The Demise Of A Loving Husband


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Part 1 – The Beginning

This was the time we had attended the My Company’s Christmas Party. The Company had expanded, it’s London based office, very quickly over the past ten years, and I had been headhunted from my previous job, much to the delight of my wife, to take the position of ‘Head of Sales’.

My wife, Mary, and I, David, have been married for 10 years, I was 37, and she was 35 with a very womanly shaped body, firm 36C cup breasts, slim waist and a very well-rounded backside which was well packed into her tight-fitting blue cocktail dress. It was low cut at the front, show a nice amount of cleavage and just finishing above her knee showing her firm shapely calves. As we entered what was the Company’s boardroom, which had been turned into a kind of night club atmosphere, for the evening, with tables around a smallish dance floor with a stage at the far wall where a trio was setting up their instruments. I noticed my wife received many admiring glances, particularly from my Boss as he greeted us.

My Boss, Robert, was a quite striking looking man, well built, around 55 years of age, who frequented the gym. He, unfortunately, lost his wife about 5 years ago to cervical cancer, so he had no lady partner. All the men, most of the Company’s senior staff were dress in evening suits and black bow ties, the ladies in an assortment of evening dresses or cocktail dresses. I noticed a few ladies were sitting together, one of which was my secretary, Carole, who had only been working with me during the last two months. We found our table and sat down and were served drinks after which Robert said a few words of welcome before the meal as served.

My wife, Mary, is an extremely ambitious woman, particularly for my career, she is an advertising executive in her company. During our ten years of marriage, our sex life had been good, as I thought, Mary always seemed very loving and appreciative during our regular activities in the marital bed, although she was more concerned about our careers rather than having children. One thing I did notice was that I could never seem to get Mary to orgasm when I penetrated her with or without a condom, she would say that I had pleasured her, yet I was able to get her to orgasm three or four times by satisfying her orally, licking, kissing, and sucking her beautifully shave vagina and clitoris. This did not seem to worry her, as I said; she was always appreciative of our lovemaking and always was very complimentary about what I did with my tongue. Which she said, ‘was her pleasure’.

During the meal, we made small talk with the other managers and wives on our table. Mary again received many compliments about her appearance and dress, not only from the men but some of the ladies too. I could see, from their faces, what the men were thinking, what a lucky sod I was with such a beautiful woman sat next to me. When the meal was finished the tables were cleared and the trio which had been playing quite soft music up to now, start with more upbeat tunes for the dancing.

I went to the bar to get more drinks for the table, as got back carrying a tray; I noticed that Mary was not in her seat. I looked around and saw that she was on the floor dancing with Robert. When the dance was finished Robert brought Mary back to the table and said to me.

“I hope you did not mind, David, me taking your beautiful wife for the first dance, I notice you were not here”.

What could I say “No, Robert that was very good of you”?

He then said, “Thank you Mary” as he gave her peck on her check he whispered. “I will be back”, in her ear.

I could tell that Mary was feeling very chuffed and quite excited she said to me. “What a very charming man, he seemed very virile and strong”. I said, “You enjoyed that then”? To which she replied, “Very much”.

I danced with Mary during the next dance, but no sooner had we got back to the table Robert was there again. “Don’t mind, do you, David”?

I said, “Oh, no go ahead”.

As they went off, I was joined at the table by my secretary Carole, who was quite tall and slim, somehow not really what you would call attractive, but quite pretty, about 25 years old. I got her a drink and we started talking which I was very pleased about as we had only really talked, to exchange morning and evening pleasantries and about work. She said she had been with the Company for quite a few years starting as a typist and was pleased when Robert promoted her to work with me. She also said that she had a partner but just left it at that; she always seemed quite shy and very reluctant to talk about her home or private life.

I said, “I didn’t know that you would be here”?

“No”, she said, “my partner brought me; she’s a friend of Robert’s, that’s her over there”.

I saw this tall thinnish woman, with short spiky auburn hair, dressed in a black trouser suit.

“Should we invite her over?”

“No, she prefers to be with those women at our table; I don’t think you will like her”.

I looked at her again and thought ‘yes, she does look a bit butch’.

We continue talking but I was not getting any clearer information about her background, we danced and then had more drinks.

I was so engrossed with talking and dancing with Carole I had not noticed that Mary was missing. As the evening was drawing to a close Mary appeared.

“Oh, there you are”. I said, “This is Carole my secretary, you haven’t met her before”.

Mary made conversation with Carole while I went to the toilet. Conversation amongst the men in there was all about Mary.

“She seems a real goer your wife, you lucky sod.”

“Robert was really getting onto her, wasn’t he?”

I said, “I had not noticed I trust my wife fully”.

As I went back to the table, I felt a little confused and wondered what had gone on. At the table, Robert was there saying goodbye to Carole and then Mary, but I thought that it seemed quite a passionate kiss he gave her.

He shook hands with me and said, “I hope you all enjoyed yourselves”.

To which Mary replied very enthusiastically, “Oh yes, that was a wonderful evening, wasn’t it David? Thank you, Robert”.

We all made our way to the exit and said goodbyes again as we found our taxis.

In the taxis home I said to Mary. “You seemed to enjoy yourself, what happened tonight?”

She said, “We will talk about it when we get home, not in the taxis dear”.

Again I was feeling confused but before I could think about things, Mary put her arms around me and started to kiss very passionately, as we did I ran my hand along her thigh, the higher I got I noticed how wet she felt, down there and that she did not have her panties on.

At home, we took our coats off and Mary grabbed my hand a virtually dragged me into the lounge and forced me to sit down. Immediately she kissed me and forced her tongue between my lips and into my mouth.

After a while, I pulled away, she said. “Before you say anything I want you to know how much I love you; you are the only one for me, I only want to make you happy, and I would do anything for you”. She continued, “You seemed to be concentrating so much on Carole; I didn’t think you would mind me going with Robert”.

“Yes,” I said very angrily “but I did not take her to my office and fuck her; she’s a lesbian and has a female partner”.

To which Mary was a little taken-a-back. “Now don’t get angry, I did it for you, your career”.

“My career”?

“Yes, your career, Robert was telling me about the sales director, Mr, what’s his name, he is due to retire in a few months and you could get that position”.

I retorted, “So it was for me, so I am to forgive you and forget about tonight”?

“Please darling, let me tell you what happened. You will understand, I’m sure. Robert is a very wonderful man; a gentleman, as we danced, I could feel his erection growing as he pressed up against me. He even apologies for it. He explained that he lost his beloved wife five years ago and had not had the company of any female since she died. He invited me to his office to show me her picture; she looked a nice lady. Before I knew it, he had undone his flies and he took out what seemed an enormous erection, it looked magnificent; I have never seen anything so big. I could not help myself I took into my mouth.”

I interjected, “You have never done this for me”!

“I could not resist, it felt so good and big I struggle to get into my mouth. Compared to his, yours is quite small”. She continued, “After a while, he raised my dress and took off my panties, laid me on his desk and sided it into me. It felt so good; I came almost immediately, as he pumped, the more I climaxed, I must have cum four or five times I lost count. It was so wonderful; I have never felt anything like it before. Even with you and how much I love you”.

As Mary’s story continued, I felt a little more relaxed and felt my erection growing, so quickly, as her story sounded so erotic, and then felt quite proud, in an unusual way, for my wife and what she had done for me. I kissed and we went up to bed.

After undressing and getting in bed I made love to her, after I had fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples, but I came almost immediately, not getting her anywhere near an orgasm. So, as usual, I used my mouth, as I licked and sucked but I could not only taste mine but Robert’s sperm in her vagina.

Part 2 – My Changing Life

It was now 2 weeks before Christmas and life went on, as usual, working as we did, me getting home first in the evening and preparing the evening meal.

On Monday, following the Party, Robert said. “Good morning, David, I hope you enjoyed the party, I am sure Mary did”?

With a touch of irony in my voice, I said, “I’m sure she did”!

Nothing more was said about the Party, only comments from my work colleagues. Robert and I spoke only about work during the rest of the week.

On Tuesday evening, Mary and I were in bed, I was kissing her nipples and she was fondling me to an erection. I plunged my rock-hard dick into Mary’s waiting wet vagina, with more than a touch of jealousy. I was pumping her as hard as I could, determined to give her an orgasm, as Robert had done, but again I failed, miserably, shooting my semen far too quickly. From what Mary told me about Robert’s boner I suspected I was nowhere near reaching her G-spot with my smaller tool.

As I withdrew, I asked Mary. “Were you thinking of Robert, while we were doing that”?

She replied, “It was lovely dear, don’t be concerned, I was in fact, thinking how Robert filled me, how long and tight he felt in me. But don’t worry dear, I still love you, I will always make you happy and you can now make me cum with that wonderful tongue of yours”.

The following weekend, one week before Christmas Day, which was the following Saturday, Mary and I, as usual, shared the household chores, dusting, cleaning, washing, I knew how to load and start the washing machine but Mary usually did it, as I did the vacuum cleaning. Mary does the ironing on Sunday while I saw to the garden or household DIY jobs.

In bed that night, not having spoken about Robert during the past few days, I thought Mary seemed distant while we made love.

I said, “You were thinking about him again, weren’t you”?

In a rather dreamy way, she said. “I was thinking what a shame that Robert will be on his own, on Christmas Day, he lost his wife, and he did not mention any children”.

I said, “I’m sure he will have some relations he could spend Christmas with”.

“No, I think we should invite him to spend Christmas Day with us, again it could be good for your career prospects.”

“I’m not sure; I want to spend Christmas Day with you, alone”. I then hesitated and said, “Well perhaps, as long as it’s only the Day”.

Mary said, excitedly, “I’ll phone him tomorrow, to see if he would like to come.”

She then threw herself on me and kissed me all over my face, while I was thinking ‘you’re having telephone conversations with him, are you’?

I did not see Robert at work that week; we were finishing for Christmas on Tuesday evening. Mary came home Monday evening and said joyfully, or it was more like, a cheering tone in her voice.

“I phoned him, Robert, he would love to come and spend Christmas with us”. She continued. “As we are off work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we had better get the house cleaned ready for Christmas Day”.

That evening Mary was so passionate in bed, she even attempted to suck my cock for the first time.

Robert arrived about 10.00 Christmas Day, after shaking hands welcoming each other, as I took his coat, he handed me an expensive boxed bottle of malt whisky. Mary came up the hallway and kissed him full on the lips, he then handed her an extremely expensive-looking jewellery box, as she opened it, she cried with joy.

“Oh Robert, you shouldn’t have, it’s absolutely wonderful, look David”.

As she showed me, taking it out of the box, it was a silver, emerald and diamond necklace with matching earrings; pailing my present, to her, into insignificance. Mary was wearing a very tight-fitting, short green dress, which I had not seen before. She did look gorgeous in it, as it showed off her fully curved body and plenty of cleavage; I could see Robert thought so.

She said, “Thank you, Robert, will you put the necklace on for me, it matches my dress”?

She kissed him again as he completed the task and Mary wore it all day, together with the very dangly earrings.

We settled down to the Day, I had made coffees, Mary and Robert sat next to each other on the settee. As I came out of the kitchen with the coffees, I noticed a slight hand movement by each of them, as they moved their hand off each other. Robert and I made small talk, we did not want to talk about work today, although I did not get that much of a chance to get into any conversations, as Mary dominated the talking with Robert all day it seemed, only stopping to tell me to go and do something.

“Get the biscuits, David”.

“Clear the coffee cups, David”.

“Isn’t it time to start lunch, David”.

Mary was paying so much attention to Robert I was glad to get away in the kitchen for a bit of peace.

I served the traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, we quickly seemed to get through the first two bottles of wine, and I was sent to get two more. Robert talked about his wife during the lunch, but it was still Mary dominating the conversation. I had not realised that we were sat at the table having taken over three and a half hours to complete lunch. I cleared the table and washed up the plates and utensils taking me a good half hour. As I came into the lounge Mary was sitting even closer to Robert, with both of them having their hands on each other’s thighs. I sat in the easy chair trying to get into the conversation, without much success.

When Mary said, “Tea, David, please; and cake.”

So off I went into the kitchen again, when I came back with the tea and cake, I was sure Mary’s dress was higher up her thigh and she was showing more cleavage. After tea we sat back at the table, Mary rearranging her dress as she moved from the settee.

We played cards plays for a couple of hours, where it was always Robert who seemed to have the winning hands with Mary praising him.

“What a good player you are Robert”.

“Well done again Robert”.

I just thought, ‘lucky sod’.

We settle down to watch TV at around 7.30, with Mary almost sitting on top of Robert on the settee, I again had to make do with the easy chair which meant, my view of them, was a little obscured by the side and back of the settee. I was annoyed as I could not see what their hands were doing, as I could see their heads keep turning towards each other.

About 9.30 during a commercial break Mary got up smoothing out her dress as she did so, took my hand and said.

“Come on, David, we need more drinks and nibbles.”

Despite Robert’s insistence that he had had more than enough, she pulled me into the kitchen.

As we entered Mary immediately put her arms around my neck and kissed me, she said.

“I have had such a lovely day; you have made me very happy”.

I indignantly replied, “Can’t think why, you have virtually ignored me all day, making me into your skivvy and dominating Robert”.

“I’ve done it for you, David, your promotion”. Mary continued. “Don’t you think Robert’s had more than enough to drink; it would be too dangerous for him to drive. He should stay the night”.

“He could get a taxi”.

“Not now”. “You want to sleep with him, don’t you”?

“Oh, David that would be the most wonderful Christmas present you could ever give me”. “I’m doing it for you, David; I want you to be happy. He’s staying; you can sleep in the guest bedroom”.

“Why can’t he”?

“No, David, it’s settled, he is staying, and he will sleep in our bed, with me”.

She then kissed me on the forehead and walked back into the lounge. I carried the drinks in as Mary was whispering into Roberts’s ear while grabbing hold of his hand. Robert was, at least, appreciative of another drink.

At about 10.00 Mary and Robert got up from the settee.

Mary said, “Will you clear up, David? We are going up to bed, and we will see you in the morning”.

Robert shook my hand and said, “Thank you David; it has been a most wonderful Christmas for me”.

I cleared the things up and went upstairs to the guest bedroom and lay naked on the bed listening to my wife’s distorted shouts of exaltation, screams of erotic joy and begging, through the wall.

“Give it to me Robert, yes, - yes, make me cum again, oh this is wonderful”.

With Robert’s occasional grunts of satisfaction, as I listened it sounded so erotic, I got the most aching enormous erection, I just hand pumped it and must have ejaculated three times.

I did not get up early, on Boxing Day; I just read my book for a while, my concentration being interrupted by the occasional sexual chorus from next door.

When I did get up, as I open my bedroom door, I got a shout from Mary.

“Can you bring us tea please dear?”

When I took up the tea, I thought I had better knock on the bedroom door, but I did not hear any voices, I thought I heard the water running, I open the went in and put the tea on the dressing table. I saw through the steamy cubical both Mary and Robert together in the en-suit shower, soaping and washing each other.

As I went downstairs I felt very jealous and I thought to myself ‘I got that en-suite refurbished with a double-sized shower cubical deliberately, for the express purpose of Mary and myself using it together, but now I have to make do with the old shower in the main bathroom’.

I was in the kitchen when they came down the stairs and they went straight to the front door.

When I heard Mary shout. “We are going out, be a dear, can you clean the house up a bit, change our bed-sheets and put them in the wash? We will be back about 4ish can you have dinner ready by then”? “Love you,” as the front door closed.

I did what I was asked to do and had the leftover diner ready for 4.00. They got back about 4.15 and I served. As we ate, we chatted about where they had been, of course, Mary dominated the conversation saying.

“We had a nice walk along the river, went into a pub and had a light lunch and walked back”. So on and so on.

When Robert finished his plate, he said. “Please excuse me, I’ll have to go, I have an early flight tomorrow morning, from Heathrow to America, business goes no David, I’m sure you will understand”.

In the hallway after Mary had finished an exceptionally long and passionate kiss with him, Robert actually hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“It’s been a wonderful two days, one of the best Christmases I have had. Thank you, David, you’re a good man and husband, you have handled this situation very well, SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND”???????

Part 3 – The Progression

When he had gone, I turned to Mary saying. “What did he mean, see you next weekend?”

Mary put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Oh David, I do love you, I want to be happy, I know you want me to be happy and you do make me happy, I will never leave you, you’re the only one I will ever love, but Robert gives me something different, a greater fulfillment, I cannot resist him. It will not affect our marriage, don’t you see David, and I’m doing it for your career”.

“I have told Robert; he can come and stay over every Saturday from now on”.

My protest was cut short by Mary put two fingers over my mouth saying. “No arguments David, I’m sure you understand my needs.”

“Anyway,” I said, “next Saturday is New Year’s Eve”.

“Ah, Robert’s got that planned for us, dear; he is taking us to a Party, with people he knows”.

“When was this planned?”

“When we were on our walk this afternoon, we met two of his friends, seemed a very nice people, they made a few phone calls, and it was all decided. It’s at that big exclusive mansion, the other side of Watford, he is picking us up about 6.30, I am sure it will be a really good experience for us”.

“I suppose he will come back here and stay Saturday?”

“Yes, he will. Now don’t get upset, dear, it’s good of him to invite us”.

She kissed and cuddled me, and we walked into the lounge sitting down to watch TV. That night in bed I kissed Mary then said. “What about my needs?”

“Oh, don’t worry David, I will make sure your needs are met. But not tonight dear, I need to recover from that marvellous weekend”.

She just turned over and went to sleep.

It was Wednesday; we were in bed Mary started to kiss my lips and fondled my hardening cock, she slipped it into her love channel but no matter how hard I tried I could not bring her to orgasm.

Mary said, “Never mind dear, we’ll try again next week”.

So, I went down between her legs kissed and licked her vagina, sucking out all of my sperm but even with my taste on my tongue, I could still taste Robert. But I brought her to orgasm twice with my tongue.

As we settled into sleep, I said. “Oh, does that mean that Wednesdays are our only loving day?”

“We’ll see dear, don’t you think it’s for the best dear, I need days to recover and days to prepare for my fantastic night with Robert”.

Being off work this week, all the housework was done, Mary even showed me how to do the ironing.

“You never know when you might need this skill”, she said.

Looking through her wardrobe on Thursday afternoon, Mary came and sat on the bed looking rather distraught.

“I really haven’t got anything to wear for the party tomorrow evening. Will you take me shopping tomorrow morning?”

“Can’t you go on your own, you know I hate shopping?”

“No, I need your advice about a dress; you know what looks good on me”.

I reluctantly agreed to go with her.

At the shops that morning, it was the usual procedure going into several shops, trying on two or three dresses in each shop. Mary was trying on more cocktail type dresses, which I knew she preferred, rather than long flowing evening gowns. After the fifth shop and god knows how many dresses.

Mary said, “Do you know, I think the best dress I’ve tried, was in that first shop, that nice deep red one. What do you think, David?”

I nodded in a feed up sort of way.

“Good, we will go back there, and I’ll try it again”.

Mary came out of the changing room, twirling around.

“What do you think David?”

“It’s very nice but rather revealing, very low cut at the front and quite short”.

“I know you like to see me showing off my gorgeous body, I’m sure Robert will like it, I’ll buy it”.

I whispered to myself, ‘I’m sure he will’.

Mary said, “Did I detect a sense of jealousy there, David?” “That’s not becoming of you, dear”.

We were ready and waiting when Robert arrived in a taxis. He gave Mary a very passionate kiss which she returned and he was very complimentary about her dress. The drive took about three-quarters of an hour to get to the venue. We entered into a large reception area where we were served drinks. Robert and Mary chatted to a few people but I was never introduced. As I looked around I thought it strange that they seemed to be many more men there than ladies. We summoned to our table, there were 12 places set and there were two men to every lady. The ladies did the introductions as Mary did, introducing me as her husband and Robert as her friend, the other wives did the same. The other husbands sat with the heads lowered not looking at their wives or friends. I was very confused at this point.

During the meal, five courses in all, so it went on quite a while, it was the wives and friends that did all the talking, the husbands remain silent. As I tried to get into the conversation Mary would touch my arm telling me to Shh!!!!!, be quiet or don’t talk. By the time the meal finished and the tables were cleared it was gone eleven. The dancing started but it was only the wives and friends that danced. The husbands sat at the table sipping their drinks. I tried to talk, but none of them would say anything other than ‘can’t talk’ ‘not allowed to say anything’.

I went to the toilet in which there was one other chap, I said to him. “What the hell is going on here?”

He said, “Are you, husband or friend?”


“Oh, I shouldn’t talk to you”.


“If I get court talking to you I could be punished, I’ll be denied sexual favours for at least a month”.

As he undid his fly I noticed he was wearing a cock cage.

“What is this about?”

“The friends are the couples ‘Masters’ or rather ‘Lovers’; the husbands are not able to sexually satisfy their wives so they take lovers. The Masters come and stay at the weekend and sleep with the wives while the husband serves and service them”. He said while he was carefully looking around. “I’ve had it for over a year now”.

I said. “My wife’s friend is my boss; tonight will be only the second time he has stayed over”.

“Are, your new at this, they will grind you down”.

At that point someone else came in so he walked away, as I came out of the door he whispered “good luck” to me.

At midnight there were kisses and handshakes and even the husbands were allowed to join in with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and the knees up that followed. The party began to break up at twelve-thirty and we found our taxi. Of course, Mary was full of the evening.

“Oh, thank you, Robert, I’ve had such a wonderful time”.

“Yesss…” Robert slurred having had far too much to drink, “I can’t wait to get that dress off you Mary”, who just giggled.

At home, Mary said to me. “Wasn’t that a lovely evening”?

“It was very confusing, I’m not sure what to make of it, and it seemed very strange,” I said.

As he dragged Mary up the stairs Robert said, “You’ll learn, David, you’ll learn”.

Lying in bed I heard, Robert, in his drunken state, is much more verbose than Mary in their lovemaking cries. I still got a massive erection which I furiously jerked.

Part 4 - The Progression Intensifies

The next two weeks went off virtually uneventfully, Wednesdays were our love night, Robert came Saturday afternoon and Mary took him to bed while I watched, the football highlights on‘Match of the Day’. In my bed the love chorus, as I named it, seemed to get louder each week, giving me the real ‘hard-on’ which I wanked several times each the nights.

It was the last Wednesday in late January Mary was kissing my nipples while holding my ‘little man’ in her hand, gently stroking it. She just stopped and held my cock still in her hand, she said.

“You know since I have been with Robert”, slightly shaking her hand and my cock.This little thing doesn’t do anything for me when you are inside of me. I think from now on I will just give you a hand-job, to satisfy you and leave Robert to penetrate and satisfy me. I will let you cum over my breasts; you can then lick me clean. I know you like kissing and licking my nice titties and use your lovely tongue in my love hole, to satisfy me. Is that alright”?

“Not really dear, you’ll do as I say, and like it”.

I knew then that I was beginning made to accept the situation of our love life. I wondered if Mary was being instructed, by Robert, to do things, although she never said, I was sure she was having conversations with him during the week.

The next Wednesday Mary was stroking my cock while playing with my balls; she went down and kissed my ‘little man’s head’ which was unusual for her. She started to pump it when she suddenly stopped, squeezing my cock hard, while bringing her other hand down to grab my balls. It was hurting so badly I could hardly hear what she said.

“Are you doing this in the other room, while Robert and I are in here making love?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!, what do you mean”?

“Are you wanking yourself while Robert and I are in here?”

“Yeeeeeeee…..,” as she squeezed my balls harder.

“I didn’t hear you”


“Tell me”, she demanded as eased off my balls.

“Yes, your sex chorus, as I call it, your cries of ecstasy, shouts of joy and encouragement, Roberts occasional grunts, are so erotic they give me a massive erection I have to relieve myself”.

With that, she whacked my cock saying, as she turned away from me. “Finnish yourself off tonight”, and she went to sleep.

When Mary got home on Thursday evening she said. “I am sorry, my love, I was rather hard on you, last night. You were only trying to get satisfaction for yourself”.

She kissed me, “But I must tell you that Robert is coming tomorrow night. He will be here about 6.30; you will make sure there is enough dinner for him, dear”.

“Okay, but what’s that all about”?

“He is taking me shopping on Saturday; we will probably be gone all day. So you will need to do all the housework by yourself”.

She put her hands on each side of my head pulled me down and kissed me. “You’ll do that for me won’t you, you wonderful man, David, I really love you, sweetie”.

Robert arrived the next evening and we had dinner, making small talk about our past working week. Had a few drinks when Mary and Robert went up to bed quite early, I thought, while I stayed for another hour watching TV.

In bed, I had to listen to the sex chorus and as usual, got a massive erection. I was concentrating so hard on pumping my dick, I did not realise my door was pushed open where Mary and Robert stood watching me shoot my load all over my belly. They shut the door and went back to enjoying each other.

Next morning they were gone straight after breakfast, not a word was said about last night. I did the housework and washing as ordered and had the dinner ready for 6.00.

They came in soon after and Mary was full of the day. “We have had a lovely day, hadn’t we Robert”.

Who nodded in agreement.

“We will tell you all about it after dinner, David”.

At the table, Mary was in full voice. “We saw some lovely things, I got two new dresses”.

“You looked gorgeous in them Mary”, Robert interrupted.

“And Robert got a new shirt and tie”. On and on she went.

I cleared the dinner things away to the kitchen and was washing, and then Mary came up behind me; turned me round grabbed me with hands either side of my face and pulled me down to hers and kissed me.

“You have done a wonderful job today, David, the house looks really clean. You are such a loving husband and appreciative what you do for me, I could not wish to be with a better person than you”.

She kissed me again.

“Now when you have finished here, I want you to go upstairs and have a shower”.

“But I don’t need a…” my words were interrupted by her fingers on my lips.

“No arguments or protests, David, you will do as I tell you, please. Go up to the bathroom and I want you the shave you’re pubic hair. I’ve been doing that for ages; it is much more hygienic for you and then shower”.

She continued, “It may feel quite sore, when you finish, that area is very sensitive, so rub in some cream, that’s in the cabinet. When you have dried yourself, don’t get dressed just knock on our bedroom door and come in, so we can inspect you. Be careful not to cut yourself there. You will do that won’t you David, now be a good boy and don’t protest or argue”.

Then she was gone.

When I finished shaving and showering I wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my shyness, knocked on the door, and went in. Mary was lying on the bed with just her bra on and Robert was naked. I gasped, when I saw his cock for the first time, it must have been a good 6 or 7 inches long and not fully erect, his pubic area was completely bald, and I noticed that Mary could not get her hand fully around it as she was holding it. Robert sat up as he took his hand away from between Mary’s legs.

He said, “Drop the towel, David, and let’s see what sort of job you’ve made of yourself”.

As I dropped the towel he said. “That seems a good job, David, now came over here and let Mary inspect you”.

Mary rubbed one hand around my balls and lifted my cock with the other, and said. “It feels nice and smooth Robert”. I felt a twitch in my cock and Robert noticed it as well.

He snapped, “Slap it down, Mary, that’s not happening today, you will get hard when we let you. You will make sure you keep that area nicely shaved from now on”.

Robert continued. “We saw what you were doing last night; Mary and I have discussed the situation. What we saw last night was very degrading, demeaning and not good for you. It is also very disrespectfully to your wife and me, it will not happen again while I am in your house, is that clear”.

I nodded.

He continued, “From now on you will only talk, in this room, when you are spoken too and you will address me as Master Robert and Mary as Mistress Mary”.

I started to mumble.

Robert snapped, “There will be no arguments or objections, if you are not going to adhere to that, we will make you wear this”.

At which point, he pulled from a bag at the side of the bed, a ball gag.

“I think you had better fit it on him now Mary”.

As Mary strapped around my head I felt a tear slide out of my eye and I thought back to the conversation I had in the toilet New Year Eve. I thought it strange that, so far, it had always been Mary taking the lead, but now Robert had taken full control and was telling Mary what to do, perhaps it had been like that all along. Robert is not only dominating me but Mary as well, but she was enjoying it much more enthusiastically than me.

Robert carried on, “You have done very well so far, David, you have taken to this situation very well but things are going to change, for the better, from now on, you will show a lot more respect to your Mistress and Master, you will serve and service all our needs when I am here”.

“To stop you playing with yourself, you are to wear this”.

He pulled a cock cage from the bag.

“Fit it on him, Mary”.

She slipped the retaining ring over the top of my cock, and then started to stuff my balls into the ring; she had to push one ball through at a time, which was very painful, but I could only moan through my gag. When she got both balls into the ring she grabbed and pulled my scrotum making sure it was secure. She then started to stuff my cock into the chrome wire cage, it was very stubborn and Mary had to lick her fingers to give it some lubrication as she pushed and prodded my shaft into the cage. The cage was fitted to the retaining lugs on the ring the locking rod pushed though and the padlock secured.

“It looks a bit tight and uncomfortable but you will get used to it, David, the longer you wear it. That will keep you from defiling yourself and disrespecting us”.

As Robert placed a long gold chain, with a key on it, round Mary’s neck he said. “Don’t worry, David, Mary will release you from the cage, from time to time, and give you a hand-job, if you remain a good boy.”

“Now let’s see what else we have got for you”.

He pulled out of the bag four pairs of skimpy frilly nickers, pink, yellow, purple and red, handing Mary the pink ones.

“Put these on him, Mary, they will cover that unsightly cage up”.

“To be sure that you can never play with yourself when I’m here you will wear these and this, put them on him, Mary”.

He had a pair of wide thick leather pink wrist straps connected with three small steel chain rings, in the other hand, he held a wide pink leather dog collar with a lead attached. My hands were cuffed behind my back and the collar secured around my neck.

“Now starting next week”, Robert continued, “when we come to bed you will come with us and you will pay tribute and respect to your Mistress, by first sensually massaging and kissing her feet and remove her stockings, while paying attention to her legs. Then you will start at the top slowly removing all her clothes, kissing each area of naked skin you uncover. Finishing with that beautiful area between her legs. Then you will be respectful to me, your Master. You will then be dismissed to your room”.

“Remove the ball gag, Mary”, Robert then said.

As she did she wiped tears off my cheek.

Robert then said, “Stand up and let us look at you”, with a big grin, “you look, wonderful boy, what do you think, David”?

Remembering what I had been told, “Good Master Robert”.

“Now that is your uniform, you will wear only that when I am here.”

Grabbing the lead, Robert manoeuvred my head across to Mary; hovering me over her vagina.

“Now show respect to your Mistress and get her wet for me”.

Pulling me down onto her waiting sex organ, I was working there for four or five minutes when I was pulled away by Robert using the lead.

“That’s enough; you will never bring her to orgasm, with your tongue in my presence, which is my privileged. Now respect this”.

My face was manoeuvred to inches from his enormous cock.

“Kiss it, lick it and take it into your mouth, get me hard ready for your Mistress”.

I was sucking it for about ten minutes when he pulled me away.

“You can make me cum in your mouth another time; you’re taking too long now. Stand in the corner and watch a real man make love to your Mistress”.

Mary crawled over him as he lay back and she lowered herself on to his rock hard cock. She slipped up and down on it very enthusiastically, screaming cries of joy as she went down.

As I watched I began to realise how much Mary was enjoying the sensation, the frill was making her so happy.

The tears were rolling down my face, but they were tears of pleasure and love for my wife. I was so erotic my cock was straining in the cage, with that pain I could not stand straight, my knees were buckling.

“Stand straight, boy and watch”, Robert shouted.

They were banging away for what seemed ages, changing positions several times, him on top of Mary; her legs over his shoulders; sideways and doggy style. Mary had climaxed several times and finally with a big grunt and two final hard shoves Robert shot his load into Mary.

“Come here, boy, did you enjoy that?”

“Yes Master”.

“Now clean you’re Mistress”.

So I went down on Mary licked and sucked his cum from her sex tube.

“Now clean me,” he demanded, which I did.

He then dismissed me saying, “We will be sleeping late in the morning; you will bring us tea, but do not disturb us. Go to your bedroom; put the gag on him, Mary”.

I just lay on the bed with the handcuffs and my cock straining its cage, what could I do but listen to sex symphony continued to be played next door.

Next morning I struggled to get my legs through my arms and over the cuffs so I had my hands in front of me to make the tea. I took it to their room.

Mary was awake but Robert was sleeping, she said. “Come here, dear, let me take your gag and cuffs off”.

When she had done that she tenderly put her hand on the side of my face and kissed me on the forehead saying. “We were a little hard on you, but Robert likes things done correctly. You are such a good boy, David, I really do love you”.

I went downstairs to get on with the housework, I felt rather silly doing it in just my uniform. I tucked the lead in the back of my panties to stop it tickling my back. I retrieved the tea things and saw that they were both in the shower enjoying each other’s bodies. Eventually, they both came down the stairs.

