saying?”

“He said I was very attractive, and that he remembered me from the Dallas conference last year.” she blushed, pausing for a moment.

I nearly choked. I was stunned by how forward he was with her. “Really?”

She nodded her head, still blushing. I could tell the excitement from the dance was compounded from the alcohol she had been consuming, her next words were a shock to me. “He was even pointing out some of the other women out there, saying they would kill to have my curves.” When she said it I noticed a glimmer of excitement in her eyes, a look that I hadn’t seen in many years.

She composed herself after the comment, suddenly realizing Franklin’s words may have upset me, noticing the color on my face, “Are you mad?”

I swallowed, clearing my throat, feeling a nervous energy. “I’m more shocked, than mad.”

“Is it so hard to believe another man might find me attractive?” She was suddenly upset, almost as if his words had reminded her that I hadn’t been very complimentary as of late. She was right, and I felt like an asshole.

“Of course not babe! You are the most beautiful woman in here. I’m just surprised he would be so forward as to say that. He’s a director for the company for God’s sake.” I realized the alcohol may be partially to blame, continuing, “Maybe he’s had a few too many.”

She blushed again, perhaps realizing she was guilty of that as well. “I think everyone has. I’ll tell him I’m tired if he asks to dance again.”

For some reason that comment caused a strange feeling of disappointment, and I heard myself say. “You don’t have to do that Sam. I can’t dance tonight, and I want you to enjoy yourself.”

She gave me a quizzical look, but took a sip of her drink and raised her eyebrows to speak, “Are you sure?” She smiled sweetly at me. “It’s not very often you allow me to dance with other men.” She giggled.

Before I could reply to her teasing comment Franklin had returned. He stood behind me clasping his hands once again around my shoulders, speaking to Samantha. “Ready for round two?”

My wife, still panting from their first bout, looked at me, and then at Franklin - responding with a smile. “My goodness. I guess I’m going to get a workout tonight.”

Franklin chuckled, “We are just getting started Samantha.” He moved from behind me and lifted her out of her seat, his large hands steadying her at the waist as he did.

“Be right back.” Sam said to me, with a parting smile. I watched on in equal parts excitement and regret as they walked back to the dance floor. Franklin was somehow so naturally assertive with my wife.

Their next bout on the dance floor proved to be more flirtatious, but the alcoholic haze permeating the room somehow tempered that reality. I couldn’t help but notice a bizarre chemistry between the two of them.

They now moved like they had known each other for years, my wife seemed so comfortable in his arms. The thought of that bothered me more than I anticipated, but I inexplicably sat in a strange state of arousal, watching my wife dance with another man.

I looked on as they began pressing their bodies into one another, this time they were less concerned with decorum and more concerned with having fun. I watched in horror as Franklin suddenly grabbed my wife’s ass during a faster section. I couldn’t believe it! His large hands were now resting comfortably on her plump behind.

Absurdly, I felt my dick begin to strain in my pants. What the hell was going on out there? They continued on like that for some time, exploring one another’s bodies. My wife had her hands on his shoulders, on his back, pressed against his chest. Their faces were close, whispering comments to one another. I would have killed somebody to know what they were saying.

The dance number changed once again, and Franklin once again spun my wife around. In a cloudy moment I thought I saw a large bulge in his slacks, but the moment was gone as he pulled my wife’s bottom back into him. She planted her ass back into his groin, her eyes a glaze, her hair a mess. Franklin looked over in my direction, noticing me.

Section 3

I froze, unable to peel my eyes away from the erotic and taboo scene playing out in front of me. I couldn’t believe my wife was rubbing her gorgeous ass on to another mans crotch. It had all happened so fast, and I truly didn’t know how to react to it.

Suddenly, Franklin smiled in my direction. He gave me a thumbs up. I instinctively nodded in response. The entire exchange was surreal, and I quickly looked around to make sure no one else was noticing what was going on. If anyone did, they were giving me no signs. Franklin was now whispering into my wife’s ear, and her eyes were closed - listening.

