Crashing the Pool


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Section 1

This happened a few years ago while vacationing in Puerto Rico. My wife and I were down for a week getting away from the cold snowy winter up north. It was great to be down in the tropical sun partying and enjoying the beaches and local fun.

Just the standard back story here – at the time, I was 36 and my wife Donna was 34. We had one kid at home with his grandparents. Donna is a very hot mom too. Thick dark hair, curvy in the right places and a thick, dark hairy bush. Not out of control hairy, trimmed, but thick and womanly. Not huge tits, just right. Like I said – she is a mom so there is a little extra on the butt – just a little jiggle and a small extra on the tummy. Skin still as soft and smooth as a 20 year old.

We were staying in a little hotel in San Juan. Nice little place, but it didn’t have a pool or anything fancy. We were on a budget so we figured we’d spend time on the beach.

Well – the good beaches can be pretty far away and you really couldn’t do any night swimming at the beach anyway.

One night we had been out drinking and my wife Donna wanted to go swimming – once again – we didn’t have a pool at out hotel. She suggested that we go crash one of the pools at one of the resort hotels. We had done that many times over the course of our marriage so I readily agreed.

We went back to our hotel to grab our suits. Stuffing them into her purse and grabbing some more wine out we went.

The hotel didn’t care about us walking in – they aren’t going to stop a middle aged couple with sun burn – obviously tourists and supposing we belonged there just like we acted. As with all hotels – the signs lead the way to the pool and out the back we went.

It really was very nice and very, very big. There were actually a few pools. One very big one and a smaller one around the corner with a hot tub nearby. This one was obviously for the adults. It was pretty much out of view and at the moment it looked completely vacant. Well it was around 10PM so most people were not around. I did expect that someone would be in the hot tub, but it too was empty. I figured we’d probably get in there soon enough.

Anyway it was perfect for what we wanted – a little isolated too. I looked around for a place to change and didn’t see one. Donna said, “There isn’t anyone here, we should just change and get in the pool.” I told her that I’d look around a little more so I started walking off to check it out.

I looked around just a little and thought, she’s right – there isn’t anyone around to see us and headed back to where I had left her.

I was actually a little surprised by my wife’s suggestion – changing right out in the open – even though there wasn’t anyone around. She is a great lay don’t get me wrong, but I thought the days of crazy shit were behind us.

I found myself getting a boner at the thought of seeing her peel out in the open in front of me. I don’t know why, but after all these years and even having a kid together, she would pretty much never change in front of me. I was looking forward to seeing her pull her pants down revealing her dark hairy, pouting pussy.

As I came back around the hot tub, I saw Donna back under the palm trees by some of the beach chairs. She was on the edge of the pool area and behind her was the beach. On the beach were some tent like cabanas with more beach lounge chairs in them. They were kind of secluded and I guess great for getting out of the sun during the day. I had a quick thought that it might be fun to get Donna in there for a quick fuck.

I started to walk over toward her as she started to wriggle out of her pants. Now she was standing there in her short t-shirt (no bra) and just her panties. Now I definitely had a boner. Even from here I could see the puffy outlines of her hairy cunt pressing against her pink cotton panties. She bent over a little to fold her pants onto a chair next to her and then stood up on wobbly legs to pull her panties off.

Just then, I noticed some movement in the trees behind her in the dark. Someone was there – watching Donna strip down. I just froze on place. I don’t know why. I could make out the silhouette of a man in the shadows although I couldn’t see what he looked like – except that he was a big man.

Donna put her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slowly peeled them off her hips, gradually revealing the thick hair of her sex. She stepped out of them one leg at a time and again bent over now to pick up her bathing suit bottom.

As she did this she was unknowingly bending over shaking her ass and cunt at whoever it was behind her. Like I said – she was a little wobbly and she was having trouble stepping into her bating suit bottom. She would pick up a foot to put it into the hole for her leg and miss and wobble a little more.

