Cuck’d By My Baby Mama 3.1/5 (7)

This is an amazing short story that is 100% accurate, real, and to the best of my knowledge exactly how everything went down. There will likely be a part 2 to this story for it is just now beginning to take form. I may speculate on some aspects of it but until I can talk to her about it in great detail (which I am elated about doing so) soon, this is the amazing story of how my baby mama cuckolded me.

I couldn’t be happier and more proud of her for doing it. I unfortunately was the last person to find out and didn’t learn about it until several months after. Although I had suspected something was going on, I found out from other close friends that heard via grapevine. To my surprise, humility, and jealousy I had learned that it involved one of my closest childhood friends. He was one of my best friends.

I (Tristan) am 30, my baby mama (Trisha) is now 24, and my best friend (Andy) is also 30. I had been friends with Andy since kindergarten and we had always remained close friends up until this had happened. Trisha and I had started dating in late 2016 and we were constantly on and off again after that. Sometimes I wonder if our relationship would even be considered to most as legitimate or real.

I was often told after we broke up by friends and family that there was “nothing there” regarding our relationship. We had amazing sex. I filled her pussy up a couple times. I think she got pregnant by the first or second time we EVER had sex! Nevertheless, I loved her to death and still do very much so. I am not angry, upset, or disappointed that she did what she did.

I am really only upset and bummed out that I couldn’t participate, watch, be there to support her, or even be able to see a video and or pictures of their amazing sexual encounters. She’s the mother of my child and she deserves whatever she wants, whenever she wants it, and without regard to any and all circumstances! I never forgave her because I didn’t need to. I think it’s amazing and so incredibly scandalous, sexy, and arousing. I encourage her and will insist that she do this again.

Andy worked with me in a plastics factory approximately 40 minutes from my house. He even worked on the same shift as me at the time. Trisha worked in a local grocery store close to both of us but closer to him as the store was quite literally right around the corner and in town. He easily was more frequent in the store than I was simply by convenience.

Andy and I always shared our problems and at the time his divorce was fairly close to being final and he was a wreck. He always had girls coming and going. Always kept busy. I could tell it bothered him getting divorced but he kept it to himself for the most part. I on the other hand was also having issues via Trisha. She wasn’t letting me see the baby, playing head games, and getting me into some legal trouble in the process.

I confided in Andy and often asked him for advice regarding what steps to take, what I should do, and essentially wanting his opinions on the matter. After all it was all so new to both Trisha and myself. Her mother hated me and would do just about anything to make me disappear, or go away.

Her and I were not talking and not on the best of terms at the time and she also of course obtained a court order to keep me away and/or threaten me. The rules or terms of the order never seemed to apply or matter to her…up until the time we had broken up suddenly and got in a bad argument. She had sort of withdrawn from me that last month we were together. Very minimal texts, zero calls, and I was hardly seeing her at all it seemed. I blame a lot on her parents, but I think she had some issues or dealings with it also.

She wasn’t telling me she loved me or missed me anymore. When I sensed things were tapering, I encouraged her to go ahead and have sex with someone else. Since I couldn’t seem to get any free time from her (she was busy with the baby), and/or much privacy with her, I encouraged her to do so. She, I think, automatically assumed I had cheated or had slept with someone else simply by suggesting this. I assured her that I had never and that it was only because she deserves it for dealing with me being an asshole at times. She said she couldn’t just “have sex with someone and walk away”.

I assured her she could do it. She only ever mildly declined my suggestion and said that she would feel bad and awkward. However as time went on over the course of a few weeks, I felt or sensed that maybe she was warming up to the idea. I was beyond infatuated and aroused simply by the idea and found myself talking about it rather frequently with her. She had agreed it would be “really hot” but still didn’t think she could do it.

This of course was (at least I THINK anyway) before Andy had come into the picture and made this amazing fantasy, a reality. She may have very well been fucking Andy the entire time. I am still not sure and although I don’t think so…it could also be very possible. My friends insisted that it was a one, two, or three (Or many more! lol) time deal and that there were no strings attached. I couldn’t help but think it was a little more than just emotionless sex.

During that last month we had been together (she talks now like we were already separated at the time but…) I had asked her to tell me what she would do had she decided to accept this amazing opportunity to freely fuck someone else. Of course to her choosing as well.

After a healthy day of discussion regarding this opportunity that I so badly wanted her to experience and enjoy (my secret fantasy) she insisted on sending me the text the next day for she was exhausted and overtired. I made sure to give her a lot of reassurance about the idea leading up to this and did my best in helping by making her feel as comfortable as possible while we had been having this discussion. This is what she had texted me regarding what she “would do” to the guy she chose to fuck.

