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Section 1

Our marriage was almost over. It seemed doomed and only a matter of of time before we split. With tensions high and hardly on speaking terms, one of us -and it would probably be me- would make the decision to separate and eventually divorce.

At least there were no children to add to the problem. Who could have known just how it would all be saved.

Sarah and I had been married for almost three years. We met at a pub in London which we both used on various nights out. We got engaged in a matter of weeks and were married within a year. Sara is 27 5 ft 5in, curvy with shoulder length light brown hair, nicely shaped legs and 36E breasts, I’m Brian, age 29, 5ft 9in slim build with short brown hair.

Sarah has always been outgoing and flirtatious and craved attention from the opposite sex and on the night we met at the Stag pub, she had been trying to seduce a guy who already had his eye on someone else and was ignoring Sarah’s sexual advances. I am quite a shy person but when I saw that this female was getting nowhere with her prey, I decided to make a play for her myself and so I moved in on the conversation much to the delight of her victim. Sarah’s attention was now diverted to me and we left together. We went back to her place and she wasn’t shy about letting me know just what she wanted and, as a horny male I was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately I was over excited and ejaculated within a minute much to the frustration of my date.

We started dating and I enjoyed buying her gifts and generally keeping her happy. I noticed early on in our relationship that she would go out of her way to flirt with any good looking guy when we were on a night out and she loved the attention she got from men. I never saw anything wrong with that as I have been known to admire a beautiful girl here and there but never gone any further than window shopping. However since being married I have managed to catch her cheating on me on three separate occasions, although I’m pretty sure there will have been more occasions that I have not picked up on. Each time I’ve caught her has been the same scenario.

Sarah is a member of a local amateur theatre company where actors get together weekly for rehearsals and perform a play, usually twice a year at a local theatre, with performances running every evening for one week. It’s a large company and they really are very good.

The first occasion where I caught Sarah was only a few months into our marriage. I had suspected she may be having a thing going with one of the male actors called David during the run of the show but I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination. David was around 5ft 10 inches with short thick dark hair, muscular and knows he’s good looking and confident and I’m sure most of the females in the company will have had fantasies about him at some point.

On the last performance night the company would always stay late at the theatre congregating in one of the dressing rooms where alcohol would flow and they would all have a bit of a party to celebrate the success of the week long run of performances.

The first time I suspected something was wrong was just a gut instinct and when Sarah arrived home much later than expected after the party I told her that I had waited outside the theatre and followed her and David to where they had parked up in her car. This was totally untrue and was purely a guess at a possibility as I had sat at home the whole night, but she fell for my story and admitted they had played about a little but didn’t have sex and that it was simply due to the excitement of the week of shows. I was angry but I loved Sarah and didn’t want to lose her so after a few days of me being in a bad mood things eventually got back to normal. Sarah now knew she could get away with this and all that would happen would be me in a bit of a mood for a few days and she could handle that.

Sarah worked in an office just like me but I also worked in a bar some evenings to make enough money to help pay for our recently purchased house. Each time there was a show I would catch Sarah out in some way having an affair with David and each time I would be angry for a few days and each time she would assure me it would never happen again.

It had been the week of her new show and I had been in a bad mood all week in anticipation of catching her yet again even though she assured me the last time that nothing was going to happen again. I often wondered why Sarah would look elsewhere for sex when we were newly married and I could never understand it, that is until this week when I couldn’t keep it out of my mind. I had noticed that whenever I caught Sarah cheating, it caused me to have an erection and I put this down to a symptom of the anger and jealousy I was feeling at being betrayed, maybe Adrenalin or something I imagined. I decided to look at why these affairs were happening and to try to see it from Sarah’s perspective. What were the reasons for her needing someone else? It didn’t take me long to figure it out. With me working in the office 9 to 5, five days a week and working in the bar five nights a week I was always very tired, usually too tired to pay attention to Sarah. Add to that my small 4 inch fully erect penis and I realised that Sarah, who had a high sex drive wasn’t getting enough from me and I was either ejaculating too soon or losing my erection and couldn’t finish the job.

Seeing things from Sarah’s side now had me feeling guilty at being in a bit of a grumpy mood all week for no reason and so I decided to buy her a gift to try to make amends for my behaviour. I went out at lunch time to look for something nice for her to wear to the party after her last show and after browsing a trendy clothes shop I noticed a really nice satin blouse. It was a Burgundy wrap over blouse which had two buttons at waist level. Holding it up on its hanger I realised that as it only buttoned at the waist, it would open easily revealing her bra. However I decided it was such a lovely blouse that I’d buy it.

I arrived home and apologised for being grumpy all week, I never gave a reason and Sarah didn’t ask but I was sure she already knew why I had been in such a mood.

I gave Sarah the blouse and she loved it. I saw her eyes light up when she realised it was open to the waist and she joked that she’d have to be careful how she positioned herself or her bra would be on show although by her expression I knew she was thinking more of how hot she would look for David. I asked her to try it on, she undid her work blouse revealing her white lace bra, her dark brown nipples showing through the lace teasing me. She picked up the new blouse and put it on, it fitted perfectly and she was really pleased with how she looked in it.

“What’s wrong” she said as she looked at my disgruntled expression. “It doesn’t look right” I said, “what do you mean, it fits perfectly” she exclaimed. I took a step back and gave another look. “Mmmmm… It just doesn’t look right” I said. I stepped forward, undid the two buttons and removed the blouse. I kept hold of it, I put my arms around Sarah’s back and undid the strap of her bra. I then peeled the bra from her large breasts and as I did so her breasts dropped very slightly, they weren’t sagging, but just dropped under their weight. I let her bra drop to the floor and proceeded to help her back into the blouse. I fastened the buttons and took a step back to have a look. “FUCK”! I exclaimed. What is it Sarah asked in a panic as she saw my jaw drop and my eyes wide. The shiny satin material was clinging to Sarah’s tits like a second skin taking the contour of her large nipples and the slightest movement caused her tits to wobble like jellies with the material copying every movement.

“You look fucking amazing” I blurted out and, realising that I was staring at her tits, she shook her shoulders gently, her tits, with a delayed reaction wobbled causing the satin material to follow as it hugged her skin, until they slowly came to rest. Sarah gave a little laugh at the effect she was having on me. “That’s the way this blouse should be worn” I exclaimed, “you look amazing, but you’ll have to be careful because if you have to bend over even slightly the blouse will open and your tits will be on show” I said. Sarah bent forward, her blouse fell open and I could see her left breast on show almost to the nipple. “You mean like this” she giggled, “yes like that” I drooled. “Don’t you think it’s too revealing” she asked teasingly and with an expression that told me she loved the look with no bra. “It is” I replied “but it looks so much nicer without a bra” I continued and I wondered why I knew that David would love it even entered my head. Sarah thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I could tell by her expression that she was thinking if I had been turned on so much by this look, it would have a similar effect on David the following night. She left the room to get changed into more comfortable clothes for sitting about the house.

Section 2

That whole night I couldn’t stop picturing how she looked in that blouse and how tomorrow night at the party all the men would have the enjoyment that I had just had with David getting the full effect after the party.

The following morning Sarah got up and had a shower and I went downstairs to make breakfast. I had left my phone in the bedroom and so I returned to the bedroom to find Sarah sitting on the bed, her silk robe was open and she was sitting on a towel, her razor in her hand and she was shaving her pussy. Shocked that I had came back to the room and like a child trying to make an excuse when caught with their hand in the cookie jar, she blurted out that she had been itching down there due to the heat on stage from the bright lights and that a couple of the females in the company said they had experienced this problem in the past and always shaved as it helped. They suggested that she shave herself and it would solve the problem. She was flustered and tried to be convincing but I could tell she wasn’t expecting me to believe her and for me to go back into my bad mood again. “Do you want me to do it?” I suggested. With a shocked look she replied “would you”.

I took the razor, got her to lay back on the bed and I opened her legs as wide as I could. I took the razor and proceeded to remove all of her pubic hair. When I finished I wiped any remaining shaving cream from her pussy. It looked beautifully smooth, tight with a neat slit. I had never seen her pussy with this look and I loved what I was seeing, and so would David. Damn, why did he just come into my head.

