The Demise Of A Loving Husband – Book 2 - Starting Again


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This story is a continuation of Book 1 of “The Demise Of A Loving Husband” found here:

Part 27 – A new beginning for Mary

Having enjoyed the Party and generally had a good time, my mood in the taxis home had become very sullen and depressed. I was made to sit in the front with the driver while my wife, Mary, and Rory sat cuddling in the back.

Mary shouted, “It was a wonderful party, wasn’t it David? I really enjoyed myself”.

Before I had time to answer, Rory piped up. “Yes, I did enjoy myself and it is wonderful of you to invite back and stay the weekend”.

That hit me like he’d stuck his boot in my face, I just sat there, sulking and ignored the comment refusing to answer.

“Oh, come on David, don’t be a spoilsport, we all enjoyed ourselves, didn’t we?” Mary said.

I do love my wife and will do anything to make her happy but the lifestyle she has, and therefore I had been encouraged into during this last year was quite depressing for me. She is very dominant and loves sex with both men and women.

It all started last Christmas at my companies party, Mary became infatuated with my boss, Robert, who eventually, with her full approval, became his lover, and cuckolded me into serving his and Mary’s needs when he stayed and had sex with her in our house most weekends.

Mary got into this thinking she was helping my career. We had decided that our careers would be at the forefront of our lives. Mary did not want children but wanted the best for mine and her careers. It did work; Mary is an advertising executive with her company while Robert promoted me to marketing director.

Unfortunately, Robert is now in an exclusive care home following a serve stroke which left him paralysed on one side of his body and unable to speak. Mary was devastated by Robert’s demise and has taken her a while to get over it.

With the help of Robert’s friend, partner and former lover, Marjorie, who is now my boss having taken over the running of the company, Mary is now recovered from the loss of Robert and re-kindling her enthusiasm for the bi-sexual and dominating lifestyle she enjoyed all this year.

I remained quiet in the taxi while Mary and Rory giggled in the back seat, no doubt with their hands all over each other’s bodies. Arriving home I paid the taxi drivers and went to open the door while Mary and Rory continued to hug and kiss each other.

They followed me indoors and as I was taking off my coat, Mary said. “Be a good darling, love, and get yourself undressed and come to my bedroom to get me undressed and ready for Rory”.

Before I moved, Rory spoke up saying. “I thought I was here to sleep and have sex with you, Mary”.

“That’s right Master”, I said, “Mistress, I don’t think Rory understands the sort of relationship you want with him and me. I think I will leave you two alone so you can do as you wish with each other and tomorrow we need to have a big discussion about this relationship”. With that, I marched upstairs without kissing my wife goodnight.

As I did Mary said, “Oh, don’t be like that, David, you know I love you and want you to be happy”.

As an afterthought, she added. “Can you bring us breakfast in bed dear?”

I just went into my room and shut the door, undressed and lay on the bed looking at my imprisoned cock in its cage before pulling over the sheets.

The others came upstairs and went into the master bedroom next door. I heard Mary, through the wall, angrily explaining a few things to Rory. Eventually, Mary deliberately shouted. “Oh come on Rory, I want your gorgeous cock inside me again”.

Before I fell asleep I heard Mary.

“Oh Rory, that’s wonderful, give it to me, oh yes, yes, yes”.

Her love chorus continued as I fell into a dreamy sleep.

I woke not particularly early but I dressed in my uniform and went down to make breakfast. I took the tray up to the master bedroom and knocked on the door.

Mary answered. “Come in dear, oh lovely, you are such a good boy and a wonderful husband”.

I put the tray on the bedside table, both were lying naked. I notice Rory’s facile dick and hairy pubic area before he pulled the covers over himself, I thought ‘that’s not as big as Robert’s’, as I left the room.

I was in the kitchen a while later, and to my surprise, Rory brought the tray back and said. “Thank you, David, that was good. You are a marvellous husband and your wife is really something in bed”.

“Yes I know”, I said, “but I could never satisfy her. Where is she”.

“She’s in the shower, but tell me please, why did you call me ‘Master’ last night and why are you wearing those ridiculous sissy clothes”?

“It’s expected, Robert set this up and Mary has insisted I continue with it”.

“Well, if I am going to be in this relationship, I will not expect or want you to call me ‘Master’ and that outfit is so demeaning for you, I would want you to wear normal casual clothes”.

“Well, thank you, how would you want me to address you”?

“Just Rory will do; I must go now, as you see I only have my dress suit to wear, I must change and get some other clothes from my flat, I’ll call a cab, but be back for lunch”.

“Okay, but remember what I said last night we must discuss what Mary is expecting from this relationship, she will be in charge. We know little about you, you are younger than both of us, and Robert was older and had his previous life. You must consider what you want, are you in a relationship, married, girlfriend, partner? What do you expect of your future”?

“I appreciate that David, thank you; I will consider what you say.”

He shook my hand and went out of the door. I immediately raced upstairs and changed into a shirt and slacks knowing it would upset Mary.

When Mary came down I was in the lounge.

“Are you alright, David, you were rather sulky last night. Where’s Rory and why are you not dressed in your uniform"? She said angrily.

“Yes, I’m fine, but you should have said something to Rory about what would happen when we got home. First, he has gone home to get some clothes. Second, I discussed with him before he left and he thought my uniform was ridiculous and demeaning. He wants me to wear my normal clothes and he doesn’t want me to call him ‘Master’”.

“Oh, I see”.

“Now don’t be angry, you don’t know him that well, he has to decide what he wants as well as you. He is younger, where Robert was older. I know you like him but you just can’t take over his life and expect him to fit in and be just like Robert, without him having a choice in the matter. That’s why I suggested we need to discuss this situation, this afternoon, you must listen to him and understand his needs and tell him what he might be letting himself into before you frighten him away”.

Mary put her arms around me and kissed me passionately and said. “Oh, I do love you, David, you are so sensible, I do like Rory, he is wonderful in bed and he gives me the fulfillment and satisfaction I’ve missed since Robert. I hope we can make him understand”.

“I know he likes you, he thinks you are great in bed. You must talk to him, so he realises what our lifestyle with Robert was about”.

“Oh, yes David you are right, perhaps I am being too presumptuous and I have not thought things through yet. But come on let’s cheer ourselves up, so please take me back upstairs, David, and give me one of your marvellous massages, before he comes back”.

I undressed first, so as not to mess up my clothes and then undressed Mary, kissing and caressing every part of her beautiful body as I removed her clothes. We were both naked as she lay on the table, I worked the soothing oils into her shoulders, back and buttocks, then down each leg. Turning over she reached up and kissed me and I kissed her back. I kissed each of her pert nipples and got a little purr of appreciation before massaging her breasts and through her deep cleavage. I worked across her stomach but left her beautifully shaved pubic area and finished her legs before coming back and gently eased my fingers over her vaginal lips, then inserted two fingers.

Again Mary started to purr. “Oh, lovely, David, make me cum, use you wonderful tongue”.

She screamed with ecstasy as I licked and kiss my way to her clitoris. Her body squirmed and with a release of a big breath, she cam and I drank in all her juices.

“Oh, that was glorious, David, I feel really relaxed now. You’re so wonderful; I hope Rory will let you relax him this evening while I watch you”.

“Yes, that might help make his mind up and it will turn you on ready for him.”

“That will be good, I hope you like him, as you came to like Robert in the end. I don’t think Rory will be as hard on you as Robert could be. Now let’s get dressed and get lunch on.”

Rory arrived back at 1.45 carrying a large bunch of flowers in one hand and a bottle of single malt whiskey in the other. Mary appeared and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Are those for me”?


“Oh, you shouldn’t have, they are lovely”.

“You have both been so good to me, I thought I ought too. This is for you, David”.

As he handed me the boxed bottle and gave Mary the flowers. I shook his hand and said. “Thank you, I will enjoy that. Come and sit down, I got lunch ready”.

I offered Rory some vine as I served the soup, while Mary put her flowers in a vase.

“I thought we’d have thick vegetable soup and bread as its quite cold out, have a chunk of bread”

“Thank you, David, that’s very nice of you”

Mary came in a joined us, and said. “Those flowers were beautiful, Rory, and David likes his whiskey, and he should give you some later.”

“My pleasure, Mary,” Rory continued, “I appreciate that both of you are letting me into your lives without really knowing me. I thank you, Mary, for getting that big contract completed with our companies; it’s really helped my career. I must say I was attracted to you right from the start, I knew you were flirting with me but there was so much money involved I was afraid I might mess up the negotiations if I played up to your attentions. I am glad you invited me to your party”.

I butted in, “Mary, told me she was going after you, I could tell by the sexy clothes she wore to your meetings”.

Mary said, “You were much better than that first chap, your company started the negotiations with. I glad you came in and I was immediately attracted to you and determine to get you”.

She put her hand down his thigh and kissed him again. Rory kissed her back and continued. “Those negotiations have helped my career, I’m being promoted in January, I will be the senior negotiator for the company but it means I will be travelling a lot, mostly around Europe so I will usually back at weekends. There will be a few occasions when I will be required to do longer trips, America, Australia, China, Japan, but they won’t be too often”.

“So you will be able to stay at weekends for, Mary”? I asked. “But what about your personal situation, as I asked you before you left this morning”?

“I attended university in Manchester. I left 10 years ago, together with my girlfriend. I got my first job in Preston and we lived together there until eighteen months ago until I got this job in London. Our relationship was good but open, we enjoyed swingers’ parties, and I’ve always liked sex, particularly with attractive women”.

As he glanced and smiled at Mary, “Two weeks before we were due to move down here she told me she was pregnant but it was not my child, it was one of the fellas we met at the parties. She decided to stay and marry him”.

“Oh, that was disappointing for you”. Mary said with a smile. “But good for me”

“I have had a few relationships since I’ve been down here but nothing serious, I don’t have a girlfriend now, that’s why I’m grateful to you Mary”.

I stood up and said, “Right, I’ll leave Mary to explain our situation and lifestyle, while I tidy these dishes away and prepared things for dinner”.

I knew Mary would be in her element describing our relationship to Rory, so I took my time clearing up and preparing the dinner things in the kitchen.

Eventually, I went back into the dining room, Mary was still in full flight talking away, I said. “Anyone for drinks”?

“Oh, yes, please”, Mary said, “Lemon tea please”.

“And you, Rory”.

“Yes, the same please”.

As took in the tea, and asked, “Mary told you everything, Rory”?

“Well, yes some of the background, one thing I do understand, David is that you are a wonderful loving husband and you will do anything to make Mary’s life happy, fulfilled and contented. I know you will not allow anyone to cross or upset her”.

“That’s very nice of you to say so, I think I like you more than I did Robert, already, although he was a good boss”.

“I can assure you, like you, I want to make Mary happy and contented. I respect you as a person, David. There is one thing I am not sure about, what about your sexual gratification while your little penis is locked away in that cage”.

“I get sexual pleasure from my wife and I am quite used to the cage now except if I get aroused, it can get quite painful then. Mary had better tell you what she allows me”.

“He gets plenty of sexual gratification, I don’t leave him in that cage all the time, I let him out now and then. He can masturbate, he loves to worship and respect my body, as he did Robert’s. You should let him respect your body, Rory; you should try out his talents after dinner. He has wonderful hands, mouth and tongue. His talents are very popular with the ladies in our Pleasure Organisation. He does not go without, do you, David”?

“No, I am quite satisfied with my position in this lifestyle”.

“I’m glad to hear that, David”. Rory said.

“Has Mary told you about her close girlfriends? She has invited some over next Saturday for a pre-Christmas Party, no doubt to show you off, Rory, who’s coming, Mary”?

“The usual ladies, Marjorie, Brenda and Vivian”.

“That’s it, what about Clive, little Tommy and Carole”?

“That’s good; Carole is my personal assistant at work, now Marjorie has promoted me to Vice-Chair in charge of sales and marketing. Clive and Tommy are Marjorie’s and Brenda’s cuck husbands. Rory, you will have to watch out for them, they like big studs. Marjorie is my boss now, she owns the company in partnership with Robert. I really like Brenda, I’m sure she will like you, and she’s quite a lady. Vivian, she’s Carole’s partner, a lesbian couple, she’ll probably want to shag your arse like she does mine”.

“I think that’s enough from you, David, I am sure Rory will like my friends”.

Mary instructed, and then continued, “We are invited to Marjorie’s for Christmas and Boxing Day in a fortnight and she has organised a ‘No sex, please’ New Year’s Eve Party at the Organisation’s Warehouse that she owns with Robert”.

“Is Rory invited to these Parties, Mary?

“Of course he is, David”.

“How do you feel about Mary sharing you around as she does me, and what about Mary sleeping with ladies”?

“As I said, I will do whatever makes her happy”.

Mary said, “There are a few things, house rules, if you like Rory, first David will not watch us in bed together, he had to watch Robert and me, once and I made him watch when I was trying out some studs recently”.

“No, I cannot stand it, it gets me aroused, which is very painful, down here and I feel very inadequate”, as I touched my crutch.

“Firstly, David is not allowed to penetrate or bring me to orgasm while you are here, that’s your privilege. Second, you Rory, can only touch and caress my buttocks but not go near my private area there; I don’t like anything like that, okay”. He nodded “Finally, I would like you to shave your pubic hair, it’s much more hygienic. We can get that done now while David prepares the dinner, all this talk has made me quite aroused and excited”.

“Is that all clear Rory, okay with it, I won’t need to hurry with the dinner then, you both go and enjoy yourselves”, I said.

Having to listen to loud giggling and sexual cries of enjoyment, I was right not to hurry the dinner.

After one and a half hours I shouted. “Whatever you are doing up there, dinners ready to serve”.

Mary shouted a reply. “Just getting dressed, we will be right there”.

They both came down the stairs, arm in arm, wearing a big smile on their faces, I said. “You must have enjoyed yourselves by the look of it”.

Mary replied, “You go and sit down Rory”, and then she followed me into the kitchen and put her arms around my neck and kissed me, then whispered in my ear.

“I hope you weren’t jealous that I took Rory upstairs, I do love you, David, but he feels so magnificent inside me, he is wonderful, thank you for the way you have accepted him”.

She kissed me again, and I responded. “Well, I suppose I should be jealous but he has been very good and appreciative towards me so far, much more than Robert ever was. I’m glad you’re happy but what about some reward for me then, I’ve not been let out of my cage since my birthday”.

She kissed me again and said. “Oh, is it that long! I haven’t realised, we’ll have some fun next week, I promise. Now let’s have diner."

I served dinner and we sat eating, drinking and chatting, of course, it was Mary doing most of the talking but Rory did expand a little more on his background, interests and expectations about his work.

When we had all finished eating, Mary said. “That was lovely, as always, David, be a dear and clear things up will you, please. I’d like to watch that film I recorded last week, come on Rory let’s go and watch it.”

They went off to the lounge as I did my work in the kitchen. I went in to join them when I finished my chores.

They were sat on the sofa, Rory with his arm around Mary, her head on his shoulder. It was a rom-com film that I was not interested in; I sat in the easy chair slightly behind them to read my book, the latest Jack Reacher story by Lee Child.

While I sat there, my mind went back to last Christmas Day when Robert first came into our lives. How things have changed, I thought, for better in some ways, my career, but how Mary has changed our lifestyle that I hoped might change again after Robert but she’s very happy again but still so demanding.

The film finished at about 8.30, and Mary said, with tears in her eyes. “Oh, that was wonderful but so sad, wasn’t it Rory”?

“Yes, but I’m not that keen on those sorts of films, I’m more an action film buff, I bet you are, David”

I shook myself out of my story and replied. “Yes, I like a bit of action, like in this book”.

“Very good, David, how about some drinks. My usual gin and tonic; what will you have, Rory, join David in a whisky”?

“Yes, that would be very nice, thank you”.

Off I went to get the drinks.

Part 28 – I get Involved in the new Relationship

As we finished the drinks, Mary said to Rory, “I think you should see how Robert expected, David to respect and worship our bodies; he should give you a sensual massage, as he is very good and caring with his hands”.

“I’m not sure I about that, I’m not really into a man touching my body”.

“Oh, once you have experienced it, you will love it”, Mary insisted.

“Well if that’s alright with David”.

“Of course it is he will do as I tell him. He’s my submissive husband and I’m his dominant hotwife, isn’t that so, David”?

“Yes, Mistress”, I meekly replied.

We all went upstairs; Mary first opened the wardrobe to show Rory our collection of sex toys and explained.

“If David doesn’t comply with my wishes, I have some fun using these on him, while he is restrained, particularly when Vivian comes to stay”.

As she showed him the contents on the shelves, my uniform, collar, lead, cuffs and ball gage, together with the flogger, dildos and vibrators.

“Sit on the bed Rory and let David show you how he undresses me and worships my body”.

I started by kissing and caressing her feet then slowly removed her clothes and kissed and caressed each part of her body I uncovered. As I finished, on my knees, and about to kiss between her legs, Mary grabbed my head and pushed it into her fanny, throwing her head back in delight and gave a cry of ecstasy.

She held me there for a few minutes while I kissed and licked, before pulling me up and she kissed me passionately and then said. “Thank you, David, that was wonderful, what did you think, Rory”?

Before he could answer and as I slipped her short lacy bed jacket over her shoulders, I said quite angrily. “Why did you pull me into you like that, you’ve never done that before”?

“No. sorry dear, that was just for effect”.

Rory then piped up, “Well that was very erotic, it really got me going”.

“That’s good,” Mary said, “it gets you ready for sex. Now let David do it to you”, as she sat cross-legged on the bed.

Rory was sat on the bed with his legs over the side, so I was on my knees and removed his slippers and socks, then caressed and kiss his feet.

I stood up and indicated to Rory to do the same. Unbuttoning his shirt I ease it off his shoulders to uncover a strong, toned, not athletic, but a well-kept torso. I kissed around his nipples as I sensually caressed his shoulders and arms.

At this point, I noticed Mary had her bed coat open with her left hand caressing her right nipple and her right hand between her legs stroking her vaginal lips. I thought, ‘at least you’re enjoying it, Mary’, Rory had given no indication as to what he was feeling.

I sunk to my knees as I caressed his chest and notice a small tuft of hair on his sternum. I undid his belt and flies, slipping his trouser down his athletic legs to remove them. As I caressed my hands back up his legs, I kissed each knee caps.

My hands glided over his buttocks, encased in boxer shorts, and my fingers slipped inside the elastic to caress each check as my thumbs pulled them down. I was waiting in anticipation for the exposure of his manhood. As the elasticated top of his boxers slipped over, it flopped out, looking semi-erect in front of his scrotum hanging in front of my face, as he stepped out of the boxers.

I was not sure how he might react, so I did not touch it and just stood up and said. “Please lie face down on the table, Rory”.

As he moved towards it, he said. “Well that was a fun, erotic way to be undressed, I quite enjoyed it”.

“I’m glad,” I replied

With a dreamy sigh, Mary said. “So did I, I love watching, David relaxing people, he’s so good and caring. It really gets me aroused”.

I took off my clothes as Rory lie on the table, stark naked apart from my cock cage, I put light body lotion on my hands and started slowly to massage his shoulders, down his back, across his buttocks and down each leg.

“Turn over please, Rory”.

As he turned he glanced quizzically at me and said. “Would you normally be wearing that sissy uniform when you are working on people”?

“Yes, I would”, I replied.

“Well, you can’t work as a masseur when you’re naked, especially in front of ladies, surely a white tee shirt and trousers or shorts in summer, would be more in keeping with what you’re doing?”

“Oh, cleaver Rory, for thinking of that,” Mary said, “it can be his new uniform when you are here”.

“Yes”, I said, “as long as there is no collar or lead involved, I wouldn’t mind that”.

“Of course you don’t need to wear a collar or lead, that’s too demeaning”, Rory said.

“That’s settled then”, Mary said joyfully, “white tee shirt and trousers will be David’s new uniform but we’ll keep the other one for when we go to any of the ‘Pleasure Parties’. We’ll go shopping, tomorrow, Rory, to buy them for him. I love shopping; it’s the next best thing to sex. Robert always took me shopping on Sundays”.

“I’m not that keen on shopping”. Rory said.

“Neither am I”. I chipped in.

“I usually go swimming on Sundays”, Rory said, “If you insist on shopping Mary, we should go swimming afterwards”.

“That’s a great idea, shopping, then lunch and swimming”. Mary said. “We could even spend some time on the sunbeds after lunch, then swim”.

“Swimming,” I said, “that’s how you keep your body toned and in shape”.

“Yes it’s very good for you”, said Rory, “would you like to come, David”?

“Oh, no”, Mary exclaimed, “David has work to do in the house, it’s better we go by ourselves, Rory”.

“I know my place”, I said, “Can I get on with the massage now”?

Rory settled on the table and I put more lotion on my hands and began caressing his shoulders, chest, abdomen, then down his legs leave his newly shaved pubic area until last. I said. “Is it alright with you if I touch this area now”? I said as he glanced down. “Have you had a man touch there before”?

“Well no, I’m not that way inclined”, he said.

“Oh, go on, David, pay tribute to that gorgeous penis, just like you did to Robert’s”, Mary demanded, “get it nice and hard for me”.

I looked at Rory and he nodded his approval. My oily hands lifted his scrotum and caressed his large balls. With my thumbs and first two fingers of each hand, I stroked his growing cock; I eased his foreskin down and used my thumbs to caress his naked penis head. It was very hard now and I thought ‘perhaps I was wrong this morning, you might be bigger than Robert’.

Mary was getting anxious and she shouted encouragement. “Go on, David, kiss it, take it into your mouth and suck it”.

I grabbed his girth and put my mouth to it and did as Mary instructed. Rory was making a kind of purring, humming noise in appreciation of my work, I heard him whisper. “This is, fucking amazing, David, so relaxing and erotic, I’m enjoying this”.

Mary jumped off the bed and grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up off his penis and brought my lips to hers and kissed me passionately. She shouted. “Get on the bed Rory; I’m so wet I want you now. We will see you in the morning, David, just bring us tea”.

As I collected my clothes, Mary jumped and straddled Rory and with a cry of ecstasy, she slipped onto his giant tool.

I got dressed on the landing to Mary’s cries of sexual joy. I went and watch ‘Match of the Day’ enjoying another whisky and dry ginger.

By the time I went to bed the sex chorus had ceased to just sounds of slumber.

Part 29 – Their Day Out

I took them their tea in the morning, they were still drowsing so I left it on the bedside table then Rory mumble something as I left and went back to the kitchen.

I was clearing my breakfast plate when Rory was the first to come down, I was a little shocked as he came over and put his arms around me and held me in an embrace and said. “Thank you, David, last night was wonderfully amazing, I have never been prepared for sex like that before it was tremendous. Mary was right your touch is so sensual and caring, I hope you will do it again tonight”.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, so you’re staying tonight, I wasn’t sure”.

“Yes, if that’s alright, I do not want to impose, I’m still learning about your lifestyle. You’re such a wonderful loving man; I’ve never known anyone do so much for their wife”.

“Mary will be pleased you’re staying, I’m used to this situation, as I said I will do whatever makes Mary happy”.

“Do whatever makes me happy”? Mary said as she walked in and put her arms around me and kissed me.

“I was just talking with, Rory; he was telling me how he enjoyed last night”.

“Oh, so did I, you were marvellous, David, you got us so aroused the sex was terrific”.

I did feel a touch of jealousy as I left them to their breakfast and got on with my chores.

A while later Mary shouted. “Bye, love, we’re off now, have a nice day”, as I heard the door slam.

I got on with my work, cleaning, changing the beds, putting on the washing machine, between having some lunch. By the time I had finished, it was time for afternoon football to start on the TV, so I got a drink and settled down to watch.

It was getting on for six o’clock when they came home and Mary excitedly said. “We’ve had a wonderful day come and look what we’ve brought you, is dinner ready yet”?

Rory said, “Oh, let David finish watching the match, there only a few minutes left to play, I’ll join you, David, can I get you another drink”?

I could tell Mary was not very happy about that, as she stormed upstairs. I smiled to myself as Rory brought me another drink and sat down with me and asked what the score was and how the match had gone. I thought Robert would never have done anything like that.

Mary came back down and angrily said. “Is that match finished yet, what’s for dinner”?

“Yes just finished, dear, I’ve got a chicken casserole slowly cooking in the oven. It should be about ready now. You go and sit down with Rory and I’ll serve”.

I sat down with then as Mary said. “It looks like you had a good day, David, this casserole is lonely and the house is wonderfully clean, well done."

“I try, you know I do my best for you, how was your day, dear”?

“Oh, we had a marvellous day, we brought you some nice clothes, had a good lunch and the swimming was wonderful we should do it every Sunday. Rory’s a really good swimmer; we might let you come with us, in future, David, if you get your chores done first”.

“That would be nice, dear, I glad you had a good time”.

We finished the meal, with more of Mary’s dominating conversation.

After I clear things away, Mary said. “Now come on, David, we’ll go up and try these clothes we got for you”.

Rory went and sat in front of the TV, while Mary and I went upstairs, laid out on the bed, 4 white tee shirts, two pairs of white trousers, two pairs of white shorts and a pair of white slippers. I notice a badge on the tee shirts when I looked it was the representation of inter-twined hands with a slogan underneath which said ‘Masseur Master’.

“Oh, that’s lovely”, I said.

“Yes, that was Rory’s idea, it’s very appropriate, try a set on”.

I changed into one of the sets and said, “This is very good, much more comfortable and appropriate than my other uniform”.

“You look wonderful, David, much more the part”, as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, “let’s go and show Rory”.

As we walked into the lounge, Rory looked up and said. “You look good, David, much more appropriate, yes, that was a good choice if you have to have a uniform”.

“Thank you, the badge is a ‘master’ stroke”.

“Oh, very good”, he laughed as a settled down with Mary and me with my book.

I looked up from my book and thought ‘they are cuddling each other like a pair of newly found lovers’ which of course they were.

I wasn’t sure how I was feeling, should I be jealous? Perhaps I should, but I don’t think I am, I love Mary, and she loves me, she happy again so should I be.

I got up and got us some drinks before settling back down to my book.

I heard the TV programme finish and Mary said. “Work tomorrow, it’s time you took us to bed, David”.

“Yes, Mistress”.

“I like the way you call, Mary, Mistress, David”, Rory said as we walked up the stairs.

I kissed, Mary passionately on her lips before I started to undress her. After caressing and kissing her body she did not make a big show of pulling me into her gorgeous vagina as I kissed it. I then undressed Rory, the same way as I did yesterday, caressing and kissing his body, but as his semi-erection flopped out of his boxers, I grabbed, stroked, kissed and sucked it.

“I think, Rory, is reading for you, Mistress”.

As he climbed on the bed, Mary kissed me, and said, “See you in the morning”, as she jumped on Rory, I left them and went back to the football on the TV.

We were up early; I showered and dressed in my work suit. As I went downstairs I heard Mary and Rory coming out of the en-suite shower, giggling as they towelled each other dry. I made tea and toast and they both soon joined me.

“Oh, my taxis here”, Rory said, “thank you, it’s been a wonderful weekend, I’ve really enjoyed myself, I do appreciate how you have accepted me, David, I’m looking forward to next weekend”.

He hugged me and Mary grabbed him and kissed him and whispered in his ear. “Get here early next Saturday, please”, as she let him go out of the door.

As we both left for work, I said to Mary in a very ironical tone. “Get here early next Saturday! You what to take him to bed before the girls get here”.

“Of course, I do, I don’t want the girls getting their hands on him too soon”.

Part 30 – Another Working Week

Working in my office, with Carole, Marjorie knocked and said, “Not disturbing you, am I”?

“No just going over some sales figures, come in, sit down”.

As she sat a tall handsome young man followed her in with a tray of coffee and biscuits, “Oh put then on the desk, please Paul, thank you”, as he left.

“Was that your nephew?” I said.

“Yes, but he’s my new assistant now”. She said with a smirky smile.

“Nice looking young man”, I said.

“He’s rather gorgeous and very well qualified, he finished university last June and he’s been travelling since”.

“You said at the party he was well qualified,” I said with a smirk and a wink.

“That’s why I’m here, I haven’t had time to talk to Mary yet, but I want to know how things went at the weekend”.

“I think you will find, that Mary is very happy, and Rory is very well qualified as well. He was a little unsure of himself, at first, but by last night he was getting into the swing of things. I’m not sure, Mary, was too pleased with the amount of respect he as showing me, but I like him”.

“Oh, well that’s good, but what happened”?

“As we got home from the party he wasn’t sure about my place in the relationship, you know, Mary, likes me to undress her and worship her body, he wasn’t sure about that. But we had a good discussion on Saturday and he was beginning to understand our relationship and the things that happen within it. He is a very nice chap much younger than, Robert and us, of course”.

“Good, I can’t wait to meet him, properly, on Saturday. Do you think Mary will share him as she shares you”?

“I warned him about you and Brenda, it might be a bit early for sharing, but if you can persuade her he might be a good addition for you ‘studs and bulls’ parties in the future”.

“I’ll have to try him out first, to see if he is that good. I’ll talk to Mary later on today”.

“You will not be disappointed, I think Mary was a bit worried that you and Brenda might try it on with him, she’s asked him to get at our house early, so she can take him to bed before you get there”.

“I’ll leave you two to get on; we’ll have our meeting on Thursday, as usual, David, thank you”.

As she left the office, Carole said, “How do you really feel, David, are you a bit jealous”?

“Well a little, but he’s been such a nice chap, he could be a mate, he doesn’t want me calling him ‘Master’ and he thought my uniform was very sissy and inappropriate, so I’ve got a new outfit, all white, no collar or lead. But I expect Mary will eventually make him more dominant, as she is. He goes swimming on Sundays, Mary went with him yesterday, he wanted me to go but Mary wouldn’t have it, I had to stay home and do the chores”

“Well, it sounds as though he is going to be much nicer to you, more than Robert was. Oh, by the way, can you tell Mary that Vivian and I will not be able to stay that late on Saturday, Vivian has organised us an all-girls party, I expect I’ll be the one trust up so they can have their fun with me. We will have to leave just after seven”.

“Oh, poor you, I thought you were going to help me out in the kitchen”.

“I will, Vivian will want to stay for dinner”.

“Okay, let’s get on with these figures”.

At home that evening, I sat down with Mary who seemed to be in concentrated thought, I said, “You okay, everything alright at work”.

“Yes, dear, everything is fine at work, I was just thinking about the weekend. I had a long conversation with Marjorie, on the phone, today, she said she had spoken to you and it made me wonder about things”.

“How do you mean, dear”?

“Well, I like Rory, he is gorgeous and you seem to like him as well, but he seems very matey with you”.

“What’s wrong with that, I’m not sure I know what you mean. As I said he is much younger than Robert and you can’t expect him to be the same, he’s new to our relationship and he is just being himself”.

“Yes, that’s the problem; he’s got to be more dominant with you. I think I will talk to him, perhaps arrange to have lunch with him on Thursday, perhaps invite Marjorie and we can put him right about a few things”

“Oh, you want him to punish me and shag my arse as Robert did”.

“Don’t be like that, David, you know your place in your relationship, you are the submissive and you’re supposed to serve and service our wishes”.

“Yes, but what if he doesn’t want to be like that, he’s never been into anything like that, he wasn’t sure about me toughing him, was he”?

“I suppose you are right, but I will think about things. I’m going to bed now, goodnight, you know I love you”, as she kissed me and went upstairs.

After dinner on Tuesday evening, Mary said, “Come on, David, I promised you we’d have some fun, let’s go up to the bedroom”.

I readily agreed and quickly undressed, I then undressed Mary worshipping her beautiful body, she said, “I will realise you but want you to make me cum using your face dildo while you wank, okay”.

“Yes whatever pleases you, Mistress”?

She unlocked my penis cage and began caressing my balls and cock, which quickly sprang to an erection.

“My, that’s very keen tonight”, as she kissed and sucked it.

“Well, it has been quite a while since it’s been out”.

I kissed and licked her vagina before she strapped on my dildo. Mary lay on the bed as I guided the rubber dildo into her waiting wet fanny. I stroked my hard ‘little man’ but I did not want to ejaculate while I had the dildo strapped to my face. As I started to rhythmically pump, Mary picked up the flogger and started, lightly at first to stroke it across my back. The nearer she got to orgasm the harder she hit me and with a big scream and a relieving breath, she relaxed her body.

“Oh, that was good, David, have you cum yet”?

I still had my aching cock in my hand as she undid the dildo.

“No, Mistress I haven’t”.

She indicated that I should straddle her chest and my hard ‘little man’ disappeared in her cleavage, as she pressed her gorgeous tits around it. I tweak her nipples as I continued to be wanked and shot my load across her chest and chin.

“Oh, that was wonderful, Mistress, thank you”. As I hungrily licked and sucked at my cum until she was clean.

We lay in each other’s arms before she said, “Well that’s you satisfied for a while”.

She replaced my cage and kissed me goodnight.

Thursday afternoon, I waited for Marjorie to return to the office so we could have our meeting. She was rushing down the corridor. “Oh sorry, David you know how Mary goes on. Let’s go to the private office”.

The private office is a fairly new addition that Marjorie had decided to include when she took over control of the company. It was an executive toilet area which now includes a changing area, a shower, a desk and chairs and a massaging table.

I undressed and then began to take Marjorie’s clothes off and respecting and caressing her 55-year-old body, which was still in very good shape, just a little droop of her breasts. As I undressed her we talked a little about the business and the progress we had made since Robert’s demise. I kissed her nipples and went on my knees as I moved my mouth over her firm abdomen and found her already wet vagina, which I kissed and licked.

As she got on the table, I asked, “How was your lunch with Mary”?

As I started to caress the lotion across her shoulders, she replied, “Mary likes Rory very much but she was a little annoyed that he was not a little more dominant with you, I think she felt you were too kind to him”.

“Well, what was I supposed to do, I didn’t know much about him and I am sure Mary didn’t, she wanted him to be just like Robert, but he’s much younger and nicer, if I may say so”.

As I completed her buttocks and legs and she turned over, she continued, “I appreciate that David, but you know Mary, she wants to be the dominatrix”.

I massaged her quite large breasts and she continued, “Mary’s asked me to come home with you this evening and she’s invited Rory, so we can show him how you were used when Robert was there”.

“Oh, that’s good, another enjoyable evening for me then”?

“Don’t be like that, David, you know your place. Now finish me and make me cum with that marvellous mouth of yours”.

“Thank you, David, that was wonderful, as usual”. We showered together and dressed; she kissed me, passionately, and said, “See you later”.

Part 31 – Mary’s Dominance

I was the first one home, that evening, as I started to prepare dinner for four, I wondered what I punishment was in store for me later.

Marjorie was the first to arrive and as I let her in, she said, “You look worried, David”, as she gave me a peck on my cheek.

“What should I look like, with the evening I’ve got to look forward to”?

“Oh, I’m sure you’ve had a lot worse evenings, you been through this sort of thing before. You know when Mary wants something; she’s determined to get it”.

“Yes, I expect she will be a real bitch dominatrix tonight”, I said as Mary and Rory came through the door.

“What was that David, moaning already, I’ll put that right later. I have decided you will refer to Rory as ‘Sir’ if he doesn’t want you calling him ‘Master’”. Mary said angrily.

“Good evening ‘Mistress’, good evening ‘Sir’, I hope you enjoy the evening”. I said sarcastically.

“Get the dinner served, David, you will not be eating with us, Marjorie and I have to have a serious talk with Rory and I don’t want you interrupting. When you have cleared things away, I want you to go up to your bedroom, strip, and put on your collar and lead and wait till we are ready for you. Is that clear”?

“Yes Mistress”.

I meekly did as I was commanded, and I was waiting in my bedroom when Marjorie came in. “Just take my clothes off, David, and try not to worry, try and act like you are enjoying yourself, to please Mary”.

A naked, Marjorie, lead me, on my knees, into the master bedroom, Mary and Rory were sat, fully clothed, on the bed. Holding the flogger she jumped off the bed and whacked me across my back, shouting, “Pay tribute to Mistress Marjorie”.

I kissed her feet and worked up, caressing her legs, missing her vaginal area, I stood and kissed both her nipples, while Mary continued hitting me with the flogger, I worked back to her fanny and on my knees, I kissed, lick and sucked her lips and clitoris.

“I’m disappointed, David, I have seen you worship a ladies body with a lot more sensitivity and care. Now undress me and pay tribute to my body and I expect it done lovingly”, Mary said angrily.

I was as caring as I could be but I knew it would not please, Mary. As I reached her beautiful vagina she grabbed my lead in one hand and the back of my head with the other, pulling me as she fell back onto the end of the bed. She pushed my face into her wet fanny and held it there while I licked, kissed and sucked. Marjorie then grabbed my hips and lifted me as she drove her strap on into my backside and started pumping and massaging my prostate.

After what seemed ages, I could tell Mary was coming to orgasm but she pulled me away with my lead and shouted. “No, you will not make me cum, that’s Rory’s privilege”.

As she got up and Marjorie she withdrew her strap on, Mary continued, “Undress and pay tribute to Sir Rory”, with another crack of the flogger across my back.

I took off his clothes and kissed and caressed his body, as I removed his boxers, Marjorie gave out a cry, “Oh my, that is gorgeous”. I kissed and licked his giant tool until it was rock hard.

Mary said, “Now it is your turn Rory”, as Marjorie lay on the bed and Mary strapped on my face dildo, “Put on a condom if you want and lubricate it with this. Go on, don’t be shy”.

Mary spread my arse cheeks and guided his cock to the entrance of my hole, “But I’m not sure”, Rory said, “I’ve not done this before”.

“Go on”, Mary said, as I felt him being pushed in and he started pumping. He was much bigger than the dildo Marjorie used on me and it was really stretching me. I got into a rhythm used my dildo in Marjorie’s cunt while my arse continued to be pumped.

From the noises, they were both making, they coming to orgasm, with a shout, “Oh, God that was something”. Rory pulled out breathing hard, and I brought Marjorie to orgasm as she cried with joy.

Mary grabbed Rory around his neck and kissed him, “There, you are initiated now into our lifestyle, well done, you were great. You are dismissed, David, go to your room”.

I lay on my bed listening to the cries of erotic joy as both ladies enjoyed Rory’s manhood. I took off my collar and was almost asleep when Marjorie came into my room.

“Are you alright, David, sorry to put you through that but it pleased Mary. You were right, Rory is wonderful, do you mind if I sleep here tonight”?

“Mary let you share him, did she, yes please have my bed, I will go down and sleep on the settee”.

“Oh, no we can share the bed, I don’t mind so long as you kiss me goodnight in your special way”.

Marjorie and I got up quite early and had breakfast and left for work. I thought ‘Mary’s having another session with Rory’.

I was home Friday evening before Mary and got the dinner prepared. When she came home, Mary took off her coat and walked to me putting her arms around my neck and began to kiss me and said, “Oh, thank you for last night, I know I was very hard on you, please don’t be upset, I do love you and don’t want to harm you”.

“What did you expect, do you really love me and treated me like that? It was awful; it took Robert over a month to get to that stage. You are pushing Rory too hard, you might lose him if you carry on like this, or are you in love with him and want to leave me”?

“I don’t be silly, David, of course, I’m not going to leave you, I’m getting him into the right frame of mind for our relationship, he knows that”.

“Yes, well he phoned me earlier today and apologised on his and your behalf, he said, he did not want that to happen and said he wanted the relationship to be very amicable, he’s a very nice guy don’t ruin it, I know you want to be the dominant one but you have got to show some consideration”.

I got Mary her dinner but I stay in the kitchen to eat mine when I cleared I went up and lied on my bed and read my book. It was about eight-thirty when Mary came to me, she said, “I’m sorry, David, don’t be sulky, I didn’t think it would affect you like this, we have put you through that sort of thing before. You know I like Rory but I love you”.

“Yes, I know I’m a submissive husband but it’s been, Robert and Vivian, before, you have never acted like that before. I love you too and I know you love me but sometimes you have a funny way of showing it”.

“I can’t keep saying sorry, I’ll try and make things better for you. Can I lay with you, I want to cuddle and kiss you, let me undress you”.

I relented and she took my clothes off kissing and nibbling my nipples but she would not release me from my cage. I then took all her clothes off and worshipped her body and brought her to orgasm with my tongue, before she left me to go to her bed.

We were both up early on Saturday, I was dressed in my new white uniform, Mary asked, “How are you today, dear, are you feeling happier”?

“Yes, dear, I forgot to mention that I had a telephone conversation with my second favourite dominatrix yesterday, she wanted to know about Rory.

“As Vivian and Carole are not staying, I’ve invited Marjorie to stay and I said she could sleep with Rory and me. She also wants to come swimming with us on Sunday. I expect Brenda will want to stay, as well”.

“Well you shared him with Marjorie, on Thursday, Brenda will expect the same, she can sleep with me, and I will look forward to that”.

“I’m sure you will, we’ll see how things work out. What have you got everything planned for today”?

“Thought we would just have tea and sandwiches when they arrive and I thought we would have a finger buffet type diner in the evening”.

“Yes, that sounds good; remember Vivian and Carole are vegetarians. You better get the house cleaned up; before Rory gets here”.

Part 31 – Mary’s Party

Rory arrived, carrying a bag with four bottles of wine. “How are you, David”.

“Well Sir, thank you for the wine”, as I took the bag and stored the wine in the rack.

Mary rushed into the kitchen and jumped on Rory kissing all over his face, “Have you got time to give us both one of your lovely massages, David, our guests are not due until twelve-thirty”?

“Oh, that would be really nice”, Rory said, “Yesterday was quite a stressful day”.

I followed them upstairs, it did not take me long to undress, Mary, she only had a low cut dress and G-string nickers already with a wet crutch gained from thinking about, Rory’s giant cock. I still kissed and sucked her nipples and vagina before the erotic massage.

“Thank you, David, that was very sensual”, she kissed me passionately and sat in the bed.

I undressed, Rory, caressing and kissing his body, as Mary was stroking her nipple and fingering her vagina.

He lay on the table and with lotion on my hands I caressed his shoulders, I said, “Yes Sir, I can feel the tension in your shoulders here but this should relax you”, as I took time to massage his neck, shoulders and tops of his arms; before working down his back.

“That’s nice, David, your hands are marvellous”, he purred. As I continued down his back, buttocks and legs. As he turned over, I could see, Mary getting more aroused as her fingers were working her wet fanny rather quickly, urging me to complete my work.

I finally took his cock in my mouth, licked and sucked before, I said, “He’s ready for you now, Mistress, nice and hard for you”.

As Mary pulled him onto the bed, he slapped me on my back, “Thank you, David, that was marvellous I feel much more relaxed now”.

Mary said, “Very good, David, you’ve got work to do, we’ll see you later”, as I left them.

They both came down while I was working in the kitchen, Mary kissed me and Rory hugged me. I made them coffee which they took into the lounge awaiting our guests. Vivian, in her usual trouser suit, and Carole were the first to arrive, Mary met them at the door embraced them both and introduced Rory.

Vivian came into the kitchen and held out her hand which I kissed, as I went on one knee, she patted my head and said, “How are you, David, you look the part in your new uniform, I hope I might experience your talents later”.

“Hello, Mistress, you’re looking well today, you better ask, Mary, she’s in charge and will tell me what to do”.

She took her coffee into the lounge, while Carole stayed with me after I kissed her and I made her a herbal tea. “You look nice, that outfit is very attractive”, she was wearing a flowery blouse and a pencil blue skirt.

“Thank you, you look good in your outfit, I like it. Rory looks very handsome. Now how can I help you”?

As we completed the sandwiches, I had started making, the front door bed sounded again. I heard Marjorie and Brenda being greeted by Mary and Rory, and then they both came into the kitchen and embraced Carole and me. Brenda stayed a little longer with her arms around my neck and whispered, “You look busy, David, I must say Rory looks very handsome, I must have him. You will probably have a hectic day but save some of your energy for me later, won’t you”?

“I think that will be in order, Mistress, I’ll be looking forward to it”.

She then joined the other four in the lounge as Carole and I took in the drinks and sandwiches. We both stayed in the kitchen and chatted. “What’s this ‘do’ you and Vivian are going to later”, I asked.

“Oh, it’s a lady’s only party, Vivian, organised, the dominatrix ladies bring their submissive girlfriends and we have to satisfy the ladies. It is at the warehouse, I expect I will be the first tied to the big bed and it will be the Mistresses Bea and Tea that get to play with me first”.

“Poor you, I still remember what they did to me last February they can be very ruthless. Anyway he had better get in the lounge and clear the plates”.

There was golly laughter as we entered the room; I noticed Mary sat next to Rory with Brenda close up the side running her hand along the inside of his thigh. They were playing a board game when Mary said, “Thank you, Carole and David, that was lovely, a very good choice of tasty sandwiches”.

The others said their thanks in unison as collected up the plates and cups. We finished up the few sandwiches that were left and had a drink before we set about preparing the dinner. We heard quite a lot of jollity as we worked, it was getting on for four o’clock when Mary came into the kitchen and asked. “How are things going, you’re both looking very busy”?

“Going well, it will be ready for five-thirty”.

“Good, can you leave it now, David, bring us some wine into the lounge and then take Vivian upstairs”.

“Yes, Mistress, the dinner won’t spoil; a bottle of red and one of white”.

Up in the bedroom, Vivian, having instructed Carole to come as well, her hands on my shoulders and kissed me, which was very unexpected until she lifted her knee into my balls. “On your knees, cuck, and take your clothes off, then undress Carole”.

I thought the usual Vivian welcome, as I did as instructed, as I took off Carole’s slippers, blouse and skirt; Vivian was whacking me, across my back, with the flogger. As I caressed Carole’s breasts and kissed her nipples, Vivian was urging me to work faster and as I kissed her vagina, she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed and rubbed my face over her pubic area.