“Well to start I would have him take all of my clothes off…Then take me to the bed, lay me down, and kiss my pussy. I would tackle him down and start riding him super slow then pick up speed and as I’m going faster and faster bouncing on his dick, I wait for him to almost cum. Then I slow down and I turn around and bounce on that dick some more. As he sees my ass bouncing up and down on him, I roll over and have him get on top. I wrap my legs around him as he pounds me harder and harder. He picks me up, moves me to the wall, and continues pounding me. Then he flips me around, bends me over, pounds me even harder, and tells me to beg for it. So, I do. As he cums he pulls out and cums all over my ass…”

I responded shortly after (after cumming so hard while masturbating that the cum had actually hit me in the eye!) by saying “That is SO hott, I liked it!” “Would you want me to watch?” She responded saying “I’m glad.” and “If you wanted lol, but you won’t have to because I don’t think I can do it lol.” I said “That’s amazing baby!” “Yes, I would love to watch, and yes you CAN do it baby!”

Personally, I think she did very well in choosing Andy (granted there weren’t any others prior). I cannot wait for the opportunity to sit down and talk about it and let her know how happy learning about it made me and how proud of her I am with her choosing to take advantage of the opportunity. Andy’s cock is, I am almost certain, MUCH larger than mine. The guy never had a complaint that I know of by any female in the past.

I had actually had one, two, possibly 3 other exes that thought or mentioned to someone (rumors) that my dick was small (of course after we had broken up and I found out they were cheating on me). This made it even more exciting for me to hear. He also was known for never wearing condoms and pulling out. I could only hope that she fucked him bare and that he came deep inside her amazing pussy! I would even go as far as cleaning up her cummy pussy! I would eat the thick spunk right out of her now even more stretched and cum filled pussy! I am pretty positive they had hooked up a few times possibly more, maybe a lot.

This is still a young topic of discussion for Trisha and myself. I promise to post a “part 2” or a “continuation” of this incredible story. There is a lot more that my friends and myself wouldn’t know because I have yet to hear all of what she has to say about it. I don’t think anyone was meant to know about it. I am so excited and full of enthusiasm when the time finally comes and I can sit down with her, share some wine, and hear all about it. I will insist on the “juicy” details (“toxic details” as my friends refer to it).
What apparently went down…

So back in April I had put together a basket for her will lots of stuff in it. Stuff for the baby, necessities, and some things for her as well. We weren’t getting along and not on talking terms and I had a no contact order unnecessarily placed on me so I had to be careful. Since Andy had lived so close and was in and out of there likely more than me, I asked him if he could deliver it to her. He had said he would and no problem.

As days, even a couple of weeks (at least) had passed I approached him and asked him what happened with the basket. He mentioned that she wasn’t responding at first, then she stood him up (claimed to have missed him), and another time had said she was “already home”. I believed him and even asked him to give it back to me and I would find an easier way to get the items to her.

He declined and said “I will just drop it off at her car or something”. After an unreasonable amount of time had passed, I had noticed after a while that he wasn’t responding to me about much of anything and was very quiet, reserved, and avoided me a lot. Even at work I had to literally stop him to strike up a conversation. I remember saying to a fellow coworker “He’s acting weriod as if he’s feeling guilt or something”.

I also remember saying “I bet ya something is going on with him and Trisha.” My coworker replied saying “No, I don’t think in any way he would do that to you…” I said’ “I think he probably would.” Andy has no boundaries and has always been a bit of a savage. Typically Andy is a very shallow, narrow-minded, and immature individual for his age honestly (womanizer). He’s always kind of been a savage about things.

Even to family members. He apparently had recently tried to have sex with our other best friend’s (Brandon) wife but she rejected him and ended up telling our friend. Andy of course denied the claim and downplayed his actions. So between April and July (maybe late July…not sure) Andy and Trisha had been fucking apparently.

It got let loose when he had went over to visit our other best friend (Brandon) and must’ve obtained some “liquid courage” or “loose lips” as he slipped and mentioned a few things. He told our friends that Trisha had come by to tell her side of the story, pick up the items I had got for her, one thing led to another, she sucked his cock, and they ended up fucking. He was seemingly bragging about it to them.

I doubt they enabled him or the situation but they refrained from telling me right away because they thought it would crush me with the things I was dealing with at the time. I, of course, had already suspected. Other than being slightly disappointed with him, and the fact that he lied relentlessly about it, quit his job, I was content with it. I told her she could have a freebie and I meant it. I couldn’t have been happier that she chose to take advantage of it. The feelings of jealousy, betrayal, humiliation, and extreme arousal consumed me instantly. She apparently got “a lot more” than the Easter basket I had left her. =)

My friend Brandon, his wife, and two other close mutual friends, had later told me that when Andy claimed everything between them had “stopped” (June or July) my friend Brandon was nearly certain he was lying. She had apparently been going over there to “let his dog out” while he was at work. He said he would hide the key in spots and let her know where it was so she could get in and let the dog out.

