Cuckolded By A Millenial 4.4/5 (63)

My wife Cindy and I are both turning 50 this year and have been happily married for 18 years. We’ve joked about bringing in a 3rd person for fun but never seriously. In the end, my wife doesn’t think that’s a smart move and honestly, she is probably right although it’s very disappointing. I’ve always dreamed of having my wife and another woman at the same time. We are very good friends with our next door neighbors of the same age. They have a daughter, Madison, who is 22 and will be graduating college in a few weeks. She’s been with the same boyfriend, Evan, 21, for a few years now and who just a terrific guy. My wife and Madison have a very close relationship as Madison can talk to her about things that she cannot tell her mother and that bond has grown unbeknownst to her mother.

Last summer, our neighbors were going away for the weekend and asked Madison to watch their house and dog since she is home from school. My wife and I knew she would invite Evan over to stay and what the hell, to be young again. Cindy was over next door talking to Madison on Saturday night while I was watching the game. My wife said she wanted an opportunity to catch up with Madison without her mother around and I was like, no problem.

A few hours went by and Cindy was still not back. Once the game was over I walked over to see what was happening. I walked through the back yard and to the back slider. Oddly, no one was in the kitchen where everyone always hangs out. As I was about to open the door, I looked over to the living room and there was Madison and Cindy both naked sharing Evan’s cock on the couch. I didn’t know what do but I was frozen for what seemed like forever.

I then realized they could not see me because it was dark outside and the lights on inside. I was more curious than anything at first because I was not sure how far this was going, and then came my answer. My wife gets up and gets in the doggie position while Evan gets behind her and then starts to fuck her with his enormous cock. This is where reality sets in; when you hear your wife moan and you aren’t part of it.

At that moment Madison gets in front of my wife and she starts to eat out Madison while Evan continues to fuck my wife. Sadly, my wife was moaning loader than I’ve ever heard her with me. A threesome is something I’ve dreamed of and this kid gets it and with my wife no less. At that point, I had seen enough, so I took the slow walk home. I put on the TV but all I could think about was Evan fucking my wife and his girlfriend next door.

About an hour later, my wife walks in the door as if nothing happened. I asked how was the conversation and she responded with that she just loves talking with Madison. I asked, “you two were talking this whole time?” My wife responded “yes, you know how girls are.” My wife then walked over to me and said Madison had some stories from college and it got my wife really horney.

My wife started to unbutton her pants and said “you know what I would really like?” We’ve been together a long time so I knew she wanted me to go down on her. As I did, I could immediately taste Evan’s cum on her. I said to her, ” wow, you are wet already.” She responded with she was so turned on by Madison’s college stories. I ate her out until she came and she held my head down so I could swallow every bit of both her and Evan. After, my wife and I were just laying there and I said “does talking to Madison make you want to try a threesome?” She responded by saying “it’s not something I will probably ever want to try. Sorry honey.”

The next morning I saw Evan outside and he asked how are things going. I said ” Ok, and wow can girls talk. Cindy was over here for a few hours.” Evan said “Those two were talking forever last night.” Then I could see a slight grin on his face and he said “Yeah, I just watched TV while they were talking in the kitchen.” I knew there was nothing else to say. Evan fucked my wife and then I tasted his cum and there was nothing I could do. I’m sure he’s already told one of his friends about last night and they had a good laugh at my expense.

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  • wc700

    Reply Reply June 23, 2019

    that w as s a great story, I would love to have my wife do that sometime. I’m hoping to convince her to fuck a guy sometime

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