Just when I thought the taboo nature of the moment had maxed out, I looked on in amazement as Franklin began to cup and grope Samantha’s breasts. It wasn’t in an overt way, but it was clear that he was copping a feel every few seconds. Her eyes remained closed as he explored her curves. His hands roamed down her tits towards her tummy, and back up to once again to squeeze them.

Suddenly, the song ended, and so did their embrace. Samantha was blushing a deep shade of red as she made her way back to the table. Franklin reached for his phone to take a call, stepping away into the crowd.

My wife sat back down, breathing heavily, face flush and clearly embarrassed. At first neither of us said anything, but after a few moments, my wife found her voice.

“I think I’ve had too much to drink.” She looked at me, scared, apologetic.

It was strange. I wanted to be furious. I wanted to stand up and cause a scene. I didn’t, however. I was confused, embarrassed, but mostly - excited. Somehow, against all odds, against every jealous memory - I had enjoyed watching this man touch my wife.

The realization made me smile, absurdly, and I rode that wave of newfound knowledge into a confident reply.

“Did you have fun?” I somehow managed, smugly. “From the looks of it I’d say you two have known each other for years.”

Samantha looked stunned and entirely embarrassed.

“I know, I’m sorry. I bet you’re mad.”

“If you had fun. I’m not mad.” I smiled again. “Did you have fun?”

Her blush deepened. “I… Y-Yeah. The dancing was fun.” My wife fumbled for words.

“I noticed you two talking a lot out there. What were you discussing?” I inquired, cheekily.

Samantha’s embarrassment turned to mortification. She covered her face with her hands. “I don’t know!” She replied, clearly frazzled.

“Sure you don’t! Come on Sam. Tell me. I’m really not mad.” I paused, trying to encourage her. “I enjoyed watching you out there.”

She looked up at me, alcohol, arousal, and shame all present in her eyes.

“He, umm. H-He… asked me - If I liked how it felt.”

“How what felt? The dancing?” I replied, naively.

“No.” She blushed again, this time averting her eyes from mine.

“Then what babe?” I was legitimately confused.

Her frustration came through in that moment, my wife blurting. “His dick, Steve!”

My world stopped spinning. Her comment was too lewd, too taboo. It caused a short circuiting to my normal thought process.

“Wait. What?” Was all I could offer. I shook my head, not believing what I had heard.

“I don’t know! I was just enjoying the moment and dancing, and I felt him. It felt really big! It confused me!” My wife replied, breathlessly.

“So you kept rubbing your butt on it?” I truly couldn’t believe my ears. I was incredulous.

Samantha nodded, meekly. She spoke, her voice so quiet I could barely hear her over the music. “I don’t know what happened baby. I’m sor-”

“Don’t apologize Sam. I’m just processing it.” I couldn’t believe where my head was at. I was so aroused by her actions, by the sight of her. I didn’t have any idea where these feelings were coming from, but I much preferred them to a jealous rage.

“How are you not mad? Jesus, I think we’ve both had one too many margaritas.” She replied, nerves frazzled. Though I could hear the relief in her voice as well.

“I don’t know babe. I really don’t. But to be honest, I find you incredibly sexy right now.”

Her eyes perked up, and she smiled at my comment. I could see an arousal there, a deep one. She spoke, and I could sense that my approval had given her some confidence, “Are you telling me that you enjoyed watching me be naughty?”

Before I could reply the familiar sensation of Franklin’s large hands clamping down on my shoulders had returned.

“Ready for round three?” He boomed, seemingly unconcerned with how I felt about him groping my wife a few minutes earlier. Maybe he really was drunk.

I could sense Samantha feared my reaction, and attempted to diffuse his offer by replying, “I don’t know Franklin. I think i’m gonna sit this one out.” She paused, before continuing, “You’re an incredible dancer though!”

Before Franklin could reply, I found myself interjecting, “Really babe? Don’t tell me you’re tired already.”

Franklin spoke, “I agree! You look far too good out there to call it quits. Come on, one more dance!”

Samantha looked at me with a confused expression. I’m not sure why I pushed her, but the intrigue and my arousal were certainly the driving factor. She looked up and Franklin, and then back at me.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I replied, essentially giving her a pass to go back out there and get fondled by this larger man.

She smiled knowingly. There was an excitement on her face that I wasn’t used to seeing. She shrugged, “Okay.”

