Dianne Gets What She Asked


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My wife Dianne and i have known each other since high school. We didnt date then , both went off to college and met up later. I met her in a bar when I was 22 and she was 21, had some drinks, small talk and catching up. Dianne has gorgeous eyes, sexy lips , and has always had amazing tits. At the time she was a total knockout. He talked a long time , and i asked her out. Date went well, before you know it , things progressed, moved in together , engagement , marriage and 2 children.

Fast forward 20 yrs..we had always had great sex and in the last fee years we had opened up , and invited others in. I had seen her suck off men in the back seat, a couple of 3 somes in hotels with me and another man, but something she wanted i just couldnt provide. Dianne wanted a true rough dominant encounter. She wanted to be helpless and submit to a man. Spanking, hair pulling, gagging on cock , some choking and lots of dirty talk.

Well i had tried some of these but apparently not to the extent she craved. So my suggestion was to find a man to fulfill her need and i would be there to watch. She agreed but was skeptical that 1. I wouldnt go through with it , 2. We wouldnt find a man to meet her criteria and do exactly what she wanted , and 3. It was a dream / fantasy that would remain just that. So in the meantime we would enjoy hotwife and cuckold porn together as i searched for a man to help make her fantasy come true.

I had placed and add, had a lot of responses from guys who did NOT meet the requirements , over time i was about to just give up until i got a response from a man , Anthony. Anthony was maybe 35 , tall thin , average looks, sent a cock oic which seemed to be above average and claimed to have a lot of experience with this scenario, he assured me he could treat my wife like the inner whore she wanted to be. So we set up our encounter , told the wife and explained that we would meet Anthony at a hotel , he would escort us to his room and then she would submit control to him as i watched.

We get to the place , nice place , clean and very nice area. Before we get out of my car she kissed me , looks me in the eye and asks me again if i am sure. I assure her i am ok and excited , so she says “ok, i wont ask again”. We get out , head toward the lobby , Anthony text me the room number which was on the second floor. On the elevator , very awkward silence, like there was something she wanted to say. The door opens we walk down the hall to his room. When we get to the door she kisses me again and says “ I’m not joking, im going to want him to use me, so if you cant do it, stop now”… i have to admit , my cock was throbbing. I just smiled and knocked on the door.

Anthony met us at the door , tall , thin ( thinner than i expected , average looks ( kinda looked like a tall Ray Ramano). He invited us in. Dianne set on the foot of his bed and i “excused myself “ to use the restroom. I figured if i was out of sight, maybe they would warm up a lil more. I waited about 3-5 minutes came out. Dianne was still sitting on the edge of the bed , topless now , Anthony standing , pants around his ankles while she sucked his cock. I didnt have a great view at first but i moved closer and i was shocked to see the mere size of this guy. He had 9” easily, thick and was getting very hard. Dianne sucked and licked his cock like she was starving for it.

As i got closer , Anthony looked up at me like he was getting my final approval, i was just in awe. Thats when he seemed to “flip the switch”. He reached up , grabbed Dianne by her her , lead her to a nearby couch , put her on her back , forced her legs open , ripped off her panties with one hand , reached down with the other , put it around her throat and said “ you want to be treated like a whore , ill show you how i treat whores” . Anthony just fucked her pussy like he was angry. Hand around her throat , cock splitting her married pussy and i stood numb. Her pussy was soaked, the couch was soaked , Anthony’s cock was covered in her juices. He stopped , got up and said “ im going to the bathroom, when i come out , your ass better be on the bed”.

He left the room and she did as he said. Before he came out i sat beside her asked if she was still ok. She looked up and said “god his cock is big isnt it, i cummed 3 times already”. I heard the door open and Anthony was back. My wife was on all fours waiting , he spanked her ass multiple times telling her what a whore she is , and that only a real whore would have put her ass in the air like that without direction. Told her to lay down and spread her legs for him. She did as told, he held her ankles , spread her wide , fucked her pussy , while being very vocal, telling when she cums she “better fucking say it loud”. Wasnt long until she was cumming hard , and he was close too. He pulls his cock out , climbs on my wifes chest , buries his cock in her mouth and makes her suck his cum. She does as expected.

He didnt stop there , he laid down and said “ now suck it clean “. She immediately knelt between his knees, sucked it and stroked it ,as he told her to look at me. She sucked and sucked as he cock got hard again. Then he reminded her how good whores wanna be fucked and asked her “ you want me to fuck you like the real whore you are ?” “Get back on your knees”. He positioned her facing me, got behind her , eased his cock in her from behind, reached up , put a hand around her throat and fucked her deep, long strokes. Her big tits swaying, her eyes rolled back. He pounded her hard for an easy 15 minutes before he pulled out , grabbed her hair , and cummed down her throat. She collapsed on the bed in front of me and he disappeared to the bathroom. When he came out , he had a towel , wiping his sweat , cock just swaying in the wind.

He tossed her clothes up on the bed , as she got dressed he looked at me and said “text me and ill fuck your whore anytime” . We got up and left in a hurry, in the car, SILENCE. I was concerned. When we got home she ran to take a shower and we climbed in bed. She laid in bed rubbing my cock, thanking me and telling me how she wanted him, the next time….

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