I knew the man behind her was getting a great view of my wife’s hairy crotch and instead of running over to her, I moved closer, but hid behind some shrubs. Over the years, Donna and I had experimented a little, nothing crazy, just a little adventurous. As we got older, we got boring like most couples but occasionally supplemented our sex life with fantasies and porn.

My favorites were wife watching and while I never expected my conservative wife to let me watch her fuck another man, at the moment I had the opportunity to watch another man staring at my semi naked and very drunk wife.

Well as I moved closer and got a better view of things – I now could clearly see the man behind her. He had stepped closer. He was a very large guy indeed and also very black. Wearing shorts and a tank top, he stepped up behind my still struggling wife while rubbing what looked like a sack of potatoes in his pants.

Completely unaware that she was exposing herself to this black man and still bent over at the waist she had no idea that he was behind her. Now just one step behind her, he pulled down his shorts revealing a massive black log with a pair of absolutely huge balls hanging below. He grabbed my wife by the hips and pushed his massive meat between her legs.

Surprised by the suddenness of the intrusion, she dropped her suit bottom and started to stand up which just pushed her ass into the black man. At this point she probably thought it was me, her husband, coming up behind her for a quicky, but through her alcohol fogged mind she must have realized that I didn’t have cock as big as the log rubbing between her legs.

She turned around and pushed back from her attacker just a foot or so. As her eyes focused on the strange man in front of her she realized it was not me.

What happened next blew my mind. I was just ready to jump out since I clearly expected her to scream at being faced with this black man, his cock jutting out in front of him, pointing at my mostly naked wife, but was stopped in my tracks when I saw her look down at the huge slab of black cock meat in front of her. Instead of screaming she just dropped to her knees, grabbed his fat black cock and just stuffed as much of it in her mouth as she could.

Clearly surprised by his good fortune, he just put his hands on Donna’s head and helped guide her to sucking on his meat. It was so big that she couldn’t really get much of it in her mouth so she jacked off what was on front of her face as she slurped on the head.

For my part – I was hard as steel! My wife, not 10 yards away was on her knees, exposed while sucking off a stranger and a black one at that. I had fantasized about seeing her with another man and most of the time it would be a black one with a big cock.

Section 2

This was what I had masturbated to countless times and it was happening right in front of me. I couldn’t believe she would do this and normally she wouldn’t, but she was drunk and the circumstances were so spontaneous.

What normal sexual woman, drunk and faced with a cock like that wouldn’t want to suck it? Besides, she knew of this particular kink of mine and had teased me about it over the years often commenting on how hot a black guy is and once in a while flirting with one or dancing with a black guy when we were out. I always thought she secretly had a thing for black men, but hid it from me.

I was just wondering how this would end when he reached down and holding her hands gently helped her to her feet. Standing in front of him, her hairy cunt just inches from his slick manhood, he held her hand and led her away from the pool towards the beach.

I stood in my hiding place watching my wife’s naked ass sway back and forth as she willingly followed him to what would happen next. I think we all knew that she was about to be fucked.

I snuck out of my hiding place and followed them, close enough to see, but hopefully not close enough to disturb them. I was close enough behind her that I could see the hair between her legs. They came to the first cabana on the beach and turned inside.

These were tent like so there were open seams where the panels connected. I had plenty of spots to spy on them without giving myself away and had multiple angles to view the spontaneous coupling.

Stepping out of his shorts, he led my wife in front of him and then pulled her close and kissed her with passion. Donna returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around her new lover. She was humping her cunt against him, his massive cock wedged between them, obviously excited at what was to come.

They pushed backward toward the beach lounge chair and when she felt the chair behind her legs she settled back into the chair, letting go of the man that would make her an adulterer and me a cuckold.

What about birth control?? The thought popped into my head and both scared and excited me. I know she didn’t have any rubbers. I had one in my wallet, but couldn’t exactly tap this guy on the shoulder and ask him to put one on. Besides, I doubt that it would fit! Suddenly, I was confronted with possible impregnation of my wife by this black man.

