Cuckold Cruise Wife's Delight


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My wife Chrissy has wanted more excitement for years. We have a plain life, married, two children, in a white picket fence house in the midwest suburbs of Chicago. I have a good job and support my family allowing my wife to take care of the kids and attend an ever increasing amount of work out classes - which i don’t mind since it keeps her body in tip top shape!

Our weekends are fun but no real excitement - just sticking around town and meeting the same old friends. Our vacations tend to just be family vacations. I could tell Chrissy wanted more and she started vocalizing it. She met a new group of women at the gym and she started to spend time with them. She started staying out late at nights and dressing provocatively. Then one night she comes home and says she wants to go on an “exciting “ cruise. She would not tell me what that meant, but said it is a special cruise “ for the ladies”. I asked if she was going with her friends but she said “ No. - it is with you, and it is to add excitement to our sex life”!

I said “that sounds great”! Then she said “ a couple things though - one - it is expensive, and two it may not be what you expect - Are you willing to do whatever I want to please me”? I was aroused, and without thinking, or asking questions, just immediately said “absolutely anything”!

I could see the joy in my wife’s face, and thought we were off to a great start when she took me to bed and we made love! The only difference was, after I came, she crawled up on me, sat on my face, and made me clean her up! The taste was intense! The other thing she said was “ this will be great practice for the cruise”! Little did I know what she really meant by this.

Anyway, a couple weeks go by and we get ready for the cruise. I had to pay in advance, and she was right, it was super expensive - it seemed to be double the cost of typical cruises in the same area. But I was ready for some excitement - little did I know what was really in store!

Everything seemed normal on the flight to Miami, and we stayed in a hotel one night before the cruise ship boarding. That is when things became apparent. As we got out of the Uber, to head to the cruise ship in the morning, Chrissy whispered in my ear “Now remember what you said, you said you would do anything to make me happy right - as she rubbed my cock through my pants?” I said “yes - anything babe”. She said “OK - I trust you are telling the truth! Things will get a little weird and scary for you. Frustrating too. But if you do everything asked of you, I will guarantee we will add a new excitement in our sex life, and you will make me happy forever, and I will love you forever”! All of a sudden I felt strange, and I felt I got myself into something I would be sorry about! Little did I know it was way more than I could have even imagined!

It began as soon as we boarded. After check in, the crew separated us. Chrissy and all the wives got invited to a boarding “Meet and Greet” Bon Voyage party! But all the husbands were sent to what the crew said was “A fitting, assignment, and competition enrollment meeting”! I had no idea what that meant!

As we entered the room for the husbands, we were told to strip. There was a series of young african american nurses who had Measurements and signup sheets. They measured our height, weight, waist size, and penis size! The penis size measurement was embarrassing, since for every few men, one of the pretty young nurses would call out “I got one for the contest”! Of course I was one of the men they called out!

Then they brought us our Male chastity belts! All the small men they called out like me got small pink chastity belts. The others got clear ones.

Then they signed us up for assignments and contests! It turns out the husbands were to be putting in 8 hour work days doing menial tasks such as waiters, laundry, room cleaning, deck cleaning, dishwashing, etc. We got work shirts and pants based on our measurements and the shirt color defines what role we had on the cruise.

Then the contest enrollment. Based on our size and appearance, all the husbands had to enter a contest. There was the fat belly contest, the bald head contest, the hairy back contest, the farmer ran contest, and the big one, the one I was enrolled in, the small penis contest. We each got a hat that said what contest we were in. We had to wear the work outfit while we worked, but we had to wear the contest hat whenever we were out of the room! So now everyone on the cruise would know I had a small penis, and was not able to satisfy my wife in bed!