“ Do you want me to check that there are no bristles, I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable“. “Yes”, she said and so I put my head between her legs and proceeded to lick her left outer lip. It was soft and smooth. I did the same with her right outer lip and it was the same except for a couple of short hairs that I had missed. I took the razor and removed them and re checked with my tongue, it was now smooth. I then placed the tip of my tongue at the bottom of her slit and ran my tongue from the bottom to the top until it ran over her clitoris. Sarah gave a jolt as my tongue came into contact with her clitoris and she slapped me on the head and gave a stern “NO”! While pushing me away from her. Oh well, it was worth a try, she’s keeping herself for later I imagined.

I stood up, rubbing my head from the slap I had received. Sarah got up and admired her new look in the full length bedroom mirror. She ran her fingers up and down feeling the smoothness, she was lost in her thoughts and her look.

She had placed a small suitcase on the bed. It was the type that you could put in the overhead locker on a plane. I looked in it and could see that she had started filling it with things she would need for the day, makeup bag, deodorant and other bits and pieces. Lying on the top was a black suspender belt. My heart skipped a beat. Sarah only ever wore stockings and suspenders when she was dressing to please and to tease and so there was no denying now what she was up to. She may have convinced me that shaving her pussy was to stop itching caused by the heat on stage, but there was no way out for her with this. Sarah was still admiring her new look pussy as I lifted the suspenders, I held them up between my two hands, with the straps that hold the stockings up dangling from the belt. I broke her trance when I said in a drawn out light hearted voice “OOH! Suspenders, VERY SEXY”.

Shocked and taken aback, she knew she had been caught yet again and there was no getting out of this. She did notice however that I wasn’t angry like I normally would have been and I had no idea why I didn’t feel anger. Not knowing what to do, she lifted a pair of black polyester stockings from the case and ran them through her hands. “You never miss a trick” she said trying to smile as if she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“You’re not wearing those” I said firmly. The smile dropped from her face and she waited for me to get angry. She didn’t respond to my statement. “You’re going to look a million dollars in a beautiful sexy blouse, so you need sexy stockings” I added, “wear proper nylons, the ones with the seems on the back, they’ll look much nicer than those”. “I can’t” she blurted out, the only pair I have, have a tear.

“What time do you have to leave?” I inquired.

“Not for a couple of hours” she replied.

“I’ll pop out and get you some proper stockings, I shouldn’t be long and I left”.

The shopping centre was only seven minutes drive and I headed straight to the department store which was one of the few shops that still stocked these types of stockings. They type that don’t stretch but are shaped to contour with the leg and caused a slight crease at the knee when it was bent. I picked up three pairs of black seemed nylons and three pairs of beige. They were much more expensive than their polyester equivalent but worth the added expense.

I noticed a burgundy suspender belt, it was satin trimmed with lace and would compliment the satin blouse and so I added that to my purchase along with the matching transparent thong which had satin around the edges. My cock was hard as I imagined Sarah in this ensemble. I was excited and horny and I was on a roll. I noticed a lovely skirt which was also wrap over. Slightly below knee length and almost the same colour but a different shade as the blouse, it would compliment it very nicely and so I couldn’t help but buy this. Now off to the shoe department where I noticed a beautiful pair of patent stilettos. They had five inch heels which I knew were slightly higher than what Sarah would normally wear and I just hoped she wouldn’t have any difficulty walking in them. Buzzing from my shopping spree, next stop was a jewellers where I picked up a lovely gold ankle chain. I had one more gift to buy but first to the greetings card shop to get a small gift bag to put the last gift. Then on to get the final gift and I was home within forty five minutes.

Sarah was sitting in the lounge when I got home.

“I’m the bearer of gifts” I said excitedly as I walked into the room carrying the large shopping bag. She seemed pleased to see me in a good mood.

“I got you three pairs of black nylons and three pairs of beige, so that you have a choice of what you think will look best. I also got you this matching suspenders and thong set”, Sarah’s eyes widened as she eyed the sexy ensemble, “and I thought this skirt would go well with the blouse I bought you yesterday” as she took the skirt from me she noticed that it was a wrap over. “Looks like I’m going to have my work cut out for me tonight between not letting my tits fall out of my open blouse and not showing my stocking tops with my open skirt” she said jokingly. “Or just let the guys have a bit of enjoyment” I replied. “Mmm, that’s an option” she giggled.

“I have more gifts” I said excitedly as I lifted the shoe box from the bag and handed it to Sarah.

She opened the box and lifted the first shoe out and examined it. “They’re beautiful” she said “ but I don’t wear such high heels, I hope I can walk in them”. She took the other shoe and slipped her feet into them. They fitted perfectly, Sarah stood up and walked across the room, her calf muscles tightened under the strain of the higher heels giving her legs an even better than normal shape. I couldn’t help but imagine how sexy her legs would look like with these shoes and her stockings.

I lifted the ankle chain from the bag and handed it to Sarah, “WOW! an ankle chain, I love it she said. “This lot must have cost a fortune” she said. “I have one more gift to give you but I’m really nervous about your reaction” I said. “Why” she asked inquisitively. “Because there can only be one of two reactions to this gift” I replied. “Now I’m intrigued” she said. “You’re either going to think I’m the most understanding and wonderful husband on the planet and give me a hug, or you’re going to be insulted and give me a slap, I’d prefer a hug to a slap” I said trying to hide my nervousness and I lifted the small gift bag out of the shopping bag and handed it to Sarah.

She took the bag by the two cords with one hand and then held the bag in her hand. She could see the panic on my face and looked at me inquisitively. She put her free hand into the bag and began to remove the contents very slowly, teasing me with her eyes as she relished the panicked look on my face. She lifted the contents out of the bag and stared at the packet of condoms in her hand. As she looked I explained “I know what’s happening tonight and this is my way of saying I’m okay with it”. Sarah said nothing but walked towards me, she stopped and I held my breath. She put her arms around me in a warm hug and whispered “thank you” into my ear.

Section 3

“Do we have time to have a serious chat” I asked. “Of coarse” she replied.

I told Sarah of all that I’d been thinking, that I’d thought our marriage was in trouble and she agreed. I told her how sorry I was for not understanding her needs and for being selfish and not being there to satisfy her sexual needs and it was only now I understood why she’d had affairs and the fact that she cheated was simply to save me from the humility. In fact she had been doing me a service by staying with me and having to live with the fact that she had to cheat on me. I explained that I had found that the anger was from the feeling of betrayal and not from her infidelity and that I had gotten an erection each time.

I suggested that we have a one month trial where she could see whoever she wanted as long as she was honest with me. “Your role would be to dress to please and take control of me. You can see anyone, male or female and as many as you like, even multiple people at the same time as long as it’s only for sex”. “My role would be to be an obedient husband who does exactly what he’s told, to cater for your every need, to pay for your nights out and buy you clothes for your dates. Basically you can have whatever you want without question”.

I said perhaps making me her cuckold for that month would help us both to appreciate what we have. She said she had heard the term cuckold but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I said I’d text her a couple of links to websites that would explain what cuckolding is if she had time to read them at the theatre. She said she would have lots of time before the performance and that she would look at the websites and we would talk later.

I said that I would prefer that she brought her lover here to our house tonight rather than park up somewhere in the car. She said unconvincingly that nothing may happen but if it did he would be too worried to come back to our house in case I turned up. She admitted she had asked him back before but he refused and so they had to have their fun in the car.

Sarah left for the theatre and I was left with my thoughts of how the rest of the day would pan out.

I tried to keep myself busy but found myself watching the clock and playing out in my head everything that would be going on in the theatre.

I waited until fifteen minutes before curtain up before I texted to say “good luck with your performance tonight…. Did you manage to look at those websites.

She messaged me back immediately… thanks I think the show will be good and yes I looked at the websites. I also had time to look at much more on cuckolding and being a hot-wife and I’ve watched some very good videos. I’d say I’m very well clued up on what cuckolding is now.

Then another text… are you 100% sure you want to go ahead with this?

I answered… “yes I’m sure, I’ve thought about this for a few days and I’m happy to try this to save our marriage”. I really want to be an obedient husband and I want you to totally control me. Bring your date home, don’t be sitting in a car when you can be comfortable here. Text me first though so that I can go to our bedroom and leave the lounge for you.

Sarah didn’t reply.

I tried to watch TV but I watched the clock more.