Mary shouted, “We are going out for lunch, we’ll be back for dinner and Robert’s staying tonight.” Then they were gone. It was unusual for him to stay on a Sunday night but then I’m not the master in my own house at the weekends.

At bedtime, I was pulled up the stairs by my lead. I start by doing my duty for my Mistress while the Master undressed. He was watching me closely then snapped.

“Do it more tenderly, show proper respect, caress her more tenderly, that’s not good enough”.

I was working my way down across the Mistress’s stomach.

The Master said, “Stop, that has not been good enough, it needs to be more respectful and tender.”

Seated on the side of the bed he pulled on the lead and I was across his knees, pulling down my panties he gave me five very hard slaps across each buttock.

When finished he demanded, “There that’s what you get if you don’t please me, I want to see you do better next time.”

“Yes Master”.

“Now get Mary’s knickers off and worship that gorgeous vagina”.

When he thought I had been there long enough, The Master, now on the bed resting against the headboard, he pulled me over to his giant stiff cock.

Saying, “Tonight’s the night you are going to make me cum in your mouth, so get started”.

“Come here, Mary,” she positioned herself so her vagina was level with his mouth.

“We’re having a race, boy, you’ve got to see if you can make me cum before my tongue makes Mary climax”.

I knew that was a race I could never win.

The next morning, The Master was leaving when Mary eventually released him from her clutches; he came to and put his hand tenderly on the side of my face.

“Well done, David, you’ve taken this weekend very well, you’re a good boy”.

With that, he slapped my face and with the other hand strongly slapped my bum.

“You’re going to be my new SALES DIRECTOR”.

Part 5 – Promotion

When Robert was gone, Mary jumped on me, hands around my neck, legs around my waist, kissing me all over my face.

“Oh, well done, David, I am so proud of you, congratulations on your promotion. I said I was doing this all for you and it’s worked, I do love you, you wonderful man”.

There were more kisses but my emotions were somewhat different and mixed, some pleasure at the promotion but frustration, anger, jealousy and a lot of love for my wife, thinking that my transformation was almost complete.

That evening as soon as Mary arrived home, obviously still feeling excited from the morning’s declaration, she jumped on me, while kissing me, she said. “Take me up the stairs and undress me, darling, I’ll tell you how to do it more tenderly.”

When I had made her cum twice, with my tongue, she released my cock which almost immediately sprang to attention, and she stroked me with a strong grip, I was soon shooting over her chest. I cleaned her, sucking gently on each nipple, then my tongue made her climax twice more.

“Let’s go and have dinner, Mary said, “then we can come back and celebrate some more”.

At work Tuesday morning, I was summoned to Roberts’s office. As I walked in he came around his desk and put his hand out, I thought to shake mine but his hand went straight to my crouch and tapped.

“Are good, I see Mary is keeping you in check. Now sit down, we need to talk about this Directorship, I presume you will want to keep your secretary, it’s a promotion for her, as well. Carole, isn’t it, seems like a nice girl but Mary tells me she ‘bats for the other side’ is that so”?

“I thought you knew her, well you know her partner. She is a bit shy but very conscientious”, I said, “We work well together, and she does have a female partner”.

“It takes all sorts, I suppose, good I’ll get my secretary, who has all the papers we need to sign, and get your secretary and we’ll work through everything.”

Carole and I were in with Robert and his secretary for most of the morning.

Back in my office, Carole said. “Robert still into your wife, David”?

“Why do you ask”?

“He is certainly into my partner”.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he has a very dominant and strange lifestyle”.

“Yes, I think I would say, my wife, is into him”.

“You poor love, David, you poor love”, as she left my office.

Wednesday morning Carole buzzed through to me, “Mary’s on the phone, David”.

“Okay, put her through.”

“Hello dear, everything okay”?

“Yes, getting to grips with this director thing.”

“Good”, Mary said, “I just wanted to let you know that I will be staying at Robert’s tonight, is that alright”?

“What’s that all about, tonight is our night”?

“Yes, I realise that, love, but you did have Monday’s pleasure and I’ll make it up to you, I promise, he wants to discuss a few things with me, don’t be upset love, you know I love you”.

“I am not pleased but there’s nothing I can do about it, is there?”

“So it’s okay then, I’ll let him know, I will be back home, in the morning to change, but I expect you will already have left, goodbye, sweetie”.

Thursday evening when Mary came home I asked straight away.

“What was last night all about”?

“Oh, don’t worry dear; Robert will explain everything when he gets here Saturday. Now if you are a good boy tonight I will release your cock, after you pay me the proper respect, okay”?

I thought, ‘she must be still excited about my promotion’.

Saturday I met Robert at the door, as instructed I was dressed in my uniform.

“Good, David, I have brought you a present”.

From a bag, he took out a silk, almost see-through, housecoat with frills all-round the sides.

“Let me put it on you”.

I put my arms in and he tied the ribbons down the front; it came about halfway down my thighs at the front.

“There, that completes your uniform”.

Mary came down the hallway, “Oh isn’t that pretty? Now thank Robert”.

“Thank you, Master”.

I was feeling a right fool, standing there with both of them looking at me.

Partway through dinner, Robert said, “Now Mary and I have discussed a few things and made some arrangements, you tell him, Mary”.

“Now you must not worry, David, there is nothing that will affect our relationship, you know I love you and want to make you happy, so does Robert, and it is very kind of him to have made these arrangements”.

“First of all, Robert has arranged a holiday, just the two of us, in the Seychelles”. Mary mentioned the dates we would be away. “It’s a very exclusive resort, Robert use to go there with his wife, he showed me some photos, and it looks nice, I’m sure we will have a wonderful time, David”.

I said, “Just the two of us?”

“Oh yes, I won’t be there, it’s just for you both, you deserve it,” Robert said.

Mary continued, “Next weekend Robert is taking me away to the country, the Cotswold’s. But you are not being left out, David, Robert has arranged for you to visit and stay with two nice ladies, that he knows. They are going to show you the proper way to respect and serve your Master and Mistress. I will drop you at their place on my way to pick Robert up”.

I started to mumble in a very disdained way. “That’s great isn’t it, taking my wife away, making her drive him, pushing me off to some school, what the hell is that all about?”

Robert snapped, “There will be no arguments or no protests, we’ve both decided it the best thing for you, it will make you a better man. If you say anything else I’ll take you upstairs, put the ball gag on and punish you, it’s in your best interests, carry on Mary”.

“In three weeks, Robert is away at a business conference, so he cannot be here”.

‘Bloody who array’, I thought to myself.

“But he has kindly arranged for us to go to a party with some of his friends, and we are going to be the quests of honour”.

‘What sort of party is that going to be?’ I thought.

“Now don’t be a spoilsport, David, Roberts has done all this for our benefit, I am sure we will enjoy ourselves."

‘I’m sure you will, but I have grave doubts,’ I thought.

I very begrudgingly did my duty that night, I was thankful that the Master did not cum in my mouth while I pleasured him. I lay on my bed, at least the ball gag and cuffs were not put on me before I was dismissed, try to think how things had got this way and what I could do to stop it. I concluded that they had me ‘by my balls’ and resolved to have it out with Mary tomorrow night.

Sunday when Robert had left I was moping around, Mary pulled my lead and we sat down together on the settee, she kissed me and said.

“Now come on, David, tell me what the matter is, you look so sad and miserable”.

“Well it’s this situation; obviously, look at me, dressed like this. Robert is completely controlling me, you and our weekend and now our future it seems. He’s made me a weekend sissy slave”.

“Come now, David, its only one night a week and the term is weekend cuckolder”.

“Is it? You obviously talk to him about it all during the week.”

“Don’t get upset, you now Robert gives me what you can’t. He gives me fulfillment, I enjoy it and he makes me happy, I know you try and that you love me and I love you.”

“I don’t know, perhaps I should end all of this by chucking my job in and we could move away, it seems such an unnatural lifestyle”.

“No you can’t”, Mary said angrily, “Robert has some very influential friends, he will ruin you, make sure you could never get another job, you will be destitute”.

“I’m sure he will ensure you’ll be alright”.

“Yes, I’m sure he will; I am enjoying this way of life, I have never been so happy. Can’t you see, David, you will get used to it; next weekend will show you how to enjoy it. I want you to enjoy things; I want you to be happy, I love you, David”.

She kissed me all over my face and then said.

“I know it’s early, but let’s go up to bed, I’ll make you happy”.

I helped Mary undress; she took off my uniform even releasing my cock from its cage, I thought it seemed even smaller since it had been caged up. We got into bed but I could still smell Robert on the sheets. I whispered, “Oh god, he is still with us now”.

“What was that dear”?

As she kissed me, then fondled my ‘little man’ which quickly grew to attention, she continued to tenderly stroke it.

She said, “Robert is a strong, determined man, he told me that during his marriage his wife could never satisfy him and she did not like and was not interested in sex, so he took a lover. It was a similar situation to us but in reverse, his lover came and stayed at weekends while his wife did everything for them. After she died he had several lovers, he still sees one of them during the week”.

“So that story, ‘of not having the company of another woman’, was just a hook to get you”?

“Just a little white lie dear”. As she kissed away down my chest and then kissed the head of my erection and actually sucked it a few times.

I said, “And you don’t mind”?

As she came back up, “No dear, I don’t, I’m enjoying my life now. That’s such a sweet little thing”, as she gave my erection a little squeeze.

With her hand still holding my cock she continued.

“Robert introduced me to some of his lady friends and I have been meeting with them at lunchtimes. One of them, Marjorie, who used to be his lover, has a cuckold husband, told me that Robert is referred to as ‘Lord Master’. Marjorie is referred to as ‘Madam Mistress; so Vivian, another friend, told me, she has a lover but didn’t mention a husband”.

“Together they run a society, of like minded people, who meet and have parties; New Year’s Eve was one of those parties”.

“I suppose the one we are invited too and are to be the guests of honour, is one?”

“Well sort off, dear”.

She started to gently rub erection and continued.

“Robert said it would take time for you to get over your objections and you’ve not yet got yourself in the right frame of mind about this situation. That’s why he has arranged for you to see those two ladies next weekend”.

With that I shot my load on her tits, she said, “Now clean me and make me happy”.

Part 6 – The Training

On Friday afternoon I received a text from Mary simply saying, ‘just dress in your uniform, you will not need to take anything else for the weekend. Put an overcoat over my shoulders and sandals on; be ready for when I get home’.

I was waiting almost trembling in trepidation about what was going to happen this weekend, I was sure it was not going to be pleasant. Mary put the ball gag on me and buttoned up the coat so my arms were completely encased with the cuffs securing my arms behind my back. Mary drove me to an industrial site and pulled up the car next to what looked like a warehouse. We got out of the car and went into a reception area. Mary undid my coat and I slipped out of the sandals which she put on the desk.

A door opened and two huge, dark-skinned, amazon looking women greeted us.

“Mistress Mary, welcome and this must be little David”, one of them said.

“I’m Beatrice, Mistress Bea; this is Teamina, Mistress Tea”; looking at me she said.

“I’m sure we are going to have a lovely weekend”.

As Mary handed Mistress Bea my lead she said to me.

“Now be a good boy for the nice ladies, David”, and left.

The two ladies were overweight I thought, they must be dress size 22 or 24; they were about 5 foot 8 inches tall, with huge arms and legs, with massive hands. They were both dressed in a white blouse, with buttons straining to contain their huge breasts and a short black leather skirt with ankle boots on their feet.

Mistress Tea said, “You won’t need these, white boy”, as she took off my housecoat, knickers and ball gag and put them in a cupboard with my coat and sandals.

Mistress Bea pulled me up the stairs, by my lead, into a large room which had the biggest bed I have ever seen, up against the far wall, it was much wider than it was long. On the grilled headboard, handcuffs and other white ropes were hanging. Apart from the door, we entered through, which was now closed, there were doors on either side for the room, both open, one leading to a bathroom and the other to a kitchen. There was a settee at the bottom of the bed, with its back level with the top of the bed. Hooks and pulleys hung from the ceiling and some in the walls.

They both stood and looked at me; Mistress Bea said. “Let’s see what we have got to work with”.

Bea was one side me and Tea the other, they both slapped my face with their massive hands, it sung like mad. Bea shoved her fingers into my mouth and grabbed my tongue with her thumb and index figure and pulled it out as far as it could go.

“I’ve heard good things about what you can do with this”, as she tugged it, “we’ll find out later.”

As she let it go. They worked their hands down over my neck and shoulders and tweaked my nipples hard and then bite them.

They worked their way down slapping and pinching, as Tea cupped and squeezed my balls while Bea flicked at my cock cage saying, “We won’t get any pleasure from this little thing; I think we will leave it caged.” Lifting my arms away from my back, their hands went to my buttocks which they slapped and Tea pushed her finger up my anus.

“This is rather tight; we need to work on this, white boy”.

With that, Bea kneed me in the bollocks, I crumple to the floor. They sat on the settee, pulling my lead said. “Come over here, white boy, and clean our boots with that tongue of yours”.

I crawled over and I got to my task, occasionally being whacking on my back and arse with a riding crop. As I finished each boot, I had to take it off, massage and kiss their big, stinky feet.

It took quite a while to complete my task and I was thirsty, Tea brought a bowl of water which I had to lap up, while on my knees, like an animal.

I tried to stand but Bea demanded. “Stay on your knees, boy, now Master Robert tells us you have been objectionable and not respectful enough to him and the Mistress. So if you’re not going to do as we say, you must be punished, we will start with that, so you know what you will get if you don’t please us”.

A rope was secured to the middle ring of my cuffs and put through a pulley in the ceiling, and tied to a hook on the wall. As the rope was pulled tight, my arms were lifted causing me to bend at the waist, exposing my backside and my head went down. Bea kicked my feet wider apart and forced a butt plug in my anus. Tea lifted her skirt and clamped my head between her massive thighs; I could feel her wet knickers on the back of my neck.

Bea stood behind me and said, “I am going to whack each of your arse checks in turn, like this”.

She brought her big hand down on my right cheek with such force it stung.

“You will thank me for each hit and count; ready boy?”

The next hit was on my left cheek, “Thank you, Mistress Bea, 1.”

Each time she hit I jerked and my neck crashing into Tea’s wet crotch, from the whimpering noises she was making, I thought she was nearing an orgasm.

Bea stopped at 10 and pushed the butt plug further into my arse and then kneed my balls. I knees crumpled but she grabbed my hips, digging her fingernails into my skin and dragged my legs up straight. My arse cheeks were stinging but she carried on whacking me, at 20 the same procedure, but plug pushed in further, kneed in the balls. My neck was soaking wet with Tea’s feminine juices when my legs were pulled straight again, she cried. “My turn,” and released my head.

She grabbed a long leather strap and I was now clamped between Bea’s thighs. I was told the same procedure was to apply but the first strike was across my thighs.

“Thank you, Mistress Tea, 1”.

She alternated the strikes buttocks, back and thighs. At 20 she stood back and said. “That’s a nice colour you’ve got on your arse now.”

I was cringing with the pain and stinging skin.

Bea said, “We had better be kind and rub some cream over that.”

They applied a liberal amount of cream but were quite rough with their hands rubbing it in; it did little to alleviate the pain, they continually shoved the plug further into my arse hole.

The rope was loosened and my cuffs released and I just collapsed on the floor. They left me there as they went to the kitchen and made themselves a drink; I had to make do with the bowl of water on the floor.

I was dragged to my feet, Tea sat on the settee with a riding crop in her hand while Bea stood in front of me. “Now, white boy, you will take my clothes off, you will do it respectfully, carefully and tenderly. Caressing and kissing my skin as you uncover it. Mistress Tea is watching and will whack you if she thinks you are not doing it carefully enough. So get started”.

I slowly walked around her as I removed her blouse, caressing and kissing her shoulders, neck and top of her chest, first whack on my legs. I removed her bra and gently caressed her enormous breasts; I held them in my hands as I kissed down her cleavage. Her tits were resting on my shoulders each side of my ears, when Tea got up and slapped them, making my ears ring. Bea then started a shoulder shimmy each boob bashing my ears and the sides of my face.

I kissed her stiff nipples and gradually worked my way around her body, getting a few more whacks as I went. I removed her skirt kissing and caressing her thighs; finally, her wet knickers came off and went to work on her cavernous vagina. My head seemed to get lost in the folds of her skin as she grabbed my head and pushed me further in. I thought I was going to suffocate as she moved her fanny all over my face.

She final pulled me up by my ears as I gasped for air, then slapped my face and said. “That was quite a good job, white boy; your tongue does work well. Now show Mistress Tea the same respect and loving”.

When I had finished with her, Mistress Tea lay on the bed pulling me there by my lead saying.

“I want some more of your tongue, white boy”.

With her lying down I had room to breathe as my tongue worked in her large vaginal hole.

Bea removed the butt plug and slipped a strap on dildo into my arse; it hurt as first but as she pumped it felt easier. When Tea orgasmed they changed places but the dildo was fatter this time, as it was each time they orgasmed and changed places. They had both cum twice when Bea said, “Nearly bedtime, white boy, but first you will take us in the shower and clean us good”.

After taking off my collar we all squeezed into the shower cubical, I soaped and rubbed my hands all over their bodies as they did to me but added a few slaps and pinches, take great delight sticking their finger in my arse. I dried them off again having to caress and kiss their bodies.

“You’re in bed with us tonight, white boy.”

We climbed into the big bed, they sneezed up to me, one each side and started biting, licking, slapping and smothering me with all parts of their bodies. Eventually, to my relief, they gave up on me and started playing with each other but I was still wedged between them. Being exhausted I quickly dozed off.

I woke with a start, as a giant hand squeezed my balls, with Bea saying. “Come on, white boy, pay tribute to my body and I want your tongue in my fanny to wake me up”.

I started caressing and kissing her tits which were flopped to each side of her body. I worked down and lost my face in the folds of her skin at the top of her thighs and lower stomach.

She got off the bed when I had finished and I began to follow, but a big hand grabbed my arm, then Tea said. “You got to pay me the same respect, white boy”.

So I stroked and kissed my way down her big body before we got breakfast.

We all sat in the kitchen, totally naked, apart from me wearing my cock cage as if that was the natural way to eat breakfast.

A padded table was set up in the bedroom, I was laid face down on it, with a big slap on my arse, Tea said. “I’m now going to demonstrate, on you, how to massage your Master and Mistresses bodies”.

She started with my neck and worked down my back; I was relaxing and enjoying the experience, thinking this is probably the most pleasure I’m going to get this weekend when a big hand clapped across my arse again.

“Are you concentrating, boy? Cause you got to do this to me and Mistress Bea next.”

She carried on down my back but skirted over my buttocks to work on my legs before coming back.

“You need to pay particular attention to this area and around the front area when we get there”.

As she worked my arse checks and fingered my ring, I was turned over and she started work on my chest. She squeezed and pinched my nipples.

“You pay particular kind and tender treatment to these, particularly on a lady”.

When she finished she slapped my face, as I got off the table she got on, her body mass slid over the sided of the table.

“Now give me a massage, Mistress Bea will be watching and every time I complain that you are not doing it right she will punish you with the riding crop, get going, boy”.

No sooner had I rubbed her neck with my oily hands, she screamed, “Ohhhh…… that’s too hard, be gentler.”

Thwack as the crop crashed across my legs. I managed to get down her legs with only two more hits. There were more thwacks as my hand moved over her wobbly arse checks. Turning her over and I was pleased there were no more hits as I worked over her breasts and nipples. When I got back to her virginal area the crop rained down on my legs. Mistress Bea stepped in to show me how to use my thumb and fingers to massage the vaginal lips and clitoris.

As she got off the table Tea said, “Not bad for the first try, you should do better with Mistress Bea.”

I must have done a much better job on Bea, only getting two whacks from the crop before I had finished my task.

For the next stage of my training, I was fitted with a ball gag with a big dildo on it which felt very awkward on my face. With Bea lying on the bed with her leg wide apart and Tea holding my head, she helped me guide the dildo into the waiting vaginal hole. Tea pushing and pulling my head, I got into a rhythm. She let go of my head as I continue fucking, Bea was getting excited, then a dildo was pushed into my arse, Tea had a strap-on. I continued my head movement until Bea had orgasmed. They changed places but Bea had a fatter dildo. When my face dildo had brought them both to orgasm twice each, it was removed and they left me to catch my breath, they went to get a drink in the kitchen.

Bea came out and let two tall strapping, young black men in through the door, she said to me.

“These are our ‘Bulls’, this is Clyde and this is Jerome, white boy, you’re going to give them a full body massage.” They both stripped off and I immediately noticed their big cocks, at least 9 inches and very thick. Clyde got onto the table, after landing a smack on my backside, I started to massage while Bea watched me and made comments to correct me. Tea and Jerome were on the bed playing with each other, while I continued working on Clyde’s body.

The massage was going well, Bea, was complimenting on my progress, until I reach the genital area. Bea stepped in saying. “This needs special treatment, like the ladies area, you got to caress it, not wank it like a hand-job”.

As she ran her finger over his balls and took his giant cock in her fingers and gently teased the muscle.

“Now you try”. —- “That’s it, that’s good”, she complimented”.

When I had finished, “I had to pay tribute to it. You’re learning boy”.

Holding his stiff cock I kissed, licked and sucked it.

Bea and Clyde went over to the bed and Tea brought Jerome for his massage. This seemed to go even better. After completing my duty Tea said, “Well done.” My arse got a compliment smack from Jerome.

We had dinner which I helped to prepare and then served them. As I put the ingredients on their plates and poured the wine, my arse got continually squeezed and smacked.

With the dinner cleared and washed, I was on my knees licking and sucking, making the cocks hard again. When they were rock hard the boys seem to like the game of swinging their hips so their cocks smacked my face. One was one side, one the other, their cocks were that long the heads were stinging my ears. The girls were laughing and encouraging them to swing quicker.

Finally, they got fed up with that game and we were back to a session of me face fucking one of the girls and a boy humping my arse, while on the other side of the bed the other two were enjoying each other. The pairs change places after I had made the girl cum, but thankfully the boys did not cum in my arse, even though they had a condom on, they saved their seeds to shoot into the girls.

Before bedtime we finished the wine that was left from dinner, Bea said. “The four of us are in the bed tonight, white boy, you’re on the settee”.

Before I could sleep I had to clean and pay tribute to all the cocks and vaginas. I was so knackered I soon feel asleep despite the sex symphony playing out on the bed.

Sunday morning I was summoned onto the bed to pay a tribute to the four genitals before we had breakfast.

After which, in turn, I gave them all a full body massage. Then it was back to the face fucking and my arse being pummelled, again I was thankful the boys did not ejaculate in my butt, saved it for when they were with their respective lady.

After a break for drinks, they all decided that they should be more competitive with an assortment of several games.

First game; I was to face funk Mistress Tea while Jerome shagged Mistress Bea to see who could make the lady orgasm first, then we changed partners, me on Mistress Bea and Clyde on Mistress Tea. I lost both races as I was getting very tired.

They gave me one more chance in the second game, I had to make Mistress Bea cum using my tongue before Clyde could get Mistress Tea to orgasm by taking her from behind. I just about won that round but Jerome was determined as he took Mistress Bea and I worked on Mistress Tea. I just about won again but I collapsed on the bed, my prize for winning, and the final indignity, was for my body to be sprayed with what little sperm the boys had left as the girls gave then a hand-job.

I was virtually asleep on the bed but I realised that the boys had showered and dressed and were leaving as they shouted. “Thanks, white boy, we had some fun and enjoyed ourselves with you".

The girls came back and jumped on the bed, they took it in turns to shag my face with their vaginas; I was coved in their love juices. I was pretty much oblivious but I thought, ‘where do they get their energy, their staying power? Given the times they have orgasmed over this weekend’.

“Right, white boy, let’s get you cleaned up”. Bea said.

We squeezed into the shower cubical, while I soaped and washed their bodies and they did me. After dying off I had to dress them, pay them full respect by caressing and kissing their skin before I covered it with their clothes. Before I was dressed in my uniform I was liberally sprayed with perfume. In the reception area, my panties, housecoat, cuffs and ball gag were secured to complete my uniform awaiting Mary’s arrival.

Mistress Tea said while squeezing my arse. “I’ve had a good time working with you this weekend, it’s been real fun, and you can come again”.

“Yes, you have done well, David, Master Robert will be pleased with your progress, when you see him next, you’ve been a good learner and done very well”, Mistress Bea said.

When Mary came through the door I almost did not recognise her, she looked fabulous, she was in a completely new outfit, her hair was different and her makeup looked professionally done. She reached up took my face in her hands and kissed my forehead.

“Oh!!!, you smell nice, and you’ve had a good time, looking at all the little bruises and bite marks on your body”.

“Thank you ladies, has he been good”?

“Yes, Mistress Mary, very good we’ve had a lot of fun this weekend, I am sure you and Master Robert will be please how he will serve and respect you in the future”. Bea said as she handed Mary my lead.

My sandals and coat were put on my shoulders and we went out to the car.

In the car, Mary said, “Oh, David, you look awful, let me take your gag and cuffs off”.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Was it that bad”?

“Bloody worse, those women were relentless and brutal; but you look wonderful, I have never seen you looking gorgeous, I like your hair and makeup, you had a very good weekend”?

“It was marvellous, a wonderful hotel with a spar, I had the full treatment today.

Part 7 – The Trails

I was asleep when we arrived home, Mary helped me indoors.

“Robert said you should sleep in the guest’s room the next few days as your body will take some time to recover”.

“He wants me to try out some of the things you’ve learnt, this week, so I can report your progress before Saturday”.

I awoke quite late on Monday morning, my body was aching all over, Mary had already left for work, and so I phoned in work and made an excuse that I was going to a meeting that had been arranged suddenly. I went back to bed and began to think things over, all about the situation between me, Robert and Mary.

As I got out of bed, early afternoon, I decided I would make a special dinner for Mary. I made the fish pie, she liked, with sweet potato topping and put a nice bottle of ‘pinot grigio’ in the fridge to cool and I laid the table with candles.

As she came through the door I almost fell at her feet but Mary grabbed me and pulled me up and kissed me. I took her coat as she walked into the dining room.

“What’s this all about love? It’s not my birthday”.

“I’m so sorry, Mary, I have been a real fool”.

“What do you mean”?

“You looked so wonderful and happy yesterday, I don’t’ think I have ever seen you looking so good, not even on our wedding day”.

“Oh, come now, you’re being silly”.

“No, I have been thinking about our situation all day and I have been so selfish about it. I have realised how joyful and happy you are with it all. After this weekend I can acknowledge my place in our relationship. I do love you and I want you to be gorgeous and happy. I will serve you and do my best for you and Robert from now on”.

Mary was in tears, “Oh David, that’s so sweet of you, I love you too”.

“Now let’s have this lovely dinner you prepared and then we will go to bed”.

“No thank you, I don’t think my body will be up to it tonight”.

“Okay, we’ll give it another couple of days, love”.

We kissed and hugged several times that evening.

It was Thursday evening as I took Mary up to bed, I undressed her, caressing and kissing her body making her cum with my tongue.

“I’m sorry, David, but I must report to Robert, before he comes on Saturday, about what you learnt last weekend and of course he’ll want to try you out on Saturday”.

She went to the box room and brought out a padded massage table.

“Come and help me, David, we’ll put this in our bedroom, there’s plenty of space in there”.

“Where did this come from”? I enquired.

“We got it last weekend, Robert and I bought it up here, last Sunday, before I dropped him off and came to pick you up”.

She also brought in a box of scented oils and put them on the dressing table. She climbed face down onto the table, saying.

“Now let’s see how your massaging skills have improved”.

Using the oils I gave her a full body massage, paying very careful and especially tender touches to her breasts and virginal area.

“Oh, that was wonderful, David, I feel so relaxed and refreshed, that was so lovely”.

With that, she produced a ball gag with a large dildo attached and strapped it around my head. Mary lay across the bed with me kneeling on the floor as I started face fucking her, she started whimpering, and then it became a scream.

“Yes David, yes, oh that’s wonderful, go, go, yesssss!!!!, yesssssss!!!!!, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, ohhhhh…., that was beautiful”.

She laid on the bed this smile on her face, panting away.

“Well done, David that was marvellous and the first time you have made me cum with a cock, albeit a rubber one”.

She said as she strapped on a dildo. “I’m not sure I’m going to like doing this, David, but Robert insists I try.”

I laid face down with my legs apart and over the sides of the bed, she guided the dildo into my anus, after four or five pumps in and out she pulled it out.

“No, I don’t like that; I’ll leave that to Robert”.

“I’m not sure I will like it either when he does it”.

“Well, I will give a very good report to Robert, tomorrow; I will tell him how loving, tender and respectful you were”.

With that, we curled up in each other’s arms and slept peacefully.

I was waiting at the door, dressed in my uniform, for Robert, as he came through the door I sunk to my knees and kissed his shoes. I thought it was best to show my respects but he just tapped me on my head and walked straight to Mary, who had him in a ‘bear hug’.

After she untangled herself from him, she said. “Come on, David, have you got the dinner on yet”?

When I had served dinner and cleared thing away afterwards, Robert said. “Right, let’s go upstairs and see if you can please me, as you seemed to have done with, Mistress, last Thursday”.

I respectfully helped Robert undress, then my uniform was reduced to just my cock cage, collar and lead.

“I’m going in the shower now; you undress Mistress and show her due respect, while I’m in there”.

Robert watched me, as he dried off, giving Mary her body massage. When she was finished he got on the table and I very carefully worked all over his body. I was still amazed at the size of his cock, which grew to a hard erection as I massaged it with my fingers and just as I finished, I kissed its head.

“That was marvellous, David, now let’s see what you can do with this”?

The face dildo was strapped on my head, Mary lying across the bed; I slip the rubber cock into her waiting wet vagina. I was just getting into a rhythm when Robert came up behind me and stuck his lubricated giant tool into my anus. It hurt a bit and felt very big in my tight hole, as he pushed in and out I was able to get back in a rhythm with Mary.

As she started to whimper, Robert pulled out of me and said. “That’s it, remember you are not allowed to make the Mistress cum while I’m here, that’s my privilege”.

“You have done us proud, David that was very good. Last weekend must have been good for you; you’ve been very respectful, tender and loving, well done, and you’re now dismissed”.

Still wearing the face dildo, I thought, ‘I’m not staying in my room listening to the sex chorus’, so I went downstairs and watched ‘match of the day’.

Mary and Robert, as usual, went out for lunch, on Sunday, I was left to finish house chores and prepare the dinner. As Robert was leaving and when Mary had entangled herself from him.

He came to me saying. “Very good, David, I think you’re in the right frame of mind to respectfully serve and service us. Keep it up and enjoy the Party next weekend”.

Part 8 – The Initiation Humiliation

Mary was invited to stay at, her friend, Marjorie’s house on Wednesday night, probably making plans for the Party, whatever the guests of honour are expected to do. So my caged little man didn’t get any exercise again, the only time it has been let out lately was for me to shave my pubic area.

Thursday evening I inquired, “What’s Saturday all about then”?

“Well it’s basically a ‘Ladies Night’; we have to put on a little bit of a show. It will be all right, David, you might enjoy it, you’ll find out Saturday”, Mary answered.

“I’m sure I will”, I answered very sarcastically.

After we showered together, on Saturday afternoon, I then gave Mary a relaxing full body massage. I was helping her dress, thinking I had never seen any of the underwear she had put out on the bed. I first secured a lacy half cup bra, which lifted her boobs and exposed her nipples. Then I slid a pair of shimmering sheer stockings up each leg and fitted a suspender belt to which I secured the stockings, followed by a fancy G-string.

She twirled around and said, “How do I look”?

“Fabulous, darling, I haven’t seen these before”.

“No, Robert bought them for me, last weekend.”

I put on her blouse, which I had trouble buttoning up due to her uplifted boobs, and then a tight short skirt. I was dressed in my uniform with my purple knickers.

“I won’t put these on you until we get there”. Mary said holding my wrist cuffs and ball gag.

“You’ll need this as well”, as she held up my face dildo.

“Oh, it’s going to be that sort of Party, is it”?

“You’ll see, dear”.

We put our coats on and Mary drove, I was filled with dread as she pulled the car up to the industrial estate warehouse, where I spent the weekend two weeks ago. We went into the reception area and were met by a tall striking, blonde-haired woman, dressed in what looked like a very expensive outfit. I thought she was attractive, with a shapely body, for her age, I thought she must be at least 55 years old.

“This is my friend Marjorie”, Mary said as she embraced her, “and this is my husband, David”.

“Nice to meet you, David, I hope you are looking forward to the Party”?

I mumbled, “I’m not sure”.

“Now come with me, I’ll show you to your dressing room.”