She pulls me up kisses and licks around my lips, then said as Carole sat on the bed, “Carole tastes nice, doesn’t she, now undress me and do it carefully and lovingly”

“Yes, Mistress, she does”. I took off her clothes as carefully as I could, kissing and caressing her stringy muscles as I knew I would be in for a thrashing if I upset her in any way. She lay on the table and I worked the lotion into her back then worked up and down her legs leaving her buttocks until last. As I separated her cheeks I run my hands down her crack and round her ring before slipping two fingers into her rectum, which brought a murmur of satisfaction, as I withdrew my fingers I kissed the anal channel.

She turned over and I carefully caressed her chest, around her nipples and down her cleavage. Working up her inner thighs, I slid around each side of her vagina making her lips pucker, kissing then spreading them putting my tongue in her wet cunt, licked, kissed and nibbled her clitoris. She started to scream erotic sounds until her body squirmed, releasing her feminine juices over my face.

As she recovered she said, “That was wonderful, well done, David, I did not think a man could be that good, your mouth is wonderful. Now get Carole wet, it’s my turn now”.

Carole lay on the table with her legs spread, while Vivian stepped into a strap-on dildo after I had kissed and licked her vagina. Before the dildo was plunged into my arse, Vivian fitted my face dildo, as I slid into Carole’s wet cunt, I was pegged. Carole orgasmed quite quickly but Vivian was enjoying shagging my arse while flogging my back. With a mighty slap on each of my cheeks, she withdrew.

“Well, that was good, you’re still the best man, David, that has ever pleasured me”, she licked and kissed my face then tonguing my mouth.

We cleaned up and got dressed, as Vivian runs off down the stairs, while Carole kissed me and asked, “Are you okay, David, that was very erotic, thank you for being so caring with me”.

“Yes, I thought Vivian was quite gentle with me, given what she’s done to me in the past”.

We completed the finger food and laid it out in the dining room. I then went into the lounge, where they were listening to Vivian extolling my virtues, I said, “Ladies and gentleman the dinner is served, please help yourselves”.

“Thank you, David, you’ve been very good, love”, Mary said as she pecked my cheek.

Carole and I sat in the kitchen, picking at our finger food when Rory came in and put his arm around my shoulders, and said, “You’re working well, David, you should come in and join us, the food is wonderful, can I take a couple of bottles of wine, please”.

“Yes, but we should come in and serve you”.

“Oh, no, you and Carole enjoy your food, I’ll do it”.

When he had gone, Carole said, “He’s right, David, it’s your house, you should be in there with them, enjoying the party, not slaving away in here”.

“You know the life we’ve been pushed into, Mary wouldn’t be very happy with me being in there, I’m in my rightful place here, anyway, I like being with you, I’d be talked about and embarrassed in there”.

“You’re such a good man, David, I like being with you, as well”.

We sat and finished our food and stayed enjoying our company before we collected the plates from the dining room, cleaned and put them away when Vivian came in and put her arms around my neck, I quickly squeezed my legs together as she just kissed me on my lips.

“You’re a bit jumping, David, but thank you for today, I look forward to having more fun with you next weekend, but it’s time to go, Carole, come and say goodbye to everyone”.

“Thank you, Mistress; I’ll look forward to that”. I said in a very doubtful manner. I kissed Carole very passionately before she left.

When they were gone, Brenda, came in the kitchen, and said, “There you are, David, I’ve missed you all day, you’ve been working hard. We’ve enjoyed ourselves, Rory is really nice and very good fun, Mary said, I can take him upstairs, will you come and get us ready, please”, as she kissed me and took my hand.

She dragged me into the lounge where Mary sat with Marjorie, on the settee, Rory was standing waiting in anticipation, Mary said, “David, you’ve been a good boy and worked well today, we’ve had such a good time. Will you go with Rory and Brenda; Marjorie and I need to discuss the arrangements for the next ‘Pleasure Group’ party, Rory has agreed to take part and you will probably be needed to help out too, dear”.

Upstairs Brenda said, “Undress me, David, and give me a sexy massage, please”.

“Shouldn’t I undress Rory first, Mistress”?

“Oh, no, he’s a big boy, he can do it himself”.

As I removed Brenda’s dress and was caressing and shapely body, Rory removed his boxers and she gave a sharp intake of breath, “My, he is a big boy, I will enjoy that”.

As I removed her knickers, I said disappointingly “You’ve shaved your ginger triangle, I liked to nuzzle in that”, as I planted a kiss on her vagina.

“I’m sorry, David, I shave it occasionally but I’ll grow it back if you like that much”, Brenda lay on the table.

Rory sat naked on the bed with his facile tool between his thighs. As I massaged Brenda’s back and legs caressing her buttocks and separating them, I saw the first twitch in his cock, by the time I had completed her front and worked up her inner thighs and puckered her fanny lips with my hands, he had developed a full erection. As I plunged two fingers in her vagina, she reached out and indicated to Rory to come nearer. As I kissed, sucked and tongued her, she grabbed his giant penis and took it in her mouth. She sucked for a while and then said, “Thank you, David, I’m going to enjoy this”, as she pushed him on the bed. “You can stay and watch if you like”.

“Thank you, Mistress, but I’d rather not. I’ll be next door when you need me”.

I sat on my bed, with my book, but I could not concentrate on the text, due to Brenda’s outrageous cries of erotic joys and swearing. I sat thinking, ‘I wonder if Mary, will show any signs of jealousy, she has shared Rory with both Marjorie and Brenda and it’s only the second week he’s been here? Then again she shares me out, I suppose, but she wouldn’t be jealous of me’.

It must have been twenty minutes when I heard the final grunts and Brenda saying, “That was marvellous, you’re wonderful Rory”.

He then said, “You’re not so bad yourself”, as I heard them both kissing.

I took them in bathrobes and said, “Time for drinks, I think”.

“Yes, David”. They both replied.

Downstairs I served the drinks, gin and tonics for the ladies, whisky and ginger for Rory and me. Mary said, “Oh, come and sit with us, David, relax a while, you’ve made the day wonderful for us and worked hard”.

As she stood up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me, whispering my ear, “I’ll make sure you get a good reward next week, love”.

“Thank you, Mistress”. I replied.

We made small talk for a while, until Rory said, “Come on, David, let’s go and replenish the drinks”.

As we carried the glasses into the kitchen, putting them on the side, he put his arm around me and said. “You’ve been marvellous today, worked so hard, thank you. Brenda is something else, isn’t she? But what have I let myself in for, at this party, Marjorie and Mary have organised”?

“Oh, don’t worry about it, you’ll have a good time, I suppose it’s like a swingers thing, you’ll be making love to several different ladies, it will depend on who you get, while I might be required to service the ladies and possibly the men. We’ve both got some more to do tonight, I expect, let’s take the drink back”.

Drinks finished, Mary said, “Come on, David, take Marjorie and me upstairs, you two can come and watch if you like”.

Brenda, grabbing Rory’s hand, “I wouldn’t miss David performing, for the world, come on Rory”.

With the other three sat on the bed, I undress my wife, as this morning there are only three items of clothing to remove, excluding her slippers. I still caress and kiss all parts of her beautiful body. I then undress and give Marjorie an erotic massage.

Mary said as lay across the bed, with Rory and Brenda, sat each side of her, “Take your clothes off, David, and use your dildo on me”, as she spreads her legs.

As Marjorie straps it on my face, Rory whispers, “I thought he was not to penetrate you in my presents”?

Mary responds, “A rubber dildo doesn’t count, Rory, I wouldn’t let him make me cum, that’s for you later”.

As the dildo wet into her gaping cunt I knew one would be plunged into my arse as Marjorie grabbed my hips, I thought ‘it’s Mary’s little show for the guests’, but then Brenda with encouraging, Rory started to caress and then suck on her nipples.

I felt that Mary was becoming very aroused when she pushed Brenda and Rory aside and flashed six strokes with the flogger across my back, saying “That’s enough, David, we’ll see you in the morning”.

As Marjorie withdrew her strap-on, I grabbed my clothes and Brenda took my hand and lead me to my bedroom, she said, “Take off that dildo”.

When I had, I said quizzically, “Don’t you want me to use it on you”?

“No”, she said as she flung off her bathrobe and pushed me down on the bed and lay on top of me, “I want the real thing”.

“How come, when I’m locked in my cage”?

After she planted a long passionate kiss on my mouth, “You remember I bought you that cage, for your birthday, I kept a key but it must remain our secret”.

As she reached for her locket, which hung around her neck, and prized it open, a smell key fell out onto my chest. She grabbed it and slowly slid down my body, kissing me all the way.

“You are a naughty dominatrix Mistress, but I love you”.

She unlocked and released from the cage, gently stroked, kissed and sucked my cock to erection.

“Oh, David, that’s nice and hard, try not to cum too quickly, I want to enjoy this”.

Sitting astride me, she lowered herself onto my erection, while I massaged and tweaked her large round titties. I was always amazed by the strength of her vaginal muscles, considering the number of much larger penises that had entered her, which squeezed around me now.

We could hear the erotic cries from next door as the threesome were enjoying themselves. As Brenda rocked on me, she started to ecstatically shout, so I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her. Releasing her I quietly said, “Try not to make too much noise, Mistress, we don’t want next door to know how much we are enjoying ourselves”.

“You are so right, David, I can’t help myself, I always enjoy you”.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, but I’m going to cum, I can’t last any longer”.

“It’s alright, David, you can cum, I realise you haven’t had that much practise lately”.

I shot my load into her but she did not pull out, she lay on top of me for quite a while, I could feel the cum running out onto my balls. When she did eventually pull away from me, she swung around so we were in the sixty-nine position and she said, “Eat my ‘cream-pie’, David, and make me cum with your gorgeous mouth”.

I licked and sucked down all of my semen, while she licked and sucked my balls and cock back to another erection.

“That’s wonderful, David, I cuming as she continued to wank me”, with a big, “Oh God” shout, my face was covered with her love juices.

“You’re nice and hard, again, let’s see if we can make you last longer”. As she reached the cord from the bedside cabinet which she then wrapped and tied around my cock and balls, pull it tight, separating each ball. “There, it’s not so little now, let’s see if that works”.

She guided me back into her wet waiting fanny and took all of me in, we rocked together, “Oh, David, this feels much better, keep going.”

“Oh, Mistress, this is glorious”. As I kneaded her arse cheeks “Yes, keep going, David, I’m nearing my orgasm”.

I could feel my sperm pressure building but the tightness of the cord around my balls and at the base of my cock was holding it back. With a final effort, I shot my load at the same time as Brenda came; we lay in each other’s breathing heavily as she madly kissed me all over my face.

We very both profusely sweating, “We’d better go to the bathroom”, I said, “But we need to put these robes on, in case we are seen, especially with me without my cage on”.

We freshened ourselves and Brenda untied my cock and balls but as we came on the landing, Mary came out of her bedroom, “You two okay? From what we heard you seemed to be enjoying yourselves”.

“Yes, Mistress, it sounded as you were too, just going down for a late-night drink, do you want anything”?

“No thank you, David, we’ll see you in the morning, goodnight”.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I woke quite early, Brenda lay with her arm across my chest and a leg across mine; I extracted myself, carefully, so not to wake her. My penis cage was on the bedside table, luckily with the padlock open, I thought I had better re-fit it and then dressed in my uniform. I picked up my face dildo and a strap-on and took them with me into the bathroom. I did my toilet, washed as I was drying my face the door opened and in walked Mary, just wearing a bathrobe.

“Good morning, dear, you seemed to be having a very good time, last night”, as she pecked me on the cheek and reached for my crouch, “just checking”.

“You seem very suspicious, dear, I’m just about to clean the dildo’s we used last night,” I said notionally.

“I’m not sure I trust, Brenda with you, she always seems to be up to some trick or other, I know she likes you and you like her, she is rather too familiar with you”.

“Oh, Mistress, that’s not fair, she’s one of your best friends, she’s a dominatrix like you, and she likes to enjoy her sex”, as I deliberately rubbed my arse.

“Well, if you say so, dear, but we are going swimming later I’m not leaving her alone with you today, you could come with us but you need to clean up the house. She came with Marjorie; I think we’ll drop her home on our way out”.

“As you wish, Mistress, but I think you are being unkind”, I said in a rather indignant way. As I started to clean the dildos Mary began to walk out when she said, “You better get the breakfast on the go and I don’t want you sulking all day”.

Back in the bedroom, Brenda was just stirring; the duvet was exposing her breasts. I kissed her lips and then her nipple as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down, and said, “Oh, come back to bed, David, I want to enjoy you again”.

“Sorry, Mistress, Mary is about and is very suspicious about last night. I’ve got to go”.

I had the ingredients of a ‘Full English’ breakfast ready as they all gathered in the dining room. While they had a very leisurely breakfast, chatting away, I started my chores by changing the beds and putting the washing machine on.

It was about eleven when I went into the dining room to collect the plates, Rory said, “Are, David, the breakfast was wonderful, thank you, are you coming swimming with us today”?

Mary pointedly responded, “No, he’s got things to do here and we’ll be dropping Brenda home on our way”.

I just took all the things back to the kitchen and started my work. I was vacuuming the bedroom when Mary appeared.

“We are going now, David, you better come and say goodbye to our guests. You’ll have dinner ready for six, please; Rory and I should be back about then”.

“Yes, Mistress”.

She gave me a peck on my forehead, which meant she was still upset with me. I followed downstairs, Marjorie kissed me on my lips and Rory slapped my back, “Good man, David”.

While Brenda tried to hold back and gave me a very passionate kiss, while Mary angrily looked on, she whispered in my ear, “Thank you, David, we’ll try and have some more fun next week, over the Christmas weekend”.

I was sitting watching football, on TV, when they came home, Rory came and sat next to me, and said, “We’ll finish watching the game, before, David, gets the dinner, Mary, another drink, David?”

“Yes, thank you”, I notice Mary disappeared in what seemed an indignant huff.

He came back with the drink and asked about the match, “Good swim was it”?

“Yes, quite exhilarating, almost, but not quite, as good as your wonderful massage, David, you must come with us in some future weeks, it’s very good”.

“I’d love too if Mary lets me”.

“I’ll try and persuade her”, as the match finished and I served the dinner.

We sat and eat but Mary never said a word to me, rarely looked at me, she just kept her conversation with Rory, tell him about the Christmas weekend.

Christmas was the following Sunday and we were staying at Marjorie’s house for both Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“You’ll come, as usual, next Saturday and we’ll go to Marjorie’s the following morning and I believe she’s arranged for us to go to the local point-to-point race meeting on Boxing Day, it should be a good weekend”.

“Yes, I’m sure we will enjoy it all”. Rory said politely.

Later, I was in the kitchen when Mary came in and closed the door, she said quietly but authoritatively.

“Don’t say a word, David, when you have finished here I want you to go upstairs, undress, go and wait, on your knees with your arms stretched on my bed and you will wait there till I arrive”. Then she was gone.

I did as I was told and waited quite a while, wondering what I had done to upset her and what she had planned for me. I heard her come into the room, again closing the door, and went to the wardrobe, where the sex toys were.

She came up behind me and said. “Remember not a word; hold this in your mouth”,

It was the handle of the paddle, I thought ‘she had never used that on me before’, as the flogger crashed across my back, six times, and I flinched at the fifth and sixth strokes.

“Now stand up, face me and spread your legs” she ordered.

I stood there with the paddle stull held in my mouth when she reached down and lifted my cage and tried to pull it off, It hurt as she pulled, I murmured.

“Not a sound”, she said as the flogger was swiped across my legs. She held my cage in one hand and reached for my balls with the other and gradually started to squeeze, my knees began to buckle, as her hand tightened around my scrotum.

When she finally let me go, she took the paddle and together with the flogger, threw them on the bed and said, “Now take my dress off”.

I unzipped and slipped her dress down and went to unfasten her bra, “No, that’s enough”, she stood there in her bra and G-string panties.

“On your knees and worship my arse”. I kissed and licked all over each cheek, separated them and worked between her crack. When she seemed satisfied, she told me to bend over with your hands resting on the bed.

She grabbed the paddle from the bed and whacked me five times on each cheek, it stung and I had trouble keeping from crying out.

“Now stand in the corner”, she left the room and went downstairs. I just stood there unable to relieve my glowing cheeks.

She came back into the room holding Rory’s hand when he looked at me and he said, “Everything alright”?

“Yes, it is, now let, David, undress you and pay tribute to your fabulous body”, she curtly said.

I began taking off his clothes caressing and kissing all parts of his body, as I reached his semi-erect penis and kissed it.

Mary took his arm, “Lay on the bed please, Rory”, she positioned him so his legs were over the side.

“On your knees and worship that beautiful cock, take it in your mouth, make him cum”.

I was on my knees between his legs and started to suck when the flogger struck my back, Mary continued hitting me as she encouraged, “Make him hard, and take more of him in your mouth”.

I was sucking as hard as I could when Mary dropped the flogger, grabbed my ears, and pushed and pulled my head forcing me onto his cock. As she pushed down I gagged and spittle ran out of my mouth, I could hear, Rory murmuring and I waited for his sperm to erupt in my mouth. When it did I could not take it all, it leaked out of the sides of my mouth onto his balls and legs.

Mary furiously flogged me, “Drink it all down, swallow it all, then clean the rest up”, she shouted.

When she was satisfied, “You’re dismissed, get out”, as I went she turned to Rory, “Now make me happy please, Rory”.

Downstairs I filled my glass with whiskey, took a big swig and decided cum and whiskey don’t mix.

Part 31 – Christmas Week

I was up early and gone to work before Mary and Rory were up, I greeted Carole when she got in the office; I asked how her ladies party had gone?

“As I expected, I was used by most of the ladies but Vivian was very good to me yesterday but I’m still quite sore. How about you?”

“I’ve upset Mary but I don’t know why. Everything arranged for the office party tomorrow afternoon?”

“Yes, Marjorie’s secretary has got it all arranged”.

“All the staff will finish after the party, for Christmas but I think we may need to work Wednesday morning if we are going to get these figures finished, is that okay? I’ll take you out for lunch when we finish”.

“That will be lovely, David, thank you”.

I got home before Mary, that evening when she came in and took off her coat, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, “Thank you for being so wonderful on Saturday, David, you helped make the party a great success, I’m sorry about last night”.

“I should think so, what was that all about?”

“I was being silly, I suppose I was jealous of you and Brenda, I thought you had somehow got your cage off”.

“You, jealous of me and Brenda, while you were lying in your bed with Rory and Marjorie, I should be jealous of you. How could I get my cage off, you got the key around your neck? You were showing your dominate nature, trying to humiliate me, putting me down and hurting me, in front of Rory. He phoned me today, wanting to know what had got into you”.

“I know, I also spoke with Brenda today and she said you were enjoying yourselves with the dildos. I am sorry for mistrusting you and being so awful, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow evening, I promise”.

“I’m not sure I should forgive you, but I will because I love you. It’s our office party tomorrow afternoon; I might be late, especially if Marjorie wants to have our usual meeting. I should be working Wednesday morning and I’m taking Carole out for lunch, you can join us if you like, I was hoping she would come shopping with me after, I need to get some presents”.

“That would be wonderful, David, but you shopping, course I’d love to join you”.

“Good, I need some help with what to buy”.

“You’re so wonderful, David, I do love you and could never do without you”.

I got home a little later than usual after the office party, Mary met me at the door and kissed me very passionately, when she released me I stood back and said, “You look exceptionally beautiful, this evening, dear”.

She was wearing one of her tight sexy dresses, showing off her deep cleavage and great legs, “Thank you, love, I want to please you night, as I promised, I’ve even cooked you dinner and I have something special in mind for later”.

I was quite shocked, as Mary rarely cooks and then I was quite excited about her complete change in moods from a dominatrix to a loving wife. We ate dinner and both cleared up afterwards.

Mary took my hand and led me upstairs, “I’m going to undress you, tonight dear, then I’m going to give you a sexy massage, I probably won’t be as good as you, but I’m going to try”.

She started to take off my clothes and caress and kiss my body, I was enjoying the sensation, and her touch was light and caring. I was face down on the table as she gently caressed lotion across my shoulders and back, “How is that for you, dear”?

“You’re doing very well”, I said, “but try not to dig your nails into me”.

By the time she had reached my buttocks, she had corrected her hands and eased down my legs. With a kiss on each buttock, I turn over and she was much more caring as she worked down my chest and kissed my nipples. After working down and back up my legs she caressed my inner thighs and pubic area, to my surprise, she took off my cage and lovingly stroked my balls and cock which quickly sprang to attention.

She then kissed, licked and sucked, until I said, “You had better stop, I’m almost ready to cum,” as she stood up, “that was wonderful, thank you, dear”.

“I’m glad you liked it, but it’s my turn now”.

As I removed her dress, I was surprised to see she had no underwear on, so I nuzzled and kissed her cleavage and nipples, kissing down her stomach, I knelt and caressed her buttocks as I pulled her vagina to my lips.

She whispered, “Come to bed, I want you to try and make me cum with your nice hard ‘little man”.

Unusually she pulled me on top of her, “Now take your time, David, and try to hold on as long as you can”.

As I placed my erection into her wet fanny I knew I was going to disappoint her, as her vaginal muscles gripped me, I tried to concentrate and not think about cuming. I kissed her neck and nipples as I pushed into her slowly increasing the tempo.

“Oh, David, you’re doing wonderfully well, I can feel you, ohhhh, yessss”.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to cum”.

“Just try and hold on David, so am I”.

With a final jerk, I shot my load and Mary screamed, “Oh, oh, that was wonderful, David”, as wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine.

We lay together for quite a while until I kissed my way down her body to her beautiful vagina. I kissed, licked and sucked, drinking in her feminine juices and my sperm until she cam again.

“Stay with me, tonight, David”.

“Thank you, Mist-, my lovely wife”.

Mary had finished work for the Christmas Holiday, so she lay in; I took her a cup of tea before I went off to the office. “There you are, dear, thank you for last night,” as I kissed her cheek, “See you about one, in the restaurant”.

“Lovely, David, don’t work too hard”.

I arrived at the office and waited in the reception area for Carole and said to the security guy, “There are only two of us in this morning; we’ll be on the top floor. You working the telephones”?

“Yes, Sir.”

“Don’t put any calls through to us, just take messages, please. We’ll be gone by lunchtime”.

“Okay, Sir”.

Carole walked in and we went to the lift, “Are you alright”?

“Yes, David, Vivian had two of her friends round last night, and I was the one who got used”.

“Poor you, you okay to work”?

“Yes, I’ll be fine”.

About half-past ten, I said, “Right that’s all done, can just print those reports and everything is completed for when we get back from the holiday”.

Carole made an ‘Oohing’ sound and felt her back as she got out of the chair to go to the printer.

“You sure you’re alright”?

“Just a bit stiff”.

“Well, as we are finished work and we‘re not meeting Mary until one, come with me. You’ve never had one of my erotic massages, have you? You’ve seen me working on other people but you’ve never had the privilege, let’s see if I can ease your lovely body”.

We went into Marjorie’s private meeting room, “You’ve never been in here, have you, Carole, let me undress you”.

“No, I wondered what this room was for”.

As I started to take her clothes off she started to undress me. I was standing just in my underpants while she was naked, as she climbed onto the massage table.

“All these marks and bruises on your back, no wonder you ache, I’ll see if I can make them better”.

I gently kissed her back before I applied lotion and started to carefully caress her shoulders and back.

“Oh, that feels wonderful, David, your hands are really ‘magic hands’, I’m beginning to feel better already”, she purred.

I worked down her legs and kissed her pert little bottom before I caressed her cheeks and worked into her crack. She turned over and I noticed some bite marks around her nipples. I kissed and sucked them before massaging her breasts, working down her legs and up to her naked vaginal area, I ran my fingers over her lips and slipped two fingers in and gently caressed her clitoris. As I withdrew my fingers and bent to kiss, lick and push in my tongue.

“Oh, David, that’s gorgeous, you’re so gentle, I’ve had lots of ladies do that to me but they have always been much rougher than you. Do you know I’ve had fingers, tongues, plastic and rubber dildos and vibrators pushed in me but I have never had a real penis penetrate me? I’ve had them forced into my mouth, it’s a pity you’re not able to do anything, I would love you to make love to me”.

“Well, I may be able to help”, as she rolled off the table I yanked down my pants and my ‘little man’ bobbed up and down in front of her.

“Oh. David, you’re not in your cage”? As she went on her knees, took my cock in her hand caressed, kissed and took it into her mouth.

“No, Mary took it off last night to try and make up for what she did to me at the weekend. I’m willing if you really want to”.

“Take me please, David”.

“Very well, I’d better put a condom on, to be safe, Marjorie keeps a packet here in the draw, I come in here with her and I think she brings, Paul in here but I don’t know who else”.

Carole climbed back onto the table and spread her legs; I guided my tool into her wet willing fanny. With my hands holding the sides of the table so I was above her, I started slowly rock back and forward.

“Oh, oh, oh, it’s much better with the real thing in me, oh, yes, make me cum, David please”.

I started gradually speed up, we were both sweating and breathing heavily and with a final burst I shot my load and she cam crying with joy. I collapsed on top of her and we kissed passionately.

We lay, joined together, for what seemed ages, before she said, “That was marvellous, David, I’m glad you were the first to take me”.

“I thought it was wonderful too, but come on let’s get in the shower and get dressed”.

We left the office at about twelve-thirty, said ‘Merry Christmas’ to the security guy and made our way to the restaurant.

Mary arrived just after we had sat down, I stood and kissed her, while she bent and kissed Carole, “You two look happy”.

“Well, we have finished work for the holiday”. I replied.

“Yes, we got the work done and David was kind enough to give me one of his marvellous massages, I’d never had one before, I feel really relaxed now, he’s so good Mary”.

We ordered our food and drinks and I explained to Mary what I had planned for the afternoon, “I’m glad you’re here, Mary, you know me and shopping, I’m not good. Robert always took you shopping, so you know the best places to go. I want to buy Carole and Vivian a nice dress each, Vivian always wears those trouser suits, I thought both should have a nice dress for the New Year’s Eve Party, Carole’s the same size as Vivian, so she can pick one for her. Of course, if you see something you like, Mary, I’ll buy it for you. I’d like to get some jewellery for Marjorie and Brenda, then for Rory, as he’ll be travelling, I thought a good gentleman’s travel toiletry case and luggage bag”.

“Well, you’ve got it all planned then, some very good ideas, but you know I shop in the most expensive shops”.

“Yes, well I thought you would, that’ll be fine”.

We went into the first place, Mary said, “This is a good shop and not too expensive”. Carole picked out three dresses and tried two on but I was not happy with the style and to my surprise, Mary agreed with me.

The next shop seemed a little more up-market to me, they both picked some dresses to try, Carole came out of the changing room wearing what was a nice dress but I still did not think it was right for her. Mary came out wearing a gorgeous silvery cocktail dress, with thin straps over her shoulders that plunged to a deep V-shape down the front, showing all her cleavage. As she spun around the back of the dress did not have any material apart from a thin strip on each side until her waist when the material was tight over her buttocks show her wonderful rounded behind, and finishing just above the knee.

I said, “That is fantastic, Mary, but surely far too revealing”.

“You like it then? So you can buy it for me”. She said.

I nodded my approval when Carole appeared, “Oh, that is beautiful”, I said, “and it suits you very well”.

It was dark red with a small collar, puff short sleeves, tight down her body to just below the knee with a split at the back just below her small rounded buttocks. What set it off was the heart shape cut-out starting just below the collar and the point finishing just at the top of her cleavage. Even Mary agreed that it was right for her.

Carole said, “It is beautiful, David, but far too expensive, surely”.

“No, I said, that’s the one for you”.

Carole then picked a dress for Vivian she came out of the changing room to show it off, I said, “Oh that looks lovely, I’m sure it will suit Vivian”. Mary agreed.

“Yes”, Carole said, “Vivian’s into green, I’m sure it will look good on her”.

It was a dark green, straight dress, with a round neck, short sleeves, tight down the body showing the ladies curves and finishing at the ankle with a slit up each side to the knee.

“She will look much more attractive in that rather than those trouser suits; anyway, if she doesn’t like it, it will suit you, Carole”.

I paid the hefty bill and both ladies walked out of the shop feeling very happy, with me carrying their purchases.

In the jewellery store, Mary said, “Marjorie likes pearls and Brenda is into emeralds she likes green things I’ll pick something out to see which you like, David”.

I noticed Carole looking at a pendant necklace with a large ruby at the centre but she said it was too expensive, to the shop assistant, and walked away. Mary picked a three-row pearl necklace and a single pearl drop earrings for Marjorie and an emerald pendant necklace for Brenda, then said, “These are very expensive, David, we’ll make them presents from both of us, and I think we should do the same with Rory’s present”.

“Oh, you haven’t got any presents yet then”?

“No, David, I’ve been too busy but I have got something for you, this expedition was a good idea of yours”,

I agreed but asked the assistant to include the ruby necklace in the bill. We went into another store and got the travel toilet kit, a travel suit holdall and another holdall all in dark brown leather for Rory.

As we drove Carole home, I said to Mary, “Now that’s how I like shopping, go to a shop, get what you want and pay for it, none of this going from shop to shop and back to the first one”.

“You don’t understand the joy of shopping, David, does he, Carole?”

“I think Vivian and me tend to agree with David, Mary”.

That rather shut Mary up until we arrived at Vivian’s and Carole’s flat. Vivian welcomed us by kissing Carole, embracing Mary and just acknowledging me.

Carole said, “David’s brought us some lovely dresses, go and try yours on Vivian, while I make some tea”.

As Vivian came out of the bedroom, Mary said, “Oh, you look beautiful in that, Vivian, it really fits and suits you”.

Carole agreed and to my surprise, Vivian came and did something she had never done before, her arm went around my neck and kissed me full on the lips, then said, “Thank you, David, it’s wonderful, the best dress anyone has ever brought for me”.

I whispered to her, “You look gorgeous in it; perhaps you’ll go easier on me in future”.

She whispered back, “We’ll see, you are a wonderful man”. As she laughed her way back into the bedroom.

We said our goodbyes and as I kissed Carole, I slipped the jewellery box into her hand, she said, “You shouldn’t have, your such a good man”, and kissed me again.

As we drove home, Mary said, “You’ve been very generous today, David, you are a really nice man, probably too nice, that’s why I love you so”.

“Yes, I always try to be nice, even when you’re a nasty dominatrix, but I do love you”.

“That’s a little unkind, David; Marjorie tells me that you are a very strong, determined man at work and very good at your job. I think you like submitting to me and being humiliated at home”.

“As I said, a while ago, you have changed, Mary; you with Robert, forced me into this lifestyle and I’ve got used to it, and there’s no point in me fighting against it.

“I’m glad you see it that way, dear”.

We had dinner and sat and watch the television for a while, when Mary said, “I’m having lunch with Marjorie, Brenda and Vivian tomorrow, dear, will you clean up the house and make it look a bit Christmassy, although we are not here at the weekend”.

“Yes, I’ll do my best, dear; I suppose you four will be planning something nasty for me in the future”.

“Oh, no, dear, it’s just a group of ‘Ladies that Lunch’, come on let’s go upstairs and have some fun”.

I undressed Mary and paid tribute to her beautiful body. As I undressed, I said, “What can I do for you this evening, Mistress”?

“It was very good, last night, making love and bringing me to an orgasm but it wasn’t the same as when I’m with Rory. He gets so deep in me and is very big making me cum two or three times before he ejaculates, he’s so satisfying and fulfilling”.

“There you go, putting me down, again”. She lay on top of me and brought her vagina to my mouth and resting her arms across my hips.

“I thought you liked me telling you about my sexual experiences, it arouses you. I want you to make me cum while I enjoy playing with your little cock. It will have to go back in its cage tomorrow, though”.

I started to lick and nibble, while Mary grabbed my scrotum in one hand, squeezing my balls and my cock in the other and started to wank it. She tried to keep my balls in her hand, squeezing tighter but the wanking action caused them to pull free of her hand. I moaned into her fanny.

“Oh, sorry dear, I hope I wasn’t hurting you”.

She ran her thumbs and fingers up and down my erection pulled back my foreskin and caressed my naked head before squeezing her fingernails into it. As she neared her orgasm, she grabbed me with both hands and vigorously wanked me. Her top hand was holding my cock head and as I ejaculated she tightened it to catch my sperm. She continued to wank as my cock softened until I made her cum. She jumped off me and brought her hand to my mouth, I knew I had to lick it clean.

As we went to the bathroom, Mary said, “I enjoyed that, I like playing with your little cock”. She patted my bum as I cleaned my face and teeth, before joining her back in the bed.

Part 32 – Christmas at Marjorie’s

Rory arrived around mid-day on Saturday carrying several parcels when Mary released him from her kiss, he said, “Shall we open these now or leave them until tomorrow, the house looks nice, Mary”

“No, leave your presents with the others in the lounge; we’ll open them in the morning before we go to Marjorie’s. The house is all down to David, he spent the last two days doing it all up”.

“That’s a good job, David, Mary’s so lucky to have you to look after her and do all these things for her. Shall we watch some sport on TV this afternoon”?

“That would be very good; I always try to catch the racing and the football result.” I noticed Mary look at us and scowled as she walked out of the room.

She then shouted angrily, “Is lunch ready yet, David”? As I went into the kitchen, she followed. “I’m taking Rory upstairs after lunch and I intend to have words with him”.

I retorted, “You’ve been itching to get him up there, ever since he got here, you don’t seem to like him being nice to me, do you? You want him to be more dominant towards me, don’t you; like Robert was, and you probably want to humiliate me in front of him”?

“Don’t sulk, David, just get the lunch”.

We had lunch and while I was clearing the things away, Mary and Rory had gone upstairs. They were gone most of the afternoon. I was sitting watching the football results on the TV when they came down, Mary had a wide grin on her face while Rory had a very quizzical look. I immediately got the dinner ready.

All through dinner, they both remain rather quiet, Mary still with a very pleasing look and Rory seemed very dubious but said little. Later Rory and I were sat in front of the TV but Mary had mysteriously disappeared.

Then came a shout, Mary demanding, “Rory get David up here”.

As I began to stand, Rory, pulled me back, and said, “For what is about to happen, I am truly sorry, David”.

“Don’t worry; I’ve probably had worse things done to me”. I replied.

At the foot of the stairs, we both looked up and saw Mary at the top dressed in a full dominatrix outfit. I thought ‘so that’s what your lunch, Thursday was all about’. She was wearing a tight black leather corset which pushed up her breasts, pulled in her waist and flared over her hips, stopping to reveal her naked vagina. She wore black plastic boots tight up her legs to mid-thighs and tottering on thin six-inch heels. She also had on matching long black plastic gloves past her elbows, in her hand; she held a long thin leather cane which she cracked against her leg. Her hair was pulled back tight over her scalp and tied in a ponytail with dark makeup plastered on her face.

I heard Rory say “Oh Christ”. As I gasped but had to admit, Mary looked gorgeous.

“Now, get up here and take all your clothes off, David”. She demanded.

I was naked apart from my cock cage, Mary stood in front of me, she reached up, hers hands on my shoulders and kissed my forehead before her knee came up and thumped into my balls. I crumpled to my knees, as Mary shouted. “On your knees, you weak submissive man and worship your Mistress”.

I started to kiss the left foot boot, she held it up so I could take the heel spike into my mouth, all the time she was flashing the cane across my back and arse, it stung much more than the flogger ever did. When I reached above her knee she pushed me down to start the right foot.

This time I went past the top of her boot and kissed her wet vagina when she twirled around and bent slightly forward, presenting her plump, rounded buttocks for me to kiss. She reached around and separated them, so I kissed down her crack and the entrance of her rectum. She grabbed my head and pulled me in and held me there for several minutes while I licked her ring.

She eventually pushed me away and said while twirling around, “That’s satisfactory, so far slave, now continue”. Pointing to just above her vagina.

I kissed the bodice of her corset while I caressed her buttocks with my hands. I reached her protruding breasts and kissed each one then down her cleavage. She pushed me away and with a few more cracks of the cane, said: “Now undress and pay tribute to your Master’s body”.

As I motioned Rory to stand, I noticed the reflection of my back and buttocks, in the mirror, covered in red flashes. I carefully undressed, kissing and caressing his body, before I removed his boxers I saw he had a massive erection. As he stepped out of his boxers, Mary demanded.

“I want to see you worshipping that gorgeous cock, submissive slave, kiss, lick and suck it”, as she whacked the cane across by back again. I was gagging and slobbering, when she said, “Stop and stand up next to Rory”.

As I stood she came behind me and threw the ball gage over my head and not very carefully strapped it on. She then pulled both my hands behind my back and secured my wrists. She came round the front of me went on her knees and released my cock cage. She took hold of my cock in one hand and Rory’s giant erection in the other, she leaned and kiss Rory’s cock tenderly she then whacked mine with the cane.

“Look at this marvellous piece of manhood, so big, eight inches, and thick, it’s wonderful: now look at your little four inches, what good is it, it deserves to be in a cage”, she said with a smile and more whacks with the cane.

Mary went to the toy wardrobe and came back with a small thin leather contraption, the first section she secured, tightly, around my scrotum and the base of my cock, the second piece was strapped fully around the base of my cock. She then fixed a lead to the contraption and pulled me around the room.

“This is how your little thing should be led about; you take it, Rory, lead him around and sit on the side of the bed”.

As he sat down, Mary pushed me saying, “Get over his knees”, she gave him the paddle, “five good hits on each cheek, Rory, show him who is boss”. As he hit, Mary was pulling on the lead increasing the pain it was I was suffering.

When he completed ten hits, my arse must have been very red, it felt very sore. Now lay on the bed with your legs spread over the sides.

“Now I want you to wank that little prick, Rory, and make it cum”. My cock disappeared in his hand as he vigorously started to jerk me; Mary sat on my chest to watch. With some encouragement from Mary, I shot my load over my stomach.

“Keep going, Rory force all his sperm out”, as she got off me, then unfastened my ball gage, and scrapping up my cum in her hand and rubbing it on my face and mouth.

“Like it all off my hand”, she demanded and then re-positioned me further on the bed so my head was over the side. “Now sit on his chest, Rory, your legs over his shoulders and lay back”, when he was in position.

“Now, kiss and lick that cock”, as he pushed it towards my mouth.

“Make me wet”, as Mary positioned her vagina over my mouth; as she climbed onto the bed, “You’re going to watch how a real man treats a lady”, as she slide onto his cock, he reached up squeezing and kneading her tits.

“Ooooh, this is good, can you see how far he goes in me, I’m enjoying this, are you, David, now kiss and lick his balls”.

“Oh, yes, Rory, you are wonderful, so satisfying, I’m cuming now, but you keep going, ooooh yes, Rory this is fantastic, keep going, are you licking, slave?” Rory was grunting with the effort.

They were both breathing heavily; I was finding it hard to breathe with their combined weight on my chest. With a final big grunt Rory ejaculated and Mary collapsed on his chest and was obviously kissing him passionately.

Mary eventually moved her dripping fanny over my mouth and demanded, “Clean me, slave, lick and suck it all”.

When she was satisfied, “Now lick Rory’s magnificent cock, I hope you enjoyed that? He was receding somewhat so it was easier to take him into my mouth.

Mary eventually pulled my cock lead so I slowly got off the bed, “Rest on the bed Rory, I’ll be back soon”, as she led me to my bedroom.

She released my cuffs and gently tried to smooth my back with her hand, “I’m sorry, David, you realise I had to do that, help me off with these things”.

I rolled down each boot and glove as I went to remove her corset she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight, with tears in her eyes, she whispered, “I do love you; you are a wonderful man and husband, I’m sorry, but it was for Rory, to get him to understand how I expect him to behave, I hope you understand?”

As I unlaced her corset, I said, “No, I didn’t like that, you know I hate to watch you, but I can understand how you are in control and you want Rory to be more demanding of me”.

“Thank you for being understanding, David, let me take that contraption off and put you back in your cage, I’ll see you tomorrow morning”. She kissed me and went to leave.

I said rather sarcastically, “I suppose it was Vivian who got you into this last Thursday, thank you for such a wonderful Christmas present”.

I had to lay on my front as I listened to Mary’s erotic cries as she went at Rory again.

I woke early Christmas morning, my back was aching and I could not sit down. I did some stretches to try and ease my pain without much success. I put on my white uniform and went down and prepared breakfast and put scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, with a pot of coffee on the heated trolley and left it in the dining room. I wasn’t going to sit with them this morning.

I was standing in the kitchen when Rory came in, “Merry Christmas, David, thanks for the breakfast, how are you feeling today, I appreciate you are not particularly happy about last night, I’m sorry about it all. I hope you can appreciate that I was not happy about participating, you’re a good man David, we can enjoy these two days, can’t we”?

I reservedly said, “Thank you, Sir, I am a bit stiff this morning, I appreciate your concern, it was Mary just putting me in my place and she wants you to understand that I am here just to serve you and her. I doubt I shall be enjoying these next two days, I expect they will have thing arranged for me”.

At that point, Mary shouted, “Come back here, Rory, I expect David’s in there sulking, is he”?

As he left the kitchen, I heard him say, “Oh, come on Mary, it’s Christmas, David’s got every right to be upset, you were hard on him last night, be reasonable”.

“Get in here, David”, Mary shouted. Rory was opening his presents as I entered to room, Mary gave me a big box and kissed me, “Merry Christmas, dear, try to cheer up”.

Rory said, “Oh, thank you, Mary and David, this is fantastic, just what I needed for my job”, he kissed Mary and I winced as he slapped me on my back. He said, “Oh, sorry, David, this is for you,” as he handed me a small box.

As I opened a very nice Omega watch, “Oh, thank you, Sir, that must have been expensive”?

“Well, you deserve it, I thought that rather cheap-looking Casio, you wear was not befitting your work status”.

“Look what, Rory, got for me, David”, as she showed me a box containing a diamond and silver necklace and eye rings.

“Very nice”, I said, “they will go with the dress I bought you the other day”.

“Yes dear, I’ll wear these with that dress on New Year’s Eve, now open your present, David”.

I opened the big box to find a slow cooker enclosed, “Thank you, dear, I’ve always wanted one of these”.

“Yes, I thought it would save you a lot of time in the kitchen. We’d better get ready to go to Marjorie’s”.

I said, “Don’t forget you will need boots and thick coats for tomorrow out in the country”.

“Yes, thank you, David, will you drive us please”.

I acted as chauffeur with Mary and Rory sitting in the back as I drove into Marjorie and Clive’s palatial home.

We were greeted at the door by Marjorie, “Merry Christmas, you go in there, with Clive, David, you and Rory come with me Mary, and I’ll see you later, David”.

I went into a room where Clive was waiting, “Merry Christmas, Clive, how are you”?

“Same as usual, David, I hope you’re not here hoping to enjoy yourself, Marjorie has everything organised”. Clive said in his usual miserable tone.

“I did not expect to be enjoying myself, today, who’s here so far”?

“Only you, Marjorie has got that Paul with her, how’s your wife’s new lover”?

“He’s a lot more appreciative than Robert ever was but Mary trying to make him more dominant”.

Then, Carole and Tommy, Brenda’s husband, came into the room. I kissed Carole and greeted Tommy, I said, “Well things are not looking good for us so far”.

We waited and eventually, Marjorie came in and walked to me and kissed me, “Thank you, David, those pearls were beautiful. Now, you cuckold’s are here to serve, look after us and keep us happy today, if you can do that, then, as a reward, you will be able to come with us to the Point-to-Point race meeting, tomorrow. Put these on, as she handed us white housecoats, you will wear them all day. Clive has got all the details of your duties, I expect your special services will be required later, David, have a good day”. As she left the room.

I said sarcastically, “A Merry Christmas to you to”.

Clive got all his sheets of paper with the duties instructions; first, we had to set up beds for the sleeping arrangements. Clive told us that Tommy and I had to share the room with him while Carole was in the room with Vivian, Marjorie and Paul are in the master en-suite with Mary and Rory in the other en-suite room.

“Where id Brenda sleeping”? I asked. “Oh, she’s sharing with Mary and Rory, and apparently tomorrow, Marjorie will have Rory; Mary and Brenda share Paul”.

He continued, “When that’s done, David and Carole are in charge of cooking, Tommy and I are to serve drinks, refreshments and dinner which is to be ready for six o-clock. We all have to clear up things during the day”.

We set about our tasks after the beds were set up Carole and I started preparing some snacks, sandwiches and finger food and then started preparing things for Christmas dinner, as we worked, Brenda stole into the kitchen, and she embraced Carole and then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Oh, David, thank you for those emeralds, they are wonderful, I have missed you and so does Rory, I think, he’s not getting on with Paul. This must be awful for you both, I can’t stay long, I’m not supposed to be in here, I excused myself to go to the toilet. Sorry, it doesn’t look like we will be able to have any fun, tonight David, I must go”. She kissed me again.

“She seems too really like you, David”, Carole said.

“Yes, I like her too, she’s a very nice lady, we had some secret fun, together, the other week, that Mary doesn’t know about”.

“Oh, tell me more”.

“No, I can’t, I don’t want Mary to find out, and neither does Brenda”.

We got the full Christmas dinner ready in good time, Clive and Tommy served the starters while I took the turkey out of the oven and put it on a big silver serving plate, with the roast potatoes and vegetables on other serving dishes with a gravy boat. The boys took it all into the dining room. Within a few minutes, Rory brought turkey back to the kitchen.

“Oh, David, they asked me to carve but I can’t; will you do it, please”.

“Certainly, Sir”. As I cut off the legs and wings and put them on another dish and carved the breast into thin slices and put them on a plate.

While I did that, Rory continued “God, this must be terrible for you, David, but then I’ve not enjoyed myself, Marjorie’s had us playing silly games; can you boys bring this in when it’s done, please”.

We kept the turkey carcase with a good amount of meat left on it, I said to the other, “We kept vegetables back so we can have ours now when I’ll carve some more turkey.

“Do you want turkey, Carole? Have you got a bottle of wine for us, Clive”?