Franklin moved to help her back up for the second time, and he shocked us both with his next comment.

“Excellent. I can’t wait to get my hands back on this gorgeous butt.”

I looked up in shock. Franklin simply gave me another thumbs up as he walked my wide-eyed wife away from the table.

He wasted no time, resting his large paw on my wife’s ass as they approached the dance floor. She looked back in my direction as he assumed position immediately behind her, it was a look that said ‘Well Steve. You asked for it.’

I could see the arousal in her eyes as she planted her rump back into him. It was like her ass was magnetized to his crotch, and I knew she loved the feeling of his manhood touching her body. I suddenly noticed that my mouth was dry, and my focus laser locked on their movements.

They seemed to be talking even more than their last session, and Franklin seemed to be even more touchy-feely with Samantha. For a few moments at a time I would lose sight of them in the crowd, and every time I did I would feel a flush of panic.

A minute had passed, and they continued to explore each others bodies. I noticed Samantha look up at me, her eyes on fire. Franklin was speaking to her from behind as they danced. I saw her lips moving as well, but could not make out her words. I watched as Franklin’s hands once again moved up to her breasts, confidently cupping and squeezing them. My wife didn’t break eye contact with me as he did - and it was a supremely erotic moment.

They stayed like that for awhile, swaying, this man caressing my wife’s large tits. I looked on as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying his touch. She mouthed some more words to him, and I watched as he slowly spun my wife around, her back now turned to me.

At first she rested her hands on his shoulders, as a slower number had begun. He gently took her hands and moved them downwards, first to his waist, and then I lost sight of them.

The angle was such that I could see my wife’s expression as her hands rummaged around what I knew was his crotch. At first she looked shocked, and then her agape mouth transformed into a huge smile, and then she laughed in what looked like disbelief.

Section 4

She instinctively glanced back at me with a wicked smile, as if she wanted to scream to me about how large he felt. It was as if I was suddenly in an embarrassing dream that I couldn’t wake from.

They turned just so, and I could now see that my wife was clearly touching and feeling at the fabric of his trousers. The sight of it nearly caused me to fall out of my chair. My heart was racing, and my mind reeling, but I couldn’t peel my eyes away.

My wife of nearly twenty years, the mother of my son, was now fondling someone else’s manhood. Her hands were grasping at a thick outline, moving up and down his length. The only thing that separated her hand from his cock was a thin layer of khaki fabric. Just when I thought my mind was going to explode, the song ended, and the DJ announced he would be taking a ten minute break.

Franklin placed his arm around my wife’s waist, and began walking her back to me. There was a ridiculous mast in his pants, that he seemed not to care about. The room was too dark, and too crowded, for anyone to really notice.

Samantha’s face was radiant, her eyes devilish, as they approached the table. I noticed how much larger Franklin was than my wife, towering over her curvy frame. When I realized neither of them were taking a seat, I instinctively stood. Franklin continued to hold on to her waist in a painfully assertive way. This was my wife he was embracing!

He spoke, and I’ll never forget his words, “Steve. I’m going to take Samantha up to my room.” He paused, and looked down at Samantha, who’s eyes were wide and cheeks flush with embarrassment. She looked as if she was entranced, completely under a spell. “Your wife told me you enjoyed watching us dance. I think you’d really enjoy watching us in the bedroom.”

It was an out of body experience, surreal in every sense of the word. He was speaking with such nonchalance, such easy going confidence - almost as if this was a normal conversation for him. Twenty years ago I would have slugged the man without a second thought, but standing here now after two decades of routine. I was somehow, against all odds, intrigued.

I was also at a loss for words. I looked at Samantha. It was as if she wasn’t actually herself. It was as if a woman who looked identical to my wife had taken her place - her purely sexual doppelganger. It was in that moment I realized I needed to see how far she wanted to take this. I was scared, I was confused, I was embarrassed. But more than any of those, I was aroused. I was desperate to see my wife in a way i hadn’t before, totally and unforgivingly sexual.

This man had captivated her, using his large manhood as a tool of enticement. She was seduced right in front of me, during the dancing that I allowed. The alcohol and his cock perhaps combining to act as the catalyst to breach her defenses. My wife was completely under Franklin’s control.