Marjorie took us along a corridor; I thought at least I’m not going upstairs, and into a dressing room. It was a large room with a settee, dressing table, large mirror and toilet area which include a shower.

“Now you get ready and I’ll come back and see you before you meet all the ladies”, saying as she left.

We took off our coats and I helped Mary out of her blouse and skirt.

“Is that it, all you’re wearing”?

As she fitted my cuffs and ball gag.

“Yes, dear, this is my uniform for tonight; I just need to put this on”.

She slipped on a sheer negligee, which covered her backside but the front was open. I heard the chatter and laughter of ladies as they passed along the corridor to what I assumed would be a large hall.

Marjorie came back into our dressing room and she was wearing almost the identical underwear, as Mary, and it did show off her ample figure.

“Good you are ready, oh, you won’t need your housecoat, David”, so Mary took it off, “the rest is very becoming. Now you will wait here till I call you in, you will lead him in Mary and you will remove his cuffs and gag. You will pay a tribute to me, David, by kissing and caressing my feet and legs, removing my stockings. Then respectfully remove the rest of my clothes, kissing and caressing my body and especially this area”, pointing between her legs, “you will then give me a full body massage, okay David? You will be instructed as what to do next, David”, as she left the room.

We could hear Marjorie, obviously using a microphone.

“Welcome to this Special Ladies Night Party, it is a slightly different event tonight. We are here to initiate two new cuckold pets”, cheers and applause echoed in the hall.

“Now ladies, charge your glasses to show our respect to our Lord Master, Robert, who, unfortunately, cannot be with us tonight”.

‘Cheers, Lord Master Robert,’ followed with more applause.

“Now ladies let’s welcome Mistress Mary and her cuckold husband, David”.

Cheers, shouts and gasps as Mary lead me into a large hall where about 20 ladies dressed in very smart and expensive outfits sat on white settees, with small tables, down the sides of the room. There were whips, riding crops, dildos and glasses of champagne on the tables.

There was a massive bed similar to the one that was upstairs against the far wall. Two massage tables were set side by side in the middle of the room. As we walked in we passed two very ‘nice-looking boys’, dressed only in shirt cuffs and shirt collar with a bow tie around their necks, wearing Lycia G-strings who were the waiters for the evening.

Mary removed my gag and cuffs and as instructed I paid respect to Marjorie and gave her the massage. As I went down over her body with my tongue I noticed her pubic hair cut short into a blonde heart shape. There were cheers and catcalls as my mouth reached the more sexual areas of her body.

I then had to undress showing full respect to Mary but I did not give her the massage, she fitted my face dildo and lay on one of the tables. So I knew what I had to do, as I went down on my knees Marjorie sat over Mary’s face, with her hands on her breasts. Mary then started to lick and kiss her wet vagina. When both ladies had orgasmed we all stood, Mary and I, still wear my face dildo, had to stand aside and I noticed that the ladies sat on the settees had been undressing each other or themselves, most of them now sat in just their suspender belts and stockings or hold up stockings and enjoying each other’s bodies.

Marjorie on the microphone, “Now ladies we will bring in our next guests. Welcome, Mistress Vivien and her cuckquean”.

With more cheers, catcalls, and applause the ladies welcomed them in. As a tall thin woman, with short spiky, auburn hair, who, I immediately recognised; she was only wearing a sheer negligee and strap on dildo, leading in a girl with a leather hood over her head, clipped under her chin with just a hole cut over her nose and mouth but no eye holes. Around her naked body were three leather straps, one fixed round the top of her arms, passing over the top of her breasts, the second round her elbows over the bottom of her breasts, pushing them unnaturally out. The final strap, of the three, was secured around her hips securing her wrists to her body. Another strap joined the three, by running down her cleavage, separating her breasts. She was lead to one of the tables, laid down with her legs pulled apart and hung down the sides, and then her ankles were strapped to the table legs.

I thought, ‘Poor girl, it couldn’t be could it’? ‘She’s going to be stuck on that table all night; at least I can move about if the ladies let me.’

I was lead round in front of her spread legs, pushed on to my knees; I knew what I had to do. I carefully guided my rubber cock into her vagina, while Mary sat on her face and squeezed her protruding breasts and nipples.

After a while, my face dildo was removed and I was lead and lay on the other table.

Marjorie then shouted, “Right Ladies they are all yours.”

There was a lot of pushing and shoving, almost a scrimmage, but a rather plump lady with a thick brown bush jumped onto my face.

“Lick me, David, make me cum”.

Another lady was using a vibrator in my anus, while two more, one each side of me grabbed my hands and moved them up between their legs and I was finger fucking them.

As the plump lady reached her orgasm she squirted her juices all over my face and body.

I managed to notice the girl was getting similar torture as me, with one lady on her face, two using dildos in each of the holes between her legs and another sat on her midriff squeezing and tweaking her nipples.

As soon as one lady had had enough of each of us, others took their place. The ladies that could not immediately get to play with either of us, made do with each other’s bodies.

I licked and face fucked so many vaginas; massaged several other ladies, and had numerous dildos in my anus. At one point in the evening I was being ridden, bear back, around the room, with the ladies using my lead and crops on my arse. I was sweating and covered in sticky female love juices.

I notice at some time in the evening, that Mary, Marjorie and Vivien were on the big bed playing with two other naked ladies bodies, whose hands were handcuffed to the headboard.

After what seemed an eternity, Marjorie announced.

“Right ladies; please settle down for our finale”.

The two gay waiters were brought forward, their G-strings removed and with the encouragement of the ladies, they sucked each other’s dicks hard. With one standing over me, the other standing over the girl, they wanked themselves furiously and then shot their sperm over our bodies to thunderous applause and cheers.

“Thank you ladies, that concludes our evening’s entertainment. I trust you have enjoyed yourselves,” more cheers, “See you at the next party”.

The girl’s ankles were released and she was lifted and carried to her dressing room, while Mary led me to ours. I felt so humiliated and defiled, my body was sore and aching, I was even ashamed at Mary, I could not bring myself to speak to her while we showered and dressed.

I was standing in my full uniform, minus my knickers, which I had lost sometime during the evening when Marjorie came into the room. Both her and Mary were again dressed in their expensive outfits they came in, they both embraced, Marjorie saying. “What a good party, I enjoyed that, did you, Mary”?

“Oh, yes, I’m not sure David did, he hasn’t spoken to me yet”.

“Now, David”, Marjorie said as she turned to me, “don’t be a silly boy, you did very well, you’re one of us now. You have a magic tongue and magic hands.”

Grabbing my cock cage, “It’s a pity there isn’t any magic in this. If there was you’d be welcomed to our ‘studs and bulls’ parties, as it is you’re a perfect cuckold husband. I hope I get the pleasure of your talent’s and body very soon”. As she patted my bum.

Mary replied with a grin. “I’m sure that can be arranged, good night, Marjorie, see you soon”.

Mary removed my cuffs and gag, putting on my coat she said. “You had better drive home; I’m not sure how much I’ve had to drink, Okay David”?

“Yes Mistress”.

In the car, I notice the time at nearly three o’clock, I started driving I said. “You had a good time tonight. I saw you on the bed playing with those other women; I didn’t think you were so kinky; liking women the way you appeared to be doing”?

“Oh yes, I find the female body so soft, sensuous and exciting, not like a man’s, except for big penises”.

“You ladies were tremendously torturous; relentless, some of them were like animals, especially with that poor girl”.

“Did you know who it was”?

“I wasn’t sure, with her head and eyes covered, but I had my suspicions, I recognised the women who lead her in”.

“Yes, that was Vivien, and that girl was Carole; at least you can now say you shagged you’re secretary, even if it was with a rubber cock”, said with a big grin and laugh.

“That was horrible of you Mary; I’m quite ashamed of you. I suppose Robert arranged that purposely”.

“Well yes and Marjorie”.

“They’re some real bastards”.

“Now, don’t be like that, David, you’ll get over it”.

We remained silent for the rest of the way home.

On Monday morning, at work, when Carole came in, I said. “My God, you look terrible”.

“I’m sorry, David, my partner took me to a party Saturday night and I’ve not yet got over it”.

“Funny, my wife took me to a party, Saturday night.”

“Oh no, it wasn’t you was it? I had known idea who was there, I heard the ladies screaming David during the evening. Did you know it was me”?

“Yes, it was me, I had my suspicions about you, I recognised partner as she led you in. It was a tough night, those ladies were relentless, especially to you, being tied there all night, and that final humiliation was totally unnecessary”.

She said ‘sorry’ again as tears rolled down her face. I took her in my arms to try to comfort her.

“I’m sorry for you; I try to be as gentle as I could when they forced me on to you”.

“I appreciate that David, the ladies behaved terribly. That final act was our initiation into the society”.

“Mary told me, in the car home; that it was you and Vivien is your partner. She also said that Robert and Marjorie planned it specially, as it was me and you”.

“Oh, she’s a right bitch that Marjorie. Her husband, Clive, used to be Robert’s business partner. She became Robert’s lover, as Clive could not satisfy her, but he wouldn’t go along with the lifestyle. Somehow, between them, they got to him sign everything, the business shares, their house and other properties over to Marjorie. She just keeps poor Clive as her house servant now. She is Robert’s business partner now; they own that warehouse we were in Saturday night”.

“I’ve been there before”.

“Oh, you were in the training room with those two horrible fat women”.

“Yes, Robert made me go”.

“They have all kinds of parties there, this last one was an unusual Ladies Night, and they usually have five or six well-endowed men to entertain the ladies. They have swingers, subs and doms, studs and bulls, gays and BDSM nights”.

“You seemed to know a lot about the society, have you been involved long”?

“I wouldn’t say I was involved, its Vivien, she helps organise some of the party nights, she’s been taking me along for the past two years. When she’s in charge I usually end up handcuffed, naked, to the bed so they can play with me. I don’t mind the women so much but I hate men going down on me”.

“Oh, you poor thing, I tried to have this situation out with Mary a couple of weeks ago, but she wouldn’t have it, she’s enjoying herself too much. She said Robert would ruin me if I tried to chuck it all in”.

“He would, but you’ve got this job, which is good for you, you need to make the most of it during the week and just be stuck with the weekends”.

“You and me both, but the problem is that Mary has started to stay out during the weeknights, usually with Marjorie and Vivian. She seems to have taken a liking to female bodies as well as big cocks”.

Part 9 – My Changing Lifestyle

The next few weeks past with Robert turning up on Saturday and staying over, I did my duty serving and servicing them. Mary was staying out more regularly during the week, usually on a Wednesday. My ‘little man’ was not being released from its cage, not getting any exercise. I wondered who Mary was seeing; it couldn’t be just those women, could it? When I did go down on her sucking her vagina and clitoris I didn’t get any new man’s tastes, I knew she wouldn’t tell me if I asked her.

As he was leaving on Sunday evening, Robert said. “I won’t be here next weekend; I’m away on business again”.

Mary gave him extra hugs and kisses and I was thinking, ‘bloody good’, a weekend free.

As soon as he was gone Mary said.

“I’ll ring Marjorie to see if we can arrange something for next weekend”.

“Can’t we have just one weekend to ourselves”?

“Oh no, you know Marjorie is keen to use your talents again”.

She came back from using the telephone, very excitedly.

“It’s all arranged, Marjorie has invited us over to stay the night; she’s having a house party. There’ll be at least one other couple there and some other guests. That will be good, David, won’t it”?

“If you say so”.

We arrived at Marjorie’s about mid-day; I drove, with Mary giving me the directions, as she had been there before. It was a very imposing house, in its own grounds, I parked the car in front of the double garage, and there was already another car parked there.

We were met at the front door by Marjorie, who embraced Mary and just tapped me on the bum, her husband came into the hallway, and she introduced him. “This is, Clive, he’ll be looking after us this weekend”. He looked a very withered, downfallen old man; dress in a woman’s housecoat. Marjorie took us through to the living room after we had removed our coats and introduced us to another couple.

“This is, Brenda and her cuckold husband, Thomas, this is Mary and her cuckold husband, David”.

Brenda was quite a petite woman with strong looking legs and a perfect hourglass figure, with ginger hair. She was dressed similar to Mary, in a tight-fitting short dress which showed off her cavernous cleavage and shapely legs.

After Brenda embraced Mary, she looked at me with very wide-eyes and said to Mary. “This is Little Tommy, as I call him; David looks very cute; shall we exchange cuck husbands for the weekend”?

“What a good idea”. Mary said as she handed Brenda my lead, while she handed over Little Tommy’s.

Tommy was dressed in a similar uniform to me and I thought, ‘he’s been to the same training as I have’.

The ladies sat down at the table and Clive served then lunch, Tommy and I were instructed to get on our knees after our cuffs and gags were removed, and get under the table to pay our respects to the lady’s legs and feet. It was only right that we should pay homage to the host first, so we had a leg each as we started with Marjorie.

I pushed her skirt up, and noticed she did not have any panties on, unclipped her stockings from her suspender belt and started to roll them down while kissing and caressing her legs, Tommy was doing the same on the other leg. After we had finished by kissing and sucking Marjorie’s toes, I moved over to Brenda’s very shapely and muscular legs. I pushed up Brenda’s dress; she had no knickers on either, her ginger pubes were cut very short in the shape of a triangle with the apex pointing down to her vaginal slit. Unclipping and rolling down her stockings, I felt her legs were very athletic, strong but supple as I massaged them.

When lunch was completed we were allowed to stand up behind our ladies, Marjorie said.

“Now ladies to the afternoon’s entertainment, I’ll take you upstairs, you have five-bedrooms to choose from but I’ll keep the master for my pleasure, this evening, two of the others have en-suites; I think you should use those”.

We were led upstairs, “You go in here Mary, Barbara you in here, you get started, I’m going down to makes sure Clive’s organised for dinner, and we’ve got two more guests for dinner.

“I’ll be back with you Brenda, I want to enjoy David’s talents again, and then I’ll come and see how you’re getting on Mary”.

Leading me into the room, Brenda had a very firm grip on my arse cheek through my panties. She stood in front of me, she was shorter and smaller than Mary, as I started to undress her, kissing and caressing her exposed flesh. As I worked down her body, after removing her dress and took off her bra, I realised she had larger breasts than I expected, with large nipples that I kissed and sucked tenderly, as they grew very hard. I took off her panties which were already very wet. She lay on the bed and I stood to the side and nuzzled my mouth and nose on her stubbly, ginger, triangular bush, then licking and kissing her virginal lips and clitoris. Just as she started to murmur, shriek in exaltation, and finally orgasmed, Marjorie came in, the room.

“That seems a good time for me to get here. It’s my turn now; I’m excited to use David’s magic tongue and hands again”.

“He is rather good with them, isn’t he? I really enjoyed that”. Brenda said.

I started removing Marjorie’s clothes, as slowly and tenderly as I could, finish at her thin, heart-shaped pubic bush. Brenda moved across the bed so Marjorie could lay face down ready for a massage. Marjorie kissed Brenda passionately and moved her hand over her breast and tweaked her nipple.

As I massaged her back Marjorie’s hand moved down between Brenda’s legs and her fingers entered her wet vagina. As I completed her legs I trapped on spread buttocks.

“Naughty David”, she said, as she turned over.

Starting to massage Marjorie’s chest, I noticed that Brenda had got off the bed, bending over to kiss Marjorie’s nipples. My panties were pulled down and Brenda grabbed my arse to spread my cheeks and then forced a strap on dildo into my hole. It was quite difficult to continue caressing Marjorie’s body while I was being pumped from behind. Brenda seemed to be enjoying fucking my arse and was much more adept at it than Mary, chuckling as she moved in and out and giving me the occasional slap on my cheeks. As I licked and kissing Marjorie’s clitoris, she pulled my head up and fitted my face dildo, so I was face fucking her while Brenda was relentlessly fucking my arse. With them both working away on me, I was able to get into a good rhythm.

As Marjorie orgasmed for the second time she panted with joy.

“Ohhhhh!!!!! That was wonderful, David, thank you, I had better go and see how Mary’s getting on with Little Tommy, I’ll call you before the diner is ready so you can get dressed”.

As she left the room, she said. “I’ll leave you to enjoy David, Brenda”.

“Yes, I’m going to lie on the bed and enjoy his tongue caressing my body for a while.”

I think Brenda had dozed off as I caressed her body, but she woke with a start, as I stuck my tongue as far up her vulva and caught her clitoris in my teeth.

“That was wonderfully relaxing, David, you are so caring and gentle, but you missed a hole”.

She lifted her legs and pointed beyond her vagina.

“Oh, I’m sorry but I don’t usually go to that area, Mary doesn’t like being touched down there”.

“Well I do, so take the plunge, David”.

So I moved my hand down over her wet pussy and I ran my finger around her rim.

“Oooooooo!!!!! That’s it, push your finger in, that’s nice, now use your tongue”.

I stuck my tongue as far into her anus hole as it would go.

“I liked fucking your arse David and I like all my orifices played with, now don’t forget that in future”.

Marjorie shouted, “Dinner in twenty minutes”.

“Take me in the shower and wash me, then you can help me get dressed, David”.

As we went down the stairs, I met Mary.

“You look very sexy, dear”, I said.

“Oh, thank you, David, are you enjoying yourself”?

As she tapped, my caged cock, with her hand.

“Probably, but not as much as you are, dear.”

“Yes I’m enjoying myself”, she then whispered in my ear, “but Tommy is not as gentle and caring as you are, dear”.

“Oh, a compliment”? I said.

Tommy and I were taken into the kitchens, where we sat with Clive to eat our diner. Clive was in and out regularly serving the ladies. Eventually, we were summoned into the dining room and sitting around the table, with the ladies were two strapping, athletic, dark-skinned youngish looking men.

Marjorie introduced them, “This is Ronan and this is Abraham, stand up gentlemen, these are the cuckold husbands”.

“Gee, they look cute”, Ronan said.

We were instructed by Marjorie. “Now, take their clothes off, so we can see what they are made off”.

As we exposed their bodies the ladies were purring with glee, as we removed their trousers, there were gasped of excitement, even their placid dicks look big.

“On your knees, cucks and make then hard”. Marjorie demanded.

I worked on Abraham while Tommy had Ronan, they were both at least 9 inches, we kissed, licked and sucked until they were rock hard and were leaking pre-cum. I thought Tommy was struggling a bit to get Ronan into his mouth; he did have the fattest cock.

Marjorie said, “Right ladies, as I said, I’m having the pleasure of these gentlemen tonight, you can have one each this evening. You ladies can decide your sleeping arrangements, for tonight”.

Mary put her arms around Brenda, kissed her, and said. “I think I would like to sleep with Brenda tonight if that’s alright with you.”

“Oh yes, I would like that”. She replied with a big smile.

“Oh good, the boys can sleep on the floor each side of the bed, in case we been their services in the night”. Mary said with a laugh.

“Okay, I’m trying out these two for our ‘Studs and Bulls Parties’, so I’m insisting that they use these”.

Marjorie put a box of large condoms on the table. I thought Mary looked a bit disappointed at that suggestion.

“Now you choose ladies, which one do you want”? Marjorie asked.

Immediately Mary shouted, “I want Ronan please”.

“I thought you would”, I whispered.

We went upstairs, Brenda and Abraham arm in arm, being taller than her, he bent down and kissed her a few times. As they dragged me behind them by my lead, while I carried a handful of condoms, wondering if they were going to be enough. In the room Abraham lay on the bed while I undressed Brenda, he complained.

“Hurry up cuck; I want that Lady on this”. As he waved his giant cock at me.

It was my privileged to slide the condom onto his tool. Brenda got onto the bed and Abraham shouted.

“Get on the floor, boy and watch”.

As I went down on the floor, Brenda slipped his cock into her waiting wet fanny, as he grabbed her tits.

There was a big, “Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!, this is gorgeous”, from Brenda as she slide up and down.

I just lied on the floor listening to their sex chorus; Brenda seemed even louder than Mary ever did, she was screaming in sexual delights, shouting every swear word, that a lady should never utter.

My cock was straining against its cage and it was starting hurt, I felt my knickers, which were wet with pre-cum.

After what seemed an age, Brenda must have orgasmed several times, given her cries and exotic shouts, I was summoned to the bed where I had to remove the condom and clean, with my tongue, the top of Brenda’s legs and pubic area, which were covered in her sex juices.

They relaxed and played with each other’s bodies, Brenda sucked Abraham’s cock until he was hard and ready to go again, I put on his condom and away they went, he started on top with Brenda’s legs over his shoulders. I could hear them continually changing positions as I lay on the floor trying to nurse my cock as it was aching against its cage.

Eventually, there was a shout from Marjorie. “Bedtime drinks everyone.”

We went downstairs, we were all virtually naked apart from Clive, serving drinks, in his housecoat and Tommy and I in what was left of our uniforms.

Marjorie said, “My recruits coming up to standard.”

“Oh yes, very good”, Mary and Brenda replied in unison.

“Oh good, I’ll trying them all myself soon”, she said with glee.

Up in the bedroom, the two girls were on the bed, with me and Tommy on the floor each side, fondling each other’s bodies and comparing notes, I heard Mary say.

“How was your chap, Brenda”?

“Oh, he was magnificent, one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever had”.

“Yes, mine was good too; I think he was as big as Robert. If all coloured men’s cocks are that good, I want more. I hope I can have them both, at the same time, in the morning”.

“Yes me too”, Brenda said.

“I’m going to enjoy your body now, Brenda”.

I thought, ‘I don’t care if you are my wife but you’re a real kinky cow’.

“Come on boys use your tongues and kiss us goodnight”.

I started kissing Brenda’s nipples and worked my way down her across her stomach on to her waiting wet vaginal lips and I didn’t forget the second hole. Tommy was doing the same on Mary but she didn’t want him to go near her second hole.

We were eventually dismissed by Mary saying. “Okay boys you can lie on the floor, we will call you if we need you”.

As I lay down I heard Mary plant a passionate kiss on Brenda’s mouth, I settled down to sleep with the sound of giggles, kissing, sucking and little screeches of joy and exotic pleasure.

I was awoken with a tug of my lead, Brenda said. “Come on, David, I need to go to the bathroom and you can give me a shower”.

As I dried her, Mary dragged Tommy into the shower, I put a bathrobe on Brenda and we went down for breakfast. Tommy and I had to go into the kitchen while the girls sat at the table with Ronan and Abraham. Mary said to Marjorie.

“Can I have these two fine gentlemen to myself, for a while this morning”?

“Of course you can Mary”.

She sat there with a very big smile on her face.

Then Brenda piped up. “I want them both too, later; I want a ‘chocolate sandwich’, what about you Mary”?

“I don’t like to go that far Brenda; I’ll stick to what I call a ‘chocolate slice’”.

Breakfast finished, Mary went back upstairs with Ronan in one hand and Abraham in the other.

As Brenda and I went up she said, “What’s a ‘chocolate slice’?”

“I think it’s one in the vagina and one in the mouth,” I said.

“That sounds quite good but I still going to have my ‘chocolate sandwich’”.

Marjorie shouted after us, “I’ll be up to join you two in a while”.

In the bedroom, I could see Brenda already had a soaking fanny, probably from thinking about what was coming later”.

“Come on, David, you’ve got to get me ready for later, put this on and use this in the other hole”. So I was face fucking her with a vibrator in her arse. She was enjoying the experience, I could tell from the cries, moans, giggles and the encouragement I was getting. Think she came at least twice squirting her juices over my face and neck.

“Oh, I hope I’m not interrupting”, as Marjorie opened the door.

“You stay on the bed Brenda; I’ll lick you clean while David takes me from behind with his dildo and we will change around late”.

So I pounded into her fanny, from behind, while Marjorie worked on Brenda’s vagina. From the noises Brenda was making, it was obvious Marjorie was very good with her tongue. They eventually changed round, with Marjorie lying on the bed, me licking and sucking her wet cunt and Brenda using a strap on in my arse.

Sometime later Marjorie said, “I had better go and get those two gentlemen for you, Brenda”.

As they came in the room, Brenda said, “Make sure they’re both hard, David and get them ready for me”.

I had a cock in each hand stroking, kissing and licking each head in turn; when they were back to full strength I put condoms on them.

Brenda laid Abraham across the bed, with his legs over the sides, she then lay on top of him, facing the ceiling, forcing his tool into her rectum, and Ronan lay on top of her, face down, guiding his erection into her waiting vagina. I stood back and it was all go, it was such an erotic sight, my little cock was hurting and straining to get out of its cage, pre-cum was dripping off the end, the pain was too much I could not remain standing.

I thought Brenda was very loud, yesterday with just Abraham, but with both of them, her joy and excitement was too much. Marjorie and Mary came running into the room to what the noise was about.

Mary gasped; Marjorie put her hand to her mouth screaming “Ohhhh!!!! My, oh my”.

Brenda screamed, “This is fantastic, so wonderful, I’m going to cum again, don’t worry girls I’m really enjoying this”.

I don’t know how long they went on, but eventually, the two boys had ejaculated, they rolled apart and all three lay on the bed. They were all panting, Brenda managed to say.

“Change the condoms, David and put new ones on them”.

‘Christ, I thought, she’s going again’, but she grabbed a cock in each hand and started wanking and jerking them and said.

“Come on, David suck my tits and lick my juices from my legs and fanny”.

She kept going until she made them both shoot their load again, I thought.

‘Thank ‘christ’ they had condoms on, cause all that sperm would have been all over me’.

Brenda just totally collapsed and Marjorie said. “Come on boys you can use the bathroom down here, David, get Brenda in the shower as fast as you can, lunch will be ready soon”.

As I supported Brenda into the shower, she said, with a grin. “That was awesome, some of the best sex I’ve ever had”.

“Yes that was pretty erotic, my cock nearly burst its cage, the pain was excoriating”.

“I’m very sorry for you, David; I’ve had a marvellous time this weekend and it’s thanks to you. You have looked after me wonderfully well”.

She grabbed around my neck and kissed me very passionately.

The shower soon revived Brenda, after I helped her dress, we went downstairs where she joined the other ladies and the two gentlemen round the table. Tommy and I, knowing our place, went into the kitchen. Clive served lunch to those in the dining room and provided some for us.

We didn’t talk much but Tommy said. “Your Mary’s, very attractive, but quite a demanding lady”.

“Yes, she is, though she has always been tender and loving to me, apart from this”, as I flicked my cock cage and continued. “That’s more down to her lover, Robert; he’s my boss at work, and very demanding when he stays over. Brenda is a very ‘game’ girl, she seems up for anything”.

“Yes, I just couldn’t satisfy her, she doesn’t have one specific lover; she just brings home a series of different men to satisfy her”.

“That sounds awful, not knowing who she’s coming home with, I don’t think I would like that”.

From the sounds of kissing and chatter in the dining room the party was beginning to break up, and Abraham came in the kitchen and said. “Thanks you cuties, we really had a great time with your wives”.

As he left I got a slap on my arse and thought, ‘well that rubs our noses in it’.

The girls sat in the lounge, drinking and talk about the merits of the two gentlemen. About mid-afternoon I got a shout from Mary. “Time to go, David”.

Brenda came up to me and kissed me again saying. “Thank you, David, I’ve had a great time, I would like to play with you again sometime”.

“I’ve enjoyed myself with you, thank you, Mistress Brenda”.

I respectfully kissed the back of Marjorie’s hand and thanked her to which she reciprocated by slapping my arse. I deliberately made a performance of going to Clive, to thank him and tapped Tommy on the shoulder and said, “Good luck, mate,” as we went out the door.

Mary made me drive home and I said. “That’s a very nice house they’re got there, it puts our little semi in its place”.

“Yes it is and it does, we’ve both got good, well-paid jobs, perhaps we should think about upgrading”.

“What, so you can hold your own parties”?

“Now there’s a thought, those big black cocks were quite something, I really enjoyed them”.

“Yes I heard you telling Brenda last night, it would be different if my ‘little thing’ was a bit larger. I want to remind you I haven’t been released for any pleasure for almost two weeks now”.

“Oh, you’re only jealous, I’ll see to you when I’ve got time. Anyway, you seemed to enjoy yourself with Brenda; she was very complimentary about you”.

“Yes I did enjoy being with her, she was a real goer and she did some very erotic things with those two boys, it made me leak some cum. You also enjoyed her last night, you can bring her home sometime and I will gladly entertain her”.

“That’s naughty, David, but not a bad idea, she can leave Little Tommy at home though; he was very clumsy”.

“He thought you were very demanding”.

“I had to be, he didn’t have much idea about what to do.”

She put her arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. “I’m glad I’ve got you, you’re so well trained, gentle and loving, I do love you, David”.

We were nearly home when I said. “Tommy was telling me that Brenda doesn’t have a regular lover, she brings strange men home and sleeps with them”.

“That’s not quite true, she does have several different lovers, I think she’s built a group of about six, that she alternates with. She met them all online and chatted to them, before meeting them face to face, when she was sure she would be safe with them she took them home”.

“I said she was a real goer, what a strange lifestyle? Now I want you to promise me that you’ll not bring any strange men home. You haven’t been with any and not told me”?

“The answer is no, apart from those two this weekend and we used condoms. There are only you, Robert, Marjorie and Vivian. It’s Robert at weekends, perhaps the odd weekday and the girls, I know I’m safe with them”.

“But I heard you say, you liked those big cocks and you want more, so if you do decide to go with any strange men I want you to promise, you will use condoms to be safe. I’ve brought two coat pockets full from Marjorie’s”.

“Oh you sweet love, you do care for me, but I think you should be able to trust me, David, I promise I won’t pick up any strange men unless they’re at arranged parties like we just had. If I do ever happen to like someone new, I promise, I’ll tell you and get your approval”.

“I’m pleased; because you know I love you and want you to be safe”.

Part 10 – Upset Robert

Robert turned up the next Saturday, as usual; he did not seem in a particularly good mood. I was in the kitchen, I heard Mary talking to him, obviously about the previous weekend and in answer to her, he said. “He did what? I’m not standing for that, he should control himself, it’s not good enough”.

“He couldn’t help it was the situation, he didn’t mean too”.

“That’s not acceptable, where is he, I’m taking him upstairs”?

“No, Robert, don’t be mean”.

“David, get upstairs, and bring your cuffs and gag, he’s got to learn.”

“No Robert”, Mary pleaded.

In the bedroom, he roughly put on my cuffs and ball gag, sat on the bed and pulled me over his knees and tugged down my knickers.

“I told you what would happen if I’m not satisfied with you”.

I lay there, I could only mumble through my gag, which seemed to infuriate him further, I had no idea what I had done. He pushed my legs apart and stuck a vibrator in my arse and set it at full speed and heavily whacked each of my cheeks in turn. When he got to 10 on each cheek he suddenly stopped, my arse must have been quite red because it stung like hell, he said furiously.

“Look you doing it again, you’ve ruined my trousers, you’ve got to learn to control that, get in the other room until we need you later”.

He stormed off downstairs; I went in the other bedroom wondering what that was all about. Then I realised the vibrator, which was still going, had caused my ‘little man’ to stir and my cock was straining in the cage, it was painful, but then I noticed pre-cum leaking from the end. I struggled to reach the vibrator, as the batteries started to run down, eventually reach it and pulled it out and lay on the bed till I was needed.

No matter what I did that weekend, how gentle, tender and caring I tried to be Robert remain in a bad mood.

As soon as he was gone, on Sunday, I went into Mary. “What was that all about, Robert was in a real foul mood, I don’t know why, the business is doing very well, and sales are up over 30%, why was he so upset with me”?

“Oh I’m sorry, dear, it was all my fault, I told him all about last weekend, I said things I shouldn’t have, I’m really sorry”.

“Well, I couldn’t help it; you haven’t released me from this cage for over five weeks now”.

“Has it been that long, dear, I’m sorry, I must have lost track of time. I’m too tired tonight, I promise I’ll do it tomorrow, love”.

She was true to her word, next night she released me and I grew to an immediate erection as soon as she touched my cock. It took less than a minute to shoot my load. It was very disappointing but I enjoyed liking breasts and body clean.

The next few weeks Robert came, but his mood seems to be getting worse, one weekend he came on Friday night and stayed until Monday morning.

Mary was staying out late or not even coming home some nights. She told me that when she was going to be out late I should sleep in the other bedroom, so she didn’t wake me when she got in. I was talking to her on one of the evenings she was home.

“Do you know, love, in the last two weeks, we’ve only slept together on three nights”.

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about that, don’t you think the best idea is for you to move in the other bedroom full time. We can move all your clothes and things in that empty wardrobe”.

“I’m not happy with that idea”.

“But it will be good for you; you won’t have to worry about whether I’m home late or not at all”.

“No, I don’t like that”.

“Don’t worry when I’m here, I can come in with you to give you a handjob to satisfy you. Yes, I think we’ll do that”.

