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On our way back from vacation, driving home, my wife Debbie, and I talked about the events of the last week. It was more of Debbie mocking me about how Josh humiliated me. Debbie was laughing at the black eye I stilled had that he ( my bully) gave me! Sometimes she refers to him as my bully ,which only adds to the embarrassment.

I couldn’t respond much because Josh had stuffed his underwear in my mouth ,and ordered me to keep it in. I did as I was told, my wife finally told me to take it out, laughing hysterically. When I did, she threatened to call Josh,and I begged her not too. She asked me why, and I told her that I’m scared of him. She busted up laughing. Debbie told me how much more of a man Josh is than me. Debbie then went in to detail comparing us. Josh is better looking, more endowed, better lover,it went on, and on.

When we got home, and settled in, Debbie was either calling or texting Josh constantly. She would giggle with Josh while on the phone with him. Sometimes she would have him on speaker phone, and he would degrade, and insult me in front of her, making me call him sir. Josh would threaten to kick my ass,and I would beg him not to. My wife looked down on me in shame, and more impressed with my ex-wife’s husband.

Then a few weeks later, Josh announced that he will be in town for a work related trip for a week. My wife got so excited ,and invited him to stay with us. He would sleep in my spot in our bed, while Josh decides where I will sleep.

The moment Josh arrived at our door, he ordered me to my knees, while kissing my wife passionately. Debbie was all over him! They were grinding against each other. Debbie told me to get up, and get them some drinks, which I did quickly. When I returned Josh,and Debbie were seating on the sofa. I handed them their drinks. Josh then snapped his fingers, and I immediately knew to get on my hands,and knees, so that Josh could use me as a footstool. He stretched his legs out ,and layed them firmly on my back, which brought them both laughter.

Between sips from their drinks, Debbie kissed him passionately, as his hands roamed her body. Josh’s hand made their way into her panties, and he inserted a finger in to her wet pussy, she started moaning. Josh added another finger eventually making her cum hard, keeping his hand there,and rubbing her pussy. Debbie was not grabbing Josh’s crotch, rubbing it, and telling me that it was a real man’s dick that he has.

She unzipped his zipper, then got down on her knees, pulling his underwear down, reached in ,and pulled his big dick out. Debbie ran her nose ,and mouth up ,and down the shaft, and began kissing the head of his dick. Debbie’s mouth opened ,then shoved the head past her lips until she had as much of it as possible, down her throat. She started bobbing her head to a frantic pace, loving ,and slurping loudly on it.

Josh started moaning, telling me to look at how my wife was crazy about his huge dick, just like my ex-wife Diane is. All I could do was agree with what he was saying. Josh then tensed up, and his big dick started twitching in my wife’s mouth,as she swallowed as much as she could down her throat. She kept sucking away on his dick minutes after he came, laying her head in his lap, occasionally licking, and kissing on it. My wife then got up, motioned me over,and gave me a kiss. I could taste Josh’s cum in her mouth. They asked me how his sperm tastes, I told them it was delicious. They cracked up laughing.

Later that evening, after Josh rested from his long drive, we watched wrestling in the living room. Debbie came up with the idea that me ,and Josh should wrestle. He thought it was a great idea! I pleaded with them not to. I reluctantly agreed, and Josh ,and I started the match. Josh won with no problem, getting me into multiple holds, twisting my body like a pretzel causing me to shriek like a girl, in pain.

My wife was cheering Josh on! Finally the last hold, he shoved my head deep between his legs( the back of my head in his crotch) into a standing headscissors, squeezing his legs hard around my head ,causing me to scream loudly. He would let up a bit , then squeeze, and bear down hard on my neck, and head causing me to scream a high pitched shriek. My wife looked at Josh in awe, biting her bottom lip,and smiling away at him.

I gave up repeatedly, but Josh wasn’t done having fun. He made me say degrading things to my wife, telling her how much more of a man he is than me. How she deserves a real man like him. Josh made me beg him to fuck my wife, and show her. My wife laughed hysterically especially when he grinded his crotch against my head, and squeezed down hard one last time causing me to scream,and cry, while my eyes bulged out and cross. He then let me my head go, sliding out of his crotch, my hair all messed up, and I started sobbing on the floor.

My wife cheered for him, “Yay, Josh won”. Debbie jumped up at Josh kissing him , telling him to take her to bed.

Josh picked her up ,and led Debbie into our bedroom.He snapped his fingers at me ordering me to come,and watch a real man please my wife. I did as Josh said, and ran to the bedroom. I watched in awe as my wife,and Josh made out on our bed. The passion, and lust they had for each other. Josh then looked at me ,and said he needed a fluffier, my wife’s mouth dropped, as he told me to suck on his dick sissy boy.

I did as he ordered me to, and shoved his dick in to my mouth, and started slurping on it. My wife gasped saying ” Josh is making you suck on his big dick”!!!! She laughed hysterically as he choked me with his dick. Josh’s dig sprung up so big ,and hard, I can barely fit it in my mouth. Josh pulled his dick out of my mouth with a big popping sound. Josh sat on the bed as my wife started sitting on his lap, he slowly entered her pussy. His dick looked so big compared to her pussy.

The deeper his dick went in ,the louder her moans got. Her pussy juice coating his cock,as he pistoned in ,and out of her, she started screaming, and her pussy was spasming as she orgasmed. ” Josh, Josh, oh, my god Josh ,Joooooosh” as she came hard. They shifted in to many positions. Josh ordered me to lick ,and suck on them as they continued fucking, and I licked,sucked ,and mumbled on them.

My wife had multiple orgasms, Josh began to tense up,ready to shoot a big load into my wife. His dick began twitching as he shot squirt after squirt in to her pussy, causing another orgasm. Their bodies went limp, with Josh’s dick still inside my wife. I began licking them both clean. When Josh pulled out, his load poured out of my wife. I dived in, and cleaned my wife’s pussy out,swallowing Josh’s sperm. I then slurped on Josh’s big dick, cleaning up every drop!

Josh,and Debbie layed together in bed, just talking,and laughing at me. My wife kissing him, telling him how much better he is than me. Josh told me that I was to sleep on the floor by his feet during the duration of his stay. My wife laughed upon hearing that.

This was just day one. I spent the week humiliated by my gorgeous alpha male bully, and my beautiful wife.

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