7:30pm that’s curtain up

8:45pm that’ll be the end of the first act

My mind raced to what would be happening later that evening and my cock went rock hard at the thought. It always felt larger than the four inches when I was so horny.

9:00pm curtain up for act two

Eventually 10.00pm curtain down and final bows

10:10pm making her way back to the female dressing room.

She would now be removing her costume.

She Would now be putting on her suspenders and stockings.

Next would be blouse, skirt, shoes, ankle chain and finally shoes.

I stopped to wonder what the rest of the female cast were thinking as she got ready.

Finally, touch up her make up, lashings of red lipstick and a few coats of lip gloss to give that wet look.

Then they would all congregate in one of the dressing rooms to have a drink.

Sarah wouldn’t be drinking as she was driving but David would have a few.

I waited for her text to warn me she was heading home within David as my cue to make myself scarce but nothing.

11:15 still no text.

12:15 no text and I was tempted to text her but thought better of it.

I must have fallen asleep because I came to when I heard a key going into the front door, I looked at the clock, it was 1:40am when Sarah walked into the living room.

She was startled to see me still up.

I noticed she had no lipstick on and her lips looked slightly puffy.

“Well! How did it go” I asked

“The show went well thanks” she answered ignoring the fact that I wasn’t referring to the show.

“That’s good, and after” I asked inquisitively?

She didn’t respond to that question.

I stood up and went over placing my arms around her I kissed her passionately on the lips. She must have felt my erection.

I placed a hand inside her blouse and onto her bare breast.

“Do we have to?” she pleaded.

“Oh please, I’ve been sitting here horny all night imagining you in that outfit, you look so hot” I begged.

“I need to pee first” she said and swiftly left the room and went upstairs to the bathroom.

I wondered if the bathroom was an excuse to get out of soaking wet panties or if she didn’t want me to find that she wasn’t wearing her panties, my mind raced at both possibilities, or she just needs to pee and I’m being paranoid.

Sarah had left her bag on the sofa, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity while she was out of the room to unzip her bag and have a quick look inside.

I eased the bag open and lying on the top were her panties. I felt them and they were soaking. My cock was throbbing.

I quickly closed the zipper on the bag and awaited Sarah’s return.

I said nothing when she reappeared and I moved in to hold her again, this time I put my hand into the opening of her skirt, slid my hand up the silky material of her stockings, onto the smooth flesh of her inner thigh and finally onto her shaved pussy.

I inserted my middle finger, it went in easily, too easily. Her pussy was still wet. I inserted a second finger and there was no tight feeling that I would usually get of her pussy hugging my fingers. Instead I could move my fingers about easily.

Section 4

Sarah instructed me to lie on my back on the floor. I did what I was told and she quickly undid my belt and jeans and then pulled them along with my boxer shorts down to my thighs revealing my small but hard penis.

Sarah then squatted over me and in one move she slid my little penis inside her and she started riding up and down. I got the sense that she wanted this over with quickly so that she could get to bed. I felt nothing.

After a couple of minutes of no feeling I pulled my cock out and I asked her to do me by hand.

“WHY”? She inquired.

“I’m not getting any feeling, you’re all stretched, David must have a huge cock?” I questioned and watched for a reaction.

“It wasn’t like that” she replied matter of fact, “he just used his fingers”, there was no shocked expression an her face and she didn’t flinch at the boldness of the question.

“He must have huge fingers” I joked and we both chuckled.

As she rand her hand up and down my cock she could see that I was in ecstasy.

“Did you mean what you said earlier about having a one month trial as a cuckold” she asked.

“Yes” I croaked.

“Are you sure” she asked.

“Yes,” I croaked again and if it doesn’t work I promise not to hold anything you do against you. It’ll be like it never happened. .

“Well, if we’re going to try this we should have some sort of contract so that there’s no confusion of what’s expected of each of us” and as she said it she leaned over to her bag, placed it in a position that was out of my view (I guessed she didn’t want me to see her panties in her bag) and she pulled out two sheets of paper.

“I’ve written out two identical copies of some rules for us both to sign” she said as she handed me the papers.

I started to read…

In this contract the wife will be referred to as Dom and the husband will be referred to as Sub.

This contract will run for one calendar month from the date above.

  1. The sub will allow the dom to have sexual relations with any person(s) male or female and at any time.

  2. The dom will guarantee that the sex will be purely for sexual pleasure and the dom will not allow any emotional feelings to manifest.

  3. The sub will pay for any clothes expenses etc without complaint no matter what the cost.

  4. The sub and the dom will trust each other and neither will tell the other a lie, but always be truthful.

  5. The dom will always tell the sub of any dates before hand or at least at the earliest opportunity if it’s not a pre arranged date.

  6. The sub will be obedient to the dom without question.

  7. There shall be no safe word to allow either party to end of the contract early and therefore both agree to the contract running for its full duration without question

  8. The sub will have no sex for the duration of the contract.

There was space for both of us to sign.

“If you’re happy, sign both copies” she said.

I signed and Sarah signed both copies afterwards.

“The contract has now started” she informed me all the while she stroked my cock.

“My hand is getting tired, use your own hand, let me watch you masterbate” Sarah spoke softly.

I did as I was told. Masterbating in front of Sarah was a first.

“You MUST tell me when you’re getting close to an orgasm” she demanded. “I will” I whispered.

“”NOW!, you asked me how it went and I’m guessing you were not referring to the show”, she said.

“That’s right”, I replied.

“First of all I have a confession” she said “I know it was before we signed the contract but I want to be up front with you. I lied to you today and I felt bad afterwards. When you walked in while I was shaving my pussy, I wasn’t expecting it and I blurted out that I was itching and advised by some of the girls to shave. That wasn’t true, David had texted me a few minutes earlier and demanded that I shave my pussy as he wanted it nice and smooth, I just didn’t know what to say when you came in”.

“It’s okay, I thought your story was bit far fetched but I thought it may well be real so I went with it.

“Well, I got changed into my clothes and a few of the girls were making comments about how sexy I looked. They teased me by saying that it obviously wasn’t for your benefit and said David was going to be a very lucky guy tonight. Most of the girls in the company have affairs so it was no shock to them to see me dress like this.

The men came into our dressing room and most of the men stared at me lustfully. I didn’t bother trying to keep my blouse or skirt closed. I let it open with my tits on view and I could see the excitement on all of their faces. I enjoyed the attention and I played to the crowd.

I watched as most people were having quite a few drinks and I giggled at all the flirting going on between cast members. If only their spouses at home could see them I thought.

David and I sneaked away at 11:30pm and drove to a secluded spot near his home, we’ve used that spot on the other occasions you know about.

“Why didn’t you bring him back here” I asked

“Shhh!, don’t speak just listen she demanded.

“He’s afraid you may return home and catch us. I have tried before to get him here but he’s always worried and we can’t go to his place as his wife would know” she continued.

We’ll have to come up with a plan to get him here” I said.

“Sounds good” she answered

When I parked the car David was quick to kiss me. He then followed up by sliding his hand into my open blouse, caressing my breasts and rubbing my nipples. It felt so good and I started feeling myself get wet. He pulled my blouse open further until both of my tits we’re out. He enjoyed staring for a while and then put his mouth around one of my nipples. He then slid opened my skirt until my suspenders, stocking tops and panties were in full view. I assisted by opening my legs wide. The shock on his face when he saw my shaved pussy through my sheer panties was a picture. He thanked me for shaving and I told him that you had shaved me. “WHAT!” He exclaimed. I then told him about the story I spun to you about itching and we both laughed at how gullible you are.

Section 5

He pulled my panties to the side, revealing the slit between my lips. I could feel that I was very wet and horny. Slowly he slid a finger in between the lips and entered me. It felt so good along with having my nipple sucked. Another finger was inserted and finally a third, stretching my pussy wide. He placed his thumb on my clitoris and moved it in a circular motion all the while his three fingers were pushing deeper into my space.

“Are you excited at the thought of what I’m telling you” she asked?

“Yes” I whispered

“That’s a good cuckold” she replied.

“I was soaking wet now and I could hear the squelching sound as his fingers pounded my pussy,” she continued, “it seemed to go on forever until I had an amazing orgasm”. She could see I was loving her recollection.

“It took me a few minutes to recover and then I put my head down towards his lap and placed his huge erection into my mouth. Firstly just the head but slowly letting more and more of the shaft push it’s way further towards my throat. I lifted and lowered my head along his shaft, flicking my tongue over the glans, feeling him shudder in ecstasy.