“No, thank you, David, I’ll have the soya pieces I did for Vivian”. As Clive came back with some wine.

We enjoyed a very good dinner, having all the same as the Mistresses and Masters had. After resting a while Tommy and Clive collected all the things from the dining room and we all help to wash, dry and put away the dishes and utensils. The four of us sat enjoying drinks and nibbles while watching a small TV when Marjorie entered our room, she went around and kissed each of us on the forehead, and then said.

“Well done everyone, you’ve been marvellous servants and made our Christmas, thank you all. Just the final jobs, David, Tommy and Carole go upstairs with Mary, Brenda and Rory to get them ready for bed. When you’ve done that, David and Carole can come in with me and Paul, Tommy you can go to bed, Clive just cleaned up in the lounge when we have all gone. Thank you, everyone, and of course, you can come with us tomorrow, goodnight”.

I said ironically, “Well there we are, that put us in our place, have you enjoyed yourselves, people, I think I’ve had better Christmas Days but then, that’s the lifestyle we’ve been pushed into, well done, see you in the morning”.

In the bedroom, Brenda said, “Oh, there you all are; we missed you today but, thank you; you gave us a marvellous day that meal was wonderful. You undress Mary, Tommy; Carole you do Rory, and David you can do me”.

Mary just smiled at me, as I started to undress Brenda, as I took off her clothes she put her hand on my back, I winced and she started to pull my tee-shirt up, Mary shouted, “Don’t take that off him”.

Brenda said, “Oh, David, I’m sorry, whatever is a matter with your back”?

“It’s a bit stiff”, I said, “You’d better ask, Mistress Mary”.

Mary just said, “Oh, just get on with what you’re supposed to be doing”.

I kissed and caressed Brenda’s breasts and worked down, removing her knickers and licked her vagina. I noticed that Carole was a little resistant about paying tribute to Rory’s big cock. I said, “Let me do it, Carole”.

But Mary demanded, “No, you do it, Carole, kiss, lick and take it in your mouth, make him hard for us”.

Brenda was beginning to murmur as I almost got her to orgasm, but Mary, who, I was sure, was not happy with Tommy’s work, said, “You can go now, leave us to enjoy Rory’s marvellous attributes”.

As we entered Marjorie’s bedroom, she said, “Are, you undress me, David, and Carole can do, Paul”.

I said, “Excuse me, Mistress, but I think it might be better if Carole did you and I did Paul”.

“Well, I don’t mind, I’m not sure Paul will like a man undressing him”. Marjorie enquired.

“You know my abilities, I’m sure he will enjoy me, Mistress”.

I started work on Paul’s young virile body, starting with his feet and working up each leg, I started with his chest. I thought that he had a more athletic body than Rory. As I removed his boxers his cock sprang out and as I took it in my hand and kissed it shot to full erection. I thought, ‘this must be bigger than Rory’s, no wonder you like it Marjorie and Mary wants a go at this’. I took it into my mouth a sucked on it and it seemed to get even bigger.

Paul said, “Wow that was wonderful. I didn’t think I would ever be bi-sexual but I could get used to that, thank you, David”.

“Well, thank you both, you’ve been very good today, we’ll see you in the morning”.

We walked down the corridor, as we approached Vivian’s room; Carole grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. She went up to Vivian kissed her passionately and whispered into her ear. I couldn’t hear what she said but Vivian came over to me clasped my head and kissed me on my lips, then she said.

“Will you take my clothes off, David and worship my body. While you do Carole will carefully rub oil into your back and buttocks and hopefully ease your pain”.

“Thank you, Mistress”, I said. I thought this is some Christmas present, you showing sympathy to me.

I started to undress her and began caressing and kissing her tort thin body. I took my time sucking and kissing her breasts and nipples. Carole started to take my tee-shirt, trousers and pants off. As I worked down her abdomen and removed her knickers, Vivian fell back onto the bed pulling me with her, I held out my hands to stop falling on her and started to kiss, lick and suck her vagina. Carole then started to caress oil into my back and buttocks.

Carole’s touch was very sensual and light, soon I had brought Vivian to orgasm with my mouth, and my back began to feel much easier.

“Thank you, Carole and Mistress, I should go now”, I said.

But Vivian said, “No, David, get into bed with us”. So I lay on my side with my arm across her, massaging her breasts and vagina, while Carole snuggled up to my back still caressing and kissing it.

Part 33 – Boxing Day at the Races

Next morning we were all getting ready, in our boots, big coats and hats, to leave for the point-to-point race meeting when Mary came up to me and said. “Morning, David, how are you, today? I understand your bed wasn’t slept in last night”.

“Good morning, Mistress, you seemed to enjoy three in a bed last night, Vivian and Carole were very good to me last night, my back is much better this morning”. I replied pointedly.

Marjorie gave us stickers to put in the car windows to get us into the VIP car park, “When you get there, make your way to the steward’s tent, you should find Rose there, she’ll give you all a pass to the racecourse”.

We sent off, Clive drove one car, with Carole in front with him and Marjorie, Vivian and Paul squeezed between them. I drove with Tommy sitting next to me, with Mary, Rory and Brenda giggling in the back.

After parking the cars I saw Rose and called out to her, she waved back and came over to me wearing a big badge attached to her coat, ‘Chief Race Steward’ emblazoned on it in gold. She planted a big, sloppy kiss on my lips. “Hello, David, very nice to see you again, this is Jenna, my personal trainer”.

She gave me a badge which would get us into the VIP catering marquee and the grandstand, I looked at a tall, very striking woman, with short-cropped blonde hair, probably in her mid to late thirties I guessed, even in her thick coat, I could tell she had a very athletic type of body. As she shook my hand and said, hello, I detected a slight Scandinavian accent.

As Rose greeted the others and handed out more badges, I felt a thump in my side, I knew it could only be one person. “Hello, horsey-man, how are you”.

“Well, hello, Daphne, my you’re looking great”. I could tell, even with a sheepskin coat over her riding gear she looked very fit and quite slim.

“Yes, I’ve been in training for my rides, today, Jenna helped me, she’s nice and I have enjoyed her; but Rose refuses to let me use her as a pony. I think she’s in love with her and wants her to move in with us”.

“Well good for her, how many rides have you got any worth backing”? I enquired.

“I’ve got three, ones got a good chance, you’ll like this, his name’s ‘My Little Man’, and he should win”.

Rose and Jenna came back, arm-in-arm, “Come on, David, we’re all going to the marquee”, she linked her other arm in mine and we started to walk.

“This is all part of your land then, Rose”? I enquired.

“Yes, my grandfather purchased the original farm, then my father bought the adjoining farm and converted it into stables, we keep sheep her as well as the horses. When you were with us earlier in the year, you only saw about half of the estate, over the other side of the hill there”. As she pointed across a heavily wooded area.

“If you are interested, I’ll show you more of the estate”.

“Yes, I’d like that, if you’ve got time”, I replied.

She shouted to the others, “I’m going to show David and Jenna part of the estate, anyone else interested”?

There were no replies, I think they were more interested in the hot drinks in the marquee; I was quite a cold morning, so we continued to the grandstand, which was a scaffolded temporary structure, which felt very safe as we climbed halfway up it. We turned to face the race track, a rectangular circuit with fences dotted around it, Rose described.

“You get a very good view of the track from here, the parade ring is in front and the betting ring is just there. The track is about a mile and three-quarters long with eight fences to the circuit, most races the horses go round twice, in the long-distance race they go three times round”.

We climbed to the top of the grandstand and look across the estate, “You can just see the stable roofs, from up here, across the wood”.

“Oh”, I asked, “what’s happening over there”? I point to an area in from the road.

“The estate is getting rather difficult to manage so Daphne and I decided we need to do something for our retirement fund. We got planning permission to build five luxury houses over there; it’s going to be a nice secluded area to live for anyone buying a house there. There’s going to be a close of four, three bedroomed houses, a private covered swimming pool and a fifth house, with four bedrooms, two with en-suite, which is going to be a little more secluded. The roads and utility features are all in place and they’re starting the foundations after Christmas”.

“That sounds very good; we could be interested in a house here”.

“That would be good, David, I could reserve one for you, I’ll bring the plans and architects impression drawing on, New Year’s Eve, to show you at the dance”.

“No, I’d rather you didn’t, I don’t want Mary to know anything about this yet, I’d be very interested in the four-bedroom house”.

“Perhaps we can arrange for you to come over and stay with us, sometime in the New Year, to go over things. We should go and join the others for lunch”.

“Yes, that would be good, as long as I’m not used as a horse again”. I said with a smile.

We all sat and had a good lunch in the marquee of game pie while Vivian and Carole had a nut roast, while I and Clive stuck to soft drinks most of the others had champagne. We then went and sat in the grandstand to watch a colourful display of the local hunt ride round with the hounds, in the middle of the course. Mary and Brenda cuddled from the cold on each side of Rory, while Vivian and Carole cuddled each side of me.

Before the racing started, Carole, Tommy, Clive and I got in a little huddle before I went to talk to Rose; I then put on our bets. We followed the same procedure before each race.

As the first race got underway we all stood up, jumped and cheered as the horses ran by, which helped to alleviate the cold.

The second race was the first where Daphne was riding ‘My Little Man’, Rose came and stood next to me and said, “He’s got a good chance if Daphne can keep in the saddle”.

The race was going well; our horse was in third place with three fences to go. Daphne was riding well and moved up to second place with a good jump. We were all cheering like mad as she jumped into the lead at the penultimate jump and with a final good jump at the last the horse fly past the winning post well in the lead. We were all very merry as everyone had backed the horse and at five to one, a ten-pound bet had won fifty.

The third race was the stayers’ race, Daphne was riding again but Rose was unsure about the horse’s stamina, so I put my money on another horse she recommended. She was going well but it was obvious the horse was getting tired and with three fences to go, it fell. Daphne side on her backside but was quickly up trying to catch the horse but it got away. I smiled as I imagined her swearing like a trooper while she was waving her arms about.

Daphne was riding again in the fifth race, Rose told me she had a good chance but was worried about another horse. As it was she came in in second place after a good ride.

We all went back to the marquee after the sixth race and they all continued drinking while we waited for the traffic to clear. After about ninety minutes. Apart from me, Clive, Vivian and Carole, who were not alcohol lovers, all the others were very merry.

Rory came and draped his arm around my shoulders and I a very slurry voice said. “What a good day, David, you’re a really good man, we’ve done very well this afternoon”.

Mary looking rather annoyed came and pulled him away, saying, “You’re drunk, Rory, come and have some coffee”.

Rose came over and said, “How are you getting on with him then, David, he looks younger than you and Mary”.

“Yes he is a bit, but Mary likes him but she thinks he is too nice to me, she’s trying to make him more dominant”.

“Marjorie’s, young man, is he’s a lot younger than her”? Rose asked

“Yes, she introduced him a while ago as her ‘nephew’ but she’s taken him into the firm now as her assistant”.

“But you are alright about the situation now”?

“Yes, I’m used to it now but Mary’s been having some wild changes of moods lately, I still love her, madly as she does me”.

Rose was called away and Jenna was left standing next to me, she said, “Hi, Rose tells me you’re a very good man, I think she likes you, she explained your situation but said you are a marvellous masseur and have wonderful caring hands, I hope I get the opportunity to try your talents”.

“Thank you, I am pleased to meet you and hope I can help out soon, I will look forward to meeting you again”, I said.

We all then piled into the cars and drove back to Marjorie’s house, Mary asked from the back of the car, “You seemed to enjoy yourself today, David. What were all those little meetings you four kept have and all those talks with Rose”.

“That was our little betting consortium and Rose was giving me all the info about the horses, we had four winners, a second and third, how much did we win Tommy”?

“I’ve got nine thousand, six hundred and fifty-nine pounds to share between the four of us”.

Mary said, “You lucky things, you didn’t let me in that, I just backed the colours I liked that the jockeys were wearing and lost money”.

Rory chipped in with a laugh, “David, let me in on a couple of horses, I’ve got two hundred and sixty pounds more in my pocket than when we got here”.

“I hope you’re going to treat me next week, both of you”, Mary said disgruntledly.

“We’re always treating you, Mary but you don’t always appreciate it”. I said.

She came back with, “That’s not fair, David, of course, I always appreciate what you do for me”.

“Yes, Tommy, you can treat me, as well”. Brenda laughingly said.

Carole and I rustled up some food from leftovers from yesterday’s dinner; nobody wanted any more alcohol so we just had tea and coffee. Even the four servants were allowed to join in the silly games that Marjorie had organised.

At bedtime, Marjorie said, “You three”, pointing at me, Carole and Tommy, “take Mary, Paul and Brenda up and help then get ready”.

But Brenda made an excuse and said, “I’d rather sleep in your spare room with Tommy if that’s okay”.

“Yes, whatever you fancy, Brenda”.

So Carole and I got Mary and Paul ready for their bed, Mary insisted that Carole undressed and kissed and caressed Paul’s body and sucked his manhood. After taking off Mary’s clothes as I caressed her shoulders I whispered in her ear, “Are you going to be alright with him, he’s very big”.

She slapped my back and retorted, “You know how I like my men, of course, and I’ll be fine”.

After I had got her wet, she made a big point of crying out with joy as she slid onto his giant cock, while we went out the door. While Carole undressed Rory and Marjorie agreed that I should pay tribute to his erection, for which Carole was very grateful.

As we walked down the corridor, Vivian came out of a room with Tommy and, “You go in here, David”. As I entered, Brenda was laying on the bed in all her naked glory.

“Get your clothes off, you wonderful man, and get over here”.

I stripped as fast as I could and said, “What’s happening, where’s Tommy”?

“Vivian agreed to look after him, tonight, she’s not going to be hard on him, she told me what they did for you, last night, and how is your back now”?

“It was fine until Mary slapped me just now; did you not want a piece of Paul then”?

“No, I’ve found him to be rather brash and too handy with his hands, these last two days, you know how I treat men that upset me”.

“Yes, but he does have a very big cock”.

“Don’t worry about him, get over here and kiss and caress my body”.

As I kissed my way down her soft body, over her large breasts, she began to spread her legs, as my mouth reached her waiting vagina and kissed it; she rolled me over and spun around on my body to bring her fanny to my mouth. As I kissed, licked and sucked, I heard the faint click of her locket and the key unlocked my cage. She took it off and kissed, licked and sucked my cock to an enormous erection, I felt so hard I thought I might burst.

She swivelled around my body again and whispered in my ear, “Make love to me, and make me cum”.

She squealed with joy as I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around me, we started to copulate, slowly, at first, gradually quickening the pace. I wrapped my arms around her as she grabbed my buttocks, we collapse on to each other, breathing heavily, I had cum first but Brenda kept going until I could feel her feminine juices on my balls and upper legs. We moved again into a sixty-nine position and sucked and licked our pubic areas clean. We lay side by side facing each other with our arms wrapped each other in an embrace we slowly lapsed into sleep.

I replace my cage and to my relief, nothing was said about the sleeping arrangements while we had breakfast. The three of us helped Clive clear and clean up the house, while others relaxed, talking and reading the newspaper.

Marjorie came into the room where we were waiting in, while the others were getting ready to leave, again she kissed each one of us on the forehead and said, “Thank you all, I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas, we had some fun yesterday. It’s been wonderful the way you looked after us, thank you again, I’ll see you all again next Sunday at the New Year’s Eve Party”.

Mary and Rory sat in the back of the car as I drove home; we had to drop Rory off at his flat. I parked outside while Mary went in with him, while I sat in the car. She was in there for quite a long time, when she finally came and sat in the front seat next to me, I could not resist saying.

“Did you go to bed with him; you were in there a long time”.

“Don’t be silly, David, I couldn’t do that this morning, I’m rather sore”.

“Oh, how did you get on with Paul? He did have a large penis, but Brenda told me, he was very brash and free with his hands over the two days, that’s why she didn’t want to share him last night”.

“I must agree, his penis was magnificent but he was a little rough, that’s why I’m sore. I don’t know how Marjorie puts up with him. Rory’s, like you, much tender with a lady. Speaking of Rory, his flat is rather small, as he is away all week I don’t see any point of him keeping it, he could move in with us, couldn’t he”.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Mary, if you make that happen I shall move out. Just think about it from his, point of view, he’s young; he needs a place of his own. What if you get fed up with him or he gets fed up with you, it’s still barely a month or so, that you’ve known him and you still don’t really know enough about him”.

“That’s why I love you, David; you’re so sensibly and rationally think about things”. As she put her arm across my shoulder and pecked me on my cheek.

At home, after we had dinner, we sat on the sofa and watch TV, until Mary pressed herself against me, putting her arm around my neck and whispered in my ear, “Will you give me a nice relaxing massage, David, please, I’m still sore from last night. You can sleep with me but nothing more, perhaps tomorrow”.

“Yes, of course, my love, but let’s just see the end of this programme first”.

I undressed quickly and took Mary in my arms and kissed her passionately before taking off her clothes, caressing and kissing her body. On the table, I smoothed soothing lotion down her back when I got to her buttocks I noticed small round bruises on each side, as I soothed the lotion, I said. “My, he was a little rough on you”.

“Yes, that was when he grabbed me, to get right inside me. I know how you like to hear about my sexual adventures, I hope I’m not getting you aroused”.

Turning over, I carefully caressed her breasts and kissed her nipples, finishing at her vagina I could see the soreness so I kissed it gently.

Lying in bed together Mary said, “I feel much better now, you’re so good, thank you. Do you know what I would like us to do tomorrow, go swimming”?

“That would be very nice but I wouldn’t like to be embarrassed or embarrass you, my cage would show through my trunks when I came out of the water”.

“You’d do anything to get out of your cage but yes, I’ll let you out before we go”.

Part 34 – New Year’s Party

As we got up Wednesday morning, Mary took my cage off, giving my scrotum a rub, it felt a little strange as I got dressed. After breakfast, I said to Mary, “I’ll book a table at that new Chinese restaurant, reasonable early evening if you want”.

“That would be very good, so we can be back home early. I suppose that’s my treat, and you are paying”?

“Yes, one of many, I’m sure”.

We did a little shopping and among other things, Mary made me buy her a new swimming costume, which I thought was rather too revealing. It was a light blue with a deep V-shape front, almost showing her areolas and her nipples were visible through the material, while the back was an even deeper V-shape to her waist with a thin strip of material between her rounded buttocks.

As we entered the pool she got many admiring views which I could tell she was very pleased about. We swam up and down the pool, quite close together, although a very well built muscular young man was trying to gain her attention. I thought, ‘no, it’s not going to be like the holiday’ but to my relief, although she smiled at him, she rejected his advances. He did try to get in the sauna with us but I shut the door on him as I told him it was full.

We both did another twenty-five lengths in the pool, before getting changed. Having a coffee in the centre’s café, I said, “I was pleased to see you not playing up to that young man’s advances”.

“He was rather attractive but I thought of Rory and decided I shouldn’t. That was both very relaxing and invigorating, now for a good meal and then one of your marvellous massages will finish the day nicely”.

“Yes it was very good, I enjoyed today”.

“Well, perhaps you can come with Rory and me, at the weekends, now I’ve got you that slow cooker; you’ll have more time on your hands”.

We arrived back home, from the restaurant about eight-thirty, I sat and had a whiskey, as I did not have alcohol earlier as I was driving, but Mary still had another gin and tonic.

She was rather merry as I helped her upstairs, “Get your clothes off, David, I’m not going to put your cage back on yet, I’m putting on that cock strap, I got for you”.

She tightened the thin leather strap around my scrotum and the base of my cock and an even thinner strap around my cock. My erection grew immediately.

“There”, she said, “I think I’ll leave that on you until the weekend, it’s supposed to keep you hard for a lot longer”.

“It’s very tight; I think I would prefer my cage”.

“No, I’m going to keep that on you but once we’ve had a little play, I’ll loosen the straps”. As she slapped my erection a couple of times.

As I massaged her beautiful body my erection seemed to get harder. Naked she sat, cross-legged, on the bed, showing me her delightful, slightly red vagina. “I think the strap is working, look how hard you are, I like to see your ‘little man’ really hard, but you’re not going to penetrate me tonight, David, I’m still a little sore. I want you to wank yourself for me, I want to see you shoot cum”.

I lay across the bottom of the bed and started to pump my erection, Mary started to play with her tits, pushing them up and together. “Go faster, David, I want to see how far up your chest you can shot your cum, go on pump it, David, and please me”.

My hand was working faster and faster, I could feel my sperm ready to shot up my cock. I was sweating and with a final grunt I shot up my chest. “Keep going, David, force it all out”.

I could do it no more and Mary screamed, “Oh well done, darling, I enjoyed that, now scrap up your cum with your hand and put it to your mouth and suck it in, all of it”.

With cum still on my lips she put her lips to mine and kissed me hard swirling her tongue around my mouth. She eventually loosened the straps, making sure they could not be pulled off before we curled up together and went to sleep.

Next morning I was doing a few things around the house, Mary was talking on the phone when she finished she rushed upstairs. She came down wearing a very revealing outfit and said, “Just going out for lunch, see you later”, and she was gone.

She did not arrive back home until about five-thirty, I said, “Hello, who have you been out with and why have you got paint on your hands”?

“I went to lunch with Rory and I went back to his flat. He’s decorating it”.

“You helped him paint; you’ve never done anything like that in this house?”

“I just did a little bit for him, that’s all”.

“You sure you didn’t help him to bed”.

“No, David. I did a little painting and we talked nothing else”.

“Oh, and what did you talk about?”

“We decided, we want you to take a more active part, other than just getting us ready for bed”.

“Both of you, or just you? You know how I feel about that, last Saturday, you just used me as a ‘whipping boy’ and humiliated me, like a worthless person. You know I don’t want to watch you with other men”.

“Oh, come on, David, just think about it and be more cooperative”. She said as she left the room.

We did not speak much during dinner and later in the evening, Mary said, “Are you still sulking, David, come on let’s go to bed and I’ll play with your ‘little man’ and make you happy”.

I undressed. Mary and was caressing and kissing her body but when I kissed her vagina I tasted semen. I stood up and said in disgust, “You were in bed with him, this afternoon; you said nothing happened, you only painted and talked”. I then stormed out of the room and went into my bedroom.

I heard Mary crying, as I lay down, she continued sobbing for quite a while but I thought ‘no I’m not giving in to her this time’.

Then came a quiet knock on my door, as it open, with tears running down her face, Mary said, “I’m sorry, David, I didn’t want to upset you, I realise that I probably haven’t treated you very well this last few weeks. You’re a caring, loving husband, I want you to be happy but I’ve been selfish it’s been all about my happiness. Please let me sleep with you, I want to cuddle you”.

Like a fool, I relented and open my arms to her and said, “Come here and let me kiss you”.

Mary was very ‘lovey-dovey’ with me on Friday; she even helped me with the housework and put on the washing machine. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, I thought she might be planning something for tomorrow.

Rory arrived about twelve-thirty on Saturday, carrying part of his Christmas present, his suit carry bag with his dress suit in it ready for the News Years party. When Mary released him from her hug he gave out a moan, “My shoulders ache from the decorating which I finished this morning”.

“Oh, David, take Rory upstairs and give him a soothing massage, will you, dear”? Mary said politely.

Already dressed in my white uniform, “Yes, Mistress, I would be pleased too”.

I was pleased that Mary had not come with us and I helped Rory out of his clothes without paying tribute to his body. On the table, I started to massage his shoulders and back, I said, “Yes, Sir, I can feel the tension in your muscles, let’s see if I can ease that out. I hope Mary did not interrupt your work, on Thursday”.

“No, I was glad of the break, we did talk about his situation, and we both want you to be more involved with us at weekends”.

“Yes, I know she does, I love her and want her to be happy. I know my place in this relationship, I’m a weekend submissive husband, but during the week, I’m a different person, I have a responsible job which I am very good at. Mary and I, generally act like a normal married couple, I know she may have a different view but that’s how it is. I have a weekly meeting with Marjorie, where she insists I give her an erotic massage, but she’s my boss. I give massages to the people in the ‘Pleasure Organisation’ to raise money for charity. I do not object to you shagging my wife and making her happy but I prefer not to watch you do it, I don’t like being humiliated, like last Saturday”.

“I can appreciate that, David, but I feel I have to side with Mary”.

As I continued working on his lower back and legs, I continued, “Yes, you do, to make her happy, as I do as well. She has been much more the dominatrix since she met you, where before Robert was the dominate one. I will go along with this to a point but it does get too much at times”.

As I finished the sentence, Mary walked in the door, “What’s getting too much, David”?

“Oh, we were just discussing how we both make you happy, Mistress”.

I got Rory to turn over and started to massage his front, Mary continued, “I hope you weren’t saying anything against how I treat you, David”. As she sat on the bed.

I caressed down Rory’s chest and skirted around his flaccid member working on his legs, as I got to the top of his thighs, Mary said, “Oh, look at that gorgeous cock, go on, David, kiss and suck it, make it hard”.

“No, it’s alright, Mary, I feel much better now, David’s done a wonderful job, thank you”. Rory said.

Mary demanded, “I want to see you worship that penis, David, now, do it”.

I did as I was commanded and brought Rory to a full erection, then Mary pushed me away and took it into her mouth, she sucked then kissed it and said, “You can go now, David, get us some lunch for when we come down”.

As I walked down the stairs I heard them move to the bed and thought, ‘it will be a while before they come down and I bet Mary will force him to tell her what we were talking about’. If she does; I will be punished tonight.

That evening, Rory and I were sitting watching an action movie on TV, Mary had disappeared, I began to fear the worse.

I was startled by a ‘crack’ of cane on boot, I looked around and Mary stood there in her dominatrix leather corset, thigh-high stiletto boots, leather cane in hand. Her hair pulled flat over her head in a pony-tail, black eye makeup and lipstick.

“Turn that TV off, it’s my play-time now, get your clothes off, David, and come here”, she demanded.

I stood in front of her as she knelt and tightened the straps around scrotum and cock which immediately sprung to attention, then fixed the lead to the straps. As she pulled the lead, “Follow me, boys”. As we went to the master bedroom.

With a couple of whacks across my backside, “Get your Master’s clothes off and pay tribute to his body”.

I caressed and kissed his body and finally, Mary demanded, “Suck that gorgeous cock and make it hard”.

“Now worship me”. I had to kiss and lick her boots and work my way up her body, before finishing at her vagina.

Mary then strapped a thick leather collar, with rings and hooks on it, around my neck, “Put your hands behind your head”.

She then fixed my cuffs on my wrists and clipped the middle ring to the collar, then strapped my ball gag around my head. She then pushed my head down so I was bending at the waist and fixed the cock lead to the collar. My legs were kicked apart and she spread my arse cheeks.

“Now I want to watch your Master peg this submissive arse”. As Rory’s cock was plunged into me, as he grabbed my hips, as he furiously pushed in and out. From the grunting, he was making, he was nearing ejaculation, I was glad he had put on a condom.

As he pulled out and removed the condom, Mary released the lead from the collar and made me lay on the bed. She straddled my face, hovering her vagina over me.

“Now I want to see the Master wank that pathetic erection”, my cock disappeared in his hand as he pulled on it. The tight straps were making it very painful; they seemed to be preventing me from ejaculating. Finally my cock did erupt and sperm shot over my stomach and chest.

Mary then reached forward and rubbed my spunk into my chest and rubbed her hands over my face. “That’s how I treat submissive cuckold husband when he has spoken disrespectfully to the Master”.

She then demanded I get on my knees at the side of the bed and took off my ball gag.

Rory lay on the bed and she crawled done his body first kissing his lips and then down his body to his erection and took it into her mouth.

She swung her body around and slid her vaginal hole onto his cock grabbing my collar and pulled me over so my head was on Rory’s stomach close to her, “I want you to lick my clit as I enjoy working on this”.

With my hands secured behind my head, it was very difficult to do as she wanted; I tried my best to aid her enjoyment. As her erotic screams increased nearing her orgasm she pushed me away and I fell on the floor with tears streaming from my eyes. She collapsed onto Rory; when she got off him she picked up my cock lead pulling me making me stand, and then led my down the landing to the bathroom.

She kissed my sperm and tear caked face as she released my arms, cuffs and cock straps. She caressed my shoulders as she said, “All those tears, I’m sorry, David, but I enjoy being a commanding dominatrix, you were a good boy. As you said to Rory, you’re a weekend submissive cuckold, so I’m your weekend dominatrix and I like it if you don’t. I’ll make things up to you during the week, now get yourself clean up”.

“Thank you, Mistress; I’m glad I pleased you”.

She kissed me again, as she went back to Rory. I showered, put on a towelling robe, went down the watch the end of the film and had a good slug of whiskey.

Mary and Rory slept in, so I took them up some breakfast. They both seem to be in a good, happy mood, Rory said, “Thank you, David, you were very good last night, I’m pleased you joined in and took everything so well”.

“Yes, you were very good, David, I’m looking forward to a good celebration this evening”.

I just smiled and left them in bed.

I prepared a substantial lunch as I knew it was only going to be a finger buffet at the Party this evening. Mary and Rory were sitting merrily chatting and laughing as I served them which didn’t do anything to improve the way I was feeling. I was about to go back to the kitchen when Mary said, “Oh, come on, David, sit here with us, you’re looking very sad, cheer up and enjoy your lunch”.

“Yes”, Rory said, “I’ll get you a whiskey”.

“Thank you, Mistress”, I said as I sat down, “but no, Sir, it’s too early for the hard stuff, I’ll just stick with the juice, thank you”.

I ate my lunch while they continued to merrily chat with each other; I began to reflect on the past year when I heard Mary.

“David, David, where are you; you seem to be in another world”?

“Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about this past year, my promotions, how well I’ve done at work, the good people I work with and the decisions I’ve made that affected their lives, how strong I have to be”.

“You’ve done very well this year, so have I. I think it’s been the happiest year I’ve had, there have been some sad times but I have a wonderful husband, I love and I know you love me. I’m the luckiest person, I’ve got wonderful friends and two lovely men who want to make me happy”.

“I’m pleased for you, Mistress; you’ve had a wonderful year. It’s just that I’m a weak submissive servant at weekends, I suppose I’ve got used to it, in some ways, I like to make you happy but it does make me depressed and I cannot do anything about.”

“Oh David, don’t be like that, I know how you feel about our situation but I think you quite enjoy a lot of it, especially the way you treat and work with the ladies. I treat you as my loving husband during the week and you don’t often go without your conjugal rights. Now cheer up and let’s get things clean away, Brenda and Tommy are picking us up at about fourish, we are meeting Marjorie and Vivian at the care home and visiting Robert. After you shower, I know my hands are not as caring as yours, but I’ll try and give you a nice relaxing massage, while Rory showers, then you can do him and me after, how does that sound”?

I was surprised, how good I felt after Mary had finished, she kissed and caressed my body, after kissing ‘my little man’, she said, “I’d better put your cage back on”.

“Must you, can’t I just stay free until tomorrow, please”. She reluctantly agreed and I put on my underpants before giving Rory his massage.

I worshipped Mary’s beautiful body as I massaged and kiss it, she put on white G-string panties and a pair of sparkly tights, a bra was not required and sat fixing her hair as both I and Rory dressed in our evening suits. We both helped each other tying our bow ties. With hair and makeup completed, I helped Mary with the silvery cocktail dress I had brought her. Then put on the diamond necklace, Rory had given her and was pleased to see that it covered the key still hanging around her neck.

Rory went, “Wow, you look gorgeous, Mary”.

I helped her into her four-inch heels, silver shoes and kissed her cheek and said, “Fantastic, darling, my beautiful wife”.

We were waiting in our coats when Brenda and Tommy arrived, I went out and opened the door to let Brenda out and then opened the rear door to let Mary and Rory in. Brenda slung her arms around my neck and kissed me as I held the door for her to get in next to Rory. I sat next to the driver and greeted Tommy before he drove away.

Marjorie, Clive, Paul, Vivian and Carole were waiting in the reception of the care home. The four Mistresses went in to see Robert while the six of us stayed in the reception, where they provided us with tea or coffee, while we were just idly chatting for about thirty minutes until the Mistresses came out. All four spouses, in unison, jumped up to greet their respective partners expecting there to be tears.

As I wrapped my arms around Mary, I noticed she had a smile on her face, “How was he”? I asked.

“He was much improved, he’s still paralysed down one side and can’t talk yet but he had a real twinkle in his eyes when he saw me and he recognised me, I’m sure”.

“I’m sure he did, seeing you in that dress, so you’re much happier about him now then”? I helped Mary with her coat.

“Oh yes, he’s looking much better but I know he will never fully recover”. Mary said.

As we walked out to the cars, Mary linked arm with Rory and was explaining the situation to him. As we went into the warehouse I developed a feeling of trepidation, seeing the four people there who were responsible for my cuckold training back earlier in the year. I acknowledge them as Mistress Bea, with Clyde checked in our party, indicating where our table was while Mistress Tea, with Jerome, took care of our coats. The Mistresses all hugged and kissed them, as they were important people in the Pleasure Organisation. Apart from Rory and Paul, the other four of us had all suffered from their involvement in the Organisations’ activities.

We found our table of eight while Vivian and Carole were on the all ladies table next to ours, which included Rose, Jenna and Daphne. We all greeted each other and settled done with a drink, while Marjorie took up the microphone.

“Welcome, members, guests and friends of the ‘Pleasure Organisation’, to our ‘No Sex Please’ New Year’s Eve Party”, she paused for cheers and applause, “First of all I would like to thank our wonderful secretaries, Beatrice and Teamina, together with our superintendents, Clyde and Jerome, for decorating and dressing this room in the form of a pleasant night club”.

More applause and cheers, “Earlier this afternoon, some of us visited out Lord Master Robert, in the care home, he was very pleased to see us and I am pleased to report that he is making good progress and looks much better in himself, members, he would be very pleased to see you, so look in on him when you can”.

More applause and cheers, “Members will have received from our social secretary, Vivian, the programme of events, for the first part of the new year, starting with ‘The Swingers Night’ next Saturday and remember all the profits from this evening and all forthcoming events, go to our charity support funds, which includes the care home”.

More applause. “Finally if you would like to use the talents of our ‘Masseur Master’, for a charity donation please see Mary to arrange an appointment. Now let’s enjoy ourselves, strike up the band”.

The moment the first note sounded, I pulled Mary up on to the dance floor; I was determined to have the first dance. As we waltzed around the floor, Mary said, “That was rather naughty, David”.

“Well surely I’m allowed the dance with my beautiful wife, this is not like last year’s New Year’s dance, when I was not allowed to dance with you. I suppose you will punish me, later, getting you up before you danced with Rory. Anyway, I hope to have more dances with you this evening, darling”.

“No, you are right, David, of course, you should have the first dance with me, it’s a lovely pleasure to be in your arms, you’re probably a better dancer than Rory”, Mary said with a smile.

As that music finished, Brenda and Rory waltzed up to us and we changed places for the next dance. As we started to quick-step, she said, “How are you, David, when I was talking with Mary, she said you were rather depressed”.

“Yes, well I’m not now, with you in my arms, it’s just that Mary is trying to make Rory more dominant and she keeps humiliating me, but that’s my problem. How did you get on with Rory”?

“He may be good in bed but on the dance floor, he’s got two left feet”, we both laughed so hard we had to stop dancing.

I danced with Marjorie next and as I brought her back to the table at the end of the dance Rose came over with Jenna and said: “Will you please dance with Jenna, please David, while I talk to Mary”.

I noticed that Mary had a stream of people, mainly ladies, visiting her and she was making notes on her pad.

I said, “Hello, Jenna, you look very elegant”, as we started to dance.

“Why thank you, you’re not bad yourself, I’ve been hearing some nice things about your talents, I hope it won’t be long before I can try then”. She said.

“I’ll look forward to that; I hope you’ve not been talking with Daphne”.

“Oh no, I realise what she can be like but Rose speaks very highly about you”.

I thanked her as the dance finished, then Rose grabbed me and said, “You can dance with me now, David”.

“It’ll be my pleasure, I hope you weren’t telling Mary about the house plans, I don’t want her to know about that until things move on further”.

“Oh no, I was hoping to borrow you and I was seeking her permission. I’m planning a party in a few weeks; I’m hoping you to use your services for my guests. I’m afraid it will be all ladies but I’m sure you won’t mind”.

“It sounds interesting, as long as I’m not going to be a horse again, is it a special occasion?”

“It is rather; I promise I won’t let Daphne use you as a horse, I shall be making a special announcement but you will have to wait to see what it will be”. She said with a wink.

I had a succession of ladies grabbing me as soon as I finished each dance. This time it was portly Sylvia who snuggled up close to me and said, “David, you wonderful man, I going to enjoy your talents again soon”.

“That will be good but if I may suggest, without being impertinent and disrespectful, you will get much more out of the experience, especially with Mary, if you tidy yourself up down there”, as my eyes looked down to her crotch area.

“Thank you, David, I will, my cuck husband has always wanted me to shave my bush but I like it”, said as the music finished.

I was pleased when the bandleader said, it was time for a break and that the buffet was served. I wanted a sit-down and a drink. Rory said, “You’re very popular with the ladies, David”.

“Yes I’m quite worn out and my feet are aching, I need this rest and looking at Mary’s pad I’m going to be very busy in the coming year”.

I looked at Mary and said, “Shall we get something to eat, dear”?

“Yes, that’s a good idea; you’ve been very active on the dance floor”.

“I’m quite knackered and we’re not yet halfway through the evening, you’ve been busy taking appointments”.

“Your popularity is growing, David”, she said, as we picked up plates full of food.

We sat down to eat and Mary explained, “I’ve agreed to loan you to Rose for a weekend, she’s having a special party, I believe she asked Carole to help you.”

“Will you be attending”?

“I don’t think so, it’s all for her lady friends, I think you will enjoy yourself there”.

“That depends on whether I have to clean the stables and act as a horse”.

When the music started again I took Mary back on the floor, she said, “I was right you are a much better dancer than Rory, he tries but he kept treading on my toes”.

“Yes, Brenda told me”.

We were almost at the end of the dance when Beatrice and Clyde bumped into us, I thought ‘that was deliberate’ when she said, “Mistress Mary and white boy David, shall we change partners”?

Bea grabbed me and pulled me into her, I almost bounced off her large breasts, as we started the next dance she asked, “How are you, white boy, I’ve heard very good things about you, the ladies here seem to marvel at your talents, you must have improved since you were with us in your training. Well, Clyde and I have booked a session with Mistress Mary and you, and we are looking forward to it”.

I thought ‘Christ is Mary booking couples, I wonder if Clyde is going to shag Mary or me’? “That will be good; I shall look forward to it as well”.

She gave me a very sloppy kiss as the dance ended. Mary was at the table so I asked her quizzically, “You booking couples now”?

“Yes, why not, that Clyde is a very handsome man, I think I will enjoy him, and Teamina and Jerome have booked a session as well”.

Carole came and asked for a dance, as I took her in hold, she asked how things were and I explained about the bookings and she replied, “Well, that’s obviously for Mary’s enjoyment, necessarily not yours”.

Vivian was dancing with Daphne and at the end of the dance she said, “It must be my go now, David”. As Daphne took Carole she said, “Yes, it must be my turn next”. I acknowledge that as we set off around the floor.

I said, “You look very glamorous tonight, that dress really suits you and you’re a very elegant dancer”.

“Thank you, David, it was good of you to buy me this dress, I like it”.

“Well, you should thank Carole she picked it for you”.

“You’re both real sweeties, I should treat you with much more respect”.

“Is that a new year’s resolution for you”. I said with a cheeky smile.

“Don’t over chance your luck, mate”. She said as Daphne pushed her way into my arms.

She had a very strong dance hold and seemed to want to lead me, she said, “I always want to lead my men, I like to dominate then. I hear you’ve been commandeered for Rose’s party; I hope I can have some fun with you then. I think she’s going to announce her engagement”.

“Oh, don’t spoil the surprise; she doesn’t want anyone to know yet. So long as I’m not turned into a horse, I’ll see what I can do for you”.

I danced with a couple more ladies and noticed the time was getting near to midnight and I was, again determined that I would be the first to kiss my wife in the New Year. So I grabbed Mary and partway through the dance the bandleader stopped the music and started to count, “Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year”.

People were cheering as I took Mary and kissed her passionately which she returned and we wished each other a happy new year. At that point, Rory staggered up to us, put his arms around both of us and kissed us.

Mary said, “Oh, Lord, he drunk; he’s not been dancing but drinking with that Paul all night”.

We sat him down and wished all our friends best wishes before joining in with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and the following knees-up.

We had to carry Rory out to the car when it was time to go home; I noticed that Marjorie was having the same problem with Paul.

At home, Mary said, “He’s not going to be any use to me tonight, undress him and put him in your bed, David, then you can come and sleep with me”.

I helped Mary out of her dress, kissed her beautiful breasts and gently pulled down her tights and G-string, I was about to kiss her vaginal lips when she said, “Not tonight, David, just let’s cuddle up together in bed”.

Part 33 – New Year Begins

The morning after the New Year’s Party I was sat in the kitchen, Mary was up in the shower, contemplating what this year might bring me when Rory came charging in carrying his travel suit holdall and said, “Sorry, David, I’ve got a terrible headache, I let you both down and made a complete idiot of myself last night. I can’t face Mary, this morning, I feel really bad. I’m due to fly to Belgium tomorrow but I think I’ll try and get an earlier flight, this evening”.

“Oh, don’t be stupid, you were just letting your hair down and having a good time. Mary may be a bit upset with you but she’ll get over it, we’ll see you next weekend”.

As he shook my hand, he replied, “You’re such a good man, David, so understanding but I’m not sure Mary will want me to come again. I’ll phone her this afternoon, Thank you for being so kind”.

“Don’t worry about it, everything will work out fine, have a good week”, and he was gone.

When Mary eventually came down, makeup all done and in a very sexy dress, “Where’s Rory”?

“He had to go, he’s very upset, with a bad head and he’s getting an early flight out tonight”.

“Oh, he wasn’t supposed to go until tomorrow, I’m disappointed with him, drinking like that all evening”, she said despondently.

“I think he’s afraid of you, he said he’ll try and phone you this afternoon”.

“Haven’t you got work to do, David? The beds need changing and the sheets can be put in the washing machine”, she ordered.

“Yes, Mistress, you are upset”.

“Don’t be sarcastic, David, I’ll see to you later”, she said pointedly.

All through dinner that evening Mary was very quiet, as I cleared away she took out her notebook and calendar, “I thought I’d set out our programme of appointments for the charity massage evenings. Do you prefer Wednesday or Thursday evenings”? She said.

“Well, Thursday is usually my meeting day with Marjorie and Wednesday’s, I thought, were to be our fun night’s”.

“We’ll make it Wednesday’s, middle of the week and we’ll change our fun night to Tuesday’s, although it might even be any night”.

“There are several couples this time, what’s the plan for them”?

“They are all swinging couples and some of the men are very well endowed, I’m told. So you will give the men a massage then I will entertain and enjoy them while you entertain the ladies. I think we will start a week on Wednesday, Sylvia was very keen so I’ll put her down first, I hope she will be more accommodating than last time”.

Mary worked through her notebook with all the names, “There that’s complete; I’ll send out e-mails tomorrow, think of all that entertainment has made me quite aroused, let’s go upstairs, David”.

I got undressed and then took Mary’s clothes off while worshipping her body, “I want a big cock tonight, so I’ll have to use your face dildo, lie on the bed David”.

She sat on my chest as she strapped the rubber cock around my head. She moved her shin’s to hold down my arms as she reached for the ties to secure my wrists to the corner bedposts. Securing my ankles to the bottom posts I was spread-eagled in the middle of the bed.

“That’s how I like it, I have complete control over you,” she said as she sucked the giant imitation cock. She swung around and lowered her already wet vagina onto the tool with a scream of delight. My nipples were tweaked and pulled as she ran her hands down my chest and abdomen while moving up and down on the dildo before reaching for my erection.

She slapped and then started to jerk me, said, “I think I will leave this little thing out of its cage, I like playing with it, although it’s my property, I’m sure some of the ladies will like having fun with it”.

I ejaculated and she rubbed my sperm into my stomach and over my receding ‘little man’, with joyful screams she orgasmed sending her feminine juices over my face. She withdrew and undid the strapping and brought the dildo to my mouth and made me lick her wetness from it. After licking my face she put her lips to mine and explored my mouth with her tongue.

She nuzzled into my neck, with an arm across my chest and a leg across my thighs, she said, “I enjoyed that but it’s not as good as the real thing. I’m going to make sure Rory comes back Saturday”.

She pulled the duvet over us and fell into a dreamy sleep. I awoke feeling very stiff after Mary released my arms and legs the shower eased the stiffness and I dressed for work.

We soon got back into the swing of things at the office, I had my weekly meeting with Marjorie which finished with me, doing my duty, giving her an erotic massage.

Friday afternoon I was about to leave the office when my phone buzzed, “Hello”?

“Hello David, just to say I’m not coming home tonight, I’m going to pick Rory up at the airport and we are staying in a hotel tonight. I want you to prepare dinner for two and you will have a guest tonight and I want you to take special care of them, okay”.

I was about to answer, as the phone went dead, I thought, ‘What the hell is Mary up to, she must have spoken to Rory and is trying to reassure him that she was not upset by him but a guest’?

At home, I was poaching two pieces of fish together with sweet potatoes and vegetables on the boil when the doorbell rang. Opening it a portly looking lady was standing there, I said, “Hello,” as it took me a minute to realise who she was. She was about the same age and height as Marjorie, I thought, but a little plumber.

“Hello”, she said, “I’m Janice, Mary’s secretary, do you remember me”?

“Oh yes, of course, please come in”, as I took her coat.

“Mary said you would take care of me this evening, she also said you will do whatever I tell you to do, is that right”?

“Well yes”, I said cautiously, “I hope you like fish, I’m afraid that’s what I’ve got on for dinner, Madam”.