Another time, when she was home, I said to Mary. “What’s wrong with Robert, he’s beginning to look quite ill”?

“I don’t know dear, he’s not looking good is he”?

“What, is he not getting it up any more”?

“Don’t be so sarcastic, that was terrible, anyway he’s not coming next weekend, I’ve invited Vivien to come and stay”.

“Well, that will be something different”.

Part 11 - The Lesbian Dominatrix

As Robert was not coming this weekend, Mary never bothered about me wearing the lead as part of my uniform, which I was wearing and waiting to welcome our quest. Vivien arrived about mid-day on Saturday, dressed in her butch looking trouser suit and to my surprise, she trailed Carole behind her.

Mary welcomed her and I welcomed Carole with a kiss. “I didn’t realise you were coming, it’s a surprise and you look very nice”.

“I wasn’t told until last night”.

She was dressed in a colourful Chinese style kimono buttoned down the front to just below her knees. They sat down in the lounge while I brought in sandwiches and tea. I cleared things away when they had all finished.

As I came back into the lounge Mary said. “Take Vivien upstairs, please David; she would like one of your nice relaxing massages. I’ll entertain Carole down here”.

I started to carefully and respectfully undress Vivien, being a lesbian I wasn’t sure how she would react to me caressing and kissing her body. As I remove her jacket she seemed to be enjoying my touch and kisses over her shoulders. Taking her bra off, she had small, pert but firm breasts, she started to murmur with satisfaction as I sucked on her protruding nipples. She sat on the bed as I went down to take off her shoes and pop socks, then caress and kiss her feet. Standing up again I took down her trousers, stepping out of them I started working up her quite thin legs, which got bigger as I reached the great divide. She had a big wet patch as I removed her knickers. With a very smooth vaginal area, I ran my fingers over her lips and into her slit. That got even louder murmurs as I kissed them and slipped my tongue between them and pocked it onto her clitoris.

“That’s an interesting way to get undressed, I really enjoyed it”, she said.

“It might get better”. I said.

“I hope so”. She replied.

She got onto the table and I poured some scented oil on her back which got along. “Ohhhhhhhhwwwwaaa, that’s cold”.

“I’ll soon rub it in and it will feel better”.

So I worked over her shoulders and down her back, I skirted over her buttocks to work down then up her legs. I began to massage her cheeks and thought ‘should I dare, I wondered’. I thought how Brenda had reacted a few weeks ago, go for it, I said to myself. So I ran my fingers down her crack and traced a finger around her ring.

“Oh, that’s nice, don’t be inhibited, David, it won’t bit you”.

As I withdrew my finger and turned over, she said. “I’ll have some more of that, please, before you finish”.

I dribbled more of the oils on her chest and rubbed it into her breasts. Worked down her body passed her vaginal area and down her legs, then back up. I worked my thumb and fingers over her fanny lips and finally plunged two fingers massaging her clit. Spreading her legs further apart, she said. “That was good, but now use your tongue”.

So in I went licked, kissed and sucked, I thought she tasted very good but quite different from Mary.

Vivien started to squirm and I knew she was getting very near her climax, then with a great. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! That was wonderful”. She squirted her juices over my face.

After she calmed down she raised her legs in the air.

“Now go for the other hole, David, please”.

I went in with my tongue, as far as I could go.

“Oh, that’s good, David, can’t you go in further”?

“No, but this can”, as I pushed in the vibrator, “do you want me to try this on you”? As I put on my face dildo.

“Oh yes, come on give it to me.”

I fucked away and brought her to another climax.

“I’d better get you clean up and dressed”.

That done she said. “That’s been a wonderful afternoon, David, thank you. I did not think a man could be that good”.

As we went downstairs, Vivien grabbed at my buttocks and said with a smile. “I hope I get to play with this, later on”.

“I’m sure you will”. I responded.

We went into the lounge just as Mary was putting back on her dress. I noticed that Carole’s kimono was all unbuttoned; I saw she had no underwear but I noticed some sort of chastity belt before she buttoned up.

Mary said to Vivien. “How was your afternoon”?

“Wonderful, I feel so relaxed, I did not realise a man could be so caring and gentle; David, really knows how to treat a lady’s body. He has lovely hands, mouth and tongue. I really enjoyed him”.

“I’m so glad; I know he is very good, sometimes I think I don’t deserve him. Is it time to get dinner ready, David, take Carole with you”?

In the kitchen, I said to Carole. “How are you, was Mary good to you, I know she can be very demanding”?

“Oh, she was very nice to me; I think she enjoyed what I did to her and she wasn’t overbearing on me”.

“That thing you’re wearing doesn’t look comfortable”.

“It’s okay, Vivien makes me wear it when we have company or out in company, I’m used to it. How are you anyway”?

“I’m fine, I think I’ve got used to this kind of lifestyle, I’m starting to enjoy some of it, I like serving ladies, it’s the only real pleasure I get now, how about you”?

“I’m okay, I’ve had this lifestyle for a few years now, and I like ladies too, but not men really. How was Vivien with you”?

“She was very appreciative of what I did for her”.

“Well that’s good; she’s into corporal punishment, particularly on men”.

“She did grab my arse, as we came downstairs, and said she hoped to play with this later”.

“You had better watch out then, she’ll find some excuse to punish you”. She laughed.

“Okay, let’s get dinner done”.

We ate dinner, all of us around the table, Mary and Vivien, whispering to each other, close together one side, Carole and I together on the other side. I could not pick up on all their conversation, just odd words, I sort of gathered Vivien was saying what she liked to do sexually, and then Mary blurted out.

“I get a sensation of dominating him when I’m giving him a handjob”.

“Yes, but you will get a much greater sensation if you tied him up and punished him, either with your hand or a whip. I’ll show you what to do later”.

They both look at me with smiles on their faces, and I just blushed.

Both Vivien and Carole left their meat on the plates, I apologised. “I’m sorry, I did not realise you were vegetarians, nobody told me”.

“That’s all right, David, the vegetables and potatoes were very nice”. Carole said while Vivien looked at me with a frown.

We cleared the dinner plates and while washing the things that didn’t go in the dishwasher, Carole started flicking water at me and laughing loudly.

“Stop it; they will use this as an excuse to punish me.”

“They will, that’s why I’m doing it, Vivien said I had too”.

“You trollop”. I said as I grabbed her arms around her waist.

Mary and Vivien rushed in, and Mary said. “David, what’s this all about, that’s not the way to behave when we have guests”?

“It was Carole’s fault”.

“No, David, you’ve disrespected our guests, you got the dinner wrong and now this frivolity, you better get upstairs, Vivien is going to punish you”.

I was stripped to just my cock cage and collar, I undressed Vivien, while Carole took Mary’s clothes off, she then said.“Shall I put his handcuffs on”?

“No, I want him secure, get my bag, Carole”.

I was laid across the massage table; Vivien took lengths of white rope from the bag and tied my hands and ankles to the legs of the table, she said. “There, he’s secure, and you have access to his mouth, as she lifted my head, by my hair, pushing her fanny into my face, and there is full access to his backside”.

She slapped and ran her finger over my arse hole.

“See, Mary, I like to use my hand, it gets a nice colour on the buttocks, or use this flogger”. Vivian instructed Mary.

She slapped my right cheek hard, it stung, she said. “I believe you were told to thank me for each slap and count”?

“Yes, Mistress Vivien, one”.

“Come over here, Mary, hold his head and push your vagina to his mouth and let him lick your clitoris, while he is secured like this, you should get a really good sensation of domination”.

I mumbled, with my tongue in Mary’s fanny. “Yes, Mistress Vivien, three”.

“Ohhh!!!, I see what you mean”. Mary chuckled.

When I said, 20, 10 on each cheek, she stopped and said. “There; there’s a good colour developing now, you have a go Mary”.

“I’ve not done this before, Robert always does it”? She did a light little slap.

“Thank you, Mistress Mary, one”.

“Come on, Mary, you’ve got to do it harder than that, put some effort into it”.

“Thank you, Mistress Mary, ten”.

“That’s a really good colour now; I quite liked that, I got a good feeling of power, it must be hurting him though, should I rub some cream on it”.

“That’s the idea, Mary, but Carole will rub the cream on, we will probably need to use his arse again later, we don’t want him moaning all night, what about this, Mary”.

Vivian picked up the flogger and whipped it across my back, from right to left, then left to right. It did not hurt as much as the hand slaps but the ends of the leather strips just stung.

“You have a go, Mary, do it how I showed you”.

Mary flicked the ends of the flogger across my back, I was sure it was covered in little red spots.

“That was good, I got quite a thrill and I got aroused doing it”. She said.

“Good, so that’s something more you can do, rather than just a handjob and you will get more satisfaction from it. Now, let me show you how to tie a person, to increase your sexual gratification, I’ll demonstrate on Carole. We’ll leave David tied there but stick a vibrator in his arse so he is ready for me to shag later”.

Vivien took long lengths of rope from her bag; Carole was naked, as her chastity belt had been removed. From my position I could see Vivien tied her elbows tight behind her back, then her wrists.

She wrapped the rope around her body, as she explained to Mary. “I’ve got to use knots like this, so they don’t come loose when she struggles, see how these ropes force the breasts out and the nipples protrude”.

She wound more rope around Carole’s waist and ran two strands from the back of her waist between her legs and tied the ends to the rope around her hips.

“See how these ropes force the vaginal lips to pucker, and it’s a different feeling; try it with your fingers and tongue”.

After a while, Mary came away from playing with Carole’s fanny and said. “Yes I see what you mean, a very different sensation and very exciting”.

Vivien had six ropes in her hands, two tied from the ropes around the shoulders, two from the waist and the other two form her legs. “These ropes, if you had pulleys or hooks in the ceiling; you could suspend the person, and have access to all their sexual areas”.

As she could not do that, she led Carole onto the bed and moved her down so her vagina was virtually in my face; her legs were secured to the table legs, wide apart, each side of me. My face dildo was strapped on me and pushed in her fanny, Vivien said. “Straddle Carole’s face and she can lick you, and use the flogger on David’s back, while I massage his prostate”.

The strap on was plunged into my arse, I found it difficult, at first, to get any rhythm going, but as Vivien started pushing in and out my arse it got easier. Mary was moving her vagina over Carole’s mouth and nose while flicking the flogger across my back when she shouted ironically.

“You’re fucking your secretary again, David”

From all the cries and screams of excitement and sexual joy the ladies had all climaxed at least once if not more, they were all cover in vaginal juices.

Mary said. “I think its drinks time, David, can you get some.

My hands and legs were released and I stood up painfully and stretched my back, then went down to fix the drinks. I brought a large gin and tonic for Mary and a herbal tea for Vivien.

When I got back in the bedroom Carole had been untied from most of her ropes apart from her elbows that were still tied behind her. She had been moved up the bed, lying between the two ladies, Vivien playing and sucking her tits, while Mary was playing, with a vibrator, between her legs.

After I served the drinks, Mary said. “I think you better take Carole to the bathroom and help her clean up. Then you had better sort her sleeping arrangements, Vivien and I are going to shower now and will be sleeping together in here”.

I helped Carole to the bathroom while untying her remaining restraints, she sat on the toilet while I ran her a bath.

“You soak in there while I go and get us some drinks”.

I went down and had a good slug of whisky and brought herbal tea for Carole.

As I was washing and caressing her body, I said. “Are you all right, Vivien was quite hard on you, she’s been a right bitch this evening, and you’ve got some rope burns around your body”?

“Yes I’m okay, I’m used to it, I realised in my late teens that I was a sexual submissive and I was used by a few dominate women, until Vivian took control of me, over two years ago now, we’ve fallen in love with each other. She is nice and caring to me, looks after me at home but when we have company or visiting she’s a real dominatrix. She was very magnanimous about want she said about you this afternoon, I was staggered, she usually degenerates men and wants to hurt them. At some of the BDSM Parties, she takes me too, her favourite thing is to tie men to posts and go at them with a bullwhip”.

“So she’s been easy on me then”?

“Yes but I expect you will get again tomorrow”.

“Oh! I can’t wait! I suppose I’m a sexual submissive given what I’ve allowed Robert and Mary to do to me”.

As Carole got out of the bath, I wrapped a towel around her and helped her dry. We went into the bedroom, and I said. “You sleep in the bed and I’ll go and sleep downstairs on the settee”.

“Oh no, David, I can’t allow that, this is your house, you can sleep here with me”.

“I thought you didn’t like men unless they were forced on you like I was”.

“You’re so sweet, David, course I like you, and you’re different”.

At that point there was a shout from that main bedroom, Mary was calling us. As we went in Mary and Vivian were wrapped in each other’s arms kissing, they stopped and Mary said. “Are you going to kiss us goodnight”?

Vivien put the chastity belt back onto Carole and we paid tribute to their bodies. Carole kissing down Mary’s body, while I started on Vivien, kissing her nipples, down to her vagina, then round her crack and round he second hole.

“Have a good night, see you in the morning, I think you can serve us breakfast in bed, David”. Mary said.

We were summarily dismissed and went into our bedroom and Carole said. “What mischief can we get up to dressed in these”?

“That’s true”.

“I’ll kiss your nipples if you kiss mine”.

“You’re on”. As we got in bed, with our arms around each other.

I awoke quite early, Carole had her arm across my body, I gently roused her and she dreamily said. “That was a nice sleep; you’re very good to sleep with”.

“Thank you; you were very soft to snuggle up to, keep quiet we’ll sneak down and have breakfast before the ladies wake”.

Carole put on her kimono and I put on my towelling gown and we went down and had breakfast. I made tea for the ladies who were just waking, both were naked with their hands all over each other’s body’s, they were kissing as I entered the room.

“Morning Ladies, I hope you slept well”?

It was Vivien that answered. “Yes, very good, Mary very soft and gentle”.

“Yes, I know, I used to sleep with her some time ago”.

“Oh, don’t be sarcastic, David, I think that deserves some more punishment later”. Mary said sharply.

“Oh, goody; your breakfast is on the go, soft boiled eggs and soldiers, coming up in a minute”. I said as I went downstairs.

I took their breakfast to their room. Mary said. “Thank you, David, when we have finished; you come to clean things away, bring Carole with you, please”?

“Yes Mistress”. I replied.

When I collected the breakfast utensils, Mary said. “Clean and tidy those away and come back and give Vivien another one of your erotic massages, Come on the bed Carole”.

I walked back in the room as Vivien was coming out of the en-suite, she climbed on to the table, I notice Carole was naked, even her chastity belt had been taken off, with Mary’s hands all over her body. As my hands worked down Vivien’s back and legs, then her buttocks down her crack and my finger went in her hole and I played with it a while. Vivien was purring, Mary and Carole were between each other’s legs grinding their fannies’ together, and then they moved to a sixty-nine position. As I worked down her front I made the mistake of biting too hard on Vivien nipple.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mistress”.

She screamed and slapped my buttock and squeezed it hard, and said. “I’ll get you back for that, be more careful”.

I finished her off by carefully kissing her vaginal lips and licking her clitoris and she got off the table and roughly pushed me down over the table, and started to whack my arse cheeks with her hand.

“Thank you, Mistress Vivien, 1”.

She was using all her strength, but she stopped when I got to 10. She held me down, and said”. “Stay there, your other Mistress needs to punish you now and don’t forget to thank her”.

Mary got the flogger and started to flick it over my back, she was certainly using more pressure than yesterday and it began to sting.

I was moaning as I said. “Thank you, Mistress Mary, 1”.

I had counted 30 before she stopped, saying.

“I’m beginning to enjoy this, I feel so dominant”.

Vivien fitted my face dildo and Mary lay across the bed while the rubber cock was feed into her vagina. With her strap on fitted, Vivien came up behind me and thrust it into my arse and vigorously started pound in and out. Carole was on the bed kissing and playing with Mary’s nipples, I don’t know how long we continued but my neck, back and arse were aching and getting very sore.

I know Mary orgasmed at least twice because her juices had squirted over my face. Finally, Vivien pulled out of my arse and removed both our dildos and saying as she flicked at my cock cage.

“Will you release this little thing from its cage, Mary and I’ll show you how to dominate your sub”.

The padlock was undone and Mary pulled the cage off my cock leaving the metal base ring which was held in place by my scrotum and balls hanging over its circumference and the base of my cock. Vivien raised my arms and pulled my hands together on the top of my head; she then slid her hands down my chest and squeezed my nipples. She then raised her hands onto my shoulders and in a very quick movement, crunched her knee into my balls; they were squashed against the metal ring.

Mary gasped as I let out a scream and crumpled to the ground. Vivien used her foot to make sure I lay flat and said. “Sorry Mary, but that is what you have to do if a man tries to molest you, or does something you don’t like or tries to force himself on you”.

I put my hands between my legs; to try and guard my ‘valuables’ but she then kicked my legs apart and pushed my arms to my sides with her foot, and then said. “Oh, sit on his face Carole, to stop that noise”.

She squatted down and rubbed her fanny over my mouth and tongue which did muffle my shouts. With that Vivien stood on my belly and used her toes, to massage my balls, and used the sole of her foot to roll my cock across my pubic area. As my cock was rolled over the retaining lugs on the ring, it was getting very painful. Despite that, my ‘little man’ began to stir and Vivien stepped off me and indicated to Carole to stand up, she demanded.

“On your knees, you pathetic sub”.

I was kneeling and Vivien commanded Carole to make sure I had a full erection, which she did by putting me in her mouth and sucking on it.

She said to Mary. “Now Mary, as a dominant Mistress you should not be giving your sub a handjob, that’s giving him too much pleasure, he should be doing it to himself”.

“Come on sub, start jerking that little cock, and don’t you dare cum until your Mistress allows you to”.

Mary came and stood at the side of me and started flicking the flogger over my back and chest. After a while of pumping, I was getting near to an ejaculation, pre-cum was leaking from the head.

“Please Mistress; may I cum”?

“No, control it; you are not to cum yet”. Mary said sternly.

Vivien then started to flick at my balls with the toes.

“Please Mistress; I can’t hold it any longer”.

“You can release you cum, but catch all your sperm in your other hand”. Vivien demanded.

I cupped my left hand trying to catch the sperm as it shot out, I think I got most of it but some started to run between my fingers.

“Force it all out, and make sure you get all of it”. Vivien said.

As she grabbed my left wrist and lifted my hand to my face, then pushed it to my mouth and rubbed it over my face.

“Now lick it clean, swallow it down”. She demanded.

Standing in front of me, as she was, she moved her hands between her legs and in turn stuck three fingers of each hand into her vagina, then rubbed them on my face and into my mouth, making me suck them. Finally, she shoved my chest with her foot so I collapsed on the floor.

Vivien got onto the bed and took Mary in her arms and kissed her passionately and said. “Now, that’s how you dominate a worthless man”.

I lay on the floor feeling thoroughly drained, humiliated and defiled; tears were rolling down my face. I thought if Mary is going to treat me this heartlessly, how will I ever stand it? Carole came and helped lift me off the floor.

She whispered in my ear. “Come on, I’d better run you a bath this time”.

She walked me to the bathroom and turn on the taps and I said. “That was horrific; she made me feel like a worthless piece of shit. If Mary’s going to start treating me like that, I don’t think I will be able to cope with it all”.

“Oh come on David, you’re a good man, I know you feel bad now, but I think Mary is a kinder person, she won’t treat you that bad. Vivien does it on purpose; she likes to humiliate men any way she can, just to show her dominance. Get in the bath and I’ll wash you down, you’ll feel much better after”.

After Carole had washed and we dried off we went back to the bedroom, Mary was still on the bed as Vivien was shagging her with a strap on. We just stood there watching, we were ignored for a time until Mary achieved another orgasm.

She said to me. “Come here, David and let me put your cage back on. Oh, you look very sad it surely wasn’t that bad, I’ve enjoyed myself and you like me to be happy. Cheer up, get dressed in the rest of your uniform and go and make us a nice lunch. Carole can stay with us, to help us clean up and get dressed”.

Down in the kitchen, I made a vegetable lasagne. I heard the ladies come down to the dining room, Carole in her kimono, Vivian in her suit and Mary dressed in a very attractive and revealing short dress, so I took in a bottle of vine for them, but Carole refused, staying she was driving so I got her sparkling water. I served the lasagne, with garlic bread but I was too upset to sit with the ladies, so ate mine in the kitchen.

Carole brought all the dished into the kitchen when they had finished and said. “Are you all right David, it’s all over now, you’re a sensible man, I’m sure when you talk things over with Mary later, you’ll be much happier”.

“Yes you are probably right; I didn’t feel like sitting in there with all of you”.

“We won’t talk about this weekend, at work next week”.

“No, you’re right, I’ll forget about it all soon”.

She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “You’re a very nice man, David”.

“Thanks, I’ve been happy having you here this weekend”.

She went back to join the others.

About mid-afternoon Mary called. “Vivien is going now, David”

Mary was kissing Carole, who then came and kissed me again. After Mary had released Vivien from her embrace, I went to her, fell on my knees took hold of her hand and kissed the back of it, and said. “Thank you, Mistress, for putting me, in my place”.

She just patted me on my head, and they left.

Mary put her arm around me and guided me into the lounge, and said. “That was naughty of you David, rather unnecessary and not like you; you’re usually much kinder than that”.

“Well, what did you expect? She totally humiliated me and you egged her on and even joined in”.

“Oh, I’m sorry, David, I just got taken in by the moment, and besides it did make me feel much empowered by it”.

“I don’t know what’s got into you; I don’t think I know you any more, since you took up with Robert. You seem sex-mad, you like big cocks, ladies bodies, you’re a bisexual-lady and now you’re going to be a dominatrix”.

“Oh no, David, that’s not fair, I like some of the things I’m learning, most of it makes me happy and invigorated, I know you want me to be happy, I’m still the girl you married”.

“No Mary, you’ve changed, we never sleep together now and we don’t have a normal sex life”.

“Oh David, I know you try very hard, I like the way you look after me and serve me. I do love you but unfortunately, you cannot meet all my needs, I need to get satisfaction from other people. You’ve got lovely hands and things you do with your tongue is fantastic but I need more”.

“I know my cock is not big enough for you, but I can’t help that, and my body is not as soft or exciting as ladies bodies but there is no need to abuse me”.

“Don’t be silly, David, I’m not going to abuse you, I want to care for you, in my way, and I want you to be happy. I can’t tell you enough times, how much I love you and I want you to be with me, I will never leave you and I hope you will never leave me”?

“No I will never leave you, I do love you and I like to look after and serve you, Mistress, I will always be your submissive husband”. I said with a very wry smile.

“That’s better, now let’s go and get dressed up and we’ll go out to that restaurant, we both like in town”?

“Yes let’s do that, we’ve not been out together, as a couple, for some time now”.

There were only three other couples in the restaurant we sat on a table away from other people and during dinner, our conversation came back to the weekend we had just had, when Mary said.

“I’m not sure of what to make of Vivien, she seems quite a ruthless and hard person; she was very dominant in bed with me”?

“I’m not sure you should judge her too harshly, Carole told me she is very loving, caring and looks after her very well at home. I think she just puts on that ‘bravado’ character to impress, when she’s with company or when she’s in charge of those parties she organises”.

“She doesn’t like men; she has no respect for them”.

“Perhaps she should have been a man”?

“Yes, her body was very muscular, not soft like Carole’s”.

“I like Carole, she is very nice to be with, but Vivien’s body was hard and wiry while giving her a massage. I like caressing and kissing ladies bodies.”

“It did turn me on watching you working on her body. Mind you I was playing with Carole at the same time”.

“Like, it turned me on when I was made to watch you go down on Robert’s big cock”.

“So you’d like to watch me shagging big cocks then”.

“No, while it turns me on, it also made me feel totally inadequate. Listening to you tell me about it all after turns me on even more”.

“So you enjoy ladies bodies”?

“Yes, don’t most men, I love your body, it’s beautiful and I want to make you happy. I, also, liked Marjorie’s and Brenda’s bodies, it’s about the only real sexual satisfaction I get these days”.

“If watching me with ladies, turns you on and makes me happy. You playing with ladies bodies gives you satisfaction; I’ll have to see what I can do about that”?

Part 12 – Being Shared with Ladies

The holiday that Robert arranged for us was about six weeks away and Mary’s thoughts were beginning plan for it. He came regularly on those Saturdays and I served and serviced them, Robert’s mood hadn’t improved much so I always tried to be extra careful and tender with them both as I massaged their bodies.

I was becoming quite an expert masseur, as I had been reading and watching videos on the internet to learn about massage techniques. It must have worked as I was not subject to any real punishment apart from Mary using the flogger, on my back, as I face fucked her, with his big dick in my arse. Robert seemed to appreciate the idea of Mary flogging me, as they got their satisfaction out of me. Mary was quite gentle and as I was not allowed to make her orgasm, it did not last long before I was dismissed for the night.

During those weeks Mary seemed to be home most evenings, only being out one evening a week and never staying out all night. Although we were not sleeping in the same bed Mary usually came to bed with me, on the nights she was home. We would kiss and cuddle, I would kiss and caress her body and make her orgasm with my tongue, occasionally I used my face dildo on her before she would leave me to go to her bed. On a few nights I was released from my cage, I had to wank myself and catch my sperm before eating it; at least Mary didn’t use the flogger while watching me.

One day at work Carole buzzed through saying Mary was on the phone I pick it up and said. “Hello, love, everything alright”?

“Oh yes, I’ve got a little treat for you tonight, dear, I’m bringing someone home with me to stay the night. So make sure you do dinner for three, please, sweetie”.

“What’s that all about”?

Before I got an answer she’d hung up.

I was home preparing dinner when I heard the front door open, I went out to the hallway and I was jumped on by Brenda. She flung her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and kissed me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth and then biting my lip.

As she slipped off me, she excitedly said. “Hello David, how are you? You’re going to use your wonderful hands and mouth on me tonight, Mary tells me”?

I turned to Mary, kissed her, and then said. “This is a nice surprise”.

“Yes, we will both be happy tonight”.

I served dinner and while we were eating, I knew Brenda, who was sitting opposite me, couldn’t wait to get upstairs, she was smiling at me and had kicked off her shoe and was trailing her foot up and down my calf and thigh.

When we had finished eating Mary said. “You better take Brenda upstairs, she’s getting very excited. I’ll clean up and join you later, go and enjoy yourselves”.

We went upstairs, Brenda running in front of me, I started to undress and put my clothes in my bedroom. I was naked, apart from my cock cage, as I joined Brenda in the main bedroom; she immediately grabbed at my shoulders and planted kisses on my nipples and started nibbling them while I tried to remove her clothes. I was on my knees as I took off her wet knickers and nuzzled into her short-cropped triangular pubes, then kissed and licked her vagina.

“Oh David, that was wonderful you’re so good at getting clothes off me”. She said.

“I hope it’s going to get better for you now”? I said.

“I’m sure it is, come on you lovely man”. She said and climbed on to the massage table.

With my oily hands, I worked down her back, skirting over her buttocks and down one leg to her foot, as Mary came into the bedroom. She took off all her clothes and sat naked on the bed to watch. As I worked up Brenda’s other leg back to her buttocks, I saw Mary starting to finger herself, obviously enjoying what she was seeing and becoming very aroused.

Brenda started to purr as I caressed her buttocks then gently kissed each one. As my fingers ran down her crack to her anus ring, she became louder. “Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!, go for it David, all the way, please”.

My finger traced around her ring then I slipped in and out quite vigorously. Although Mary never liked being touch in that area, seeing me do it to another lady seemed to get her going, she started to hum with satisfaction.

My tongue went into Brenda’s arse hole; after I prised her checks apart, Mary could not seem to restrain herself; she grabbed her vibrator and was playing it in and out of her wet vagina.

Brenda was singing with pleasure. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oooooooooo!!!!!!!! Lovely David”.

Before turning her over, I selected another vibrator which I slipped into Brenda’s rectum. I worked on her front, caressing her breasts and kissing her nipples, down over her stomach, leaving her pubic area until I’d massaged her legs. My thumbs and fingers caressed her vaginal lips and when my tongue licked and sunk in between them, Mary was breathing very heavily and was unable to control herself and with a big scream, she ejaculated.

She lay back on the bed and breathlessly said. “Ohhh!!!!! That was wonderful, I was so turn on watching you, and I just could not help myself”.

“Yes, that was marvellous, I’m turned on as well, use your dildo and fuck me, please David”. Brenda said.

Still, with the vibrator in her arse, Brenda put her legs over my shoulders and I face fucked her to orgasm.

Lying breathless on the table, I removed the vibrator and took off my face dildo. Mary said. “Think we all deserve a drink after that, let’s clean up and go down”.

I helped Brenda off the table and we went into the bathroom before getting the drinks.

Fuelled by two strong gin and tonics, Mary and particularly Brenda were raring to go back upstairs, as I was finishing my whiskey Brenda said. “Come on, David I want to fuck your nice arse”.

As she grabbed at it and Mary said. “I want you to fuck me too, with your dildo”.

Mary lay across the bed; I went down on her with my face dildo, while Brenda rammed her strap on into my arse. I’d got a good rhythm going as Brenda was pushing in and back I was doing the same to Mary. Then Mary picked up the flogger and started flicking it on my back.

“Oh! That looks good Mary, can I have a go”? Mary gave it to her.

“This is good, I think I’ll get one to use on my Little Tommy”. She said as she crashed across my back much more vigorously than Mary did.

Mary orgasmed first, shooting her juices over my face, Brenda pulled out and ripped off her strap on, while I took off my face dildo.

Jumping on the bed, she said. “Come on David; finish me off with that marvellous tongue of yours”?

I first licked Mary’s juices from the tops of her legs and vagina. I then went down on Brenda licking and kissing her lips and clitoris, she came quite quickly, squirting her juices over my face. I licked the top of her legs clean when Mary said. “Thank you, David, you’ve given us a wonderful evening, but it’s time for me to enjoy Brenda’s body and her mine, one final kiss good night, please”.

I kissed Mary’s vagina and as I went to Brenda she grabbed my face pulling it hard into her fanny and said. “David that was marvellous, I really enjoyed that, you are so wonderful, thank you”.

“Thank you, Mistresses, I enjoyed serving and servicing you”.

I went to the bathroom to prepare for bed, as I settled down I could hear giggles, erotic screams of enjoyment together with the buzzing of vibrators. I look down at my cock straining in its cage, ‘if only you were bigger’, as I went to sleep.

A few days or so later Mary said to me. “You enjoyed me bringing home Brenda last week, didn’t you”?

“Yes I did, I like ladies bodies; you enjoyed the evening as well”.

“Well I’m pleased about that because I’m bringing home another lady tomorrow evening, you’ll have things ready won’t you”?

“Yes dear, I’ll have things ready and I will enjoy it”.

I was at the door when they came in, that evening, Mary introduced a rather plump lady as, Sylvia, I did not recognise her but as I respectfully took her hand and kissed it, she bit my ear lobe and whispered.

“You don’t recognise me do you; but your tongue did wonderful things to me, once”.

“Sorry Madam, I don’t, should I”? I said intriguingly”.

It wasn’t until I was undressing her, later in the evening, and removed her knickers, that I realised who she was. Her big brown, hairy bush was exposed and I said. “Oh, you were the first lady to jump on my face at the initiation party”.

“Yes, you got it, and I’m going to enjoy you again”. She said as she pulled my face into her bush. She held me there for quite a while as I got my tongue through her hair into her vagina.

She was getting quite excited when Mary said. “Let him give you a massage, Sylvia, he’ll make you cum at the end of it”.

I was quite relieved, I think Mary had realised, I was having difficulty breathing as she forced my mouth and tongue deep into her fatty vagina. On the table, there was much more flesh to caress, than there is on Mary’s body or Brenda’s. Her flesh was moving with my hands, I didn’t think Mary was enjoying watching me, although fingering herself, there did not appear to be any of her usual excitement or enjoyment.

Working on her buttocks, Sylvia did not give any signs that I should go deeper, so I decided it was better not to go there. Turning her over, working on her floppy breasts, tweaking her nipples and kissing them, I got the first signs that Sylvia was enjoying the experience, as she started to purr? She got much more excited as I worked down to her bush and I pushed three fingers into her wet cunt. As I moved my mouth there, she opened her legs and clamped them around my head and pulled me in. I heard Mary starting to whimper as I brought Sylvia to her orgasm, then she squirted her juices over my face. She let out an exhausted scream as she relaxed her legs and I licked the top of them clean.

“It’s my turn now, David; put your face dildo on”? Mary said.

As I started to fuck Mary, Sylvia came and squatted over her mouth. I could tell Sylvia was enjoying it, but I was sure Mary was not, as Her hairy fanny was rubbed across her face.

As soon as Mary orgasmed, Sylvia said. “Give it to me, hard, David”.

