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I was caught in the middle. I guess it would be the dream of some women as my husband wanted me to fuck another man. For years he had bugged me to let another guy screw me so he could get his jollies jerking-off watching.

So far I had refused thinking it was not because he loved me but just wanted to use me as a sex object. I had tolerated him fucking me with giant cucumbers and even posed for some naked pictures for him to show to his friends. Still he wanted to see me with another man.

Then I met Kevin Webster. Kevin was a new mechanic they hired at Davenport Motors where I worked as Mr. Davenport’s P.A.

Davenport Motors is an upscale B.M.W. and Mercedes dealership selling new and “previously owned” automobiles.

My heart had skipped a beat that first day Ian Davenport introduced us and I could tell by the way Webster looked at me he was equally interested in me.

I had not got the job as Mr. Davenport’s personal assistance solely on my ability to type sixty words a minute I was also blessed with the body of a porn star. At thirty-three years of age my 38D breasts were still firm and my tush tight and nicely rounded. My long shapely legs went on forever. I always got a second look from the male staff and customers.

Kevin Webster was my version of a “dreamboat’. Tall and muscular with dark curly locks and an always smiling handsome face. I found myself unconsciously fantasizing about what hung between his legs.

That night in bed I broached the subject with my husband.

“You know that deal about me fucking another guy, do I get to choose the guy?” I asked.

“Why, is there someone you’d like to fuck?” he replied.

“Maybe?” I teased.

“You may fuck anybody you like as long as I get to watch.” He agreed.

You wouldn’t mind in he cum in me?” I persisted.

“I would insist that he did!” Rick said.

“What about sucking his cock?” I continued.

“Absolutely! Who is he?”

I had my husband’s permission to seduce Webster.

Three times a day the coffee truck stopped in the service department of Davenport’s. The staff would congregate at the truck purchasing refreshments. It was an ideal opportunity to talk to Webster.

Over the next few days I built up a rapport with Webster in the coffee truck lineup. I learned that he was married but got the impression he could be tempted. I made several suggestive remarks and sent signals that I would be agreeable to a fling.

One Friday after work I went for a drink with a few of Davenport’s employees at a nearby pub. After about an hour I accepted Webster’s offer of a drive home. I knew Rick would be waiting for my arrival.

Reluctantly Webster accepted my invitation to come in for a drink and meet my husband. Rick was delighted to see me come in accompanied by a stud. As I introduced them I gave Rick the sign that Webster was “the one”.

Rick was deliriously happy at the possibility of finally witnessing his fantasy come true. He couldn’t be nicer to my unwitting workmate. He immediately engaged Webster in conversation to learn more about him as we sat drinking Rick’s best whisky.

The guys were getting along well. Webster’s libido was as intense as my husband’s. The conversation quickly got to “shagging” and how they liked to do it. Webster indicated he liked to ride a broad “doggy style” so he could get deep inside of her.

Rick was getting more excited by the minute and I knew he couldn’t take much more. I excused myself to “slip into something more comfortable”.

It had been a long day. I stripped in the bathroom and took a quick shower with a strawberry douche and went to the bedroom to freshen up my makeup and do my hair.

From my lingerie drawer I selected my floor length sheer white negligee. The gown is absolutely transparent and did nothing to conceal my bare breasts or freshly shaved pussy.

I headed down the hall to rejoin the guys.

I don’t know who was more amazed by my entrance, Rick or Kevin? Both of their eyes popped out at the sight of me almost naked. Rick had a big stupid grin on his face.

“What do you think?” Rick asked our guest.

Kevin was dumbfounded, not sure what the correct reply should be.

“God, she loves cock!” my husband blurted out.

It was blunt but true that I did love cock. I loved sucking them and feeling them forcing their way into my orifices. I was a dedicated cockhound.

My mind flashed back to my college days and the drunken frat parties where I had been gang-banged again and again. I had won the honor of being named BJ Queen by sucking off twenty-seven guys in a row, swallowing every load!

Since being married I had tamed down considerably limiting myself to a handful of affairs. Presently I was looking after Mr. Davenport’s needs on a regular basis.

A quick glance at Webster’s crotch showed he was sufficiently aroused.

