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Mark and Cynthia were out for a walk near their house when they ran across a young, fit asian woman they’d never met before. She introduced herself as Anna, and said that she and her husband Jason lived nearby. Anna proposed that they get together sometime, and they exchanged numbers. Later that week, Anna invited Mark and Cynthia over for dinner and drinks at her house, and Mark especially was excited because of how attractive Anna was.

The big evening came, and Cynthia had been teasing Mark all week. They were in a female-led relationship, and Cynthia kept Mark securely locked in a chastity belt to which only she had a key.

They arrived for dinner, and were greeted by Anna and Jason, who happened to be a fit, black male. Cynthia could hardly contain her excitement, as she had often thought about cuckolding, something that Mark had expressed interest in.

They had a nice dinner, discussing Mark and Cynthia’s kids and why Jason and Anna had never had any, although Jason had several through a prior marriage. After dinner, they started playing cards, and Jason was definitely flirting with Cynthia. Anna explained that they had a flexible relationship, with some play outside of their marriage, which seemed to really interest Cynthia, and Mark as well, given how attractive Anna was.

They decided to play cards, and Anna suggested they make it interesting, by playing for articles of clothing. Everyone seemed on board except Mark, who had in mind the chastity belt he was wearing.

“I don’t know,” said Mark, “maybe tonight isn’t the best night for it, Cynthia.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Cynthia, “tonight is PERFECT.”

They started to play, with Jason quickly losing his shirt, showing off his muscular body, and Cynthia losing her shirt as well, showing off her lacy bra. Soon Anna lost her shirt and shorts, revealing her tiny tits in a small bra and thong panties. Mark was next, losing all but his briefs.

“Wow, you seem pretty well endowed,” said Anna. “I didn’t expect that.”

Cynthia said, “things aren’t always as they seem!”

Next Jason lost his shorts, revealing a large tent in his briefs. Cynthia lost her bra and panties, next, revealing her nice tits and trim bush. “I guess I’m out of the game,” she said. But Anna said, “maybe we can play for favors.” The loser serves the winner, however the winner likes, and third place serves second place.

“Great idea,” said Cynthia, to Mark’s surprise, knowing that she was not on birth control and probably didn’t have condoms along.

They played another hand, and Mark lost his briefs, revealing his chastity cage and a red face. “Oh, look at that,” said Anna. “I didn’t realize you were that kinky!” Anna lost to Jason next, removing her panties and making Mark swell in his cage.

“I guess that means I get a submissive toy for tonight,” said Anna. “And I guess you get a new plaything, Jason,” she said.

“Hold on,” said Mark, whispering to Cynthia. “Do you have any condoms?”

“I’ve got some of yours, honey,” she said, to Mark’s surprise. “I brought some in my purse just in case.”

“Now let’s get started,” said Cynthia. She seemed too excited for Mark’s liking, as he was having second thoughts about cuckolding.

“Did you bring my key, Cynthia?” Mark asked.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry. I left it at home. I’m sure you’ll still find some way to have fun,” she smirked.

Jason led Cynthia upstairs, and Anna turned to Mark and said, “On the ground, bitch! You’re going to have to make up for your locked cock with your tongue tonight.” She sat straight on his face, grinding her pussy and ass into his mouth. He worked as hard as he could to bring her to orgasm, and she got there quite quickly.

“Good slave. I hope you’re thirsty, I like to pee after I orgasm,” and she peed directly into his mouth, with him trying hard to keep up. When he spilled some, she punched his balls, telling him he’d better get used to being her toilet.

Mark heard his wife moaning from above. “Sounds like she is having some fun. I hope she brought some big condoms with her, as Jason doesn’t normally like to use them and he is super fertile. I had my tubes tied a long time ago, so we don’t keep condoms in the house.”

“Well, she has some of mine along,” said Mark.

“Oh my,” laughed Anna. “You’d better hope she isn’t fertile right now. Condoms that fit your tiny cock almost certainly won’t fit on Jason. Plus, he has a way of talking women into bareback.”

About that time, Cynthia came downstairs, glowing. “Let’s head out sweety,” she said. “I hope you had fun, but I guess not too much fun, eh?” she laughed. When they got home, Cynthia pushed Mark onto the bed, and moved her panties to the side under her skirt, sitting on Mark’s face. “I hope creampie sounds good for dessert,” she said.

“What?! You’re not on the pill,” Mark said.

“I know, but I’ve thought about having more kids, and I sure wouldn’t mind them having Jason’s genetic material! Of course, if you clean me good enough, you might not have to worry.”

Mark choked under her, but then asked: “Can you at least unlock me for this? I’m so horny after tonight.”

“Oh, sorry cucky. I left the key with Jason for safe keeping. He said he’d give it back eventually, but that you shouldn’t need it soon,” said Cynthia.

“But you said you didn’t have it along with you,” cried Mark.

“Well, I wanted to be sure you got the most out of your chastity fantasy, sweety. Isn’t that nice of me? Don’t worry, we can visit Jason and Anna lots, and we can try to convince both of them to let you out once in a while. For now, get back down there and give me another orgasm. We’ve got big plans for you, my little cuck toilet!”

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