Crazy Saturday Night 4.2/5 (21)

I’m new to this writing stuff but this past Saturday night was sort of crazy and I wanted to try my hand at writing about it.

A little about my wife Trish and me. I am in my late 40’s and Trish is 5 years younger than me. About 3 years ago I learned that Trish was having a, what I would call kinky relationship with her former boss from work. To make a long story short, that relationship led to our first MMF 3 some with said former boss. That woke me up to how vanilla our life was. Not anymore……

Now about Saturday night. A good friend has a son who plays in a band. The band was playing at bar Saturday and a group of us got together to go see him and his band play at a local bar. Trish loves to dress sexy and since the weather has now turned cooler it gave her a chance to wear her leather leggings.

She looked really hot in the leggings, a red satin blouse and her red high heels. I knew once we hit the bar there wouldn’t be a soft cock in the place. I am totally fine with Trish flirting and her flirting has led to some pretty hot times.

We got to the bar around 9:00 and our group took up residence in a corner and of course began drinking. The band started around 9:30 and everyone was settled in, drinking and having a good time. I noticed a lot of guys in the place were checking out Trish in her tight leather leggings and it was a turn on to me wondering what was going through their minds. However, the people we were with knew nothing about our secret lifestyle so I didn’t have any expectations that a 3 some was in order but I did know that at the end of the night I would be having some hot sex with my wife.

About 10:30 a group of guys came in dressed in military fatigues. We all noticed them and I guess it has become common you buy them a round of drinks, thanking them for their service to the country. So we all sent a round to them. A couple of them got up and came to where we were all sitting to thank us for the drinks.

One of them, a blonde good looking guy locked eyes on Trish and Trish locked her eyes on him. You could immediately feel the sexual tension. He introduced himself as Tyler and was just smiling at Trish and she at him. After thanking us he and his buddy went back to their table. Trish turned to me and told me how cute and sexy he seemed to be and I told her I noticed her flirting and looking at him.

She leaned into me and whispered that she would love to fuck him. My cock immediately went hard.

As a little time went by I could see the blonde soldier guy looking over at Trish and she at him. At one point I think she was totally oblivious that I was even there. He got up and walked over and asked Trish to dance. She jumped up and walked out to the dance floor with him. They danced to 2 songs and she came back to the table.

A little bit later the band played a slow song and soldier boy came back and grabbed Trish. They went out and began to slow dance. I noticed them getting close and it seemed he got a bit bold and grabbed her by the ass and began to grind on her. She reciprocated and was grinding into him. It was like they were dry humping out there. His cock was buried into her leather covered crotch.

The song ended and she came back to the table. I told her I noticed how she danced with soldier boy and I thought she was going to make him cum out there. Trish told me that he was really hard and that is what she tried to make him do. I asked her if she succeeded and she said she didn’t think so but the night wasn’t over yet.

It was probably around midnight and all of us were pretty well into the alcohol, including Trish. After the band went back on after a break, Trish got up and walked over to the table of the military guys. She was saying something to her blonde soldier boy and then she walked away. Instead of coming back to the table she walked out the door.

About 2 minutes later soldier boy went out the door too. I knew Trish was up to no good but instead of following I just sat there waiting for her to come back in. It was only about 10 or 15 minutes later she came back in and so did he. She came back to the table and leaned into me. I thought she was going to kiss me so as I leaned into her and she blew air into my face. I smelled the alcohol but with a scent of the salty smell of cum.

She smiled at me and knew I had smelled the cum. I asked her if she sucked his cock and she said yes. She said his cock was so hard and tasted so good and loved how he tasted. I was so hard I could have cum without touching myself. I told her she could have set something up to do a 3 some and she said she asked him about it, but he had to go back to the armory with his group and couldn’t get away. So, she decided to suck his cock.

Thirty or so minutes later we left. I was so hard I didn’t know if I was going to make it home without coming in my pants. As I drove I noticed Trish begin to remove her shoes and then began to slide down her leather pants. She got the pants off and threw them in the back seat. She moved her one hand to her panties and began to finger herself. She was on fire. I could tell she was wet, seeing her juices covering the outer part of her shaved pussy.

She began fingering herself and talking. She was talking about the blow job she gave soldier boy and how hard his cock was. Then she reached over and began to rub me through my pants. She was using one hand on her and the other on me. I did my best to open my pants without wrecking the car. Finally got it out and Trish’s hand went right for it. She stroked me and ran her hand up and down my hard cock.

She was mumbling how hard the cock was and said she was glad I was able to get hard again after sucking the cock. Hmmm I thought. I think that was her way of wanting to role play. Something we do occasionally to keep things from getting stale again.

I played along and told her how good her mouth felt on my cock and how good a cocksucker she was. She told me she’s wanted to fuck me all night and wanted to feel my cock deep in her. How I didn’t cum was beyond belief.

Finally made it home and Trish slipped her high heels back on but left her pants in the car. We got into the house and I grabbed her, leaned her up against the wall in the kitchen. I spread her legs and told her I wanted her pussy all night and now I was going to take it. She bent backwards allowing me access to her wet pussy. I lined it up and my cock slid right in.

So wet and I knew by the feel she had cum. I began to fuck her and talk to her as if I was the soldier. I was fucking her so hard that I thought I would put her through the wall. I felt her tense and she told me she was going to cum all over my hard cock. I couldn’t take it anymore and unloaded a huge amount of cum as deep inside of her as I could.

After finishing her against the wall we went up to the bedroom. She slipped off her blouse, bra and kicked her shoes off. She laid there on the bed naked. She smiled at me and thanked me for allowing her to have fun and be a little slutty. I climbed on the bed, got on top of her and fucked her again, dumping another load into her.

Sunday morning we got up and while drinking our coffee she told me how much fun she had. Then she pulled out a piece of paper that had soldier boy’s contact information. I have a feeling we aren’t done with him yet.

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