As she lay, next to Mary. She got excited, again lifting her legs, around my head, and digging her heels into my back. It felt a lot worse than when Mary used the flogger on me. Mary took the chance to squat on Sylvia’s face and vigorously rubbed her fanny over her to make a point.

I didn’t know whether it was my fucking or Mary’s fanny that Sylvia was enjoying the most when she could, she was screaming with sexual excitement. When she finally orgasmed and again I got a face full of feminine juices.

Mary said. “I think you had better take Sylvia into the shower and washer her, she is not staying the night”.

As I soaped her, I think Sylvia was a little disappointed, as the water washing both of us clean she put her hands around my neck kissed, shoving her tongue into my mouth and rubbing her fanny over my bursting caged cock.

She said. “Thank you, David, that was wonderful, I really like the way you use your tongue. I hope we can do it again. I don’t think Mary appreciated me as much as you did”.

“No, I’m sorry about that, but I did enjoy your body. Here’s to next time, thank you”.

As I kissed her back, I helped her dress and she was gone.

I went to Mary and said. “I don’t think you enjoyed that tonight”?

“No, all that pubic hair, that put me off, but you seemed to enjoy yourself”?

“Yes I did, there was a lot more flesh to play with”.

“I’m glad you got some satisfaction. I will have to pick my ladies a lot more carefully in future. Or perhaps I could share you out, to check out ladies, if you think they are good, I could invite them here”.

“You are my dominatrix, now you want to prostitute me and want them to pay for me”?

“No David, don’t be silly, it’s just for fun, and many ladies in my group share their cuck husbands. I might try that after the holiday”.

“Oh, something to look forward to”? I said very sarcastically.

Part 13 – Going Away Together

The two Sundays before our holiday they both went out shopping, Mary bought several very skimpy and sexy dresses for the holiday, together with some even skimpier bikinis’, one she showed me, which seemed just some strings holding together small bits of material.

I had to say. “Christ, there’s not much material in that and it doesn’t look like it will cover much”?

“That’s as may be, David, it’s the most expensive one I’ve bought, it will show off my curves very well”.

“I think it will show off everything”.

“I hope you’re not jealous, David”?

She brought some shorts and polo shirts for me, which seemed to be in some rather sissy colours, pinks, yellows and light orange, no doubt picked for me by Robert.

Robert did not stay the Saturday night, before our holiday, although he did spend the afternoon in bed with Mary, while did the house cleaning and prepared the dinner. After he left Mary said she was too tired after her exertions with Robert, so she went straight to her bed while I watch television.

We were due to fly to the Seychelles on Tuesday so we spent Monday packing. My case was half empty, while Mary’s was full, with half the clothes she wanted to take, still on the bed.

I said. “It’s going to be very hot out there, what do you need all those things for”?

“It’s a very smart, exclusive hotel; we’ll have to dress for dinner every night, so I need all these dresses, I can’t wear the same one twice”.

“No-one will notice if you wore one twice”? I said knowing she liked to show herself off and be admired.

“Don’t be silly. David, course people will notice, anyway I have standards to keep. Put all these in your case, you’ve got plenty of room”.

As we had an early start the next morning we went to bed, we were both naked, Mary in my bed and she grabbed at my cage and said. “I’d better take this off; it would be really embarrassing if you set off the airport security alarms”.

She undid the padlock to remove the cage, then she had to force each of my balls through the ring, to remove it over the base of my cock. She was quite rough as each of my balls was squeezed through and it was very painful but it started to grow.

“Don’t be a baby, David and we’ll not have any of that tonight”. As she slapped, my cock.

“You’ll get some holiday treats, I promise”.

My cock and balls felt very weird with no metal wrapped around it, I massaged them to try and get them back to a normal feeling.

I then said. “Are we going to be a normal couple, sleeping in the same bed and do things as all couples do”?

“Within reason, David, within reason”.

After a ten-hour flight, we were met, at the airport by a limousine driver from the hotel, who took us to our luxury accommodation. The hotel was a magnificent building, we checked in at reception where we were given our room keys and other information. Then told we had use of the limo any time we needed it and then we were shown to our room.

It turned out to be a very large luxurious penthouse suite, that overlooked the hotel grounds, the swimming pool and the sea. Mary seemed in aura of the room.

I said. “Robert’s done us proud, this is very nice; I’m going to enjoy it here”.

We decided to shower and dress for dinner and then check out the rest of the hotel or more particularly the bar. Mary dressed in one of her sexy, revealing dresses, while I was in a short-sleeve shirt and slacks.

As we walked, Mary was getting many admiring glances, which I could tell, from the smile on her face, she was very chuffed about. As we went into the bar, I noticed wives were prodding their husbands to get their attention back from admiring Mary.

We sat at the bar and the very attentive waiters served our drinks.

In the restaurant, we were shown to a secluded table for two, after a sumptuous meal we both felt quite exhausted so we went to bed and were soon fast asleep.

Next morning after breakfast we smothered each other’s naked bodies in sun cream, I put on my swimming shorts and Mary put on one of her skimpy bikinis, although not the skimpiest. As we passed the reception I check that we could have the use of the limousine, that afternoon, so we could go site-seeing.

In the pool area Mary was lapping up all the admiring glances, and two young men wolf-whistled at her, the smile on her face was gorgeous. We settled done on two sun lounges side by side to take in the sun. I went in for a swim, as I came back to the loungers.

I noticed Mary intently watch a handsome, bronzed and well-built man getting out of the pool. I’m sure I heard Mary mutter ‘wow’.

I said, “Admiring the view”?

“Well, did you see the bulge in that handsome man’s swimming tanks”?

“I didn’t notice”.

When Mary went in for a swim, that handsome man went in as well. I watched as they swam up and down the pool, then I was sure he swam into Mary deliberately. They both stood up in the water and started chatting, it looked like he was saying sorry but I could not be sure.

When Mary came back I said. “That looked deliberate”?

“Oh, what do you mean, that was a complete accident. Anyway, he was a very polite gentleman, I think he was Italian, he seems very nice”.

They sent the rest of the morning glancing and smiling at each other across the pool until we went back to our room and showered.

After lunch we found the limo driver, Gorgeo, a big local man dressed in a smart chauffer’s uniform, he said. “Where would you good people like to go”?

“Just show us some of your beautiful island”. Mary said.

Gorgeo explained, “We were on La Digue Island but could visit other Seychelles islands by ferry if we wanted to. Just say if you want to stop at anywhere you like”.

He drove us around the coast road, past through some pretty villages; we stopped occasionally to look at the local shops. We then drove through a hillier area and back to the coast, Gorgeo stopped on top of a cliff and got out of the car.

“You come and look, very nice secluded beach below”.

We both looked down on the empty and quite small beach.

Mary said. “Very beautiful, how would you get down there”?

“There’s a path down the side over there, see”?

“Oh yes, what a lovely spot to sunbathe nude”.

“No Missy, nude bathing not allowed, but no-one ever checks”. Gorgeo said.

“Oh good, can you bring us here tomorrow afternoon please, Gorgeo”?

“Yes Missy, I will drop you here and pick you up later in the evening”.

“That will be wonderful, thank you, won’t it, David”?

“Yes lovely,” I said.

We then drove back to the hotel in time for dinner.

In bed, I was caressing Mary’s breasts, while I said. “That was a very good day, what a wonderful place”?

“Yes it was”, Mary said as she fondled my ‘little man’ which was growing fast.

“Well, it’s been a while since he’s seen any activity”.

“You make me cum with your wonderful tongue first. Then I’ll see what I can do for you, but you can only penetrate me with that tongue, okay”?

So I went down kissing and licking across her stomach and then between her legs. It did not take to long for her to orgasm and I drunk in all her feminine juices.

Mary began wanking my hard cock as I nibbled her nipples.

“Oh Mistress, I’m going to cum, can I”?

She let go of my cock and said. “You must finish yourself off and catch your sperm in your other hand and let me see you eat it”?

“Thank you, Mistress”. As I licked my hand clean.

“There’s a good boy”.

As she kissed me and we went to sleep.

Part 14 – The Italian Stud

We were back by the pool the next morning; I noticed the Italian hunk watched Mary all the way to our loungers and they both exchanged smiles. I went swimming first, then Mary, as I settled to let the sun dry me, the Italian came over, showing me a very expensive looking camera and said in broken English.

“Excuse’s mæn, may take photo of beautiful wife, please”?

“Well that’s up to her really, what are you going to do with the pictures”?

“Oh no, just for my pleasure”

“Well, she’s my pleasure too”.

“Yes, yes I give you copy of picture”.

“Well, we’ll see what she says”.

I knew Mary would jump at the chance, she liked showing herself off.

As she came back from the pool, I said. “Hi darling, this gentleman has asked if he can take your photo, what do you think”.

She said with a big smile, “Hello, I’m sure that will be fine, I’ll pose over by the pool, let’s go”

She put on her big-brimmed hat, looking gorgeous in her skimpy blue bikini and struck several poses, standing and sitting.

They came back and the Italian said. “Thank you; you have beautiful wife”, then turning to Mary said, “Mia buona donna, beautiful lady thank you”.

Before he went back the other side of the pool, Mary gave him a big kiss on his mouth.

“Was that necessary”? I asked.

“I suppose you were looking at that growing bulge between his legs, are you scheming something”?

“It was very impressive, maybe, are you jealous, David”?

I refused to answer that.

In the afternoon, Gorgeo drove us to the secluded beach, he took out of the car boot, a large blanket, a folded up umbrella, towels and a cool-box. He told us that he would be back to pick us up at five o’clock and to enjoy ourselves.

Mary marched off down the track, to the beach, leaving me to carry all the things down. I lay out the blanket, put the umbrella up and stuck it in the sand. Before I could lie down Mary had stripped off her bikini and was naked running to the sea.

“Come on, David, get those shorts off and come down here”.

She giggled as she jumped into the sea. I joined her and we frolicked, splashing each other and swam for quite some time. We ran back to the blanket and I opened the cool box to find a bottle of champagne, two glasses and a container full of melon.

Soaking up the sun, we drank and ate, and then Mary said. “Well this is wonderful, David, we couldn’t wish for anything better”.

“Perhaps you might have preferred the Italian gentleman to be lying next to you rather than me”?

“Cause I want to be with you”. As she kissed me and then said. “There’s plenty of time for that gorgeous man, I’m not thinking about him, while I’m with you. Now come on, we’ll burn up if we don’t put sun cream on, you do me then I’ll do you”.

I virtually gave Mary a massage using the sun cream, I paid particular attention to her nipples, tweaking and kissing them before rubbing in the cream, I kissed her vagina as I pushed two creamy fingers into her slit.

“Ohhhhh!!! That’s for later, now do my back”.

I rubbed cream into her back and gave her buttocks a little pat as I finished. She wasn’t that caring as she covered with the cream, giving my ‘little man’ and my buttock cheeks a big slap hard smack.

Walking hand in hand we went along the water’s edge and back again before sitting for more drinks and melon. We were back in the sea to finish the afternoon; we dried and got dressed in what little clothes we were wearing before I packed everything up and walked back up the track to the top of the cliff to meet Gorgeo.

In the bar before dinner, the Italian man came to us, and Mary put her arm around him and kissed him.

“Hello, you look very handsome tonight”. She said.

“Very nice Lady, you very sexy, may I get you a drink”? He said.

“No it’s all right; we’ve already got drinks, thank you”. I said.

“Oh, let us get you one”? Mary said.

“We are just going into dinner; we will probably see you tomorrow”. I said as I pulled Mary to the dining room.

“That wasn’t very nice, David, we should have invited him to have dinner with us”.

“No, I know what you’re after, his big cock; you know what I told you about picking up strange men”.

“Well if that’s your attitude, David, I’m not allowing you any fun tonight in bed”.

“That’s it; you spoil a nice day, Mistress”. I said with some attitude.

Mary picked out her skimpiest string bikini, the next morning, I said. “Surely you’re not going to wear that? It barely covers your nipples and fanny. Make sure you tie those strings tight, otherwise, you might lose your top when you go for a swim”.

“What’s got into you, David, I thought you liked my body, certainly I like to show it off, I’ll wear what I like”.

“Yes, but I don’t want you to be naked in public”.

“It’ll be okay, let’s go”.

The looks Mary got as we went out to the pool, she took in all the admiring glances, as she stood and posed before she settled on the lounger. I noticed the Italian guy’s bulge almost doubled in size, as he smiled over at Mary, she waved and returned the smile.

I went for a swim first, while Mary lay back taking the sun. Eventually, Mary decided she should go in the pool, she swam up and down a few lengths, then she stood up and her top was missing, she clapped her hands over her breasts, to try and hide her embarrassment, then she ducked down in the water.

Who should drive-in and retrieve her top, the Italian guy, he swam to Mary helped her to get it on again; she came out of the pool with him and invited him to use the empty lounger next to hers.

“I told you that would happen, I hope you feel thoroughly embarrassed now, you hussy”.

“Stop it, David, this nice gentleman was very gallant and helped me, you should be thankful. I’m going to invite him to have dinner with us this evening”.

“Hopefully, that’s all it’s going to be”?

He lay down very close to Mary’s lounger and she started chatting to him.

“Oh David, this is Alasandro, he is Italian, as I thought, he comes from Bologna, Northern Italy, he’s here working for the Ferrari Car Company, he’s been delivering cars to the island and now has a few days off”.

“That’s very interesting; I’m going for another swim”.

As I came out of the pool, I saw Mary with her arm across his chest and her hand slipped down to feel his bulge and then she kissed him again.

We were collecting our things together before going for lunch I said to Mary. “Is he a good kisser and is his cock big enough for you”?

“He is very impressive; he is very sexy and seems very nice and gentlemanly”.

“Well, you be careful, about what you get up to”.

“I will don’t get upset David, I think you will like him if you take an interest, please try, for me”?

Making use of the limo we went site-seeing that afternoon. Back in our hotel room, we got ready for diner, Mary dressed in a very tight short dress but did not put any underwear on.

I said. “So you’re going for him then, but don’t bring him back here, I won’t want to watch you”.

“Yes, you know how I like big cocks and the satisfaction I get from them; I think it might be bigger than Robert’s, I’ll take care, and don’t you worry”.

We met Alasandro in the bar, he was very polite shaking my hand and kissing Mary and we had a drink first, before going to the restaurant. Mary sat close the Alasandro while, I sat opposite them, while we waited to be served our food, they seemed to be getting each other aroused with their hands under the table.

At the end of the meal, Mary excused herself to go to the restroom.

So Alasandro moved close to me, he said. “You are a very nice and lucky man, you have a beautiful wife, and she tells me you are okay about me making love to her tonight. Do you want to watch”?

“She does what she wants; no I do not want to watch you and you are not taking her to our room”.

“Thank you very much, I will enjoy myself”.

Mary came back to the table, “Everything alright, David”?

“Yes, you be safe”. I said rather grudgingly.

Mary took him by the hand and they walked off. I went back to the bar and had a few more whiskeys, on my own, before going to bed.

I was half asleep when I heard the door open and close, I look up and was surprised to see Mary in a real dishevelled state. Her dress had a rip in it and her mascara had run were she’d been crying. I jumped out of bed and wrapped my arms around her.

“Whatever happened”?

“Oh! It was awful in the end, I can’t talk about now”.

“Well let me help you out of your dress and wash your face. You can tell me when you’ve calmed down”.

When she was ready, I took Mary in my arms and we lay down on the bed.

“Are you ready to talk now? Should I go to his room and have a go at him, perhaps hit him”?

“No, you don’t need to do that. He was wonderful to start with; very gentlemanly, carefully undressing me and then I undressed him. We lay on the bed caressing each other. I made his marvellous cock really hard. It was so beautiful, long and thick. I insisted he put on a condom”.

“That’s good Mary”.

“When I went down on it the feeling was sensational, tight in my vagina, I must have cum at least twice before he ejaculated the first time. He kissed me all over my body before he got hard again, he put on another condom and he slipped into me. I had my legs wrapped around his body, I felt I was in heaven; I just could not stop having numerous orgasms”.

As Mary was telling me this my ‘little man’ was getting harder and harder, she made it sound so erotic.

“We rested after he had cum the second time and had a drink. Then I played with his wonderful cock, I jerked, kissed and licked it, till it was hard again. He put on a third condom and turned me on my front, I thought he was going ‘doggy’ style but then it happened”?

Mary started to sob again; I hugged and kissed her, and said. “Don’t get upset; you were doing so well, what did he do”?

“He tried to stick it in my anus”.

“Oh Mary, I know you don’t like that, how did you stop him”?

“I screamed for him not to do that, I shouted ‘stop, stop, stop’, but he kept trying to push it in. I managed to wriggle round and as hard as I could I kneed him in the balls”.

“Good for you Mary, well done”.

“I jumped off the bed and grabbed my dress and tried to put it on, but he came and tried to clutch at me, so I kneed him again and while he was grovelling on the floor I stamped between his legs and ran for it”.

“Well done Mary, you’re safe now with me, that was awful; I’m sorry, it might have been my fault, I should have been with you, he did say I could watch you”.

“No, David, it was all me, I was infatuated by his big cock. It’s my fault for not setting down some rules with him before we started”.

“But what’s this David? That story must have turned you on, I’ve never felt your cock so hard, oh come up here”.

Mary pulled me, by my cock, up her body as I straddled her. She put my cock in her cleavage; I held her nipples in my thumb and index finger while the rest of my fingers forced her tits to encase me. She grabbed my hips and said.

“Come on David, go for it, this is your holiday treat”.

She pulled my hips forward and back, giving me a real titjob.

“Oh Mistress, I’m going to cum, can I please”?

“Yes David, shoot your sperm over my face and chin”.

I collapsed on the bed when I unloaded and said. “Oh thank you, darling, that was marvellous”.

I then started to lick my sperm off her face and neck. We kissed for a long time before falling asleep.

Next morning after breakfast, on our way to the pool, Mary called at reception. She came away carrying an envelope which she gave to me.

“He’s checked out this morning and left this for you”. Mary said.

We settled down on our pool loungers.

“Are going to open that David”?

“Yes, it contains a note and some photographs. The note has just got ‘SORRY’ written on it but the photos are fabulous, they are of you posing, you look really good”.

I gave them to Mary.

“They are very good, but I don’t think I’ll want to keep them”.

“You should: to remind you not to pick up strange men, with big dicks. Perhaps I should lookout for a nice attractive lady?”

“That’s not a bad idea, David”. Mary said with a smile.

Part 15 – Robert’s Holiday Treat

We spent the next few days at the pool in the morning and either going site-seeing or to the secluded beach in the afternoons. It was Sunday morning before going to breakfast I found a note which had been pushed under the door.

“It’s addressed to you, Mary”.

I gave her the note and she opened it.

“Oh, it’s from Robert, he says he hopes we are having a good time and that he has arranged a treat for us this afternoon. There will be a knock on the door at two o’clock”.

“Wonder what that will be about”?

“We’ll have to wait and see, David”.

We spent the morning at the pool and after lunch were waiting in our room at two o’clock. The knock came and I opened the door to find a strapping young man, dressed only in shorts, and a well-built lady with bikini bottoms and a tight crop top, hardly hiding her large breasts. They both looked like local residents, dark and swarthy, they were carrying what looked like collapsible tables and bags.

The man said. “Compliments of Master Robert, you will undress please”.

As we did, they put up the sturdy, six-legged cushioned, tables side by side. They gestured for us to lay down on them, the man started to massage Mary’s back while the lady worked on mine.

I looked at Mary and said. “This is very nice and relaxing”.

The lady slapped my arse to indicate that she wanted me to turn over, Mary turned over as well and as her man caressed her breasts and gradually worked down her body, she began to purr as he played with her vagina. My lady flicked my cock as she turned me back on my front. She said something to the man, who came and grabbed my arms and tied them to the table’s front legs, while she collapsed the back half of the table, so my legs fell and she strapped them to what was the middle legs of the table.

The man then whipped off his shorts, to flash a giant cock in my face.

“Make it hard for your lady, white boy”? He said while Mary screamed. “Wow, that looks scrumptious”.

I licked, sucked and kissed, bringing him to full erection; he then put a condom on and lead Mary to the bed.

The lady then forced a strap on dildo into my arse, while grabbing on to my hips. Mary was swooning and purring with sexual exhilaration as his giant cock sunk into her vagina. I just grunted as the dildo stretched my anus. It sounded like Mary had orgasmed three times before the man ejaculated and rolled off, breathing hard.

The lady then pulled my hips back and withdrew the dildo and reached between my legs to start jerking my ‘little man’ which had become very hard. As I shot my load, she caught most of my sperm in her hand, then ran around and rubbed her hand over my face, making me lick her hand clean.

She left me tied to the table and went onto the bed, she took off the man’s used condom, wanked and licked his cock until it was hard again and put on a new condom. He turned Mary on her front and moved her so her legs were over the side of the bed and took her ‘doggy’ style, while the lady presented her fanny to her face with her legs either side of her head, Mary was in ecstasy. The lady was getting very excited as Mary licked and nibbled her vagina and clitoris. They all eventually collapsed on the bed.

The lady came and released my hands and legs with a slap on my arse and then packed up table and bag.

The man packed up the other table and said to Mary. “Thank you, Mistress, I hope you enjoyed that”?

He and the lady went out of the door.

“Oh yes, it was wonderful, so fulfilling and satisfying”. Mary said.

I walked to the bed with my hard ‘little man’ bobbing in front of me.

“Look at you, real big again, come here”?

I got on the bed and Mary started caressing my dick, I licked and sucked the feline juices from between her legs and face. I ejaculated over her tits which I then liked clean.

As she said. “Well, that’s another holiday treat for you. You’re doing well, aren’t you? Now let’s shower and get ready for diner”.

Lying by the pool the next morning, Mary said. “I must text Robert and thank him for yesterday’s treat, did you enjoy it, David”?

“Not as much as you, dear, his cock was very big, you sure it didn’t hurt you? She was very rough with me; I suppose she was told to be so by Robert”.

“Oh that’s rather insensitive, David; Robert wouldn’t be mean to you on purpose, he’s a kind man. Yes, that cock was extremely good, it was rather tight in me but I enjoy it more that way. He was very tender with me, I enjoyed the afternoon”.

“I hope that’s you satisfied until we get home”.

Part 16 – The Estonian Porn Star

Monday we spent the morning swimming and lying in the sun, and went sight-seeing in the afternoon. There were only three more days before we were due to fly home on Friday, so we were determined to make the most of them.

Tuesday morning we were by the pool when a tall, strikingly attractive lady, wearing a bright orange bikini, which just covered the essential parts of her ‘hourglass’ figure, took the lounger next to Mary.

She smiled at us both as she lay back and we smiled back saying, hello. “Are English”, she said, “my English not good,” as she waved a sun cream container at Mary.

“Oh, my husband will do that for you, he is very good with his hands”.

As she passed the container to me, I walked around and knelt by her side; she lay on her front and I put the cream on my hands and tenderly rubbed it across her shoulders.

“Ohhh!!!, nice”, she murmured.

I undid her bikini top clasp and continued down her body and legs; I left her exposed buttocks until last and really enjoyed caressing her there.

I gave her container back and she said. “Very good, thank you. You do front for me later, please”?

“Oh yes, I’d love to”.

As I lay back on the lounger, Mary said. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you and I liked watching you”.

“You getting aroused already”? I said as she went for a swim.

After about half an hour lying in the sun, the lady said as she turned on her lounger. “Front, please”.

Which I gladly obliged as I knelt beside her, to my surprise she seized my head, pulled me down and kissed me full on the lips.

“Oh, thank you”. I said.

I knew Mary was very intrigued by the look she gave me. I gently caressed the cream on her chest, above her breasts, before moving to them, encased in her small bikini top, and caressed cream into her cleavage.

“Where are you from”? I said inquisitively.

“Estonia”. She replied. “My name is Catlynka”.

“Pleased to meet you, I am David; this is my wife, Mary”.

“Very good to know you”.

“What are you doing here”?

“I’m, how you say, a model, actress”.

“Oh yes”.

“I have a shoot on Saturday”.

“Are, we will be gone home by then”.

As I continued down her torso and her legs, as I finished, I kissed her pubic area through her bikini material.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I should not have done that”.

“No, that was okay, very nice, thank you”.

As I lay back down, Mary whispered. “You are getting on well there, that kiss was a nice touch”.

“I completely forgot myself; I’m so used to doing it to you and other ladies when I finish massaging them”.

Mary got up and said. “Come, Catlynka, let’s go in the pool, the water is lovely”.

As Mary helped her up, she planted a very passionate kiss on her lips and walked to the pool with her arm around her. I later went in for a swim and joined them in the water.

Mary said. “Will you join us for lunch Catlynka”?

“Oh yes, very good, thank you”.

“Then this afternoon we will take you to the secluded beach we’ve found, and we can have some fun there”.

Gorgeo drove the three of us to the clifftop, the girls ran down the track to the beach while I was left to carry all the equipment form the car boot down to the beach.

They had stripped off their bikinis by the time I reached them, Mary said. “Come on, David, get your shorts off, don’t be shy, Catlynka isn’t”. As they ran into the sea.

I set out the equipment and joined them in the sea. Mary jumped on me and kissed me as I fell backwards in the water. As I got up Catlynka did the same and held me down in the water before eventually letting me go.

I swam around and then went back to lie on the blanket, I watch the girls in the water; it seemed to me they were scheming something by the gesturing and laughing. They ran back to the blanket, Mary still dripping wet, spread my arms out sideways and squatted down, so her legs were holding me down, and brought her wet vagina to my mouth.

Catlynka had taken something from her bag, spread my legs and knelt between them. She clutched my cock and scrotum in one hand and wrapped, what felt like a silk cord around them several times and pulled the ends tight. She tied, each ends of the cord, around the base of my cock and then threaded one length of cord between my balls and through the tight cords under my scrotum pulling it tight, separating them, and tied the cords off around the base of my, now, erect cock.

My balls were protruding each side of their squeezed bag, I was surprised as the whole trusting process had not been painful but it felt very sensitive. Catlynka pulled the two lengths of cord to juggle my cock and balls.

Laughing Mary said. “Wow that’s something different from being stuck in your cage, David; it looks really good like that”.

Catlynka had now taken one of my balls in her mouth and was sucking and licking it, so Mary jumped up and took the other one in her mouth. They both then started to lick the length of my erection, as Mary started to jerk it, but Catlynka said to Mary. “Please, may I”?

“Be my guest”, help yourself”. She then guided her shaved wet pussy down onto my shaft, I reached up for her large breasts and nipples as she excitedly shagged me.

Mary said. “Wow, another holiday treat for you David, you’re doing well aren’t you”?

I shot my load rather too quickly, I don’t think Catlynka had orgasmed, so Mary gestured her to sit on my face so I could clean my sperm from her vagina, and that soon made her cum. She rolled off me and slumped on the blanket, she said in a dreamy voice. “That was good and very nice, thank you”.

Mary grabbed the two ends of the cord and pulled, I had no option but to get up as she ran me down into the sea. Where we frolicked, with her continually pulling of the cord, to jiggle, my trust up cock and balls.

As she pulled me back to the blanket she said. “This is great, I could leave you like this all the time”.

“No, no”, Catlynka gestured with a circular motion of her hand, “the blood”.

“Oh, what a shame, if I would leave this on too long, the blood, can’t circulate, so you have to be untied, David, before your cock drops off”?

“Well, that’s a relief to me”.

“Catlynka must come and have dinner with us, tonight, and she can come to our room after and show me how I tie you up like that, okay”?

“That would be lovely”, she answered.

I was untied and caressed my balls while I packed up and got dressed.

After dinner Mary could not wait to get back to our penthouse room, she quickly took off her dress, while I took my clothes off and helped Catlynka out of her dress. As it slipped off her gorgeous body I could not help to caress and kiss all over it, much to Mary’s annoyance. She got fed up of waiting, as I knelt kissing Catlynka pubic region, Mary join in by fondling and kissing her nipples.

“Now, get on the bed, David. Catlynka please show me how I tie these uptight”.

Mary was sat across my chest, as she grabbed my cock and balls. Catlynka started to explain how the cord should be wrapped around my scrotum.

“Wow that hurt”, as Mary pulled the cord tight, one of my balls escaped its noose.

“Stop moaning David, I’m doing my best and stop wriggling, lie still”.

With a hard slap of my hardening cock, I assumed Mary had completed the task.

“There, that’s good; I like it even more now I’ve tied you up like that”.

Mary pulled the two ends of the cord and jiggled my cock and balls.

“That’s good, Mistress, but you don’t have to be so vigorous”. I said.

“I’m enjoying this”, as she took one of my balls in her mouth while Catlynka sucked on the other one. They both licked up its length before Catlynka took the whole of my cock in her mouth, right down to the cord at its base.

Mary said. “Wow, but I bet you couldn’t get all of Robert in your mouth”? “I would try, how big is he”? She said with a smile.

“This big”, as Mary pulled out my face dildo from the draw.

“That is nice and big, you are right”.

Mary strapped the dildo to my face and slid down on it; while Catlynka guided me into her wet vagina. As they both pounded on me they caressed each other’s breasts and kissed passionately. Of course, I came first, much to Catlynka’s disappointment.

“Don’t worry; you can have a go with this when he’s made me cum”.

Catlynka licked what cum was left in my now reseeding shaft and was jiggering my balls which brought Mary to orgasm as I pounded quicker.

Mary slumped on the bed and Catlynka dived between her legs and started licking and kissing her juicy cunt. They both rolled over, so Mary was sat on her face and massaging her breasts, I slipped my dildo into to her soaking, cum filled fanny. From the erotic screams, I knew they were both near to orgasm, when they both came together they slumped on the bed, both breathing heavily.

When Mary unstrapped my dildo she forced my head between her legs, so I licked and clean the top of her legs and vagina. I then licked and sucked my cum and her juices from Catlynka’s throbbing cunt, while Mary pulled on the cords and took each of my balls, in her mouth, in turn.

“I think I’d better untie you now David, I will enjoy tying you up again. I think I would like to sleep with Catlynka tonight, David is that alright. I think you have had too much excitement and satisfaction for one day. You can go and sleep in her room, can’t he Catlynka”?

“Oh, that will be wonderful”, Catlynka joyously said.

“I get no choice, I the matter then”?

“No, David, we’ll see you in the morning”.

I went in search of Catlynka’s room, it was on one of the lower floors and much smaller than our suite. It was cluttered with skimpy outfits; I thought ‘that’s what you are modelling at the weekend’.

The door opened and closed, as I woke up from a dreamy sleep to see Catlynka standing there, in her beautiful naked body. She came over and threw the bedclothes back and joined me in bed, kissed me and said.

“Your lady very beautiful, very good in bed, very adventurous, she has a lover, yes, but you are very nice and beautiful too”.

“Thank you”, I said, “yes she has a lover, it’s my work boss, and I have to serve them when he stays”.

“This Robert, yes, she tell me, he has big cock, very powerful man”?

“Yes, I have to do what he and my wife tells me”.

As she bite my nipples and fondled my balls and cock, she continued. “You very good, I enjoy you, I not care that this is small, it’s very nice”.

She wanked me until I shot my load over my stomach, which she promptly like up and came up to kiss me passing all my cum from her mouth back into mine.

“You go back to your room now”, she said, “I see you at breakfast”.

Mary was just getting out of bed, I kissed her.

“Morning love, you had a good night then”?

“Oh yes, wonderful, Catlynka is marvellous in bed, she did some interesting and lovely things for me, I like her, she was a very good choice, David, well done”.

“I don’t think I chose her, I think she chose us”.

“What difference does it make; we’re having a good time, aren’t we? Now let’s get in the shower together”.

We spent the last two days of our holiday with Catlynka, at the pool in the mornings and the secluded beach in the afternoons. I got trust up each time and Mary took great delight in running around the beach and in the water, pulling me by the cord and stretching my scrotum. I still had the pleasure of Catlynka sucking and fucking me though.

In bed, the last but one night, after I had serviced them both with my face dildo and Mary said it was time for me to go to Catlynka’s room, she said. “Oh no, David stay here with us, yes, I tie him”.

Instead of trusting my cock and balls up, she tied me spread-eagled to the middle of the bed, my hands tied to somewhere down the top of the bed and legs tied to the bottom sides, it was not a very comfortable way to sleep. But I enjoyed the soft ladies body’s lying each side of me, playing with me and themselves over the top of me.

As she woke, Mary said. “Did you sleep all right, David, I certainly did and I think Catlynka did too”?

“It was not the most comfortable way to sleep, but I enjoyed your bodies next to me”.

“Good, I think we will do it again tonight. I better untie you and we can all go in the shower together”.

Catlynka said, “That was very nice, can we all squash in together”?