She may have been doing that. She was also likely letting the dog in his pants out as well. I had seen her vehicle there once, maybe twice (pretty sure). They were relatively discreet and I am sure they went as far as her leaving her vehicle parked at the grocery store and walking to his house (walking distance). My friends had mentioned a time when she apparently was having an issue with her car and Andy offered to help her and insisted he take a look at it.

She may have went home and came back to his house but it was understood she stayed there “awhile” or “most of the day”. He claims he already had a girlfriend as of June and loved her (someone other than Trisha). He did in fact have/has a girlfriend but not at the time he claimed to.

I just more than anything would’ve loved to had been able to witness it go down. I think it would’ve been amazing! There were a couple of times (I remember very well) I was on my way home from work (2nd shift out at 11pm) and I had these incredibly strong feelings of jealousy, curiosity, arousal, and an overwhelming thought that I should take a ride past his house. It would have made my life had I been able to watch, listen, or even hear them from outside!!

It was obviously between (ironically in fact) April and June. I remember feeling it on likely a weekend workday (overtime) or maybe a Friday night specifically. Unfortunately, I had chosen not to spy on them or drive past his house for a few reasons. First, I didn’t want to get caught and I knew they both knew all to well what type of vehicle I drove.

Second, I was worried that had I notice her vehicle there and decided to creep that maybe someone else in the area would see me and call the police had it obviously been right in town. Thirdly, I would have never forgiven myself had they seen or heard me on account of me unintentionally interrupting them. The last thing I wanted was to do something accidental and cause them to inevitably pause or stop having sex. I really wish I would’ve went by to see.

It was a sixth sense, more than a feeling, vibe, or random thought that those particular nights I experienced that, overwhelming feeling and ambition to “go check” for I just knew she was over there. I just couldn’t bring myself to stay on the road and head into town. I turned off at my road, got settled to relax, and masturbated to the thought of it (likely was going on those nights for my friends mentioned days close to those from what they could gather) and came extremely hard! I was so aroused and excited by the mere thought of it that I masturbated 3 or more times that night! After the last time I came, there was next to nothing to ejaculate.

Upon confronting him about it via text (I knew he’s never answer the phone) he relentlessly denied, lied, and avoided any and all discussion about it. Took his guilt out on me by saying “Be a man, get your own place” (Had been saving for an attorney as well as paying student loans off), “your pathetic”, “a loser”, and finally “Why don’t you go ask somebody else what you should do…” (As I mentioned earlier I seeked advice from him frequently because we were “best friends” and he was balls deep in divorce).

He said anything he could to cut me down. That was the only reason, aside from his constant lies, and denials, that I was disappointed with him. I was pissed off at him. I forgave him, thanked him for all the good memories/times we had, and wished him the best. I don’t have any desire to rekindle a friendship with him. Had he been honest, calm, and civilized about it, I would’ve totally let it go and moved on. No harm. No foul.

His reaction confirmed a lot of speculations I had about the situation. He was an awful liar. He quit his good job (where I work) that had retirement, good heath insurance, opportunities for advancement, and his current pay (he had been there 3 years longer than me) was good and near $20 an hr. He nearly lost his house to the bank. Fell far behind on child support. Apparently struggled to pay his utilities even (I heard from a couple at work). He claims he got a better job. I find that hard to believe. He drives 90 minutes one way to work in a v8 truck.

Sometimes I think he did it out of desperation. I understand he was probably lonely and horny (as was she) =) but ever since his ex wife manipulated him into filing for divorce (maybe she filed not sure) he just wasn’t the same. Divorce changed many relationships in his life. I sympathize for his kids. He must have some bad energy coming his way, or is already in the way.
I feel that Trisha deserves, and is very much entitled to, be pleased sexually anytime she wants and by whomever she wants. Honestly she deserves much more than that! I really hope she has wishes/desires to do this again.

To conclude this part of the story I simply cannot wait to hear about it all from Trisha. I am so excited for details and stories. I am so happy she made my secret fantasy, a now, amazing reality! I couldn’t be more proud of her for doing so. I think it’s amazing and I will be sure to encourage, enable, and support future cuckold endeavors. I often wonder if she will confess to cheating while we were together (not sure if she did or not) when we have this discussion. I will have to ask. Maybe she has other guys and stories she can share while we had our “big break”. I am beyond excited! =)

***Please comment and give your opinions, advice, thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms***

***Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story***

***My first time ever writing anything like this***

=) ***To Be Continued*** =)

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