“Yes that’s fine, I like fish. Mary confides in me fully, she has told me all about your relationship and situation how she dominates you, and she said you should call me, Mistress Janice”.

“Yes Mistress, I am a submissive husband, particularly at weekends, come into the dining room and sit down while I serve you dinner, would you like some wine, white or red”?

“Thank you, David; you are such a good man, so polite, white wine please”.

I served the dinner and said, “Is it all right if I sit here with you or would you like me to wait in the kitchen”?

“Oh no, please sit here with me, I want to talk with you. This looks very good, David”.

We sat and eat while she asked me about our situation, how I felt about my relationship with Mary and her lover. I think I was honest with my answer.

She said, “I know Mary does love you and you want to make her happy, it’s just unfortunate that you cannot satisfy her sexually. I had a good sexual relationship with my late husband, he died eighteen months ago. But he never wanted to experiment more than just straight sex; I’ve always wanted to go further but never had the nerve to take a lover. Mary did show me a few web sites about the different types of sexual intimacy. You’re never too old to try new things”, she told me. “I haven’t had the company of a man since he died, so that’s why Mary suggested I come here this evening, I’m looking forward, excitedly, to your talents, David”.

“Well I hope I don’t disappoint you, Mistress. I will just tidy these things way, then I am all yours”.

“Thank you, David, that was a nice dinner, if that’s anything to go by I’m not going to be disappointed, but hurry and clean these things away”.

As I came back to her, she was finishing her wine, she said, “I’d like you to strip for me, David”.

“Yes, Mistress, but it would be better if we went up to the bedroom”.

She took me by the hand as we walked up to the master bedroom; she sat on the bed as I undressed. I was standing there naked as she stood, she was a little shorter than me and put her hands around my neck and pulled me down and kissed my lips. As she ran her hands over my chest and walked around and caressed her hands down my back and gently tapping my arse cheeks.

She said, “You’ve got a very nice body, David, I’ve always fancied pegging a man”, as she squeezed my arse.

She walked around the front of me and grabbed my balls, then my cock, “Yes, this is a little small but growing nicely. You can undress me now, David”.

I unzipped her dress and slide it down her body and put it on a hanger in the wardrobe, as I did she saw all the sex toys in there, “Wow”, she said, “I shall enjoy playing with some of these”. She picked up the paddle and stood there in her bra, corset with suspenders and stockings.

“I’ve always wanted to dominate a male slave”. She sat on the edge of the bed, “Get across my knees”, she demanded.

She pushed my head down to hold me there as she brought the paddle cracking down on my right cheek.

“Thank you, Mistress Janice, one”.

She brought it hard down on my left cheek.

“Thank you, Mistress Janice, two”.

She got to five whacks on each cheek and put down the paddle and gently caressed her hand over my buttocks, “Oh, that was very exhilarating. That’s given you a nice colour here and they’re nicely warm”.

She pushed me off her knees and I scrabbled on to my knees as she said, “You can finish undressing me now”.

I unclipped her stockings and rolled it down her left leg and kissed and caressed her foot, then worked my way up her leg before unclipping her right stocking and repeated the process on her right leg. I reached around and undid the clasp of her bra slowly I slip it down her arms her large breasts drooped a little but I grabbed one in each hand, kissing and sucking on each nipple making them hard. She put her hands on the back of my neck and pulled me into her cleavage and squeezed her tits around my face. I began to suffocate; I took a big breath as she eventually released me.

On my knees again, she stood in front of me as I rolled down her corset then slide off her wet gusset knickers. Her tummy fat was hanging down over her neatly trimmed pubic area as she pulled me into her wet vagina; I kissed, licked and sucked as she began to sing in pleasure.

“Ohhh, yesss, David, Mary was right, you are so good with your tongue, this is wonderful, oooohhhh, make me cum”.

My tongue went up her vaginal passage as far as I could and nibbled her clitoris, her knees went weak as her juices hit my face and she collapsed on the bed, “Ohhh that was marvellous”. Breathing hard she pulled me on top of her, her lips found my face and she vigorously kissed me.

We lay together for some time she eventually reached for my cock, “Oh, this is nice and hard now”, as she pulled on it a few times.

“Before you get to that, Mistress, I should give you an erotic massage”.

“Yes, David, that would be very good”, she said as she climbed onto the table.

I started to caress my scented oiled hands across her shoulders as she flopped her arm over the side of the table. As I moved down her back her hand slip up my thigh and she jiggled my balls, she purred.

“Ohhh, this is wonderful, David, so soothing and relaxing”.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this, hopefully, it will get even better”.

“I hope so too”, as she squeezed my balls causing my knees to buckle.

Starting on her big rounded buttocks she spread her legs so I ran my fingers down her crack around her ring and slid two fingers into her rectum, which got a resounding joyful cry of approval. I finished her legs and she awkwardly rolled over, her large breasts flopped to the sides of her chest and she reached up, grabbed my head and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

Applying more scented oils to my hands, I caressed her breasts, through her giant cleavage, tweaking then kissed and sucking her nipples while she grabbed my rock hard cock and started to jerk it. I had to move out of her reach for fear I was going to ejaculate.

I worked across her abdomen but skirted around her vaginal area, leaving that for the final climax. My hands ran up her inner thighs and puckered her vaginal lips, I kissing and licking them. I sensed she was in such a state of arousal; she rolled off the table and lay across the bed, grabbing my cock, pulling me on top of her and forcing me into her very wet fanny.

“Oh, David, that was marvellous, I want you inside me, make love to me”.

She clucked each of my arse cheeks and pulled me deep inside her, I knew I was nearing ejaculation but I was trying to hold on as long as I could but with her eagerness, I shot my load into her.

Out of breath, I lay on top of her and said, “I’m sorry, Mistress Janice, I’ve disappointed you, I couldn’t last any longer”.

She rolled me over and sat on my face, “That’s okay, David, I enjoyed that immensely, your little cock still works quite well, it’s big enough for me. You can eat me out and we’ll try again later”.

I licked and sucked my sperm from her vagina, in doing so she orgasmed for the second time. We lay side-by-side for a while before I said, “I think we’ve earned a rest and a drink, Mistress”.

“Yes, that’s a good idea, Mary was right you are a wonderful man, you really know how to treat a lady”.

We put on towelling robes and went down to the kitchen; Mistress Janice joined me with a whiskey and dry ginger. After the second drink, she said, “I’ve enjoyed this evening so far, I’ve never had a man who would do anything for me. Mary told me it’s very empowering and I like being a dominatrix. Now, about using some of those toys upstairs, come on you submissive slave”.

I helped the Mistress into a strap-on dildo, making sure it was lubricated, I leant over the table with my legs apart, and she spread my buttocks and eased the rubber cock into my arse. She held on to my hip with her left hand and had the flogger in the other; pushing in and out she flicked it across my back.

She got into a good rhythm, and said, “Wow, this is fantastic”. As she dropped the flogger leaning forward she reached for my cock and wanked it to an erection.

“You’re nice and hard again, slave, this has made me very wet, I want you inside me”.

She stepped out of the strap-on and dived on to the bed pulling my cock into her love channel and we were copulating again. I managed to last longer this time and we orgasmed almost together. Breathing hard she said as we lay side-by-side, “That was wonderful, thank you, David, I don’t think I’ve ever had sex like that before”.

As she kissed me she fell into s dreamy sleep, I cuddled up to her and pulled the duvet over us.

I woke early and entangled myself from arms and legs and went down the landing to the bathroom, I didn’t want to use the en-suit for fear of waking Janice. I was determined, much as I enjoyed myself, not to have a further round of sex with her. I showered and dressed in my uniform, then make breakfast of poached eggs on a bed of crushed avocado.

She was just stirring as I took in the breakfast tray and gave her one of Mary’s bed jackets to slip on her naked body. “Breakfast, Mistress Janice, I’ll leave you to enjoy it”, I said.

I went back when I thought she would have finished, she said, “Oh, that was wonderful, David, thank you, I‘ve enjoyed myself, you’ve been such a good host”.

As she reached up and pulled me into a kiss and whispered in my ear, “Please, get in bed and join me again”.

“Sorry, Mistress Janice, I have work to do before Mary gets home”.

“Oh well, I’ll shower and get dressed, I hope there will be another time”.

“I’m sure there will, Mistress”.

I was cleaning the lounge when she came down, I help her with her coat as she flung her arms around my neck and kissed me, “I’ve had a lovely time, David, and you’re such a good beautiful man. I look forward to seeing you again soon, Mary is sponsoring me for membership of your Pleasure Organisation, and so I hope to see you at some of the party’s”

“I’m very pleased I’ve made you happy and I did everything you asked of me and I will look forward to enjoying more time with you Mistress”.

As I spoke to her, she was still hanging around my neck and kissed me again before she left.

Part 34– Dominatrix Punishes her slave

I was working in the kitchen when Mary and Rory came in at around two o’clock, all smiles and both in a very joyful mood.

“Hello”. She said, “We’ve had a lovely evening, I hope yours went well, we must tell each other about it”.

“Yes Mistress, I Think all went well; shall I get you some lunch”?

Rory, slapping me on my back and said, “Hello, servant, how you doing? No thanks we’ve had lunch”.

I thought, ‘that sounds bad, his attitude has changed, Mary’s has got to him, he’s trying to be more assertive’. They were sat on the settee, arms around each other as I served the drinks.

He said, “On your knees. slave, my feet are aching, give then a massage”.

“Yes sir”, as I took off his sock and started caressing and massaging his right foot and ankle.

Mary said, “Tell us about your evening, I hope you made Janice welcome”?

“Did you enjoy yourself, slave, was she sexy enough for you”? Rory chipped in.

“I think I made her happy, she’s a very nice lady, I wasn’t sure what that was all about but I did everything she asked”.

“Well that’s good, it was part of my Christmas present to her, and she’s not had any male company since her husband past away. I thought she might still be here when we got back, I hope she might stay tonight. I’ll phone her later, to see what she has to say”.

I finished Rory’s right foot, kissed it, then started on his left, Mary continued, “We had a really sexy night, we watch porn videos until late and got some good ideas for including you in our fun this evening”.

“I’ll look forward to that”, I said in an ironic tone.

I finished Rory’s feet, and he demanded, “I think the Mistress would like her feet massaged now”.

I removed her stockings and spent a lot more time on Mary’s feet, after caressing and massaging I kissed and sucked each of her toes.

“That was good work, slave, now get us some more drinks and then you can prepare the dinner”. Rory commanded.

It was in the kitchen when Mary came in and put her arms around me and kissed me, “Oh, David, you’re so good, I do love you; you’ve been very good, I’ve spoken to Janice”.

“Really”, I interrupted her, “your evening was obviously a success, somehow you’ve made Rory much more dominant, and I don’t like him calling me ‘slave’. I hope Janice was pleased with me”.

“Yes, she was, she was very pleased about how you treated and made her happy but she was a little disappointed you sent her away too quickly, that was rather naughty of you”.

“Well, she had worn me out and I had to get the house cleaned up before you got home”.

“That’s as maybe, I told her you can go and stay with her next Friday night and as long as she wants you, so you’ll get plenty of sexual pleasure and with the ladies on Wednesday evening, you won’t need me to pleasure you”.

“You’re my wife, of course, I want some sexual pleasure with you, I love you and you just said you love me”.

“Oh, don’t get upset, David, I’ll speak to Rory and tell him not to overdo his dominance, is that alright”?

“Thank you, Mistress”.

I served them dinner but I did not sit and eat with them, I was feeling very depressed as I knew I was in for a rough time this evening. Rather than watching TV I went and sat in my bedroom reading my book until there was a knock on the door.

As I opened it, Rory was standing there, he said, “Sorry, David, but Mary insists I do this, get undressed, please”.

He sat on the bed, as I did. “Over my lap, you’ve been naughty to Mary’s friend and she requires you to be punished”.

He held my neck and just used his hand across my arse cheeks, I said, “Thank you, Sir”, for each strike.

After I got to five Mary came in, wearing her dominatrix corset, boots and gloves, “Is he taking his punishment well, Rory”?

“Yes, Mistress, very well”.

“Good, because he deserves it, disappointing my friend, carry on Rory”. I got to ten, with my arse stinging, Mary told me to stand up with my hands on my head, she strapped on my ball gag and then secured my cuffs with my wrists behind my head. Next, she grabbed my scrotum and fixed the leather straps around my balls and cock, she also made it more uncomfortable for me by fixing a cord to the strap and ran it between my arse cheeks and secured it to my cuffs.

With the lead attached to my cock and ball straps she pulled me into the master bedroom and was made to lie on the bed with my head at the bottom end so my ankles, with my legs spread wide and could be secured to the headboard.

Mary looked at me and said, “Good, we can have some fun now and he can see everything we are doing”.

She flashed the flogger across my chest and then on my erection before turning to Rory and kissing him passionately. Slowly she began to undress him, caressing and kissing his body, finally she was on her knees kissing and sucking his cock to a massive erection.

She stood up and said, “Oh, look at that little submissive erection, go on Rory take it into your mouth suck and wank it”.

Mary sat on my face and rubbed her wet fanny over my nose and gagged mouth as Rory sucked and then vigorously wanked my cock. Mary laughed as I quickly ejaculated; she rubbed my sperm across my chest and over my face. She lay across my body with her fanny and rectum just by my chin.

“Take me, Rory; let this submissive cuckold see a big cock in my vagina”.

I had to watch as he drove into her and of course, she took great delight in the extra erotic screams as he did so. They seemed to last for ages, sweat was pouring off them on to me, and with a final raucous scream, they both came together but remain coupled. Her juices and his sperm were running out of her fanny over my chin and chest. As he withdrew she again sat on my face rubbing her wetness over me, at the same time taking Rory’s facile cock in her hand, kissing and sucking it back to erection.

When she was satisfied that it was hard enough, she said, “Take me again Rory, doggy style, you’re so magnificent and satisfying”.

She rolled over again with her vagina next to my chin but with her head above my cock, which she grabbed and hit with her hand. Again there were erotic screams as he grabbed her hips and pulled himself into her, as he pumped his balls bashing my eyes and nose. Mary continued her screams of joy even when she took my cock into her mouth, biting and sucking on it. They did not seem to last as long this time before they orgasmed but Mary continued to suck me until I ejaculated into her mouth. She spun around undid my ball gag and kissed me passing my sperm back into my mouth.

Mary got Rory to undo all my restraints and I struggle to get off the bed, she said “I hope you enjoyed that”, as she flashed the flogger across my back, “I certainly did and I’m sure Rory did?

That’s what a submissive cuckold deserves, but you’ve been very good, David, you can come swimming with us tomorrow but you can buy the lunch. You look a mess; you better go and shower before going to bed”.

She hugged and kissed me, but I refused to answer or say anything as I went out, she tapped my red backside as I walked to the bathroom. As I came back to my bedroom I heard their giggles and splashing from the en-suite next door, which further infuriated as I flopped in my bed wondering if that was how I was to be treated every evening Rory was here.

Part 35 – A Submissive’s reaction

I lay awake all night considering my position; I got dressed but just lay on the bed reading my book. I decided I was not going to get breakfast for them; I’d lie here and wait to see what their reaction would be. I heard them eventually get up and go downstairs and Mary screamed, “Where’s, David”?

Rory said, “I told you we were going too far, we must have upset him”.

“Oh, he’ll just be sulking”. As she stormed back up the stairs and pushed into my room. I got off the bed and held up my hand and signalled for her to follow me, without saying a word. I went into the dining room as I gestured to Rory to follow, I indicated they should sit and I said, in a calm, controlled and deliberate manner.

“I lay awake all night considering how I should react to last evening’s happenings, I don’t want you to say a word, just respectfully listen”.

Mary stared to speak but I held up my hand and continued. “I did not like what you put me through last night, as with the previous weekend end, it was humiliating. I don’t know how you say you love me, Mary when you do that to me, you are not the wife I married. I appreciate that I cannot satisfy you and make you happy sexually, I can understand you want a lover, like Rory and previously Robert to make you happy but he was here, generally, only one night a week. With Rory, you’ve only known him for, what, five weeks, things have gone too far. Perhaps it’s best if I go and stay in a hotel for the next few weekends or you can go to Rory’s place but perhaps you would like me to move out altogether so you can hire a prostitute for your sex games”.

Mary sat aghast at what I was saying and I think there was a tear developing in the corner of her eye, I continued, “I’m not sure where I stand now; I think you may be falling in love with Rory and falling out of love with me”.

I stopped talking to let that point sink in, while Mary sobbed before I continued.

“I’m compliant with serving and servicing you for your lovemaking but I do not want to be involved or be made to watch you copulating. I’m happy to be an erotic masseur, for the ladies of the Pleasure Organisation, and will comply with you loaning me out to make your lady friends and you happy, so long as things do not go too far. I’m happy to support you in your activities with the Pleasure Organisation Parties. I think I deserve a little more respect as your husband rather than being thought of as a submissive sex slave”.

I hesitated as Mary wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Thank you for listening, I hope you will consider what I’ve said before you say anything at this time, you can go and do what you must to enjoy yourselves, I just want to be left alone for the rest of the day”.

I got up to leave, Mary sobbed, “Oh David”, and started to get up but Rory held her back, as I went up to my room.

I lay reading on the bed as well as wondering when or if anyone would come and discuss the situation with me, after about thirty minutes there was a knock on the door, to my surprise, it was Rory’s voice who said, “Can I, please, come in, David”?

I got up and opened the door, he was carrying a tray with tea and toast on it, “I thought you might like some breakfast”. He put it down on the bedside table and extended his hand to me.

“I’m very sorry, David, I appreciate what you said, I think Mary’s too upset at present, I will take her out and let her calm down but don’t blame her it’s just as much my fault. I knew what we were doing was over the top and unnecessary but you know Mary, when she wants to do something there’s no stopping her. I think its better I don’t come any more, I don’t want to be responsible for the breakup of your marriage. I appreciate how you let me into your relationship, you’re a good husband and you love your wife and want her to be happy”.

“Thank you, Rory, you don’t have to stop coming here, I like you and so does Mary, if you didn’t come she would get me involved in finding another lover. I just want to be shown a little more respect and I’d prefer not to be involved totally in your sexual activities”.

“I’ll only stay Saturday nights in future, I will take Mary out now for lunch and swimming. I’ll talk to her and try get her to understand how you and I feel about the situation”. He hugged me and said, “I’ll see you next Saturday, perhaps you should make Mary a nice dinner for this evening”.

I prepared her favourite dinner and waited for Mary to come home; as she came in I met her with a smile and said, “Hello, dear, had a good swim”?

She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me, “I’m sorry, David, I’ve been very silly, I don’t want you to leave me, I love you”.

“I know you do love, but all this extra stuff is unnecessary, I appreciate my situation but I should expect a little more respect, I always want you to be happy. Now let’s have dinner and talk about it afterwards”.

“Are you happy for Rory to keep coming here? I like him and he is very good in bed”? Mary asked.

“As I said, I appreciate your need for a lover, I like Rory too and I am happy to serve and service you when he’s here, but it need not go any further”.

“You are happy to continue servicing the ladies for charity and what about Janice, I promised her, next Friday evening”? She asked.

“Yes, that’s fine but it may sound strange, I think it would be better if I was secure in my cock cage with these ladies. You will need to speak to Janice about the change in the situation and I know what I’m expected to do, so long as I’m not humiliated. There is one other thing; can we act like a normal married couple during the week, when we are not entertaining, having the appropriate sex”.

“So I understand the situation, David, you want Rory and me not to be so dominant and be a little more respectful of your feelings”.

“You will always be my dominatrix and loving wife, besides, you look gorgeous in that leather corset but you don’t need to be like that all the time”.

“Oh, that’s good; I’ll wear it when we entertain the ladies on Wednesday evenings. Now, I hope there is not going to be any more sulking, let’s go to bed together”.

“After last night’s action, I have not yet changed your sheets, so you better come and sleep in my bed”.

We both were laughing as we went upstairs.

Part 36 – Entertaining the Ladies

Tuesday evening as we went up to bed and I stripped my clothes off, Mary said, “I’d better put your cage back on and we should discuss tomorrow evenings appointment with Sylvia”.

“Yes, I don’t want any dominatrix surprizes. Oh, that’s tight”, as she fiddled my cock into the cage.

“There, that’s good and secure so you know your place”.

“Thank you, Mistress”.

“I’ve got a new toy; I’m going to use with Sylvia and the other ladies that come here”. As Mary opened a long thin box and produced a double-ended dildo. “There, that looks and feels wonderful, I’ll try it later, undress me, David, in your lovely sexy way”.

As I took her clothes off and caressed and kissed her gorgeous body, I had forgotten how much it hurt as my cock, now in its cage after being free for the past three weeks, strained as it grew. The pain was forgotten as I licked, kissed and nibbled Mary’s vagina to orgasm.

With a big scream of erotic joy, she said, “That was wonderful, David, you are so good with your tongue. Now let’s try this new dildo”.

She lay back on the bed, with her legs wide apart; I slid one end of the dildo into her wet vagina, “Oh yes, that feels really nice, I shall enjoy another lady on the other end.

Now, tomorrow, if it is okay with you, I will sit here and watch you massage and worship Sylvia’s body, I’ll be in my full dominatrix costume after you make her cum, I thought it would be very erotic if you were to bend over to kiss and lick my boots and then, with your teeth, pull now the zip and remove them”.

“Yes, Mistress, that would be very suggestive and quite pleasurable”.

“But, I thought, again only if you want too, while you’re bending over, Sylvia could pull down your trousers and peg you with a strap on. Of course, I would have my leather cane, but you would still have your tee shirt on, I will only just tap it across your back”.

“That does sound very erotic, Mistress, thank you for your consideration; well if it pleases you and Sylvia I would be agreeable to that”.

“Oh thank you, darling, I’m sure it will make the whole experience much more sensational and erotic. Of course, once you take off my boots I will want you to kiss up my legs and finish here”. As she pointed, down to her fanny.

“Yes, Mistress, whatever pleases you”. After a long passionate kiss, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I was just clearing away the dinner things, Wednesday evening, when the doorbell rang, “Good evening, Mistress Sylvia how are you this evening”?

“I’m good, David, looking forward to this evening, where’s Mary”?

“She’s upstairs, getting ready and waiting for us, would you like a drink to start with”?

“Thank you, David, I’m not sure, I may be driving home later”.

“Well, if you have done what I suggested last time we met; you’ll be staying the night”.

“Oh, well then, a gin and tonic, please”.

I made her a very large drink which she carried upstairs, “Oh, Mary, you look gorgeous, that costume is marvellous, a proper Madam, you must tell me where you got it from”.

They embarrassed and Mary sat on the bed, with her legs crossed showing off her wonderful vagina. She cracked her cane across my buttocks, “Get on with pleasing Mistress Sylvia, David”.

I slowly caressed and kissed every bit of bare skin I uncovered, went on my knees and pulled down her knickers to expose a bald pubic area. My lips went to her vagina lips and she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in, I licked, sucked and kissed until Mary cracked the cane across my back and said.

“The orgasm, can come later, get on the table Sylvia”.

I was massaging her back, when I said, “Mistress, your body seems a little less bulky and more toned than I remember from last time”.

“Thank you, David, for noticing, I have been trying to slim and I’m exercising more. Your hands are just as wonderful as I remember, this is so relaxing”.

As I worked back up her legs I separated her plump buttocks and slide my hands through her crack, I got a big scream of pleasure, as I pushed two fingers into her rectum, bent and kissed that whole area. Turning over, I caressed Sylvia’s large breasts and took my time nibbling on her firm protruding nipples. I finished by kissing and sucking her clitoris at the same time working three fingers into her love passage. She was singing with erotic pleasure as she orgasmed spraying her feminine juices over my face.

Mary slapped the cane on her right boot, and said, “My turn now, David”, as she signalled Sylvia to put on the strap-on dildo. As I bent forward sucking on the long stiletto heel of Mary’s boot, Sylvia reached around and undid my trousers and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and spread my legs as she grabbed my hips and plunged into my arse. I found it difficult to kiss my way up Mary’s boot and get the tab in my teeth to pull down the zip. All through the process Mary continually tapped the cane across my tee-shirted back but not hard enough to cause marks or pain.

As I got the second boot off I could feel the drops of sweat dripping off Sylvia onto my back. From the erotic noises, she was making, I could tell she was enjoying the pleasure. Mary pulled off her gloves and slid forward so I had full access to her already wet vagina, by the time she orgasmed Sylvia had pulled out of me, took off the strap-on and grabbed me to plant kisses all over my face, and said.

“David, that was better than I remember, you wonderful man, absolutely marvellous, I really enjoyed all of you”.

“If you let David, help me out of this corset you can have some more pleasure with me”.

Mary kissed me as I handed her the double dildo, “Will you guide it in for us, David, then you can leave us”.

“Thank you, Mistress Mary and you Mistress Sylvia, it’s been a pleasure, see you in the morning”.

Thursday afternoon I had my usual meeting with Marjorie, as I was massaging her back she said, “I spoke to Mary earlier today, she said you had a ‘falling out’; she said you threatened to leave her”.

“Well, I did set out three possible scenarios; I was upset at the way she had humiliated me with Rory, trying to make him more dominant”.

“Are! That may have been, somewhat my fault, I’m sorry, what happened”?

“For the last few weeks, she’s made Rory punish and defile me; my back was thrashed so bad that Christmas night at your place, even Vivian and Carole, took pity on me. She’s made me watch them copulating, even Robert only made me do that once, you know I don’t like it but this last Saturday, I was tied to the bed and they did it on top of me, several times, right in front of my face; they went too far, I was not prepared to put up with it. I do love Mary but surely I deserve a modicum of respect”.

“What did you do”?

“I lay awake all night considering my options, I refused to get them breakfast, when they discovered I had not done anything for them, I refused to speak to them until they sat and listened to me. I said my piece and asked then to consider what I’d said and decide how things should turn out”.

“What did they say”?

“Nothing at first, about half an hour late Rory brought me breakfast to my room and appreciated my concerns and apologised. He’s a sensible chap and I like him, I don’t mind Mary having a weekend lover, I’ve got used to it and I’m prepared to serve and service them but I don’t want to be forced or involved in their copulation activities. He took Mary out to lunch and swimming but he did not come back with her so we sat down and talked it through. Mary agreed she had overdone things and agreed we would discuss my future involvement in theirs and our sexual activities”.

“I’m so glad you sorted things out, harmoniously, you’re such a proud and dutiful gentleman, David, thank you for that relaxing massage”.

After dinner, I sat down with Mary; she put her arm around me and kissed me passionately, then said, “Was last night okay for you”?

“Yes, I enjoyed myself and I think Sylvia appreciated and enjoyed it”.

“She was much better than the first time she came here, much sexier”.

“I had a little word with her at the dance and she took notice”.

“I’m glad you did; she did enjoy herself much more this time; so did I. Now, I had a word with Janice, today, I told her the situation has changed, I said it would be an erotic massage and dildos”.

“Oh dear, was she disappointed”?

“She was rather, so I suggested, you took her out for a meal first, are you okay with that”?

“Yes, that sounds fine”.

“Good, because I booked a table for you both at that Tia restaurant or six o’clock, tomorrow evening but I said I want you home by midnight that should give you plenty of time to please her”.

“I’m going to be Cinderella now am I”?

“Yes well, I also told her I would introduce her to some well-endowed men when she joins our Pleasure Club. I will help you clean the house on Saturday morning so you can come out to lunch and go swimming with us on Sunday”.

“You are such a gorgeous wife”. As I kissed and cuddled her.

I could taste the spices as Janice wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me in her hallway, she whispered in my ear, “Get your clothes off, David, and let’s get on with the fun”.

I stood naked in front of her and she started to kiss my chest and nibble at my nipples, her hand went down to my cock cage, “It’s a pity Mary put you back in this, I always knew what that key, she wears around her neck, was for. It can’t be good for you to wear all the time”?

I did not want to go into any details of the past weekend’s so I just said, “I’m used to it now, it’s to remind me of my place in our relationship and she does let me out when I’m allowed to make love to her”.

I undressed Janice, caressing and kissing her body before laying towels on the bed so she could lie on ready for the massage. As I worked on her back she ran her hand up my leg around my buttocks and then feeling my balls and cock cage.

“Doesn’t this hurt you; I can feel you getting aroused”?

“Yes it does but I try and control it, you playing with me like that doesn’t help”.

She then moved her hand back to my buttocks, into my crack and stuck a finger in my rectum, I gave a little scream, and she said, “I enjoyed fucking this last week, I had not done it before, Mary said I should try it, and it gave me a real feeling of control and power over you”.

I as I finished her. Before she turned over, I reciprocated by pushing two fingers in her rectum, she screamed and said, “I’ve never been fucked there, David, I have a virgin arse hole, will you try it for me later”?

“I’ll do anything that pleases you, Mistress”.

I kiss and nibbled her nipples and brought her to an orgasm with my tongue as I completed the massage. She stepped into the strap-on dildo, bent me over with my hands supporting me on the bed. She moved my legs apart spread my buttocks and plunged into me gripping my hips. My prostate was being vigorously exercised as she was making joyous noises together with the flapping of her tits bouncing up and down. She kept going into me for quite some time until her sweat-soaked body collapsed on my back, out of breath she exclaimed. “Wow, I enjoyed that, it made me feel a real dominatrix.”

Before I fixed my face dildo I asked, “Which hole do you want me to start with, Mistress”?

“I think I want you to try my arse but go easy, won’t you”.

“Yes, Mistress, but I had better lubricate it first”.

She lay back on the bed, I went on my knees as her legs were over my shoulders, I touched the tip of the dildo at the entry of her arse hole, she gave a little squeal. So I held it there before pushing in a little, another squeal, as she tightened her thighs around my ears.

“It’s okay, David, it’s just a different sensation, keep going but slowly”.

I pushed in about three inches and thought that should be enough before starting the back and forward motion.

“Oh yes, David, it’s different from being fucked in my fanny but, oh yes, I’m beginning to enjoy this”.

It was getting easier as I continued to rock in and out, Janice was screaming with delight as I noticed juices squirting from her fanny, she said, “Wow, David, I need a rest but that was very good a new experience”.

I took off the dildo and she grabbed my head and pulled me to her vagina, “Lick me, David, I’m so wet”.

I licked her as dry as I could and left her breathing heavily on the bed while I cleaned the dildo.

“I think it’s time for a drink, Mistress, I’ll go and fetch you a gin and tonic”.

“Yes, that would be lovely, David”.

I just had a drink of water, as I had to drive home later. Janice lay on the bed sipping her drink while I started caressing and kissing her breasts. I slid my hand down her body and pushed two fingers into her fanny and massaged her clitoris.

“That’s it, David, put that dildo back on your face and lie down, I want you to make me cum again”.

She positioned her knees on each side of my chest with her legs over my shoulders and lowered herself onto my upright rubber cock and began to rock. Janice was singing erotic noises of pleasure as her juices sprayed on to my face but she kept going until she cried out, “Yes, yes, oh wonderful, I’m cuming again”.

She eventually collapsed on me but as soon as I removed the face dildo she dived at me and began licking and kissing my face. Finally, she said, “Thank you, David, you were marvellous and I can’t thank Mary enough for loaning you out to me”.

“Thank you, Mistress, I hope I have pleasured and pleased you but I must go now”.

“Oh yes, David, it’s been wonderful; don’t leave a glass slipper on the doormat”. She quipped.

I left her exhausted on the bed and made my way home. Mary had waited up for me as I walked in,

“Everything go okay”?

“Yes, I think I left Janice a very happy lady; she getting very adventurous sexually, have you been training her”?

“I think she’s making up for lost-time, thank you for doing that for me, you’ve been very good. Come to bed with me and I’ll take your cage off, it must have been quite difficult for you with that on”.

“You’re being very considerate; I hope you’re not planning something for tomorrow”.

“No, I understand what you said last Sunday and I do appreciate your feelings, I just want to give you a little reward for making Janice happy”.

She caressed my balls and cock then licked and sucked my head, jerked me to an erection. Mary then began to tease and play with me, pulling back my foreskin and tickling the head, she then said, “You realise I own your cock and you are not allowed to ejaculate unless I say so, even if you’re inside me. Tomorrow while I’m in here with Rory, you are not allowed to touch yourself no matter how horny you feel. If I find out that you have pleasured yourself, without my permission, your cage with go back on and stay on for a month, is that understood”?

As she squeezed my balls and pinched my head, “Yes, Mistress, clearly understood”.

“Good, I’m going to make you cum now”, as she continued wanking me until I shot my load. She caught most of it in her hand and brought it to my mouth.

Part 37 – Mary’s Fun

Saturday turned out to be a pleasant day for me; Rory was very friendly, bringing me another bottle of tax-free whiskey, from his travels. I serve and serviced them ready for their sexual pleasure and left them to it. We all went out for lunch and then swimming on Sunday, we dropped Rory off at his flat.

When we got home I took Mary in my arms and said, “That was a very pleasant weekend for me; thank you, darling, I feel very relaxed after that swim”.

“I’m glad, I enjoyed it too, but there may be some weekends when we might want a little more from you”.

I thought ‘not too much I hope, you always have the final comment that spoils the situation’.

Tuesday evening I sat down with Mary to discuss the following evening’s charity massage appointment with Beatrice and Jerome, she said, “Last week with Sylvia went well but this week will be different, I’m looking forward to entertaining Jerome”.

“I bet you are but I want you to be safe so make sure he wears a condom”, I said ironically.

“Yes, I’ll make sure I’m safe with him. I think you should pay tribute and massage Jerome, and then he can sit with me and watch you work with Beatrice. If you don’t want to watch me with Jerome you had better take Bea to your bedroom, when you have finished her massage and she can have fun with you”.

“I know what her fun is like; she’s had fun with me before”.

“Don’t be like that, David, they are paying guests remember; I’ll put your cage back on, I will only let special ladies have access to that little cock I own. Is that all agreeable to you, David”?

“Yes, Mistress, you know I’ll do as you say”.

“Good, I was talking to Janice today, she liked pegging you, although she did not get an orgasm from it, she got a strong sense of dominance and power. She suggested I should try it with you. I only tried it that once, after your training and I really didn’t like it, I suppose I should try again, does it do anything for you”?

“Yes Mistress, it simulates my prostate and I get a kind of orgasmic feeling from it. So many ladies, and a few men, have done it to me now, I’m quite used to it and it can be pleasurable”.

“Oh good, take me upstairs, I want to try it”.

After securing my cock cage, I undressed and worshipped Mary’s beautiful body, as she slipped into a strap-on I bent over the bed. Mary gripped my hips and tentatively pushed the dildo into my anus, I gave her some encouragement.

“That’s it, Mistress, push in a little more, now thrust, yes, a little harder, yes, you’re simulating my g-spot now”.

As she became more confident she worked into a faster rhythm ad slip her hand round to my balls and breathlessly said, “You could get double the pleasure if I were to wank you as well, when your cage is off. You can suck Rory off at the same time”.

“Let’s just take it one stage at a time, you’re thinking ahead of yourself and perhaps going too far, Mistress”. As she pulled out of me, she said rather dominantly, “I will decide what I enjoy doing with you; if it makes me happy, you should be happy and not go into a sulk. I could even use the flogger in my other hand; I might try that on Saturday”.

“I know my place, Mistress, just so long as I don’t have to watch you shagging a big cock”. I said angrily.

I enjoyed caressing and kissing Mary’s gorgeous body and made her cum with my tongue which sent me to sleep in a much happier mood.

I met Jerome and Beatrice at the door dressed in my white uniform and took their coats, I said, “Good evening, Master Jerome and Mistress Bea; Mistress Mary is waiting for us upstairs”.

I led them up to Mary and I could see Jerome was immediately impressed by Mary’s dominatrix costume, sitting cross-legged, on the bed, exposing her naked vagina. She greeted both of them with a very passionate kiss, particularly for Jerome which lasted unnecessarily long, I thought.

Jerome was a big man, taller and bulkier than me, I said, “May I undress you, Master”?

He agreed with a nod, seemingly unsure of what was about to happen, as I undid his shirt buttons his solid, hairy and dusky brown chest was exposed. I kissed around his nipples which seemed to please him as I slid his shirt off. I was on my knees taking off his shoes and socks and kissed his feet which was appreciated by the ladies who gave a little joyful cry. I noticed that Mary was kissing Bea who had her hand between Mary’s legs.

Still, on my knees, I undid his trousers and slid then down his legs. The bulge in his pants was very noticeable as Mary gave out a joyful scream, “Oh that looks impressive”.

I pulled down his pants and his semi-erect cock sprang out to more cheers from the ladies, “Oh yes, very impressive”, Mary said, “Now kiss and suck it, David, make it hard”.

After I had brought him to a full erection, I had forgotten how big he was, bigger than Rory, by an inch or so and fatter. Mary was swooning as he got on the table ready for his massage, she said, “Be as quick as you can, David, I want to enjoy that marvellous cock”.

“Be patient, Mistress, I will my job properly”, I said, as I caressed my oily hands over his solid shoulders and back. His pert buttocks felt very strong as did his legs as I worked them.

I said, “You obviously work out, Master Jerome, your body is very tort and strong”.

He mumbled his appreciation, while Mary said, impatiently, “Oh, get on with it, David”.

There was another scream of delight, from Mary, as he turned over and his cock stood to attention. I worked down his body as fast as I dare, I could see Mary getting more and more impatient. I finished by gentle caressing his balls then his cock with my fingertips and kissing the head.

“There, Master Jerome, I hope that was satisfactory”?

“Yes, thank you”, he said, “That was very invigorating and relaxing”.

Mary indicated to Bea to get off the bed and said, “Come and sit next to me, Jerome”, as she grabbed his giant tool, they put their arms around each other and kissed passionately.

“Mistress Bea, are you ready for this”? I said. “Oh yes”, she said excitedly, “I see your technique has improved considerably since last year, I’m looking forward to this”.

She was quite short and still very rounded, I sunk to my knees and ran my hands up her legs unclipped her stockings and rolled them down, took them off with her shoes and kissed her feet. Mary was busy playing with Jerome’s enormous cock as I undressed and worshipped Bea’s large body. She lifted the fat over her stomach as I kissed her vagina. On the table, her fatty tissue moved with my hands as I worked over her body. I caressed her floppy tits and sucked on her nipples, then as she was lying flat, her stomach fat had slipped each side of her body so I was able to lick and kiss her wet fanny.

Mary shouted, “David, get over here and make me wet ready to enjoy this piece of meat”, as she waved Jerome’s cock in her hand.

As I bent over to kiss between Mary’s legs, Bea grabbed my hips and pushed herself on to me and slapped my arse. Mary shoved me away and Bea jumped on my back, wrapping her legs around my waist. As I piggy-backed her to my room I heard a squeal of joy from Mary as she sunk herself onto Jerome.

As I closed the door, Bea, slid off my back and ripped off my tee-shirt, spun around me and clapped her mouth to my right nipple, biting hard. She then moved to the left one before pulling my mouth to hers, giving me a very passionate kiss.

“That message was fantastic”, she said, “For a white-cuckold-submissive, with your wife impaled on my partners’ enormous black man-hood, you deserve a reward. Take your pants off and get over my knees”.

She sat on the bed and signalled me down over her knees, I thought ‘this doesn’t look like a reward, it’s more like punishment’. She held me in place with her left hand and brought her right hand down hard onto my right buttock.

“Thank you, Mistress Bea, one”. I said meekly.

The next hit was on my left buttock, “Thank you, Mistress Bea, two”

I got to ten when she stopped and caressed her hand over my buttocks, separating then forcing a finger in my anus. She then said, “There, what a good white-boy you are, now I’m going to fuck this nicely coloured arse”.

She put on a strap-on-dildo and presented it to my mouth, making me kiss and suck it before bending me over the bed and lifting my hips. Roughly, she plunged into my rectum and started to pump in and out, while slapping my hips and back.

I remembered, from my cuck training last year, Beatrice had stamina and seemed to be shagging me for ages. I heard Mary’s erotic screams of joy, from next door, and I knew she had orgasmed at least twice. Eventually, Bea’s pounding slowed and she leaned her sweaty chest on my back, she reached around me and tweaked both my nipples.

She pulled out of me and removed the strap-on and dived onto the bed pulling me with her, she pushed me between her legs and pressed my lips to her soaking vagina. I kissed, licked and sucked her to a screaming orgasm, her juices squirted over my face.

I rolled over and Bea came and licked my face, and said, “I taste good, I want to cum again”, as she strapped a dildo on my face. She lowered herself on to it, grabbing and squeezed my nipples which were now getting very sore. She pounded down on my face and cried ecstatically as another stream of her vaginal fluid shot over my face. She removed the dildo and put her bulky body half across me, licking and kissing all over my face, and said, “I’ve enjoyed myself, with you tonight, you’ve been good”. As she fell into a deep sleep.

Thursday evening I lay next to Mary after she removed my cock cage and was playing with my ‘little man’, which was getting very hard, she said, “Last night went very well, Jerome was very satisfying, he was huge and left me a little sore. How was your evening”?

“Not as satisfying as yours, I’m sure; I was left with bruises all around my nipples”. As she gently kissed my chest.

“I expect you need some relief, then, after last night, I’ll just toss you off, will that be good enough for you”?

“That’s very kind of you, darling”.

Rory came on Saturday, as usual, I was surprised how nice and respectful they were to me, I served and serviced then but there was no afters, I just left then to enjoy there fun. We went for lunch and a swim, on Sunday and after dinner, I sat with Mary and she put her arms around me and started to kiss me very passionately then said seductively, “I want to make love, darling, take me upstairs and undress me”.

I worshipped her body and we lay on the bed together, after playing with me and got me erect she took me in her mouth kissed and sucked my ‘hard-on’.

“I want this inside me”, she whispered. “Try to last as long as you can”.

She climbed on top of me and guided me into her vagina and started to rock while I kissed her nipples. I was desperately trying not to cum but her vaginal muscles were pulling on rampant cock.

“I’m sorry, Mistress, I’m going to cum”.

“That’s alright, dear, you can, then you can clean me a make me cum with that lovely tongue”.

Tuesday evening we were discussing our Wednesday visitor, it was a lady I did not know but probably seen at some party. Mary again took me in her arms and said, “I want to make love to you again before I put your cage back on”.

“That would be very nice, dear”, said in a surprised voice.

As I greeted, our visitor on Wednesday, I did recognise a very attractive petite, blond lady. After undressing, paying tribute, massaging and making her cum, I left her to enjoy Mary.

I was further surprised, on Thursday when Mary took off my cage she made love to me again, I said, “There’s not any celebration or anniversary I’ve missed, is there”?

“No, why”?

“Making love to me three times in a week”!

“I just want to love my kind, gorgeous husband, that’s not too surprising, is it”? She said with and a big smile and kiss.

After spending some time, upstairs, with Mary on Saturday morning, Rory came into the kitchen, where I was finishing my work. “How are you, David”, he asked, “work been good this week”?

“Yes, it’s been a good week, how was yours”?

“Good, I’ve been in Germany this week, it’s been very good, I’m going to Finland next week. I’d like to ask you something”, he said ponderously.

“You get about, don’t you, well go ahead and ask”.

“The thing is”, again very hesitantly, “I’m going to be in France for the two weeks after that and I thought it won’t be worth coming home that weekend, I’m planning to stay in Paris”.

“Well that sounds good, Mary might be a little disappointed”.

“Yes, well, now you won’t be upset or get jealous, will you”?

“You’ve not asked me anything yet”!

“I was going to ask Mary to come over for the weekend”, he then hurriedly said, “You could come as well if you want”.

“That’s very good of you but wouldn’t I be in the way, ‘a gooseberry’? I suppose it’s really up to Mary, isn’t it?”

“Yes, well she wanted me to ask you, she thought you would get upset if she told you”.

“Hang on a moment, when did you tell Mary about this”?

“Last weekend, actually”.

“Oh, so that’s why she’s been so nice to me this last week. Let me look at the calendar; that’s the weekend in a fortnight; oh, next Saturday you and Mary are due to go to the Pleasure Organisation’s ‘Stud’s and Bull’s Party’, that will be an experience for you. I’m due to help out at Rose’s party the following weekend, so I suppose it will be alright for her to join you in Paris”.

At that point, Mary burst through the door, threw her arms around me and kissed me, “Oh, thank you, David, you’re not upset about it”?

“You’ve been listening at the door, have you”?

“Yes well, I thought you might not go along with it and be jealous or upset because of the way you were a couple of weeks ago”.

“Are you that afraid of me, you know I want you to be happy, anyway it’s worked out quite well; with me being at Rose’s that weekend, it will be a nice break for you, so long as you don’t do anything silly and I’ll have next Saturday to myself”. I said with a smirk.

“Oh, I do love you, David”, as she kissed me again and Rory shook my hand.

Mary seemed so delighted that I had not caused a fuss over her trip, she could not keep her hands off me all day, when even we passed each other she would either hug or kiss me. The three of us sat together at dinner and watched a film on T.V. till quite late when Mary excused herself.

Rory said, “We’re to go up in fifteen minutes, she’s so happy, I think she wants to have some fun”.

As we went into the master bedroom Mary was sat on the bed in her full dominatrix costume, with the cane in one hand and the flogger in the other plus a strap-on-dildo. She demanded, “Get your clothes off, David, and then undress and pay tribute to Rory’s gorgeous body”.

She sat, impatiently, slapping the cane against her long boots as I took off Rory’s clothes and caressed and kissed his body. As I went on my knees, to make his manhood hard, for Mary.

She shouted, “No, not now, come and lay on the bed next to me Rory, but stay on your knees, David”.

Rory lay with his legs dangling over the bottom of the bed as Mary got up and presented her rubber cock to my mouth. I kissed and sucked it while she flashed the flogger across my back.

“Now do it to the real cock and make it good and hard for me”, she ordered.

