Cuckold In The Making 3.8/5 (9)

My first romantic kiss was on my first date. She was a second cousin. LOL Is that incest?

Funny all we did was kiss. But in a way my crush on Joanne was a harbringer of a lot of my future relationships. It was an innocent age then 1950s and I was a good Catholic boy. Other guys weren’t so principled.

I was at a movie matinee one Saturday afternoon.

I was sitting in the back row and a couple sat in front of me a little after the newsreel came on. It was dark so they didn’t see me. It was Joanne and a older guy. He must have been 16. By the time the first cartoon came on they were making out. I sat there quietly and watched while a jealous rage built inside of me. But I was rapt as I watched him put his arm over the back of her seat and start to kiss her. I silently moved over a couple of seats to the right on her side to get a better view.

He kissed her lightly at first like I had after the Valentine Dance. She seemed to like that with him the same way she did with me. They continued the kissing throughout the cartoons, but unlike me he pressed his advantage. By the time the serial came on they were kissing passionately. She had turned in her seat to face him and they were locked in a full passionate embrace.
I couldn’t see much so I moved a couple of seats further to the right in time to see his right hand move to her left breast.

I expected Joanne to push it away and she did. She broke off the kissing and they watched as “Don Winslow of the Navy” saved the day from the evil Japanese. The day was still young, and after the serial, the first feature came on. It must have been boring to Joanne because after a few minutes her head was resting on the guys shoulder. Funny I remember the name of the serial but not the name of the first movie, only that it was a western. I remember that the Feature was “3:10 to Yuma”

I digress. Who cares what movies were playing at the Ellen Terry Theater on the West Side of Buffalo that Saturday.

I could see his left hand caressing her shoulder and her head turn toward him. He turned his head and tenderly kissed her again. Her left hand reached up and touched his cheek briefly and then went around and held his head as the kiss beame more passionate. I watched with rage as her mouth opened to receive his tongue. They were French kissing. The line had been crossed they were beyond Venial Sin territory into Mortal sin as the Jesuits had defined it for me. My angel Joanne was officially a slut. Funny how definitions have changed.

After about ten minutes he pressed his advantage again. This time when his right hand reached her left breast she did not move it away.

Instead she seemed to be grinding her face into his and intensifying the kiss. I could see in the bright flickering desert sun movie light that Joanne’s tongue was now in his mouth.

This did not go on for too long before I saw his right hand unbuttoning Joanne’s blouse and slipping inside. He had only unbuttoned three buttons but I could see his hand cupping her left white cotton bra cup. She must have liked that because she stopped kissing him and threw her head back against the seat in surrender. He took her signal and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse.

There was my angel or should I say little devil with her blouse open and her full bra on display. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching. To my surprise there was no one else in the balcony. It was just the three of us.

I looked over to them again and remember that I had a hard-on looking at her with her blouse wide open and her bra so visible. I had never seen a girl in a bra before. Only my mom and my Aunt Connie. I was still fuming inside but I was also very aroused. Joanne’s head was hanging back over her seat and the guy continued to caress her left breast but he started kissing her neck and shoulders.

on the right side. His lips went to her ear and he kissed it very lightly. I could see that Joanne’s eyes were closed and the expression on her face erased all my doubt that she was not in control and was being “taken advantage of”. She was really enjoying his kissing and caressing.

While he was nuzzling her neck and ear, His right hand had pulled the left bra strap over her shoulder and he paused. She opened her eyes and their eyes met. She nodded and his right hand immediately slipped inside her left bra cup. My angel had agreed to let him have bare tit.

She slouched in the seat and closed her eyes and softly moaned. His fingers hidden under the white cotton fabric must have been working their magic on her nipple. I watched as the flush of ecstasy flooded over her face. I think she had a nipplegasm.

I had to reach inside my pants and rearrange my rock hard cock so that it was pointing up at my belly instead of down the pants leg.

I remember that when I did this it was already leaking precum.

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