Overcome by lust and strangely even more excited that my wife could get knocked up with a black baby, I elected to do nothing except pull my cock out and masturbate to the illicit mating that was happening right in from of me. Would she really let a black cock into her unprotected womb? Did she want his cock in her so badly that she’d risk getting pregnant by a black man?

As she spread her legs, revealing her hairy sex inviting him to mount the beautiful brunette, I had my answer. He climbed atop my wife, his thick baby maker swaying in front of him. She reached up between her legs taking a hold of his pre-cum dripping meat with both hands and guided it to her fertile opening.

She had a C Section with our kid, so her cunt was still tight as a teenagers. Her clit had not been snipped or torn giving birth. I am sure she was aroused and wet, but since I am not hung like this guy, it was going to take some doing to get that monster inside her.

He held himself above her in almost a push up position, letting her rub his bloated cock head in and around her moistening pussy, coating it with her natural lubricant while slowly opening her cunt lips exposing her rapidly swelling vagina to the onslaught to come.

He gradually began exerting pressure against her and with her guiding hand, his meat found the mark and he slowly began penetrating her. She removed her hands and held his huge biceps. Eyes closed and concentrating, her breath was deep and her belly sucked in as she her body accepted this new man inside her.

He was patient with the young mother but kept a constant pressure as he worked more of him inside her welcoming and very receptive body. He would slowly withdraw just a little and then push more back inside.

Her cunt was sticky with lubricant the way a woman is when she is ovulating. I could see a thick white-ish coating of it contrasting on his black manhood each time he would withdraw it on a back stroke. I could see pearls of it clinging to her thick dark pubic hair as well.

She was tensing now as the friction of his fat cock was pushing her towards an orgasm. Instinct took over and her hips tilted upwards to allow the alpha male access to her womb. Her vaginal walls flooded with blood and now fully engorged began pulsing in time to the thrusts of her chosen mate. Her sex puffy and receptive and her ass cheeks fluttering underneath his thrusts, she now grabbed his muscular ass to pull hold him in the saddle as her orgasm washed over her.

Holding him tightly she squealed in delight with her face almost a mask of pain looking over the shoulder of the bald black man fucking the daylights out of her but still he drove on – in and out pushing her towards a near continuous orgasm as he worked towards his release.

He was beginning to shake and I knew that I was just a moment from watching my wife make a baby with this man. Her orgasm reaching it’s peak I knew and her upturned hips ready for it, he bellowed and began ejaculating inside her. Now at its deepest penetration, his cock was directly against my wife’s cervix when the first explosion of his sperm was ejected.

An ovulating woman having an orgasm; her cervix dipped down and opened, the jet of black man scum blasting through the mucous protecting her womb and delivered directly into her uterus the first of many shots of his DNA at the waiting egg.

The couple both in the throes of orgasm howled. Him deep and guttural, her feminine and accepting squeals of delight as he continued to inject her with his live seed.

Beating my meat madly, I too ejaculated, my sperm spattering uselessly against the side of the tent instead of being received inside my wife in place of this massive black man breeding my willing wife.

Her legs in the air, still grappling with the humping black man they slowly came down from their exertion. His strokes slowing, he finally just laid upon my wife, holding his fat cock deep inside her as it twitched pushing the last drops of him inside her. Now spent, her arms and legs fell to the sides and eyes closed she fell into a light post sex slumber.

Slowly as his breath returned to normal and his sill massive cock began to lose its total hardness he began to withdraw and get up from between her legs. Just before completely removing himself from my wife’s inseminated cunt, her kissed her gently and said the only words either had said between them. “That was great. You’re a great lay. I have to go now. Good luck with my baby.”

He dismounted her, grabbed his shorts and walked around the edge of the tent and right up to me standing there with my dripping cock in my hand.

Looking at me he asked, " Is she your wife?"

I just nodded. He looked down at my shriveling cock and smiled then said, “Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves.”

Then he noticed that I was staring at his cock. It wasn’t all the way hard anymore, but it was still huge. I could see my wife’s lubricant on it and there was still some residual cum of his as well. I don’t know, maybe I licked my lips unconsciously, but his smile went away and he just said, “Go ahead. Suck it.”