He came without warning firing his cum all the way to the back of my throat. It felt so good as I swallowed his cum down my throat”.

“I’m about to come.” As I said it Sarah knocked my hand off of my cock. “No! She said with authority, you’re not allowed to come. I say when you’re allowed to come now, and when you’re not”.

“Open your mouth” she ordered.

I did as I was told. She worked up som saliva and let it drip from her lips into my mouth.

“Close your mouth” I obeyed, now imagine that is Davids cum in your mouth, now swallow.” I did as I was told. At some point it will be his cum going into your mouth”.

“I’ve researched cuckolding enough today and I have a very good idea of it”.

“Oh God “ I exclaimed, “you better give me warning before hand as I’ll need to have a few drinks first.”

“Over the next month I have a few surprises lined up for you”. She informed me.

“What surprises” I asked

“Now they wouldn’t be surprised if I told now would they. All you need to know is they are all cuckold related so, in the next month I’m going to try to cover as many aspects of cuckold life as I can. Then we’ll know if we want to continue.

Now let’s go to bed”.

We climbed into bed, she held me close and said she loved me. My cock was still hard and I was so horny, I was so frustrated but it felt so good. I played the whole scene through my head several times before I eventually fell asleep.

Section 6 - Surprise #1

The following morning Sarah and I lay in bed talking about the previous night.

“How are you feeling” Sarah said

“I’m fine” I replied

“I mean are you okay with everything”

“Yes, I’m totally fine, I’m still so horny but other than that I’m fine” I replied

“Well at least one of us had a fantastic orgasm last night” she chuckled.

“When you’re having your shower this morning, I want you to shave your cock” she said.

“Why”, I asked.

“Because every time you shave it and every time you look at it, will be a reminder to you of our contract and why we’re doing this” she replied.

“Your little penis may even look bigger” she said sarcastically.

Sarah checked me out after my shower.

“You look really good shaved down there” she followed that up by saying “unfortunately your little penis doesn’t look any bigger, oh well, not to worry” she laughed as she said it.

We had breakfast, I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and Sarah wore her silk robe.

The doorbell rang and Sarah got up, walked into the hall and answered the door.

She returned a few moments later with a brown cube cardboard box in her hand.

Ignoring the box she said “I think I’ve just made that delivery guys day. I accidentally (she winked as she said it) let my robe fall open and his jaw hit the floor”. She was laughing. “I took my time signing for the package to allow him time to get a good look”. She watched my expression but there was none, only my eyes fixed on the package in her hand.

“What’s that” I asked.

“Oh! I bought you a gift. After all those wonderful things you got me yesterday, I wanted to buy you something” she said excitedly. “Hurry hurry open it” she said.

I had never seen Sarah so excited at giving a gift before.

I tore the tape holding the box closed and opened the flaps revealing bubble wrap on the inside. I peeled that away and inside was a black velvet bag held closed by drawstrings.

I lifted the bag out of the box, there was a bit of weight to it.

“Open it open it” Sarah couldn’t contain her excitement.

I pulled the bag open and put a finger and thumb into the bag.

I could feel something cold and solid.

I slowly lifted the item out.

It was a shiny metal chastity cage.

“Oh No!” I exclaimed, laughing at the same time. It consisted of a silver metal ring with a small square bar attached which had a hole at the end. The other part was a shiny metal tube in the shape of a penis. It had an elongated hole at the end. There was also a small padlock with two keys.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time” Sarah said. “I only ordered it yesterday and I wasn’t expecting it until at least tomorrow”.

“I have to go to my parents and the thought of leaving you alone feeling so horny, I know you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to masturbate, and we can’t have that. This solves the problem” she went on.

“Now let’s get it fitted” she said as she pulled my shorts down.

I tried to push my testicles through the ring but everything was a struggle. Sarah got some lube and with a bit of manoeuvring they squeezed through the ring. I then pushed my cock through the top of the ring. This was easy due to my small size. Sarah put some lube on the inside of the tube. She carefully pulled back my foreskin and eased the tube over my limp cock and engaged the tube with the bar on the ring. With her long blood red nails she took the padlock between her index finger and thumb and pushed the padlock through the hole, then with a click I was locked.

“Wow”! That looks great she said enthusiastically, “now walk up and down to let me see”. I stepped out of my shorts and did as she asked. The padlock made a clunking sound with each step as the device bobbed up and down causing the padlock to hit against the tube. “How does it feel” she asked.

“Heavy and strange” I replied.

It feels like I still have slight feeling even though I have no direct contact, it must be psychological, I thought. I feel liberated, like I don’t have to worry about anything because I’m not in control. It feels comforting. “That’s good babe”, you’ll get used to it” she said.

She took one of the keys and attached it to her ankle chain and the other one she put in a small envelope, sealed it, signed her name over the seal and told me to keep it with me in case of emergency. “This will be torture” I said “I have the key that will allow me out, but I’m not allowed to use it”.

“Exactly” she said.

Now let’s see how it feels when you’re hard.

She came over and using her two thumbs she gently rubbed my nipples. She knew this was my biggest turn on. My cock started to go hard and throb. I could feel it strain against the tube and pull against the ring around my testicles. Sarah took great delight seeing me in so much pleasurable discomfort. She stopped and put a hand down holding the cage in the palm of her hand. “Do you like your gift” she asked. “Yes” I replied.

Later Sarah left to go and visit her parents.

Normally I would sit and watch TV but today I felt an insatiable urge to please Sarah, to make her happy, to make her feel proud that I was her husband and I wanted to be told that I was a good and obedient husband.

I started with the bathroom and cleaned it from top to bottom. I then vacuumed the carpets, made the bed, cleaned the bedroom, then the living room, I did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and did an ironing. The house was absolutely spotless from top to bottom and I felt good. I couldn’t wait for Sarah to come back and praise me.

When she returned she couldn’t believe her husband who normally didn’t do much around the house, had spent hours cleaning. She inspected every part of the house with joy and praised me with each room. GOOD BOY! She said, like a dog owner praising their pet for being obedient.

“When do I get this chastity device off again” I asked

“I haven’t decided” she replied, “maybe in a couple of weeks, who knows really.”

I now knew that she made me shave so that the hairs wouldn’t get caught in the cage.

Section 7 - Surprise #2

We got up to get ready for work. I carried out my daily ritual. I looked out my suit, shirt, tie, socks, boxer shorts and shoes and the I went for a shower. I came out of the shower, dried myself which was difficult while still wearing my cage, put the towel around my waist and went back into the bedroom to get dressed. I noticed that the boxer shorts that I had left out had been replaced by a pair of red lace panties. Sarah said nothing.

“What’s this” I asked

“This is surprise number 2” she replied. I thought it would be nice for you to wear nice feminine panties along with your cage rather than boxers.

Before I could object she said “ and don’t pretend to be embarrassed, you know you’ve worn them before”. Before I could answer she continued. “I came home early one day, you hadn’t realised I had come home and I saw you through the crack in the bedroom door. You were wearing my panties, you stood admiring yourself and then you masterbated while rubbing your fingers over the lace. I watched the whole thing and I sneaked away when you finished, pretending to arrive home afterwards. I didn’t bring it up as I didn’t want to embarrass you, now put them on like a nice obedient husband”. I obeyed.

Awe your cage looks nice through the lace panties. I put the rest of my clothes on, had breakfast and left for work wearing red lace panties under my suit. Sarah was pleased. She texted me numerous times that day teasing me about my underwear.

I thought about what Sarah had said about David being too nervous to come to our house and I didn’t like the idea of him and Sarah sitting in the car in some secluded spot.

I had to get him comfortable with coming over.

I gave it some thought that day and informed Sarah of a plan.

“Here’s how we can get David to come over. “Tell him I’ve invited him”, I said

WHAT! She said in disbelief.

She listened as I told her the plan.

“You excitedly tell David that you’ve managed to get me to invite him over. He’ll be shocked but you go on to tell him how YOU planned it.

