Cuckold - An Unusual Start

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Section 1

This is a brief story recalling our very first experience.

There is much written about ‘cuckolding’ vis-à-vis ‘hot-wifing’ and frankly I do not know (nor care) which label to apply. What I knew was that for at least the last 7 years the thought of my wife (then girlfriend) seeing other men, with my knowledge, had grown from a fantasy to an absolute obsession.

Just a little background:

About 3 years ago we began role-playing with female domination. Top of my ‘to-do’ list was for ‘Jane’ (not her real name) to sit on my face, have me orally stimulate her, to ‘clean’ her dirty pussy and then, ultimately, to dominate me by peeing into my mouth. Although she was (and to this day still is) reluctant to go to this final step we did play like this occasionally for a couple of years all the time my real desire was to be cleaning cum from her - not pee.

Maybe a year or so ago I finally confessed my true desire. “Absolutely not” was her initial response and no less than I expected. We did however begin to role play with the scenario. Whenever Jane would go out without me I would be busy at home, make the place nice, then settle down for some serious surfing. Initially it was ‘porn’ based, pictures and stories of creampies, cuckolds, hot-wives etc. Over time I got more interested in the forums and advice sites.

When she came home I would be in bed waiting for her. She would change into her slutty clothes then come up to bed and start telling me about ‘her (fictitious) date’ whilst making me clean her shoes, her feet, her gorgeous ass before, finally, her panties and pussy. Her panties and pussy always had a good load of cum in them. How was that possible if we were just playing? In advance of our play date I would make an ice-cube of my cum which Jane then warmed and applied as she was getting changed.

That sufficed - for a while. All the time, in the background, the need to do this for real just grew and grew.

My main fear (and I believe hers too) was about destroying our marriage. We had a very good marriage. We were a strong couple who loved each other, trusted each other, and worked really well together. So why this obsession with her going off to be with another man? Was it low self esteem? (I was a poor lover) was it a form of self-abuse? of control? To this day I do not know the root cause.

What was certain was that to take it from fantasy to reality was a risk. It was only when I broached the subject that ignoring / sweeping under the carpet was also inherently risky that we really started to talk and consider ‘trying it’ for real.

Together we began to explore the possibilities. When we would go out She would dress just a little more provocatively and enjoy the looks and occasional attention she would receive. I sent her links to some articles and stories (including Literotica naturally). We would go on-line both together and individually. We began talking to people, couples already in the life, fantasists (they become very easy to spot after a while) bulls and other cucks.

Finally we were ready to try this. First we had to find our Mr. Right. Jane had set some very clear ground rules. Basically he had to be “a decent person” i.e. someone she could actually go on date with:

Age 30 - 49.

Able to hold a conversation about something other than sex or football.

High standard of personal hygiene.

Respectful with a GSOH.

And, at least, reasonably good looking (Jane was a very attractive lady).

A good looking woman offering no strings sex we did not think it would difficult to find someone meeting such reasonable criteria. Perhaps it was our naivety, poor choice of words, or just bad luck but we were inundated with responses from our first ad on ‘craigslist’ almost exclusively from morons “I’ll fuck you” together with a photo of their dick was the standard response and not really what we had in mind. After several attempts and a couple of no-shows we went back to the drawing board.

“Trouble is by 30 all the decent men are taken” it was a chance remark that would ultimately determine our fate.

“Then why not go for a married one?” I suggested.

“No way” She came back immediately “I’m not going to damage someone’s marriage.”

“That’s not what I mean” I stuttered for a moment as I got straight in my own head where I was going with this “What about swingers?” I could see the cogs go around and just before she could come back I pre-empted her reaction “One-sided swinging! hear me out?” I continued “We are looking for a decent guy, which means he is probably already taken, honest and discrete, with little chance of emotional involvement.

" I let it sink in for a bit as I too mulled it over. It was the ideal solution. Both couples value their respective marriages, discression is far more likely, and the calibre of suitors would (hopefully) be better.

“But would they go for it?” she asked “I mean the wife gets nothing from it.”

“I don’t know” was the truthful answer “Why don’t we give it a try - we’ll soon find out.”

