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“Tell me a story.” I said, looking into her eyes and slowing my thrusts.

She leaned in and kissed me gently. “Is that your idea of dirty talk?” She then reached her hand down and firmly grasped my buttocks. “What kind of story?”

I increased my speed as I put my lips to hers. “Tell me something you’ve done; something dirty.”

“Um…” She started releasing a slight moan at the same time, obviously feeling my anticipation. “You want to hear the dirtiest or just a random fantasy?”

I lifted my body up, putting my weight on my arms. Leaning over top of her I said “Whatever you’d like to share, babe.”

I had been married to Clara for almost ten years and I was still as in love with her today as when I first asked her out. She was genuinely the light of my life. Not to mention, one of the sexiest women I have ever laid my eyes on.

I tried to keep a steady pace but knowing it wouldn’t take much to make me shoot my load as the sex had been going on for quite some time. “You want to hear about how I fucked Justin in the parking lot at school?” She said gazing deeply into my eyes inspecting for clues as to my motives.

I immediately felt a tingle in my cock. Justin was the guy that was constantly flirting with her at university, almost six years ago. “Yes, tell me about him.” I replied, trying to slow my stride and withhold the irruption that was forming.

“Well, you know he walked me to my car sometimes, after the late classes.” I slid one arm down and gripped her hip. “This one night, he got brave and started kissing me. Before I knew it, I was bending over in between the parked cars and he was ramming me from behind.” She had a certain joy in her voice as she spoke.

“Yea; did he make you cum?” I asked, barely holding on.

“Of course he did. He always made me cum when I’d fuck him after class.” With those words, I lost it. I immediately began ejaculating in my wife’s pussy. She gave out a few consoling grunts while she met my thrusts. We quickly slowed, until neither of us was moving anymore. I leaned in and kissed her deeply before rolling off to the side.

She leaned over and grabbed a cigarette from her pack on the nightstand. After she lit it, she rolled back next to me and handed it over as she exhaled a giant puff of smoke. “You’re really good at the stories babe.” I said taking a drag from the freshly lit cigarette.

“I know dear. It’s easier when you incorporate real life with the fiction.” She propped herself up on one arm extending her hand as if to ask for the smoke back.

“Incorporate real life, huh? These are just fantasy, right?” I questioned, as I’ve never given it much thought every other time we role played in bed. I mean we only talk like this during sex. We’ve never talked about the fucking ex-boyfriends, or random guys she knows when we weren’t fucking.

“Come on babe, don’t ruin the fantasy. If I tell you it’s all just stories, won’t that take away from the fantasy?”

She did make sense. Besides, did I really want to know my wife is and has been cheating on me for years?

I got home from work the next day only to find an empty house. I hadn’t really talked to Clara today, as I was rather busy with a new project at work and didn’t even manage to take a lunch. After putting up my coat and briefcase I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text to Clara.

“Hey babe; I’m home. Where are you?”

I set the phone on the table and walked to the fridge for a beer. As I closed the refrigerator door, my phone began to vibrate. Walking over, I grabbed the phone and with beer in hand headed to the couch.

“I’m still working. I’ll be home soon. :P”

I decided to channel surf for a bit, as I rarely got time to just veg out and do nothing. I found myself watching a “made for TV” movie that was by no means interesting, but never the less made me zone out. Before I knew it, it was getting dark. I reached for the remote and turned off the TV.

As I got up I heard Clara’s car pull in the drive, so I walked to the door to greet her.

She walked in the door, her mahogany hair slightly damp from the rain that had begun falling within the last hour. She kissed me and began to take her coat off. “Well, hello there.” She said kicking off her shoes. My god this woman was hot. As she slightly leaned forward to remove the last shoe I reached out and moderately caressed her breast.

She looked at me with a certain deviant gaze. “And what’s on your mind tonight?” She said, moving closer to me and putting her arms around my neck.

“Oh, nothing at all.” I lied with a grin.

She leaned in and kissed me. “I bet otherwise” she said, moving one arm to my crotch. She slowly began to fondle my package as she twirled her tongue around mine. Her fondling grew stronger and she slid down to her knees. Unbuckling my belt, she slid my already hard cock out and vigorously began to stroke it. Instantly, she inserted the entire thing in her mouth, sliding her tongue around my balls as she gave out a gag; deep throating my dick.

I leaned back against the couch, placing both my hands in her hair. Moving it from it from obstructing my view, I watched Clara as she continued to deep throat my cock. I let out a soft moan as I bunched her hair in one hand, gently guiding her head up and down.

She stood up, pushed me to the couch and with one hand removed her panties from under her skirt. She then straddled me, inserting my saliva drenched dick into her already dripping hole. She started bouncing fast from the get, slowly rocking when she came down my shaft. I reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands. “Fuck, baby I’ve been wanting this pussy all day.”

She slowed her bouncing to just a subtle rock now. “You mean you were thinking of impaling me with that hard cock all day long?” She said, as she leaned in and kissed me deeply.

“Oh you know it!” I exclaimed, unbuttoning her blouse.

“OK, story time.” She said, slightly increasing the speed of her work. “Are you ready for a good one?”

My eyes got wide, my cock even harder; if that were possible. “Yes. Yes. Story time.” I said.

“OK, would you get mad at my story?” She asked, increasing her speed even more and slightly pouting out her lip.

“Baby, I could never get mad at your stories.”

“Even if I told you I wasn’t working late? That I was fucking Tony from work?” Again, she increased her speed. I felt that old familiar twinge in my cock accompanied by that jealousy filled anguish in my stomach.

“I wouldn’t be mad Clara. You know I love it when you’re slutty.”

She leaned in and kissed me again, increasing her speed even more. “Well, that’s where I was.” He voice was showing obvious signs of pleasure as she spoke.

“And does Tony have a big cock?” I asked, squeezing her ass.

“He’s not long at all, but fuck was he thick. I could barely put my lips around his cock.” She placed her hands on my shoulders to better balance herself as she got on her feet. Continuing to bounce on my dick she looked up at me. “And, when he put it in me… oh my god!” I could tell she was close to orgasm now, and slid one hand so I could rub her clit while she bounced up and down.

“Did he make you cum?” I asked with anticipation.

She could barely get the words out, as her orgasm flushed over her face. “At least twice!” She stammered. Her bouncing began to slow and I can tell she just came. I nudged her leg, and she quickly moved around now reverse on my cock. She rested her hands on her knees, her feet flat on the floor as she began to grind into my dick again.


  • Rick

    Reply Reply June 24, 2020

    Hi, I just found this site. My wife will fuck other guys that I choose, and she lets me clean her pussy when they are done, but I am scared to let her know that I like to suck cock. She says that she would never like to see me with another guy, even though I have never suggested it. How can I take the risk and let her know that I am bi. She doesn’t have a clue, even though she knows I like to eat cum out of her. lol

  • Dat guy

    Reply Reply July 3, 2020

    you may want to start with some porn that goes along with your intentions

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