We spent the last night, three in the bed, the ladies doing their thing with me and each other. Despite Catlynka’s encouragement, Mary would not use my cock to penetrate her, she did, however, suck me off while I was tied up. Catlynka went the whole way with me, sucking and fucking and me sucking and eating her to orgasm.

Catlynka was there to kiss us goodbye as we got the limo back to the airport.

During the ride, Mary said. “That was a wonderful way to complete our holiday, wasn’t it David”?

“Yes very good, Catlynka was very nice and fantastic in bed, I don’t know what you made of her”?

“She was a lovely lady, very sexually skilled”.

“A model and actress, I think she is a porn star. I saw what she had in her room; I think she will be modelling skimpy outfits for sexual role play, maids, nurses, police and little girls’ outfits, together with loads of sex toys. I also saw her photographic portfolio; the photos of her were fantastic. I think she might be making a porn film, tomorrow, and was trying things out with us”.

“Why didn’t you tell me this, two days ago”?

“Would it have made any difference, I thought it best not to tell you”?

Part 17 – The Charity Party

“Robert’s coming to stay tomorrow; he’ll want to know all about the holiday, you’ll have to put your uniform back on in the morning. Your little cock has had a lot of exercise the last few days”.

“Yes, I am not looking forward to it being back in the cage. Please, Mistress, don’t tell him all about what I’ve been doing, he will take me straight upstairs and I won’t be able to sit down for a week”.

“No David, I think I had better leave the details about Catlynka’s activities from him and about the Italian. He’ll want to know about our Sunday treat, but I promise, I won’t tell him the girl wanked you”.

“Well I won’t tell him anything, I can assure you, I don’t want my arse thrashed”.

Saturday morning Mary squeezes, with some difficulty, my balls back into the cage ring and then my cock into the cage and secured the lock and put the key on its chain and hung it around her neck.

I said. “I don’t suppose this will get much activity now, for a while”?

“It had enough activity during the last two weeks to satisfy you for quite a time, I should think”. She retorted.

“Now get the place cleaned up, before Robert gets here, please dear”. She instructed.

Robert arrived in mid-afternoon and Mary hugged and kissed him for what seemed ages when she finally let him go.

He said. “I hope you enjoyed your holiday, you both look very bronzed”. “It was wonderful and relaxing, Robert, thank you, wasn’t it, David”.

Mary responded, but I just went down on one knee, took his hand and kissed it, and said. “Thank you, Master”.

He just patted my head, as Mary took him into the lounge.

“You’ve got work to do in the kitchen, David”.

I was pleased to be out of the way, as Mary told him all about our two weeks away. I hope she would not tell him too much about what happened. I went in to serve drinks.

Mary was saying. “We appreciated that treat you arranged for us on the middle Sunday, that young man was caring and tender with me and I enjoyed him. I don’t think David liked the lady too much, he said she was a little rough with him”.

“Well that’s good, I’m glad you liked it, I did instruct the lady not to be too easy on David”.

I just went back into the kitchen in a state of disgust.

I prepared and served dinner, Mary was still talking about the holiday, and Robert seemed to be quite happy, although I thought he did not look his usual self, he looked rather drawn. I cleared and tidied the dinner crockery and stayed out of the way until they wanted to go to bed.

I was pleased that I had not been summoned to be punished, so Mary must have left out the juicier parts of our holiday activities. In the bedroom, I undressed the Mistress and paid tribute to her body. Paying tribute to Robert’s big cock, but it did not seem as strong as usual. Certainly, when I went down on the Mistress with my face dildo, he did not seem to have the energy he usually did, as he fucked my arse.

I was dismissed quite quickly and as I went to sleep I noticed there wasn’t anything like the usual volume of sexual cries and screams.

I served tea and breakfast in bed for them but was soon summoned back when Mary shouted. “Will you please come and give Robert one of your relaxing massages, he is not feeling too good this morning”.

“Yes, certainly Mistress, will you get on the table Master, please”?

Mary sat on the bed and watched me working down Roberts back; I was trying to be as soft and tender as possible when Mary said. “Do you want to tell David about the arrangements for next weekend, Robert”? “Yes, I’ll do that”. He continued. “Our Pleasure Organisation is having a Charity Party next Friday evening, at the warehouse, to raise money for local charities. The senior members of our group will be bidding for the services of male and female cuckold slaves and studs for the Saturday and Sunday. Mary is going to bid for me, and she will get me, so I will be here with her next weekend. You, David, are going to be our star lot; you have gained quite a reputation within the group. I’m expecting someone to bid over £5000 for your services, I hope you will go along with this and serve whoever gets you, very well.

“Yes Master, I will try to live up to my reputation”.

“Master may I speak personally; I do not want to speak out of turn”?

“Yes, David you may”.

“Thank you, Master, may I ask, if you are feeling okay? You do not seem your usual self, are you overdoing things at work”?

“That’s kind of you to ask, David, I’m feeling a lot better already, your touch is wonderful. I don’t think I am overworking myself, the Company is doing very well, especially your department, I’m pleased that this situation is not affecting your work, you are doing well”.

“Thank you for saying, Master; could you turn over now please”?

As I worked down his chest his cock lay very flaccidly on his stomach.

“Would you like me to make this hard again, Master”?

As I carefully caressed his tool, he said. “No not now, David, I feel much better now, that was wonderfully relaxing and invigorating, thank you. There is one more thing I must tell you, as you know; it is Mary’s birthday two weeks Wednesday, Marjorie and I are planning a special party for her that night, unfortunately, David you will not be able to attend. You can celebrate with her another evening, is that alright? You may be required to chauffeur her that night though”.

“Yes, Master, whatever you say”.

I helped Mary dress and they both went out, as usual, while I went to work downstairs.

After dinner when Robert had left, I went into Mary and said. “Robert doesn’t seem very well to me, he hasn’t the energy he used to have”.

“I know, dear, that was quite brave of you to speak out like that, but I’m glad you did, perhaps that might make him realise he needs to do something. Both Marjorie and I have told him to see a doctor, but like most men he just keeps insisting there’s nothing wrong, I’m quite worried about him”.

“Um! Now, what’s Friday all about”?

“Well it’s for charity, whoever bids the most money for you; you have to go and stay with them for the weekend and do the same things you do for us”.

“I’m not sure I will like that, what if I don’t like them. It’s a start to loaning me out isn’t it”?

“Well sort of, I’m sure you will be okay”.

We were both home early from work, on Friday afternoon, we both showered together and I then gave Mary a relaxing massage, tenderly caressing and kissing her beautiful body. I helped with her bra, suspender belt, stockings and panties. I put on my uniform while she did her makeup and then helped her on with one of her expensive cocktails dresses, after zipping her up I kissed her shoulders, and said. “You look gorgeous, as ever, I do love you”.

“Thank you, David, I love you too”.

Mary put a coat over my shoulders and drove to the warehouse, before going in she put on my cuffs and ball gag. We were met in reception by Marjorie, who was in charge of the evening’s proceedings, Mary put my coat in the cupboard and led me into the main hall, passed the members sitting in their finery and sipping champagne, and put me into the male cuckold slave cage towards the back of the hall. This was standing next to the female cuckold slave’s cage; the stud’s corral was placed nearer the front of the hall. I noticed Carole in the ladies cage, she had the leather strapping, minus the hood, she wore at our initiation party.

I nodded and she came across and said. “Oh, David, I hope you get someone that’s going to be nice to you”.

I couldn’t reply but just tried to smile through my gag.

Marjorie took control, introducing the evening and explaining the procedure. “Now, let’s get the proceeding underway, for the ladies, it’s the Studs auction, parade around the room, please gentlemen, to let the ladies see your wares”.

12 of then walked around the room, to ladies applause and cheers, including Robert, all were naked with their big cocks flapping in front of them. Even Robert looked much brighter and more energised than he did at the weekend. They were made to stand and exhibit themselves and the ladies were going round caressing their chests, feeling their cocks and arses.

Marjorie said. “The first lot tonight is Lord Master Robert, what are my bids? Please be generous the money is all for local charities”.

Mary immediately stood up and shouted. “Five thousand pounds”.

There were oohs and arrrres but no other bids, I think no other ladies had been allowed to bid as Robert indicated at the weekend, it was a fix.

“Sold”. Marjorie shouted to applause.

Mary took Robert by the hand and they went out of the hall only to return later when he was fully dressed.

The auction continued for the other 11 studs, biding was brisk with amounts of £2000, £3000 and £4000 being given. I noticed Brenda bid for several of the men and finally got one for £3500, Marjorie bid for a young coloured fella whom she got for £4500, while Sylvia ended up with two men, one for £2500 and the other for £3250.

It was the turn of the cuckquean slaves, also 12 in number were next, and again they had to parade and be inspected. The bidding was not as brisk as the studs, I saw Carole going for £2500 to a nice caring looking lady, which I was pleased about. Vivien was very active in the bidding and eventually ended up with two females, paying a total of £4500, I pity them, knowing what she had done to me.

After parading and being inspected, next were the cuckold slaves, there were only 10 of us, poor Clive was the first to go for only £1000. The bids gradually increased, they were all sold and I was standing alone in the cage.

Marjorie announced. “Now Ladies, the ‘star lot’ of the evening, cuckold David, many of you know his reputation, his tender caring touch, magic hands and tongue, who will start the bidding”?

Most ladies seem to put in bids; Marjorie, Brenda and Sylvia were pushing up the money to £6500, when another voice shouted.

“Eight Thousand pounds”.

Everyone looked around, in astonishment, to see who had made that bid when Marjorie went. “Sold”

Then two rather robust, red-faced ladies came forward, dressed more for the country than a party evening.

“Sold to the Clarke Sisters”. Marjory completed.

“That concludes the evening, thank you for your generosity, and enjoy the weekend with your new purchases. Lord Master Robert will be here shortly to announce the amount that has been raised this evening”.

Mary came over to me as did the Sisters. “This is Rose and Daphne Clarke, David, they own and run the riding stable on the outskirts of town, I’m sure you will have a good time with them? Now you be a good boy for them”.

As she handed Rose, who seemed the older of the two, my lead and she said. “Thank you, Mary, can we have the key to that”? Pointing at my cock cage.

“Oh, I don’t think that will do you any good, he is much better with these, I think we should leave that on”.

As she handed them a bag which contained two face dildos. As the sisters took me away with them to another part of the hall, we past Carole who smiled at me and whispered into my ear.

“Poor you, David, they can be pretty ruthless, watch out for Daphne, they bought me last year, good luck”.

Robert stood in the middle of the floor and announced.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to say that thanks to your good-natured generosity tonight’s proceedings raised a staggering £150,000. That’s approximately average of £4,300 per person purchased; now remember to treat the people that were put up for sale wisely and respectfully, you bought them to serve you, put them to good use, thank you and goodnight”.

Everyone cheered and applauded, as they started to leave.

Part 18 – Into the Horsey Unknown

My coat was put over my shoulders, I still had my cuffs and gag in my aching mouth, and the sisters led me to a horsebox, Daphne said. “Shall we strap him in the back”?

“No, he’ll sit between us on the seat in the front”, Rose stated.

“Oh, I want to use him as my horse”, Daphne disappointedly said.

“I’m going to use him first; you can have him when I’m finished and keep him the rest of the night until tomorrow lunchtime, you can do what you like with him. I’m having him tomorrow afternoon and all tomorrow night and we will share him Sunday morning, right Daphne”, Rose demanded.

I sat in the cab of the horsebox; Rose drove down a narrow lane to a big house with two large barns and stables. I gauged Rose to be about 45 years old, very robust with strong-looking hands, Daphne was about two years younger, not quite as big but looked to have an athletic body. As we drove along the road she was running her hand along my thigh and eventually started to feel my cock cage, she tried to wank me and my cock started to respond squeezing its self against the cage, she wiped pre-cum on her finger and rubbed it under my nose.

I was led into the house to what was the kitchen, my coat was removed and Rose said. “We better take off his gag to see what he has got to say for himself”.

As she removed it I stretched my mouth and said. “Good evening Mistresses, thank you for purchasing me, I am here and happy to serve and obey you”.

“Good, get us some drinks then”, Daphne demanded.

“He can’t do that with his hands secured, let’s have a look at him first”, Rose said.

Rose took off my cuffs and my housecoat, while Rose pulled down my panties saying. “He won’t need these”, as she slapped and grabbed at my arse cheeks.

Rose put her each of her hands on the sides of my face, pulled my head down, as she came up with wet sloppy lips to kiss me and explore my mouth with her tongue.

“Welcome to our home David, you have a very good reputation with the ladies of the group; I hope we can enjoy some of your skills”.

She pulled her hands down over my chest, just caressing my nipples and taking my hands in hers. “Look, Daphne, he has a very nice body and his hands feel wonderful”.

“Thank you, Mistress Rose, I hope I can satisfy you with them”?

“You can use those hands to get us a drink then, everything’s over there in the cupboard”, Daphne demanded.

“Yes Mistress Daphne, I am at your service”.

I went to the cupboard, there was a selection of drinks and glasses there, I indicated with the drink bottles to ascertain what they wanted. Rose had gin and tonic while Daphne had a whisky and ginger, which she gulped down and demanded another.

“I love how polite you are, David, that’s very nice to see. Daphne don’t drink too much”? Rose said.

“He needn’t be that polite to me, he’s here to do things for us”, Daphne said

“You be good, I don’t want you to be overly aggressive with him; he’s being very nice”.

As I handed Daphne her second drink, she stood up and kneed me in the balls, I cried out in pain but managed to remain standing.

“There you are doing it again, you are being nasty to him”, Rose shouted.

“Just showing him who’s in charge, so he knows his place”, Daphne retorted.

“Sorry David, she can be ruthless at times, will you take me to bed now, please”, Rose said.

“Can I come and watch”, Daphne said expectantly.

“Only if you don’t interfere”.

Rose led me upstairs to a large bedroom, while she sat on the bed and Daphne sat in a chair, I went down on my knees kissed and removed each boot. I reached up under her skirt and rolled down and took off her holdup stockings, then massaged and kissed her feet. I removed her jacket and caressed and kissed her shoulders, she had a large Playtex type bra encasing her large breasts. As I removed it I stoked her drooping tits and then kissed them and sucked on her nipples. She was making a soft murmuring noise as I move down to the top of her skirt.

“This is very erotic”, Daphne said, “It’s turning me on”.

I removed her skirt and then her rather large nickers, I kissed her stomach and as I moved down over her shaved pubic area, I went on my knees to kiss and suck her vagina.

“Wow, this is fantastic, I’m going to finger myself, I’m going to have some of that later”, Daphne whispered.

As I bent over to kiss Rose’s vaginal lips and lick her clitoris, Daphne slapped my arse and said. “Can I shag this”?

I raised my head and said, “Be my quest Mistress”.

She whipped off her skirt and stepped into her strap on dildo and started to attack my anus.

Rose squirmed and screamed in delight as I brought her to orgasm, she cried out.

“Oh, that was wonderful, David, thank you, I’m going to sleep now”.

Daphne pulled out of my arse and grabbed my lead and dragged me downstairs.

“Come on, your mine now, I’m not tired yet”.

She dragged me out of the house at some speed, picking up the bag with my face dildo in.

“We are going to the barn, I bring my men and ladies out here, to have fun in the hayloft, I like to sleep out here, with the horses, in the straw and the horse blankets”.

We climbed up the ladder to the loft above the stables.

“First you’re going to undress me like you did Rose”.

I set to my task, she was dressed similarly to Rose, minus her skirt, which she left in the house, she stepped out of her strap on leaving a massive wet patch in her big nickers, as I removed them she laid back on a horse blanket. I went down on her wet vagina; she wrapped her legs around my head with her heels being kicked and digging into my back.

“Yes, yes, faster, faster, lick it; lick it, wow, wow, that’s fantastic, yes, yes”.

As she finally, gave a big breath and squirted her love juices over my face. She kissed and licked my face and then stuck her tongue in my mouth, saying.

“I taste nice, don’t I? You’re fantastic with that tongue. Now what can I do with you now, I like to tie up my men”?

She looked around and found a length of rope and tied my wrists above my head, pulled me against a hay bale, so I was sat up, then secured the end on the rope to a big hook in the wall. She put my dildo on my head, stood over me and guided the cock into her vagina, clasping my ears pulling my head back and forward, while she went into erotic screams and shouts, louder than before until she reached her second orgasm.

She undid the rope from the hook but still left my wrists secured; she dragged me over to lie on the horse blanket and fixed the rope to a hook in a post. She removed my dildo and lay down next to me kissed and licked my face, then moved down to my nipples kissing and biting. Climbing on top of me, she rubbed her fanny on my cock cage, then went down and kissed it and bit my cock flesh through the gaps in the cage. Eventually, she threw another blanket over us and went to sleep with her arm across my chest. Despite my arms secured above my head I found it comfortable and was able to sleep.

I was awoken with my nipples being chewed; I could hear horses being saddled and prepared to be ridden out, Daphne whispered. “That’s Rose getting ready for her morning riding group, she will be gone in a while. You’ll have some work to do and then we’ll have some fun”.

With that she straddled my face and rubbed her already wet fanny over me, grabbing my head and pulling it to her. “Come on, David, kiss me, lick me, suck me and make me cum”.

As she rocked back and forward on my face. “Go harder boy, chew my clit, yes, yes, yes, I’m coming. Ohhhhhhh!!!!! That was wonderful”.

As she slid down and slapped my face. Turning me over and pushing my knees under me, and said. “This is one of my favourite things, I like slapping men’s arses, and it gives me such power over my sex victims and satisfaction.

“Thank you, Mistress Daphne, I’m happy to give you pleasure”. I said as her big hand whacked each cleek in turn.

She finished by pumping her middle finger into my anus and then jumped on my back, hooking her fingers in my collar, digging her heels into my thighs, as if she was riding a horse.

“I enjoyed that”. She said as she undid the rope from the post. “Come on, let’s get you washed up”.

We climbed down the ladder, to another part of the shed, which was a wet room for washing down horses. She fixed the rope to a pulley system and pulled so I was stretched up just on the tips of my toes. Taking a large hose she switched on the cold water, which stung my body at first, but as she hosed me down, it became quite refreshing as I got used to it. She left me hanging, as she went to fetch some towels and clothes.

Coming back she released my wrists and said. “Dry yourself off and put these on. You can cook me some breakfast while I have a shower, then you’ve got some work to do”.

I put on a pair of overalls and some tight-fitting boots.

In the kitchen, she showed me where all the things were and went off, while I started cooking. She came back dressed in her riding outfit, jodhpurs and tweed jacket. Her bacon and eggs were ready; I had eaten mine before she got back. With a cup of tea, she wolfed her food down.

“Come on she said”, as she marched me back to the stables.

“Bring that wheelbarrow, get that fork. You’re going to do my job for me, cleaning out the stables before the horses get back”.

Daphne perched herself on a rail between the stalls, with a riding crop in her hand she sat and watched me work. I forked the used straw and horse shit into the wheelbarrow, which I had to go and empty in a specific manure dump round the side of the barn.

Whenever she thought I was slacking, I was whacked across my back with the crop. “Keep going, I want this done before the horses get back and we’ve got some time to play”.

I cleaned all eight stalls and spread new straw in them, with a final whack on my arse, she said. “Well done, you got that done in good time, good job. Now, come round here”.

She led me round to another barn, which was an indoor trotting area. “Take those overalls off but leave the boots on; I’m going to make you into a horse”.

Daphne strapped a bridle to my head with a steel bar in my mouth to which the long reins were attached. She showed me how to hold my hands and demonstrated how I should trot, with the reins in one hand and a long thin horsewhip in the other, she said. “Walk on, boy”. Continually flicking the whip across my back.

“Faster, faster, over the jump, oh you’re a good horsey”.

She kept me going round until Rose appeared through the door.

“I thought I might find you here, you’ve got him in training for tomorrow”.

“Yes, he’s been a good horsey; he can take us for a ride in the morning”.

“Good but he’s mine now for the rest of the day, you’ve had your turn so keep out of our way. You’ve got your riding group and the children’s ride this evening”.

Rose took off the bridle and boots, taking me back to the house, she said. “I’m very sweaty after my ride and you smell of horse, let’s go and you can undress me, give me a shower and a nice massage”.

“Well Mistress, I have been a horse, and cleaned the stables”.

“Yes, Daphne enjoys turning all her men and ladies into horses, the cleaning was her job, I hope she wasn’t too hard on you, she can be very demanding”.

“It was an unusual experience, something I’ve not been made to do before”. I said; as I started to undress Rose, then take her in the shower.

We dried each other and I lay her on the bed and started to massage her as sensually and tenderly as I could. She must have liked what I was doing, as she soon started to purr and murmur her enjoyment. I finished by licking and kissing her nipples and slowly drew my hand over her stomach and slid two fingers into her vagina and followed down with my tongue.

“Oh, that feels wonderful, David, I did not realise a man could be so tender”.

I brought her to an orgasm and she pulled me up to her, hugging me she kissed me very tenderly.

“That was marvellous, David, I don’t think a lady has ever done that to me better than you. I don’t normally like men sexually, we usually buy a lady slave in that auction, but Daphne decided we should go for you this year. I’m so glad she did. You’re certainly living up to your reputation”.

“Well thank you, Mistress Rose, I’m quite glad you brought me too, I always try to give pleasure and enjoyment”.

“Mary is a very lucky Lady, having you; it’s a pity that Robert has turned you into a submissive cuckold. He is so determined to get what he wants”.

“He wanted Mary and she loves it, she has changed this year. She loves big cocks and mine wasn’t good enough, I could not satisfy her, but I don’t blame her, I do love her and I will do whatever she wants”.

“How has she changed”?

“She has become very domineering and determined to get what she wants, she quite an exhibitionist really, she loves showing off her beautiful body”.

“It’s her birthday soon, isn’t it? We’ve got an invite to the party; she’ll be showing herself off there”.

“Yes, I didn’t get an invite. I don’t like watching her with big studs. Robert made me watch them once, it was very erotic and turned me on but I did not like it”.

“That’s not very good for you”.

“She getting into ladies now, she’s been bringing some home during the week, I like watching her with them, it’s sensual, and I have to serve both of them. She is, also, starting to lend me out to other ladies, I like being with ladies, I like being with you”.

“It seems such a shame to see you turning into a submissive slave, you are too nice, and perhaps that’s the problem”.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me and we just fell into a shallow sleep.

When we woke it was late afternoon, Rose said. “That was lovely, David, being here with you, I think it’s time you used another one of your skills and cook us a very nice meal this evening”.

“Yes Mistress Rose, I would love to do that”.

“Good I’ve got three beautiful steaks in the freezer; we’ll have then with baked potatoes and veg, put this on”.

She passed me a robe and she put one on herself. We went to the kitchen and I started to cook.

“Mistress Rose, steak, medium rare as you requested, may I pour you some wine”?

“Thank you, David, this looks delicious”.

“What shall I do with Mistress Daphne’s dinner”?

“Leave it in the microwave, I expect she will be here shortly when she finishes the afternoon riding session”.

“This sauce is wonderful, David, what is it”?

“Its peppers and mushroom, Mistress, I’m glad you like it”.

“You’ll have to give us the recipe”.

Halfway through our meal, Daphne came charging in, carrying her meal.

“This looks good, better than the usual grub we get here”.

She sat down and started eating.

“What are you doing with him this evening, are you going to use the new shagging saddle”?

“I thought I might try it out if David doesn’t mind”. Rose said.

“I’m here to serve you Mistress, whatever will please you”. I replied.

“Can I come and watch and have ago”? Daphne asked.

“No, it’s my time with David; you can perhaps come later when you’ve done the children’s ride and seen to the horses out in the fields”. Rose said.

Daphne looked disappointed and I sat there intrigued as to what was going to be done to me next.

Dinner finished and everything cleared away, Rose took me up to her bedroom, we both took off our robes. We were both naked apart from my collar and cock cage, Rose went into a wardrobe and came out with a saddle with straps and wires, there was a vibrator attached to the middle of the saddle and another which looked like a tail. Rose secured the saddle on my back with a tight strap over my chest, other straps were put over my shoulders and secured to the one on my chest and two more stretched over my buttocks, between my legs and secured to the chest strap, these separated my arse cheeks.

“Get on your hands and knees, please David, nearly done; I just need to push this in”.

The vibrator with the tail went into my anus, a wire connected to a control switch on the front of the saddle, and then she secured a bridle over my head and into my mouth.

“That’s it all done, is it comfortable David”?

I could only nod with rein bar in my mouth. Rose slipped her vagina onto the saddle vibrator and put her feet in the stirrups.

“Now let’s see how this works, these switches I think”.

The switches controlled the speed of the vibrators, as the one massaged my arse it also waved the tail.

“Wow, this is a marvellous sensation”. Rose said as she started to move like she was riding a horse, bouncing up and down on the saddle and causing a strain on my back. She increased the speed and my ‘little man’ was straining in its cage as I was getting turned on by the vibrator and the movement on my back and the sound of her tits flapping. Rose started to purr with enjoyment and then scream with ecstasy as she neared her orgasm.

I knew she had cum but she just kept going at the same pace and started a whole new cycle of screams, which got louder and louder as she neared her second orgasm.

Rose shouted, “Yes, yes, I’ve cum again, oh it’s so exhilarating”.

She slowed a little but still kept going, when Daphne came in the room, as she stripped off her clothes, she said. “Wow, that looks erotic, I want a go. Look even David is getting excited he’s leaking pre-cum”.

She came over and wiped the cum with her fingers and then licked them. She then sat on the bed and fingered her fanny. Rose was getting very tired but she carried on shouting. With a big exhale of her breath, she collapsed on my back. She turned off the vibrators and climbed out of the saddle and staggered to the bed, where she lay flat breathing heavily. She eventually she said. “That was fantastic, so fulfilling; I’ve never cum three times in a row before. That’s the best toy we’ve ever bought, it’s just like having sex on a horse. Yes, you have a go Daphne”.

Daphne jumps onto the saddle and turns the vibrators onto full speed. She is soon screaming with delight, bouncing up and down, my back was getting a real pounding but I just had to suffer it. I could not say anything with the rein iron in my mouth just the regular grunts. It was obvious that she was about to cum from the noise she was making.

When she let out a big final breath, Rose said. “That’s it now Daphne, let David up he looks done in”.

“Oh no can’t I carry on”, she said dejectedly.

“No, David is with me tonight, you’re not going to destroy him, let him up. Take off the bridle and saddle and then you can go and play with yourself”. Rose demanded.

Daphne did as she was commanded and dejectedly left the room. I stretched my back and mouth to try and ease the muscles and bone.

“Come over here, David lay next to me”.

I lay on the bed and she took me in her arms, kissed me and then started to rub my aching back. “Thank you, David, for letting me try that with you, it was exhilarating for me, and I hope we did not hurt you too much”.

“No Mistress, I’m glad it pleased you, it was another new experience for me”.

“Oh you are such a wonderful man, David; I’ve enjoyed you this weekend”.

“Thank you, Mistress, I’ve enjoyed being with you and serving you; you are a very nice Lady”.

I returned the kisses on her body and as I was kissing and licking between her legs, she was purring into a dreamy sleep, I pulled the bedclothes over us and put my arm over her body.

We woke early; Rose had to get the horses ready for the early riders, as I came out of the bathroom, Daphne was there, she grabbed my balls and cock cage and said. “I want a fuck before breakfast, come with me”.

She pulled me into her room and lay on the bed. “Make me wet, then fuck me with this”.

I went between her legs licking and sucking, and then I put my face dildo on. As I guided it into her vagina, she wrapped her legs around my head and kicking her heels into my back.

“Come on, go faster, and make me cum. Yes, yes, that’s it, keep going”, she encouraged.

I was able to make her cum quite quickly.

“Yes, that’s a good way to start the morning. Now take that off and lick up my juices”.

As I was between her legs, she continued. “Did your little cock try to get hard; has it leaked again, let me see”?

She licked the end of my cage and smacked her lips. “Come here and let me give you this back”?

She pulled my face to hers and kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth, and as a final touch, she bit my lip.

“Time for breakfast now”.

I was making breakfast when both Rose and Daphne came in, dressed in their riding gear.

“Sorry David, but Daphne is insisting that we make you into a pony again, this morning, so you can pull us around the estate in our trap, I hope you are agreeable to that”?

“Well, as I have said, I’m here to please you and serve you in whatever way I can”.

“Good, I want to drive”. Daphne demanded.

“Only if you go easy, David’s new to this, not like some of the people you’ve turned into horses, you usually thrash them to a standstill”.

“Okay, I’ll go easy”.

“I’ll make sure you do”. Rose said sternly.

In the tack room, of the training barn, I was strapped into the body harness, with a bridle over my head and the rein steel in my mouth. Again I was fitted with the tight-fitting boots and we walk to a shed, where a two-seater trap was pulled out. It had large circumference wheels which I thought would make it easier to pull. The shafts were secured to the harness I was wearing and I took hold of the handgrips at the end of the shafts.

“Right we are all set, let’s go back into the training barn and run you round a few times to get used to it”. Rose instructed.

With Daphne holding the reins and the long whip, which she flicked at my back to get me running. I was run around the barn five times when Rose said. “He’s got that going well, let’s climb on”.

The weight of both ladies caused the shafts to jerk upwards, I struggled to balance the trap but with a flick of the reins and crack of the whip, I run out of the barn. It was a lot more difficult with the two ladies sitting in it and despite Daphne’s urging, I was determined to only go at a steady pace. I felt rather foolish, as we were in the open air but luckily there was no one else around, as I got used to it I felt more relaxed and strangely began to enjoy the experience. I jogged them for about an hour, stopping several times to check on fences and horse out in the fields, before arriving back at the barn.

“Get David a drink, please Daphne”.

Rose came round and stroked my face just as if I was a horse. “Are you okay, David, feeling good”?

All I could do was nod, as Daphne came back with a bucket of water, she held it up and I had to stick my face in it and suck the water past the rein steel. She finally threw the rest of the water over me to cool me down.

“Come on Rose, climb on, we are going around the bridle path now”.

We set off again and shortly afterwards I saw to people walking towards us, I began to feel very embarrassed as we approached them, they acknowledged the ladies and the woman gave me a sheepish smirk. After another hour we arrived back at the barn.

“Daphne you unhitch the trap and I’ll take it back to the shed, then take the harness and bridle off David”. Rose instructed.

“Can I take him to the hayloft”? Daphne asked.

Rose replied with a firm, “No”

“You sneakily took him before breakfast, I heard you. So he’s coming and staying with me now until I take him back to Mary”.

Rose took me up to her bedroom. “You look quite knackered, David, I hope that wasn’t too much of a strain for you”?

“No, Mistress, I quite enjoyed it in the end, but I was quite embarrassed when we passed those two people”.

“Oh, they are quite used to our antics round here, it doesn’t bother them now. Undress me, David, in that wonderful way of yours and we’ll get showered”.

We soaped and washed each other and Rose embraced and kissed me, staying under the warm water for some time as she gently rubbed my back.

We dried off and she said. “I should be massaging you, given what we have put you through, but your hands are so wonderful, will you do it to me again, please. There’s some lotion over there you can use”.

I set about my task and as usual, I completed it by kissing and sucking her nipples as I run my hand down and slipped two fingers into her vagina which was quickly followed my tongue, she started to purr.

“Oh, that is such a marvellous feeling; you’re really a very caring man”.

With a big scream and an exhale of breath, she exploded into an orgasm.

When she had recovered she told me to lay face down on the bed, and although her hands were quite rough, she tried to tenderly rub my back with the lotion. As she finished she turned my over and laid half across me and kissed me again.

“It’s been nice having you here, David. Mary is a lucky lady, I’m not sure she is appreciating you, as she should. I hope you can come and stay again”.

“Mistress, that’s lovely of you to say, I’ve enjoyed being your servant and enjoyed you. You’ll have to speak to Mary, she said she would be loaning me out in the future or you could come and stay an evening, although Mary will want to use your body and sleep with you”.

“I haven’t hit it off with Mary, I don’t think she likes us, horsey people, I know she doesn’t like Daphne, she thinks she is far too brash”.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while until Rose said.“I think we should get some lunch now before I return you to Mary”.

“Goodbye Mistress Daphne, I hope you enjoyed having me, I enjoyed being with you”. I said after kissing her hand.

“Yes, you were good, but I would have liked a little more”. She said as she tapped my cock cage.

I went with Rose in the horsebox for the drive back to the warehouse, she said. “I won’t put these on you until we get back at the warehouse”. She said indicating my cuffs and gag.

She stopped at the kerb before we reached our destination; she reached over and kissed me.

“It’s been wonderful having you this weekend, you been very kind and gentle to us. Please don’t think too harshly of Daphne, I think she likes you, certainly, I did, and I enjoyed being with you immensely”.

“Thank you, Mistress Rose, I hope I was worth the money you paid for me, I liked being with you”.