I spoke, delirious, “Baby. Do you want to go upstairs with Franklin?” I asked, my words hinting at the insane prospect that I hoped she did.

“Please, call me Frank.” He casually added.

Samantha paused, blushing, fidgeting as she stood. “Only if you do.” My wife sweetly replied, nervous, anxious, excited.

That in itself was an admission, and an impossibly erotic one. I looked at her, and then at him. “Alright Frank, we’ll head up with you.” I couldn’t believe I said it.

The elevator ride was a sexually charged dream. Never in my life had reality seemed so distant. Samantha looked at me a cocktail of emotions evident on her face. There was sex, fear, excitement all dancing wildly in her bright green eyes. She had grabbed at my arm, clutching into it for safety, for approval. Suddenly, Frank began to explore her body with his hands. I did nothing to stop him.

I watched as his hand traveled down her back, resting on her rump. He looked at me, commenting on it. “Steve, you wife really has an incredible ass.”

I nodded in agreement. “She definitely does.” He gave it another playful slap, and I saw a smile break out on Samantha’s face. She was shaking with excitement, still clutching at my arm. Her smile excited me, and a bizarre tension began to boil inside of me. They continued to feverishly paw at each other as Franklin opened the door to his immense suite.

As soon as we entered the room he took her by the hand. “Steve, do me a favor and grab a couple bottles of water from the bar there. I’m going to take your wife into the bedroom.”

It seemed with every opportunity, he reinforced his control on the situation. I complied willingly, driven by perverted arousal.

As I made my way to the bar I turned to see my wife’s big ass swaying hypnotically as she followed this man into his bedroom. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she crossed the threshold and disappeared out of view.

I swung the refrigerator door open in desperation, hurried in looking for the water. Once I had the bottles I began to make my way to the bedroom. I suddenly heard a giggle, and it caused me to stop dead in my tracks.

The hairs on my neck stood tall, and a chill ran up my spine. The most harrowing and intoxicating sounds I had ever heard were now emanating from the doorway. My wife cooed and giggled as this man explored her body. My breathing grew erratic, and my heart quickened - but I remained motionless, listening.

Suddenly, through the doorway, I saw the black lace of panties fly across the bedroom. Before I could react, a bundle of black cloth followed, that was her dress. Their voices were as clear as if I was standing right next to them.

“You are beautiful Samantha, you look even better naked.”

Franklin had seduced my wife into the nude, surely touching her all the same. I couldn’t process the reality of it.

Suddenly, I heard the clanking of a belt buckle, and my dick stood erect within my slacks.

He continued, chuckling. “You really want to see it, don’t you.”

My wife spoke for the first time, excitement and fear both in her voice, “I really do.”

Suddenly, all was quiet. The silence lasted what felt like an eternity, until Samantha spoke again. Her voice was husky.

“Jesus Frank. You have such a manly cock.”

He chucked, “I’m all man baby. From head to toe.”

I heard the terrifying sounds of their lips smacking in a passionate kiss, and then Frank spoke again, “On the dance floor you told me it was bigger than your husbands. Did you think it was this much bigger?”

“I didn’t know this big was possible.” She replied, honestly. Her voice was dripping with arousal, and I could only imagine her pussy was as well. Their lips met again, this time the kiss was wetter and longer.

“Speaking of which, where is your husband?” Frank replied. I didn’t move, still unable to process this moment in time.

“I don’t know.” Samantha replied. Her voice was dismissive. She was clearly more interested in the eroticism occurring in their bedroom. It was both painful and painfully arousing to hear. I listened as their lips met again, this time Samantha’s mild moans escaped from between their connected mouths.

Suddenly I heard a loud slap, surely it was his hand meeting my wife’s naked ass. He spoke louder, as if he knew I was outside the room, listening, struggling to deal with the massive trepidation of the moment. “Get on the bed Samantha. Wherever he is, I’m sure he knows I’m about to fuck his wife.” I heard the sound of sheets ruffling and a mattress moving from the weight of a person.

Section 5

He continued, “What do you think Samantha? Am I about to fuck his wife?”

