A Dirty Thirtieth Birthday Party 4.7/5 (45)

This past February I took my wife, April to the Dominican Republic for her thirtieth birthday. She was overjoyed with the gift, especially since we have not found time for a vacation since our honeymoon five and a half years ago.

Due to our flight time, April and I did not make it to our hotel room until after ten p.m., but we decided to go out for a light supper and a few drinks anyway.

During dinner April was talking a mile a minute. She must have come up with fifty things that she wanted to do during our short ten day stay. I was glad to see her so happy.

Soon April began to feel the effects of the alcohol that she had consumed during supper, and the topic of our conversation turned to sex. First, my wife graphically described just how she planned on thanking me for our little holiday, then began re-telling stories of how slutty she had been during her past vacations when she was single.

April knows how much I love listening to tales from her promiscuous past, and this was no exception. After only twenty minutes, I thought for sure that I’d be the first fatality from a colossal set of blue-balls if I didn’t get her back to our hotel room and fuck her real soon.

I took April by the hand and led her out of the restaurant towards our hotel. My pants were bulging obscenely as we walked along the beach and April continued to tell me about several local, black studs she fucked while vacationing in Jamaica three years in a row.

To put it mildly, my wife had been a naughty girl before I met her. She had lost her virginity at a young age, but didn’t really start sleeping around until her first year of college. By the end of her second semester, April had a developed a reputation as a real party girl. All of the guys that dated her knew that they’d get into her pants, and by her senior year, she thought nothing of fucking two or three guys every week – sometimes more.

I know you’re thinking that my wife was a slut, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she slept with just anybody. April’s dynamite body, stunning face, and copious amount of sex appeal gave her the license to pick and choose from the most desirable males on campus. Only the best-looking, most popular guys experienced April’s gifted mouth and hot pussy.

April once told me that she had a sex drive resembling that of most men. April liked lots of sex, with no strings attatched. Her relationships rarely lasted for more than a month and she almost always cheated on her boyfriends.

April was only twenty-three when I met her, but she’d already fucked about two-hundred guys. She’d had countless one-night-stands, been invoved in several threesomes and she had even been gang-banged a handful of times. Everyone knew of her reputation as a slut. My friends cautioned me about dating her. They said that April was a great girl, but there was no way she could ever be faithful.

As we made our way through the front doors of our hotel April stopped me and said, “Oh babe, can’t we just head over to the bar for one drink? I don’t think I’m quite ready for the night to end yet.”

It was late and I was horny, but I reluctantly agreed and we turned away from the elevators and towards the lounge by the pool.

There was only one patron at this late hour, quietly speaking with the bartender in spanish. We sat at the bar, and ordered our drinks. As the bartender laid them in front of us the other patron turned and asked us how we were enjoying our vacation.

April responded that this was our first night and that it was going quite well. He asked us how long we were staying for – the usual bit, and soon we were chatting with him freely.

His name was Tom. He was about thirty-four with a trim build and tanned skin. Tom said that it was his last night of a business trip to the Dominican. He was in the cigar business and he owned a chain of cigar shops in the states. Tom usually spent about three months of the year traveling to cigar manufacturing countries for “business meetings” he said with a wink.

We had a couple of drinks together and I decided that I liked Tom. My wife liked him too. I could tell by the way that she was openly flirting with him. At one point I noticed Tom’s pants were bursting with an obvious erection. I soon realized that it was because my wife was sitting with her short sun-dress riding far too high, and her legs were open enough for him to see her panties.

When Tom excused himself to go to the washroom I pulled April to me and gave her a sexy kiss.

“You’re such a bad girl!” I whispered. “I saw you flashing him your panties!”

April grinned. “Do you want to see what he saw?” she asked lewdly. April turned in her chair and then parted her thighs slightly for me to see.

“Oh, April!” I groaned, “Your panties are wet! No wonder he was so hard!”

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