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Lots of people at nude resorts don’t use their real names. Usually I don’t care because I can’t remember everyone’s name anyway. But when she called herself Stormy and he called himself Daniel I, like everyone else, broke out laughing and just said okay. Needless to say, I did not forget their “names” later that night when I saw them again. Stormy Daniel (s) – HA!

This story is a recollection of just a few minutes of unprotected penetration of Stormy ending with me fucking her very slippery and hairy pussy and then shooting cum deep inside of her soft and generous ass. But the best part of this story comes after the sex. It was Stormy’s rendition of losing her virginity, first ass, then later pussy, and it is one of the sexiest, and most perverted, stories that I have ever heard. Needless to say, her story was very, very good for me, I hope you like it too.

I had to go to South Florida on business and on Thursday afternoon I went to a well known and very rustic little nudist camp. It is far down a dirt road and way out in the woods. Without my wife it felt a little funny renting the tiny camping sized trailer then buying a burger, going to the swimming pool, the hot tub and the little BYOB bar all by myself. I met lots of people, surprisingly including a pair of youngish single women, but they had no time for me and I don’t remember their names. You could tell the visitors from the permanent residents by the lack of tan lines, or the worn-out sandals, or the homeboy look on their faces. It was in the hot tub that I met a pair of obvious visitors, and what appeared to be an interracial married couple, Daniel and Stormy.

Daniel is a black man somewhere near my age. He was half bald and had a bit of a middle age gut. Stormy is a Spanish woman who appears to be ten or so years younger than us. Stormy, I later learned, has two teenage children, which explained just a bit of a soft middle. But forget that, she has one of the most beautiful faces that I’ve ever seen! Black Spanish eyes, high cheeks, the widest smile in the world, beautiful straight teeth and, man oh man, did she know how to wear her makeup! RED lips, blue eye shadow, long lashes, rosy cheeks, and, though it was in a bun at the time that I first met her, I’d later learn she also has long, rich, thick, soft brown hair that frames her beautiful face like a halo.

In the hot tub we have a friendly conversation with Daniel taking the lead and asking me lots of questions. The short version is that he learned that I am married, that my wife and I are no longer swingers and have been out of the lifestyle for a decade, they learn that I am a visitor on a business trip and I’m traveling home tomorrow, I have a nice home and a good job. I learn from Daniel and Stormy very little. I don’t learn their jobs, I don’t learn their home town, I don’t learn their family situation but I do learn, that like me, this was the last night of their business trip and like me they travel tomorrow, and like me they are visitors. In my mind I completely understood their desire for privacy and after a while I made an excuse and went back to my tiny trailer to pour myself a tall glass of gin.

The common showers at this place are funny. One side is for men and the other side is for women but no matter which door you walk through it all comes to the same room. Now, after quite a few cups of gin, I grab my towel and head toward the shower. With towel over my shoulder and nothing else I say hello and give a little wave at Daniel and Stormy as I pass them sitting on the porch of their cabin. They both appeared to be having some adult cocktails of their own and they waived politely but seemed a bit tongue tied. I went on to a refreshing shower.
I pass Daniel and Stormy on my way back but this time I heard Daniel call to me.

“Jim” he said, “can you stop by for a moment”?

Now be aware that my name is not Jim, it’s John. And in the hot tub they called me John. Obviously, they forgot my name, just like I would have forgotten their names had they not called themselves Stormy Daniel (s). But you know what, I was pretty high, and would enjoy the company, so, if they want to call me Jim, then Jim I am. And since Stormy’s beautiful, rich, over her shoulder hair was down, and her giant red smile was on display, and her angel face was looking in my direction, I said “YES, OF COURSE I CAN SPARE A MOMENT!” Maybe a little too enthusiastically, but it made Stormy giggle and that made me feel good.

I put the towel under my naked butt and sat on the step while Stormy and Daniel sat in their chairs and the conversation begins. Again, to shorten the explanation of that conversation let’s just say that Stormy became the perfect hostess as she jumped up again and again to refill the wine for both Daniel and me. And Daniel and I kind of male bonded as he opened and shared secrets with me. And he had a very big one to tell.

Daniel was married but not to Stormy.

Stormy was married but not to Daniel.

Neither wanted a divorce, but both wanted the kind of adventure they could not have with their respective spouses. And this one night, after the last day of the conference they had both attended, was their night to get away.

And they were happy that I am married and they were happy that I am not a promiscuous swinger and they were happy with the way I’ve kept my body in such good shape. Since I could see where this conversation was going, I added that I kept myself very healthy both outside and inside and assured them that I have had both frequent and recent checks of all my vitals including blood, urine, heart, liver and absolutely everything the VA had to offer.

My, oh my, that was good wine that Stormy kept pouring.

I guess the vetting was kind of going both ways at that moment. Since they were so concerned about my health it gave me peace of mind about their health. Neither could afford to bring any surprises back to their homes. Since they kept their workplace, and even their hometown secret I knew they could not let the secret of their affair get out in any way, shape or form. Their obvious caution gave me both a feeling of hope for a sexual adventure and a feeling of security about the biology.

Daniel caught me staring at Stormy’s big red lips. He said to me in his deep Afro-American baritone “Is that not the prettiest mouth you have ever seen”? He continued “I’d bet you like to kiss them”. “Maybe see them wrapped around your cock”? Finally, he said “Tonight our game is that Stormy has to obey when I tell her to fuck my friends… you my friend, ain’t you Jim”? He continued, “and Stormy’s fantasy is to fuck a stranger on command, like a whore”.

Stormy turned beet red but was grinning ear to ear. She almost appeared to be trying to cover her medium sized and slightly saggy naked breasts with her arms. Too funny as I’d never actually ever seen either one of them with any clothes on. Why cover now? Besides, I love breasts with just a little droop. I don’t know why, somehow the breasts of a mature woman who has had children somehow hold out a bigger promise of giving up her pussy to me.

Looking for a way to tell them that I am up for this game, I said “Daniel, I AM your BEST friend”!

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