Time froze as I waited for the fateful reply.

Her voice was low and sultry, and I could tell that at her very core, she was loving his dominant words. “Yes.” Was all she said.

I dropped the water bottles as another short circuiting of my mind occurred. The plastic containers bounced off the hardwood, and rolled across the living room floor. I listened as Frank joined her on the bed, more kissing and caressing ensued. This time the passion was more audible. I heard the wet noises of smacking lips, and the skin on skin rummaging of bodies exploring one another.

“Play with it baby. Just like that.” Franks voice boomed between kisses.

“It’s so fucking big.” My wife replied, breathless. “I can’t believe how heavy it is.” Suddenly a giggle. “My hand doesn’t even fit around it.”

Franklin chuckled along with her. “I love it when you tell me I’m bigger than your husband.” I knew he meant it.

Her voice was delirious, she sounded like a woman possessed. “God Frank. You’re so much bigger than him.” Samantha’s voice was scathing. She was totally giving herself to the moment, and I couldn’t believe how devastatingly arousing it was to hear. Still, I didn’t have the courage to peak inside. I continued to stand there, paralyzed by both fear and excitement.

I heard a loud slap, but this time it sounded different. My wife screamed out in erotic agony. “Oh!” The noise echo’ed again, but I was unsure what it was, and then again, and again. I realized, to my horror, that Franklin was slapping his heavy meat down into what had to have been Samantha’s sopping wet mound. “Oh my god!” Samantha screamed in electric delight.

“Samantha.” Franklin grunted. “I think your pussy is ready for me.”

Her voice was breathless. “I can’t believe this is happening.” It was a needy whine, a relenting moan.

The painful sound of silence suddenly filled the air, but was quickly broken by my wife’s squeal.

“Jesus. Oh! Mmm-Fuck! Go slow Frank! Oh, Oh! You’re so- Fucking biggg!”

“Relax and take it baby.” He grunted. “You are so fucking sex-” She interrupted him with another incredible moan, surely taking more of his manhood inside of her.

Her screams were earth shattering, hitting me in my chest with such force I nearly wanted to fall to my knees. “Oh god Frank! You’re filling me uppp!” The wet sounds of penetration were assaulting my ears, my wife moaning in consumed lust.

My dick was ready to explode. Soon, the slower sounds increased in pace, and before long, their bodies were slapping together in erotic need. The noise filled the hotel room, and it was deafening.

“Take that cock baby.” Franklin commanded.

I had never heard my wife so audible, so passion filled. Her moans were so much louder than I had heard in all our twenty years together. Her words, consumed with desire, as if all her repressed fantasies bubbled up and exploded into reality all at once.

“Fuck me Frankkk!!! Stud fuck me with your big cock!” The sounds of their bodies slapping together continued to haunt me.

It was more than I could handle, and I literally fell to my knees, my dick straining in my slacks. I touched it over the fabric, but immediately pulled away for fear of a perverted voyeuristic orgasm.

It wasn’t long before she came for the first time. In a way, it sounded like it was truly the first time she ever came. I heard it building, spurred by Franklin’s taunting words, and his powerful cock.

“You like this big cock baby?”

“I-I love it Frank!”

“I fuck you better than your husband, don’t I?”

Another deep moan erupted from her, and then her honest and unforgiving reply, “Oh goddd! Yesss!”

“God damn it Samantha, you’re body was meant to take my big cock. You’re a natural cuckoldress.”

“F-Fran-k. Fuckkk! I’m gonna. Oh my-”


“I’m- gonna! I’m g-gonna-!”

He spoke, enticing her to completion, “Do it baby. That married pussy is gonna cum all over my cock.”

“I’mmm c-c-cumminggg-!”

It was a powerful and deep release, unlike anything I had ever given her. She was grunting and squealing. I dared not look in the room, but I could hear her thrashing on the bed as her body lost control. His huge cock had ripped the single most powerful orgasm of her life out of her.

It was quiet for a moment, and then another. It took every ounce of focus to not cum in my pants as I listened to her get conquered. A few more moments passed, and then I heard them both of them laugh.

“God.” Samantha panted. “That was unbelievable.”