“Want to get that wet?” I asked indicating the bulge in his trousers.

Webster looked uncertainly at Rick who gave him the “o.k.” sign.

I dropped to my knees in front of Webster and fumbled with his zipper. Reaching into his pants I easily found his erection and pulled out the most beautiful eight inches of cockmeat I had seen in a long while.

Rick watched fascinated as I crammed the mushroom head of Webster’s cock into my mouth. He filled is hands with my hair as he began to slid between my lips. My tongue tormented his helmet as he tried to enter my throat.

I had mastered the technique of breathing though my nose so I would not gag while deepthroating a cock. Webster’s cockhead was well into my gullet as he skull-fucked me. Rick was amazed at my appetite for this stranger’s meat.

Webster’s cock responded to my mouth, obviously he was not accustom to being sucked. I could tell by the way he throbbed in my mouth he was about to deliver a good load of cum. I yanked on his cock like I was milking a bull for semen.

He came in three powerful spurts. Hot, salty cum flooded my mouth like a mini tidal wave coating my teeth and tongue with cum soup. I swiftly gulped down his jism until his balls had been drained into my belly.

“That was fucking unbelievable!” Rick grinned as Webster’s spent cock slipped from my mouth.

I knew I had to give Webster some time to recover before he could enter me again.

“Get me a drink to wash down this jism.” I ordered Rick.

Rick quickly poured three fingers of straight rye into my glass.

The liquor was strong and cleansed my throat of the slimy trail Webster’s cum had left.

It was not long before Webster was ready to go again.

“Get on the floor and let Kevin ride you.” Rick ordered,

Submissively I got down on my hands and knees in the middle of the carpet. Rick reached down and flipped my gown up over my ass offering our guest my bare pussy.

Webster positioned himself behind me and I felt the head of his cock pressing between my pussy lips. It did not take much effort to spread my labia and slid into me, my fuck hole was already oozing my juices.

His cock entered me like a subway train entering its subterranean world. Inch after beautiful inch he journeyed into my body. His hands grasped my hips and he pulled me on like a familiar old boot. I moaned my approval.

I rock my ass backwards driving Webster deep inside of me. Quickly his cock becomes slick with my juices and he is sliding in and out of me at an ever increasing speed. Soon he is like a runaway locomotive ramming me at full throttle.

There is no stopping us now and we are out of control. Our bodies make a delightful wet slapping sound as we come together. I moan in sheer ecstasy as Webster grunts in his efforts to get the job done.

Rick is in frenzy, jerking his cock while he watches me riding Webster’s pole.

“Fuck the dirty bitch!” he encourages Webster.

Webster’s weapon of mass destruction was stretching my cunt to new limits. Each thrust took him further into me. As he bottomed I could feel his balls slapping against my labia indicating I had his entire cock inside my fuck hole. We were both ready to cum.

Kevin could tell I wanted him to douse me with his sperm and send me to la la land. My cunt was sucking his cock in like a huge Shop-Vac.

I grabbed my own tit and squeezed the nipple to trigger my orgasm. Webster groaned and stiffened and I knew he was about to cum in me.

I slammed back on him so his cum would go deep inside of me.

“Now, please!” I cried.

I felt Webster begin to flood me with is hot, sticky cum. I couldn’t hold back but answered by flushing my juices over his spurting cock.

My orgasm was exquisite, starburst and crescendos of symphonies as my body spasm on Webster’s electrode. For a few divine moments my body was stolen from me and given to lust.

I felt Webster withdraw from me like a stallion that had just finished servicing his mare. Cum dribbled from my opening as he left me.

It was time to give my husband another treat.

I told him to lie on the floor and I squatted over his face. I lowered my dripping cunt onto his mouth and ordered him to clean me. His tongue went into my drenched fuck hole and began lapping Webster’s guck out of me. Rick must have enjoyed his tongue in me after Webster’s cock had just cum in me and didn’t want to stop feeding on me.

In one evening I had made two men happy and enjoyed a wonderful orgasm of my own.

Rick had been so eager to eat my pussy I am thinking about telling him the next time Davenport dumps a load in me?

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