I bent over and took Rory’s meat into my mouth as she pushed her dildo in my anus, grabbing my hips and started pumping. She reached around and took my erection in her hand and wanked me, as she hit my prostate G-spot sending and orgasmic thrill through my body. As I ejaculated she caught most of my seeds in her hand, pulling out and then me off Rory, she presented her hand to my mouth.

I licked and sucked her hand and as she patted my arse with the other, she said, “There’s a good boy that was fun, I enjoyed that, I hope you did, David. Now undress me, please”.

I just said, “Yes, Mistress”, she made me suck the dildo before I took it off; I removed her boots, kissing her feet and legs, while she stripped off her gloves. The leather corset came off; I kissed and caressed her beautiful body. Back on my knees, I was kissing her vaginal lips when she grabbed my head and pulled me hard into her, my tongue flicked at her clitoris until she pulled me up kissing and tonging my mouth.

She said, “Thank you, David, that was a wonderful evening, we’ll see you in the morning”.

Mary came and sat with Rory and me on Sunday morning, and cheerily said, “I’ve for flights and it looks good, there’s a six o’clock flight, to Paris Friday, evening and a four o’clock back on Sunday afternoon. Will you take me and pick me up from the airport, please David”?

She kissed me before I had time to answer, affirming that I would.

“You can meet me at Orly Airport, Friday evening and take me back Sunday, Rory. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend, thank you both, my wonderful loving husband and my marvellous weekend lover, I’m so lucky”, she said excitedly as she kissed Rory.

I said, “Well, don’t get too excited yet, there’s still a fortnight before you go, I’ll invite Rose for lunch, one day next week, to make arrangements for that weekend”.

We went out for lunch and then to the swimming club, after dropping Rory off and driving home.

I said, “You don’t mind not having Rory stay Sunday nights? I’m quite pleased he doesn’t stay, you nearly went too far with your sex play last night, after all, I said a couple of weeks ago”.

“Well it would be nice to have a little more time with him but he usually has an early flight on Monday mornings. I’m still mindful of your feelings about our sexy fun; at least I didn’t make you watch us”.

“Well I’m pleased about that, you’re not getting fed up with him, are you getting too much for you”?

“Oh no, he‘s such a good lover and I enjoy his marvellous cock, besides I have you and our guests during the week; I think that’s more than enough sexual activity”.

We had dinner, Mary cuddled up to me on the settee watching television. “You’re being very affectionate lately”.

“Why shouldn’t I be, don’t you like it”?

“Of course, I do, I love you deeply”.

“I know you do and I love you; you’ve made me so happy, now we’ve got our relationship going at a good sensible rate. I know I went, a bit over the top, to begin with, but everything is sorted now. Let’s go to bed but I need a little time to recover from Rory, we’ll make love tomorrow”.

Part 38 – Plans for a New House

At work, I had a few moments spare so I picked up the phone and dialled Rose’s number, it was picked up after three rings, “Hello David, this is a nice surprise, how are you”?

I replied, “Hello Rose, I’m fine, how about you”?

“Yes, things are going well, the business is good and the housing development is coming on”.

“Oh good, are you free for lunch, at all, this week”?

“Well, I usually go shopping in town with Jenna on Wednesdays so we could meet up with you, lunch would be very good, you can bring Carole as well and we can talk about the arrangements for our party”.

“Yes well, that’s why I suggested lunch”.

“Good, I could bring the plans for the housing development for you to see but they are rather bulky”.

“I’ll be interested in seeing those, why don’t you come into the office about eleven-ish, you know where we are, I’ll tell reception that I’m expecting you. Perhaps you can leave the plans with me and I’ll bring them back to the party but remember not a word about this to Mary, I don’t want her to know about this yet”?

“Yes, that’s fine; I’ve got spare copies of the plans and the architect’s impression brochure. We’ll look forward to Wednesday, David, see you then”.

Before Mary and I got into bed, Monday evening, she said, “I think I’ll put this on you, it seems to make you last longer and perhaps you’ll make me cum, I hope so”! She fixed the thin leather straps around my scrotum and cock.

We lay in the sixty-nine position kissing and sucking each other, Mary said, “Wow, you feel really hard tonight, I want you inside me, I’m going to enjoy this”.

She climbed on top of me and guided me into her wet vagina; I grabbed her hips and pulled her right into me. She had her hands on my chest supporting her as she rocked on me, I was concentrating trying not to think about cuming, as she started to sing, “Ok yes, oh yes, this is good”.

We were going at it for quite some time, we were both sweating and breathing heavily when I felt my sperm building, “Sorry, Mistress, I’m going to cum”.

“Hang on; I’m nearly there, oh yes, oh yes, oh yeeeeeeeeeess”. As her body squirmed with her orgasm beneath me and I arched my body up to her as I shot my load.

She collapsed on top of me and kissed me furiously, “That was wonderful, David, some of the best sex I’ve had with you; now clean me up”.

She swivelled around on me so I was kissing and sucking my cum from her fanny while she kissed and sucked on my soft ‘little man’.

“I’ll put your cage back on tomorrow night, we’ve got Vivian coming for the Wednesday appointment: I’m not letting her play with ‘my little cock’, she’ll be more interested in this”, as she patted my arse before we went to sleep.

Wednesday morning I greeted Rose and Jenna in my office, Carole brought in a tray of coffee and embraced them both.

“Welcome to my humble little office, you both look absolutely radiant, living together suits you; I believe congratulations are in order”.

Rose replied, “Thank you, David, humble, this place is massive, congratulations are a bit premature, we were trying to keep it a secret until the party, who told you”?

“I’m afraid, Daphne, let it slip at the New Year’s Eve Party”.

“Well, she would have to spoil it; we’d better have a look at these”. She pulled a great wodge of papers and pamphlets from her bag.

I took my time looking through the plan and the pamphlets, asking a few questions, I said, “This looks fantastic, I want that four-bedroomed secluded house, looking at these it seems the perfect place for us”.

“The builders are getting on quite quickly the floors are down and they should have started the walls when you come over a week on Saturday”.

“I’m not going to tell, Mary, about this until I’ve seen the layout. When Mary’s seen it all, I’m sure she will love it, I’ll get straight onto my solicitor and sort out a deposit”.

“That’s wonderful, David, it’ll be a freehold purchase but there will be annual maintenance charges for the swimming pool and surrounding area, I can also arrange for your garden upkeep if you don’t want to do it yourself. But that can all be sorted later, you will be able to choose the style and decor you want in the house before it’s finished, which should be somewhere about June”.

“That’s marvellous, I think it’s about time we went out, we can talk about the party arrangements over lunch”.

I walked with Rose, to the restaurant, while Carole and Jenna walked together, Rose asked, “How are things with you now, David, you didn’t seem too happy a New Year, what about Rory”?

“Yes, well things came to a head the week after, Mary took things way beyond respectability in the bedroom, I rather flipped, and threatened to leave. I talked to then both about how I felt; they listened and considered what I said and then we talked things through. Rory was very conciliatory, he’s quite a good chap and I understand why Mary has a lover, so long as it’s only at the weekend, but she took a little while longer to understand how I was feeling about things. She realised that I wanted to be more respected in our relationship and she’s been really loving lately”.

“Well, that’s very good for you”, Rose interjected.

“I hope it’s not because Rory is staying in France, that weekend I’m with you, he invited Mary to go to Paris with him and I agreed she could go. So I’m taking her to the airport Friday afternoon and picking her up on Sunday evening”.

“Well, why don’t you come straight to us, after you drop her off and stay until you need to pick her up”?

“That’s very good of you if you don’t mind; I’d love to do that”.

“I’m sure Daphne will entertain you Friday evening; we can go and see the building development on Sunday morning”. “That will be good but I’m a bit dubious about Daphne’s entertainment”.

“I’ll tell her not to be too boisterous with you”. She said as I opened the door of the restaurant for them.

We ordered, our food and drinks, while we waited for them to be delivered, Rose started to tell us about the party. “I appreciate, you and Carole coming to help us out with the catering, I suppose some of the ladies might want to enjoy your talents in the evening, David; I hope you won’t mind?”

“Oh, no, I don’t mind, I’m sure I will enjoy myself”.

“I will be making an announcement during the afternoon, there will be about twenty couples, there during that time, about three husbands and wives, the others will be lady couples but only six of our closest lady friends will be staying on in the evening. What would you suggest for the food, David”?

Carole interjected her ideas, as I suggested, “Well, it sounds like a finger buffet for the afternoon, I know a good catering company that will provide that. I will give you there details and you can order what you want and I thought, Carole and I could cook up a nice chicken and a vegetable curry for the evening guests”.

Both Rose and Jenna agreed that sounded marvellous and were very pleased with our suggestions, as we tucked into our meals and continued with general chatter.

After a pleasant ninety minutes, we said our goodbyes and I told Rose to phone me if she needed any further thing done, as we walked back to the office and they went shopping.

I greeted Mistress Vivian, at the door, and to my surprise, she kissed my full on my lips, “How are you, David, you look well”? As I led her up the stairs.

“Yes, thank you, Mistress, I am well, where’s Carole this evening, she didn’t say anything when we had lunch with Rose and Jenna today”?

“She’s gone to a club, with, Daphne; I think she’s scouting for some new young playthings. You know what Daphne’s like; you’ve been in the hayloft with her, haven’t you”?

“Yes, Mistress, I have had the experience”.

As we entered the bedroom, Vivian gasped, as she saw Mary sitting there in her full dominatrix outfit, “Oh, Mary you look fabulous, that costume really suits you, I can’t wait to devour your beautiful body”.

“First things first, Vivian”, as she cracked the cane on her boot, “David, get Vivian undressed and let me see you perform”.

I slowly did as I was instructed and sensitively caressed and kissed her skin as it was exposed. As I kissed her vagina, Mary cracked the cane across my back. As Vivian said, “I love the way you undress me, David, I don’t think anyone has done it better for me”.

I gently massaged down her back, paying particular attention to her small buttocks, kissing them and moving down between them and tonguing her anus, she gave out a soft purring noise of approval. I kissed and sucked her nipples they became hard and protruded out of her breasts, as I continued caressing her front. As I always did with an erotic massage I finished by kissing, licking and tonguing her vaginal passage. She was purring and singing erotically as I brought her to a body squirming orgasm.

As she slid off the table and kissed my neck from behind me and whispered in my ear, “That was exhilarating, David, better than any woman has done for me”. As she grabbed my arms and tied my wrists together, behind my back and pushed my face down on the bed and took the cane from Mary.

“Sorry, David, I have to do this, despite you being so good”, as she cracked the cane across my arse.

“Thank you, Mistress Vivian, One”. I mumbled. I got to five when she dropped the cane and sensuously caressed my arse cheeks then pushed a finger into my anus.

“I like this part of your body and I’m going to enjoy it now”, she said dominantly. As she roughly twisted me around and strapped on a dildo, while Mary fixed another dildo onto my face. Vivian hoisted my legs over her shoulders and pounded into my anus while Mary squatted over my head, I was feeling very uncomfortable as they attacked me but the only consolation was that they were both enjoying themselves according to the noise they were making.

Mary reached an enormous orgasm and was slapping my chest while Vivian gave out animalistic grunts as she gave me the final thrusts. We all were exhausted as they removed the dildos, Vivian released my wrists and Mary demanded that I undress her. Vivian was flogging my back as I removed Mary’s boots kissing her legs: I took off her corset and kissed her sopping fanny but she pushed me away and clasped Vivian in a passionate embrace, I knew it was time for me to disappear.

In bed the next evening Mary took off my cage and reflected on the previous evening’s activities, “Vivian was rather rough, especially with you”.

“That’s how she always is with me but I hadn’t realised how strong she is; then she always is the dominant person”.

Mary had been playing with me while she talked and she had brought me to an aching erection, “Wow, you seem exceptionally hard tonight, make love to me”, she whispered in my ear as she climbed on top of me.

As I played with her tits, her vaginal muscles sucked on me, I eventually ejaculated, I was unsure as to whether she had, but she collapsed on me kissing me and nuzzling my neck. I went soft inside her but she still clung to me and I wrapped my arms around her, as she sleepily said, “I do love you, David”.

Rory arrived early on Saturday morning and Mary took him straight upstairs, I heard the bed creaking as I continued with my housework. As they came down for lunch, I said, “Sounds like we will need a new bed soon”, I thought, ‘not too soon, when we move into our new house’.

I continued, “Should you have been doing that, given this ‘gang-bang’ you’re going to this evening”?

“Are you jealous, David, its just sex”, Mary said, “pleasurable and satisfying but just a good fuck”.

I didn’t appreciate the comment and I could tell Rory didn’t either but neither of us said anything.

Mary continued, “Will you be a dear, David, and drive us tonight? Then pick us up around one o’clock? Can you give us both a nice massage before we get dressed, this evening”?

“Of course, Dear, anything to please you”.

Later in the afternoon, I sat down with Rory, watching the football results, he said, “What have I let myself in for this evening, David”?

“You should enjoy yourself, you’re just going to shag some nice ladies and Mary will be shagged by some well-endowed men but I would suggest you try not to drink too much”.

I took Rory upstairs and gave him a massage, Mary came up and sat on the bed, “I like watching you work, David, you’re so caring and it turns me on”.

He showered and dressed and left me massaging Mary, I took my time caressing and kissing all my favourite parts of her fabulous body. I waited while she had a quick shower and helped her dry; she put on a very flimsy, lacy bra, hold up stockings and I helped her on with a thin short revealing dress.

“Is that all you’re going to wear”? I questioned.

“Yes, I think it’s appropriate for this evening”. Now leave me while I do my hair and make-up.

I felt like a chauffeur as I dropped them off at the warehouse, I said, “Now make sure you keep yourselves safe, us the condoms they supply and enjoy your evening”.

I waved to Brenda and Marjorie as they went in before I drove back home. I set the alarm for twelve-thirty in case I fell asleep in front of the T.V.

I arrived back at the warehouse about ten-to-one, Tommy was sat in his car, so despite the cold, I went across to chat with him. Brenda came running out, looking resplendent and gave me a big kiss before getting in the car with Tommy. Marjorie came out on the arm of Paul, gave me a peck on the cheek, and said, “You better go in and help Mary she’s struggling with Rory”.

“Okay thanks”, I replied, “I told him not to drink too much”.

As I entered the main hall, Rory was slumped in a chair, his shirt was undone and hanging out of his trousers and Mary looked rather bedraggled, her hair was a mess, her bra was missing and her stockings were laddered and torn. “Christ”, I said, “you look like you’ve been in a fight”.

“Oh no, David, I’ve had a wonderful evening, the last ‘stud’ was a bit rough but I enjoyed him. Help me with Rory, he was very popular with the ladies, he’s absolutely worn out and he’s overdone the drink”.

I put my arm around Rory to support him as we staggered to the car, “Bloody hell”, he said, “that was some evening, those women were ruthless, there was one sitting on my face before I’d finished shagging another one; I lost count on how many I had”.

Rory slumped across the back seat so Mary sat in the front with me, I said, “So a good time was had by all, then, how many ‘studs’ did you have”?

“I forgot how those evenings can be so hectic especially when the drink had taken effect, I tried to take it easy, I only had three big cocks in me, but the last one was rather young, he was the biggest, he seemed quite drunk and didn’t take much care, it was just a rough fuck for him. I hope I’m not turning you on, David, telling you about my sexual exploits, it usually does”.

“No, not now, dear, I’m past being aroused, I knew what to expect this evening”.

I carried Rory in, half-asleep, Mary said, “Put him in your bed and came and sleep with, David, I’m rather sore so I just want to hug and kiss you; you’re such an understanding and caring husband”.

When I took Rory up some breakfast, he said, “Thank you, David, I must apologies for last night, I feel awful, I hope I’ve not upset Mary”? “I don’t think so, we understand it was your first sex party and you need to understand you can’t please all the ladies in one evening. I’ll give you a massage and the swim will liven you up”.

Tuesday evening as we went up to bed, Mary said, “I’ll leave your cage off, Tina is our guest tomorrow, she’s one of Vivian’s friends, and she’ll only want the massage from you and then spend the rest of the evening with me. I’m getting excited about the weekend, please make gentle love to me, David, your so caring and kind, I do love you”.

Mary was rushing around Thursday evening getting things ready for her weekend in Paris, she fell into bed and I said, “You’re only going for two nights, the stuff you’ve been packing away in your case you could be leaving home”.

“I’ve got to be prepared for a good time”, as she punched me on the arm, “now make love to me, in the nice way you do”.

As with the last few times we orgasmed about the same time and Mary just remained laying across me with my softening cock soaking inside her. She whispered, “I do love you making love to me, you’re so gentle and pleasing, you know it’s just sex with the others”.

I thought as I dozed off, ‘that’s a comfort, dear, but I’m not big, long and satisfying like the others, though’.

I picked Mary up from work; she had changed into more casual, revealing and sexually titillating clothes, while I was still in my work clothes.

As I drove, Mary looked at my briefcase, “That looks full; you usually don’t bring that much work home at weekends”?

“No, it’s just some papers I want to look at, Sunday afternoon”. I had all the plans and pamphlets for the building development, I did not want Mary to know about yet.

“That’s very contentious of you, darling, but don’t forget to pick me up, I should be back around seven-thirty”.

We arrived at the airport in good time for her flight, as I retrieved her bag from the back seat of the car; she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“I’m going to miss you, love”.

I retorted, “Don’t be silly, you’re hardly going to be away, you will forget about me as soon as you are on the plane, now enjoy yourself, I’ll see you Sunday evening”. As I waved her goodbye.

Part 39 – Rose’s Engagement Party

I drove home and changed into my white uniform, I realised that Mary had not put my cage on, then I thought ‘all the women will be lesbians if they want sex it’ll be my arse that gets shagged’. I packed my toiletries and a few clothes in a bag and picked up my boots from the garage. I planned to spend a good part of Sunday looking at the housing development.

I was greeted by Rose and Jenna when I arrived at the stables, around seven o’clock, they both kissed me and as Rose took my coat she said, “Your outfit looks very appropriate, David, how are you and Mary”?

“Good, thank you and Mary should just about be arriving in Paris if there weren’t any delays. You both look very attractive, living together suits you”.

“Have you eaten, David”? I indicated I hadn’t. “I didn’t think you would have done, neither have we”.

As we sat in their large kitchen-dining area, eating the meal that Jenna had prepared, Rose said, “Daphne has guests this evening, I hope she realises they will have to go tomorrow morning”.

We chatted while we drank wine, as time went on, Rose said, “I’d better show you to your room, David, but you know Jenna has never experienced your talents, will you please get us ready for bed tonight in your special way”.

“Yes, of course, I’d love to”.

On the upstairs landing, Rose indicated, “That’s your room down there, David, this is Daphne’s room”, as she knocked on the door”.

Daphne opened it, saw me and planted a wet sloppy kiss on me, “Hello, you, come in and have some fun”.

I looked into the room and saw two scantily leather-clad young girls and realised they were both dressed like ponies.

Rose demanded, “No, David going to be with us for now; just checking, have you organised the rides for tomorrow”.

“Yes, the grooms have everything ready; I’ll be down there first thing in the morning”.

“That’s good, just make sure your playthings are gone by then, come on, David”, Rose led me down the other end of the landing to her room.

Jenna was sat on the bed and Rose kissed her tenderly and sat next to her, “Will you undress us, David please, in that sexy way you’re so good at”?

“Yes, Mistresses, it will be my pleasure”.

On my knees, I took off their shoes, unclipped their stocking from the suspenders rolled them down caressed and kissed their feet and legs in turn. Next, I unbuttoned and removed their blouses kissing their necks and shoulders. Unclipping their bras and slid them off their arms, I teased their breasts and nibbled their nipples which got murmurs of pleasure.

I got Rose to stand, as she did, she kissed me full on my lips and said, “Wow, David, this is marvellous, I’m getting so aroused”.

I took off her skirt and saw how aroused she was from the wet patch at her crutch, removing her knickers I caressed her buttocks and began licking ad kissing her vagina, with a big “Ohhhh, Ahhhhh”, she pulled my head on to her as my tongue slipped between her fanny lips and I nibbled her clitoris.

She pulled me up, kissing and tonguing my mouth, “Thank you, David, I enjoyed that, you do wonderful things to a lady”.

“Thank you, Mistress, I’m pleased you like that but your body it so much tighter, trimmer and more beautiful than the first time I did that for you”.

“That’s all down to this lady; I’m in love with her”. Jenna stood and they embraced each other.

Rose unclipped her suspender belt and slipped on a silky small bed jacket and sat on the bed, as I turned my attention to Jenna. She kissed me and said, “You have been so tender and caring, I never thought a man could be that good”.

“I hope the best is yet to come, I am enjoying your tort silky body” I removed her skirt, flimsy wet knickers and suspender belt, caressing her buttocks and kissing her vagina, she gave and erotic scream of joy.

I laid out two large towels on the left-hand side of the bed and lay Jenna face down. I squirted the scented oils on to my hands and began massaging her arms and shoulders, Rose stretched out beside her. I continued working down her back and legs, adding more oils to my hands, before returning to her pert and beautifully rounded buttocks. I had to interrupt Rose who was kissing and nibbling Jenna’s ear, to get her turned over.

I was feeling very embarrassed, as my uncaged cock, had risen to an agonising hard-on which I was trying to hide in my trousers and hoping the ladies, who were in their own state of arousal, would not notice. I continued massaging Jenna’s breasts, which were larger and firmer than I expected. I kissed her nipples before moving down her torso, as soon as my hands were on her legs; Rose started to kiss Jenna passionately and caressed her tits. I eased my hands up her inner thighs and worked my fingers and thumbs along her fanny lips, slipping two fingers into her love hole before kissing, licking and sucking it. Jenna’s body began to twitch and finally squirmed in an orgasm, as she let out an erotic scream.

“Oh God, oh god, that was fantastic”, as she was breathing heavily.

I got up and said quietly, “I think it’s time I left you ‘love birds’ to it”, as I closed the door behind me.

I crept along the landing, as I passed Daphne’s door, the floorboard creaked under the carpet and the door flew open. Daphne was there totally naked, in just a strap-on dildo; she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room.

“Look at you; you’ve got a hard-on and you’ve been leaking according to that wet patch. Never mind, we’ll fix that for you”.

Daphne then kissed my face, “Oh, what have you been doing, I can taste Jenna on you, no wonder you’ve got an erection, get his clothes off girls”.

The two young slim girls, whose names I never knew, now totally naked jumped off the bed and roughly ripped my clothes off. One of the girls squealed and grabbed my stiff cock, “I want to such on this”.

I was pushed onto the bed, the other girl sat on my face, the other one sunk he mouth on my cock while Daphne raised my legs over her shoulders, grabbing my hips and plunged the dildo into my anus. I was sucking, being sucked and my arse shagged, while Daphne egged on her young playthings. The girl on my face started to scream, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming, oh Christ, oh Christ”, while I could feel my sperm ready to shot into the other girl’s mouth and Daphne was breathing hard.

The two girls crawled into an embrace, sharing my cum mouth to mouth, Daphne whipped off the strap-on and jumped on me in a six-nine position. She was rubbing her wet vagina all over my face until my tongue found her cunt; she was trying to get my limp cock back to life. It was certainly working, as she played with my balls, licked, sucked and wanked it. I was soon hard again and I was surprised as to how far she took me down her throat, I had my tongue in her as far as I could go.

I was nearing another orgasm; I could tell Daphne was getting thereto, as her body was quivering, I jerked my hips and she sucked me dry as I drank in her feminine juices. Daphne collapsed off me and one of the girls started kissing and tonguing her mouth, trying to get the remains of sperm while the other one kissed and licked my mouth, taking Daphne’s juices.

She whispered in my ear, “Man, your mouth and tongue are fantastic, we enjoyed you”.

I crawled off the bed and gathered up my clothes, ran for the door before the girls realised I was going. I made it to my assigned bedroom, grabbed my toiletries and cleaned up in the bathroom, I was glad to be in bed but I wondered how much sleep in might get as there was no lock on my door.

I was awoken by a body sliding into bed with me, “Good morning, horsey man, can I join you”?

“Daphne, what time is it? Christ you’re cold”. As her naked body pushed up against me.

“It’s five-thirty, I was hoping you could warm me up and get me going”. She said as we lay facing each other. My hand was caressing down her back and buttocks as she put her hand around my shoulder and planted a kiss on my lips. I returned the kiss and we were in a passionate embrace when I managed to break away.

“What are you after”? I said as I realised her hand was between my legs.

“Today”, she said, “Is my sister’s day and I want you to help me make it really special for her, I love her and I know, today is going to make her very happy”.

“Yes, I’m very fond of Rose and I want to make her happy, I’ll do whatever you, and her, need me to do, to ensure that happens”.

“Good, I just wanted to make that clear to you but for now, what would your wife say if I said, I want you to make love to me, won’t she be annoyed”?

“As my lovely wife is enjoying herself being banged by a stud in Paris, I have no intention of informing her that I was in bed with you and about to do what you just asked. Anyway, I thought you were only interested in women for sex”.

“Oh no, I like a piece of male meat in me, from time-to-time, so did my sister but she’s been so in love with Jenna lately. This is nice and hard; bigger than I expected”, as she squeezed my erection and continued, “I’ll put this on you if you don’t mind; I brought it just in case”.

While she reached to the floor and ripped open a condom package, I fingered her vagina to get her lubricated, before she expertly sliding it on my length. She pulled me on top of her and guided me between her legs. I played my penis head over her fanny lips and then slowly slid it into her.

She let out an erotic squeal as she grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me in. This was an unusual situation for me, Mary and the other dominatrix ladies liked to be on top of me, I was in control, in the missionary position as I pumped in and out.

“Oh, this is nice. David, you so gentle and tender, it’s lovely”, Daphne said, as she bite into my shoulder and massaged my buttocks.

I gradually quicken my pace and felt my sperm building, hoping I could last long enough for her.

She started to whimper, “Ohhhhhh yessssss, ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, keep going, keep going, yessssssss”.

My body jerked as I ejaculated, Daphne grabbed my arse tighter and pulled digging her fingernails in me.

As her body erupted with her orgasm, “Ohhhhhhh yessssss, that was wonderful, you’re so good at this, thank you”.

I smiled to myself, thinking I’ve never had praise for doing something that I enjoyed so much. We lay, kissing and caressing each other’s body’s when Daphne said, “Well, that was a lovely way to wake up but I’ve got to get those girls up now. They’re going riding before they go home”.

“Yes, that was very pleasurable; I’ll have a quick shower and get some breakfast on for you”.

“Thank you, that will be good, Rose and Jenna won’t be up yet, though”, she said as she skipped off down the hallway.

Luckily I had packed another white uniform set; I’d have to sneak the set ripped off me last night into the washing, at home, without Mary seeing them.

I was cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen when the three girls came in, dressed in their riding gear, one of them said, “We enjoyed having that fun with you last night, it was quite unexpected but very good”, they both giggled, as they devoured the egg and bacon baps I’d made up for them.

I found some other ingredients, so I could make up almost a full English breakfast for the two ladies. Being seven-thirty, I went up to their bedroom and knocked gently on the door.

“Are you awake ladies, can I come-in”.

“Yes, come-in, David”, Rose said quietly.

As I went in, Rose was sat up and opened her arms to me, while Jenna was still stirring; I kissed Rose, and said, “Good morning, how about breakfast in bed”?

“What a lovely thought, David, thank you, but I think we should get up, can you have it ready in about half an hour”.

“Right that will be done, tea or coffee”?

“We’ll have tea, please, David”.

I was waiting in the kitchen when they both came down, I stood up and Jenna kissed me and said, “Good morning”.

They were dressed casually, I said, “Sit down ladies and I’ll serve, I found all this in the fridge and cupboard, I hope it was alright to use them”?

“Of course, David”, Rose said.

Jenna said, “Oh, this looks wonderful”, as I served, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, toast and tea.

“Do you mind if I sit with you, and have mine”?

“Sit, David, I can tell you about today”, in between mouthfuls of food, Rose continued, “Vivian and Carole will be here at about ten, I hope you don’t mind but Carole is bringing a waiters outfit for you, not that you don’t look good in your massage uniform, she will be dressed similarly, I thought it more appropriate, she said she knew your size”.

“No, that’s fine”.

“The buffet food and champagne should be here by half-eleven, and the first guests should arrive at about one. Jenna and I will be getting ready when the food has arrived”.

“You seem to have everything well organised, Carole and I will take over from then. I assume you will want the drinks served as soon as people arrive and the food, perhaps about two-ish and then in relay’s through the afternoon”.

“That sounds brilliant, David, we’ll be making our big announcement about four. Has Daphne got rid of her little friends”?

“Oh yes, they were up early and I made breakfast for them before they went riding”.

“You’re so wonderful, David, that was very good of you”.

We all finished our food so I told the ladies to go and relax while I cleaned up in the kitchen, Rose said. “Oh no, David, we’ll help you here, you can’t do everything for us and then we’ve got to sort out the sleeping arrangements for tonight. We’ve got two lady couples staying with only four bedrooms, so we have to move you out. Vivian and Carole are staying in with Daphne”.

“Well”, I interrupted,” I’ll be okay on the couch down here, I don’t mind”.

“Oh no, I don’t think that’s fair”, Jenna surprisingly said, “surely, this nice man could stay in with us tonight, can’t he, Rose”?

“Yes, I was thinking of that myself, David, of course, you can, we’ll love that won’t we, Jenna”?

“I can’t surely impose on this special day for you”.

They both put their arms around me and planted kisses on each side of my face.

“Good, that’s settled then, but we’ll just keep that between ourselves, I don’t want the others getting jealous”. Rose said with a broad smile.

By the time we had finished cleaning the kitchen and sorting the bedrooms, we sitting drinking coffee when Vivian and Carole arrived. To my surprise, it was Vivian, after greeting Rose and Jenna, who was the first to embrace me and enquired as to my well-being. Carole and I went to change into our swerving uniforms, by which time; Daphne had arrived back from her ride. She helped us arrange the room, the partition between the lounge and the dining rooms was opened, making a large area for the guests to circulate, we moved the furniture into appropriate positions while Carole arranged flower displays.

Once the food had arrived, Rose with Jenna and Daphne with Vivian went off the get themselves ready, while Carole and I got things sorted in the kitchen.

We had everything ready for twelve-thirty, Daphne and Vivian were the first to come down, both wearing tailored trouser suits, Daphne in a brown and green small check pattern and Vivian in a deep purple suit. I complimented them on their attire and they returned the compliment to me and Carole. Jenna was the next to appear in a gorgeous black velvet trouser suit, trimmed with silver piping.

Being very formal Jenna said, “Ladies and gentleman, may I present the ‘Lady of the Moment’”.

We all went ‘wow’ as Rose appeared wearing a tight-fitting deep red floral patterned dress which showed off her womanly figure and ample cleavage. She kissed each of us in turn, leaving me to last, she said, “Thank you, David, with Carole, you have done a wonderful job, the place looks immaculate”.

“It complements the host who is looking resplendent”.

“Oh, don’t be a tease, David, Rose said with a big smile on her face, “Will you act as the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ today please, David”?

I was to greet and relieve the twenty guests of their coats before passing them onto Rose and Jenna, while Carole was further up the hallway handing out drinks. Soft mood music was playing in the main room as the first of the guests arrived, they were two sets of lady couples, after taking their coats one of them patted my backside and said, “Why, hello, you look cute”.

Rose shouted, “No, Annie, he’s taken, it’s not that sort of party”.

“Oh, what a pity, maybe later”, Annie said smiling at me.

After I greeted the first straight couple, Rose said, “Oh, David, this is Mr and Mrs Squire, Reg is my architect, you might want to have a word with him later this afternoon”.

I shook his hand and acknowledged his wife and explained I was interested in purchasing the big house in the development, we agreed to find time to discuss the situation.

More lady couples arrived and again one or two of them took liberties with my backside as the entred. The last straight couple to entre, Rose said, “I think that’s everyone, David, this is Mr and Mrs Proudfoot, Claude is my solicitor”. As I shook hands with him, Rose continued while looking at Claude, “David is interested in purchasing one of the houses on our development, he might want to have a little word with you this afternoon. Come on into the main room and meet the others”.

“Oh, yes that will be fine”, he said.

Rose turned to me, “Good job, David; you and Carole are doing well, just circulate now and keep everyone’s drink topped up, please”.

Carole and I went into the kitchen, I said, “Let’s have a minute or so to ourselves before we take round more drink, how you doing”?

“I’m doing fine, “She said, “How about you, I saw a few ladies being very familiar with you”.

“Well, that’s got to be expected with this crowd, I enjoying myself”.

We got more bottles of champagne ready and started to put food onto trays read to take into the main room. As I circulated refilling glasses my arse got more abuse from certain ladies who were now getting more familiar by sneaking pecks on my cheeks while one even tried to kiss me on my lips.

Around two o’clock we took the trays of food into the main room and laid it out on the tables, I announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, food is served. There is plenty so don’t all rush, take your time and enjoy”.

Returning to the kitchen I saw Reg Squire standing outside, just lighting up his pipe, so I joined him, “Hello, again, Mr Squire, I’m David Sanford, my business card”.

He took it and looked and appeared to be very impressed, “Oh, good company; your wife is not Mary Sanford is it, she not here today”?

“She is, yes, unfortunately, she’s away, on business in France”.

“Well, yes, I understand why you are interested in the house, up at Forrest Down, your both executives for very good companies, I did some work for your wife’s firm, a while before Christmas. Have you seen the development site”?

“Only from a distance, but I’ve studied the plans and brochures of the impressions, we are going over tomorrow morning to have a proper look”.

“Bit of a mess at the moment but it will be super when it’s all completed. All the groundwork and foundations are done; I think the walls will start to go up next week. Are you okay with the layout of the place, I can still change things to suit your needs before the builders get too far on”.

“There are a few minor details I would like to change if it’s not too much of a problem”.

“No point in telling me now, here’s my details, call me Monday morning, I’ll be in the office, and we’ll talk things through”,

“Yes, thank you, that’s fine, I’ll do that. Excuse me now I must get back”.

We shook hands, and he said, “Nice to meet you, old boy; good party, by the way”.

Carole had kept the food supplied, I kept the drinks flowing when Rose came up to me, “Oh, David, I’m getting rather nervous, it’s coming up to four and I’ve got to do a presentation speech, will you do the introduction, please”.

I gave her a little hug, “You’ll be fine, these are all your friends, and I’ll introduce you”.

I turn the music off and shouted, “Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment to charge your glasses”.

Carole and I filled a few glasses, “Please pray silence for your gorgeous host, Rose”.

She nervously stepped forward and clasped my hand for reassurance, “Thank you, thank you, all my wonderful friends, for come today and make this a special day for me and this lovely lady”, as she put her arm around Jenna, “before I say any more I must thank two special friends, who have organised this party for me, Carole and David. I met this attractive lady last year, and she has changed my life”. To the surprise of Rose and all of us, Jenna went down on one knee, held up a small box, with a diamond ring in it, she said something in Swedish and repeated, “Will you marry me”?

At the same time, Rose went down on one knee holding up a ring and said, “Marry me”?

They both shouted “Yesssss”, and fell into each other’s arms.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the toast is, true love for, Rose and Jenna”, as I said that an arm went around my waist and a hand brushed my cheek, I look and it was Vivian, “Well done, you old sentimental thing, tears”.

Rose and Jenna exchanged their rings before the guests could come to kiss and embrace each of them, Rose said, “We plan a May wedding and you all will be invited”.

Carole and I stood back for a while until the scrum had cleared before we went and gave our congratulations.

We made sure that drinks and food were topped up, then I spied Mr Proudfoot, I gave him my business card and with a raised eyebrow, “Oh, I see, you work with Marjorie, who’s taken over form poor Robert. You involved with her other enterprise”?

“Yes, that’s right, my wife is; she’s Marjorie’s best friend”.

“That explains why you are here doing this then, so you want to buy one of the houses in Rose and Daphne’s development”?

“That’s right, my solicitors are Gilbert and Gilbert, and I’ll get then to contact you”.

“Are Roger, yes, he’s a good man, he’ll do a good job for you. Keep up the good work”, he said.

“Thank you, sorry to intrude”, I said as I acknowledged his wife.

As the drink continued to flow, some of the ladies, particularly the one called Annie, wanted to dance with me, as I circulated with a bottle in my hand, until Rose came and smacked her bottom, and said, “I told you he was taken”.

Annie replied, “He’s so cute, I want to play with him”.

“Not now, maybe later, if he agrees”, Rose said to her a little annoyed, apologising to me.

People were starting to leave, I retrieved their coats and said goodbye, between this Carole and I were clearing glasses and leftover food and beginning to prepare the evening meal for the remaining guests.

Jenna came into the kitchen, hugged and kissed both of us, and said, “Thank you; you’re doing a wonderful job, Rose and I are going for a little lie-down, upstairs, call us when the dinner is ready”.

We were trying to re-arrange the furniture and close the partition but several of the girls were still very frisky and playful, while Daphne and Vivian tried to keep some order. Eventually, we got the rooms tidy and ready for dinner.

Daphne escorted us back to the kitchen, “You two have been marvellous and made this a wonderful day for Rose and Jenna, the girls are rather high, and will you agree and submit to some playful activities after dinner? Nothing too serious, I promise, just a little fun”? Carole and I tentatively agreed, so long as Rose and Jenna did not object. We served the chicken curry with stir-fry veg to the eight ladies and left them loudly talking and laughing while Carole and I eat our dinner in the kitchen, “You know those two couples I suppose”.

“Oh yes, they’ve prominent and very active members of our ladies group, they usually tie me up and have their fun with me. I’ve spent a night in the hayloft with Daphne, Annie and Claire; Claire is Annie’s partner, the submissive one”. Carole said reflectively.

“Yes, I’ve been there with Daphne, I don’t think they will take us out there, tonight, it will be far too cold and I don’t want to be a horse again”.

“I haven’t had that pleasure; Rose won’t let them go that far with us”. She said hopefully.

We cleared and tidied all the dinner things away and Rose came to see us, “Thank you; you’ve both been marvellous today, now you’re okay with a little playtime with the girls”?

We said we were happy to go along with the activities, “Right, you better go and get changed into something more appropriate”.

Carole was wearing a bright red kimono and I wore my white uniform as we both joined the eight ladies in the lounge, we were greeted by whoops and cheers, Rose instructed Vivian to go with Carole and the other lady couple while I was asked to go with Daphne, Annie and Claire.

We went to their respective bedrooms, Annie had a firm grip of my arse as we went upstairs, she whispered in my ear, “Daphne tells me you’re a good submissive, cuckold husband, I’m going to enjoy shagging your this”, as she squeezed me even tighter.

In the room, she screams at Clare, “Ripe his clothes off girl”. But Daphne, being rather kind, I thought, said: “No, hold on, he is fantastic at undressing ladies, it can get very erotic, and you should let him do it to you”.

Annie said in response, “I’ve always thought men to be rather rough when they have tried to take my clothes off he looks so cute, go-ahead but I shall spank you if you’re not gentle”.

Daphne and Claire sat on the bed while I went on my knees to remove her shoes, caress and kiss her feet, she was wearing a trouser suit, so I stood and started to remove her jacket, she grabbed my head and pulled me into a wet sloppy kiss and said, “This better be good”.

I noticed Daphne and Claire start kissing each other as I slowly unbuttoned Annie’s blouse, as I removed it I caressed and kissed her neck and shoulders, which got the first murmur of approval from her. I reached around and unclasped her bra sliding it down her arms, as I kissed her small but firm pert breasts my hands caressed her back, I sucked on each nipple which quickly grew hard and protruded from her tits.

She whispered, “Oh God, this is so good, oh yessss, oh yessss”. As gently kiss her across her stomach and knelt to undo her trouser buttons, as I slowly lowered them leaving on her G-string, I caressed her naked buttocks. As I lowered her trousers I kissed my way down one leg and up the other until my mouth met the wet gusset of her panties.

She was whimpering, “Oh yes, oh nice, fucking take them off me”. As my teeth grabbed the elastic I started to pull down but she pulled my head back to her shaved vagina and held me there, I kissed, licked and tongued the lips of her love hole.

I had not noticed that Daphne had undressed Claire and was kissing all over her naked body, while Annie was holding my head between her legs and screaming, “Yessss, yesssss, go deeper, go deeper, make me cum, you’ve got me so close”. Her body squirmed and knees began to buckle, I held onto her as she pulled me up and said, “That was fantastic, I didn’t know a man could be that caring and tender”, as she kissed me, “I’m taking your clothes off now”.

She pulled up my tee-shirt and kissed and bite my nipples, she went behind me and undid my trousers and pulled them down with my pants slapping, kissing and biting my buttocks, while Claire screamed, “He’s got a hard-on, I want to suck it”.

Annie reached for my wrists, tied them behind my back and pushed me, face-up, onto the bed, Claire immediately reached for my hardening cock while Annie slipped into a strap-on, she raised my legs, pulling me the edge of the bed and began fingering my arse before entering me with the dildo.

Daphne, semi-naked removed her trousers and positioned her fanny over my mouth, while Claire was sucking my erection and Annie pounding my arse, I just lay there submitting to their needs.

Claire got in a position where she encouraged me to massage her vagina; I had two fingers pumping her love hole. While sucking hard on me she began to breathe heavily, Annie was screaming erotically and Daphne was fucking my face. I was nearing an orgasm while Claire’s body began convulsing; her mouth came off my cock but kept on wanking me until I shot my load over my stomach. The other two were cheering as Claire’s hand rubbed my sperm into me before moving her hand to my face as Daphne lifted off me, I had to lick her hand. Annie pulled out of me and joined Claire kissing and licking my face, as they began kissing and feeling each other.

Daphne pulled me up from the bed and untied my wrists and slapped my arse saying, “Grab your clothes, have a quick shower, Rose and Jenna are waiting for you downstairs”.

They were sat in the lounge watching television, “Oh, David, come and sit down”, Jenna moved aside and sat between them, “You smell nice”, Rose said.

“I’m sorry, I could only find this smelly shower jell, I hope you didn’t mind me using it”.

“Of course, not; did they treat you okay, I hope you didn’t mind that playtime, girls can be very insistent”, Rose enquired.

“No, it was fine, I’ve endured a lot worse this past year, I’m used to it now, this lifestyle”.

“Have you had a drink, David?” Jenna asked.

“No, actually I haven’t, I’ve stuck to tea all-day”.

“I’ll get you one, whisky and dry ginger isn’t it, another for you Rose?”

While Jenna got the drinks, Rose explained that she had booked lunch, for the ten of us, tomorrow at the local pub in the village, for around two o’clock, and we would meet the others there after we had been to the development.

Finishing our drinks we all went up to bed, I undressed them both caressing and kissing their bodies and then they undressed me. My massive condomed erection was used by both of them in turn, all fully satisfied, we had a peaceful sleep. I was dressed in jeans, shirt and jumper, after breakfast, got my big coat and boots from the boot of my car together with my briefcase and climbed into the Landover with Rose and Jenna. Rose drove to the development and off the main road onto the new road to the houses; I had the pamphlet, of the artist’s impression and the architect’s plans on my lap. Rose explained, “This will all be landscaped along this drive, I’ll go to the close of the four three-bed houses, first, to give you a good idea of the layout and you’ll see how the big house is isolated”.

“Yes, they’ve got on well with these, it’s all looking good”, I said enthusiastically.

“That’s where the swimming pool is going to be, just in there, through the trees and from here the big house is hidden behind those tresses, so you see how nice and isolated it will be”. Rose said pointing everything out.

“It’s all looking very good and very well planned out”. I said excitedly, as Rose drove round and the footings of the big house came into view. She parked in front of what would be the double garage; we got out of the Landover and look at the foundations and the beginnings of the outside walls. There was a makeshift table made from carpenters workhorses and planks so I laid out the plans, Jenna helped me hold them down while Rose brought some bricks to make them secure.

I studied the plans and started to discuss the layout with Rose and Jenna, “Reg Squire said yesterday that if I have slight alterations he could re-do the plans, that’s good of him. The rooms are going to be a nice big size, the entrance hall with a cloakroom, under the stairs, a downstairs toilet and washroom, a home office at that end, all looks good. The utility room along the back of the garage, a spacious kitchen with an island and then the dining room; oh, I’d rather that was more opened planned, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. The lounge is very spacious with patio doors out to the garden”.

“Yes, that will all be set out, with a lawn, the estate workers will do all that and look after the garden if you want? There will be a walkway through to the swimming pool, just through there,” Rose pointed out.

“That will be very useful and helpful, now think about upstairs”. As we look at the plans, “I’d rather have the two en-suite rooms on opposite ends of the house, not next to each other. That will be the more private for the master bedroom, with the guest room, at the other end where we could set up for the activities Mary will, no doubt, want to have when we entertain. The other two bedrooms could be in the middle, with the family bathroom between then, I’m sure Mary will want a walk-in wardrobe in the master”.

“That sounds very good, David, I’m sure Reg will be able to sort that for you. Let’s have a little walk around the grounds”, Rose said.

“Yes, fine, I’ll just make a few notes on the plans and get onto Reg tomorrow”.

I folded up the plans and we walk through the trees to where there was a big hole in the ground, which was to be the large covered swimming pool.

Rose said, “Of course we will come and use the pool but it’s just for families and their guests, we’ll have someone looking after the facilities here”.

We walked onto a clearing in the trees and Jenna said, “Oh look, you can just see the tops of the chimneys of the stables, we could ride over when it’s all done, what is it about a mile away”?

“Yes”, Rose said, “that’s about it, we’ll have to teach you to ride, David”.

“Well, that will be better than being a human horse”. I said with a laugh. “I’m going to love living out here, I’ll put down a deposit, through my solicitor, next week and we’ll proceed from there”.

“That’s good, David, when will you be telling Mary about this, will she be okay about it”? Rose inquired.