“There’s more where that came from Samantha.” I listened as the two of them kissed feverishly.

“I want to take you from behind. I want to see that gorgeous ass bounce as I give it to you.”

“Okay.” My wife’s voice sounded suddenly innocent and enthusiastic. That, perhaps, hurt even more than the lust filled moments.

I heard more shuffling on the bed, and decided to stand, realizing how pathetic I looked on my knees, listening to my wife being dominated.

Samantha giggled, “My husband never fucks me doggy.”

“He’s probably not big enough to handle this perfect ass.” Franklin replied. I heard a powerful slap, and then another.

Suddenly, another moan escaped the room, and I knew he was taking her once again. It wasn’t long before their bodies slapped together in chorus.

I don’t know what clicked inside of me, but I suddenly decided that I needed to face this. I was being cuckolded, and I needed to witness it, and accept it. I took a deep breath, and entered the bedroom.

I’ll never forget the sight that greeted me. Never.

Absurdly, the first thing I noticed was my Samantha’s little feet. Her delicate soles and pleasure-curled toes. I noticed Frank’s large back, ass, and hairy legs, hulking over my wife’s bent over frame. It was then that I saw their incomprehensibly sexual collision. He had a massive set of balls, and they were swinging heavily as they smacked into the underside of my wife’s clit. Her pussy was inflamed, lips soaking, and slit spread wide by his invading thickness.

He was pumping away with fury - the noise of their colliding sexes was obscene. Her moans were louder and more chilling now that I was physically within the room. I looked underneath their intertwined legs and saw my wife’s big tits bouncing in the distance, slapping together in sweaty perversion as this man took her. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was, and how easily my wife was taking him - it shook me to my core as a man.

I was jolted out of my tunnel vision by Franklin’s voice. “Nice of you to join us Steve.” I looked up to notice an expansive mirror on the headboard of the bed. He was looking at me through the reflection on it. He continued to plow into my wife as he addressed me. Suddenly, Samantha’s eyes met mine through reflection as well, and there was a terrifying eroticism in the moment.

It was simultaneously the most humiliating and arousing moment of my entire life. There was so much emotion in her sex glazed eyes. They were apologetic, loving, and defiant. “I love you. But he’s better than you, and I need this.” Is what they seemed to say.

“Where’s the water, Steve?” Franklin chuckled. Before I could reply, he continued, “Just kidding, Samantha and I are a little busy at the moment anyway.” His mild taunt caused a moan from her. I didn’t know what to do with myself, other than look on in awestruck disbelief.

“Don’t just stand there. Sit down and watch me fuck your wife.” He almost sounded annoyed by my presence.

“Fuck!” Samantha groaned, under her breath. She buried her face into the bed sheet in unrelenting arousal, seemingly turned on by Franklin’s control of the room. I looked on as her big tits smushed into the bed sheets as Franklin continued to pound her from behind.

Section 6

He smacked her ass in delight as he claimed her, now directly in my view. I had to imagine it was an intoxicating moment for him. I’m sure it was an ego stroke of massive proportion to fuck my wife while I looked on in captivated wonder, knowing that he was bigger than me, knowing that he was fucking my wife better than I ever had.

Time seemed to melt together for awhile. I sat there, in the desk chair a few feet away from their love making. My dick was constantly erect in my slacks, and reality slipped away. I watched in a slow motion haze of acceptance.

Their bodies became one in my memory, moaning in lust, switching positions, kissing with passion. They seemingly forgot I was even in the room. Every so often I would get a good look at his size as he penetrated her, and every time I did I shuddered at how dominant it looked stretching her out.

Towards the end of their mating, they had assumed a missionary position. Samantha was writhing beneath him as he fucked her at a now torrid pace. I could tell he was close.

Suddenly, he looked over at me. “Steve, is Samantha on birth control?”

My throat was dry, as I hadn’t spoke in what seemed like an eternity. But I managed a reply, “Yes.”

“Good, because I’m about to fucking cum in your wife!”

Samantha shrieked, it was the most humanistic scream I had ever heard in my life. It was almost primal in its power.

“Oh my goddd!!! Take meee!!! Take meee!!! Cum in meee!!!”