“You were worth every penny, you nice man, sorry but I had better put these on you now”.

She put on my cuffs and gag, pulling my coat over my shoulders, then drove on.

Mary was waiting in the reception when we arrived; Rose gave my lead back to her and kissed her.

“Thank you Mary, David, has been lovely, obliging and caring this weekend, he has served us very well”.

She turned and said to me. “Goodbye, David, hope I see you again soon”.

With a little tap on my bum, through my coat and she was gone.

“You’ve made an impression there, David”.

As we walked out to the car, she took my cuffs and gag off and planted a kiss on my mouth.

“You stink of horse, so how was it, your weekend”?

“Probably not as good as yours, but I quite enjoyed myself, Rose is a very nice, sensitive and caring lady, Daphne was a bit more aggressive. It’s not surprising, I was shagged in a hayloft, cleaned out stables and I was used as a horse twice but I had a good time”.

“Oh, poor you, David, it sounds terrible”.

“No, if you want to bring Rose home any evening or loan me out to her, it will be alright with me”.

Part 19 – Mary’s Party

Life, such as it is, was back to normal the following week, Robert came on the Saturday as usual, and as he arrived he said to me with an indignant smile. “Horsey, horsey, how’s my little horse boy this week”.

“Don’t be nasty Robert; he’s only just got all that stink off him”. Mary said.

I did my duty as normal but there wasn’t the same energy about Robert as there used to be.

The following Thursday was Mary’s birthday, I helped her get ready, but the only underwear she put on was hold up stockings, with just a short leather skirt and tight-fitting white blouse which showed off her protruding hard nipples. She did look absolutely stunning as she always did.

I drove her to the warehouse, I said. “You look, gorgeous darling, have a nice birthday, although I can’t be with you, make sure it’s safe, whatever they have in store for you; you know I will all ways love you”.

“Thank you, sweetie, I will celebrate with you tomorrow, you will be here at eleven o’clock to pick me up won’t you”?

“Yes Mistress, of course, I will, have a good time”.

I drove home to spend the night in front of the television.

I was back in the car park by 11.00; I waved at Brenda, who came out smiling. Rose came over and kissed me, and then Vivien led Carole, who looked very dishevelled, out to their car. I thought that she must have been involved in the evening’s action.

Marjorie came out and said. “You better go in and help Mary; she’s had a very hectic evening”.

I found her in the changing room, sitting in just her open blouse and tattered stockings. “Oh, David, I’ve had a marvellous evening”. She slurred.

“You’re drunk”, I said, “where’s your skirt”?

“I may have had a little too much to drink, but it was wonderful. I had three big cocks and three slave maidens to serve me; that is I licked three cunts”.

“Come on, look at the state of you; let’s get you home, you can tell me all about it tomorrow”. I carried out to the car, after driving home I put her to bed.

Mary took the Friday off work; she said she was too tired and sore to go to the office.

I arrived at my office and immediately asked Carole to come and see me. “Hi, how are you this morning, after last night’s exertions”?

“I’m okay, you know Mary had me as her ‘senior maiden’, slave more like it”.

“What was she like and what did she have you doing”?

“She made a real exhibition of herself, showing off her body and was dominant with all six of us. First, she made each of us maidens worship her vagina, then I had to get her ready and each of the studs, in turn, I had to put the condoms on them. She made me tie each stud down to the table, and she flogged me and the stud, before sliding onto his giant tool. She made one of the other maidens sit on his face, I think she was making it into a race to see who would orgasm first, and Mary lasted the longest each time”.

“So a good time was had by all”?

“Yes, the assembled audience raucously cheered and applauded and that just spurred her on, she enjoyed every minute of it”.

“Typical of her, she hasn’t gone in to work this morning”.

“I’m not surprised”.

When I got home that evening Mary had not gotten dressed, she had been just wearing her dressing gown all day. “Are you alright, love? Are we still going out to dinner, then dear”?

“Yes, David, we are”.

“Shall I help you get dressed, you now I love to worship your beautiful body, Mistress”?

“Are you being sarcastic David? I’m still too sore for any ‘hanky-panky’ tonight”.

We went to the restaurant and had a really good meal, to celebrate Mary’s birthday a day late. Although Carole had told me much of what happened at the Party, Mary did insist on re-counting all of what she had done.

“Are you getting turned-on, David? I know you like to hear me telling you my erotic story”.

It’s true, I was, my ‘little man’ was straining in its cage and I could feel my pants getting wet from pre-cum.

Part 20 - Robert’s Down Fall

Robert didn’t look too good when he arrived on Saturday; he was listless and seemed to have no energy about him. I was surprised after I had served them dinner, they did not want me to go up to bed with them to serve or worship their bodies, as I usually did. It was even more surprising, as I lay in my bed, that there was no erotic chorus or screams of exhilaration.

I served them breakfast in bed and Robert stayed there until lunchtime.

When Mary came down, during the morning, I said. “Robert’s not looking very good, is he alright”?

“No, I’m very worried, he hasn’t been to the doctors, like we’ve been insisting, he’s so stubborn, and he says there’s nothing wrong. I’m going to phone Marjorie and see what she thinks”.

Mary was on the phone for quite a long time before she ended the call.

“Marjorie’s coming over, can you make lunch for us all please, darling”?

Mary embraced Marjorie when she arrived, to my surprise, Marjorie even kissed me on the lips which she had never do before. They both rushed upstairs, they got Robert dressed and as they came down he seemed much brighter, giggling and laughing with the girls.

After lunch was served, Mary said. “I think I should drive Robert home, in his car and you can follow us, Marjorie”.

“No, it’s alright, I’ll be okay”. Robert said.

“No, I think Mary’s right; I don’t think you should drive Robert”. Marjorie insisted.

As they were going, Mary said to me. “I’m not sure how long I’ll be, I’ll phone you when I want you to pick me up, okay David”?

The phone call came at about 10.30. “Can you pick me up David, please”?

“Yes, dear, I’ll be there as soon as I can”.

It took me thirty minutes to drive to Robert’s mansion, Mary came out and got in the car, I said. “How is he”?

“We put him to bed and he insisted we got in with him, he made love to both of us and Marjorie is staying the night with him”.

“He can’t be that bad then if he had both of you”?

“No, it wasn’t that good; it took him a long time, with extra encouragement, to cum”.

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. As we went in, I said to Mary. “Do you want me to come up and help you in bed”?

“No, it’s alright, David, I don’t feel up to anything further now, I’m still quite worried”.

We kissed and both went to our separate beds.

I was in my office on Tuesday, when I heard Robert’s secretary shouting. “Help, come quick, someone call an ambulance”?

I went out into the corridor and said. “What’s wrong”?

“It’s Robert, he’s collapsed over his desk, and I don’t know how long he’s been like that”.

I went into his office and tried to feel for a pulse, it was very faint and weak. The par-medic came very quickly and told me to get out of the way. Eventually, the ambulance men brought Robert out strapped to a gurney, he had an oxygen mask over his face.

I immediately phoned Mary. When she answered I said. “Are you sitting down, you better, I’ve got some bad news, Robert’s collapsed”.

“Oh, David, what happened”? I could tell she was almost in tears.

I explained what I knew, and she said. “Come and pick me up this afternoon and we’ll go to the hospital”.

We got to the hospital at about four o’clock and found where they had taken Robert. He was in the intensive care unit, we met Marjorie there. She fell into Mary’s arms and she said. “How is he”?

“I’m not sure, he’s in a coma but it doesn’t look good, the doctor thinks he was a long time without oxygen getting to his brain”. Marjorie said.

“That’s not good”. Mary said, as they both wept in each other’s arms and I went and hugged them both.

Eventually, Marjorie said. “There’s not much we can do here, tonight, he’s in good hands, and we will have to see what tomorrow brings”.

“Well, you come home with us, tonight Marjorie; we can comfort each other in bed together”.

At home, I made us all dinner and when it was time for bed, I said. “Now is there anything I can do for you ladies, tonight”?

“I don’t think so, David, I think we are both too distressed but thank you anyway”.

They both hugged and kissed me as they went off to bed.

The news of Robert remained the same each day, still, in a coma, no change, no progress, the ladies decided to leave it until the weekend before going back to the hospital. Saturday Mary insisted I wore my uniform to do the house cleaning. She got annoyed and started to use the flogger on me, thinking I was not working quickly enough.

“Get it done quicker, we got to get to the hospital later, I want this all finished.” She demanded.

“I’m going as fast as I can, I want to do it properly”. I retorted.

“Just get on with it”. As she flashed, the flogger, over my back again.

We met at 2.00, at the hospital; there was Marjorie, Vivien with Carole, and Brenda dragging Little Tommy, Mary and me.

The news was better; Robert was out of the coma but as the doctor explained. “He probably will not be able to recognise anyone, he will not be able to speak and his left side will remain permanently paralysed. He will need a very long convalescence and will need intensive rehabilitation to regain his main senses”.

All the girls were very shocked at the news and the senior nurse came and said. “He’s getting the best treatment, we will look after him very well, and unfortunately I can only allow two of you to visit him at any one time”.

Marjorie and Vivien went in to see him first; eventually, they came out with tears rolling down their faces, makeup washed away and very shocked looks on their faces. Mary and Brenda went in, hugging each other, while Carole tried to console Vivien and I hugged Marjorie, she whispered to me, “Oh, it was horrible, he did not recognise us, he couldn’t move, it was so sad”. As she was crying again, on my shoulder.

It was a similar situation when Mary and Brenda both their faces looked a real mess, I hugged and kissed Mary while Tommy did the same to Brenda. We went outside and Marjorie thanked everyone for coming to support Robert.

I chatted with Carole, while Mary and Vivien had a very long discussion and kept looking in mine and Carole’s direction.

“Wonder what that is about, they seem to be planning something”. I said.

“Yes, it might involve you, Vivien training two ladies in the art of domination this week”.

“Oh, that will be fun”. I said sarcastically.

Mary was quietly weeping during the drive home; I thought it best to leave her to her sorrow. After dinner, I sat next to her on the settee and put my arm around her and said softly. “Now Mary you can’t keep on like this, I know you are feeling very sad at the moment, Robert will have the very best care and he’ll get better eventually”.

“Oh David, I feel lost, I’m not going to get Robert back, I’m missing him already, it’s not going to be the same without him”.

“But you’ve got me, I will look after you”.

“I know you will David, but it’s the lifestyle, I’m your dominant wife, you’re my submissive cuckold husband. I’m too much into that situation”.

“We can go back to being a normal loving couple, can’t we”?

“No David, that’s going to be impossible, I need the satisfaction and fulfilment I get from that lifestyle, you must understand David, if you don’t, I shall make you”.

“I don’t know what to say, Mary, you know I love and I want to be with you, I don’t understand why you are talking like that, it’s just the frustration of the situation with Robert”?

“You don’t understand David, get upstairs, take all you clothes off and lie face down in my bed”.

“Yes Mistress”. I said hesitantly.

I did as I was instructed, I heard Mary go into the bathroom and wash her face, she came in and vigorously start thrashing me with the flogger, she had never hit me so hard or fast, I didn’t have time to say.

“Thank you, Mistress, 1”.

I lost count, by the time she stopped I was in tears and so was she.

“Now on your knees, kiss my feet and undress me, paying proper respect to my beautiful body”.

“Yes Mistress”. I grovelled.

Did as I was instructed, I was as tender, caring and respectful as I had ever been. I was on my knees kissing and licking her vagina. She made a slight movement. So I picked her up and lay her gentle on the bed and went back to work between her legs.

I knew from the way she started crying again and her feminine juices were flowing I had brought her to an orgasm.

She reached down and pulled me up to her and started to kiss me all over my face, with tears still flowing down her face she said. “I’m sorry David, I shouldn’t have done that to you, and I do love you and couldn’t do without you”.

“I know love; it was just the frustration and distressing news of the week”.

“You are so understanding, David, you can stay here and sleep with me tonight”.

We kissed and hugged each other to sleep.

I woke up first and kissed Mary gently on her cheek, as she flicked her eyes open, I said. “How are you feeling today, dear”?

“Still very upset about Robert and about how I took my frustration out on you, last night”.

“It’s okay, although you have never beaten me that hard before. You lay there and I’ll make breakfast and bring it up. Oh, what was that great discussion you had with Vivien all about”?

As I was saying that she tenderly rubbed and kissed my back.

I brought back the breakfast and we sat in bed eating it.

“Vivien wants to borrow you next Wednesday evening; she wants to use your expertise with some training exercise she leading. She’s sending Carole over to keep me company, neither of you will be staying the night, is that alright, David”?

“I don’t think I get a say in the matter do I, Mistress? I’ll probably get another thrashing”.

“Oh, I don’t think so, David; she wants me to let you out of your cage, ready for Wednesday. I’ll unlock you tonight”.

We spent a quiet day together; we even went out for a pub lunch, Something I had not done with Mary since Robert started to stay. After I cooked dinner we sat and watched T.V. I said. “It’s been a lovely day Mary, I really enjoyed it with you, and we were just like a normal couple”.

“Don’t annoy me again David, remember what I said yesterday. Now take me upstairs and undress me, I like the way you caress and kiss my body, then I will unlock your cage”.

“Yes, thank you, Mistress”. I said hopefully.

After my tongue had given her another orgasm, she took the chain and key from around her neck and released the cage; she had to painfully squeeze each of my balls through the ring to get that off. My cock immediately sprang to attention in her hand.

“My, that’s very keen tonight”. She said.

“Well, it’s a long time since he’s been free”.

“Well don’t get over-excited, no matter how hard it gets, it will never penetrate me again; you understand, David”.

“Yes Mistress”. As she started to caress and wank it.

“You know I will always like the way you make me orgasm with your mouth and tongue, but not with this”.

She pulled me up so I was straddling her chest and she kiss and took my ‘hard little man’ in her mouth and sucked it, as she pulled it out, she said. “You will not cum in my mouth, that’s another thing I will not let you do, you understand, David.

“Yes Mistress, I fully acknowledge what I am not allowed to do”.

“You can cum on me, provide you lick me clean”.

As she placed my cock in her cleavage, she squeezed her large tits around it as I jerked away and shoot my sperm under her chin and on her breasts. I promptly lick her clean.

“Thank you, Mistress, you have been very kind to me today, I do love you”.

Part 21 - Dominatrix Training

It was with some trepidation that I left work on Wednesday. I arrived at Vivien’s very large first floor flat, when I went in I realised it had a large sitting-dining area, a good size kitchen and three bedrooms, one of which was kitted out like a dungeon.

A very stern looking Vivien, dressed in one of her trouser suits, met me in the hall. She introduced two very bulky but attractive ladies, who were in their late 20’s, dressed in thigh high black boots and black corset, exposing their large breasts and shaved vagina.

The blond one was introduced as Mistress Jessica and the red-head was Mistress Lisa.

“Strip”. Vivien shouted at me.

So I undressed as quickly as I could and put my clothes neatly and tidily on a table. She walked towards my naked body and kneed me in the balls, as I bent forward in pain, she again shouted. “On your knees and kiss my feet, then undress me”.

She cracked the whip she held in her hand.

I did as I was instructed; kissing her naked body as I uncovered it, as I kissed her vagina, she pressed my face into it and said. “There, ladies, that’s how a dominatrix introduces herself to a submissive man”.

I was walked to the dungeon room, Vivien instructed the ladies to introduce themselves to me. Which they did in turn, kneeing me in the balls and shouting “Kiss my boots”. I said. “Thank you, Mistress Jessica”.

She cracked her whip across my back as I worked up her legs and kiss her shaved fanny. Mistress Lisa did the same, as Vivien gave the novices instructions.

Next, I was bent over a bench, my hands tied to the bench legs and a spreader was secured to my ankles. As Vivien gave punishment details, Mistress Jessica whipped my back while Mistress Lisa used a cane on my arse. When that was done the novices strapped-on dildos, one waved it in my face and I had to kiss and lick it while the other rammed it in my anus and pounded in and out, they changed round after a while.

I was then strapped spread eagle to a rack, with my arms and legs spread, Mistress Lisa jumped up sat her ample arse on my face while either Mistress Vivien or Mistress Jessica or both grabbed my cock and balls wrapping a cord around then to separate and stretched each ball.

Both the novice Mistresses sucking a ball from each side and then worked up my shaft. Mistress Jessica wanted to sit on my erection but Vivien corrected them.

“You do not allow a submissive to cum in your mouth or allow them to penetrate your vagina. You should jerk them or get them to wank themselves. You catch their sperm in your hand or shoot it on their body, then scrap it onto your hand and spread it on their face and make them lick and swallow it, got that. Good, I’ll leave you to enjoy and have fun with him”.

She left the room and then I was jerked and wanked while they continued to suck my balls, which was quite painful with my balls trusted up. They just kept jerking me, being tied my cock stayed hard for quite a while, I think I ejaculated painfully, three times and eat that much of my sperm.

Vivien came back eventually, fully dressed, and said very much to my relief. “That’s it ladies that ends this dominatrix lesson can you untie him and release his hands and let him get cleaned up, thank you, Mistresses”.

I staggered off the rack and washed my face and body, and then dressed, waiting in the hall as I was leaving were the three of them, I went to each one, in turn, went on my knees and took their hand and kissed it.

“Thank you, Mistress Jessica”.

“Thank you, Mistress Lisa”.

I took both of Vivien’s hands and kissed them both.

“Thank you, Mistress Vivien, I hope I was helpful to you in training your Mistresses, may I leave now”.

“Thank you submissive cuckold, you may”.

As I went out of the door I heard her continue. “There goes one of the best submissive men you could ever want; he’s caring, obedient, polite and very well trained”.

Praise indeed, I thought, as I got into my car.

I was climbing the stairs when Mary came out of her bedroom.

“You look awful David, was everything, alright”?

“Oh yes, I was kneed, flogged, caned, fucked, trust up like a chicken, tossed off and spunked all over. Just a normal night”. I said sarcastically.

“Well just so long as Vivien was happy with you”?

“I did my duty as best I could, think she was, from the comments I heard her say as I left”.

“Oh! That’s good then, I’ll phone her tomorrow and see what she say’s”.

I just undressed and flopped on to my bed and fell soundly asleep.

Part 22 – An Evening with another Mistress

The next evening Mary had very long telephone conversations with Marjorie, Vivien and Brenda, I thought to myself, ‘the quartet of dominant witches’, they must be taking control of the ‘sex party group’ and making their plans for the Pleasure Organisation.

When she finally finished, she came and sat next to me, put her arm around me and kissed me, she said. “There’s been no real progress with Robert, the poor man will not be able to do anything for himself but they hope to get him up in a wheelchair soon”.

“Well that is some progress, I suppose”.

“It’s very upsetting; I just won’t like to see him like that. The ladies are meeting at the hospital Saturday afternoon, will you drive me, please, you needn’t wait, I don’t know when I will come home; I’ll phone you when I need picking up”.

“Yes, that will be fine, dear”.

The Mistress again insisted I wore my uniform, but the frilly knickers had been replaced with dark coloured shorts, as I did the house cleaning on Saturday morning, but at least I wasn’t flogged this week.

After we had lunch, Mary said. “Take your housecoat off and put on some clothes over the rest of your uniform, then drive me to the hospital please”.

At home, I complete some odd jobs and sat watching the sports results on the television. I was surprised when the phone rang at about 5.15 pm.


“Yes David, can you come to the cottage tea room, you know, in the square and pick us up, and we’re in there”.

“Yes dear, be there in about ten minutes, see you”.

I parked right outside the tearoom but I was on a double yellow line, thankfully the door open quite quickly but it was Brenda, not Mary that came out and got in the car.

She promptly planted a wet sloppy kiss on my lips and said. “Hello David, take me to your house, please”.

“Yes, but what’s going on”? As I started to drive.

“I have the wonderful pleasure of staying with you tonight; Mary’s going to stay with Marjorie”.

“That’s a nice surprise”.

“Isn’t it, David, but don’t speak too soon, I’ve got a visitor coming later this evening, he is not staying the night, so we can have some personal fun”.

“He”? I questioned.

“Yes, he is one of my studs, Mary said you don’t like to watch her with other men, but unfortunately you have got to watch me. If you refuse, I have instruction’s to tie you to a chair, so you have to watch. But I don’t think that will be necessary, will it David”?

“No Mistress, I will do as I am told”.

“That’s a good boy, David; little Tommy likes to watch me with my men”.

“What’s this about, anyway”?

“I think Mary is going to be bringing home some men friends in the future and she wants you there to watch over her”.

I did not say anything but thought ‘I’m not sure about this’.

As soon as I closed the front door, Brenda said. “I hope you’re not hungry, David, because I’m hungry for you, take me upstairs and undress me, and give me one of your marvellous massages”.

“Yes Mistress, your wish is my command”.

We raced up the stairs and I took off my shirt, trousers shoes and socks, then went to the ‘toy cupboard’ and got out the things I thought that might be needed tonight.

“Oh, take off those shorts, wow, your little dick is flying free, I might play with that later”.

“I was with Mistress Vivien the other night and Mistress Mary, in her distorted state, forgot all about caging me up again”.

“Good for us then, now get my clothes off”.

I set about my task, caressing and kissing the flesh in uncovered, as I removed her bra, I had forgotten how large her breasts were, not quite as large as Mary’s, but very beautiful, all the same. As I removed her already wet G-string, I nuzzled her ginger, stubbly pubic hair I licked and kissed her sopping vagina.

“That was so lovely, David”, as I gently lay her face down on the table.

As I worked the scented oils down her back, she said. “Don’t forget, you can go all the way with me, David”.

“Yes Mistress”.

As she started to purr as I caressed her buttocks and slid my fingers each side of her crack and then slipped a finger in her ring.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, David, push it in further”.

I then turned her over and started to work on her front, again I paid close attention to her breasts and nipples. As I work over her stomach but skirted her vaginal area to work down her leg to her foot, where I kissed and sucked her toes. I then went to the other foot, and worked in reverse, up to her vaginal lips and then slip three fingers into her wet cunt. She was erotically screaming as I plunged my tongue into the gap my fingers left.

“Oh, Oh, yes, yes, make me cum, make me cum, please”.

I had forgotten that Brenda was a squirter and got a face full of her feminine juices.

We were lying on the bed; Brenda was nipping at my nipples and playing with my hardening cock when the doorbell rang.

“Oh, that will be my guest, go and let him in, David”.

I was naked apart from my collar and lead as I opened the door, to a tall, well built, dark-skinned person.

“Hi cutie, where’s that lovely lady I’m here to service”?

Brenda was standing, totally naked at the top of the stairs.

“There you are, lovely, already for me, I’m on my way up”.

He slapped my bare arse as he charged up the stairs. “Help him get his clothes off, David”.

As I finally got to his y-fronts and pulled then down a massive cock flipped out, although flaccid it was 6 to 7 inches long and quite thick. As I tried to caress his chest, he lifted his knee into my balls. My knees buckled and he said. “That’s it, cutie boy, suck it hard”.

“Yes Master”, I garbled.

Brenda flew into a rage, grabbed the flogger and thrashed it across his chest several times, and said. “Don’t call him Master, he’s not your Master, he’s my cock slave, this is my servant, David, who is a much better man than you. Just because you’ve got a big dick, you don’t start lording it in my presents. How dare you come here and be so disrespectful”?

With that she kneed him twice, in very quick succession; he went down on the floor.

“Grab his arms, David and drag him on the bed and tie his hands to the headboard, then his legs to the bedposts”.

He was spread-eagled and whimpering. “Sorry Mistress, sorry Mistress”.

As Brenda continued to flog his chest.

“Better fuck me with that dick to my satisfaction”.

As she flicked the flogger, at his shaft. I would never have imagined that Brenda could get that angry and showing her true dominatrix colours.

“Now sorry David, would you get this ‘cock slave’ ready for me please”.

“Yes Mistress”.

While I kissed lick and suck his cock to full erection, Brenda sat on his face and said. “Get my fanny wet; put that tongue to proper use”.

I slipped a condom on his now hard seven inches.

“I think he’s ready Mistress”.

She slid down his body, grabbing my lead and pushing his dick into her waiting vagina.

“I want you watching closely, David. Ohhhhhh!!!!!!, that feels so good”.

As she slid up and down, she pulled me to with a few inches of her fanny and held me there with my lead.

Brenda was screaming with erotic joy, pumping away on his big dick, when she turned to me.

“Are you enjoying this, David? I certainly am”.

“It’s very erotic, Mistress and it’s turning me on”.

“Yes, I can see, your dick is almost bursting, wank it, David, it’s alright but tell me before you cum”.

“Thank you, Mistress”. As started jerking vigorously.

In a short while, I said. “Sorry Mistress, but I’ve got to cum”.

“Stand up”, she said and slapped her cock slave’s face. “Open your mouth”; she demanded, “Aim at his mouth and shoot your cum, David”.

I did and what sperm missed his mouth, Brenda used her finger to flick it into his mouth.

“Now eat it, swallow it down, and then make me cum, you useless worm”.

Within minutes she was excitedly screaming, “Yes, yes, yes”.

With one final heavy exhale of breath she collapsed on his chest. Eventually climbing off him she lay on the bed and said. “Get that condom off him, David, and don’t waste any sperm, and give it to me.”

She got hold of the tip and emptied the contents into his mouth.

“Now swallow all of it, you ‘cum eating cock slave’ and don’t you ever be disrespectful in my company, ever again”.

As she gave me the empty condom for disposal, she relented and whacked his flaccid cock.

“But you’re still a very good shag though”

“I’m sorry Mistress Brenda; I promise I will be good and respectful in the future”. He grovelled.

“Good, I hope you mean that because I’m going to untie you now and I want you to take me ‘doggy style’, but David is going to fuck your arse, with a dildo, while you do”.

Brenda was soon excitedly screaming while he was grunting as we worked in unison rhythm. Given the erotic noise and grunts, they were both making, I assumed that they had both ejaculated at about the same time.

Brenda stood in front of her man, one hand tapping his face the other slapping his cock, and said. “Your good with this and I enjoyed you, but next time you better behave yourself. Get yourself dressed and I’ll give you a call when I need you again”.

“Thank you, Mistress Brenda and I apologies again, next time I will behave properly”.

As I let him out of the door, Brenda turned to me and said. “That’s how you treat an insolent cock slave. I think we deserve a drink, David”.

As we sat with our drinks, Brenda, gin and tonic and me with whisky she reached up and unfastened my collar and lead.

“You won’t be needing that any more tonight. Did you enjoy watching, do you think you could watch Mary with a stud”?

“I can’t say I enjoyed it; it made me feel inadequate; it was very erotic and it did turn me on, but the problem is, if Mary wants me to watch her, my ‘little man’ will be caged and the more I get turned on, the more it strains against the metal and it hurts like hell. When Robert insisted I watch him with Mary, it was the first night he made me wear the cage and I couldn’t stand up as the pain was excruciating”.

“Yes David, I can sympathise with your problem, but you will have to talk to Mary about it. You won’t have that problem tonight. Let’s have another drink”.

As we finished our refilled drinks she grabbed my cock and said. “We’ve got unfinished business, let’s go back upstairs”.

She dragged my cock back up to the bedroom.

Together we jumped on the bed, I kissed her and my ‘little man’ was now very hard in her hand, she pulled me up so I was straddling her chest, she leaned up and kissed it’s head and took into her mouth.

“Oh Mistress, that’s nice”. She sucked it and said. “It’s not so little now, David,”

Then she pushed it down between her cleavage and squeezed her tits tight around it.

“I want you inside me, David”.

“But Mistress Mary told me I was not to penetrate a lady with it”.

“I won’t tell her, and I’m sure you won’t. Go for it, David”.

She guided me into her vagina, it felt glorious, and I was amazed at her vaginal muscle control as she just tightened around my cock. I was ecstatic as her fanny pulled at my cock.

She rolled us over and said. “Wow, I like to be on top David”.

“Oh Mistress, I’m going to cum, can I please”.

“Yes David, shot all your sperm in me”.

“Oh Mistress, that was wonderful, thank you”.

She pulled out and spun around so we were in a sixty-nine position. She sucked what little sperm I had left and I sucked back my sperm and her juices. She spun around again and our wet lips met.

“My, you taste good, David”.

“So do you, Mistress”.

As we drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken by fingers jiggling my balls; I open my eyes and looked straight into Brenda’s eyes.

“Good morning, Mistress”.

“Good morning, David, let’s not get up too soon, I want to spend some more time with you”.

She went back into a sixty-nine position, she sucked my cock and I kissed and sucked her vagina, as I caressed her buttocks I slid a finger into her arse.

“That’s wonderful”. She mumbled.

When we had brought each of us to orgasm, I said. “Is it time for breakfast, now”?

“Or, have we just had it, David? Yes, come on let’s get up”.

We went into the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up and put on towelling ropes. I cook scrambled eggs on toast with tea.

“I had such a wonderful time here with you David; I don’t want you to take me home yet. There is one more thing I would like to do with if you don’t mind”. Brenda said.

“Whatever you wish Mistress, I am yours to use how you want”.

“Thank you, David, I want to shag, that nice arse of yours, with a strap on”.

Back upstairs I was bent over the bed and as she was pounding my arse she also started to wank my cock. We were both bathed in sweat as she caught my sperm in her hand and made me lick it clean. She then kissed me on the mouth.

“I think we should get in the shower and get dressed, now”. She said and I nodded in agreement.

At the door, she stopped me reached up and kissed me again. “I feel wonderfully relax after these two days, you have been a perfect host David, thank you. Look after Mary carefully now”.

“It’s been my pleasure Mistress, I will”.

I then drove her home, where I jumped out of the car to open her door.

“A perfect gentleman, David”. As she kissed me again.

Part 23 – Another Promotion

Before starting the car I phoned Mary. “Hello dear, just dropped Brenda, on my way to pick you up now”.

“That’s good David; Marjorie has invited us to stay for lunch”.

“Okay love; be there in about 20 minutes”.

I kissed Mary and Marjorie, then said hello to Clive who was busy preparing lunch.

“How was your weekend, David”? Mary asked.

“Yes, very good, what about yours”?

“Good, Marjorie, is very caring, you like Brenda don’t you”?

“Yes, she’s a very nice lady; I’ll tell you all about it on the way home”.

We sat down to lunch and I enquired about Robert.“He’s not good”, Marjorie stated, “He’s going to need fulltime care. The Company and our Organisation will make sure he gets all the best necessary care and support he needs. I’ve been a silent partner in the business far too long, I’m going to take Robert’s place as Managing Director and Chairperson”.

“Oh, that will be good”. I said.

“Yes, I will need some help though, David, you have done wonders with your team, since you became Director. I’m going to ask the Board to make you Vice-Chair, with responsibility for Sales and Marketing, if you are up to it”.

“That’s marvellous, David”. Mary said as she was brimming with success.

“Yes, thank you, Marjorie, I will help all I can and continue to do my best for the Company”.

“Good David, I’ll get that sorted in the next few week’s”.

Having finished lunch and said our goodbyes, Mary walked out to the car with her arm around me and kissed me before I opened the car door for her.

“That was tremendous news, in a sad time; things are working out well for you professionally”.

“Yes, that was unexpected really but it should be good”.

As I drove, I asked. “How are you now, are you getting over the distress of Robert, I know you loved him, although not in the same way as you love me”?

“I will miss him, I know he will never get back to the way he was, I still feel very sad, I’m not sure I can go and see him as he is now”.

“You know I’ll look after you and help you through this, once you know he’s making some progress you’ll begin to feel better”.

“Thank you, David, I do love you”.

That evening Mary enquired about my time with Brenda, I said. “Brenda surprised me, the stud she invited, was rather cocky and disrespectful to me, and she showed her true dominatrix nature. She thrashed and tied him up and belittled him, in the end, she was complimentary to him but he will know his place in future with her.”

“She said I could share some of her studs in future until I’m ready to take another lover”.

“You wouldn’t have wanted to bring him home”.

“She showed that you have got to be very firm with anyone you fancy and set out your ground rules so they understand their place. You will have to do that Mary, you struck lucky with Robert”.

“Yes, I understand what you say but how was it watching her, did you like it”?

“I wouldn’t say I liked it, it made me feel inadequate, as usual, it was very erotic and I was turned on, I was lucky, my cock was not caged and she let me relieve myself. Watching you with a man, I will be caged up and it hurts like hell”.

“Yes well, you will have to try and control yourself because I’m not going to let you wank off while you watch me, still it won’t be for a while yet.

I took Mary up to bed and undressed her but she didn’t want me to caress or kiss her body as I usually did. I was only then that I realised how distressed she was feeling. I lay in bed with her in my arms feeling very guilty, as I had had a very joyful sexy weekend with Brenda, while my beautiful wife was so out of sorts.

