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They say opposites attract. That could not be truer of my wife and I. Dana and I met in college during my senior year and her junior year. I was a computer graphics major she was a fine arts major. I have always been interested in computers; she has been a dancer since age six.

Dana at one time had aspirations to dance ballet professionally. When she was in her teens she developed to the point that her ballet teacher told her she would not have a future in ballet without breast reduction surgery. Dana did not have an ounce of body fat so dieting to have a flatter profile was out of the question. Dana had the kind of body that most women would kill for: a flat stomach, small waist, beautiful shoulders, beautiful ass, legs so long they seemed to end at her armpits all connected to a heartbreakingly beautiful face and breasts that, although prominent, were not too big for her frame. It would have been stupid to have the surgery in order to pursue a career in ballet so she started studying other forms of dance.

I am a two-footed clod on a dance floor. When we first started dating Dana was very disappointed to find out that I could not dance. At first I thought it would be a real problem for us until the afternoon that she tried to teach me the tango. After we both fell in a tangled sweaty jumble, she laughed and said, “Ok, Ok, I give up. You do have two left feet but I think I want to keep you anyhow”. That afternoon we made love for the first time, or I should say for her first time. I could not believe that someone so beautiful was still a virgin their junior year of college. When I told her that, she smiled at me, kissed the tip of my nose and told me that she had never liked anyone enough. At that moment I knew this was the girl I wanted to marry and share the rest of my life with.

Our sex life was great with one exception. No oral sex. My first sexual experience had been with a young divorcee I had met my sophomore year. She was beautiful, knew what she wanted and was demanding about wanting oral sex. She also had a very bad yeast infection. It was a horrible situation that left me with a complete phobia in regard to oral sex. I guess the phobia was not complete. I was interested in receiving oral sex I just was not interested in giving oral sex. I never told any of this to Dana but never ‘went down on her’ or would let her ‘go down on me’. A few times she commented that my penis did not seemed to be opposed to the idea and that she would like to give it a try, but I always pulled her back up to me and told her that the whole idea was repugnant to me. I knew that Dana would not understand if she gave me oral sex and I did not reciprocate.

We planned to be married after I graduated in June. When Dana asked me how I felt about big weddings I told her it didn’t matter to me. That we would have whatever kind of wedding she wanted. That was when she told me she wanted a simple wedding in her back yard with only close family and a honeymoon in Paris! I told her that she could have the simple wedding, but that we could not afford a honeymoon in Paris. Her answer was, “Yes we can” and she held out a check from her folks for $10,000. Dana explained to me that her father told her the money was hers, she could either spend it all on a big wedding or all on a honeymoon or anyway she wanted.

Paris was wonderful. Our third day there Dana saw an advertisement for a club called The Dance of Life. The ad mentioned afternoon tango and after Dana begged for two days and pouted for a morning I decided to take her there.

We arrived at the door to the club at the same time as a very attractive and well-dressed businesswoman. When she spoke to us in French we answered her that we only spoke English. She answered in English, “Welcome to our little partouze and don’t worry, I saw you looking at the prices for entry, but it is free for couples and single women until five. I was supposed to meet my husband here at 12:30 but I am what you call a no that is not right, you are American n’est pas, you call it advocate…no lawyer, and my case went too long. They know us here so I am sure they let my husband in for free…” all in one breathe as she rang the bell.

When the door opened she turned to us and said, “Enjoy enjoy and dashed into the club and out of sight. The matron looked us over, smiled and asked us in. Dana and I walked into what we thought was the strangest dance club possible. The club had a huge dance floor with a wall to ceiling mirror on one-side booths along the other sides and a bar with a poorly lit area behind it that appeared to be empty.

We took a seat in one of the booths and after a few minutes realized that there was no waitress. When I went up to the bar to get our drinks I noticed two incredibly beautiful French women in their mid to late twenties one blond, one raven haired, and three men the other side of the bar. They smiled at me and said, “Hello Anglais, enjoy our partouze”. When I went back to the booth I asked Dana if she had any idea at all what a partouze was. She shrugged and said, “Lets dance”. I tried to beg off, but Dana insisted, so I stumbled around the floor while Dana attempted to dance around my clumsiness.

When I went back to the bar for more pastis the blond came out from the other side of the oval shaped bar and limped over to me in a walking cast. She smiled at me and asked me if I spoke French. When I told her no she apologized for her English and asked me, “Can you make a favor for me? You see I have the leg broken and cannot dance and my husband would like to dance with your wife the tango, he is the tango instructor, but has now no one to dance with.”

I laughed and said, “I think you and your husband would be doing both me and my wife the favor, after all you saw me dance a few minutes ago.”

After we both laughed she called over her husband and introduced herself (Madeline) and her husband Christophe. We then walked over to the booth and I introduced them to Dana. In a few minutes Dana and Christophe were dancing and Madeline asked if she and her girlfriend Danielle could keep me company. Madeline slid into the booth beside me and Danielle sat across from me.

Madeline and I watched our spouses dance for a few minutes and then I asked her how she had broken her leg. She told me that she did it at Val d’Isere and then said, with a laugh, “No winter Olympics for me”. It turned out that Madeline was a competitive skier and a long and interesting discussion ensued regarding competitive skiing in Europe and the rest of the world.

After a lull in the conversation Madeline said, “Your wife is a very beautiful woman and a magnificent dancer I think my husband is very happy.”

I asked her, “Are you not jealous that you cannot dance with your husband?”

Madeline laughed and told me that she was not as good as dancer as my wife and that she was not jealous but happy that her husband and my wife had the opportunity to enjoy each other. I answered that I was also happy that my wife had someone so accomplished at the tango to dance with.

Madeline then said, “Of course your not jealous, jealous men do not come to a partouze.” When I asked her what a partouze was both women laughed and Madeline put her hand under the table and rubbed my penis through my pants. I grabbed her wrist and told her that Dana and I were on our honeymoon and I was not interested in playing around on her. Madeline then gave me a sideways look and said, “Perhaps you prefer my friend Danielle, if that is the case I understand, she is much more beautiful than me but she speaks no English”, she then said something in French to Danielle and the next thing I knew Danielle was running her bare foot up my shin under the table. I moved my leg and told Madeline that I was not interested in either of them. That Dana was the only reason I came to the club.

It was quiet for a moment and then a conversation took place between Danielle and Madeline. Madeline then turned to me and said, “I think I understand that you have no interest or perhaps are unable to have an interest, and we both admire your generosity to your young and beautiful wife, but may we ask, why did you marry?”

Now I was very confused and not sure of how well Madeline did understand English or what she was trying to say. I answered, “It is no more generous of me to allow my wife to dance with your husband then it is for you to allow your husband to dance with my wife.”

Madeline answered, “Yes, yes, the dancing it is fine, but without the other my husband would not allow me to come so often to the partouze”

“Just what the hell is a partouze?” I asked.

“A partouze”, said Madeline, “is a club for couples to come to”.

“How is that different from any other club?” I asked.

At that point Madeline said, “My English is not so good, but come with me and I will show you”

I was happy to get out of the booth. I noticed as we got up that Dana and Christophe were doing a very sexy tango totally in rhythm with one another. I did feel a twinge of jealousy as I noticed a fine film of perspiration on her brow, but when she stopped dancing and walked over to me as we were standing beside the dance floor the twinge went away. I said to her, “Go on dancing if you want, Madeline is going to give me a tour of the club and show me what a partouze is.”

Madeline hesitated for a moment and then said, “Ok, you know where to find me.”

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