Costa Rican Stranger 4/5 (31)

So the wife and I visited Costa Rica last October for our 10 year anniversary, with family and friends. We’ve been swinging for about 8 of those years, preferring MMF as I am an extreme cuckold. We’ve always fantasized about going on vacation and finding a stud to fill our desires. This is our adventure…

About halfway through our week long stay in Costa Rica, my wife found a particular local man who was selling ATV tours on our private beach. She was even talking about him on the actual day of our anniversary. She has this strong attraction to dark skinned men, and was determined to coax him in an adventure we all would not soon forget. Breaking away from our group of 10 was a difficult feat, only two of the group knew about our lifestyle, and we definitely didn’t want family to find out this way, so discretion was of most importance.

The day after celebrating our anniversary, she built up enough courage to talk to him, but he wasn’t on the beach. Disappointed, she searched with great effort all day, and eventually saw him the next morning. She approached him with flirtatious smiles with me keeping a short distance to ensure her safety. She pointed me out to him and he waved suspiciously as she laughed.

My wife is an attractive 36 year old with bright red hair, a thick ass, and curves to leave you drooling. Her need for cock is insatiable. I’ve seen her with over at least 40 men, and let me tell you, she knows her way around a stud bull. I am below average in size and I feel sometimes I know she prefers harder, longer, thicker members. Fernando was a very attractive Costa Rican native with sharp facial features and an attractive physique, but knew very little English, so he was a little confused on what she was actually trying to achieve.

She was patient with him for the next day or so, trying to break the language barrier and finally managed to explain to him her unrelenting attraction and yearning for him. This turned me on to the fullest extend imaginable, and I agreed to her outing with this young handsome Central American. The only obstacle was the location of the sexual encounter. The locals are not allowed on our resort outside the beach, so this had to be done ON the beach.

After a series of awkward smiles, handshakes and close eyes from security, an arrangement was made. She told him she will have sex with him on the beach at dusk, but, only if I was only a short distance away. The evening eventually approached and I walked about ten paces behind them as they held hands as the sun was quickly falling under the horizon of the ocean. The closer they came to fucking, the harder my cock became.

After a short walk through a sandy wooded area at the edge of the beach they found a nice hidden area and laid a towel on the ground. I said my goodbye and sat on a rock about 30 feet away from them in the dark. I realized soon after I sat down that the ocean waves would drown out the sound of their moans and anxiously listened as best I could. After a couple minutes after hearing absolutely nothing, I heard a couple loud gasps as my hand grabbed my hard dick and began stroking.

I knew she had sucked on him the minute they hit the beach floor. She usually will attack first with her mouth and stop just before her boy toy will orgasm. It was the first gasps from her that I knew he was either eating her out, or maybe he just couldn’t take it, and thrusted in her immediately. Later to find out, he took her right away and she was being fucked missionary just feet away from me as my heart raced.

She then rode him, moaning into an orgasm within minutes. I didn’t hear a peep out of him, although shortly after, he blasted his load inside of her just seconds after her orgasm. Her mission was complete. She knew nothing made me more happy to have a complete stranger inseminate her and fulfill her/our lustful desires. We usually use protection with strangers or people we aren’t too familiar with, but this time was different. “When in Costa Rica” I guess… The fact that she will need fertility treatments to become pregnant helps ease my mind of another man’s sperm entering her pussy. It’s not to say that it couldn’t happen, but this excites me anyway.

After another 5 minutes or so after hearing them struggle to communicate but laughing from the shock and surprise that just happened, she yelled for me and returned without him in sight, knowing I may never see again the man that took my wife. She gave me a big hug and kiss, said “thanks” and began exhaling and expressing to me the joy of her encounter. We walked past locals sitting at a bonfire on the way back to the room and talked about her experience the entire way back.

We took a shower together the second we got back to the room as I watched the cum drip out of her used hole. I mounted her immediately after the shower, fast pumping her stretched hole as she described his thick stick, and within seconds mixed my semen with the remaining remnants of his. I am quick to ejaculate usually because of the intense sensation that cuckolding gives me, and in turn, pleases her.

It’s almost like part of me loves watching men please her in ways that I cannot. She insists that this isn’t a problem, and I trust her completely, so our marriage will continue to strengthen the more men I allow her. We did not fuck anymore on the vacation. He was just enough for her. She didn’t need me for another week or so after our return home, and this drove me mad!!! This was our first overseas encounter, and will not be the last.

While we never got his information, she still talks about him once in a while. Hints of going back to the same resort have been more than obvious, so I know that this was a VERY special encounter for her. Maybe we will see him again. I can only hope! Thanks for reading!

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