Cuckold Husband


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Section 1

I arrived at the airport and as soon as I exited the arrivals hall, I was greeted by you and your husband, John. We quickly went to the car and as soon as we were all in, John in the back, I leaned over and kissed you long and hard, groping your tits with one hand.

“Hmm, love your tits, so nice and big, take them out so I can see them”, I ordered.

“But she can’t drive like that, anybody could see her”, John said.

“That’s the whole point, why should such lovely tits be hidden. Just drive, I need to have my cock sucked soon, I’m so horny after the flight, those stewardesses dress so sexy.”

You obediently drove off from the airport with your tits exposed, I let my hand wander up between your leg and soon I was fingering your clit, your pussy was drenched with juices.

“Uhm, you taste so good” I said, bringing one finger to my mouth " I’m really looking forward to this weekend".

“So have we, I’m so much looking forward to taste your cock in real, having cum so many times to your pictures and videos. Do you have a big load for me?”.

“Sure, I haven’t cum for a week, so there will be plenty for you, and I guess John as well”.

We had arranged a weekend at your place after having exchanged more and more sexy emails for a couple of months. It was agreed that I would take charge and John would do whatever we wanted from him, a fact that he might have second thought about as we talked about all the perverted stuff we could think of as we drove along.

After thirty minutes we arrived at your house in a small suburb and we quickly went inside, John was carrying my bag and as soon as we came in, I asked him to help you undress me. Soon there was only my pants left and as you started to undress, I told him to take my pants down.

When they dropped, my hard cock sprung out and almost hit him in the face. He got this dreamy look in his eyes, but I told him to sit in the chair.

“Come over here and start sucking” I ordered.

You were now naked and your sexy body made my cock jerk, such beautiful legs and feet, you had kept your stockings and heels on. You quickly dropped to your knees and took my hard cock in your hungry mouth. You could taste the pre-cum that had formed already and as you sucked on it, more came as you worked your mouth around the head, also licking my shaved balls, they were hard with all the cum that I had saved.

“Uhh, you’re soo good at sucking cock, take it all in your mouth” I groaned “but watch it, I don’t want to cum yet, I need to fuck you first”.

I could feel the cum rising, my cock was rock hard, so I took you by the arms and led you to the couch. I took both your feet in my hands and started licking the tips of your toes, working my way up your legs. When I reached your pussy, I saw it was drenched with juices, I licked my lips and started slipping my tongue up and down your wet pussy, finding your clit and letting the tip of my tongue massage it until you came, drenching my face with you cum.

I rose and without warning I rammed my cock in your wet pussy, fucking you with hard trusts until you screamed out loud. John was now naked, sitting in a chair playing with his hard cock, watching us fuck like mad. Soon I could feel that I could no longer hold it back and I quickly withdrew my cock and moved up to your face.

“Do you want my cum, want to taste my hot sperm” I panted.

“Yes, yes, give it to me, I want to taste your hot cum, shoot it all over my face”.

With a groan I started to unload, the first spurts were thick and creamy, covering your face and mouth, I directed my cock at your tits and let the cum rain over them, covering the nipples and running down the sides.

“Oh my god, it tastes so good and you have so much, oh, I’m cumming again”.

John also could not hold it anymore and he came all over his stomach.

After you caught your breath again, you looked up at me with a lust filled expression and played with my half-hard cum covered cock. Your face was drenched in cum and when you spoke, I could hear that you had swallowed quite a lot, your voice was thick with it.

“John, I saw that you came without me telling you to, come over here now” you ordered " lick all the cum of your hand and then all his delicious cum from my face and tits".

“But you’re all covered with cum” he said.

“Yes, it was nice to see a real man shooting his cum, now get started, remember to lick his cock clean as well”.

John obediently knelt down beside you and started licking the cum of your face while I was rubbing the rest in while massaging your big tits, only stopping when he was ready to lick my cock clean.

We then recovered in a couple of sun lounges drinking beer, I told you I had plans for tonight and not to worry, we had the rest of the weekend to fuck and play here. After a couple of hours we took a shower and got dressed for the night. You were dressed in a short dress that showed much of your beautiful legs and most of you cleavage, you looked incredible hot.

I asked you to drive towards downtown and when you asked where, I said to a district where woman seldom went alone, unless they were doing business. When we arrived in a rundown part of town, I directed you towards a small strip mall.

“Ok, park over there by the adult book shop. What is it John, afraid to be recognized. I guess that you’ve been here before”.

“What does he mean John, you never told me that you went to this place, at least I haven’t seen you bring anything back from here”.

“I don’t think that’s the reason he comes here” I said with laugh.

After we parked, we went inside the shop and once inside, we started looking around. There were the usual rows of porn movies, shelves with all sorts of dildos and other sexual toys. You walked around and looked at the different stuff and commenting on the items.