Part 24 – Mary’s Distress

Although she went off to work each day Mary was not her usual vibrant self, I try to be as loving, tender and caring as I could be that week.

I was concerned, so I decided to talk with Marjorie when she was in the office, she confirmed. “Yes, Mary is very upset and it will take her a while to get over Robert, I know you are doing your best David. I’ll come and take Mary to the hospital, on Saturday, to see Robert, and then I will come and stay the night and see if we both can cheer her up”.

“Thank you, Marjorie, I would appreciate that”. As she gave me a peck, on my cheek.

Friday evening as we went up to bed, Mary said. “Marjorie will be here tomorrow night, so I’m going to put this back on you”.

As she held up my cock cage.

“Oh no, Mistress”, I protested.

“Yes, David, there will be no objections; you knew I would have to put it back on you sometime. Now strip”. She demanded.

When I was naked, in her dominatrix nature, she pushed me over the bed and flogged my back and arse. I could hear her starting to weep and when she stopped tears were running down her face. She fell on my back and started to kiss it, and she cried. “Oh, I’m sorry David; I don’t mean to hurt you, I do love you”.

“I know, dear, I didn’t mean to upset you”.

I wiped the tears from her face and tenderly kissed her. I was a real painful struggle to get my balls and cock back into the cage but when it was done we both rolled on the bed laughing at each other.

“Now, that’s more like my beautiful wife, let me take your clothes off and caress that wonderful body”.

She let me kiss my way down her body, over her breasts and nipples to her delightful vagina, she was purring. “That’s lovely David, you are so good”.

After her orgasm, she hugged me so tight and fell asleep in my arms. I lay there thinking that would probably be the last time I would be allowed to stay in her bed all night.

Mary seemed much happier the next morning as she went off with Marjorie, but it was a different story on her return she had been crying and said. “There was no change, I don’t think I can face seeing him again in the hospital, it’s far too distressing, I think I’ll wait till they transfer him the nursing home”.

“Okay dear, I’ve made you a lovely fish and salad dinner, with some wine, that should cheer you up”.

Later that evening Marjorie asked. “Will you take me upstairs and give me one of your sensual massages, please David”?

“Yes, I would love to Mistress. Are you going to come up with us Mary, you know you like to watch me perform”?

“I’m not sure I should, thank you, David”.

But with a little encouragement from us both, she reluctantly agreed to join us.

I undressed Mary first and lightly kissed her nipples, put on her silk bed jacket and she sat on the bed. I then undressed Marjorie and paid full tribute to her slightly ageing body, although still quite magnificent, I nuzzled through her heart-shaped pubic hair and kissed her vaginal lips.

She lay on the table and I massaged slowly down her back, as I worked back up her legs to her buttocks, while she was swooning with pleasure, I notice Mary looking much brighter and taking interest in what I was doing, she had dropped her hand between her legs. By the time I’d completed massaging Marjorie’s slightly drooping breasts and pushed two fingers into her vagina, Mary was getting very worked up, her other hand was caressing her breast and one between her legs was working quite hard. I finished by licking and sucking Marjorie’s vaginal lips and clitoris, as she got off the table, she hugged and kissed me.

“That was marvellous, David, I feel so relaxed. I think we might make that a regular part of our weekly private meetings at the office. I’m planning some structural changes to the MD’s office so I’ll make sure there’s a private little room where we can enjoy ourselves”.

“Thank you, Mistress, that will be very nice”. I said in reply.

“I think it’s time you fixed us some drinks, David”. Mary said.

As I went downstairs Marjorie joined Mary on the bed and hugged and kissed her.

I came back with the drinks and they had their hands caressing all over each other’s bodies. They sat up and the ladies had their gin and tonics while I had my whisky.

As she finished her drink, Marjorie said, taking charge. “I think I would like David to make me cum with that nice big face dildo, is that alright Mary”?

Mary couldn’t object so Marjorie lay across the bed as I slid the rubber tool in her vagina, as I got a rhythm going Mary squatted over her mouth and started to tweak her nipples. Marjorie was soon erotically screaming as her orgasm approached, with a final shout she came.

“Oh, so wonderful, come on Mary, let David make you cum”.

They change places and I went to work again, once Mary achieved her orgasm, they both lay side-by-side and said in unison. “Thank you, David, you are really wonderful”.

Mary continued, “I love you, sweetie, we will see you in the morning”.

I left them in each other’s arms as I went to my bedroom.

I took them breakfast in bed and left them to whatever they wanted to do with each other. I was preparing lunch when they came down fully dressed. I was dressed in a shirt and slacks; I was determined not to wear my uniform any longer than necessary, although my cock was still caged. During lunch, Marjorie asked. “We raised a great deal of money at the auction, thanks to you being the star buy David. How did you get on with the sisters”?

“Well apart from being abused as a horse, I quite enjoyed myself with them; Rose is a wonderful lady and was very appreciative of what I did for her, where Daphne was much more demanding”.

“I think they were the lucky ones, a lot of ladies were very disappointed on missing out on you; myself included”.

“Oh, Marjorie”, Mary said, “You’ve had several opportunities to use David’s skills, including last night and now more in the future.”

“Well his skills as a sexy, sensual masseur are second to none; there are lots of ladies, in our party Organisation that would pay good money for his services”. Marjorie continued.

“Oh”, I said, “You want to prostitute me out now”?

“No David, I’m sorry, I did not mean it like that, these ladies or their husbands will be prepared to pay £500 to just spend an evening using your services, they won’t need to stay the night. It will boost our charity fund even more, are you up for it David”?

“Well, it’s really up to Mary, if she is agreeable, and because it’s for charity, yes I’d be quite willing”.

“Of course you should do it, David”, Mary said, “I know what pleasure you get from ladies bodies, I can watch you and I will get pleasure as well. They can come here and I could spend some time with them before they go home. Give me the list Marjorie and I will start arranging next week”.

“Thank you both, that’s wonderful”.

Later that evening, Mary said. “Well, that’s your sexual pleasure sorted for a while”.

“And yours to some extent, I liked how you jumped in and said ‘the ladies can spend some time with me before they go home’, didn’t you”?

“Yes, but that’s only part of my pleasure, I need to find an appropriate man to be my new lover”.

“Do you want to, Mary, you’ve got me, can’t we try and get back to being somewhere near a normal couple”?

“I know you want to, deer, but I have needs that you can’t provide, David, I need that extra satisfaction, fulfilment and excitement that Robert provided. I’ll start thinking about it in a few weeks, but I will need you to help me set out the rules for me and I will need your approval of them before I make any decisions”.

“I wish you would think about it some more before going into it. I have other needs as well, you know, my ‘little man’ will want some pleasure, with all those ladies it will be bursting the cage and hurting like hell”.

“Oh, come on, I’ll let you out tonight, let’s go to your bed and have some fun before I go back in my bed”.

Part 25 – Mary’s Ladies and Gentlemen

Mary got to work and arranged the first lady the following Wednesday evening, I was to wait upstairs in Marys’ bedroom, and I was dressed only in my collar, cage and shorts. The lady arrived just after six o’clock, Mary brought her up, I recognised her from the parties, she was introduced as Muriel, she seemed to be in her late forty’s, quite plumpish but I like the extra flesh to work with.

I undressed Mary first and she sat on the bed in her silky bed jacket, I then undressed and paid tribute to Muriel’s body before giving her the massage. She was very appreciative when I finished, hugging and kissing me before going to the bed and kissed Mary and lay with her, as I went to my room.

After Muriel had left, Mary came into my bedroom and sat on the bed, kissed me and said. “That was very nice, David; Muriel was very appreciative of you, I think she was really happy when she left”.

“Yes, that was very enjoyable and it’s for a good cause”.

“Good, I’ll invite some more ladies over the next few weeks”.

She left me and went into her bedroom.

After the fourth lady, on Mary’s list to have enjoyed my skills, Mary came into my bedroom and said. “I hope you won’t mind, David, but I shall be inviting a gentleman home on Saturday evening. I want you to help me work out a routine for his visit, please”.

“If you must start having a big cock again, we better make sure there will be no problems, like on holiday”.

“Thank you, David, I do love you; we’ll do it tomorrow evening”.

It was now well into October and Mary was looking much brighter and more like her normal self. She had taken on a new project at work, which she was very excited about, she hadn’t told me any details but I knew it was very important to her company.

I was getting used to my new position, particularly my regular weekly private meetings with Marjorie. Robert was now in the nursing home, although his condition had not improved much, Mary did not now seem so upset when she came back from visiting him.

The next evening, after dinner, we sat down to discuss a plan for Mary. The first thing we decided was that she should meet her gentleman in town and he would take her for an early dinner. She would explain our relationship and that I would be waiting at home to serve and service them and watch while they copulated.

He was not to abuse or disrespect me; otherwise, Mary would send him away. She would insist he used a condom and that he was not to do anything other than caress and hold her buttocks. Although I was not happy, Mary suggested that he should be allowed to shag my anus, if he wanted too, while I licked and kissed her vagina. We agreed this would be the best way to proceed, and Mary would discuss his merits as a possible lover, with me, after he had left.

Saturday I sat in Mary’s bedroom waiting for them to arrive, I heard the door at about 7.45, and they came upstairs, I kissed Mary as she came in the room and she introduced a very tall, well built, good looking man, in his thirties, I guessed.

“This is Daniel”.

“Good evening Sir”, as I went down on one knee and kissed his hand, “would you please take a seat, while I undress my Mistress, ready for you”.

I undressed and paid my usual tribute to Mary’s body, while he watched. I got on my knees to start with.

“Sir may I undress you, please”.

As I took off his shoes and socks and kissed his feet.

“Please stand, Sir”.

As I took off the rest of his clothes, caressing his bronzed, muscular body, as I took off his trousers his giant cock flopped out. I massaged it and kissed it to get it to full hardness and slide on a condom.

“Thank you, Sir, you are now ready for my Mistress”.

He said. “Thank you, that was very good but I can’t wait to get to this gorgeous lady”.

He pushed me out of the way and took Mary in his arms and kissed her passionately and moved his hand over her breasts and down to her vagina.

I felt very jealous as he lifted her and laid her on the bed, Mary slide onto his giant cock and screamed with delight and started to sing erotically as she went up and down. My cock in its cage was starting to hurt as I was getting turn on, I could not stand, I was on my knees as Mary grabbed my lead and pulled me closer.

“This is wonderful, David, are you enjoying watching me”?

“Yes Mistress, I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself”.

I could tell, from the way she was screaming and shouting that Mary had orgasmed twice before Daniel had ejaculated. She slumped on the bed next to him and kissed him, caressing her hands over his chest.

“Oh, I really enjoyed that, your cock is magnificent; change his condom, David and lick my fanny will you”.

As I went down on Mary, Daniel grabbed my hips and plunged his condomed cock into my waiting arse and fucked me very vigorously. Mary started to flick the flogger across my back. As I made her orgasm again, Daniel kept going in me until he finally shot his load.

Mary seemed quite angry as I changed his condom again, demanding he got back in her. She started to encourage him to go faster and flogged his back but the more he tried the weaker he became. Eventually, he pulled out and apologies to Mary, who was very disappointed.

After he was gone she said. “He was no good; he seemed to be more into shagging your arse than in me”.

“So it was my fault then was it”?

“Yes”, as she hit me again with the flogger.

The following week, I had a very petite lady, but with a fantastically shaped body, to service. I tremendously enjoyed working on her body, but I was sure that Mary enjoyed her even more than I did. As she stayed, well into the early hours.

Saturday Mary brought another big muscular man, a little bit older than the one the previous week, but he seemed rather brash and forward, pushing me away as soon as I had undressed him, to grab Mary, kiss all over her body and then made her lick and suck his giant cock. From all the erotic noises she made; I could tell how much she was enjoying him, I lost count of the number of orgasms she had and he ejaculated three times. She seemed reluctant to let him go at the end of the evening, I even thought that at one staged she was going to make him her new lover.

He eventually left and Mary came to me and said. “He was magnificent, I enjoyed his wonderful cock, he was really good with it, but I don’t know, his manner somehow wasn’t quite right, he’s not a replacement for Robert”.

“I thought you really liked him but he was a bit aggressive, but then Robert was always that way. Robert spoilt you; you will find it hard to find a replacement. I don’t know why you have too”?

“Don’t start with that again, David, I’ll have to punish you”.

I was surprised when it was Rose who walked in with Mary, the next Wednesday. She passionately kissed me and asked. “How are you, David, it’s lovely to see you again, I am looking forward to your wonderful hands being all over me again”.

“It’s nice to see you again, things okay at the stables, Daphne still as demanding”?

“Yes very good, Daphne has a couple of nice young ladies, up in the hayloft, with her tonight”.

I don’t think Mary appreciated the way Rose came on to me and was rather impatient to get upstairs. I really enjoyed servicing her, as I caressed her body, I said. “Mistress, you seem a little more toned, than the last time I had my hands on your body”.

“Oh, that’s nice of you to notice, I have a very good lady, personal trainer; I work out with each day. I am enjoying it and her; Daphne is very jealous”.

As I finished her massage, again much to Mary’s annoyance, I stayed longer making sure my tongue made her cum and licking her vaginal juices. As she got off the table she passionately kissed and thanked me before getting on the bed to kiss Mary.

She did not stay long with Mary, as she came to me, she said. “You enjoyed her, didn’t you, I didn’t like the way you were unnecessarily familiar with her. I thought her hands were very rough and despite all those scented oils you used on her, I could still smell horse”.

“Yes, I did like her; did I make you jealous, like I’m jealous, of you with the men? There are some very nice ladies in your group; I don’t think you appreciate that”.

“I don’t like your attitude tonight, David, bend over the bed”.

“Sorry Mistress”, as she gave me twenty lashes with the flogger, and fell on my back, kissed and caressed it.

I thought the gentleman Mary walked in with, on Saturday, looked rather young, probably in his early 20’s. He seemed rather nervous as I undressed him and worked his enormous cock to full hardness and put on a condom, I thought he had one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen, I whispered in his ear. “Relax, go and enjoy yourself, my Mistress will certainly enjoy you”.

Mary took him by the hand and kissed his lips and chest, before laying him on the bed. As she slid on him, she said. “Wow, this is fantastic, it’s enormous, come and see me riding it, David”.

I knelt by the bed as Mary’s vagina stretched on it; she was soon singing and screaming an erotic tune.

She collapsed on the bed, breathing very heavily after he had ejaculated, she had orgasmed several times. When she was able to speak, she said. “Come on, David, lick me clean, then get him hard again and put on another condom. I want more of that, it’s scrumptious”.

He dove into her waiting vagina and Mary wrapped her legs around his waist. He was getting very breathless as she was screaming encouragement for him to go harder; after she had orgasmed more times he finally ejaculated and fell on the bed beside her.

“David, get him hard again, this is really good”.

The young man said. “Sorry, madam, you’ve worn me out, I can’t do it again”.

Mary disappointedly slapped his chest and screamed at me.

“Get him hard again, David, suck it, wank it, whatever you need to do, get it hard”.

“Sorry Mistress”, I said, “I think you have beaten him, there’s no point in trying to make him”.

“Oh, get him out of here”. As she pushed him off the bed.

After I had seen him out, I went back to Mary, who was still lying on the bed with a very sulky looking face.

“I think he was rather too young for you, Mistress, but I admit he did have a magnificent cock, he was rather shy and wasn’t sure of my place here”.

“Oh, it was so good and then so disappointing, I’m going to blame you, lay over the bed”.

I got 20 lashes, again with the flogger, she was weeping as she kissed and caressed my back.

“I’m not going to find the right person, Robert was so good”.

I took her in my arms and kissed, then said. “Try not to worry, love, something will work out”.

Part 26 - Mary’s Christmas Party – Is it all starting again?

We sat down, on Sunday, after dinner, Mary had been in a sulky mood all-day, I said.

“What’s up, love, you seem upset”.

“Well the disappointment of yesterday I suppose, plus that fact that the project, at work, is not going too well”.

“Oh, tell me”.

“You know I want this project to work, it’s a great deal of money for both companies and their negotiator is being rather obstinate and not very constructive”.

“That’s not good, are you going about it the right way”?

“Yes, I think I’m being very fair, but I think they are putting someone else in to negotiate next week”.

“Well, that might be better for you”.

“I hope so, anyway, I will not be bringing anyone home next Saturday, because it’s your birthday, shall we go out somewhere”.

“You know what I would like, I’d like to cook us a nice meal, with some good wine, and spend the evening with you, love, that’s the best present I can think of”.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, David, you are so caring, I do love you and want you to be happy. As an extra birthday present, I’ll get Brenda to come and stay over on Thursday, I know you like her”.

“Oh yes, thank you, dear, that would be the second-best present I can have”.

I was home early on Thursday and I couldn’t wait for Brenda to arrive, as she came in she jumped on me and kissed passionately, and said. “Happy birthday for Saturday, I’ve got you a little present for later”.

She embraced Mary, then I put my arms around both of them and kissed them, saying.

“Thank you, what a wonderful early birthday present, my two most favourite Dominatrix Mistresses”.

We had dinner and Brenda produced a small box, from her bag.

“Thank you”, as I opened the box to find a new cock cage inside, Brenda explained both to me and Mary.

“It’s a much better design than the one you’re wearing, you don’t have to squash his balls through the securing ring, this one is hinged”, as she demonstrated, “as you lock the cage, it’s all secured together, I got one for Tommy and it is much easier to use and it will be less painful for David when you put it on, I’ll show you later”.

“Oh, that looks easier, thank you, Brenda”. Mary said.

“It might be easier: but it would be easier if I didn’t have to wear it”. I said.

“Come now, David, don’t start, you know your place”. Mary retorted.

After dinner Mary said. “You take Brenda upstairs, David and I’ll join you later”.

I took my clothes off as we went, then I undressed and paid tribute to Brenda’s beautiful petite body and gave her one of my best massages, I was finally kissing her vagina when Mary joined us. I undressed her and caressed and kissed her body and lay her on the bed. I was between her legs kissing, licking and sucking, when Brenda, now with a strap on, spread my arse cheeks and plunged in. Mary had orgasmed but Brenda was still going but stopped and said.

“Put his face dildo on Mary, I want more of this nice arse”.

Brenda had worked herself to a massive orgasm and I made Mary cum again. As Brenda joined Mary on the bed, Mary said.

“Time for drinks, David, please”.

As I came back with the drinks, I knew they had been planning something, as the ropes, we had used the secure Brenda’s, ‘cock slave’ a few weeks ago, was pulled out onto the bed.

Finishing our drinks, Mary said. “Come and lay on the bed David, we are going to tie you down and have some fun”.

Mary sat on my chest and tied my hands, as I lay down; Brenda tied my legs and said. “Unlock his cock cage, Mary and I’ll show you how this new one fits”.

She did as asked and squeezed my balls, painfully, through the ring. Brenda then grabbed my cock and scrotum, lifted it so the new ring was put under, and the ends brought together to secure it in place, the cage was then fitted over my cock.

“You can see how much easier it is to fit it, Mary, but let’s leave it off and have some fun”.

Mary reluctantly agreed, and then said. “Oh, we can trust up his balls and cock like that Estonian porn star showed us on holiday”.

“An Estonian porn star”? Brenda questioned, “You never said anything about her; tell me what happened, please”?

“Well, she was a very nice lady, with a fabulous figure, that we met, and we both enjoyed her; she said she was a model and actress. It was David who said she was a porn star after he slept in her room when she slept with me, he saw all the costumes and her photo portfolio but only told me when we were on the way home”.

“Wow, was she good in bed”?

“Fantastic, she showed me how to do this”.

She grabbed my cock and balls and wound the silk cord around them, several times, tied it off at the base of my cock, then threaded down between each of my balls to separate them, finally tying the cord ends. Mary pulled the ends of the cord, jiggling my cock and balls.

“Wow”, Brenda swooned, “that looks great”.

Then she kissed, licked and took one of my balls in her mouth, Mary soon joined her and took the other one in her mouth. They licked their way up my hardening cock, and then Brenda took it in her mouth and started sucking. Mary slipped her wet fanny over my mouth and I started to lick, kiss and clitoris. Brenda then slipped my cock into her and as her vaginal muscles tighten on my cock and she started to move up and down.

Mary started to thump my chest with her fists and said in annoyance. “He’s not allowed to penetrate a vagina”.

She grabbed Mary’s wrists and held them. “Don’t punish him Mary; it’s all my fault, when I was here the other Saturday night, after you lent him to Vivien, in your depressed state you forgot to put his cage back on. David did explain to me the situation, but I forced him inside me, I was enjoying him and he made me cum, so it’s my entire fault, don’t blame him, please, Mary”. Brenda pleaded.

Mary didn’t quite know what to say, in the end, she said. “He made you cum? He’s never been able to do that to me with his little cock”.

“He’s going to make me cum again soon, his cock is not quite so useless, particularly when it’s trusted up like this, let him penetrate you as a birthday present and see”.

Brenda duly orgasmed with her usual screams of joy, although I felt I should have cum, with my cock tie tight, I could not, I was still hard as they changed places.

Brenda on my face and Mary reluctantly sliding on my tool, the sperm was holding my cock rock hard; Mary was beginning to purr and sing as she neared her orgasm. The pressure was building in my balls and finally, my sperm forced its way out at the same time as Mary orgasmed. Mary fell on my chest and kissed me.

“Oh, David, that was wonderful, you made me cum at last”. She joyfully said.

With tears in my eyes, all I could say was, “I’m sorry, Mistress”.

I was untied and we all went into the en-suite to clean up. I was about to go to my bedroom when Brenda grabbed my arm and said to Mary.

“Oh, please Mary, let him sleep with us”?

I lay in the middle of the bed, Mary on one side stroking my chest and Brenda on the other with her hand caressing my balls and occasionally sliding her finger round to my anus. I lay there happily thinking.

‘What a wonderful pre-birthday present I’ve had’.

Friday evening we went up to bed, after undressing her and caressing and kissing her body, Mary said. “You can sleep with me this weekend, David”.

As we lay in each other’s arms Mary said. “You’ve been a naughty boy, David, but I know Brenda can be very dominant, so I forgive you”.

“Oh, thank you, Mistress”.

“No, David, this weekend, as an extra birthday treat, I’m not your Mistress, I’m your loving wife Mary”.

“I’ve got so used to calling you Mistress at weekends, its force of habit”.

“Well that’s good, David, it tells me that you are secure in our style of life”.

I kissed her and said, “It’s wonderful to have my beautiful wife back, Mary”.

Saturday morning I got a pile of presents from Mary, mostly clothes that I needed, as I opened them, Mary said. “That’s a lovely shirt, David, wear that with those trousers this evening, and I’ll dress up extra sexily for you”.

We did some house cleaning and had a light lunch. I sat down and watched some sport on the TV, while Mary went to the hairdressers. Late afternoon, while I started to prepare the dinner, Mary went straight upstairs to shower and get ready. I laid the dining room table with candles. When Mary came down, she took my breath away, dressed in an off-the-shoulder, low cut, short, purple, cocktail dress which was showing off her gorgeous figure. Her hair and makeup were fantastic. “Oh, Mary you look fabulous, darling”. As I kissed her.

“You look pretty good yourself, in that new outfit”.

We sat and enjoyed the meal and took our time finishing the wine when Mary said. “Let’s leave the clearing up until the morning. I want to take you to bed”.

“Oh, yes, please, dear”.

I undressed Mary, caressed and kissed her body, and to my surprise she undressed me, caressed and kissed my body, culminating in her kissing my ‘little man’ and taking it into her mouth. It soon grew to its erection and she pulled me onto the bed. “Make me wet, David”.

As she continued to caress my cock and then she placed it at the entrance of her vagina.

“Will you be able to make me cum, without being trust up”? She asked.

“I’m not sure, but we can try”.

We started to copulate but with all my effort I was the nowhere nearing my ejaculation.

“I’m sorry, dear; you had better get the cord”.

My erection grew even bigger with the cord tight around my balls and cock and I could feel Mary’s vaginal muscles squeezing my erection. Mary started to murmur and purr.

“Yes, David, that’s it, that’s better, I can feel you inside me. I’m going to cum”.

She let out a big breath, but I continued and could feel the sperm gathering; it was having difficulty shooting up my tight tubes. Finally, with a big shout, I ejaculated and Mary did for the second time. We lay in each other’s arms for quite a while, before Mary said. “Lick me clean, David, and I want to lick and kiss you”.

We were in a sixty-nine position when Mary finally released my cock and balls.

“Thank you, Mary; this has been a wonderful birthday”.

“I enjoyed it too”, Mary said, but without any real conviction, I thought”.

Sunday night Mary said. “I’ve got to put this new cock cage on you now, you’ve got your meeting with Marjorie on Tuesday and she will expect you to have it on”.

I started to object but Mary said she would make me go back and sleep in the other bedroom if I did. She promised she would release me the next weekend.

She let me sleep with her all that week, I had to make her cum with my tongue and the face dildo, from which she seemed to get much more satisfaction. Saturday we went out to a restaurant for dinner and Sunday had a pub lunch.

That evening as she caged me up Mary said. “I’m meeting that new negotiator this week; I hope he is better than the last one. How’s your work going”?

“Yes, it’s going well, Marjorie is only in the office two and a half days, so most of the work is left to me. Carole’s is being promoted again, to be my personal assistant and we are both getting new secretaries”.

“Well that sound’s really good for you, David”.

I continued to sleep with Mary the next week and on Friday evening I enquired. “How are you getting on with that new negotiator”?

“Oh, he’s much better; he’s younger, cooperative and is more intelligent than the last one. He’s also quite attractive rally, I did try to flirt with him a little, but he didn’t catch on, I think there is too much money at stake and he wants to keep things very business-like. I must get him an invite to our Christmas Party in two weeks”.

“Flirting with him, isn’t that you being rather naughty Mary”? She gave me a rather cheeky smile.

We stayed home and had a quiet weekend for a change. The following Saturday Mary went with Marjorie and Brenda to visit Robert. When she came home she was very joyful and said. “Robert was much improved I think he actually recognised me, I could tell from the sparkle in his eyes, he still cannot speak but he can hold a cup in his hand to drink. I’m much happier about him, I won’t ever forget him but I think I’m over our relationship now”.

“That’s really good news and I’ve been really happy these last few weeks”.

“Yes, I could tell that you have, but I think it might get better for me next week, I hope we can finally sign that contract, I’ll be glad to get it all done before the Party next week”.

“So you are getting on well with this new chap then”.

“Oh yes, I like him and I think he likes me”.

“I’m sure he does, some of those clothes you’ve been wearing to work this week have been very revealing”.

“Oh, are you getting jealous, David”?

“No, but I would like to have a serious talk with you after dinner”.

“Now”, Mary said, “what is it you want to talk about, David”?

“I’ve been so happy the last few weeks, we’ve been like a normal couple, enjoying each other’s company, it’s been really good, but you don’t seem to see things the way I do”.

“I’ve been happy too, and I do understand what you are talking about, I know you mean well and you always do your best to make me happy, and I do love you for it. I’m happy that you were able to make me cum and I get satisfaction from that big dildo you use on me but its rubber, it’s not the same as the real thing”.

“Can’t you make do with the occasional one-night-stand or those ‘studs and bulls’ parties that Marjorie organises? I know you will always be the dominate one and I will do what you want”.

“Yes, I understand and appreciate what you are saying, but I need fulfilment and greater satisfaction that you can’t provide for me. I will always love you and want to be with you”.

“Yes, I know but I was thinking, if we could make a new start, do you remember, way back after that weekend at Marjorie’s, we talk about moving house and up-grading. We both have very well paid jobs and we’ve got a lot of savings in the bank. I’ve been considering the possibility of buying a plot of land and building a house to our specifications”.

“That’s sounds really good, David; we could even include a dungeon room”.

“Oh, Mary, don’t be so flippant, I’m trying to be serious”.

“Sorry, just my little joke, dear. Let’s think about it over Christmas and see how things develop. Now, take me upstairs and let’s have some fun”.

Mary was late home on Wednesday evening, when a taxi pulled up outside the house and Mary got out waving a bottle of champagne, and staggered in the door.

“Oh, David, I’ve done it, we signed the contract today, let’s celebrate”. As she clung to me and kissed me.

“I think you been celebrating already, you are drunk”. I said

“I don’t care it’s been a wonderful day”.

We had dinner and finished the champagne when Mary slurred. “Take me to bed and make love to me, please”.

I helped her upstairs, undressed her and a combination of the champagne, my kissing and caressing she just fell asleep.

The Friday of Mary’s Company’s Christmas Party, we had both finished work early and Mary was laying out her clothes on the bed when I got home. She had got out her sexist push-you-up bra, matching suspender belt and thong panties, blue-tinted sheer stockings, a shimmering midnight blue cocktail dress and blue five-inch heel shoes.

As I came into the bedroom I said. “Ooh! You will look very glamorous in those, dear”.

“I hope so sweetie, did you get your evening suit from the cleaners”?

“Yes, I’ll hang it on the back of the door”.

“Good, this is a big night for my Company; we’ve expanded the business so fast this year, they are making a special effort with this party, there’ll be some important people there”.

“Yes, I know, dear”.

“One of those two new floors we’ve taken, in our building, the one with all those partitioned offices, has been converted into one big open area. Tables and chairs have been set up around the sides of the room and there is a good size dance floor and it’s all decorated for Christmas.

I want you to give me a massage before I get dressed, so we better get in the shower soon”.

We got in the shower together; I soaped and washed her while she did the same to me. We dried off and Mary kissed me passionately while tapping my cock cage. Having completed her massage I returned the kiss as I went down between her legs.

“We haven’t got any time for that now, dear, help me into my underwear.”

As I got dressed, Mary sat putting on her makeup and doing her hair. “Help me on with my dress, David, please”.

“Zip me up, David, how do I look”? As she twirled around.

“You look fabulous, darling”.

The dress came down to her knees and was very low cut at the front, her bra was doing its job, giving her a cavernous cleavage. I kiss her forehead, then each cheek and her marvellous cleavage. Although she was wearing a necklace, I noticed the key to my cock cage sat prominently in the clefts of her breasts.

We arrived at her Company’s building in good time; as we had a drink; Mary introduced me to some of her colleagues, some I had met before. Marjorie was there with a rather handsome young man on her arm; she introduced him as, Paul my nephew, and gave us a very knowing wink. Then I was introduced to some of her important customers.

“This is Rory, darling, he’s the one who helped me sign that multi-million-pound advertising contract with his company”.

I nodded and politely shook his hand, he was a well built, young man, and I guested, about 30 years old.

“She’s a wonderful Lady, your wife, David and very attractive too”, he said as we went to our respective tables.

The meal was unusually good, for a large corporate event as this, and the wine was excellent too. Mary and I had the first dance, as we sat down again she said. “Must go dance with some of my colleagues and customers, you understand, David, you go and dance with some of the ladies”.

I danced with a few ladies as Mary went off and did her thing, I was careful not to stand in too close to them as I don’t want them unintentionally feeling my cock cage. I watch out for Mary as she danced with several different men but I thought ‘she’s danced with that Rory person quite often’.

I danced with Marjorie and said. “Your nephew looks very handsome”.

“Yes, he’s got a very handsome cock as well. Mary’s looking very glamorous tonight, she seems very radiant”.

“Yes, she is very beautiful and she’s very happy because she signed a very important contract for this company”.

“She told me”. She said with a quite seductive smile.

A rather large lady came over and asked. “I’m Mary’s secretary, I don’t think we’ve met before, will you dance with me”.

I happily agreed as we danced I noticed she was trying to get her large thigh between my legs, in trying to stop her I lost concentration on Mary’s whereabouts. I think she must have achieved her aim as we broke at the end of the dance; she had a bid smirky smile on her face and laughed as she went to her table.

I sat at the table and did not see Mary while five dances were played and then that chap came and said. “Hi, I’m Rory, remember; mine if I sit down”, I nodded, “David isn’t it, Mary’s husband”?

“Yes, that’s right”.

“A marvellous, gorgeous Lady, your wife, I’ve been working with her as she secured that big contract from my company”.

“I think she’s very beautiful and I love her”.

“Yes, I know that, she told me she loves you and that you will do anything for her. I also know what that key she wears around her neck is for”, as he put his hand to my crotch under the table and continued. “She took me up to her office just now and she undid my trousers, took out my cock and sucked it. She said, she liked big fat cocks and pushed me down on her desk, pulled up her dress, took off her knickers and made love me.

She said you’re a wonderful cuckold husband and she invited me back to your place tonight to stay the weekend and that I could sleep with her”.

I put my head in my hands and said to myself. “No, it’s happening all over again”.

At which point Mary came back to the table, I stood up and she flung her arms around my neck and kiss me saying. “Alright, David, I really do love you, you wonderful, wonderful man”.

To be continued.

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