Diane’s Jamaican Vacation 4.5/5 (41)

Chapter 1
My wife, Diane, and I have been married for four years and it is the second marriage for both of us. Diane is four years younger than me (I’m 41) but has the kind of face and slender body that seem never to age. Her breasts are small but as firm as any 18 year old as are her marvelous ass and long shapely legs.

After four years of marriage and two kids. I still find myself getting hard every time we are alone together. I am so devoted to her that, in fact, we were having some trouble in our sex life -I wanted Diane to treat me as her sexual slave. While Diane greatly enjoyed my oral adoration’s she couldn’t bring herself to really dominate me sexually. All of this changed last year however…

I dropped the kids off at Diane’s parents and then headed through the snow to National Airport to meet her plane. It had been a week since she had left for her “getaway” to Jamaica and I was anxious to have some time alone with her.

The trip had been my Xmas present to her – we had been having trouble getting the baby to stay with anyone for more than a few hours so I took a week off from work and sent Diane off to relax in the sun.

Her plane was late and my horniness became all the more acute. God how I wanted to bury my face between her thighs! At last I saw her come through the gate wearing those tight jeans that always give me a hard on. I smiled and waved and Diane smiled back weakly. When she got to me I gave her a big hug but felt her holding back, ” What’s wrong honey?”

“Oh nothing, “Diane responded, “I guess I’m pretty tired from the trip.” To say that I was disappointed was an understatement but I expected that she would warm up after we got home – we were still going to have a couple of hours alone before we had to get the kids.

When we got home Diane, who had been unusually quiet during the ride from the airport, excused herself saying that she wanted to freshen up. I wandered around the house like a lost puppy before hearing sounds of crying coming from the bathroom. Just then Diane rushed out and past me going up the stairs to our bedroom.

I followed, grabbing her and holding her I asked, “What is it Diane, what could possibly be wrong?” She only sobbed harder into my chest so I sat her on the bed and stroked her hair waiting for her to calm down and tell me what was wrong. After several minutes Diane began to mumble something into my chest. I pulled her face up and looking into her eyes I said “I love you Diane and there have never been any secrets between us before now just tell me what’s going on.”

With tears in her eyes she said, “Oh please forgive me Bob, you know that I only love you.” “Forgive you for what?” After an extended silence Diane blurted out, “I had sex with another man!” Now I was stunned, I didn’t know what to say but I knew that I was more turned on than I had ever been before.

Finally I asked her, “Did you enjoy it?” and at the same time I put Diane’s hand on my raging hard on. She looked into my eyes with surprise and I quickly followed with “It’s all right my darling I love you and as you can see the idea of you having good sex with another man is extremely stimulating to me.” At this Diane squeezed my cock and whispered “Yes my love I did enjoy it – very much.”

It turns out that after calling me to let me know she had arrived safely she had wandered out onto the beach feeling lost and alone. As she stood there a man came up behind her and asked her a question.

When she turned around she saw a large black man whom she guessed was a native and she felt a stirring in her loins at the idea of being alone on a tropical beach at night with a black man. He offered to show her a particularly spectacular view further down the beach and she found herself letting him take her by the arm to lead her away.

As she was relating this to me I had stripped her clothes off and was fingering her cunt and sucking on her nipples. As she paused I moved to the floor and spread her legs so that I could begin loving her beautiful pussy with my mouth. “please Diane, tell me everything you did while I lick your steamy cunt.” As I began licking, Diane wrapped her fingers in my hair and continued her story.

“The black man led me only a little way when we came to a small cabin with a light on inside. He told me to go in and I couldn’t refuse. Inside was a small bed and some other odds and ends of furniture. The black man led me to the bed and pushed me down.

He instructed me to remove my shirt and then to caress my stiffening nipples. As I did this he pulled down his own pants and a huge black cock sprang into view only inches from my face. You know Bob my darling that I don’t really like to use my mouth but with this man it was different.

The strong animal smell of his loins was like a hand pushing on the back of my head and I found it impossible not to lean forward and kiss the large uncircumcised black head. I took the monster in my hand, pulled the skin back, and began sucking like I have never done before ªGod I was loving it! After several minutes he pulled his black monster out of my mouth and, pushing me onto my back, took off my jeans and panties.

He thrust into me and I began coming immediately. But he was in no hurry, he kept banging away at my cunt, the one you are loving so wonderfully with your mouth my darlingoooh, arghh ” I’m so close to coming.” With that Diane clasped my head tightly with her thighs and humped up into my face having one of her patented oral orgasms.

We lay quietly for a while and then I looked up to see a big smile on her face, “did you enjoy that my loving husband?” “Yes,” I panted. “What happened after that, did you see him again after that first time?” “Of course my wonderful little cunt-sucker but I’ll save the rest of the stories, and there really are quite a few more, until we have more time for you to suck me.” And with that Diane got up and started getting dressed to go get the kids.

Chapter 2

During the next several days I tried to get Diane to tell me more about her vacation but she would play it very coyly, seeming to relish the sexual hold she had on me. Each night I would approach her but she would tell me that first I had certain “duties” I needed to perform. One night she had me sit on the floor to kiss and lick her feet while she watched TV.

Another night I had to bathe her entire body with my tongue while she read. On that occasion she let me kiss and tongue her ass holefor the very first time. Each night found me serving her sexually in some way, always bringing her to orgasm orally in the end, while she never touched me or allowed me to touch myself.

She would make suggestive comments while I went down on her such as “imagine my love that my cunt has just been fucked by a big blackman and that his steamy cum drips out while you are licking me,” but she refused to tell me any more about her encounter on Jamaica.

Needless to say, by the following Saturday night I was in a constant state of arousal, my head filled with erection producing images of Diane and her black lover. After the kids were safely asleep Diane told me to prepare her bath after which she would tell me about the rest of her vacation. I kneeled by the side of the tub and lathered her all over and then dried her when she got out.

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  • Dave

    Reply Reply October 1, 2019

    How the fuck did you jump from your wife being named Diane in the beginning of your story to her name being Nora at the end???? Ruined the story for me. And Frank? I don’t know whatever i guess. The part with Diane was great though. Thanks for that at least. ☺

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