Corrupting My Best Friend 4.7/5 (22)

This is a true story, except for the fact that I don’t use the real names for reasons of discretion.

This is one of the most erotic, if not the most erotic of my sexual memories. In previous stories, I told of how I discovered the thrill of cheating on my high school boyfriend, Andy, when we were just 16. I would continue to experience that thrill all the way through college and through another boyfriend.

Along the way, I would also teach one of my two best friends the thrill of cheating on her husband and experience my first group sex. This is that story. I hope you find it as arousing as I find the memory to be when recalling the wildest week of my life.

Two years into college, I met a guy that really turned me on. We will call him Jeff for this story. He had the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen but not a brain in his head and absolutely no control in bed. The first time we fucked, he pumped me three times and then pulled out and came all over me.

Then it took hours for him to get hard just to pump me three times again. For reasons that I cannot explain to myself, let alone explain to you, I stayed with this loser for two years.

In the two years I was with him and the thousands of times we screwed, I must have only had about a dozen orgasms. He got his before I could get mine every single time. For those men who know me intimately you know that has to be bad as I cum very quickly and easily myself. That would really piss me off too. So I often cheated on him.

For the first six months Jeff and I were together, I never told Jeff about Andy and I never told Andy about Jeff. I was going home on the weekends and having sex with Andy. I had not broken it off with Andy so technically we were still together.

It worked out nicely as I had two cocks to pleasure my pussy. Andy had an average dick, much smaller and less thick than Jeff but at least he knew how to use it and could make me cum every time! Inevitably, Andy and I would have a fight and I would break it off with him leaving me with Jeff the wonder dick.

So for the following 18 months, I became quite creative in finding ways to get other cocks to pleasure my tight little twat and give me a measure of discretion as well.

When I was 21 years old and in my senior year at college, I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for spring break with one of my two best friends. I had two friends since childhood that I considered my best friends and this particular one I’ll call Becky for this story.

Becky had a husband I’ll call Tom. Tom and Becky got married right out of high school, as Becky got pregnant at age 17 with Tom’s child. Tom and Becky had never dated but met at a party one night, got drunk, fucked in the back of Tom’s car and that month Becky missed her period. Six months later she had a beautiful baby girl.

So, while I went off to college, Becky got married and went to work in a dead end job. To add insult to injury, Tom turned out to be a drunk and a loser of a husband who often went out to party with his friends at all hours leaving Becky at home with the baby.

Becky and I had many heart felt conversations in those days and she has told me many times that that was the only way she got through those days. During the winter of my senior year, when Becky’s daughter was only three years old, she asked me if I wanted to go to Florida for spring break. Becky’s mother was going to Baby sit for the week and Tom really didn’t give a shit if she was there or not.

Of course I immediately agreed. I was thinking of all of the new man meat I could find on a beach filled with college boys! My pussy was aching from the very thought!

We decided on Fort Lauderdale and found a nice little hotel near the beach. Once there I was on a mission that had two parts. One, I needed to get my pussy pleased and the other part, I needed to get Becky some strange cock. That was not going to be easy, I knew, as Becky took her marital vows very seriously.

Cheating is something she would consider to be way over the line. One thing that Becky never knew, and still does not know, is that I screwed Tom myself once just weeks before he and Becky did it that first time. I knew first hand that he was not only a jerk but bad in bed as well. I really needed to find a way to get her to experience a real man.

The first day we put on our skimpiest bikinis and headed for the beach. I wore a little white tie string number. When it got wet you could almost see my bush through the fabric.

I trimmed my bush up nicely and shaved and waxed but I made certain that a few stray hairs were left to poke out of the crotch. Just to prove that I was a natural brunette! Becky wore a light blue string bikini that was every bit as revealing as mine.

I knew the boys were going to be hot for her. Becky is around my height of five foot four inches, very thin and shapely with long legs, nice firm boobs, olive colored skin, onyx colored eyes and shoulder length black curly hair that I knew matched the black curly hairs that formed a luscious triangle inside of her bikini bottoms.

We spread our blanket on the beach, lathered up and began to sun ourselves. The beach was packed with college students swimming, sunning, playing volleyball, picnicking and listening to boom boxes playing the latest rock and new age music. We were scarcely there an hour when we got our first attention from two young men cruising the beach.

One was a tall, cut and buff African American guy. As an interracial encounter is something that always intrigued me, my pussy instantly began twitching. His friend was a white male about the same height and build with black hair and blue eyes.

He had about a day’s growth of beard on his face that made him all the sexier. They just stopped by to say hello and I was instantly fantasizing about taking them back to our room and letting them take turns pounding my little box.

I asked them to join us and so they stretched out their towels on either side of us and then sat down on them. We chatted for sometime and we got to know each other. The young black man was Derrick. The other guy was Todd. We discovered that both young men were just 18 years old and in their first year of college. They both went to universities here in Florida.

Both had girlfriends that they had been with since high school but both girlfriends went to out-of-state universities and had elected not to come home for spring break. Hence the reason they were both here in Lauderdale alone.

Now my juices were flowing! Much to my dismay, Becky offered up to the young men that I had a boyfriend back home and she was married. I was afraid of this. If there was going to be any problems with my getting laid this week, her reluctance to cheat was going to be it.

After a while the guys asked us if we wanted to go to lunch with them. We agreed and we all decided on this little café

a few blocks from the beach. The guys said their room was nearby and they needed to stop off and get some cash first.

It was then that I saw my chance. I told them we could stop off with them along the way. It turns out their hotel was just a two blocks away from ours. When we got there they invited us in and so we obliged and walked into the hotel room with two double beds, a table and a dresser.

Todd excused himself to use the bathroom once we entered and Becky sat down on a chair at the table. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the strap of my bikini top to the side to reveal my shoulder.

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  • Victor Balero

    Reply Reply February 25, 2018

    Were any of the guys black that BECKY fucked? A black baby might have been a little hard to explain. Ha Ha
    Enjoyed the well written story.

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