“I’ll probably leave it a week or so until she’s got over her trip to Paris, I’m sure she will love it, we talked about getting a new house sometime before Christmas after the first time we went to stay at Marjorie’s. I’ll probably show her the plans next weekend and bring her over soon, I’ll let you know”.

“Yes, bring her over for dinner some time, that will be nice to see her”. Rose said and Jenna agreed.

We changed our boots and dumped the big coats in the back of the Landover and drove to the pub for lunch.

It turned out to be a rather leisurely lunch, all ten of us chatting and laughing. We got back to the stable house by about five.

“I’m sorry, I have to rush off, I need to be at the airport”, I said.

“Come in and get your things, I’ve got something for you to take with you”, Rose said, “Here take these flowers for Mary and this bottle”.

She handed me a bouquet and a bottle of champagne, “Oh if you are sure, thank you”.

“Yes, just a thank you for what you’ve done this weekend, I’ve got lots of flowers and bottles to spare”.

I loaded the car and kissed and embraced all the girls and said to Rose, “Hope to see you soon”.

I thought I was a little late getting to the airport but when I checked Mary’s plane had been delayed and it had only just landed, so I knew it would be at least thirty minutes before she came through passport control.

So I sat with a coffee and thought about the weekend, particularly about the new house and how we are going to enjoy and love living there. I wondered how much I should tell Mary about what happened during the weekend, I should leave out anything about the sexual activities, so she can tell me about her activities.

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately as she came out of the customs door, although she did not seem particularly happy.

“Good flight?” I asked.

“No, not particularly, there was a rather large man sat next to me, who made every excuse to touch me and was constantly looking at my cleavage and legs”.

“Oh dear, well you’re a very attractive lady, I thought you liked being admired”.

“Yes, but it depends who’s looking, let’s get to the car”.

As I drove, Mary asked, “So how was your weekend”?

“Very good, I think Rose appreciated what I and Carole did in organising the day, she gave me those flowers and a bottle, in the back there, for you”.

“Oh, that was very kind of her”.

“Vivian called me and old ‘softy’ when they both went on one knee and asked each other to marry; she wiped a tear from my cheek. Rose and Jenna took us to lunch today, it was all very nice”.

“Nothing else happened”?

“What do you mean, I had my own little room to sleep in, I did give Jenna a massage Friday evening and some of the ladies got a bit frisky yesterday, after a few drinks, my arse has got a few bruises. What about your weekend”?

“I’m glad everything went well for you, Paris was very nice but Rory wasn’t too well, he was a little disappointing, we went to the Louvre and had a lunch cruise on the Seine”.

“Oh sorry to hear that, so it wasn’t as exciting as you thought it might be, well the sex anyway, what was wrong with Rory”?

“No, he had quite a bad cold and wasn’t his usual energetic self, but I enjoyed it, Paris is a very vibrant place”.

“Oh, I’m disappointed for you”.

“Don’t be so contemptuous”, she said and sat in silence the rest of the way home.

We were sat watching television when Mary put her arm around my shoulders, her other hand started to rub up and down my inner thigh. Nibbling at my ear, she whispered, “Do I detect a little stirring here, make love to me”.

As we went upstairs, I said, “I wasn’t sure you would be up to this after your weekend”.

I quickly stripped off my clothes, then gently disrobed Mary and kissed and caressed her beautiful body, almost bringing her to an orgasm with my tongue before she grabbed my erection and guided herself onto me. She actually came before me but I kept going and erupted inside her, she collapsed on me, keeping my softening cock in her soaking vagina.

“Oh, David, I do love the way you excite me, your so kind and gentle, I do love you”, she said as very fell asleep.

Part 39 – Swingers Party

Monday morning the first thing I did was to ring, Reg Squire, the architect, to tell him about the small alterations I wanted in the big house. After we had discussed things, he said, Well that sounds good, David, that will be no problem, I’ll re-draw those suggestions on the plan and send a new copy through to you by the weekend”.

“Right, yes, thank you, I’ll look forward to getting those”.

That evening I wondered should I tell Mary about the house but then I thought I’d better wait until I get the new plans. I was surprised when Mary wanted me to make love to her again, on both Monday and Tuesday evenings, I was, of course, happy to oblige.

Tuesday night after we made love, she said, “That was wonderful again, David, but I’ll have to put your cage back on in the morning, Brenda’s coming for her appointment tomorrow, you’ll enjoy her”.

“So will you”, I said, “I expect she will want something extra”.

“Yes, I expect so, but that’s alright, she can do that while you make me cum with your wonderful tongue”.

I met Brenda at the door, she immediately jumped on me and gave me a lingering kiss, I took her coat and knew the evening was going to be different. She was dressed in a tight black leather corset, which pushed up her breasts and seemed to exaggerate her naked fanny and rounded bottom. She kicked off her shoes leaving her legs covered in thigh high black stockings.

“Wow”, I said, “You look fantastic; the Mistress is waiting for upstairs”.

“Lead the way”, she said, grabbing my arse cheek.

As I entered the bedroom I knew I was in for trouble as Mary sat on the bed in her dominatrix outfit but with a strap-on dildo and the flogger in her hand.

“Get your clothes off”, Mary demanded, “You’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you? I’ve spoken to Rose today; did you forget to tell me about your little activities at the weekend”?

“Sorry, Mistress, I didn’t think you’d,” my meek words were cut off as the flogger was crashed across my arse.

“Now pay tribute to Mistress Brenda’s body”.

I kissed her neck, caressed and kissed her breasts and sucked her protruding nipples, while the flogger stung my back. I dropped to my knees to kiss and fondle her rounded backside, as my tongue reached her rosebud she began to purr. The flogger stung my back again, I worked around to her now naked vaginal area, she pushed her hips forward as she grabbed my head and pulled me into her fanny lips, I kissed, licked and sucked as she began to erotically sing.

Mary got off the bed and pushed me onto it, so my legs were over the side, “Go, sit on his face”, she told Brenda as she lifted my legs over her shoulders and pushed the dildo into my exposed arse. She then took off my cock cage and flicked her hand across my rising dick.

“You know this is my property, yet you fucked, those women, without my permission”.

I could only mumble as my mouth was occupied with Brenda’s clitoris but Mary continued to flick my now erected cock from side to side while humping my arse as she’d never done before. I could see Mary was getting very aroused and Brenda was nearing an orgasm; breathing heavily her body finally shuddered and squirted over my face and chest.

Mary whipped the flogger on my chest and said, “When you’re ready Brenda it’s your turn to fuck this worthless arse. Stay where you are”.

Mary took off her strap-on while Brenda pulled on hers, they changed places and Brenda played her dildo around my ring before easing it into me. As she started pumping me, she gripped my aching erection and started to wank it.

Sat on my face, Mary shouted, “Don’t you dare cum, you hold it, till I give you permission”.

With the sensation from my prostate, Brenda toying with my cock, I was desperately concentrating on bringing Mary to orgasm as fast as I could to try and prevent my orgasm. Eventually, her body squirming and sliding her fanny all over my face, squeezing my nipples for support, she screamed, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming, ooooohhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh”.

Once Mary had recovered her senses, Brenda was still fingering my tool, and said, “It seems a pity to waste this, he’s really hard”.

“No, he doesn’t deserve either of us taking him inside us tonight, just milk him and make him eat it”. Mary commanded.

She got off my face and with Brenda’s dildo still inside me, with a few more jerks I shot my load over my stomach; she kept on jerking every last drop out of me. Mary scrapped up my sperm on her hand and rubbed it on my face and making me lick her hand clean.

Brenda withdrew and took off her strap-on, when Mary said, “Grab his other arm, Brenda and pull into the centre of the bed”.

They then tied me spread-eagled on the bed, I then watched as they hugged, kissed and slowly took off each other’s corsets and leg coverings. They took their time to enjoy their sexy bodies.

Mary went to the toy cupboard and came back with a few things, firstly she strapped a ball gag on me, and secondly, she tightly secured the thin leather cock straps around my balls and cock base. This caused me to grow another erection, which they took in turns to beat with the cane, I was screaming but it was just a muffled sound that came through my gag.

Mary said, with some satisfaction, “That should stop you cuming until we want you two and that will teach you to use this without my permission”.

Thirdly, they climbed with their knees on each side of my chest and Mary eased the double-sided dildo into each of their fannies and started to hump each other with their arms around the other necks while they kissed and vigorously tongued the others excited mouth, all in front of my eyes.

My chest was aching from knees bouncing off me, I was finding it difficult to breathe, sweat was dripping on me as they both reached their second orgasm they collapsed on me and just rested over me.

It was Brenda who spoke first, “Have we punished him enough now Mary”? As she caressed my chest and kiss my nipples.

“Almost”, was Mary’s reply as she went between my legs and took one of my enlarged balls in her mouth, then kissed my raging erection and licked the pre-cum off the end of the head.

“I think that’s enough now”, as she released the straps and gently caressed my balls and cock. Brenda released my hands and took off the ball gag before passionately kissing my lips while Mary undid my ankles.

Together we went into the shower, soaped and washed each other’s bodies, after drying, they each gave me a passionate kiss, and Mary said, “Be a good boy and clean and put the toys away, then we’ll see you in the morning”.

After breakfast, just as Brenda was leaving she kissed me and whispered in my ear, “You owe me a sexy massage, you know”?

I whispered back, “Yes I know, I’ll arrange to have lunch with you next week and you can come back to the office for some fun”.

She tapped my bum and was gone.

After dinner, Thursday evening, Mary came and sat next to me putting her arm around my neck and said, “That was an exceptionally nice dinner you prepared for me, thank you, was that some sort of an apology”?

“No, not really, you deserve nice dinners, anyway why should I apologies, the weekend’s activities were partly your fault”.

“How could it have been”?

“Well, in your excitement, looking forward to your weekend, you forgot to put my cage on; if you had none of that would have happened”.

“Well, I suppose you have a point there, turns out you might have had a more exciting time than I did”.

“I’m not sure about that; you were both very aggressive with me last night, you hurt me, my ‘little man’ has been aching all day, and it’s got red stripes on it”.

“Well, you deserved some of that, when Rose told me what you were up to with Daphne and the other girls, I told Brenda it was going to be a dominatrix revenge evening”.

“I didn’t have any choice in the matter, you know what Daphne’s like and the other girls were very high on the drink. Am I forgiven now”?

“I’m not sure; I may have to have a little more fun with you on Saturday night, now let me see what the problem is”.

She gently kissed me and started to undo my fly zipper, sneaking her hand in she grabbed my flaccid cock through my pant material. She unclipped my belt, pulling down my trousers and pants; she slipped onto her knees between my legs and examined my ‘little man’.

“Poor little thing”, she said sympathetically, “It’s got a nice pattern on it though, I’ll kiss it better”.

I leaned back into the settee cushions, closed my eyes as she kissed, caressed and finally took me into her mouth. I was whimpering, enjoying the sensation as I grew very quickly filling her mouth with my erection.

“There, you liked that, didn’t you and the pattern is really standing out now”. She said standing up and slipping off her knickers, pulling up her skirt; she stood across my legs and slowly lowered herself onto my glistening manhood.

She put her arms around my neck and started to kiss and tongue my mouth, very passionately, while her vaginal muscles gripped my cock. My hands reached her breasts as I massaged them through her blouse and flimsy bra material and then went to her exposed hips, I gripped her helping her gyrate in my lap, I could sense my orgasm building, I broke away from her mouth to say, “I’m cuming, Mistress, I’m cuming”.

“No, hold on, I’m getting near too”. She kept pumping me as I ejaculated deep in her, a few seconds later she joined my cries of exhilaration as she orgasmed but she kept going until she collapsed on me and resumed her kissing. We stayed in that position for quite a while, until I was going soft.

“Oh, David, our lovemaking is wonderful, so different from Rory, he’s so intense, and you’re so loving and gentle".

I could feel my sperm, mixed with her juices, running out of her on to my thighs, I said, “I enjoyed that but I think we should move, I don’t want us to soil the settee material”.

Early Saturday morning the doorbell rang and Mary hurried to answer it thinking Rory had arrived but she came to me with a long tube in her hand, saying, “What’s this, David, the postman delivered this for you”?

I knew immediately what it was, so I took her into the dining room, and said, “You know back before Christmas we talked about looking for a new house, well I think I’ve found one”.

“What, without consulting me, I’m not sure you should have done this, David”.

Unrolling the plans, I said, “I’m consulting you now, look it’s just being built out in the country, a new development, this house is discretely isolated from the other houses”.

“How far out in the country, I’m not sure I want to move far away”.

“It’s about thirty minutes’ drive to your office, not too bad, but look at the features”. I explained the plans of the house and showed the pamphlet impression to Mary, she said, “Well, it does look very good, well laid out and just what we need, Whereabouts is it”?

Before I could answer, the doorbell went announcing Rory’s arrival, after untangling himself from Mary and saying hello to me, he asked, “What’s this, David”?

“How are you now are you feeling better? It’s the plans for a new house”.

“Yes, I’m fine now, it was just a cold; you’re thinking of moving then, it looks very grand, spacious and well-positioned, what do you think, Mary”?

“I’m not sure, it certainly looks nice but I wish, David had spoken to me about it first before he’d got these plans”.

“You asked where it was”, I said, “It’s about a mile from Rose and Daphne’s stables, quite near where we were for the races, it’s on their land. They are building this development as a retirement fund”.

“Oh, I see what this is about now”, Mary said angrily, “I suppose you went and saw it last Sunday”.

“Yes, I did, it’s going to be a wonderful place to live when it’s all finished. We should take a day off, in a few weeks to go and look at it, they will have built a lot more by then”.

“It’s very impressive and a nice part of the country, Mary, I’m sure you’ll love it there”, Rory said enthusiastically.

“I’m not that impressed,” Mary said, “I’ll think about it. Come on, Rory; let’s go upstairs, you get on with your work, David”.

It was gone two o’clock when they came back downstairs, I’d left them some sandwiches for lunch but as the afternoon wore on it seemed I was being ignored. I was not involved in any conversations and neither of them spoke a word to me. I just got on with things but thought that I must have unintentionally upset Mary over the new house business; I thought she would be very enthusiastic about moving to a big new house.

I realised I had totally misjudged the situation and knew she would have something I would not like planned for me this evening. I prepare the dinner and when I sat down at the table with them, I felt I had been totally ostracised, they were at one end of the table and me at the other. I could hear that they were talking but I didn’t take in all that was said.

Mary was saying, “Now don’t forget next Saturday is the tarts, vicars and bishops swingers party, it’s something new that Marjorie and Vivian have organised, it should be a bit of fun”.

“How is that going to work”? Rory asked.

“Well the submissive cuckolds are to be dressed as tarts, the dominates dressed as vicars and the studs, you Rory, dressed as bishops. As we sign-in at reception, we are signing our consent to have safe sex with whoever we are drawn with”.

“It sounds like fun, but I still don’t see how it’s going to work”.

“Apparently, there will be three boxes, one for each group, you take a number and the same numbers form a group of three, you can stay in that threesome all evening or you can change groups if you want. The tarts are there to prepare the other two for sexual fun but you don’t want to draw the number one because whoever that group is, have to put on a show, on the big bed, for the rest of the assembled audience. The hall will be partitioned up into cubicles for each group. I’m sure it will be lots of fun”.

Rory agreed with Mary, I was brought out of my own little world, when he said, “What do you think, David”?

“I wasn’t really listening, but I’m sure I’ll be sexually denigrated and not enjoy the evening as you will”.

“Oh, typical spoilsport attitude, David, I’ll organise the hire of the costumes and we’ll have fun dressing you up like a tart before we go”, Mary said as they both laughed.

I cleared away the dinner things and was sitting watching television when Mary came and took my hand, and said, “Now come with me, David, please, no arguments, don’t say a word”.

She took me up to my bedroom, then said, “You will do as I tell you, understand”? I just nodded, “Get undressed and when I come back, I want you on your knees, facing that wall, with your hands on your head”.

She left me, I did as I was commanded and wondered what I was in for during the rest of the evening. I was left there for quite a long time; I was facing away from the door when I heard it open. I felt Mary’s hands lift my arms and secure my wrists with cuffs, above my head; she then strapped a ball gag in my mouth. As she lay me across the bed, I realised she was naked, my legs were bent over the edge of the bed. She walked around and secured, with rope, my cuffs to the middle leg of the bed; she spread my legs as wide as they would go and tied my ankles to each end of the bed. Finally, she put a pillow under my head so I had no option but to look ahead.

She stood up and glared at me, then bent and ran her hands up my thighs and rested them on my chest, coolly and calmly said, “You’ve hurt me, by not tell me the truth about last weekend and anything about the new house, I realise you didn’t intend to upset me and you thought you were doing the right thing. I don’t want to physically hurt you but I have to do something, I’m going to do it even though I know you don’t like it, so you know you did wrong”.

She stood up straight and shouted, “Come in now Rory”, he walking in totally naked, she turned side-on to me and took him in a passionate embrace. He slowly worked down her body, kissing every part, lingering at her breasts and sucking her nipples before going on his knees to kiss her vagina while he caressed her buttocks. She threw her head back, murmuring as she enjoyed the sensation, before pulling him up and started to kiss down his body.

By the time she reached his enormous cock and took it into her mouth, I had developed a raging erection, leaking pre-cum. Leaving his glistening cock, she turned to me, her mouth dribbling saliva, bending forward she ran her hands up my inner thighs, while Rory moved behind her. She cupped my balls in one hand and my aching erection in the other; lowering her lips she kissed the head of my cock before taking me into her mouth.

Mary mumbled through her cock filled mouth and I knew Rory had entered her, from the rear, I looked at him, there was a look of pleasure and satisfaction on his face as he started to fuck my wife. I locked my eyes on Mary’s, as she made love to me with her mouth, I think she saw in my eyes how much this was hurting me, as tears leaked from my eyes. I could see in her eyes the pleasure he was giving her, as his cock reached further inside her, to places mine could never reach.

She kept sucking on my cock, I think she could tell from the hotness of my balls that I was about to ejaculate, she pulled out my cock from her mouth and smiled at me, as she held it but continued jerking until I shot my load over my stomach. Rory was still pumping her fanny, so Mary took me straight back into her mouth and continued sucking, making me hard again. Her body quivered and her knees buckled, but Rory held her up, as I realised she had cum the first time.

He kept fucking her cunt, tears were streaming down each side of my face I wondered how he could go on for so long. Mary pulled me out of her mouth again and I ejaculated for a second time over my stomach. Again Mary’s body squirmed and her knees buckle as she came for a second time, finally, with a few strong thrusts and an erotic shout, Rory filled Mary’s cunt with his sperm. He leaned on her back and tenderly kissed all over it until she rose up and they walked out of my room hand in hand, leaving me to consider how I needed to respond to this.

After about thirty minutes Mary came back into my room, she was wearing a towelling robe and carrying a wet cloth; tenderly she used it to clean the dried tears from my face and then wiped the congealed sperm from my stomach. She released my ankles, then my arms from the cuffs, after removing the ball gag she kissed me and said, “I know that hurt you, I’m sorry, I really love you, I had to do it; I will love to go and view the new house with you”.

I just picked her up in my arms and as I carried her back to the master bedroom, I whispered, “I love you too, I know I hurt you and did wrong, I’m sorry, we must try and respect each other more”, and laid her down next to Rory before leaving them to a peaceful night.

Nothing was said Sunday about the night before, we all went out to lunch and then swimming. At home Sunday evening, Mary said, “Are you going to be okay with the party next Saturday”?

“Probably”, I said, “Are you okay about considering the new house”?

She said, “Probably: let me look are the plans again”. So we spent the rest of the evening looking and discussing the possibilities for our new home.

Monday evening I said to Mary, “I spoke to Brenda, today; she was disappointed about missing out on her massage last Wednesday”.

“Yes, she’s right, that’s what she really came for, she’s paid her money to the charity, are you able to do anything to make it right for her”?

“Yes, I said I would take her out to lunch, tomorrow, and I’ll sneak her back into the office and use Marjorie’s little playroom, she’s won’t be there tomorrow, and I’ll make sure that Carole and the secretaries have something to do that will keep them out of the way”.

“Oh, well, I’d better put our cage on tonight; she’ll take every chance of using my property”.

“Well”, I hesitated, “To be perfectly honest, there will be no point, that locket she wears contains a key when she bought that cage for my birthday, she kept the spare”.

Mary thumped my arm, “Why did you not tell me before”? She shouted angrily.

“Now don’t get upset, I’m telling you the truth, I’ve learnt my lesson, I should never keep anything from you again. I promise I will not let her use your property, she can peg me but that will be all”.

“Well, I appreciate that but you’ve got to get that key back from her, and make sure it is only that it’s your posterior that gets shagged. You’ll be ready for our guest on Wednesday, Bianca, is a very well built, muscular lesbian dominatrix, she’s well into pegging, it’s her favourite thing, so your cage will go on tomorrow night and stay on until after the party”.

“I’ll look forward to that then”, I said grudgingly.

“In fact, I think we should set the table up in your room, I’ll just watch and then leave her to you for the evening”.

“Thank you, that’s kind of you, I thought I’d been forgiven, but you want to punish me some more”.

“It’s not punishment, it’s part of the service we offer our guests”, she said with a broad grin on her face.

I met Brenda at the restaurant, we had a long leisurely lunch where we talked about my relationship with Mary and Rory and explained how I had, after their actions, confessed about her spare key. Thankfully, Brenda was very understanding and reluctantly gave me the key. We then talk about the new house; Brenda was more enthusiastic and interested than ever Mary had been.

We sneaked back to the office, entering via the car park entrance, in Marjorie’s playroom I undressed Brenda ad tenderly kissed her soft body. On the table, I tenderly massaged her back and spent time on her buttocks and tongued her ring which brought an erotic steam of swear words that a lady should not be uttering. I played with her pert breasts, kissed and suck her nipples before bringing her to a slow tender orgasm. After I helped her dress, not wanting anything else, she gave me several long appreciative kisses while we drank tea.

That evening I told Mary about my meeting with Brenda and went down on my knees, holding up the key, saying, “Mistress, I re-submit myself to you, as your faithful and truthful cuckold husband”.

She grabbed me around my neck to kiss me, say “Oh, David, I do love you; you are a wonderful man”.

Wednesday evening I greeted Bianca and took her coat, I was amazed at how tall and broad she was and appeared to be so strong, “Are, you are the submissive, cuckold husband, yes. I will enjoy playing with you”, she said I an east European accent.

She grabbed my arse cheeks and virtually carried me up the stairs, in the room she embraced Mary and I thought her strong arms were going to crush her, “This pretty sissy boy is good, yes”? She asked.

Mary replied, “I think you will find his hands and mouth are very pleasing”,

I turn to Bianca, and tentatively said, “Mistress, may I undress you, please”?

She stood, rock-solid, as I went down and kissed her shoes before removing them, caressing and kissing her feet. As I rose she pulled my head up and planted a kiss on my lips and tongued my mouth, she looked at Mary and said, “You are right, his hands and mouth are good and soft, I will enjoy this”.

I said, “Thank you, Mistress”, as I undid her blouse and kissed her strong broad shoulders as I slipped it off, unclipping and removing her bra, I kissed her large, very firm breasts, sucking her nipples and kissing down her cleavage. Suddenly her arms wrapped around my head, her tits were clamped to my face, I could not breathe, she said with a smile, “A little smothering is good, yes”.

I almost fell onto my knees after she released me and I kissed her six-pack breathing heavily. I undid her trousers and kissed her muscular legs as I slip them down, I look at her flimsy little panties that were soaking wet around her crotch. I tentatively slip my thumbs into the elastic so my fingers could caress her tort buttocks, as I pulled them down my mouth sunk to her shaved wet vagina but she pulled me up and shouted to Mary, “I show you how I like men to give me cunnilingus”.

Somehow she gripped me around my waist and spun me so I was suspended upside down, her legs were spread apart and my mouth level with her fanny, her head was between my legs. She held me there as I kissed, licked and sucked; she let out a cry of joy as my tongue played with her clitoris. I must have been in that position for at least five minutes before she released me and stood me up, I look at Mary who was sat with her hand over her wide open mouth, in astonishment while Bianca slapped my face and said, “You did good, boy”.

The only thing I could think of saying was, “Thank you, Mistress, will you please lie on the table”.

While Mary said laughing, “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before”.

I took my time putting the oil on my hands trying to regain my breath and composure. I slowly worked down her back and over her very tight buttocks until she parted her legs, I ran my hand down her crack as her murmuring increased so I slipped a finger in her anus, “Oh yes, good; use your tongue”. I parted her buttocks and sunk my face between then as I licked her ring and shot in and out. She lifted herself slightly and reached to clamp her hands around my head pulling me further in. I had to push myself away in order to breathe but she pulled me back in.

To my relief, Mary said, “Let him do your front, you can play later”. I worked on her front, lingering over her breasts, down her legs and back to massage her fanny lips, I slipped in two fingers but she cried out for more. I had three fingers and my tongue licking her clit as her body started to quiver, she cried out with joy as she cam squirting her juices over my face.

I cleaned my face with a towel as she pulled down my trousers and pants, as she sat on the bed she pulled me over her lap and vigorously slapped my bare arse and said, “That was one of the best orgasms a man has ever given me”.

She kept slapping until my arse was sore, Mary handed her a strap-on, and said, “Now, David, I want you to kiss my boots”.

Bianca let me up and slipped on the dildo as I bent and started kissing Mary’s boots, as my anus was pounded by Bianca thrusting vigorously into me, she was relentless with her power. I finished Mary’s boots as quickly as I could and pulled the zipper down with my mouth and removed her boots.

Mary got off the bed as Bianca pulled out of my arse, they kissed each other passionately as Mary whispered, “I’ll leave you to enjoy him”, as she handed her the flogger and left the room. Bianca ripped off my tee-shirt and threw me, face down, on the bed, and again began to pound my anus while flashing the flogger across my back. She kept going for what seemed ages when her body quivered and she screamed to another orgasm.

She took off the strap-on and turn me over and sat on my face, she must have spent over an hour sitting there fucking my face as she moved so my tongue was alternatively in her cunt and her anus, at the same time she played with my balls and was flicking at my aching cock straining in its cage.

I was thankful when she reached her third orgasm, I had no energy left, she pulled me properly into the bed, but she kept on firstly, licking her juices off my face, then kissing and biting my nipples before sucking on my balls. Her sweaty body slithered up mine and she forced me to suck her tits, she said, “That was a wonderful evening, you are a good submissive, cuckold, I hope I can enjoy you again soon”. She pulled the covers over us and went to sleep.

We woke in the morning although my body was aching and sore she made me go in the shower with her and wash her body, the hot water did little to revive me. After breakfast, she embraced Mary thanking her for a marvellous evening. When she was gone, Mary came to me and kissed me, “That was some evening, but you look awful, David”.

“It was torturous; I think you enjoyed the way she made me suffer, I ache all over”.

While I was doing the housework, Saturday morning, Rory arrived and as is now usual, Mary took him straight up to the bedroom, as I continued my work, I thought to myself, ‘should I be jealous but given the events of last weekend, I understand my place in our marriage. I want Mary to be happy and having seen, although I disliked it, the intense satisfaction she gets when Rory is fucking her, knowing I could never compete and give her the same fulfilment, why should she not have a weekend lover while I’m their submissive servant. At least, during the week Mary is my loving wife and I am getting to sleep with her, although not so much this last week, more regularly since she got over the assignation with Robert. Although Robert was very different at work, Rory is much more appreciative of me than ever he was when he was here’.

I had lunch ready for them when they eventually came down, just wearing toiling robe’s, they hadn’t even bothered to dress, as they explained they were going to shower later and wanted me to give them a massage before they got dressed for the party.

They were wrapped in towels after they’d showered together, I was standing naked, apart from my cock cage, Mary said, “We’d better get you dressed first, David, and I can have some fun doing your makeup”.

I had to put on a suspender belt and black stockings, a bra padded stuffed with rolled-up socks, Mary then set about my makeup, exaggerating my eyes, with black eye shadow and sticking on very long lashes. She did my cheeks with a red blush and deep red lipstick.

Rory said in a very condescending way, “Oh, you look very sexy, I could shag you myself”.

I said, disparagingly, “You or someone else will tonight”.

“Now, don’t be like that, David, tonight is to be enjoyed, its good safe sexy fun”, Mary smirked.

My outfit was finished with a short blue polka-dot ‘raged-doll’ dress which did not cover my stocking tops and white three-inch heeled, open toe shoes.

“Oh yes, you’re a gorgeous, sexy tart, you’d win any tarts competition”, Rory said laughingly.

“That’s good”, Mary said, “There’s a prize for the best-dressed group. We’d get our costumes on Rory”.

Mary put on a push-you-u bra, hold-up stockings and a strap-on before doing her makeup, Rory started with a white cassock, a red chimere, black tippet and a matching mitre hat, I thought he looked ready for Halloween but did not comment. Mary put on a long black cassock, which did little to hide the dildo, a white dog collar and a nun’s veil.

I chauffeured with Mary and Rory sitting in the back, we checked in at the warehouse, drew our numbers, we all got different, me with six, Mary three and Rory with seven. We greeted other people as we entered the main hall. As expected, I was getting very saucy comments from the ladies that knew me.

We joined the fashion parade, it was Marjorie, Vivian and a stud, I didn’t know, all supposedly dressed as bishops, who were judging. While they were making their decision, there was a raucous cat-calling and sexual comments to try and influence them. Eventually, they decided that we were the best-dressed group and we each received a magnum of champagne.

We stashed our bottles and made it to the bar, I stuck with non-alcoholic drinks while Rork stared to knock it back, whether that was nerves I wasn’t sure but Mary had a concerned look on her face.

I whispered to him, “Go easy, don’t upset Mary, we don’t want to be carrying you out tonight”, he acknowledged me but whether it did any good, I could not tell.

We sat down in the audience, I sat next to Brenda, who was with Tommy and one of her studs, chatting to her, I said “Tommy shaking like a leaf”, “Yes”, she said, “He’s got number one”, “Poor him”, I replied.

Vivian was in charge and explained how the proceedings would work, then called up the number one’s; to cheers and applause, the three of them went on stage with the big bed. With Tommy, the tart was big Sylvia, vicar and the bishop stud I did not know, although Mary said who he was, as they acknowledged the crowd the fun started with the bishop supposedly kissing and pawing the tart.

The bishop sat on the bed and pulled the tart over his lap, pulled up her dress and vigorously slapped her bare arse until it was red, while this was happening; the vicar exposed her dildo, lifted the tarts hips and started pegging. Riotous applause, cheers and cat-calling continue throughout the performance. The Tart then had to make the bishop’s giant cock rock hard and then rolled on a condom, the vicar whipped off the strap-on and laid on the bed and pulled the tarts mouth to her vagina, the bishop’s cock plunged into the tarts arse.

I was not too enamoured with the show but I could see Rory was well into it as his erection had pressed through the buttoned front of his cassock and Mary was playing with it. As the vicar reached a tongued orgasm, the tart was thrown on the bed, the vicar lay on top with legs spread just next to the tarts chin, and the bishop dived into the wet waiting fanny.

I was not going to watch that so I got up and went to find the number six cubical, there was a small bed, an array of dildo’s, vibrators, floggers and a box of condoms. The show continued for some time until it finished with loud applause and cheers, and then Vivian invited people to find their cubicles.

To my surprise, it was two lady vicars who entered, one was Tina, who had been our Wednesday guest a few weeks ago, she introduced her friend I did not know, they apologies that there were not enough bishops to go round.

I said, “Oh no, I’m quite relieved, we can still have some fun”.

“Yes we can”, Tina said, “You’re very good with your tongue, I recall”, firstly they made me pay tribute to their dildos by kissing and sucking on them. She told her friend to take off her dildo and lie on the bed. She spread her legs and I bent to kiss, lick and suck her already wet vagina, my dress rose as I did and Tina caressed my arse cheeks, fingered my ring with a lubricant before teasing her dildo gently into me, as she slapped my cheeks in turn. She gradually increased her tempo reaching and stimulating my prostate nerve which sent shivers through my body. My tongue was flicking the other girl’s clitoris as I pushed in two fingers to further stimulate her as she was making little joyous screams which mixed with all the other erotic sounds coming from the other cubicles.

“We are enjoying this, aren’t we, are you, David”? Tina aid joyfully.

I gave a muffled growl of approval while the girl beneath me started to scream, “I’m cuming, oh yes, oh yes, I’m cuming”. Her body quivered and she released a long breath, “Oh god, oh god, yesssssss,” she reached forward and grabbed my head pulling my lips to hers, which caused me to pull away from Tina; she kissed and tongued my mouth.

Tina said, “Come on, change places”, as she took off her strap-on”.

I said, “Can I rest my back and lie on the bed”?

So Tina sat on my face while the other girl put on her strap-on, lubricated it, lifted my legs and plunged into me. Tina sat up straight and said, “Lick my ring please, David, I like that”.

She eventually, stretched forward to join mouths with the other girl, she kept pumping my arse while Tina’s fanny came to my mouth, and I licked and sucked, as they madly and passionately kissed each other above me. She eventually reached her climax and her feminine juices were leaking all over my face as she collapsed on my body.

“Oh, boy”, she said as she recovered, “That was good, let’s go and find a bishop stud”. She kissed and licked my face before they both left the cubicle.

I stepped out and it seemed like a free-for-all, people were rushing to different cubicles and changing partners. Then Daphne and Annie rushed over to me, “We want you next”, Daphne shouted, “You look a pretty tart”, even though most of my makeup was gone.

“No, Daphne, I must go to the toilet and get a drink first”, I said pleadingly.

“Well, okay”, she said, “I’ll come with you; you stay here Annie and we’ll bring you back a drink”.

Back at the cubicle, Annie was swinging a pair of handcuffs around her fingers, “Thanks for the drink; what are we going to do to him”?

“You won’t need those”, Daphne said, “He’s a good submissive and do whatever we want, you humped his arse, at our place, and I fucked his mouth so we’ll change around this time”.

I was pushed on to the bed and Annie locked her lips with mine and gave my mouth a good examination with her tongue, while Daphne pulled my legs over her shoulders and push her dildo into my rectum.

Annie released my mouth and said, “You’re a good kisser, I hope your tongue is going to excite my fanny”?

As she lined up herself with my mouth as my tongue connected with her clit. She was soon screaming erotically and sliding on my mouth, Daphne was building up the pressure but as my arse was still stretched from the previous invader, I was feeling quite comfortable.

They were shouting encouragement to each other as they became more aroused, I thought Daphne must have a vibrating cock on the other dildo in her strap-on harness as she seemed to be very near orgasm. Annie was getting very active massaging my false tits and how tightly Daphne gripped my thighs, with her body shaking I knew she was about to cum. She stopped pounding me and played with my balls and flicked at my cage, my cock had become very aroused and was squeezing against the chrome sides. Annie juices were streaming into my mouth and over my face; she collapsed over my body, then rolled on to the floor. Daphne picked her up as I swung to sit upon the bed; they sat down on each side of me and started kissing my face and neck.

Annie said, “You’ve been a good tart, I enjoyed that”.

“Whichever way, you’re a good shag; see you again soon”, Daphne said as the left the cubicle, I heard her shout, “In here Rose”.

Rose and Jenna came and sat each side of me, “You look awful, David”, Rose said, “How are you liking this”?

“Not a lot”, I said, “I couldn’t stand the show, and I’m just doing what I have to do. What about you”?

It was Jenna that answered, “We’re not enjoying it that much either, too many people here seem to be rather aggressive and taking too much advantage, especially those dressed like bishops”.

Rose agreed and I said, “I’m here for you, can I do anything to please you”?

“I think you could get us a drink, please David”, Jenna said, “I think I would just like to sit and enjoy your company”.

“I certainly can do that for you, I’ll be back shortly”. As I walked to the bar I glimpsed Mary enjoying herself on top of a big stud, I then spied Rory having his cock sucked by a male tart while kissing a vicar’s tits.

I came back with the drinks and pulled the curtain as closed as it would go, and sat down between the two ladies, Jenna said, “Thank you, David, tell me if you would; I don’t want to impose and you don’t have to answer if it will upset you but are you not a bit jealous about your wife having another man”? “Well yes, I suppose I am but it’s down to love isn’t it? It’s funny I was thinking about it this morning as I was doing the cleaning while Mary was with Rory. You love Rose and she loves you; you want to make each other happy, it’s the same with me and Mary but I know I cannot give her the fulfilment and satisfaction sexually that she craves. She gets that from her lover but I know it’s only sex, usually once a week, she doesn’t make love to him, she makes love to me and I make love to her”.

“Yes but”, Jenna continued, “She dominates you and you submit to it, at work you are a very dominant manager, you have to be, we’ve seen you”.

“Work is different, at home I am submissive to give happiness to Mary, look at me now dressed as tart. I know it’s difficult to understand, I suppose it was last year with Robert, he was a very good boss at work, but at weekends, when he visited, he dominated both of us and Mary liked it. Mary changed completely, but she is still a loving wife enjoying her sexual freedom, and she likes having sex with ladies”.

“That’s understandable, from our point of view, we prefer having loving sex with each other, at present, but we are not adversed to having sex with other women and men, in the right context”, Rose interjected.

“I’m pleased to be able to give ladies pleasure; Mary gives me the freedom to do that. Since she took up with Rory, things have changed again, Mary dominates us both, he does what she tells him and enjoys the sex with her, when he’s travelling around Europe, he’s probably shagging different women each week, he’s never told us that but he’s a good looking, well-equipped lad. He certainly show’s me more respect than Robert ever did at home, I like him he, we could be good mates. As we started, I am jealous of his well-proportioned manhood, I cannot compete, but I know Mary loves me”.

“Well, thank you, David”, Jenna said, “I’ve enjoyed our conversation, I understand and appreciate your relationship much more now, I think you are a very kind and caring man, as Rose said we are not adversed to having sex with the right man at the right time, we enjoyed our time with you at our party, I think you’re the right man for us, any time you’re available.”

“Wow, that’s one of the best invitations I’ve had, thank you. Let’s go to the bar”.

We sat at a small table by the bar drinking tea, when Mary staggered up, with her cassock half unbuttoned and stained down the front, laddered and torn stockings and said breathlessly, “Oh, David, can you get me a drink, please”.

I kissed her and said, “You like as though you’ve had a good time”.

“Yes”, she said as she pushed me towards the bar, then embraced Rose and Jenna. They were talking when I return with a gin and tonic.

“Thank you, David, Rose has just kindly invited us to dinner, on Tuesday, after we view the development. Have you had a good time, David”?

“That’s very good of her, thank you, probably not as good a time as you’ve had but I enjoyed the company of these lovely ladies just now”.

“I hope he did what you wanted him too, was he kind and caring with you”? Mary asked.

“Oh yes”, Jenna said immediately, “He was very good and we enjoyed our time with him”.

At that point, Rory came over, looking very weary and exhausted, “I need a drink”.

Mary grabbing onto him said, “No, I think it’s time we went home, you’ve had more than enough for one night, come on, David, let’s get to the car”.

We said our goodbyes and were in the car on our way home, Rory, in the back with Mary, was recounting his congests of the evening, I wasn’t sure Mary was enjoying his descriptions of his activities.

We put Rory to bed and I spent the night with Mary, she took off my cage and massaged my balls and my cock grew very quickly.

I said, “Oh thank you, the events of the evening were quite painful for me as I got aroused”.

She continued to wank me and said, “You were very quiet in the car, I don’t think you enjoyed the party did you”?

“Not really, the show put me off to start with, I didn’t want to watch a stud fucking, I was pleased I did not get a bishop stud in any of my groups but I did what I had to do for the ladies, I gave them pleasure and I think they enjoyed themselves, my arse is sore, my mouth and tongue ache, I did my duty”.

“You are a good boy, I’ll give you pleasure as a little reward now,” she vigorously jerked me until I shot my load into her hand, which she made me lick clean.

Mary and I had the day off work on Tuesday, after a leisurely morning we drove over towards the housing development. I hoped seeing the situation Mary might become more enthusiastic about the new house, we actually drove past the site and I pointed it out but we could only just see it in the distance.

We drove on past the stables and into the village, “There’s the Village Hall where Jenna is giving her Sumba class and here’s the pub”, I pointed out. I wanted Mary to see the surroundings of the village before we had lunch in the pub where Rose had taken us the weekend of her party.

Mary was very impressed with the food and the atmosphere of the pub as we walked up the street to the mini-market, where I bought flowers and a bottle of wine for our hosts. As we got back to the car, Mary said, “It seems a very pleasant, quaint little village and the people seem very friendly, I could like living out this way”.

Before I started the car, I phoned Rose to tell her we were on our way to the development, she said she would meet us there and the Reg Squire would be there.

As we drove I told Mary, “The architect, Reg Squire will be here, I think you know him, he re-designed your office building, when you had all the changes done”.

“Oh yes, I remember him, he’s a nice man and had some good ideas; if he designed the houses they should be good”. Mary was looking around, “I didn’t think the country here could be so good this near to Town, it’s very pleasant”.

I thought ‘oh good you’re starting to become more enthusiastic about all this.

We arrived at the development, Mary’s comment, “Oh, it’s all muddy around here”.

“Well this is a building site but this will all be landscaped when it’s finished”.

We drove around the close with the four houses and then onto the big house, I was amazed at how much they had completed since I last saw it, the walls were up, covered in scaffolding and the roof joists were fixed to the ridge plate.

Rose and Reg came out to meet us; we change into our boots and had to put on hard hats that Reg gave us. We greeted each other and Reg started to explain, mainly for Mary’s benefit, what the outside would look like when finished.

Mary said, “It looks as though it’s going to be lovely and it’s in a very nice secluded area, not overlooked”.

We went into the house, the main staircase was in and the ceiling rafters were in place, while Reg explained the ground floor layout, while Rose and I made comments.

Mary looking enthusiastically, “What a spacious area, I like the idea of the utility room and the size of the kitchen diner. Oh, the large lounge and opening out to that view, how lovely”.

She came and kissed me, and said, “I think I’m warming to this house”.

“I knew you would like it when you saw it, now let’s look upstairs”.

We climbed the stairs and saw the layout of the bedrooms, en-suites and bathrooms, she said to me, “Isn’t going to be too big for just us”?

“No, just think of the entertaining, we could do here”.

“Well yes, Rory could move in with us”?

“I don’t think he’d want that and certainly I wouldn’t want it. It will be our home”.

“Could we think about that, it would give me more encouragement to move here”, Mary said hopefully.

I was worried about what Mary had said but we said goodbye to Rose and Reg, who left us to look around more, to see the grounds and where the swinging pool was going to be.

Mary, said, “Yes, well I can see why you are so enthusiastic about this house, it’s going to be lovely but I’m still not sure I want to come out here to live”.

We changed our boots and drove to the stable house I gave Rose the flowers and Jenna the wine, which seemed more appropriate to me. They welcomed us into their home and Daphne came barging in and said hello but Rose demanded, “Go and change from your riding clothes, we’ve got guests and Jenna has cooked a special meal”.

As she slopped off, we settled down to a glass of red wine and engaged in general chat until Jenna brought in a sumptuous looking meal of venison and wild mushrooms wellington with sliced root vegetables. Daphne joined us just as we started to eat, picked up her wine and said, “Welcome everybody, wow this looks very special, how was your day”?

Mary answered, “Yes, this is really delicious, we’ve had a nice day, the village is very quaint, the people seem friendly, the countryside is lovely and the house is going to be wonderful when it’s completed”.

I thought, ‘well that sounds quite positive’ as we continue to chat about the area and finished our meal. Mary excused herself and as she left the room, Rose said quietly to me, is Mary alright, she doesn’t sound that convinced about moving out here”? “Well, I think she will come round when we start to think about how to decorate the rooms and what extra furniture we might need. She wants to move her lover in with us but I don’t think that would be appropriate and I’m sure he would want a place of his own”.

“Hope you are right, we’d love you to come and live out here”, Rose said and the others agreed.

As we left all three of them made a point of passionately hugging and kissing Mary, where I just got a peck on my cheek. Rose sincerely said to Mary, “I hope you will decide to come and live out here, I’m sure you will like it and we would love to have you as our neighbours”.

Mary just smiled and nodded in response as she got into the car, she was quiet during the drive and I thought it best not to say anything and just let her consider what had happened today.

We sat down at home, Mary put her arm around my neck and said, “That was a good day, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I thought the Clarke sisters were quite ‘rough diamonds’ when I first meet them but since Jenna has been in their lives they seem more refined and more feminine, she’s been very good for them”.

“Yes, but I’ve always liked them since they purchased me at the charity auction, last year. I’m pleased you enjoyed it, you seem more positive about the idea of moving to a new house”.

“I still have a few apprehensions about it but don’t let’s spoil a good day, take me to bed and make love to me before I put your cage back on; we’ve got Teamina and Clyde coming tomorrow.

Mary seemed very excited to have Clyde’s big black cock tonight; she was waiting on the bed, in her dominatrix costume, when I took them upstairs. As I welcomed them they had both said how they were looking forward to the evening and wanted to see how I had improved my skills since the training they put me through last year. Teamina, like her sister Beatrice, was a big girl, almost as big around as she was tall, Clyde was stocky and muscular, and both had dusky dark skin.

They both embraced Mary who instructed me to take Tea’s shoes and socks off and kiss her feet, so she could sit on the bed with her. Tea kissed Mary’s exposed breasts and ran her hand over her boots and up her inner thigh as I undressed Clyde. As I exposed his semi-erect manhood Mary gasped, “Oh my, I’m going to enjoy that”.

I didn’t take long massaging his back but I was doing a caring and tender job but I knew Mary wanted to get her hands on his tool, as he turned over his erection had increased, even I was impressed. As I completed his massage, Mary said, “You must pay tribute to that gorgeous erection, David”, as I kissed and took it into my mouth which was being stretched as it seemed to grow bigger.

Clyde was very appreciative of my efforts, as he said, “Well boy, you have improved your technique, that was very good, I enjoyed that but I’m going to enjoy this lovely lady even more”.

