Deb & Josh The Bully 4.3/5 (56)

I’m Matt, and my wife’s name is Debbie. We are both in our 40s,and are pretty fit health wise. Last year we took a road trip to Iowa , staying at a hotel out there.

We checked in, dropped our bags off,and decided to go to the hotel restaurant for some food,and drinks. While we were unwinding ,and drinking , Josh my ex-wife’s Diane’s husband , spotted us in the restaurant and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around, and was shocked to see him. Josh is in his late thirties, and is in very good shape, very toned from working out, blonde hair, blue eyes.

He hasn’t aged a bit since it’s been a few years when I saw him last. I introduced him to Debbie , and I immediately noticed her reaction to seeing my ex-wife’s husband, she was definitely taken aback smiling, and giggling at him.

My wife invited him to eat with us, and I ordered him some drinks. Josh is a nice guy ,and all, but I’m sure he saw the way my wife was looking at him, and when he drinks he has a habit of wanting all the ladies attention, so he would show off,and try to make guys look weak in comparison to him like he’s done in the past to me. It was no different this time.

I noticed the attention Debbie was giving Josh, especially when he jokingly made comments about me ,making me look real stupid which caused my wife to laugh. Josh, and I also played some games of pool, and air hockey ,which he won each game, and he gloated about it , definitely impressing Debbie, she giggled about it. We found out Josh was staying at the same hotel as us, he was in town for training for the upcoming week. We ended the evening agreeing to meet up again the following day.

On our way back to the room ,my wife was asking alot of questions about Josh,wanting to know more about him which was unusual to me. Debbie even went as far as saying how Josh was really good looking, and noticed how muscular he is. She was even teasing me about how easily he beat at the games we played. What really shocked me was when she said I should work out with him so he can give me some pointers on improving my body like his is. Debbie told me she couldn’t wait for us to meet up again with Josh the next evening.

The next evening at dinner started out great, Josh met us ,and we ordered drinks. We all started getting buzzed ,then Josh challenged me to arm wrestle at the table, after I was bragging about my work outs. He beat me with no problem , making my wife comment on how much stronger he was than me. Josh said his younger sister gave him more competition, Debbie laughed loudly over his put down of me.

She smiled away at him,and reached over and grabbed his bicep muscle, and squeezed it. Wow, Debbie commented,and said it’s so much bigger than Matt’s, I wonder was else is bigger. Josh,and my wife both laughed. The waitress a young pretty blonde came by for the payment,and as I pulled out some cash ,some fell on the floor. I bent over picked it up, and as I was trying to straighten up something blocked my head preventing me from doing so.

I heard gasps,and then laughter from my wife,and the waitress before realizing Josh had trapped my head deep in to his crotch,and then felt his thighs tighten around my head. I could literally feel his dick through his pants on the back of my head. Josh began humping my head,and laughing, which only made Debbie ,and the waitress laugh even harder. Josh finally let me go,so I slid my head out from between his crotch, my hair messed up. I paid the waitress and as we walked out Josh kept picking on me, definitely impressing my wife even more. Debbie invited Josh back to our room for drinks.

When we got to the room we opened some bottles of beer ,and continued drinking. Josh said he felt bad about the arm wrestling, and gave me a chance to redeem myself by playing mercy. We locked hands, and Josh got me to my knees easily ,bending my wrists back. He maneuvered me so that my face was shoved way up into his crotch, and then he humped my face. Debbie said oh my god,gasped,and cracked up laughing.

Josh let me go. I was enraged, Josh tried to calm me down by saying he was just joking around with me. I made the mistake of swinging at him,and he beat my ass, punch after punch, I was seeing stars,and begging him to stop beating on me. He finally did, I then realized he gave me a black eye. My wife told me I got what I deserved for swinging on him, saying I bet you’ll never try that again, Josh will beat you up!

Debbie was intrigued by my black eye saying Josh did that to you, he taught you a lesson. My wife decided to spend the night in Josh’s room,saying she needed to be with a real man. Josh,and Debbie left for his room. I was left to mope around.

The next morning was Saturday, I woke up to the sound of the hotel room phone ringing. Josh called me telling me to get my sissy ass over to his room. I heard my wife’s laughter in the background. When I arrived ,and knocked on the door, he told me to get in here. When I opened the door I was shocked to see Debbie on her knees sucking on Josh’s dick, which was huge. Debbie was slobbering all over it ,big slurping sounds.

She rarely sucks on my dick, but she was savoring Josh’s big thick dick. Josh asked me how it feels to watch my wife suck on my ex-wife’s husband’s dick. I told him humiliating, and he asked me why I’m not stopping her.

I told him I was scared he’ll beat me up. Josh laughed,and my wife nearly choked from laughter on Josh’s dick . My wife releasing his dick from her mouth told me that Josh’s dick is so much bigger than mine,and that he fucked her multiple times that night . She told me to take my pants off,and I did as I was told. Josh started laughing at my much smaller dick ,calling me minnie Matt.

My wife busted up laughing, and that became my nickname from the both of them. Debbie went back to slobbering all over Josh’s big dick. Josh began cumming down her throat,and Debbie saved some for me by walking up to me ,and kissing me. Josh made me swallow it. Josh then told me to clean up my wife’s pussy, which still had cum in it, some that was dried up. I ate away at it not wanting to miss anything.

My wife asked me how Josh tasted, and not wanting to get my ass kick, I said delicious, creating a big laughter from them.’

I spent the remainder of the last two days being humiliated, picked on by Josh. Even being used as a foot stool for him. My wife exchanged cell numbers with Josh. Josh,and Debbie agreed to meet up again at our house in the future. Things were never the same after that week.

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