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I wanted to share a true story involving me, my girlfriend, and her fwb.

Background: I’ve been dating a gorgeous and sexy girl for the past 5 years and I plan on marrying her soon. She’s a total smokeshow- tall, long legs, slim, but with a thick ass and perfect tits. She turns heads constantly and guys drool over her. I’m not an ogre myself, but let’s just say this girl is way out of my league.

Early in our relationship, we had brought up the whole hotwife/cuckold thing a ways before, and we were really hoping to find a guy for a threesome. One day, we were basking in the sun at a local nude beach, sipping lukewarm gin and tonic out of a water bottle (pure class-ha) and I asked if she had been with any guys that she really wanted again, and she sheepishly brought up a guy she had a wild night with a week or two before we basically started dating. Needless to say, my heart started racing, and I had to know every little detail. Apparently she met this guy through class, and they spent one crazy night having sex at her house. She described him as tall, muscled, hung, and most notably to her, a “huge cummer.” At this point I was rock hard, a little buzzed from the gin, and (after rolling over on my blanket to hide my erection) I said she should text him and see what’s up.

Well, she did. And long story short, he was a little freaked out by the threesome idea, but we all agreed that she and he could go on a date and have some fun. My involvement would be decided later. Sadly, he lived in our home town across the country, so we had to wait. Meanwhile, we repeatedly had the most wild sex of our lives while discussing the possibilities. We had always had an amazing sex life, but this turbocharged us.

Their first date ultimately came a few months later. She had been visiting family overseas, and had the chance to see him when she got back. Well, the kicker here is that I hadn’t seen her in a month, so I was a little hesitant about him getting her before I had a chance to reclaim after her travels. I asked her what she wanted, and she told me that she’s been wanting him for months and needed at least some make out action and couldn’t wait til I was around. My cock has never been harder than when I heard that, and I gave her my blessing.

Their first “date” involved swimming at a lake near his house during the summer, and was basically a long day of passionate making out and groping each other. I sat nervously by the phone for hours, rock hard, but also totally freaked out by the lack of control. She finally called me later, and we spent the night practically fucking each other over the phone while she described how big, strong, and hot he was. Per our agreement, they didn’t get far beyond first base, but she says she wanted him badly. She said she needed to see him again. At this point, I was absolutely wrapped around her finger and said she could have him whenever she wanted.

Fast forward to Christmas of that year. We were at my house with my extended family, all stuffed with good food and drink. Around 9pm, she pulls me aside and says he texted her and needs to see her that night. She already told him yes and that she was going to at least give him head. As you can imagine, I was completely drowning in emotions, but told her she had my blessing. She made a little tale of going to visit her aunt and cousins, and he picked her up. She told me not to wait up. I tried to stay up as long as I could, but ultimately sleep defeated horniness and I fell asleep.

She woke me up in the morning with a big kiss and said she wanted me. I was already swollen with morning wood and tried to start fucking her, but she told me no and pushed my head between her legs. I couldn’t believe what I saw/felt. This girl usually has the tiniest and tightest pussy, but this time, it was gaping, swollen, and oozing thick cum. I was hypotized and started furiously licking and cleaning her up while she came repeatedly. She said she’d get me off later if I was good, but no sex until we were home in our bed- which was 3 days away. My cock was beyond hard, and I struggled to interact with family on Christmas morning, but I pulled it off. She loved the gifts I got her, and suggested we go for a walk before leaving for her family’s.

We walked to a secluded spot and started making out(we couldn’t keep our hands off each other) and she told me to take my pants off. She started stroking me while telling me every detail from their night- how muscled he was, how hung he was (and how much bigger than me), and how he fucked her mouth and pussy all night. He came in her wet, used, pussy three times. She didn’t object. When she told me how he pinned her own and pumped her full of cum, I couldn’t hold it and shot cum all over her hand and the ground. She kissed me, told me to pull my pants up, and that I wasn’t allowed to cum again until we got home.

She teased me with it until we got home, telling me how much he enjoyed her, how excited she is to see him again…and was wondering how different I would feel. It was amazing- nonstop making out and intense flirting culminating in wild reclaiming sex. I didn’t last very long after all the denial, but did OK and gave her the biggest load of my life. She made me clean her up (weird/hot comparing my load to another guys in taste in texture) and we slowly went back to a “normal” life. We had some more adventures since, but wanted to start by sharing this one.

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