Mary impatiently pushed Teamina off the bed, “Come here Clyde, I know how to treat that marvellous piece of manhood. You undress Teamina”.

Mary was kissing his impressive cock while I took off Tea’s clothes and helped her onto the table, her big hands clasped my head and pulled my lips to hers and held me in a wet kiss, she then said, “Take your time with me and enjoy my body”.

Her fatty flesh moved in my hands as I worked down her back, I noticed that Clyde was kissing Mary’s boots and was pulling down the zip with his teeth. By the time I had completed Tea’s massive legs he had one boot off Mary’s leg which he was now kissing, I was working and kissing separating her bulbous buttocks when Mary jumped off the bed and pushed my head deep into her crack.

Tea screamed, “Oh yes, get in there, David, eat my rosebud”, as she lifted her hips slightly to give me better access, as I tongued her anus.

Mary, with a cheeky laugh, got back on the bed, she and Clyde shouted encouragement for me to go deeper. I was finding it hard to breathe as her massive buttocks enveloped my face. She was screaming with pleasure but I had to pull my face out to take in some air replacing my tongue with three fingers.

“That was good, white boy”, she said as she rolled over and flopped back on the table, “I want you to be even better with my front”.

Her huge tits very resting on her arms as I caressed and kissed her large storks that were her nipples. Again her big hands gripped my head and pulled me into her cavernous cleavage as she used her arms to enclose my face in her massive tits, she held me there while the others were laughing and shouting encouragement. I was suffocating and started to wave my hands and tried to push myself away but she held me there in a vice-like grip. To accompanying cheers she released me as I gulped in air.

I took a little time to recover, starting to work on her body again, I notice that Clyde had removed Mary’s other boot and was starting to undo her leather corset. By the time I had pushed up Tea’s belly fat to gain access and kissing and lick her fanny, she held me there tightly.

Mary, now totally naked, shouted, “Let him up Tea, you can go in the other room and finish that. David get a condom for Clyde, I want him inside me”.

Teamina grabbed a strap-on and a vibrator from the table and pushed me out of the room, as we entered my room I heard Mary scream with joy as she slid on to his giant cock. Tea pulled off my tee-shirt and trousers then pushed me on the bed, she sat in my chest and lifted my legs and pushed the vibrator into my anus switching it on, “There, that will get this ready for later”, she said, “Now where were we, yes, I want you to make me cum”?

She moved her arse over my face, she gripped my nipples and started to slid her wet anus and vagina over my mouth. My tongue was working overtime, she was starting to cry with erotic joy as she slapped my chest, I got two fingers working her clitoris as well as my tongue as her rocking and grinding increased.

Her body fat started to quiver as her screaming increased until she released her juices over my face, we were both bathed in sweat as she collapsed on top of me, she said, “Oh look at that poor little cock, trapped in that cage, it’s swollen and leaking cum”. She licked the end of my cage and started to play with my balls, making me ache even more.

She eventually slid around and kissed and licked my face, “That was good but now I’m going to fuck your arse”.

She rolled me over, removed the vibrator and put on the strap-on, firmly gripping my hips she guided the dildo to my arse hole and plunged in, starting to vigorously pump me, she continually slapping alternate arse cheeks.

It seemed to go on for ages, my arse and cock were aching, she was getting louder I hoped relief was near as she screamed to another orgasm, pulled out and slumped with her arm across my back pinning me down. I thought she had fallen asleep but eventually, she removed the strap-on, pulled me properly into the bed hauled the duvet over and flopped the bulk of her body on top of me.

I awoke with my body aching, I painfully had a hot shower which did little to ease my body but made it into work. I spent most of the morning at my desk struggling through sales figures. When Marjorie arrived after lunch for our weekly meeting, I said to her, “It should be you giving me a massage the way I feel; we had a session with Clyde and Teamina last evening”.

“I bet Mary was pleased”, she said, “I pity you, I know what Tea is like; well you should know she trained you”.

I tenderly undressed Marjorie and I started to massage her back, she asked, “How was your day Tuesday, is Mary pleased with the idea of moving and what about the house”?

“The house will be fantastic when it’s completed, very spacious, just right for entertaining and it’s in a wonderful position but Mary wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. She wants Rory to move in with us if we live there but I don’t think that would be right. He’s still young and will surely want a place of his own”.

“Yes, I see your dilemma and I would tend to agree with you but Mary will get what she wants otherwise it wouldn’t be right”, she turned over and I tenderly took my time caressing and kissing her breasts before bringing her to an orgasm with my tongue.

“Can you please take my cage off”, I pleaded to Mary, as we finished diner, “Tea was worse than that amazon woman, Bianca, last week, I’ve been aching all over today. I’ve got bruises on my chest, I had trouble sitting down and my ‘little man’ is so sore, I think I ejaculated, even though I couldn’t get hard”.

“Oh, poor you, David, I thought last night went very well. I was very impressed by Clyde, he was magnificent, and he made me cum three times before he did”. She said as she came and put her arm around me and started to undo my trousers. “He was so big he did leave me a little sore, I hope I’ll be alright for Rory on Saturday”.

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it”, I said as she released my cock from its cage and gave it a pleasant caress, “Oh, don’t rub it too much; it will hurt if I get hard. I always seem to get the rough end of the deal these last few Wednesdays”.

“Stop moaning, I’m sure you enjoy most of it, remember we are doing it for charity”, as she kissed me, “We won’t need your bedroom services this weekend provided you do the rest of your usual work”.

There was a phone call early Saturday morning, it was Rory, he was calling from the airport saying he had been delayed in Switzerland and only just arrived back. I thought Mary might be a little upset but when he finally arrived she took him straight upstairs.

I didn’t see them again until I had the dinner on the table, Rory seemed quite vague about his delay when I questioned him but decided not to pursue the matter. Mary was in a very cheery mood all evening, before they went off to bed, quite early, she said, “Would you like to join us for lunch and swim tomorrow, David”?

“Thank you, dear, that would be very nice, I’d love too if you’re sure you want my company. Remember if we move to the new house the development has a private swimming pool and we will have the use of it at any time”.

“Of course we’d like you to come with us, David”, Rory said enthusiastically, “A private swimming pool, that sounds good, tell me about the house, did you see it Tuesday”?

Before I could answer Mary grabbed Rory by the hand and as if she was annoyed by my little intervention and said, “Come on, Rory, I’ll tell you about it when we get upstairs”. She virtually pulled him away and left me watching television.

After the swim, Rory and I were in the changing room, he said, “Mary didn’t say much about the new house, last night, she doesn’t seem too happy about the move, she said it was too big and too far out of town, what’s the matter with her”?

“It’s going to be a gorgeous house, very spacious, wonderful for entertaining, beautiful grounds and the swimming pool, very nice area but Mary has not taken to it yet. I think she will once the building is complete and she gets to choose the new furniture and the decoration. She got this idea that she wants you to move in with us but I’m not sure that’s a good idea, of course, you will still be welcome to come anytime”.

“Yes she mentioned that I agree, I need a place of my own, come on let’s get going”, he said as we hurriedly dressed.

After we dropped Rory at his flat, I said to Mary, “Is Rory, okay, he seemed in a hurry to get home and he was late yesterday”?

“Yes, I think his work is getting to him, and all the travel, he was a bit stressed and didn’t have his usual energy last night. Plus he didn’t like the idea of moving in with us”.

“As I’ve said before he is still young and he’ll want a place of his own, don’t let that detract from the new house, I’m sure you’ll like it eventually. Anyway, he might be going off you, for all you know he might have ladies stashed, all over Europe, to keep him company”.

“Oh, that’s very naughty, David, it’s also a very silly suggestion. I think that deserves some punishment later”.

“Oh no, Mistress, that was only a joke, are you losing your sense of humour”?

“I thought you’d been a good boy, this week but now you’ve spoilt it for yourself”.

We drove the rest of the way home in silence.

Mary remained quiet all through dinner and when the television programme, that we were watching finished, she said in her demanding voice, “Get upstairs to your room now, undress and stand in the corner, with your hands on your head until I get there”.

I did as I was instructed, I heard Mary go into her bedroom and rummage in the toy cupboard, and she came into my room and flashed the flogger twice across my back. She came up behind me and strapped the ball gage around my head; she reached up and secured the cuffs to my wrists behind my head. Then she turned my round and roughly but tightly secured the thin leather strap around my ball and cock.

She then sat on the bed and shouted, “Over my knees”. I positioned myself and she put one hand across my back and started to caress my arse cheeks with the other, she said quietly, “I don’t like punishing you but you make me do it, I give you pleasure and then you forget your place in our relationship”.

With that, she thumped the paddle six times on each cheek, I felt each hit sting and by the time the last one hit the heat in my cheeks was unbearable. She gently rubbed cream into each cheek as she said, “I’m sorry I had to do that, you took your punishment very well, I hope you won’t forget your place again”.

As she took off the ball gage, I said, “Thank you, Mistress, I know my place and will always love you”.

I thought I felt a teardrop slash on my back, as my wrists were released, she remained seated as I stood up in front of her, she picked up the paddle and hit my erect cock twice, I tried not to cry out but just bent forward a little and pursed my lips.

“You’re a good husband, David”, she said as she looked up at me, “You can undress me now if you are caring, tender and gentle, I will let you make love to me”.

I tenderly removed her clothes, caressed and kissed her beautiful body and made her vagina very wet with my tongue before I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I lay down next to her as she rolled on top of me, “I hope that leather strap is going to make you last, I don’t want you to cum too soon”, as she guided my erection into her.

She tenderly kissed me as she started to rock and her large breasts bounced up and down on my chest, I could only just feel the walls of her vagina, she’d been stretched by Rory, this morning and by Clyde earlier in the week. The more we copulated I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening on my little cock, we both started to enjoy the sensation, breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

I said, “I’m going to cum, Mistress, I’m nearly there”.

“Yes, yes, so am I, just hold on, ooooooooooh yes”, as we both came together, “Oh that was wonderful, David, I don’t know why but I’m getting more satisfaction with you lately”.

“I’m so please Mistress, I always enjoy making love with you”.

We lay together for ages before she removed the leather cock strap and she stayed with me all night nuzzling my neck and chest.

Putting my cock cage on Tuesday night, ready for our Wednesday guest, Mary said, “It’s Phoebe coming tomorrow, well it’s actually Lady Phoebe Smithson-Wright, her father, Lord Smithson sits in the House of Lords. I met her at the party last week; she’s new to the ‘Pleasure Organisation’ and only recently cuckolded her husband”.

“Oh, entertaining the aristocracy, we’ll have to be on our best behaviour, then”.

“Yes, David, she will want to ask a lot of questions and I don’t want you speaking out of turn, you will only speak to her when I tell you too. When you undress and massage her, you better ask if you can touch the more sexual parts of her body”.

“How should I greet her, Mistress Lady Phoebe”?

“That will do, change these sheets when you get home tomorrow evening, now go to sleep”, Mary commanded.

I welcomed our guest and as I took her coat I could see that she was shorter than Mary, quite petite but with a very curvaceous body. As we entered the bedroom Mary, wearing her dominatrix outfit, jumped off the bed and passionately kissed her and led her to the toy cupboard and explained about all the implements that were there.

“You punish your husband, is there a need for that”? Mistress Lady Phoebe asked.

“Oh yes”, Mary replied, “Of course, that’s what a good relationship relies upon, so my husband knows his place. Punishment and reward is the key whenever he displeases me, which is not that often now, he has to be put in his place and then rewarded, not necessarily straight after, you have to please them some time”.

“Yes, I see”, Phoebe said, “How did you cuckold your husband, was it his fantasy to see you with a strong stud”?

“Oh no”, Mary said, “Let him undress you and I’ll explain”.

I dropped on my knees and removed her shoes; I noticed she had stockings on, as I caressed her feet. “Oh, what lovely hands he has, that feels wonderful”, she said balancing on one leg.

“Mistress, may I kiss your feet and legs”?

“Please do”.

As I caressed and kissed my way up each leg, Mary continued, “We had a good marriage and sex life but he could never satisfy me with his penus, I never climaxed, but he could get me to cum with his tongue. It wasn’t until I had sex with his boss that I realise what I was missing. Robert had a gorgeous penis, long and thick, so satisfying and fulfilling, we became lovers and it was he who cuckolded my husband”.

“I see, oh that’s the poor chap who owns the ‘Pleasure Organisation’ with Marjorie, he’s not well and in a home. What did your husband think of that, wasn’t he jealous”?

“That’s right, Robert was a wonderful man. I’ll let him tell you, answer the Mistress Lady, David”.

“Thank you, Mistress”, as I unhooked her suspender and rolled down her stockings, “I was very jealous, to begin with, but I realised how happy Mary was, it wasn’t until I was trained, that understood the situation. I realised I was a submissive person, as far as the sexual relations go, I love my wife and will do whatever makes her happy”.

“Yes”, Mary said, “Our relationship is based on love and respect, I know my husband understands that is it just sex, for my satisfaction, with my lover; I still make love to my husband regularly”.

I stood up, looked at Mary, who nodded, before I said, “May I remove your dress now, Mistress”?

“Oh, how polite, if this is what training did for your husband, I can’t wait for my husband to be trained; he’s going to the warehouse in a fortnight time”.

I whispered, “Oh, poor sod”, as I unzipped her dress.

“What was that David, I told you not to speak unless I gave you permission? Now that deserves a punishment”.

“Oh, not on my account, surely”, Phoebe said.

“Yes, and you should do it” Mary retorted.

I removed her dress and unclipped her bra, she had a deep cleavage with good-sized breasts, “May I kiss your shoulders, please Mistress”.

“That is so sweet, you don’t need to keep asking, just do what you need to do”.

“I told him to ask if he was to touch you, sorry it’s my fault but it shows how he respects me”. Mary said.

“What a wonderful relationship you have Mary, this cuckolding was all my husband’s idea, it’s his fantasy, he likes to watch while I’m being fucked by a stud and he masturbates”, Phoebe surprisingly said.

“That’s not right, Phoebe, let, David finish undressing you and I’ll explain how things should be when you’re on the massage table”.

I kissed her nicely rounded breasts, nipples and through her cleavage, down across her flat stomach, removing her knickers and suspender belt, caressed her firm buttocks and moved my mouth to her naked vagina.

Her hands gripped my head and held me there as I kissed and licked, “Oh god, that was wonderful such a tender touch and so erotic”.

Mary said, “Get onto the table and it should get better”.

As I massaged her shoulders and back with my scented oily hands, Mary continued, “My husband has never like to watch me shagging my lover, I make him watch as punishment, sometimes because he doesn’t lick it but if your husband likes to watch, that’s up to you. I would never allow him to masturbate or penetrate you while you are with your stud, his cock is your property and you control it, he gets pleasure when you permit it, that’s how you keep him inline”.

“Yes, I understand, Mary, I need to be more dominant with my husband. Oh, this is so good and relaxing, I’ve had massages but never as good as this”,

As I completed her back with kisses on her firm buttocks, “Please turn over, Mistress”.

I carefully worked on her front, taking time on her breasts and kissing her nipples, back up her legs my index fingers and thumbs caressed he fanny lips then I puckered and bent to kiss them, when Mary said, “That’s enough for now, punishment time”.

“Oh”, Phoebe said, “I was so enjoying that”.

“Don’t worry, he’ll make you cum with this tongue later”, as Mary sat on the bed, “Take your trousers down and get over my knee”.

“Oh”, Phoebe exclaimed, “He’s wearing a cock cage”.

“Yes”, said Mary, “That’s how you ensure you have control of it, I don’t keep him in it all the time, he gets much more freedom now, he only wears it for his massage duties and parties”, as she tapped it with the paddle, showing her the key around her neck as Phoebe examined it.

“I must get one of these for my husband”.

I got over Mary’s knees and she whacked a cheek, “Thank you, Mistress, one”, then the other, “Thank you, Mistress, two”.

“Your turn, Phoebe, I think two on each cheek with suffice”, as she let me up and changed places.

Whack, “Thank you, Mistress Lady Phoebe, one” ——————- “Thank you, Mistress Lady Phoebe, four”.

“Oh, that was very exhilarating”

I hadn’t noticed Mary put a strap-on, “Lie on the bed, Phoebe, he gets his reward now. Kiss and lubricate my cock, David”.

After I kissed and sucked the dildo, I bent as I eased Phoebe’s legs apart to get access to wet vagina, I kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled her clitoris while Mary gently pounded my arse. I slipped two fingers into her love hole as she started to murmur as she was excitedly reaching her climax. Her body quivered and she let out a shouted breathe, “Oh that was wonderful”.

As Phoebe relaxed on the bed Mary withdrew, and said, “Would you like to peg this cuckold arse”?

I was pleased to hear Phoebe say “No, thank you, I’m not into that”.

“No, neither am I really but I do it when necessary, where do you find your studs”? Mary asked.

“Marjorie gave me a list, I’ve tried a few, they’ve all got nice big penises, some are better than others. I met this very nice chap at the party, the other week, he was very good, probably the most caring one I’ve had, his name was Rory, and I’d like to meet with him again”.

Mary stood with a look of shock and hesitance on her face, as she didn’t know what to say, eventually, she said, “Yes, I know, Rory, he’s my lover”.

Phoebe jumped off the bed and hugged Mary, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by that, I don’t what to take him away from you, you’re so lucky to have such a wonderful lover and caring husband”.

“Excuse me, Mistresses, I think it’s time I left you to enjoy each other”, as I pulled up my trousers and left for my room.

After breakfast, Phoebe put her arms around my neck and kissed me and said, “Thank you for a wonderful evening, I hope my husband becomes as caring as you”.

When she was gone, I said to Mary, “I hope that wasn’t too embarrassing for you last night, the thing about Rory”.

“No, David, it was understandable, she is a very nice person just wanting to learn how to make her life more satisfying”.

The evening I sat down with Mary, and I said, “Lady Phoebe was a very nice lady but I pity her husband”.

“Why’s that, dear”? Mary asked.

“He’s just starting the process of being cuckolded, the same as I went through last year. It’s not a good process, it took me a long time to understand my place in our relationship and I wasn’t happy about it, to begin with, but then again it was not my idea or fantasy as it appears to be his, I’m not sure I understand that”.

“He obviously loves his wife, as you love me; he appreciates that he cannot satisfy her but wants to make sure she is happy and is prepared to see her being satisfied”.

“Yes, but I cannot understand why any husband would be prepared to watch his wife being shagged by another man or lady, for that matter, unless he is forced to”.

“I appreciate your view, David; I know you didn’t like the situation at first but you have benefited from it and accept things now. You do it out of respect and love for me. You are a wonderful caring husband now”, she said as she took off my cock cage.

“Thank you, dear; yes I know my place and I appreciate the respect, love and freedom you and Rory give me now, much more than I got last year”.

“Yes dear, I’m liking the way you make love to me now; let’s go to bed and enjoy ourselves”.

Part 40 – Mary’s pregnant

At the weekend, Rory turned up a little later than expected again but Mary went straight upstairs with him and I wasn’t required to service them in the evening, which I appreciated. Mary took us shopping Sunday morning followed by lunch and swimming.

I got a progress report on the building of our new house on Monday and took Tuesday afternoon off to nip and see it for myself. I was pleased with the way things had progressed, the shell was virtually complete and I would need to get Mary to start choosing the décor and colour schemes for the rooms but when I broached the subject on Tuesday evening I could not get her interested.

Mary had been quiet all week even with our lady guest, Chloe; on Wednesday evening, she went through the motions I could tell she had not enjoyed the activity with her in bed. I had enjoyed, Cleo’s, she had an attractive body, her skin was very smooth as I gave her the erotic massage and I thought her vagina tasted quite beautiful.

Following dinner, Thursday night, I sat down with Mary put my arms around her and kissed her passionately. I said, “Are you going to take my cage off tonight”?

She replied not very enthusiastically, “Yes I’ll do it when we go to bed later”.

“I thought Chloe was very nice last night, she had a gorgeous body but you did not seem to appreciate her. Is there something worrying you; you haven’t seemed yourself this week, you seem depressed?”

“Oh, David, it’s awful”, as tears started to stream down her face, “I’ve been to the doctor’s this afternoon and she confirmed it”.

“Confirmed what, love?”

“Now don’t be upset; I’m pregnant”.

“Oh, that’s wonderful”, I hesitated, “Isn’t it? But how, I thought you’re taking the pill and were protected”?

“I am but it’s not a hundred per-cent safe, I may not have taken them at the right time, the doctor said, I’m about four weeks gone. You have to be strict about taking them at the same time each day. I may have got the timing wrong when I was away with Rory in Paris”.

“So whose baby is it”? I said angrily.

“Ours, yours, of course, I don’t know, I knew you would get upset, I’ll have to have an abortion, I’m not sure I want to be a mother”.

“Now hold on, I’m not upset, you’ll be a very good mother, but you mean either of us could be the father? If it is mine you’ll do no such thing as having an abortion, I want to be a father and I’ll be a good one; but if it’s Rory’s, I will not be a step-dad to another man’s child; does he know yet”?

“No, you’re the only one I have told; it’s my child but I don’t know who the father is, I think it must be Rory’s”.

“You had sex with him that weekend you were away, it could well be his”. “Yes, but I made love to you, a lot, about that time, the week before and after but he can penetrate me a lot deeper than you are able too. You mean you’ll leave me if it’s not your child”? As Mary was in floods of tears.

“Now, let’s be sensible, we’ll have to talk to Rory, on Saturday and see what he has to say. There must be a way we can find out who the father is; your doctor should be able to arrange a test or something”.

Mary said between great sobs, “I’m sorry, David, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a mother, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Take me to bed and make love to me, please”.

“I will, but that won’t make any difference now, will it”?

Rory seemed in a very joyful mood as I met him at the door on Saturday, I must have been looking a little pensive as we shook hands, he said, “You alright, David, you look a little depressed and concerned”.

“Yes, I’m fine, you had better come in here, and Mary has something to tell you”.

We went into the lounge and he bent to kiss Mary, “You okay, Mary, is there something wrong”?

She said, tentatively holding his hand, and sobbed, “I don’t know how it happened but I’m pregnant”.

He pulled his hand away and looked at Mary as the tears formed, “Oh hell”, he said and then hesitated, thinking through what she had said, “Christ, it isn’t mine, is it? I don’t want to be a father, I’d better go”.

I said, angrily, “You’re not running away from this, it could be your child, if it is, you’ll have to work it out with Mary. Apparently, there was a problem with Mary’s pills, when you were away in Paris, I take it you did not use any protection, so it’s all your problem”.

“But, but, your husband and wife”, Rory stammered, “It will be your child, whoever the father is”.

“It’s not that simple, I’m not prepared to be a father to another man’s child. it will be four or five weeks before Mary can have a paternity test to determine who the father is. Until then, there is no reason we can’t carry on as usual”.

“Oh Christ,” he shouted, as tears filled his eyes, “This is a mess, I can’t have sex with a pregnant woman, even as wonderful as Mary is, it doesn’t seem right”.

“Well, you better discuss this with Mary, if it turns out to be your child, you’ll have to decide what you want to do. You can still have sex, I won’t harm the baby, I’m going to make some lunch”.

As I went into the kitchen, they hugged each other and started talking.

During lunch, Mary said, “David, Rory and I talked things through and we have concluded that it must be his child and we cannot have a child in our life-style, I don’t want to be a mother, I like the sex I’m having, I know I’m being selfish but that’s the way we feel. I shall arrange an abortion as soon as I can; we’ve decided that’s what we should do”.

“No, I’m not going to allow you to do that until we know, for sure, who the father is. If it is mine, then I want us to have this child and be a proper family. If you go through with the abortion I’m not sure I will want to stay with you”.

Mary started to sob, “You can’t leave me, David, I love you, I can’t be a mother I’m not the right sort of person, I don’t have any maternal instincts”.

“I love you too but you may feel that way now, as your pregnancy progresses, you’ll change, I can see you being a wonderful mother. One thing is for sure, I’m moving into the new house when it’s completed, it will be a wonderful family home”.

“You can’t walk out on this, David, can’t you see it’s the right thing to do, I’ll have the abortion and we can carry on with our lifestyle. I will still have Rory as my weekend-lover but you’ll still be my true love”.

“Because of my love for you, I became your submissive husband but on this issue, I’m not prepared to be submissive, I want this baby, if it is mine, and you’ll be a wonderful loving mother. If you go through with this; I won’t want to be with you, I don’t think I could ever forgive you for killing a baby”.

Mary was in floods of tears I wanted to hug her but she went to Rory, I thought, ‘that’s it, she’s in love with him, despite what she said’. I started to clear the table and skulked off into the kitchen.

Mary came in and put her arms around me, and said, “I’m sorry, David, I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. Rory thinks he should leave”.

“Perhaps it’s best if I go, you’re obviously in love with him”.

“Oh no, David”, as she started to cry again, “I love you as my husband and I don’t want you to leave me. I love Rory for what he can give me”.

“What, a baby! Or is it just a fuck?” I said angrily as the front door closed.

“Oh no, he’s gone”, she cried, “I don’t know what to do; I’m going to lose him”. I grabbed her into my arms and let her cry out on my shoulder.

When she had calmed a little but still sobbing, I said, “I know we are both unset but we have got to be responsible and do what each of us thinks is best, we’ll both go and see the doctor next week. I the meantime I’ll phone Rory and see if he will come back”.

I trying to get hold of Rory several times that afternoon, it was on the third time I phoned him he picked up, “Hi Rory, look it’s, David, you have to come back, you can’t just walk out on Mary like this, she’s is very upset”.

“Yes, I’m sorry, David, I’m rather tied up this”, at the point I thought I heard a woman’s voice in the background, “afternoon, can I met you for lunch, tomorrow, the usual place, about one, okay”?

“Well I don’t see why you can’t come back now, it’s just as much your responsibility, and Mary is convinced it’s your child”.

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry; please tell her I’m sorry, I don’t think its right”. He hesitated as if he didn’t want to say, ‘I should sleep with a pregnant woman’, “Look I must go, I’ll see you tomorrow”, and he hung up.

Mary was inconsolable during the evening, I tried my best but no amount of love seemed to make any difference, she hardly slept. She looked terrible in the morning, even after a shower, one of my caring massages, she looked better on the outside but I knew, on the inside, she was still very depressed.

We went out early and walked to the restaurant, in the cold sunlight Mary wore her sunglasses to hide her red eyes. We had a glass of vine while we waited for Rory; she wouldn’t take her glasses off and didn’t want to talk. When he came into the restaurant, carrying a massive bunch of flowers in his arm, she jumped up and kissed him, “Oh Rory, they are lovely, thank you”.

She asked the waiter to put the flowers somewhere safe and Rory started to stutter, “Look, I’m sorry Mary, I just couldn’t handle that situation, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a father, I can’t have a child”.

I said, “Now, sit down both of you, Rory you’re involved in this, it’s probably yours”, Mary cut me off.

“I’m sorry, Rory, I don’t want to be a mother either, but I can’t see how this is not your baby, it must be, David could not possibly be the father”, she said, in a put-down sort of way.

“Now, hold on”, I said indignantly, “There’s just as much chance that this is my baby, keep your voices down, people are looking. We had better order”.

“Don’t be ridiculous, David, your little thing could not possibly give me a baby”, she said with another put-down, “I agree with Rory, neither of us want this baby, so I should see about getting an abortion”.

“I don’t agree and I won’t allow you to have an abortion until we find out who the father is”, I said, “We’ll see what the doctor has to say next week”.

“Oh no, I’ve decided, it’s my body, if I want rid of this baby, I will”, she said angrily.

Rory said, “Mary, you’re being very hard on David, you must consider his side, it’s only fair”.

“I appreciate that Rory, there’s no point in arguing here, we can’t do anything for five or six weeks”. I said trying to calm the situation.

Mary excused herself and as she went off to the ladies room, I said to Rory, “You weren’t with anyone when I phoned you, were you, I was sure I heard a ladies voice”?

He replied, hesitantly, “Errrr, No, iiit….. must have been the radio”, as he looked away.

“I don’t want you letting Mary down; this is just as much your problem. I want you to come back with us and stay the night”, I said in a dominant voice. I thought if he came back a spent the night with Mary it would, at least, make her happier.

“Yes, okay”, he said, reluctantly, “I’m not sure about sleeping with a pregnant woman, there’s no point in arguing, as you say, what’s happened has happened and we’ll have to work it out”.

When Mary came back, Rory said to her, “I’ll come back with you, if you want, and I’ll stay the night but I have to go early in the morning for my flight, I’m off to Austria. Is there anyone else you want to talk too, Marjorie perhaps”.

“Oh, thank you, Rory, no not just yet, you’re the only ones that know, I think I should wait until I’ve seen the doctor again before I tell anyone else”, she said in a more happier voice.

I think the second bottle of vine helped to calm everyone down. We had a pleasant walk home, Mary arm-in-arm with Rory with me left to carry the flowers.

We sat at home watching television, I could tell Mary was itching to get Rory upstairs but he was very reluctant. I cooked a pizza as we continued to watch T.V. until Mary said, “Come on, Rory and David, it’s time we went up to bed”.

“I’d rather not”, I replied, “I think you and Rory may have some things to discuss. He may want to tell you something”.

He gave me a very annoyed look as Mary dragged him out of the room. When I eventually got into bed I could not hear any of the usual erotic chorus I usually had to endure before I got to sleep.

Mary was very quiet Monday evening till she said, “What did you mean, last night, Rory might want to tell me something”?

“Oh, nothing really, I thought he might tell you why he couldn’t come back Saturday night”.

“What do you mean, do you know something”.

“No, no, it’s not for me to say. I’ll pick you up, around three-thirty, from work and go to the doctors, together”.

“Yes, okay, but mind what you say to the doctor”.

We had a little wait, on Tuesday afternoon, before we got in to see the doctor, it wasn’t my doctor, so I was surprised to see a very attractive lady, in her late thirties, but I thought I recognised her. She welcomed us and asked how Mary was before I said, “Doctor we have a problem, we are not sure who the”.

Mary cut me off, “It’s alright, David, Yvonne knows our situation, and she’s our guest tomorrow evening”.

“Oh, sorry, I thought I recognised you, we need you to organise a paternity test so we can establish who the father is”, I said.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, David”, Mary said angrily, “We know who the father is; who’s the bigger man, your little thing couldn’t make me pregnant. I want you to arrange for an abortion, please doctor”.

Doctor Yvonne held up her hands and said, “Now let’s keep calm, Mary, and talk about this, sensibly. I assume, David, that you want Mary to have the baby if you are the father and Mary you don’t want to be a mother”.

We both acknowledged our agreement.

“The first thing I need to tell you, Mary, is that size has no bearing on the conception of a baby, the sperm count is more important. It is possible that if you had sex with different men around the same time, more than one egg could be fertilised, by the different males and you could have twins each one being the father. However, I don’t think that is the case, you are just carrying one baby”.

Mary sighed with relief.

“Now, I will have to refer you to other doctors to meet your requests, there is a blood test which recently became available, that can determine paternity, without being an invasive procedure, that is safe and won’t cause any miscarriage but it will be another five or six weeks before that can do arranged. As for the abortion, that is your decision, Mary, but I think you should talk about it to someone like a councillor. If you want to go ahead, that will need to be done within the next ten weeks, it’s generally a safe procedure but I must warn you about the possible complications”.

I thought, ‘don’t I get a say in it’? I sat in horror as Doctor Yvonne described the possible problems, infection, excessive bleeding, damage to the womb, sepsis; I thought, ‘even though it may be safe, I’m not allowing my wife to go through that’. The doctor concluded by saying, “You think about things very carefully, I’ll write the referrals this evening and you’ll hear about the appointments in due course. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow”.

We were quiet on the drive home until Mary said, “What are you thinking about”?

“I was reflecting on what the doctor said, particularly about the complications that could arise from an abortion, I don’t want to lose my wife because she made a rash decision; remember what she said about size. I think we should be a family and move to the new house, you have the baby even if it is Rory’s, I’ll be a good father and I’m sure you will make a very good mother”.

“Don’t be silly, David, the abortion operation is quite safe, I’ll be okay and we can carry on with our lives as if this hadn’t happened but I suppose there is a small chance the baby could be yours”.

“Oh, have you forgotten that you said sex in Paris wasn’t that good because Rory had a bad cold and we had some very good sex, on your insistence, the week you got back”?

“Yes, well it must be his, I know it’s all my fault but I’m not going to change my mind, I don’t want to be a mother, it will ruin my life”.

“There you go, only thinking of yourself, I’m not sure I want to continue with that lifestyle, I’ve had enough of it, I’m not going to be a submissive husband. I want to be a loving husband with a loving family”.

“Oh, David, don’t be like that, we’ll talk about this all later, it’s too upsetting now”, as she started to sob.

As usual, we both got home early on Wednesday afternoons, as Mary came in the door I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately, rubbing her tummy with my hand, I said quietly, “I love you, Mary, and I want this baby. I meant what I said last night”.

“I love you too, David, and I don’t want to fall out with you about all this”, she replied. “What about tonight”?

“I don’t have to be a submissive cuckold to enjoy giving ladies pleasure; you enjoy it just as much as I do. I’ll do what I have to do to boost the charity funds”.

We didn’t talk much through dinner; we were both in our own thoughts. I dressed in my massage uniform, while Mary got herself ready, I welcomed Yvonne and took her coat. She was even more strikingly attractive than she looked last evening, about the same height as me, she was taller than Mary.

I said, “You probably don’t want to talk shop but I must say that I am worried about Mary having an abortion, I really want that baby no matter who the father is”.

“I fully appreciate your position, David, don’t worry I’ll look after Mary, I think I might invite you both to the practices baby clinic. Now let’s enjoy the evening shall we”.

I took her upstairs to the master bedroom where Mary was waiting; to my surprise, she was wearing a pink silk bed coat rather than her dominatrix outfit. Yvonne embraced Mary and said, “I’m looking forward to this, I’ve heard very good things about your husband’s talents”.

She turned and presented herself to me but before I could start undressing her, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me very passionately. I started on my knees removing her shoes and stocking, caressing and kissing her feet and legs, as I stood up, she was giving me complimentary comments of approval mixed with her pleasure sighs. As I remove her clothes, caressing and kissing her body, her breasts were firm, slightly smaller than Mary’s, her skin was toned and smooth.

As I worked down her body I noticed that Mary lost in her own world, not touching herself, as she usually did. I removed her skirt and panties to reveal a shaved vagina quite different from Mary’s, her vulva lips and clitoris were both very pronounced, as I moved my mouth close to kiss and lick, I felt her body quivering and she was very wet, in a high state of arousal almost having an orgasm, I just kissed between her legs.

As I helped her onto the table, she gasped “Oh god that was so beautiful”.

I took my time tenderly caressing the oils into her body, turning her over I carefully played with her breasts and as my tongue replaced my fingers on her vagina her body seemed to explode with a glorious orgasm as she screamed in ecstasy.

She lay on the table recovering as I continued to caress and soothe her body when eventually she got off the table, I had my back to Mary, Yvonne stood in front of me and put one arm around my neck and kissed me passionately while her other hand was rubbing my crotch, through my trousers. She whispered in my ear, “That was fantastic, thank you”.

She then looked over my shoulder at Mary, and said, “He doesn’t feel that small to me, Mary, he’s got a very nice erection developing here”.

“Oh”, Mary started to say and seemed to be in shock, “He’s normally in a cock cage when he’s pleasuring ladies”.

“How awful for him”, Yvonne said as she continued to rub my cock, “Does, David, like to watch you with other men, Mary”?

“No, he hates it, but I’ve made him watch as a punishment”.

“My husband and I”, Yvonne continued, “Regularly swing and we both like to watch each other enjoying the pleasure of another person. Do you like to watch, David, with other ladies, Mary”?

“I like to watch him undressing and massaging ladies, it turns me on, but he’s only allowed to penetrate me, apart from a few occasion mostly when he’s been naughty, we’ve had a few threesomes, that’s been very erotic and I enjoyed it”.

Still talking to Mary over my shoulder and rubbing my now aching erection, she said, “It was so beautiful what he just did to me, I’m so aroused, he deserves a reward, I need him inside me, would you let me undress him so he can make love to me, please”?

Mary must have signalled her approval as Yvonne started to remove my tee-shirt and then kissed my neck and chest, she worked down to my naval sticking her tongue in and around the button while she undid my trousers, removing them with my pants. As I stepped out of them she took my erection in her hand and then went on her knees, kissed and took it into her mouth. I was enjoying the sensation of her tongue lapping around my cock when she stopped and went to her handbag, hurriedly came back with a condom which she expertly slide onto my tool.

She then positioned Mary on the bed and bent forward, spreading her legs, to kiss her vaginal area, she then said, “Right, David, take me”.

I moved up behind Yvonne and blow a kiss to Mary, who had a look of amazement on her face as she rested up on her elbows. I caressed Yvonne’s buttocks and slide two fingers into her vaginal passage before guiding in my cock. She gave out a little squeal of erotic pleasure as I gently pushed in further while Mary was murmuring her enjoyment as her fanny was being licked and tongued.

I got into a good rhythm but I didn’t want to go too fast so I could last as long as possible. I felt Yvonne becoming very aroused as she started to push back at me and from the noise, Mary was making, I knew she was nearing her climax. I was slapping against her arse and knew I was about to ejaculate, Yvonne’s body began to spasm as both ladies screamed to their climax. I collapse forward and kissed Yvonne’s back but kept pumping until I started to go limp.

I pulled out and Yvonne led me into to en-suite where she removed the condom and cleaned my cock, still gripping it she pulled me back to the bed, where we flopped down next to Mary. Yvonne said, “Come on Mary your turn now, let’s make him hard again”.

Mary kissed me passionately while Yvonne held and sucked on my dick. Mary started to kiss down my body, eventually reaching and sucking my cock, while Yvonne worked up the other way and kissed my lips.

When Mary considered my erection was ready, she guided it into her, Yvonne position her vulva lips to my mouth. As both girls were straddling me they reached to put their arms around each other and kissed passionately while playing with flapping tits. We worked each other into an erotic state of ecstasy as I shot my load into Mary and they laid down each side of me, all breathing heavily, we just pulled the bedclothes over us.

In the morning we all went into the large shower together, washed and dried each other, after breakfast, as she was leaving, Yvonne said, “Thank you both for a wonderful evening, perhaps I should bring my husband next time. I shall see you both soon”.

I said to Mary, “That was a lovely unexpected evening. I’ve got my meeting with Marjorie today, I assume you don’t want me to tell her anything or invite her over”?

“Yes, it was”, she replied, “and no, I don’t want anyone knowing yet, I’ll talk to Marjorie when I’m ready”.

“I’m going to contact Rose, today, I want us to go to the new house on Sunday morning”, I said before she went out the door, “I thought we’d have lunch in the village pub afterwards, I’ll make the reservations for the three of us”.

Majorie came hurrying into the private office for our meeting, “Oh, sorry I’m late, I’ve just had Mary on the phone, she’s called a ‘sisterhood meeting’ for tomorrow evening”, she said, “She sounded rather distort, is everything alright, you not been doing anything wrong have you”?

“Not that I’m aware off, she didn’t mention it this morning, she has perhaps been overdoing things at work. Besides, we had a very pleasant evening, last night, with Doctor Yvonne”.

“Oh, the swinging doctor, she didn’t bring her husband, did she, he’s rather dishy”, she mused.

“No, but she suggested that next time she should”.

As I began to undress her, Marjorie continued, “Now what’s this meeting going to be about, does it involve you”?

“Well, yes in a manner of speaking I suppose it must and the doctor could also be involved, but I’ve said too much, Mary should explain tomorrow”.

“Oh, my god, one of you isn’t ill, are you”? “Not in the sense of being sick, no. Can we talk about something else, did Mary tell you about our new house, and it’s quite similar to yours”.

“Yes, she did mention it but she didn’t sound very keen. You can tell me all about it”.

As I massaged her body, I explained all about the new house, by the time I had brought her to orgasm, with my mouth, she knew as much as I did.

“Oh, thank you, David, that was wonderful as usual.” As got off the table and she kissed me. “The house sounds beautiful; I must come and see it sometime”.

“Of course we will show it to you but there is one thing why Mary isn’t as keen as she should be, she wants Rory to move in with us but I don’t think that will be a good idea”.

“No, I agree with you, that would not be a good idea, I will speak to her about that, I’ll look forward to this intriguing meeting”.

I was pleased to hear Marjorie agreeing with me as I helped her dress.

Back in my office, getting ready to go home, Carole came in and said, “I’ve just had Vivian on the phone, apparently there’s a meeting tomorrow evening at your house and I’ve got to help you with the dinner”.

“Oh, it’s at our place, Marjorie mentioned it but Mary didn’t tell me anything about it, I will be grateful for your help”.

“Do you know what it is about”? Carole enquired.

“I think I do but I can’t say, that’s for Mary to explain”.

Mary was already home when I got there and as she kissed me, I held her and said, “You changed your mind then and you want to tell your friends but I want to be in on the conversation, I want them to hear my side of the situation”.

“Oh, David, don’t be upset, I wish you could see things from my point of view, I’m not the type to be a mother but I know you will be a good father, can’t you see”?

“Don’t let’s argue about it again now, I want a nice quiet evening”.

Mary was ready through some papers she had brought from her office while I watched T.V. she came and straddled my thighs; put her arms around my neck pulling me into a passionate kiss. I ran my hands along her thighs and noticed she had no knickers on.

She said, “Being pregnant makes me very sensitive and very aroused. The way you made love to Yvonne and then to me was wonderful, you were very caring and kind. Rory is very reticent about having sex with me, I’m not enjoying it and I don’t think he is. I don’t want to lose him and I don’t know what to do”?

“I know, he told me, he didn’t think it right he should have sex with a pregnant lady. I’m not sure I can advise you; you shouldn’t force him, he’s got to make his own decision. I’m happy, however, to make love to my wife whether she is pregnant or not”.

With that, she dragged me upstairs and made passionate love for the rest of the evening.

I was home early, Friday evening, I brought Carole with me, and we started to prepare the food for the dinner. Mary came home and went to change from her work clothes but I refused her request to change into my uniform. I had just taken off my jacket and tie and put in a casual pullover.

I welcomed everyone and plied each of them with a drink of their choice and then went back to preparing the food with Carole. While we worked Carole ask me what this evening was about, she was astonished when I told her. We got the food almost ready, where we could leave it to warm without spoiling.

I took Carole into the dining room where the ladies were meeting, I said, “Ladies, no doubt Mary has told you while she asked you here and stated her intentions; I’m making no apologies for my interruption”.

Against Mary’s protestations, I continued, “I would like you to hear my side, I am no longer Mary’s submissive cuckold, I am her loving husband and despite my original objections to being a step-father to another man’s child, I don’t care who the father is, I hope it’s mine, the doctor said there is just as much chance that it is, but I do not want her to go through with an abortion. I do not want to lose my wife as I’m sure I will if she goes through with this procedure. We are moving to a new house when the building is completed and it will make a wonderful family home. I intend to move there even if Mary decides not to come with me”.

I hesitated while the ladies sat aghast and Mary started to sob with tears running down her face, while she was still sat in the chair I went to hug her, and then said, “Well, ladies, that’s my position and we will now serve your dinner”.

As we got back in the kitchen, Carole threw her arms around my neck and kissed me, “David, you were wonderful, I agree fully with what you said, you’ll be a marvellous father”.

“Thank you, I wish Mary felt the same way”.

We took in the food and placed it on the table, Carole was about to go back to the kitchen but I grabbed her arm, “We are going to sit here, with the ladies”, I said.

“Help yourselves, everyone”, as I spooned vegetables onto my plate.

The ladies sat quietly for a while, unsure how to react when Brenda raised her glass and said, “Well done, David and Mary, I’m pleased for you, I’d love to have children but due to a problem in my early twenties. I was told that I could never conceive. I think you are wrong, Mary, David is a loving husband and you should have his child”.

“No, Mary’s right”, Vivian stated, “It’s your body and you must decide if you don’t want a child then you have every right to get rid of it. You have a good life, why give that up because of one mistake”.

To my surprise, Carole opposed her partner, saying, “That’s not very nice, Vivian, I’m with David, I think he and Mary will be wonderful parents”.

Finally, Marjorie after some time considering said, “I’m not in a position to give any advice about a difficult situation, like Brenda I was not able to conceive and never thought about being a mother, I probably wouldn’t have been a good one. Vivian is right, Mary, it’s your body and you must do what you think best but you must consider that you will have a future life. I know David loves you and you love him; I’m sorry ladies but this is the only way I can put this, do you want to give that up for the occasional fuck with a big dick”?

There were gasps of astonishment from the ladies before she continued, “I think you need professional advice but I know one thing, you should go with your husband to that new house and make it a beautiful family home”.

We all sat quietly for a while as we finished the food, Carole and I took the plates and dishes back to the kitchen. As we came back with the sweet, I heard Mary saying in a very sullen voice, “I don’t know what to do, I like my life, as it was, and don’t want to give it up but then I don’t want to lose my husband”, as she started to sob.

The others tried to console her, as I sat down, “I appreciate your concerns ladies but as you can tell I feel adamant about Mary having this baby, I know it’s her choice. I don’t want to lose her but she is making it a choice between me and her lover, I don’t want it to be like that”.

Tears filled my eyes, knew what I said was hurting Mary as screamed, “Noooo, that’s not fair, David”.

Vivian and Marjorie were trying to console Mary, while I went to the kitchen, Carole and Brenda followed me and I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to be like this, I’ve ruined everything”.

“Now, come on, David, you’ve ruined nothing”, Brenda said, “You’re a strong loving husband, Mary’s being rather stubborn but she’s very delicate and sensitive at the moment. Here, have a drink and calm down”.

I finished my whisky, took a few deep breathes and joined the others, “I apologies for my outburst, I’ve ruined your dinner. I’ll just clear things away”.