You informed me that you are going to audition for a lead part in your theatre company’s next play and you need me to go through lines with you. You say that you knew I would refuse and ask if there was someone in the company that could do it. You then told me that David is going for the opposite lead role and I suggested he come over and you could rehearse together. You said no to this suggestion as you didn’t want me sitting in the room laughing and criticising, to which I laughed and told you that there was no way I was going to sit through that, it’s one thing attending a performance but it’s another to sit and listen to two people rehearse and that I’d be at work when you rehearse. You then tell him he’s to be over at 8:30pm tomorrow and that I leave for work at 8:00pm.

She called him and relayed the story, he had no idea that I was sitting there listening to the conversation. Just as I thought, he was shocked but agreed when he realised that it was at my invitation and that I’d be at work so he wouldn’t have to confront me. He mentioned to Sarah that she had better not be lying just to get him over and she assured him she was telling the truth.

I now had to adapt the plan so that he knew I had suggested he come over and that Sarah wasn’t just luring him over.

We went shopping and picked the perfect outfit to fit with the plan.

I told sarah that I wanted to answer the door when David arrived. He would look shocked but I would inform him that I was running late and just leaving for work. That way he can see that I’m totally comfortable with him being there and that you weren’t lying.

Sara took a shower, I dried her, shaved her legs and pussy, pained her toenails the same blood red as her long fingernails, I dressed her in the push-up bra we purchased earlier, making sure to position her breasts perfectly, I then fastened her suspender belt around her waist and I carefully places each stocking into her foot and slowly rolled them up her legs, fastening them to the suspenders and making sure the seems at the back were straight, “we’ll do without panties” I said to which I got no objection. Finally, I helped her into her cropped top, buttoning it but leaving the top button undone. She held my shoulder as he stepped into her short pleated skirt and I lifted it into position as the smooth lips of her pussy disappeared from sight, I zipped it at the back and checked that the bottom of the skirt rested just bellow her stocking tops. I told her I wanted her to be very dismissive with me, almost like we don’t get on very well. “That’ll be easy” she teased.

The doorbell rang at 8:27pm and I answered the door with a hearty “hello David, how are you”, he was shocked but tried to hide it. As he walked in I told him Sarah was still upstairs doing whatever woman do (I said it like women are a mystery) and that I was running late. I shouted to Sarah that David was here, I was leaving and I’d be back after midnight, she shouted goodbye. David and I went into the living room and I asked him about the part he would be auditioning for and he told me quite confidently he didn’t think either of them would get the parts but it was worth a try. He didn’t realise I knew the parts were fictitious. It took me all my will not to laugh.

Sarah walked into the room as we had planned.

“I thought you had left” (she played the part well at looking shocked that I would see what she was wearing), little did David know that I had dressed her earlier and positioned her tits so that they were spilling out over her top almost to the point of where her nipples would be on show.

She had light makeup, just lip gloss, a bit of blusher and some mascara.

She hardly needed a push up bra but I wanted her tits to be positioned to make her look really slutty. It didn’t disappoint.

To any normal person it would be blatantly obvious that this outfit was worn purely to seduce but I pretended not to notice. What I did notice was the expression on Davids face at how Sarah was dressed and why she had waited until I had left before making an appearance because she wouldn’t want her husband to see her dressed so provocatively. I pretended not to notice.

“Have you not got David a drink” she scorned

“I’m running late as it is” I replied

“It’ll take you two seconds” she said impatiently

“See what I have to put up with David” I said with a cheeky smile. We both made it sound like we barley tolerated each other as we acted out our own little play in front of him.

I poured them both a drink and sarcastically asked if it was okay for me to go to work now.

Sarah dismissed me like I was a telephone cold caller.

As I went to go out the door I couldn’t resist pointing at the fake script that Sarah had left out for effect.

“Any kissing scenes longer than ten minutes is classed as an affair” I joked and we all laughed as Sarah said “Don’t try to embarrass us, have a good night at work. She gave David a look that told him she didn’t actually mean what she’d just said.

Sarah told me later that she pretended to be shocked that I had seen what she was wearing and that’s why she stayed upstairs until she had thought I had left.

“He didn’t even notice my outfit” she said and this reassured David that I didn’t deserve Sarah and that he was doing her a service. Any other husband would have not been happy at leaving their wife dressed like that with another man he thought.

Sarah told me later that David had been totally relaxed and they had had some great sex. He loved how she had dressed for him and couldn’t believe how naive I was to leave them both alone.

Section 8 - Surprise #3

The rest of that week was uneventful other than me feeling more and more horny due to wearing the cage now for a week.

It was Saturday morning.

“I have a date with David tonight” Sarah announced “you need to take me to buy new sexy clothes.”

I felt excitement that David would be having another sexual encounter with Sarah.

I showered and went into the bedroom to get dressed. Again my boxers had been replaced with a pair of Sarah’s lace panties but also sitting on the bed was a matching suspender belt and black stockings. “You’re going to look so cute today babe” she said. I didn’t speak, I had learned already not to question or resist.

I put the panties on covering my cage. Sarah helped me with the suspender belt and she put the stockings on me fastening them to the suspenders. “Now! Walk up and down and pose for me” she demanded. I did what I was told without question and when she was satisfied she allowed me to get dressed.

We left for town to do some clothes shopping. Every now and then Sarah would feel my suspenders or ask me how I was feeling wearing them. She seemed to take great pleasure knowing how I was dressed underneath my jeans. Was she turned on by this or was it purely humiliation to assert more control, I couldn’t decide.

We picked out a lovely green lace basque a black pencil skirt and a green jacket to wear on top of the basque. We got a new pair of stilettos and and she decided to wear her beige stockings for her night out.

“Well that’s me got everything, now your turn” she said “ I don’t want you to speak at all just accept what I’m doing” do you understand” “yes” I said.

She went over to another rail of lingerie. She checked sizes and picked out a bra 40DD with solid cups, my guess was she wanted it to keep its shape as there would be no breasts to fill it. “That should fit you” she said, next was a purple blouse, she held it up against me and was happy that it looked like the correct size. The wrap over skirt was next and a pair of stilettos.

I said nothing but imagined how I was going to look in this ensemble.

We got home and after dinner we took great pleasure in dressing each other, Sarah dressing me first. Sarah looked amazing as I prepared her, her dark brown nipples showing through her lace basque. Her breasts almost spilling out over the top. I wanted to fuck her there and then. She told me I looked lovely in my outfit but she giggled as she said it so I’m still not sure if she meant it or it was just another way of her controlling me. She made a couple of adjustments to my outfit. She pulled the blouse out of the skirt slightly and she unbuttoned my blouse so that my bra was showing. She sat on the sofa across from me and made me adjust my position until my blouse was open showing my bra and my skirt was open showing my stockings and suspenders. We sat like two female friends chatting but I noticed that Sarah couldn’t keep her eyes off my bra and my stockings. She even got me to adjust my blouse if it closed over, demanding that I pull it open so that she had the perfect view.

It was time for her to leave for her date and she left in an Uber leaving me with instructions to keep the same clothes on.

She texted me a couple of times to make sure I was still wearing my outfit and to tell me what she was doing to tease David.

“I’ve opened my jacket, revealing my lace basque” Davids eyes almost popped out of his head.

“I’m stretching my arm over to reach my drink so that my tits are in show, he’s loving it”

“Just told him what I’m going to do to him later and he can’t wait”

“Going by the bulge in his jeans he must be rock hard and I’m loving it”

I then received another text from her at 11:45pm.

“Go to the bedroom, don’t make a sound and don’t come down. David is coming back with me, I’ve told him you’re having to work until 3am”

I replied “ok”

It was good to know that David was now confident enough to come over.

Fifteen minutes later I was lying on my bed still wearing skirt, blouse, bra, stockings and suspenders when I heard the front door open and the two voices of Sarah and David.

Sarah came up the stairs and came into the bedroom. She put her index finger to her lips indicating me to keep quiet. She was drunk. “I’m going to fuck his brains out she whispered in my ear in a slurred voice. I could smell the alcohol. “You look gorgeous” she whispered “so do you” I replied.