When you advertise as an available female seeking NSA sex from single guys you get hundreds of responses (literally hundreds). Couples for couples far fewer but much more detailed, more involved, more adult (by adult I mean grown up, intelligent, not pornographic). We spoke with quite a few couples. Most were at least sympathetic to our cause they had all been messed around with internet dating to varying degrees.

Some only ‘played’ in pairs but wished us well. A few, after chatting for a bit we didn’t like, or them us. Some others we couldn’t for practical reasons but ultimately we really began to hit things off with a couple in Manchester - Steve and Diane. They were very relaxed amicable people, some but not vast experience, they lived far enough away so you don’t risk bumping into them in the street but close enough to drive down for a visit - perfect!

The Date:

After speaking, mailing, etc for several weeks we set a date for our first visit. One week on Saturday.

I was completely beside myself the whole week before. I must have packed and re-packed (it was just an overnight bag for god’s sake) at least a dozen times. Jane would flip-flop between excitement, nerves, and worry. Nerves were probably the biggest. Talking with her later it’s clear her biggest concerns were, could she go through with it?, would I be devastated if she backed out at the last minute? Would she ‘be any good’ (it has been almost 15 years with just crappy old me) - had sex changed?

Once we had set the date all marital rights were withdrawn. No sex, no masturbation, no touching, no cuddling. I was to sleep in the spare room. Looking was permitted and, when she felt like it, She would tease me by parading around the house in just her underwear, bra, panties, stockings and heels! At least twice a day She would kiss me passionately until I was ‘swollen’ have a quick rub of my hardness, tell me “good” then leave me – dry!

Saturday Night – 7:00pm:

This was it – our first real meet. We had been at this stage before only to be let down by no-shows but we knew this would be different. We settled into the bar at the restaurant. Table was booked for 8 we had agreed to meet Steve & Diane at 7:30. Although our hotel (where we had booked 2 adjoining rooms) was just across the street we deliberately arrived early to settle in and have a quick drink to relax the nerves before our ‘friends’ arrived.

7:30 – on the nose. Nervously chatting about not-very-much whilst trying not to be obviously watching the entrance I saw them enter.

It was Steve who we saw first. Not far off the six foot he claimed. He stopped at the internal glass lobby door and pushed it open allowing Diane to enter. The petite brunette breezed past and into the entrance hall with an air of self confidence that only someone accustomed to be being the centre of attention exudes. A business like suit (skirt not trousers) made her look efficient. The relaxed hair and 4” heels indicated this was pleasure rather than business.

They spotted us almost immediately, smiled, and came right over with a warm “Hi, how you doing?” As far as the rest of the world was concerned we were long standing friends, perhaps college buddies, former work colleagues, just about anything other swingers on a first date!

Section 2

The meal was excellent as was the company. Discussion flowed from families through work, to sport and shopping. Confident and self assured without being arrogant. It was easy to forget the way this evening was heading. And that was what I needed to do as every time I thought about it the pit of my stomach would tie in knots. Each course acted as a silent countdown.

Dessert had now passed and the bill had been paid. Steve had picked up the tab for the meal, we had paid for the hotel rooms.

“What say you and I catch one for the road, let the ladies chat for a bit?” Steve asked nodding towards the bar.

“Sure – why not” I replied. We took our leave from Jane and Diane and headed over to the bar.

Ordered a couple of whiskys and Steve asked “You sure you’re ok with this?” It was more of a courtesy, a final chance to back out, but we both knew the answer.

“Yeah, no problem” I replied.

Then he laid it out. How the next step would go. He and I would retire to our respective rooms and leave the keys in the door. Jane would come up next and enter one of the rooms removing the key as she did so. This was her final chance to stop proceedings. If she came into mine, he advised, be supportive we’ve had a nice night out, a good meal and made some new friends. Diane would follow and enter the remaining room.

Diane and Jane were having a similar chat as they finished the bottle of wine.

We went across the street into the hotel and into our rooms to prepare for our ladies. Steve grabbed their overnight bag from his car on the way across.

And boy did they make us wait. Almost an hour of (delicious) anticipation before finally she arrived.