They then told us the cruise rules. Cuckold Husbands work, while wife’s enjoy the most exciting cruise of their life with big black studs fulfilling their every desire. Cuckold husbands stay in chastity as long as their wives want - the wives would be given the key. They may keep it or give it to their black stud. The cuckold husband would be in a contest on at least one day in their category - mine being the small penis contest! During that contest I would be paraded around the pool in my pink male chastity device. Then one of the nurses would take the device off and we would be paraded around the pool again. Then the wives and their stuffs would vote for the loser - but means of the loudest clapping or laughing! The winner of each daily contest would go to the grand prize contest on the last day of the cruise! The loser of each contest would get a prize.

For the work, I was assigned as pool bar waiter. So I had to bring drinks to the wives and studs.

The final thing they told us about was the reason for the cruise cost being so high. The reason was because we not only had to pay for our trip and wives trip, but also for one big black stud. You see, they studs not only got free room and board, but they got to try to seduce our women, get waited on by the husbands, belittle the husbands in the contests , but also there was the potential tip money. At this meeting the husbands had to sign up for another $5000 potential tip tracking sheet. This tracking sheet would be filled out by the wives and shown to the husbands each day. It would record each time the wife had intercourse or oral sex with each stud! There was a fixed tip amount for each sexual encounter, but based on the wives “enjoyment factor” the tip could go higher. So each day the husband would find out what sexual activities the wives were engaging in, their pleasure factor, as well as information on the studs she enjoyed it with. Photos of the studs was provided as well as clothed and naked photos, and measurements including height, weight, chest size, thigh size, and erect penis size! The husbands would understand how outclassed they were by the studs their wives were having sex with. While at work the husbands would be required to display the pins they were given - one with the number for studs their wives have had sex with - and one with the number of times their wives have had sex without them. By the end of the cruise - I was wearing the number 3 for studs, and 18 for sex! I had only had sex 18 times in the last year!, and my wife would end up having sex 18 times in a week with strangers!

The last thing we were told is each night the wives will decide where the husbands sleep. It could be in the wives room. Or in a boarding room for husbands if the wife was using her room with her stud. Needless to say most husbands spent the nights in the boarding room! The boarding rooms was a large gym size room crammed with bunk beds that you had to trade based on which shift you worked. There was no me last contest for the husbands. If the wife enrolled the husband in the cleanup contest, then the husband got a pager. The only time the husband could get out of work for 30 minutes was if they were enrolled and could show their pager went off. The contest was for “Queen of Spades Hotwife” and “King Cuckold”. Basically for whoever was enrolled, if your pager went off, you had to immediately go to the room number on the pager, and basically bow to the wife and stud, and engage with an oral cleanup of your wife after sex with the stud. Basically the count would be kept, and the winner of the contest would get a free cruise next year - not including tip of course! Needless to say, the pretty young nurses handed me a pager with a smile at the end of our meeting. Now I knew what my wife meant when she said it was good training for me when she made me clean her up after our sex before the cruise!

Anyway now to the wife’s Meet and Greet. This was basically a party with Drinks and appetizers for the wives and studs to meet. I found out later there was dancing, as well as a cruise dating site that gave all kinds of detail on the wives and studs interest to try to provide him up opportunities. But in the end it was up to the wives and studs to mingle and check each other out. Daily activities were also scheduled to continue to support the social activities and promote hook up activities. The studs were mainly college student graduates. There were football played, basketball players, volleyball players, baseball players, wrestlers, etc. The well toned studs were of course all african american, and they were all well groomed, intelligent, outgoing, and all like white women. Needless to say, the wives were like kids in a candy store. They could pick one for the cruise, or play the field. As I found out later, my wife had found a hookup in a couple hours, and wanted to play the field a little! I would be getting a lot of pins and an ever growing list of my wives sexual exploits each day. And my pager would be going off more than one time a day. My wife really wanted that Queen of Spades title and free cruise - but it would be a battle! Needless to say, between the humiliation of the work, small penis contest, sex sheet, sex and pins - it was not going to be the cruise I expected! But by far the most humiliating was the cleanup calls. I would need to announce it and get authority to run to the room. The studs were typically there observing and laughing - but as I will get to in future stories, it would come down to the final day, and I was not only up for King Cuckold, but for the final day loser of losers small penis contest!

More to come later!

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