She left and closed the door and I could hear them either laughing and talking. I then heard long moans coming fro Sarah and I couldn’t resist, I had to know what was going on. I crept out of the room and slowly down each stair until I could see the living room door. I was slightly ajar. I could hear them both more clearly now. I walked over to the door and managed to see through the gap at the hinges. David was lying on his back on the floor, the top of his head facing me, Sarah was kneeling over him with a leg at each side of his waist, she had her eyes closed lost in the moment. Her basque had been pulled down slightly and her tits were out, bobbing up and down. David was inside her and as she pushed herself up and down on his body, I could see the length of his shaft appear and disappear. His right hand was teasing Sarah’s clitoris. Sarah opened her eyes and I knew by her change in expression that she could see me through the slit on the door. They both continued with their rhythm. She just kept staring at me, enjoying me watching them. As Sarah began to orgasm and with the risk of David seeing me I sneaked back to the bedroom.… continued on surprise #4

Section 9 - Surprise #4

I heard the front door close after Sarah kissed David goodbye and the sound of her coming up the stairs. She was still pretty drunk and she was wearing her basque and stockings.

She pushed me back on the bed wagging her finger and saying “naughty boy” referring to me spying on them, as she straddled me just like she had done with David minutes earlier. She worked her way up until her bald pussy was over my face. It was red and slightly swollen.

“Surprise number four” she said with a tone that sounded like a punishment for not obeying and staying in the bedroom.

I was confused.

She lowered her pussy onto my mouth and as she did so, using both hands she pulled the lips of her pussy apart.

I could see a glob of white cum oozing from inside. “Lick it”, she demanded, her voice slurred.

Without hesitation I moved my tongue towards her pussy until it entered the lips. I pushed all the way in scooping the white goo. She lifted herself up so that my tongue came out of her pussy. “Let me see” she said. Her eyes widened as she saw Davids cum on my tongue. “Swallow” she instructed. I did as I was told. “Let me see” she said and I let her see that there was no cum left in my mouth.

“Lick again” she demanded and I ploughed my tongue deep inside her vagina. Another huge glob of cum on my tongue. She moved her hips back, brought her face down to mine and wrapped her mouth around my tongue, slurping up the cum from my tongue. “Mmmmmmmm sharing” she said ecstatically. “More, lick more” she said urgently as she pushed her pussy hard against my mouth. I drained any further cum from her pussy. “Is it all out” she asked. “I think so” I replied. “Thank you babe” she whispered, kissed my cheek and within seconds she was fast asleep.

I lay there rock hard wondering what just happened. It took me quite a while to drift off to sleep.

Section 10 - Surprise #5

I was sitting watching TV when Sarah walked into the room. She had full makeup, red lips wet with lip gloss and she was wearing the same outfit I had bought for her after show party.

“Let’s go, we’re going for a drink” she said.

Without hesitation I got up, Sarah was looking so hot and I was excited that she had allowed me the privilege of going on a date with her in the outfit she’d worn for David. We drove to a pub a distance from where we live. As we entered I noted it was quite dimly lit, there was a pool table and some rock songs being played. It was quiet with only one group bikers standing at the bar. They were quite rough looking and not the type of people you would want to get into an argument. They were loud and brash and looked us up and down as we entered the pub. There were two couples sitting further up the bar who were engrossed in conversation and not taking any notice of anything other than their own company. We went over to a table at a part of the room where no one else was sitting and as we we sat down I asked Sarah “What she would like to drink”. “I’ll go” she said almost before I had finished speaking and she was up and on her way.

There was lots of space along the long bar but. Sarah decide to stand next to the group of bikers and she ordered the drinks.

One of the guys started chatting to Sarah which made the others take notice. I could tell they thought she looked as hot as I did. And in fact with this outfit she really did look hot as her tits bounced up and down under the satin blouse, her suspenders were on show if she took a larger than normal step. I couldn’t tell what was being said but Sarah was enjoying it as were the guys. Another of the guys leaned in closer to speak to her and put his arm around her waist, she didn’t object so he kept his arm in place. They all looked over at me and they all laughed as if at some private joke at my expense. Sarah looked down at her blouse after a comment was said and she shook her shoulders causing her large tits to sway back and forth under their weight. This was much to the delight of her new friends. She looked down at her phone and started typing. I hadn’t noticed that she’d taken her phone to the bar with her. She lifted the drinks and made her way back to me.

“ What was that all about” I asked

“Oh nothing” she replied, they were just flirting with me, I said I was with you and they offered to persuade you to go home on your own” she laughed at this thought. “you took your phone with you”. “Yes I got one of their numbers for future use and said I’d come back on my own sometime”. I stayed silent.

I could see Sarah glancing down at her lap and giving a little look over at the guys she had been speaking to at the bar. At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Sarah was sitting opposite me so the table blocked my view. I then realised she was checking her skirt, she repeatedly changing her seating position and I realised she was trying to let her skirt fall open slightly to give the guys at the bar a good view of her stocking tops.

I’m guessing she succeeded as one of the guys came over to our table, his 6 foot frame towering over us and asked, “can I dance with your wife”? It was more a challenge than a request.

Before I could answer Sarah said “of course you can” and she took his hand as they walked the few steps onto the dance floor a few feet in front of me.

Sarah immediately put her arms around the guys neck and he held her waist. They swayed to sexual healing which had been selected on the jukebox. They chatted and laughed, every now and then giving me a glance. He moved his hands from her waist to her back and although his back was towards me, from what I could see he was moving his hands over her back. He slowly turned their position so that Sarah now had her back to me while whispering his conversation into Sarah’s ear. She didn’t say anything but she nodded her head every now and then and smiled a lot. The bikers eyes locked onto mine as he moved both hands down onto Sarah’s bottom and with a hand on each cheek he squeezed and caressed the soft flesh beneath, feeling the straps of her suspenders beneath his hands, watching to see my reaction, almost daring me to complain.

The song ended but he held Sarah in his grip until Barry White’s just the way you are broke the silence and they continued to dance. He moved one of his hands onto Sarah’s side and I could see his thumb was resting on the outer part of Sarah’s breast. He knew I had noticed and waited to see if I was going to do anything about it. When I didn’t, he started to move his thumb back and forth, checking me for any reaction from me, but there was none. He then moved his hand onto Sarah’s breast, her nipple would be right in the middle of his palm and he moved his hand around. Sarah didn’t stop him and I did nothing, there were too many of them for me to object. I could feel my face getting a little flushed and I could feel my chastity device beginning to strain with the pressure of my small but hard cock. His thumb found Sarah’s erect nipple and he started to flick his thumb over the nipple, all the while watching for a reaction.

He stared directly at me as he moved his hand slowly from Sarah’s breast down her side to her thigh, working his hand around to the front until he found the opening of her skirt and his large hand disappeared inside, he was staring at me as if he was seeing how far he could go before I made a move to stop him, I didn’t move, my cock was getting harder. I could see Sarah squirming as his hand had found it’s way to her pussy and his fingers had worked their way inside her. Sarah had her eyes closed now and her facial expressions told me she was enjoying this strangers hand exploring her pussy. They were now both staring at me lost in the moment. Barry White’s voice ended and as if being awakened from a trance, the guy removed his hand from Sarah’s pussy and he brought her brought Sarah back to her seat. He thanked me, or was it Sarah he thanked, or both of us, I’m not really sure. He made his way back to his friends and they slapped him on the back congratulating his conquest as they looked up at me and laughed. Sarah and I sat silent for a minute before we both pretended that he’d had simply had an innocent dance with her.

I went to the bar for the next round of drinks and stood a distance away from the bikers. This didn’t save me from them as one of them came over to tell me how hot my wife was and then taunted me about his friend dancing with her.

I hadn’t noticed another of the bikers head over to our table and only realised when I turned to take the drinks back to our table that Sarah was already in a clinch as they danced close.

I sat and watched again as her new dance partner worked his hands over her body, feeling every part. He moved one of Sarah’s hands from around his neck and placed it directly into his crotch. He looked over at me to see my reaction but I gave none. Sarah proceeded to rub her hand up and down the bulge which had appeared in the front of his worn out jeans. His hand now disappears inside her skirt and the two of them were lost in the ecstasy of their dance. I felt helpless but I also felt incredibly horny. Before the song had ended another of the bikers interrupted them sending his friend back to the group while he took up position with Sarah. It seemed they all wanted their little share, as if in competition to see who could get the farthest.

After a few more drinks Sarah said “right I’m ready let’s go”. I was glad that not all of the bikers had managed to have a dance with Sarah.

“Are we going home already” I asked.

“No, this is surprise number 5” she replied.

She instructed me as we drove. We went along a country road and turned off in between two rows of trees. We then turned into a car park and I stopped. ”Leave your interior light on” Sarah said. I didn’t question, I knew what was about to happen.