Section 3

And for the second time that night, someone dropped to their knees in front of him and sucked on his cock. I had never sucked a cock before, although I have eaten my cum many times – from my wife after sex and occasionally after I had jacked off so I knew what a mans cum tasted like.

I slobbered on the cock and could taste my wife and him on his slab of hot meat. I sucked and jacked him, cleaning the remains of their sex from him. As I did, he taunted me. He asked if she was on birth control and laughed when I shook my head no. He pulled his cock from my mouth and slapped my face with it telling me to be good to his baby when it was born.

My cock was achingly hard again as I was abused on the beach, just feet from where my wife lay, impregnated by this massive black man. He whipped my face a few more times, my mouth open trying to recapture the mighty organ and he said he wished he had more time and that maybe he’d fuck my wife again just to make sure she was knocked up or maybe he’d just let me finish sucking him off, but he had to go. So he pushed me away and walked off, leaving me on my knees, hard cock in hand with the combined scum of their mating on my face.

Getting to my feet, I walked around to the front of the tent and took in the sight before me. Donna was splayed on the lounge chair, her legs wide open, her arms hanging limply at over the sides of the chair. Her eyes were closed and her breath was deep – the pose of a satisfied, bred woman.

From between her hairy cunt lips a white stream of cum shined in the moonlight, contrasting against her almost black pubic hair.

Slowly jacking myself I started towards her. Getting between her legs with every intention of mounting her as well and giving my meager amount of sperm a chance at impregnating her cunt, her hands came up to my shoulders stopping me short of my goal.

Through both alcohol and post sex hazed eyes she looked at me and simply said, “Lick me.”

Looking down between her legs at the swampy post sex mess and then back to her smirking face, I complied. Moving in close to her hot sex, I was assaulted by the smell of her raw sex. Tentatively sticking out my tongue, I gave her slit one lick with the flat of my tongue. The salty manhood of his sperm washed into my mouth and her freshly fucked pussy opened easily to the slight pressure.

She pulled me by my hair into her flowing sex and I ate her with relish while pounding on my own cock. As I ate her unfaithful snatch, her wiry black pubic hair scratching my face, she said, “Do you like the taste?” I mumbled yes. She continued, “I heard you outside after. Did you really suck his cock?” I just nodded my assent, blushing at the admission. She cooed, “I wish I could have seen that.”

Pausing for just a second from my task, I looked up from between her sticky thighs to ask about pregnancy.

Stroking my hair and encouraging me back to my task, she smiled and confirmed, “We just played with fire and I think we are going to get burned. It’s been a few weeks since my last period and I think I am at peak ovulation right now. I think your going to be a Daddy again.”

I dove into my wife’s hole and sucked for all I was worth, jacking my dick to the last of three orgasms I had that night as my wife giggled, “Did my cocksucker husband like watching his wife get bred by the big black man?”

I shot all over the chair.

The rest of the vacation, she wouldn’t let me fuck her. She told me she wanted to be sure who the father was if she was pregnant/

Donna did get pregnant and decided to have the black man’s baby girl. That was 10 years ago and the girl is coffee colored and looks like my wife. I love the girl too and treat her as my own although it is obvious she is not.

It was awkward for a while after the birth explaining to all what had happened. We elected to tell mostly the truth that Donna had a brief affair and that this was the result. It was an accident and after our soul searching we decided not worth breaking up our marriage.

She cuckolded me that night. I became a cocksucker that night. She still loves me and we are still together, but it all changed that night. We still have sex, but she is the boss. She said she could never look at me the same way again, knowing that I had not only allowed her to get fucked and impregnated by him, but that I enjoyed watching it so much that I even sucked his cock.

She didn’t want to have any more babies so were very careful after that – but she did find ways to fuck other black men and always with me watching and participating. In the last 10 years, I have sucked a lot of black cocks and cleaned a lot of cum from her hairy crotch.

I get to fuck her as well but usually only after it is full of a black mans cum.

So there it is – I am a cocksucker cuckold and I am good with that.

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