“Look, this is one big dildo, I would need to be very wet to have that up my pussy. Mm, this girl certainly gets her fair share of cum, there must be at least ten guys cumming over her. Wouldn’t that be nice John, to have your wife coming home like that”.

John did not say much, looked around nervously. I looked at all the stuff with you, picking out several very perverted ones, some german movies that had the girls completely covered in cum.

You were getting exited again looking at all the movies and didn’t notice that a few men had started following us around in the store, eagerly listening to your comments.

“Would you like to see some of them” I asked.

“Yes, that would be great, can we rent them or buy them”.

“Even better, we can see them here”, I said.

I picked out a couple and went to the counter. He explained that their video system for the cabins was broken down, but if we didn’t mind, he would show them in the cinema for the same price.

I agreed and led you into a small cinema, six rows of seats with six seat in each. John was close behind and we soon sat down in the middle of the room. There were a couple of other guys already there and the looked at you with lusty eyes.

Soon the movie changed to the one we’ve chosen and I told you to relax and enjoy. On the screen a mature woman were playing with herself, but soon she was surrounded by eight men that all stood naked, playing with their hard cocks. She started sucking them and playing with others while one was fucking her from behind.

“Oh god, this is so hot, I get so horny watching all these cocks, wish it was me, I bet she will be covered in cum later”.

Section 2

“Yeah, actually I’ve seen this one before, it’s not only cum she gets covered in. If you’re really horny, why don’t you play with yourself, nobody will mind, they’re doing it as well”.

You looked around and saw that a few more men had entered the cinema and sat openly playing with their cocks. There were a few white, but most of them were black, some having really huge cocks.

You spread your legs and inserted a finger into you pussy, when you took it out and held it in front of me, the juices were dripping from it. I hungrily licked it up and you continued to rub you pussy.

“This is so hot, look at all these cocks, it’s so hot seeing them jacking off”.

“Hi John” someone called out.

John looked as he had been slapped, tried to duck and hide, but this black guy came over, his huge cock hanging from his open fly. He stopped in front of John and let his hand glide slowly up and down his erect cock.

“What’s the matter, you’re normally not so shy, don’t you want to lick my cock today”.

You looked at John, who seemed like he wanted to crawl under the carpet.

“What the hell is this about, do you come here to suck cock, you little pervert”.

“He sure does, normally he’s in the last booth and he is actually quite a good cocksucker, me and my friends love it when he’s here. He always swallow, sometimes even licks our asses. He must be a very healthy guy, he sure gets a lot of protein” the guy laughed.

“Jesus, I didn’t know that you were such a slut. I know you like to clean me out when I come home, but this. Anyway, you might as well get them all hard, I could use some cock now, this makes me horny”.

You looked at the screen, the lady was now on her knees, surrounded by men jacking off and soon starting to cover her face and tits in sperm, she had her mouth full and was playing with it with her tongue.

John finally gave in and sat up and started to blow the black guy in from of him. You looked around and saw some men still sitting, jacking off, but others were now approaching with their hard cocks in hand.

You got out of your dress and knelt down on a chair, soon one guy was fucking you hard from behind you had another two in from of your face. You started sucking them in turn and others were standing around waiting their turn. The guy fucking you quickly came and another one took his place.

“John, come over here instead. This gentleman needs to be cleaned and since you like it so much, there will be much more” I said .

“Do you like this” I asked.

“Uhm, there are so many cocks, I love it” you moaned.

The men in front of you started to cum, your face was soon covered in cum but the next ones were already there, so you started sucking them with the cum dripping from your face. John was soon occupied licking all the spent cocks, some were coved in your juices as well as the men finished themselves in you pussy.

After you had taken care of all the men in the cinema, you ordered John to lie on the floor. When he was in place you lowered your dripping pussy over his mouth and with a groan let all the cum drip into his mouth. He swallowed it eagerly and when he was done, he licked all the cum from your tits as well.

“That was so hot, I’ve never been fucked by so many men before” you panted " I’m still so horny. Please take me home and fuck me again".

“Sure, let’s get out of here” I said.

“Oh my god, look at that” you gasped, pointing at the screen.

The mature lady was still kneeling on the floor, cum dripping everywhere on her body, she faced the camera and you could see the cum on the teeth as she spoke. A few of the men approached her and started peeing all over her, washing the cum away. Soon she was surrounded again by men, this time only they were not shooting cum.

We quickly got out in the car and went home, where John were ordered to strip and go to the bathroom. There he knelt on the floor and you held my half-hard cock in your hand and when I started to let go, you aimed the cock at John and let the hot pee rain all over his face, ordering him to open his mouth and swallow.

When the flow slowed down, you pressed his face into my crotch and let the rest flow directly in his mouth. Then you squatted over his face, held it between your hands and pressed your pussy against his mouth and started to relieve yourself in his mouth, the flow was so strong that some of it leaked out at the corners of his mouth.

At last you were done and after he had cleaned your pussy, John was ordered to take a shower and get ready for the rest of the weekend.

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