A couple of minutes later two men appeared beside Sarah’s window. She rolled the window down but nothing was said.

Sarah pulled her skirt open to let the two men see her stockings and panties and another man appeared. Sarah pulled her blouse open revealing her huge tits, her nipples were like bullets. One of the men put his hand into the car and onto Sarah’s breast while another rubbed his hand up and down her thigh. The third guy stood there and had taken his cock out much to the delight of Sarah. The other two followed by pulling out their cocks, all three were masturbating with the two keeping up their work on Sarah. I could see Sarah becoming very excited. The guy touching her thigh had moved and had his fingers inside her pussy. She squirmed with delight probably still wet from the dances she had earlier. She watched them intently, savouring the experience and then turned to watch me, loving the control she had over me, back and forth she would turn her head, loving both views. She didn’t touch any of them but gave them enough pleasure by teasing them until all three had cum. She continued letting them pleasure her until she went into and frenzied orgasm. When she had cum the guys fixed themselves and left as quickly as they appeared.

Sarah rolled the window up. She bent forward and removed her ankle chain and instructed me to pull my jeans and boxers down. It left me sitting with my chastity device glistening in the light. She took the key on her ankle chain and undid the lock on my cage. She slid the tube off and it felt wonderful. My cock sprung to life and was solid in seconds. Sarah bent over and took it in her mouth. She sucked and played moving her mouth in all directions while her tongue did wonders on the head until I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed, and waited until my cock had gone limp and she replace the cage and locked me again.

“ Let’s go home” she said.

Section 11 - Surprise #6

Sarah and I were sitting having a drink and listening to some music. She was wearing a denim mini skirt that buttoned up the front, the bottom two buttons were undone showing her thighs and a shirt which wasn’t buttoned but instead it was tied in a knot at the bottom just under her bear breasts, like a cowgirl style. Her tits were on show and I could just about see her panties. She was wearing light makeup, mascara and lashings of lipgloss and there was a lovely aroma from her perfume. She had definitely dressed to get me excited.

We sat talking and drinking and I noted her eagerness to make me drink more than normal. I was feeling the effects and I couldn’t keep my eyes off Sara’s tits. She noticed and enjoyed my torture.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked when she knew the alcohol and her sexy look had taken effect.

I couldn’t believe my ears

“Yes” I said

She leaned over the end of the sofa and produced a large shopping bag. She put her hand in and pulled something out.

“Do you know what this is” she asked

“It’s a harness for a strap on” I replied

“Good let’s have some fun” she said

“But I thought I was going to be doing it for real” I pleaded

“You can just pretend” she said casually.

“Take your clothes off and put the harness on” she instructed. I obeyed and I stepped into the harness pulling the straps tight enough to make it secure.

She then pulled out a blindfold and put it over my eyes.

“This is to make your senses more alive” she informed me.

She then started kissing me and I could feel my lips tingle as she pushed her tongue in and out of my mouth. She stopped for a moment and then she touched my cheek with something which felt slightly cold so I knew it wasn’t her hand. She brought it around and ran it over my lips. I could smell a distinct smell, the aroma was latex so I had an idea that she was holding the dildo part of the strap on.

She pressed the end of it against my lips, I resisted. She used a finger to prize my lips apart and tried again but I resisted. She blew gently on my cheek and tried again, my heart was thumping hard, my cock was trying to burst out of its cage but I resisted.

She used her finger and thumb to pinch my nose so that in order to breathe I had to open my mouth and as soon as it opened, the head of the latex dildo slid into my mouth. She only allowed the head to enter. It felt strange as my tongue felt around the head. She pulled it back almost removing it and pushed it in further, then back then further. “Good boy” she whispered

“Take it all in” she encouraged softly and I did what she wanted without question.

She started giggling at me sucking on this latex cock. She removed the mask and I could now see the dildo pushing in and out of my mouth. She then removed the dildo I noticed right away it had much more detail than a normal dildo. It was almost real but it wasn’t, it was latex. Every wrinkle and vein was clear. Sarah then informed me it was a model of Davids cock. They had made it from a kit they purchased from the internet. She told him it was for her use and she wasn’t lying, she was just adapting it tonight.

She pulled on the metal ring of the harness and placed the dildo through it. I looked down at Davids cock on my body. It was impressive much larger than mine. Seven inches she told me and it was thick.

Sarah lay on her back and pulled me towards her.

She took hold of the dildo protruding from my body and guided it to her pussy. It slid in with ease and she let out a moan.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me towards her causing the latex to be pushed it all the way in.

“I want you to imagine you’re him” she murmured. She didn’t need to use his name.

I looked down as the latex cock now disappeared inside Her pussy and imagined I was him.

“Can you feel the sensation in your own cock”

“Yes” I whispered as I thrust harder and deeper.

“I want you to get the feeling in your cock” she said. “I can” I replied.

It felt strange as my little four inch would not be able to travel the distance of this cock.

I watched it as it disappeared and reappeared inside her slit and I wished it was mine. I watched my own little cock dangling inside its chastity devise and I felt every thrust like it was really my cock doing the work. Sarah stared into my eyes but I was sure she wasn’t me she was seeing. Our eyes were transfixed on each other both of us imagining it wasn’t me thrusting a huge cock into her wetness.

Sarah was now in a frenzy of excitement and when she reached orgasm, she almost exploded. She had never orgasmed so passionately with me. I now understood why she needed more than I could give her sexually. I now forgave her for any affairs she’d had in the past and I was sorry that I had not been able to satisfy her the way she craved.

She lay exhausted and I stood up looking down at the huge cock still standing erect, I wanted to cum so badly but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Sarah got up and told me to take the harness off and go up to the bedroom. I didn’t question her, the padlock clanging on my cage as I walked.

A few moments later I heard her coming up the stairs. She came into the bedroom wearing the strap on that I had just used to give her a good seeing to and I wondered if it had looked as good on me as it did on her.

Without warning she pushed me onto the bed. I fell backwards, my body laying on the bed with my feet still on the door, she bent down and put her shoulders under each leg and she stood up again. My legs were wide and draped over her shoulders. In what seemed to be one movement she grabbed some lube and covered the strap on and guided it down placing it at the tip of my hole, neither of us spoke. She pushed but the dildo wouldn’t go in. She pushed harder but still nothing, another more forceful push and I let out a loud moan as the head entered my body. She held it steady. Sarah broke the silence. “There, there, she whispered, “it’ll be alright” and she didn’t move for a minute.

She pushed a little more and the clone of Davids cock disappeared a little further. It felt like I was being stretched wide open but I knew in reality there was only a couple of inches inside me. Sarah rocked very gently back and forth and with each movement the discomfort changed from pain to pleasure. The latex cock slid in a little deeper as Sarah continued with her gentle rocking motion. Once again we were looking into each other’s eyes but saying nothing, our eyes doing all the communication that was needed. Our eyes also told us both when it was over and she very slowly removed the latex cock. Sarah walked up and down the bedroom, the strap on swishing from side to side as she walked. She admired herself in the full length mirror, stroking the dildo with her hand as if masturbating. She knew she had power and she knew how to use it. She had certainly found things about herself she had never contemplated, and she liked the new confident, sexual, dominating hot-wife Sarah.

Section 12 - Surprise #7

We were now into week three of our one month trial.

“I’m having some friends over for a drink tonight, I’d like you to go out to the garage while they’re here. You can spend some time fixing your car or whatever it is you do out there”. “Who’s coming over” I asked

“Just friends” she replied. They’ll be here at 8pm so I need you out by 7:45pm. I nodded in agreement.

Sarah had been upstairs for ages, at 7:40pm she came into the living room. She had full makeup on, a white totally sheer blouse, a black pencil skirt, she had a red lace bra and her huge dark brown nipples were clearly visible as the main attraction, she was wearing black seemed nylons and her ankle chain complete with key.

She was wearing my favourite perfume. She looked hot and she smelled just as good.

“Off you go to the garage and keep the door closed”, she ordered, “if you need to use the toilet go now because you won’t be able to go later, “I’ll text you when you’re allowed to come back in”, she said. I took up the offer, used the toilet and I went to the garage closing the door behind me.

In the garage I pottered about clearing some things away and generally tidying up. I was wondering who was coming over, how many and all sorts of other things going through my mind.