The lights were low, the music from Jane’s iPod was even lower. The room was warm with a window just a jar allowing in the crisp evening air. I’m on top of the bed in pristine white boxers and shirt. Listening intently for the footsteps and a key turning in the door – but which one. In that hour a few other guests has passed by. My heart raced at the sound of each set of feet only to collapse as they faded into the distance.

Finally another solo set. Difficult to hear as they are very light steps, definitely female, comes slowly to the door. They stop directly outside. A hand is pressed against the door then pauses. “Fuck!” I think with an equal sense of relief “She’s not gone through with it.” My mind flashes back to Steve’s advice “be supportive, if She’s not ready, She’s not ready.”

The key turns and the door is slowly pushed open.

Standing there, partially silhouetted by the bright hall, in her smart suit and slutty shoes was the petite brunette I had met just a few hours earlier.

“What?, But?, Where’s?…..” Nothing really came out.

“Shhh” She whispered bringing her finger seductively up over her pursed lips. “Jane’s right behind be me” she said as she strutted into the room. “We just decided to change the rules a little.”

I got up to meet her, not really sure what the etiquette was in such circumstances. “Can I get you a drink?” I asked.

“On your knees” She barked “And you’ll address me as mistress at all times from now on – is that clear!” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact. This was definitely a new side to Diane, not the delicate, flirty lady we had spent the evening with.

As instructed I dropped to my knees. “Good” She announced “Now over here.” I did as I was told. “Now remove my skirt. I want you to caress my legs with only your finger tips. I’m told you are very good at that.”

“Yes, I am” I replied, quickly adding “Mistress.”

“And you seem to learn quick – maybe there is some hope for you.”

There was a momentary silence as we heard activity next door. Jane had obviously entered. We could hear their voices through the wall but not their words.

“Oh boy is she in for a treat tonight” She told me. And then she began to talk.

She explained how She and Jane had spent the last hour chatting and how, by the end of their conversation, Jane had confessed to being ‘very eager’ to ‘experience’ her husband. She definitely wanted to do it, there was no need for her to come up first – so they decided to play with us both a little.

We listened as we heard them chatting, Jane giggled (a lot). As the talking subdued I imagined lips being used for other things, clothes being removed, my lovely wife giving into the seductive charms of another man.

“And I know ALL about you” She interrupted my thoughts “you dirty little boy.”

“You know we’re not allowed to…” I trailed off.

“Ha” she laughed more in disgust than humour “Don’t flatter yourself, that little dick of yours is getting no where near me. I only take Real cock, the type that can fill me, stretch me, fuck me until I cum over and over again – in other words” She leant down at this point to look directly into my eyes “exactly what your little wife is about to experience.”

“This is cuck-sitting it’s like baby sitting for inadequates” She said as she peeled of blouse revealing tight little breasts held in a black velvety cup.

She lay flat, face down, on the bed. “Now caress the rest of me” she said “I want to feel as relaxed as Jane will be by the time my husband has finished with her”.

And so we began.

Next door was also getting started. The chat and the giggles had given way to occasional moans, groans and creaks. Slowly the intensity of these grew. We could hear the rhythmic creaking as it began to build. And as it increased so did the Jane’s enjoyment.

We could hear her moans, gasping for breath. She had long since passed as far as I was able to take her. Still they grew, the noises, the banging of the bed, the groans and gasps. “Fuck me! Harder! Oh.. Fuck..” The first audible words from next door were Jane’s and She was ready to go!

He did as requested – fucked her harder and harder. It sounded like they were going to come through the wall when we heard her go. Such a shriek I have never heard. Pure pleasure, pure delight, such a release! The banging continued for a few moments longer then we heard for the first time. It was his turn.

“That’s Steve unloading into your pretty little wife” I was told like I didn’t already know that. She rolled over onto her front “Oh” She exclaimed “I see we enjoyed that little floor show” She was referring to my rock hard cock bursting desperately to escape its cotton cage “and we’ve had a little mishap” pointing to the damp stain of pre-cum forming on my boxers.

“Are we done then?” I ask “I mean do we swap back now?”