Back in the kitchen, Carole had started washing up, then Marjorie came in, put her arm around me and kissed my cheek, “When you have finished here, Carole you come back and join us, Mary wants to come and talk to you, David. I know you will be kind to her, when you’ve done we want you to come and show us the plans for this new house”.

Before Carole left me she gave me a very passionate kiss and smiled. When Mary came to me we both held our arms out and we wrapped ourselves together, apologising to each other, we both said, “I don’t want to lose you, I love you”.

I’m sorry”, I said, “I’ve messed things up and hurt you, I didn’t want this to happen”.

“No David”, she answered, “It’s just as much my fault, I was too hasty in calling this meeting, I didn’t think things through but we sure know each other’s views”.

I got the plans laid out on the table, Marjorie and Brenda looking at the impression pamphlet, “Oh, look at this, it looks beautiful”. I explain the plans and the layout of the house, all agreeing how wonderful it should be when finished.

“You surely must like it, Mary”, Marjorie said, “It’s going to be a marvellous home for you, so much space and in a lovely area”.

“Yes, I know”, Mary replied, “We are going to see it again on Sunday, Rory’s coming with us. I just wish David had not rushed into this without first consulting me”.

Marjorie took Mary aside and whispered to her, “David told me about you wanting Rory to move in with you, I agree with him, that is not a good idea and I don’t think Rory will want too, he needs a place of his own.”

Mary acknowledged what she had been told, while I served coffee. When they had gone Mary came and wrapped her arms around me, saying, “Well, that’s given me something to think about, I thought they were my friends but they seem to side with you, I will have to rethink things”.

“No, they didn’t take my side, they were pleased and concerned for us both, Vivian was right, it’s your body, and no matter about my objections, you must do what you think is right”.

“Oh David, you’re such a kind gentleman, that’s why everyone likes you. Take me to bed, please; I just want to hug you”.

As we lay in bed, Mary was very quiet, I said, “What are you thinking about? What they said this evening”?

“Well, yes in part but I was thinking more about Wednesday evening, how much I enjoyed our threesome. I’ve always liked watching you with other women but I’ve never seen you when you’ve penetrated them”.

“I was surprised you agreed to her request”.

“I was so court up and aroused with the situation, it seemed the natural thing to do. I was watching your face, the enjoyment you were getting but it was a different look from when you’re making love to me, that’s a more loving look. I think we should have more threesomes in the future”.

“So long as it’s with another lady and not a man”, I said, as she thumped my chest.

We waited until around four in the afternoon before Rory arrived, it was good that Mary was upstairs, when I greeted him I had to say, “Hi Rory, before you meet Mary I should make sure you remove that red smudge from your cheek”.

“Oh god, thank you, David”, he hesitantly replied, “I was helping my neighbour, she gave me a peck”,

“I don’t want you upsetting Mary, she’s in a rather delicate state, at present, and you be good to her”.

Mary came rushing down the stairs, a little angry with him as he tried to apologise for being late, “I want to talk to you”, she said, after she kissed him.

I went into the kitchen to get some drinks, as I came back into the lounge Mary was telling him about the meeting, “They all seemed to be siding with David’s views, and I thought they were my friends”.

“You know that’s not strictly true Mary”, but she angrily cut me off, “Oh, go and get the dinner ready, David, leave me to tell Rory”.

We were sat having dinner when Rory said, “Mary’s told me all about the meeting yesterday, I think it’s good of you to want this baby, no matter who the father is. I sure you will be a wonderful and loving dad but as you said it’s Mary’s choice and I agree with her that the best decision is an abortion”.

“I’m sorry, I can’t agree with that, according to the doctor, while it’s usually a safe procedure, there are too many complications, although she won’t die, it could seriously affect her future life. She knows the consequences of that decision and I have to talk to you about putting this house on the market”.

Mary was up-in-arms, “You can’t do that where am I going to live? I don’t want to go to live out in the country”.

“You’ve got the offer of moving to the new house, I sure when we see it tomorrow you will realise how much better it will be. The alternative is we get an evaluation on this house and you give me half it’s worth to help pay for the new house”.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous”, Mary shouted, “You’ve never discussed any of this with me”.

“I would have thought that it was obvious, you knew my position, that I am determined to move to the new house, if you don’t want to come then it would be up to Rory to look after you”.

“Wow, now hang on”, Rory stammered, “I not going to be responsible for breaking up and marriage, I’m not sure I can sleep with a pregnant woman, I think I had better leave”.

“Oh no”, I said angrily, “This is as much your fault, as it is mine, you siding with Mary, so you’ve got to see things through, like I am, for the next few weeks. What does it matter whether Mary’s pregnant or not, you won’t hurt the foetus, by giving her a good fuck, what if you did, you want to be rid of it anyway. You’ll have to give up the other women”.

Mary got up and stormed out of the room, I look at Rory and said, “I think you better go after her”. As he chased after her, I cleared the leftover dinner things.

I sat in front of the T.V. drinking whisky, Mary came a sat next to me, “I’ve never seen you like this before, David, and I don’t like you this way, Rory was astonished at you but we will come and look at the new house tomorrow, providing you pay for the lunch”.

“I’m pleased that you’ve both decided to come with me but I think it might be best if, in future, I go and stay at a hotel, Saturday evenings, I don’t like arguing with you and that’s going to continue when Rory’s here”.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, this is your home, for now anyway, let’s try and be civil about this situation, we know each other’s standpoint. Come upstairs with me and we should have a threesome”, she said hopefully.

“No. you’re not taking your anger out on any more, that’s why it’s best I wasn’t here. I’ll see you in the morning”.

In the morning Rory came down and said, “Look, David, I know you’re not happy with this situation, Mary is very upset, I feel I’m breaking up something very good, it should be me that’s not here, you don’t have to move out at the weekend”.

“Mary and I understand each other, it’s you she wants and you should respect that as I do. She’s not breaking anything up, neither are you; I’m the one that’s causing the break. I understand why you don’t want a child but I don’t think I can live with a woman that’s prepared to kill her unborn child for the sake of a regular fuck with a big cock”.

“Now that’s being unfair and unkind, David”, he retorted, “I could feel your jealousy with that comment but you and Mary have been so good to me, I feel terrible about this situation”.

“That’s why I shouldn’t be here in the future but you make sure you look after her. I still love her and I hate what this is doing to her”.

“Are you arguing again, David”, as Mary joined us, “I thought we agreed to be as civil as possible about this, last night”?

“Yes, I’m trying to be but it’s not easy at present, but I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day”, I said as I left them to their breakfast.

I phoned Rose before we left and she said she would meet us at the development, with the keys, because all the doors were now fitted and it would be locked up.

Things were very quiet on the journey until we approached the house, all the scaffolding had gone, it was Rory that said, “Oh, it looks magnificent, David”, even Mary had to agree.

We heard the sound of horses hooves as Rose and Jenna arrived in a pony and trap, I thought ‘that trap looks familiar’ as we greeted them. Rose took me to the front door and asked me how things were? While the others stayed with Jenna at the pony and trap,

“Unfortunately, not good”. I replied as we went inside and I told her about the situation but asked her not to mention anything to Mary. I said, “The building is coming on well”.

“Yes”, she said, “The electrics and the plumbing should be completed next week, then they will start boarding up the walls and ceilings; and finally the plastering, about another month or six weeks before they will be ready to decorate. You’ll need to choose the décor before then”.

“That’s very good”, I said as we went back outside when Mary came rushing up to Rose and asked, “What a lovely horse, will you take me and Rory for a ride, please”?

“Yes, of course, but I can only take one at a time, the others can look in the house while we go, then I can take Rory later”.

I helped Mary into the trap; she gave a little scream and held on tight as they set off. I took Rory and Jenna into the house and explained about the interior. I did the same thing again with Mary and Rose, as Jenna drove Rory in the pony and trap.

Mary was impressed, not only for the ride and the countryside but with the interior of the house, although nowhere near finished. As I was locking up, Rose came and said, “Mary told me her side of the situation, while we were on our ride but I find it all a little farcical although I can sympathise with your views; are you definitely going to move in here”?

“Yes, I said, “With or without Mary”.

“I glad to hear that”, she said, “Why don’t you phone me, early next week”?

“I will”, I said as I kissed her goodbye.

In the pub over lunch, both Rory and Mary enthused about the house, Rory insisted that Mary must come and live there.

Mary said “Yes, I would love too; especially if you move in as well, once I have the abortion, we could carry on as we are now, but I’m not sure David will approve of that. It would save all the problems about splitting our current house but if I stay there I would certainly move you in”.

“I don’t think that would be right, Mary”, Rory replied, “I need to keep a place of my own”.

I didn’t say but I just listened, but then ignoring their conversation, I was thinking, ‘you will have to move into Rory’s flat, Mary’.

We got back to Rory’s flat and Mary said, “You don’t mind waiting, do you, David”, as she got out of the car and went in with him. I sat in the car, getting colder for about three-quarters of an hour until she came out.

Driving home I said, “I’m losing you, aren’t I? I said it would become a choice between him or me”.

“No, David, I still love you and want to be with you”, she insisted, “I know you are very confused now but once this is all over we will get back to our usual life”.

I went straight up to my room as soon as we got in; I lay on the bed reading my book for quite a while until there was a knock on the door.

“Can I come in, David; I’ve brought you a drink”? Mary sat on the bed and continued, “I enjoyed today, I appreciate how you are trying to persuade me that it is the right thing for us. I know the new house is going to be beautiful but I still can’t see myself as a mother”.

“Well it’s your choice, are we going to the doctor’s baby clinic on Tuesday”?

“Yes, I’ll try it but come to bed with me now”.

“No, not now, you were fucking him again, this afternoon, while you had me waiting outside, I don’t think that is appropriate for me to be with you this evening”.

“Oh, you are jealous of him”, Mary angrily retorted, “He said you were”.

“I’m not jealous; I’m just annoyed that he’s conspiring, with you, to kill our child”.

“You’ve been very hurtful, this weekend”, she said, as she walked out of the room.

Things were very frosty between me and Mary Monday evening, we kept to ourselves but she agreed to come and see the doctor.

Tuesday afternoon I phone Rose, “Hello, David, how are you, I’ve been concerned about what both you and Mary told me on Sunday”.

“Yes, I’m feeling rather depressed, things were very cool at home last night, I think I said things over the weekend that I now regret. Even though in the meeting on Friday Mary’s lady friends tended to side with me, it did little to help the situation and then when Rory came on Saturday I argued with him because he didn’t want to take responsibility for the situation he’s helped to create”.

“This is a terrible situation for you both and this idea of you going to a hotel at the weekend surely cannot be right”, he said, “If that has to be, you know you could always stay with us”.

“That’s very kind of you, thank you for the offer but I feel that Mary is so determined to follow this through, she and Rory will take things out on me if I stay at home and I don’t want to give her any further cause that will strain our relationship.”

“That’s understandable, David, I hope things get better for you, you know I’m here for you if you want to talk anything through”, she said as a passing shot before we said our goodbyes and hung up the phone.

We arrived mid-afternoon; at Doctor Yvonne’s practise, checked Mary over then took us to the waiting room for the baby clinic. The room was very full of new and expectant mothers, noise of mothers talk and baby’s crying filled the space. We sat next to a young mother who had her new-born in her arms with a small girl, complaining, sat in a pushchair, Mary asked, “How old is it? It looks so small, how do you cope with both of them”?

“He’s two months now, it can be difficult but it’s just natural instinct really, you get into a routine and that makes it easier”, the mother said.

“Oh, he’s so cute”, Mary smiled as the baby gurgled.

“Will you hold him for me, please; my daughter needs to go to the toilet”?

“Oh, I don’t think I could”, Mary objected, but both I and the doctor urged her to hold him. She tentatively took the baby in her arms as the mother went off with her daughter. Mary gently rocked the baby in her arms and it started to smile.

“Oh, you’ll be a natural mother,” the girl said as she came back, “He usually cries when someone else holds him, you’re very good with babies, thank you”, as she took her baby back.

“Thank you,” Mary said, “What a lovely baby, I enjoyed holding him”.

“There”, Doctor Yvonne said, “I knew you would be good with babies but if you are sure about the termination it will probably be another four or five weeks. You’ll get a letter about the appointment, you sure you don’t want to speak to a councillor”?

“No, my minds made up, I’m sure about this”, Mary said.

“What about the paternity test”, I enquired.

“That will be in three weeks when Mary reaches nine weeks”, the doctor asked”, it’s a DNA test, you’ll get another letter soon about it, and it’s just you being tested; not the other possible father, with Mary and the foetus of course”?

“Will the results come before the termination”? I asked worryingly.

“Yes, of course, they will, we can’t do things any faster, I’m afraid”, the doctor responded, “I’ll see you again in two weeks”.

On the drive home, I said, “You looked so good with that baby, you’d make a wonderful mother and we’d be a real family in our new house. We’ll go to the antenatal classes and learn about bringing up a baby”.

“I don’t think so, David, I was very nervous with that baby, motherhood is not for me”, she said.

Sat at home, Mary was looking at the Wednesday charity massage appointments, “Are you prepared to continue with these evenings? I can carry on until a week before the termination I’ll not be showing but I’ll have to have a few weeks off after that. Tomorrow it’s a lesbian lady, I don’t think she will want to be involved in a threesome so you can leave us once the massage is completed but it’s Janice the following week, I expect she’ll want a threesome or some time with you after.”

“Yes, I’m okay with it, I’ll do whatever our customers want”, I said rather dismissively.

Wednesday evening I welcomed a small plumpish lady with spikey hair, wearing denim dungarees and a yellow blouse. She kissed Mary, who was sat in the bed just wearing her dominatrix corset.

The lady said, “I’ve never had a man do this to me before, I hope I’ll like it”.

“Just relax and let him do his thing and I’m sure you will”, Mary reassured her.

I removed her clothes and paid tribute to her stocky body, as I helped her onto the table, she said, “That was very nice, a man has never been that kind and caring to me before”.

“Thank you, madam, I hope this is going to be even nicer for you”, as I put the scented lotion on my hands to work on her arms and back. Halfway down her back, she started to swoon with erotic enjoyment, as I worked her legs and buttocks she seemed to be in ecstasy.

As I turned her over she grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pubic bush, “Wow”, Mary said in her own state of arousal, “That comes later, let him finish the massage”.

She released me and as I caressed her shoulders and small breasts I sucked her nipples which sent her body into quivering pleasure. By the time I had completed her stomach and legs, my fingers were massaging her vulva lips and clitoris, she was in such a state of arousal I thought she might pass out. When I brought her to orgasm with my tongue she was breathing heavily and quivering with sexual pleasure, I picked her off the table and lay her on the bed next to Mary.

Mary had taken off her corset, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately and said, “That was fantastic, David, even I almost had an orgasm, it was so beautiful, thank you”. I just left them to enjoy themselves.

I was up early and gone to work before the two ladies were up and I was a little late home after my meeting with Marjorie. Mary met me at the door and pulled me into a kiss before saying, “Thank you for last night, you’re so good with the ladies, you seem to make me more aroused each time I watch you. Jamie was so turned on we had a wonderful sexy night together; she was very pleased with the way you treated her. Will you take me upstairs later and give me a wonderful massage, please”.

“Do you think that’s wise given the situation we’re in”?

“Oh, David, I still love you; you’re my husband and I want to be with you, we’ll get over this problem and life will be good again”, she urged.

“I’ll see how I feel later, you know I can’t resist you and I still love you”.

Mary came and straddled my thighs, as I sat watching television. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I noticed she had changed into a very short black skirt and a white, see-through blouse, unbuttoned to well below her ample cleavage with her nipples clearly visible.

As she nibbled my ear, she whispered, “I do love you, please take me upstairs”.

I picked her up and whisked her into the bedroom; she undressed me, kissing my chest, and then took my hardening pinus into her mouth. I took off her two remaining items of clothing before putting her onto the table. I gave her the most sensual and tender massage, she was swooning with sexual pleasure as I completed my task by kissing the most sensual and sexual parts of her gorgeous body.

I gathered her in my arms and lay on the bed, as she spread her legs I entered her and felt her vaginal muscles grip my rock hard erection. We slowly and lovingly made love together, I ejaculated just before she screamed and quivered to an explosive orgasm.

We lay in each other’s arms for ages before she said, “That was so lovely, caring and tender, and I want to be with you always.” Rather than say anything I might later regret, I just kissed her until we both fell to sleep.

We both did some housework on Friday evening; we kissed each other goodnight, as Mary would never sleep with me on Friday nights, given her impending sexual activities at the weekend. I finished off the work Saturday morning and was making sandwiches for lunch when Rory arrived. He hardly had time to say ‘hello’ to me before Mary whisked him upstairs.

I collected my over-night bag and left a note, ‘Dinners in the oven, I’ll see you at the leisure centre tomorrow afternoon, enjoy your evening’ and I left for my hotel.

When they finally came down to the kitchen, Rory said, “Where’s David”? Then he saw the note, “Oh no, I didn’t think he would do this, I’ll go and get him back, which hotel has he gone to, Mary”?

Almost in tears, she said, “I don’t know, he didn’t tell me. It’s no use, he’s as determined as I am to see this situation through, and he won’t change his mind now”.

I settled into my hotel room, had dinner in the restaurant and was drinking in the bar when an elderly German couple started a conversation with me. We bought each other drinks and talked about the best places they should visit before we retired to our respective rooms.

I had completed twenty lengths of the pool when I saw Mary but she was with Paul, then I saw Marjorie with Rory, I thought, ‘I bet they had a swinging evening’! I got out of the water and retrieved my towel when Mary came to me and angrily said, “Where have you been? You didn’t tell me which hotel you were staying at, Rory was going to come and fetch you home.”

“Why”? I said, “It would have spoilt your evening, me being there, I purposely didn’t tell you, because I knew you try to get me to come back”.

“What if there had been an emergency”, she went on, “How could I have contacted you”?

“What emergency, Rory’s there to look after you; you don’t need to know where I’m staying”.

“Well, if you’re going to be like that, I going to tell Rory to come on Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening”, she insisted.

“That’s fine with me; I’ll go to the hotel straight from work”. I didn’t get a chance to say any more as she jumped in the water with Paul’s hands all over her.

Rory said, “It’s your home, David, it doesn’t feel right me being there without you”.

“That was rather naughty of you, David”, Marjorie said, “Not telling her where you were, she’s your wife and was worried about you”.

“I’m worried about her not having that child she’s carrying, they want rid of it, so she’s Rory’s responsibility when he’s with her. Tell her I’ll see her at home tonight”. I went to the changing room to change.

Mary arrived home a little later than I expected, “Did you stay at Rory’s for a while”?

“No, I’m a bit sore after last night”, she said.

“Oh, you were with Paul, last night then, I saw his hands all over you in the pool”.

“For a while, he’s so rough, in bed, Rory’s better but more intense. Why must you stay away in a hotel, you don’t have too”.

“As soon as Rory’s around it makes us argue, we’re never going to agree over the baby situation and I don’t like us being like this, so it’s best I’m not around”.

“I thought we were going to try and be civil to each other over this situation”?

“I’m trying, you’re the one who always seems angry, let me get you something to eat”.

We had a light supper and watched television. We kissed each other passionately but Mary went to her bed, while I went to mine, I lay and wondered if I would ever be making love to my wife again.

Monday evenings were always quiet with Mary recovering from the weekend’s activities, it seemed even more so having been with Paul. Tuesday is usually a different proposition, it’s what Mary considers ‘our’ night but this evening she was still feeling the effects of the weekend and I was still in a rather depressive mood.

She sat next to me and started to rub my inner thigh when I didn’t respond she said, “Did you not fell a little lonely Saturday night, on your own”?

“No, I had a pleasant evening talking with an older German couple, visiting the town”.

“You didn’t invite a lady friend to spend the night with you, I know many that would have enjoyed that”, she enquired.

“I did have an offer but thought that it would have been inappropriate, as it is this evening if you are trying to get me aroused”.

“Oh, I thought you might like a little play this evening”, as she removed her hand away, “You will have to be in the mood tomorrow, Janice will want her money’s worth with you, she’ll want all the sexual pleasure you can provide”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do what I need to do and make her happy but you don’t want to leave it all to me, do you”?

“It might be best”, she said as she went off to bed.

As I took Janice’s coat, she couldn’t wait to get upstairs; she grabbed my left arse cheek and virtually pushed up to the bedroom, where Mary was waiting, sitting in her silk bed jacket. They embraced and Janice said, “Do your stuff, David, I’m going to enjoy this, I haven’t been with a man in over two weeks”.

I thought, ‘for a woman your age, you’re sex mad and really making up for lost time’, as I removed her clothes in my usual erotic way before helping her onto the table. She talked constantly to Mary, as I massaged her back, apart from the occasional murmur of enjoyed approval of my work. She was always trying to feel my growing cock, through my trousers, the only time she moved her hand was to grab my head and pull me into her cleavage as I kissed and nibbled her nipples and when I was kissing her clitoris, with two fingers working her love channel. She held me there until she exploded with a screaming orgasm.

She lay recovering, then jumped off the table and quickly pulled off my clothes, pushed me onto the bed and ordered Mary to sit on my face. She stepped into a strap-on, pushed my legs apart and plunged the dildo into my exposed arse, grabbing my erection, she screamed, “Oh, Mary, this is one of my favourite dominant things, pegging and wanking my submissive man”.

I was wondering where she was getting her energy from as she ponded my arse and vigorously jerked me. Mary was sliding her fanny over my mouth and nose, near orgasm; I couldn’t hold on, I shot my load over my stomach, almost up to my breast bone.

Janice laughed and screamed, “There’s a good boy”, as she massaged my seeds into my skin. As Mary got off me and Janice pulled out, she rubbed her cum covered hand over my face and I licked it clean. Stepping out of the strap-on she passionately kissed Mary, then said, while gripping my soft cock, “We’ll leave Mary in peace, you can come with me”, she pulled me into my bedroom.

She pushed me onto the bed, and said, “I want you inside me now”, as she sucked and rubbed me back to a hard erection, then straddled me and guided me into her waiting wet fanny, “Mary tells me you’re the most kindest, caring and tenderest man she’s ever had sex with, let’s see shall we.”

She rocked on my manhood, while I gently caressed her breasts while she pinched my nipples. She started to swoon, “I see what she means, this is so good, David, don’t cum yet”.

I held on for as long as I could but I ejaculated just before she reached her third orgasm of the evening, she collapsed on me and whispered as she nibbled my neck, “Sex was never this good with my husband, I’m glad Mary persuaded me to join the sex club”.

She climbed off me and got into a sixty-nine position, “Now clean me out, David, while I suck you hard again”.

I glanced at the clock, it was past midnight and thought ‘no surely not again’, she got me hard and said; “I want you on top of me this time”. She grasped my buttocks as I pushed into her, I was quite breathless, “Come on, David, keep up with me, you’re the younger one”, as she slapped my arse cheeks. We both ejaculated about the same time and I just lay on her, sweating profusely as she was, she just wrapped her arms around me and held me until I was sure she had fallen asleep.

I managed to side out from under her without waking her and pulled the bedclothes over us.

I was up and in the office early Friday morning when the phone rang, “Hello, dear”, Mary said, “how are you this morning? Janice was very complimentary about you but sorry she missed you this morning, I’ve never seen her so happy about the office”.

“Well, I’m glad I pleased someone lately, but she has knackered me, I can’t get going this morning, now you remembered I won’t be home until Monday evening”.

“Oh no, David, you can’t stay away, what will you do and I’ll miss you”?

“I think you know it’s best for us and that you don’t know where I’m staying. I’m going to visit the new house on Sunday again; it should be nearly ready for us to decide on the décor. What have you got planned another swinging weekend, I’m going to be enjoying my own company for a change”?

“You can decide how to decorate it, you’ve decided everything else”, she said angrily, “I’ve got nothing planned and Rory is coming tonight”.

“Oh good, I’m glad he’s taking some responsibility”. “What do you mean by that”? She said in an, even more, angrier voice, rather than get into another argument I just said, “Goodbye love” and hung up.

I phoned Rose and said I was hoping to visit the house on Sunday and asked if I could take them to dinner, she replied, “Why don’t you come and have dinner with us, Jenna is a very good cook, she’ll make something good”.

“That’s very kind of you, sure it won’t be any trouble, and I’ll phone you when I get to the house”.

“Good, it’s no trouble, we’ll enjoy your company, see you Sunday”.

I stayed at the office quite late, Carole came in and said, “Good night, David, you’re staying late, are not going home”?

“Not this weekend, it’s best I stay out of the way, any way, I’ve got some decisions to make, I’ll think better on my own”.

“I hope it’s not anything too serious, where are you staying”?

I told her the name of the hotel but asked her not to tell anyone else and I was confident she wouldn’t.

I checked into the hotel and ordered dinner in my room, I started to think about what I had to consider this weekend but a programme on the television took my attention and eased my mind. I slept very soundly. I woke refreshed, and ate a hearty breakfast in the restaurant, and decided to go for a long walk along the river. I bought a bottle of whisky on the way back to the hotel; I mistakenly thought it would help to resolve the problems I had to consider.

I sat in the armchair looking out of the hotel window and started to think about my life; how long had I known Mary, more than fifteen years, we’d been married twelve, it had been happy but it all change when she met Robert, eighteen months ago, how quickly she changed. I love her dearly, that’s why I let myself foolishly fall into that submissive cuckold life but no more, I’m sure it helped my career, where I’m a strong manager making difficult decisions for the benefit of the company. That’s the first decision, I’m going to be my own, strong person and not let anyone do anything to me I don’t like.

I looked out and realised it was dark, then saw the half-empty whisky bottle, had I drunk all that much? Feeling a bit unsteady on my feet I made it across the room and put on the light and then ordered a room service dinner. I drank some more whisky before making my next decision, to defiantly move into the new house, when it’s completed, no matter what Mary decides to do.

Then my final decision, what to do about Mary, I love her but she’s making decisions I don’t agree with, so there’s only one thing I can do. My decisions made, I went to sleep happy.

I had a thumping headache in the morning and wish I hadn’t drunk all that whisky, after two paracetamols and a showered I was feeling much better but only just made it to the restaurant in time for breakfast.

I met Rose at the new house, we kissed each other and she said, “You look happy”.

“Yes I am, I did a lot of thinking yesterday, and I’ve sorted my life out, I know the way forward, I’m no longer that weak submissive man you paid a lot of money to serve you that weekend last year”.

“Oh, I never thought of you like that, you were always a kind, respectful and gentle person to me, I glad you’ve got everything straight, you’ll be a wonderful neighbour”. As she handed me the keys, she continued, “You take as long as you like, looking around, lock up when you are ready and drive up to the stables”. I took my time looking at each of the rooms, making notes about the colour schemes, wall coverings and carpets. Also, considering what extra furniture would be needed to fill the house.

I got to the stables about mid-afternoon and greeted Jenna, in the kitchen and asked if I could help but she said, “Oh no, I’ve got it all under control, you come in the other room with Rose and get a drink”.

“I’d rather not have any alcohol, I had too much last night, a tea would be good, thank you”.

“Right, I’ll bring it in, when it’s ready”.

I joined Rose and Jenna soon came in with the tea, of course, they were interested in my situation with Mary so I explained things to them and we were discussing how I had made my decisions when Daphne came hobbling in.

“Bloody horse, threw me as we took the fence, I’ve got aches and pains all over my body, I glad you’re here”, as she looked at me with soulful eyes.

“It’s no good looking at him, he’s a changed man, he’s been telling us”, Jenna said.

“How long before dinner”? I asked. “About twenty minutes”, Jenna replied.

“Let’s see if I can ease your aches and pains but no erotic business,” I said. Daphne took me by my hand and led me up to her bedroom.

“You’ll have to take your own clothes off”.

“Well no pecking then”, she said.

“It’s not as if I haven’t seen you naked”.

“That’s true”, as she lay on the towel I put on the bed and I put another towel over her buttocks.

“Yes, you’ve got quite a bruise across your back and down your thigh, have you got some lotion I could use”?

She pointed to a bottle on the dressing table and I smothered my hand and gently massaged her back, then thighs and reached under the towel to caress her buttocks.

“Right that’s all I’m doing, get dressed and I’ll see you downstairs”.

We had sat down for dinner when Daphne joined us, Rose asked, “How are you feeling now”?

“Yes I’m moving easier, David was very gentlemanly, he’s very good but I would have preferred the sexier man”.

“No, that man has gone now, you’ll have to ask Rose or Jenna why he’s gone, and I don’t want to go through it all again. I just want to enjoy this lovely dinner”.

Monday morning, in the office, I was talking with Carole, telling her about my weekend, when she asked, “Are you going to stay in the hotel again next weekend”, I affirmed I was, “well this is not a proposition, David, but Vivian is away at a conference next weekend and we had tickets for a concert, Saturday evening, would you like to come with me”? “That would be very nice, why don’t I take you out to dinner beforehand”.

“Oh, that would be lovely and make a real evening of it”, she replied.

“Yes, good, I’ll look forward to that”.

Mary was already home when I arrived, on Monday evening, she hugged and kissed me, “I missed you, the house felt strange with you not being here. How was your weekend”? She asked as she handed me a letter.

“I had a very relaxing weekend and I sorted a lot of things out, in my mind and made some decisive decisions, I’ll tell you all about them later”. I opened and read the letter.

“When did this come”?

“It was here Friday when I got home”.

“Oh, it’s from the doctor, she’s arranged the paternity test, at the surgery, for tomorrow afternoon, I’ll pick you up from work. That will sort one problem when the results come back”.

Mary didn’t seem too happy about that news, she was about to get even angrier when I told her that had put the house up for sale.

“How could you, without consulting me, what am I going to do”?

“You knew it was going to happen, you will come and live in the new house”, I snapped.

“Only if Rory moves in with us”, she retorted.

“That’s not going to happen; even he doesn’t want to do that. You’ll get half the proceeds of the sale; you can set up a home with him, as you want to be with him”.

“No”, she snorted, “I want to be with you, I love you, he’s only my weekend lover”.

“Well, I love you too but it’s your choice, I don’t want to argue now, I’m going to get the dinner”.

Over dinner, I said, “I made another decision and again you won’t like it, I’ve talked about it before but now it’s going to happen and you will have to accept it. I am no longer going to be a submissive cuckold, I am my own man and I will not do anything, for anybody that I don’t want to do”.

Mary seemed dumbfounded at that and didn’t make any response; she just sat there with a miserable look on her face.

“I’ve, also, decided on the colour schemes for the new house, I’ll go through it all, with you, when we’ve finished here”.

We sat and I went through my notes together with the architect’s pamphlets, Mary looked and listened but didn’t seem that interested, at the end of it all she just went, “Ummm, very nice”, kissed me and went off to bed.

I picked Mary up and we went to the surgical practice, the doctor explained what samples she needed to take from us both. To my relief, she stated that it would not harm the baby in any way although Mary did not seem to care. The doctor being concerned asked Mary if she was sure that she wanted to continue with the termination and tried to persuade her against it but she remained adamant. She took Mary into an examination room to take the samples; they came back, Mary holding her stomach. I went into the other room and the blood samples were taken. Back in her office Doctor, Yvonne said, “I’ll try and make sure we get the results as quickly as possible”.

“I hope, before the termination”, I said worryingly.

“Oh, yes, they’ll be back by then; we’ll see you Saturday evening”, the doctor said.

In the car home, I asked Mary, “What did she mean, see you Saturday”?

“Oh, she’s invited Rory and me to spend the evening with her and her husband”.

“You’re going to fuck him then”, I disdainfully said, “Well I’m going to a concert Saturday with Carole, as Vivian is away”.

“I suppose you’re going to shag your secretary again”, she curtly said.

“I don’t think so; it will be just a pleasant evening with a friend”.

Mary was quiet the rest of the way home.

Later that evening, Mary said, “I know you said you wouldn’t do this again but tomorrow evening Lady Phoebe is coming with her husband; she’s not happy with his progress since his cuckold training, she wants us to try and improve his technique”.

“Oh, he’s a lord, isn’t he and site in the House of Lords, doesn’t he”?

“Yes, he does, and he’s donated twice the usual amount of money for the evening, Phoebe said he was a mummy’s boy before she took control of him. So I hoped you might do it, for me, this one time”?

“Well as it is for the charity, this one last time. He likes to watch his wife being shagged by other men”.

“Yes, that’s where you come in; she wants him to watch you undress me and give me a massage, then he will do her as we help him improve his technique. You can have sex with her while he watches”.

“Then I suppose, the both of you will humiliate him, and possibly me, while you get very aroused and have lesbian fun”.

“Well, something like that but you need not worry, I take it you’ll do it then”, she queried.

“Just this once, as I said”.

I greeted the lord and lady and took her coat, she removed her husbands leaving him naked apart from a cock cage, collar and lead with his hands cuffed behind his back. She then put a ball gage on him, saying, “You’re here to watch, listen and learn, I don’t want you speaking out of turn, get a move on”, as she tugged the lead and clipped his arse with the riding crop she held in her hand. She was quite a small, petite lady while her husband looked a weak, weedy sort of chap.

Mary greeted Lady Phoebe, she was unusually still dressed, then I realised I had to undress her.

“Now you watch how this is done properly”, Phoebe said as she cracked the crop across her husband’s backside. I started on my knees with her feet, then removed all Mary’s clothes paying tender, caring tribute to her body. Lady Phoebe was continually commenting about what I was doing and cracking the crop across her husband’s arse which was getting redder. She pulled him around the table while I massaged Mary, commenting, “See how he did that, look how careful he is there”.

Mary sat on the bed after I’d completed her full body massage, Lady Phoebe gave her the riding crop and took off her husband’s handcuffs and ballgag, then said, “You watch him, please Mary and use this on him when you’re not satisfied with his performance”. Then looking at me, “Will you please correct his hand technique as he works on me”.

Every time Lady Phoebe screamed, Mary took delight in hitting him with the crop, while I stepped in to show him how he should be using his hands, especially in more tender sexual parts of her body. As she got off the table, Lady Phoebe said to her husband, “That was better, towards the end, a little more practice you might be almost as good as, David. Now take his clothes off and pay tribute to his body”.

He started tentatively, as his lips brushed my nipples, I whispered, “Nice and steady, you’re doing okay, just relax”.

As my semi-hard cock was exposed, it got ‘wows’ from both ladies, making me feel quite proud of ‘my little mam’. Lady Phoebe screamed at her husband, “Go on, make it hard for me, kiss and suck it”.

I thought, ‘god that was me last year, I’ve never had a man suck me before but then, I’ve done it to a few men, he was good and I quickly grew to full erection. Lady Phoebe lay across the end of the bed with her legs wide apart, “Now, I want that inside me”, pulling on his lead, “Guide him in and watch closely”.

“Should I use a condom”? I asked.

“No, it will be quite safe”, she emphatically said.

She pulled his lead so his nose was almost touching my arse hole and he could lick my balls. I started pumping slowly which got an immediate cry of delight from the Lady, which I thought was for effect. As I quickened my pace I could see Mary getting very aroused as she began to play with herself.

She was screaming erotically under me and I was getting close to ejaculation, with some final strong thrusts I shot my load into her. She grabbed me around my neck and pulled me into a very passionate kiss, then whispered, “Thank you that was wonderful, very tender and caring”.

As I climbed off her, she ordered her husband to lay on the floor as she jumped off the bed and positioned her cum dripping fanny over his mouth, “Eat me out, clean all of it”, she demanded as she reached and undid his cock cage, removing it, she slapped his cock and said, “Now wank yourself as a reward”.

She thumped his chest as he licked my cum from her and jerked furiously at his erect cock. On the bed, Mary was in a very aroused state, I was sure she had given herself an orgasm. When he ejaculated she rubbed his sperm into his stomach and then brought her hand to his mouth for him to clean.

Replacing his cock cage, ball gag and cuffs, she said “You, cock sucking, wanking, cum eating submissive cuckold, can sleep there tonight”, as she climbed onto the bed into Mary’s arms.

I thought ‘you poor humiliated sod’ and took pity on him as I brought a pillow and blanket from my bedroom and covered him, from his pitiful eyes, I detected a sign of thankfulness. Mary and Phoebe were enjoying vigorous lesbian sex on the bed as I left them.

I was up early, got his lordship up and took him to the bathroom, released his cuffs, ball gag and took off his collar and lead. I told him to have a quick shower, put on the towelling robe that’s hanging on the door, and then come down for breakfast.

When he came down, he said, “Thank you, you’re a very good gentleman, why do we get ourselves in this kind of situation”?

“We do it for love”, I said, “The love of a lady to make sure they’re happy and satisfied”.

“You’re right, of course, how did you get into this? It was my fantasy; I could never satisfy my wife. I like to watch her with other men, that is when she’s at her happiest, she’s been with several men but this one chap, Rory, has been a few times, she seems to like him the best”, he said.

I ignored his comment, then replied, “Neither could I but I was forced into this lifestyle, I would’ve lost my job, wife and everything if I hadn’t gone along with it but once you realise your position in the relationship, you can begin to enjoy some of it. I developed my skills as a masseur, the ladies liked it and I enjoyed them but no more, that’s it now, this was the last time”.

“How can you do that, my wife controls me completely but I like it when she is happy and I love her deeply”, he said.

“Yes, I love my wife and I suppose I was lucky that I was only a weekend cuckold and I had my work during the week but things have come to a head now and I have had to make some decision that my wife doesn’t like. You will be okay, you did very well last night, and I’ll give you the details of the websites I used to improve my skills”.

“That will be wonderful”, he said, “You’re a real gentleman, best wishes for the future”, as he strongly shook my hand.

The ladies came down as I was about to leave for work, Phoebe came hugged and kissed me, “Thank you for last night, you’re a good man”.

“Thank you”, I said, “don’t be too hard on your man, he did well last night and he will get better, remember he has needs and feelings too”.

I think Phoebe appreciated what I had said but I wasn’t sure Mary had.

Thursday evening, Mary came and sat next to me, stroking my thigh, she said, “I enjoyed last night”.

“I suppose you liked watching that poor chap get humiliated”.

“Oh no, I liked watching you, with another lady, you were so good, Lady Phoebe really appreciated and enjoyed you, she was pleased with the way you helped her husband”.

By now Mary’s hand had moved to stroke my growing cock, “You haven’t made love to me in quite a while, don’t you love me anymore”?

“Of course I do, I will always love you but things have been strained between us lately, I’m not sure it’s appropriate”.

She slid onto her knees and undid my fly zipper and pulled out my erection, took it into her mouth and started to suck and kiss.

Without a word, I just picked her up and threw her onto the settee, pulled off her panties and pushed myself into her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and she said, “Oh David, I’ve never seen you like this, so forceful and dominant, I like it, please make me cum”.

She was screaming, “Oh god, oh god, this is so good”. I was grunting as I pounded into her, harder than I’ve ever done before. We both orgasmed at about the same time, Mary wrapped her arms around me wouldn’t let me go, breathing heavily she said, “Oh, that was fantastic, that was the best sex, I think, we’ve ever had. Let’s go upstairs and do it again”.

I kissed Mary goodbye, Friday morning and said, “Enjoy your weekend”, to which she replied, “And you”.

I worked late that evening before checking into the hotel, even though Carole had tried to persuade me to go home with her but I explained as things were difficult, at home, we’d probably send the night together, much as I would have liked to have done, it did not seem appropriate. We agree just to stick with the arrangement for dinner and concert, tomorrow evening.

We both enjoyed the dinner, as we walked out of the concert hall, Carole hugged and kissed me then said, “That was a wonderful evening, thank you. It would finish it off nicely if I came back to your hotel with you”.

“Yes it was”, I replied, “but as much as you or I would like too, I don’t want to do anything that might get back to Mary and that could cause any further problems between us. I’ll hail you a cab”.

She reluctantly agreed and I kissed her goodbye as she got into the taxis. I spent a lonely night in my hotel bed knowing that Mary and Rory were having a sexy swinging night with the doctor and her husband but I knew I’d done the right thing.

I had a good walk on Sunday morning and was settling down to a room service lunch and watching football on the television when there came a knock at my door. As I opened it, I was surprised to see Rory there, “Sorry to disturb you, David, but I think we need to talk”.

“You better come in, how did you know where I was and where’s Mary”?

“Mary’s gone to visit Marjorie, we managed to persuade Carole to tell us where you were staying”, he said, “Don’t be annoyed at her; she was very reluctant to tell us”.

“Oh well, what do you want”?

“Look, you and Mary have been so good to me, I really appreciate that but as I’ve said I don’t want to be responsible for breaking up your marriage. When Mary’s had the termination and recovered can’t we go on as before? I’ve said I don’t want to move in with you at the new house, I’ll just come and stay Saturday nights with Mary”.

“Well, I think you have been responsible for our break up; but there are two more problems, the termination being one; you know I don’t want her to have it. Then, what about your relationship with her ladyship, her husband told me about that, the other night? Is your plan to be with her Friday and Sunday nights with Mary sandwiched in the middle, have you told her about this”?

“Oh, oh, I didn’t know you knew about that, I’d rather not talk about it now. I think I’d better go, I’ve made a big mistake coming here”, he stammered.

“No, you’re not running away from this, you want Mary to have the termination, if she does, then she’s your responsibility, you’ll have to set up home together then you can carry on with your relationship. You’d better go now before I start hitting you”.

“I’m sorry, David, I can’t do that”, as he ran out of the room.

I furious as I took two small bottles of whisky out of the mini-bar and sat drinking them, I realised there was only one thing I had to do tomorrow.

I arrived home later than usual, Mary had the dinner prepared, she said, as joined her at the table, “You’re rather later, dear, everything alright”?

“Yes, I had a late appointment; I had to get something sorted”.

“How was your weekend? I’ve got my appointment for the termination, I’ve got to go in, to the hospital Friday afternoon and stay overnight”.

“My weekend was fine apart from yesterday afternoon. So you’re going through with it then”?

“Yes, I think it’s best for all of us”, she said rather sheepishly.

“Not for me, it isn’t, whose idea was it that Rory should visit me, yesterday”.

“Oh, I tried to stop him; he thought he could get you to see sense”.

“Well, it didn’t work, he ran off before I could punch him, did he not come back here and tell you”?

“No, I was at Marjorie’s till late, I knew he would upset you”.

“I suppose he ran off to Lady Phoebe, did you know about him and her? You do know I love you, Mary, and I always will but you and Rory have left me no options, that’s why I was late, I was at the solicitor’s”.

I handed her an envelope, “What’s this, David”?

“I’m afraid it’s divorce papers, it’s the best way to resolve this situation”.

She started to scream and tears came from her eyes, “Oh no, I’m losing you and Rory, this can’t be happening”.

She was in floods of tears, as I hugged her, “I’m sorry, darling, it has to be”, I held her until she had calmed down.

I cleared the dinner things and started to tidy the house as I explained to Mary, that the estate agents had got people viewing the house, tomorrow and Wednesday.

We hardly spoke to each other on Tuesday, it was Wednesday evening I said to Mary, “I heard from the estate agents this afternoon, one of the couples who viewed the house, has made a very generous offer and I have accepted. It will be around two months before we get around to exchanging contracts, so you can stay here and I’ll move into the hotel, tomorrow until I can move into the new house”.

“Oh, that seems ridiculous, David, I can’t stay here on my own”, she said despondently.

“I think its best, we’ll only be arguing all the time and I don’t want that sort of atmosphere, it won’t be good for either of us. One of your lady friends can look after you while you recover from your termination and I’ll help you find somewhere to live”.

Thursday morning as I was about to leave for work, I took Mary in my arms, kissed her, and said, “I hope everything goes alright tomorrow; recover well and I hope you will be happy. I will always love you”, as I went out the door wondering when I might see her again.

It was a busy time at work, I prepared for my weekly meeting with Marjorie, who turned up late, “I’m sorry, David, I’ve just had Mary on the phone, she sounded in a terrible state. You’re not going to divorce her, are you”?

“Well, if she goes through with tomorrow, I don’t think I could live with her. She knows I want her to have the baby and I don’t care now who the father is. I haven’t had the paternity results back yet but it doesn’t really matter to me now”.

“I’m sorry for you, David, I don’t think Mary should go through with the termination, I know you will make a very good father. I’m going with her, tomorrow, to give her some support; I’ll try and talk to her again”.

“Well, thank you, I should really be with her, tomorrow, but knowing what is happening, I couldn’t face it. I hope it turns out right for her. I still love her and always will”.

“I think we should get on with our business and we’ll talk more about it later”, she said.

When we finished our business and I went to take off her clothes, she stopped me and said, “Are you sure you want to do this? I thought you very giving all that up”?

“I can still give a good relaxing massage but no erotic sexual business; that’s want I am done with”.

“Well, you have magic hands and I am feeling very tense”, she said.

I gave her a full body massage but missed the sexual areas of her body. We talked but no matter what I or she said would do anything to change the situation with me and Mary.

Friday was another very busy day in the office we very preparing for the end of the financial year and getting things ready to send out for the companies AGM.

I said to Carole, “I think I’ll have to come in tomorrow morning to get this all done. I’ve got nothing else to do; it will take my mind off what’s happening with Mary”.

Supportive as ever, Carole said, “I think you’ve done the right thing as far as Mary is concerned, she’s wrong to get rid of the baby you want. I’ll come in and help you tomorrow”.

“That’s good of you; I’ll take you out to lunch when we have finished”.

We completed most of the work Saturday morning, leaving just a few points to be confirmed on Monday. Carole and I had a leisurely lunch. I arrived back at my hotel and as I opened the door to my room, I was shocked to find Mary sitting in the chair looking out of the window.

“Hello, love, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be resting? How did you get in here”?

“Oh, David, I’ve been so wrong, your paternity test came through yesterday”, she got up and threw her arm around my neck, “I couldn’t go through with it, I want us to be a family, in that new house. I’m carrying your baby. Oh, I do love you, David”.

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