At 9:08pm I received a text from Sarah.

… take your phone, open the security camera app. Log on to camera 3 We had security cameras, one at the front of the house, one at the rear and a third that we could place anywhere when needed, like when builders were in the house and we wanted to keep an eye on them. I logged onto camera 3.

My living room came into view and I could see people sitting around the room. Sarah had placed the camera discreetly on a table so that the whole room was in view. I noticed David and I recognised two of the guys from the theatre company. There were two others whom I didn’t know and I imagined they were friends of some of the others. There were five males and Sarah. I could hear them as well as see them and by the amount of beer bottles it looked like they had already been well into a drinking session. They were all sitting around making jokes and general chit chat. They were remarking on how Sarah looked and how they all found her very attractive commenting on what they’d like to do to her. Sarah was laughing and playing to the group with innuendos of what she would do to them, it was all very light hearted fun but they were all giving signals of where the night was going.

There was a slow romantic song being played, David stood up, took Sarah’s hand and lifted her to her feet, he pulled her close and they started to dance intimately. They were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying as they spoke softly and the music was drowning them out. Sarah was doing a lot of giggling and nodding her head in agreement.

David and Sarah looked over at one of the other guys and Sarah asked him to join them with their dance. He got up from his seat and went to Sarah’s back, he put his hands on her hips and pulled himself in close. Sarah was now sandwiched between David and the other guy.

Suddenly, she stopped and pushed both of them away.

She told everyone to hand over their phones.

“I don’t want any photos or videos that may find their way onto any social media site and finding their way to my husband”. She said. They all agreed and handed over their phones. She put them in a bag and put the bag high up on the bookcase.

By doing this, it was confirmed by all that they were all going to have some fun.

They resumed their dancing positions and started to dance from where they had left off.

David started to kiss Sarah’s neck and while doing so he unbuttoned her blouse with no rejection from Sarah and to the cheers of the others. The guy at her back on seeing this, undid the button on the back of her skirt and eased the zip down. He grabbed the sides of her skirt at her hips and started to pull the skirt down. Sarah wiggled her hips from side to side in order to assist him. The skirt dropped to the floor revealing Sarah’s stockings, suspenders and thong. She lifted one foot out of the skirt and with her other foot she kicked the skirt across the room. A couple of the guys had taken their cocks out and had begun getting themselves hard. On seeing this Sarah reached over to the fireplace where she lifted some condoms and handed one to each of them. She also held up a whiskey glass and instructed each of them that their condom would be placed in the glass after use as she didn’t want her husband finding a used condom anywhere, nor did she want any incriminating stains on the carpet or sofa.

David lay on his back and Sarah removed her thong and her bra and straddled over the top of him. He had already put his condom on and she now sat on his cock allowing the full length to disappear inside her as she gave a loud moan. The guy who was dancing behind her stood masturbating and he unexpectedly shot his cum all over Sarah’s tits. FUCK! She said loudly, “you weren’t supposed to do that” the rest of them laughed at the premature ejaculation.

One by one the others took turns at fucking Sarah in different positions and after each one, Sarah removed their condom as each of them finished with her and she placed them into the whiskey glass leaving the open end hanging over the rim of the glass. Sarah had managed to have multiple orgasms during this gangbang.

Soon after the action was over, Ubers we’re ordered and all five very satisfied guys left.

Sarah texted me to come in.

“Did you like the show” she asked

“I loved it” I replied.

“Lie on your back” she said

I didn’t question

She took one of the condoms and turned it upside down so that the open end was just above my mouth. “Open wide” I opened my mouth and she squeezed the contents of the condom down its length and into my mouth. “You know what to do! I swallowed. She took another and did the same thing but told me not to swallow. She then kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and tasting the cum. She emptied the next condom into my mouth and with the fourth she instructed me to squeeze the contents into her mouth. She tasted it swirling it in her mouth like she was tasting wine and then she swallowed. She left the room, changed into more comfortable clothes and returned as if nothing had happened. We watched TV afterwards.

Section 13 - Surprise #8

The final day of our contract

It was the last day of our one month contract and Sarah and I were relaxed on the sofa watching TV. It was 10pm and I thought that we would sit until midnight when the contract would be over, when the doorbell rang and Sarah answered it. She came back into the living room accompanied by a male. He was black, around six feet with long dreadlocks and was wearing a tight black t-shirt showing off his amazing physique along with tight jeans. “This is Jason”, Sarah said. She didn’t introduce me. Jason smiled, his teeth were very white and straight and we both knew why he was here. He put his hand out to shake mine and I automatically took his hand in mine. His Hand swamped my hand and his grip was strong. “Get Jason a beer” it was an order rather than a request. I went to the kitchen and took a beer from the fridge. I got the bottle opener and flipped the top off the bottle. I returned to the living room, Sarah was gone, leaving Jason on his own. I handed him the beer, neither of us spoke, there was nothing to say. He gulped from the bottle and within a few seconds the beer was gone.

Sarah returned wearing her green basque with matching panties, green stockings and black stilettos. She looked amazing. She went straight to Jason and started kissing him passionately. She finished and ordered me on to my knees, I knew I had better obey.

Sarah undid Jason’s belt and removed his jeans and t-shirt. His thighs were thick and his body muscular. “Remove his boxers” she said with authority. I put my hands on them and pulled them down. An enormous black cock sprung from the top. It must have been eight or nine inches in length and it was thick. “Make it hard for me” Sarah demanded.

“WHAT!” I gasped thinking I had imagined her demand.

“Make it hard” she repeated more authoritatively. I looked up at Jason and he nodded his approval.

I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it. He stood perfectly still, the only movement was from his cock as it became rock hard and I wondered how Sarah was going to be able to handle the size.

Sarah knelt down beside me, took over stroking his massive erect cock and I watched her swallow it all into her mouth. She pulled it out and it glistened with wetness. It seemed to get harder and larger with every thrust of her mouth. Jason pulled her to her feet, spun her around and bent her over. In one swoop he removed her panties and guided his cock into her pussy. Holding her hips he pulled Sarah back and forth like a rag doll. I watched the blackness of his cock thrust in and out like a massive piston and it seemed to go on for a life time. Sarah orgasmed first followed shortly by Jason as he removed his cock and sprayed Sarah’s back with several large globules of his cum.

He got dressed while I cleaned the cum from Sarah’s back. I knew to do this without being ordered now. Jason kissed Sarah one last time and he was gone without another word.

“Sit down” Sarah ordered.

I sat on the sofa and she sat beside me.

Looking at her in her basque with her nipples enticing me, she looked so beautiful and I was desperate to fuck her.

“Our month trial is over and you have a choice to make” she said like she was interviewing a candidate for a job.

“I’ve tried to give you a taste of everything I’ve learned about cuckolding and now the future is up to you” she continued.

“You can have your chastity device removed and you can fuck me right now and we can go back to how we were before, or you can stay locked and continue to be a cuckold”

“What do you want” I asked.

”It’s your choice” she said, “you chose this experiment so you have to decide first. But if you decide to continue, there’s no going back, it’s for good”.

I thought for a minute and then I said,” I’ve loved everything about the last month and I want it to continue. “Are you sure” she asked

“Yes” I said

She smiled and said “I’m glad because that’s what I want also”. I’ve loved controlling you, the money you’ve spent on me, the sex I’ve had and that we’ve not had even one disagreement in the past month. “I do love you Brian”, she said softly but I’ve now learned that this marriage couldn’t continue as it was. We’ve both learned what our roles are in this marriage and we can now continue to enjoy our new place and I know I can never go back to our old lifestyle”

“I knew you would choose to stay a cuckold” she said triumphantly.

“no you didn’t” I replied.

“I can prove I knew what decision you would make” and she handed me an envelope. “What’s this” I asked.

“I’ve booked us a holiday to an adult resort in Jamaica next week, so I’ll have plenty of fun and you’ll be able to watch”. I kissed her on the cheek.

“Oh! Bye the way” she said, now that we have a new marriage arrangement, I thought we should have new rings, and since we already have wedding rings, I’ve booked us in to have piercings tomorrow. I’m having both nipples pierced with nipple rings. You’re having one nippple ring, I’m having my clit hood pierced and I’m having a hot wife symbol tattoo…. “Sweet dreams” she left me sitting on the sofa to think about the future. and she went to bed.

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