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This story is true,happened a long time ago. My wife Jen was a beautiful natural redhead, 5’6 125lbs big brown eyes flaming red hair on her pussy.We were very young ,only in our 20’s and vacationing in the Bahamas.and very naive.

I am 5’11 and 160 lbs and of average size on the thick side at the time.We enjoyed very active sex life. It’s true about redheads,very hot in bed.she was naturally multi orgasmic.

She could convulse for 15 minutes,wave after wave.i loved sucking on her beautiful pink pussy and her beautiful ass.i regularly had my tongue up her ass and she loved it.
We Booked a tour and went snorkeling one day and had a great day snorkeling in the shallow water, but she tired easily and she went back On the boat while I continued swimming .Like I said naive. I was unaware that a lot of the black guys

Pursued and fucked the white women who vacationed there.

I barely noticed one of the crew a black guy james was sporting a huge bulge in his suit but Jen did. When I climbed back on the boat the two of them were sitting very close to each other laughing.never underestimate the lure of a big cock especially big dark ones she would later tell me what happened and I unexpectedly had a raging erection listening on the way back to the hotel. James ,who was about my height and 210 lbs in his30’s. He immediately began hitting on Jen , telling her a lot of white women love gettting fucked by black guys on the island and how he has fucked many of them while their husbands watched. “ my cock almost burst” listening to her tell me how I would later find out he seduced her and eventually both of us. How she became transfixed on the bulge in his pants , how he convinced her to reach in and grab it ,she would describe “ his thick fat cock”. She said to me when she wrapped her hands around it , it was hot and getting thicker in her he reached down and stuck his big black fingers in her pussy.he moved very quickly bringing her into the cabin where as she described became full of lust,

Dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his thick black dick,letting him come in her mouth and swallow which she never did for me. I almost came in my pants with her telling me this on the way back to our room.i got my first taste of come on her lips on the elevator.when we got back to the room her pussy was as swollen and wet as I have ever seen. She was so light headed from the experience Jen doesn’t even remember saying yes when he invited himself to our suite that night. I didn’t know what to do,I was excited and pissed at the same time that this black guy stuffed his big dick in my wife’s mouth and had her swallow his cum.

We had a few drinks from the mini bar to relax and drifted off for a few hrs ,we had been out in the sun for awhile.

We talked a little about what to do and she admitted she wanted to feel his big cock inside her. As we finished showering and pouring another cocktail there was a knock at the door ,it was james . He was dressed casually and was very polite . I invited him in and offered him a drink while Jen Was finishing getting dressed. I wasn’t really sure what to do,but he must have done this a few times with great success.When Jen came into the room she looked great,she had on a white blouse that you could see her nipples through and casual wrap around skirt. he made it clear who was in charge , he stood up handed me his glass and walked over and gave Jen a hug and kept his big hand on the small of her back while turning towards me and smiling.they then sat on the couch next to each other much like I saw the when I got out of the water. We chatted for a bit and the sexual tension filled the room.i think he sensed that she told me what happened on the boat.he caught me looking at his crotch more than once. A very distinctive outline of his balls and the long shaft going down his pant leg.i would soon know not only what looked like but smelled and tasted like. He took control of the room ,telling me how my lovely young wife sucked his black cock ,licked his balls and swallowed every drop.james wasn’t rude or arrogant. Just very matter of factly And confident. That he came up here at “HER“ request.Not in so many words but by the look in her lustful eyes.jen was just sitting there very quiet and every so often would touch his arm or my erection grew,so did his,,you could see it growing in length and thickness as it stretched down his pant leg,apparently he wasn’t wearing anything to constrict it.He then stood up and walked towards me to the bar and made himself a drink.jen hung on his Every move and word.

As he stood there next to me pouring a drink his cock was only a foot or so from my face as I sat in the chair.james looked down at me looking at his cock and then back to Jen and smiled.they he said to her “I told he wants this”. And she nervously smiled.and with that I uncontrollably reach out and grabbed his shaft as it hung down to the contour of head of his dick and looked over at Jen who was now smiling with relief and lust. With that he turned towards me I undid the button ,pulled down the zipper as his pants fell to the floor James’s black dick was staring me in the face.he didn’t say a word ,just moved a step closer to me and put his black hand behind my head as I let James slowly insert as much of his big dick in my mouth as my beautiful redheaded wife sat there watching . I instinctively reach up and massaged his balls ,wrapped my hand around his hardening shaft as it thickened in my mouth and hand. Jen was right ,his cock was very hot. He looked down at me and told I wasn’t the first one and smiled as he moved his big dick in and out of my mouth.

With that he walked over to Jen stood her up pulled her into him and passionately kissed her on the mouth as hiked up her skirt and grabbed a hand full of pure white ass , I almost blew a load right there .his dark black skin next to my wife’s fair white skin. Took her by the hand into the bedroom and told me that her pussy is now his and I will come when called.i took a big swallow of my drink and agreed as he led Jen into the bedroom with fear and lust all over her face.she must have been soaking wet,I could already smell her pussy.

When the door closed I went out to the balcony to watch and listen through the window.she went wild with lust ,tearing off his shirt revealing a muscular body as he pulled off the rest of her clothes,revealing her freshly shaved pussy. James started

Toying with her as she went to her knees and took over we’re I left off.sucking his balls as she told him she needed his big cock in her.grabbing his ass running her hand under his big black balls. He was telling her to suck his big cock ,that her pussy was his now to do what he wanted.

I could see her having small orgasms sucking his dick.he then pushed her down to the bed and got between her legs ,as she looked up at him with lustful eyes begging james to fuck her. He was on his knees between her legs with his long shaft which looked rock hard with thick veins as his black , purple flesh colored cock hovered above my beautiful young wife’s pussy as she begged him to please ,please fuck me ,I need your black cock .as he lowered himself to her rubbing that beautiful thick head into jens slit .

He worked it slowly ,sinking deeper into her, her hands overhead grasping at the sheets. Her head going side to side as he inched in she started shivering and bucking on his cock. It would be first of many orgasms for her. I listened as james fucked my wife ,through the door I could her her scream for me to come in. When I walked in seeing James fucking her with her arms around his neck pulling him down to her as he drove his Big beautiful cock in was more than I could take and I came In my pants without even touching myself.

I could see his big cock stretching her tight pussy and his balls slamming against her ass ,my cock began to rise again.james motioned me towards the bed and pulled his big dick out of Jen, covered in her come and had me bend over and lick his dick. When I tried to suck him he stopped me and ordered me to just lick it. I was like a dog now ,told to lick his black cock ,loved every minute.i could smell jens pussy which was gapping wide from his big cock as she stroked the back of my head . I must have heard Jen come 10 times.

I was instructed to lay on the bed as Jen straddled my face James stuck his cock into her while I stroked and licked his balls.the smell was intoxicating for both of us.when james came it was like a flood I’ve never seen a cock up close like this before.he pulled halfway out as I watched his balls and cock contract sending streams of thick fluid in jens pussy and spilling out the side ,running down her thighs.james sweating and exhausted rolled onto his back where I was to clean his cock and soothe jens swollen pussy as they drifted off to sleep with jens Head resting on James’s chest.

I lay there licking a big black dick clean and all of their come that dripped down the crack of jens beautiful ass.when I woke up it was just her and I. Jen walked a little funny to breakfast in the morning.this was just the third day of an eight day trip. Never saw this coming which turned into an adventurous vacation.

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