“Oh honey” she said with a pitied voice “that was just round 1. You have to remember that was the first decent fuck She’s had in 15 years – Do you really think just once is enough?”

We settled back into our routine. I tickled and caressed her. I was doing a good job. All the moans and groans in the world can be faked but the way skin responds is full proof. Those little goose-bumps the muscles relaxing all told me what I already knew – that at least my fore-play was good.

As we played on we could hear the muffled voices once again from next door.

It was Diane (again) who picked up on the change “Do you notice it’s only Steve we can hear now?” she asked.

“Yes?” I queried the significance.

“That’s ‘cos little Jane’s got her mouth full.” She told me very matter-of-factly “No quicker a way to get a man hard again than to suck on his cock. She must be desperate to get him in her again.”

And sure enough within just a few minutes the floor show as Diane had called it entered its second act. It was more controlled, slower, this time. I counted 3 separate orgasms each peak led to a quieter interval a slowing of Steve before building again and pushing her over the edge again. Finally he released and the show was over.

“That was fabulous honey – thank you” The first genuinely nice thing Diane had said to me since She entered our room. She began getting re-dressed. “You’d better straighten this place up before your wife gets home” She quipped as she headed out the door. She lifted the key on the way out “I’ll put this in the door for you, Nighty night” and then she was gone.

Section 3

She didn’t go next door. Don’t know (or care) where she went. She was gone and I needed to straighten the place up before Jane returned.

I lay there for quite a while waiting on her return. I could hear them next door laughing and giggling. And then their door opened and closed. It was moments now before mine would be opening too. My heart raced like never before.

The key turned slowly and I stopped breathing. The door was pushed open and there, as with Diane previously, beautifully silhouetted was my Jane. Heels, panties and Steve’s shirt (open over her bra) was all she wore and she looked amazing. I ran to the door and gave her a big hug.

She tried to be demure and alluring but it was impossible for her to take the smile of her face.

“Well?” I asked with an equally broad fixed grin “did we have a nice time?”

She giggled “it was ok, couldn’t you hear?”

“We heard everything!” I over emphasised the everything.

“I” She begun “I never knew it could be like that, finally I know what all the fuss is about” paused for breath and a big wet kiss “We are sooo doing that again” she squealed.

“But first” her tone changed “I have a little problem” She leaned against the little desk. “You see I have just so much cum deep inside me that my little panties just can’t keep it all in” She parted her legs and tightened her pussy as another trickle ran down her silky thigh.

“Would you like me to get that for you?” I offered why a wry smile.

“No, I’m going to hold as much in for as I can for as long as I can.”

“Then tell me all about it” I pleaded.

“Do you really want to know?” She asked then, without waiting for a reply “Then worship my feet until you can taste his cum.”

I got down right there on the floor and took the point of her shoe into my mouth. I began cleaning it, kissing it, I took it off and kissed and licked her foot. All the time she was telling me how badly she wanted the meal over, how she desperately just wanted to get up to that room and onto his cock.

She told me how she had decided the first moment she had seen him in the flesh. That all through dinner she just got wetter and wetter. During their hour Diane had described in great detail the pleasures in store, by which time she was frothing and how the reality had been even better than she imagined.

She was clearly getting off on this. Recalling the night’s events was getting her wet again, just saying the words out loud. Her own juices must have been flowing as the trickle down her leg grew faster until finally at it reached the sole of her foot and my tongue. The first ever taste of another man’s cum dripped from my hot-wife’s pussy. It was amazing.

It licked all the way until I was face to face with her panties. She had her thumbs hook over the elastic like a gun-fighter over his belt as I lapped at the soft material.

“Now wait” She said. And I waited.

“I want you to get a proper look at this” and with that she pushed down the front of her panties to reveal the insides absolutely soaking with cum. Her normally so prim pubes a thick matt of hair glued together with his seed. Her cunt itself still swollen and red both from its pounding and her recent recollection.

“Now lick my panties clean” she ordered. The smell of pure sex as I go in close was so strong. I could taste not just his cum but hers as well. Panties cleaned they were discarded.

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