She submitted to him entirely, clawing into his big arms, toes curling as her legs locked around his lower back - instinctively pulling him close. Franks massive cock grew even wider as his orgasm arrived. I looked on in fascination as his large balls pulsed violently, his thick shaft completely buried inside of my wife’s pussy. A massive torrent of his seed exploded deep into her womb, coating her insides entirely. He had truly, wholly, and completely, taken her.

They stayed like that for a moment, breathing heavily. My wife would shudder every few seconds, the after shock of her tremendous orgasm still coursing through her body. Slowly, Frank pulled himself out of her. I watched as his behemoth cock slid sloppily out of her ravaged pussy. It hung there, obscenely glistening in a combination of their juices.

A pool of their cum sat within her opening, so much so that it overflew, spilling erotically down the crack of her ass, soaking the bed sheet where her butt rested. He kissed her, whispering, I could barely hear them, “Who’s pussy is this?” He kissed her again. My wife shuddered, kissing him back, whispering, “It’s yours Frank. It’s yours whenever you want it.”

Eventually Frank stood, smiling. He walked past me, his huge cock slowly softening, but still hanging fat and long. He smacked my shoulder. “Hope you enjoyed that. I’m sure you can see how much she needed it.”

Before I had the time to form a reply he disappeared into the en suite bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I stood, noticing for the first time the wetness of my own orgasm smeared within my pants. I couldn’t even recall when I came. I nervously approached the bed, the site of my thorough cuckolding. She was breathing heavily, her body glistening in a sheen of sweat. I glanced at her pussy for a moment, it looked so used, so utterly dominated. She opened her eyes, seeing me for the first time. She smiled, sweetly. “Hey baby.”

“Hey.” I replied, instinctively caressing her thigh.

“Are you okay?” She asked me, genuine concern in her voice.

“Yeah.” I paused, unable to believe that this just happened, unable to believe how sexy she was. “I’m okay.”

She leaned up, with a serious expression on her face. “Steve. Are you sure you’re okay? You just watched another man totally fuck me.” She covered her face as the gravity of the situation hit her. “Oh my god some of the things I said.”

I immediately assuaged her fears, removing her hands from her face, kissing her passionately. Her breath was hot, and somehow unfamiliar. I wondered absurdly if she had taken him in her mouth. “Baby, relax. You were caught up in the moment. You just had some naughty fun.” I was trying to convince myself just as much as I was trying to convince her.

“Steve are you absolutely sure you’re okay?”

I replied, “I mean it was obviously a little humiliating Samantha, but seeing you like that. My god. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. It was overwhelmingly hot.”

Her concern momentarily turned smile, “He fucked me so good baby. I never knew. I never knew it could be like that.”

Those words hurt, but at the same time, I was legitimately happy that she got to experience this kind of sex.

“I love you.” I managed.

“Oh my god Steve I love you so much.” She grabbed me and kissed me passionately.

I felt my dick stir in my pants, aroused again for the umpteenth time of the night. I began to unbuckle my belt, desperate to fuck my wife. Right as I was about to unzip I felt the familiar sense of two large hands grabbing my shoulders.

“Easy there big fella.” Frank chuckled. “You can reclaim her later. but in this hotel room we operate under natural law.”

I was confused, but began to re-buckle my belt anyway. “What do you mean? Natural law?” I asked.

Frank replied, “Big dick gets the girl.”

He gently motioned me away from the bed, and further - to the door of the bedroom. I looked back one last time as he ushered me out. I made eye contact with my beautiful naked wife. Her eyes were screaming a number of things.

“I’m sorry.”

“Thank you.”

“I love you.”

I saw all those and more in her eyes. But most of all, I saw a deep attraction to this very hung, domineering executive, and I knew she wanted nothing more than to have him again.

“I’d like some privacy for round two Steve. You’re welcome to hang out here.” Franks voice was somehow apologetic.

The door closed behind me. I heard the lock engage, and never before had a sound echoed with such humiliating defeat.

Somehow though, I remained in the living room through the night. I dozed in and out of sleep and arousal. My dreams were the sounds of moaning, bodies slapping together, and my wife screaming his name .

I was a cuckold.


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