Dicks Don’t Lie 4.9/5 (22)

They were fucking. Janie’s legs flailed in the air, swaying to the rhythm of his thrusting. He buried his thick cock full length into my wife’s sloshing wet pussy, each push ending in a solid smack as their sweaty bodies collided. His large full balls repeatedly smashing into her with a wet splattering noise as loud as her moans.

She looked at me, panting, eyes wide, on the brink of orgasm, sweat beaded on her forehead, “you like this baby” she more said than asked, “you like his fat, long dick fucking my pussy”. She looked down at my steel hard cock, “you can say no, but your cock doesn’t lie”,, fuck me harder Paul, yes, fuck me, oh shit yes, I’m going to fucking cum on your fat cock”.

Janie and I had the typical pillow talk. Things we liked, fantasized about, turn ons. During one of those whispering sessions, my wife confessed how she used to love sucking off different men in her college years. “What a coincidence” I laughed and told her how I often fantasized about watching her suck off another man, even using the mental image of her going down on someone as a beat off tool once in a while.

Well, it was kinda my thing in college. You know, I love sucking your cock, so maybe if you really want it to happen she playfully laughed… My dick stirred at her words and I quickly sprouted a full boner. “Oh my God, look at that, someones dick likes the idea of me blowing another man. I shook my head no. “You say no, but that cock says yes and cocks don’t lie, and yours is throbbing” Janie smiled an evil grin.

I could not explain it other than the idea of her being sexual with other men was a tremendous bone grower for me. We wound up fucking like animals but this time while having sex she described a time she’d sucked off a fellow student in her college music class. She poured out dirty details of how she sucked him off until he came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. We both came at the same time and agreed it was intense as hell. Certainly unexpected and awesome.

I travel a lot for work and gone up to three weeks sometimes. Thinking of Janie’s petite athletic frame, her short dark hair, perky tits and ass to kill for occupies a lot of my time when away. She is still hot as hell at forty two and turns heads every time we step out. But this trip was different, after our intense sex session with her graphic description of blowing her college mate, I had a hard on half the time I was gone.

I made a routine call to Janie to see how she was doing and let her know I was thinking about her, and she says “I set it up if you want it to happen”. I didn’t understand her statement and asked what to happen. “I found a man that is willing to let you watch me,, suck his dick, if your cock still gets hard thinking about it”.

My answer was a fast yes, almost as fast was my cock springing to life at her words. “You have a fricken hard on don’t you” she laughed. I admitted I did. “You are such a perv” she laughed.

Three days later I was home and everything was normal for a few days. Then one afternoon as we played a few games of nine ball, making small bets like who fetches drinks, she dropped the big bet. “If I win, I call him tonight and make it happen” she bet. It took a few seconds to register what she’d bet. But I agreed to the bet.

During the game she made sure I seen a lot of cleavage and ass. It was her shot with only the nine ball on the table. She stepped up to me, grasp my semi hard cock with a firm fist. “You want to watch me suck another mans cock don’t you,

wrap my lips round his hard dick and suck it until his cum runs down my throat like I did in college”. My dick went to instant steel hardness. She said,“Don’t waste an answer, your cock spoke for you”, then turned to push her ass against dick and sank the nine ball with a solid thump.

Five minutes later she called some dude she’d met a few days ago at a local bar with live band and invited him over to do what was discussed in person. “ I’m getting ready, he will be here in fifteen minutes” Janie said as if ordering a pizza. I still found it hard to believe she was so cool and calculated with it. My semi said I was ready to see her in action.

On time, the door bell rang. I opened the door and there stood a fair looking gent about 40, tall, fit, he smiled and introduced himself as Paul. We shook hands and I lead him into the living room where we sat and made a minute or two of small talk before Janie walked into the room wearing a high cut red tee that barely hung to the bottom half of her ample breast,

the smooth round flesh jiggling as she strode in. A white see through floor length cotton skirt flowing like smoke, clearly showing off a bright pink thong. She carried two bottles of beer and smiled as she handed them over to us.

“Damn, you are stunning” Paul said, and I agreed, she was stunning. “Okay, so Brad, this is Paul, and he bought me a beer last week at the pub,, and I told him about your desire to watch me, reenact my college days”.

She sounded confident, and her body was rocking it tonight. We all smiled at a slight awkward second. Then Janie sat between us and simply reached out and laid a hand in each of our laps. I didn’t know about Paul, but my dick was stone hard at my wife’s sexy boldness.

Janie looked at me, and with a squeeze of her fist around my dick softy spoke, “Well, I see you are into this” then glanced at the tent in my pants. Then she grinned a big sexy smile and leaned close, her lips against my ear, “And so is he”.

She took my hand and placed it upon her left breast, then guided Paul’s hand to the right one. Paul and I leaned into her feeling her soft firm breast in our hands. As if choreographed we both shifted to better access her awesome boy toys. I sucked one nipple into my mouth, Paul sucked my wife’s other breast while running his hand gently across her soft mound of flesh.

Janie moaned as we fondled her tits, fully exposed now with hardened nipples and sexy as hell. Her hand stayed put on my cock, squeezing and stroking. Her body began to move slightly and she let a few mmmm’s escape aloud. I reached slowly to her crotch, only to discover Paul had beaten me to it, and was rubbing her pussy over the thin cotton skirt.

I took some initiative and pulled her skirt up past her hot pink pantie. Paul’s hand immediately took advantage of the newly exposed panties and as his hand settled onto the surface, Janie spread her legs slightly to allow this stranger access to her body.

She squeezed my steel hard cock real firm and her body shifted forward slightly and I let her nipple fall from my mouth to watch his finger slip under the pink pantie and sink deep into her pussy. She enjoyed his finger a few moment before saying “Now boys”,,, moaned a soft note,, “this was supposed to be a blow job for our guest”,,

but her legs spread wider allowing Paul to work his finger in and out of her wetness. I could see her slime coating his middle finger as it briefly came into view, then sink slowly back into her body. She was wet, leaving no doubt she was having fun.

Finally Janie rolled over and got onto her knees,, she was smiling at me as she worked Paul’s zipper down and fished out his “handsome” cock as Janie called it. Some eight inches long, thick, and looked hard enough to cut a diamond. Paul scooted forward and was met with my wife’s mouth wrapping around his thick cock.


  • hotcunnycuck

    Reply Reply May 18, 2018

    Mmmm, so very delicious and enjoyable story. I love it…. I love watching petite on large juicy cock, n am a connoisseur of stretching and licking up the mess. She’s freekin HOT n thank her for the wonderful memories. Lucky man, like me….

  • playful subbie

    Reply Reply May 26, 2018

    Another wonderful example of how you men think with their dicks. At my age (over 50), I totally get it, you guys just can’t help yourself, you would do your mom or sister, if you thought you could get away with it. So what chance would doing another man’s wife mean to a man. It’s stories like this that have made me aware of the sexual male mischief men blindly pursue.

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